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									                  January & February 2011 Schedule of Courses
Access Level I                                                    Acrobat Professional - I
Microsoft Access is the perfect program to organize large         Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to create pdf files from MS
amounts of data from household inventory to customer data         Word, Excel & Publisher. Use basic Text and Object Editing
bases. Learn how to work with Tables, change Field                tools to make minor changes to a pdf document. Use the
Properties, create Input Masks, and Default Values. Create        Properties panel and add Stamps and Watermarks then learn
Forms to speed up data entry, Queries using multiple criteria     how to Password Protect your document. Convert Word pdf
and wildcards to expedite searches, & create professional         files back to their original state enabling more extensive
looking Reports using Wizards.                                    editing of the document.
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price              StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
    Jan 06                           DAY      $162.00                 Jan 03             Jan 04        EVE      $162.00
    Jan 17             Jan 18        EVE      $162.00                 Jan 10                           DAY      $162.00
    Feb 02                           DAY      $178.00                 Feb 04                           DAY      $162.00
    Feb 22            Feb 23         EVE      $162.00                 Feb 09            Feb 10         EVE      $162.00
    Feb 25                           DAY      $162.00                 Feb 12                           SAT      $178.00
    Feb 26                           SAT      $162.00
                                                                  Acrobat Professional - II
Access Level II                                                   Learn how to use Adobe’s Markup tools to prepare a
                                                                  document for Review. After sending the documents to the
Did you know that you can use data from other files (including
                                                                  reviewers learn how to manage the comments when the
Excel) by Importing or linking it into Access? And further
                                                                  documents are returned to you. Using Adobe Live Cycle
enhance the functionality of your database by creating
                                                                  Designer create Live-Fill-in Forms from existing documents or
Relationships between multiple tables. Participants will create
                                                                  from scratch. Learn how to email the forms and then collect
new calculation fields in both Queries and Forms. Forms will
                                                                  and compile the data from the forms when they are emailed
be modified in the Design View by adding unbound controls,
                                                                  back to you.
combo/list boxes, or toggle buttons and Option groups.
Reports will be produced using Grouping Levels, new controls      StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
for Calculations and Headers & Footers. Printing and
                                                                      Jan 05             Jan 06        EVE      $178.00
Pagination will be covered as well.
                                                                      Jan 11                           DAY      $178.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
                                                                      Feb 08                           DAY      $178.00
    Jan 07                           DAY      $178.00
                                                                      Feb 14            Feb 15         EVE      $178.00
    Jan 19             Jan 20        EVE      $178.00
    Feb 04                           DAY      $178.00             Basic Bookkeeping
                                                                  This program covers the Theory behind Accounting
Access Level III                                                  Processes, explaining Debits, Credits and providing hands-on
After mastering the basics of the Access program participants     practice doing Manual Entries and Bank Reconciliations.
will create Advanced Queries including: Make-Table, Update,       Participants will post journal entries, understand and discuss
Append, Delete, Crosstab; using Inner, Outer or Self joins. A     balance sheets, income and expense statements.
brief introduction to using SQL to change queries; practice
                                                                  StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
creating Multi-table Forms and Creating Hyperlinks to other
files will also be covered. This course will also give you an         Jan 08                           DAY      $162.00
introduction to programming by using the Immediate IF                 Jan 10                           DAY      $162.00
Function to perform a calculation. Macros and Switchboards
will be created to make your database more user-friendly.             Jan 12             Jan 13        EVE      $162.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price                  Feb 08                           DAY      $162.00
    Jan 18                           DAY      $178.00                 Feb 09            Feb 10         EVE      $162.00
    Feb 16                           DAY      $178.00             Data BackUp
Access Level IV                                                   Protecting your data is critical to functioning effectively and
                                                                  efficiently on a computer. This program will discuss the Who,
Learn how to use Access to create a Directory or a Catalogue      What, Where, When, Why & How to backup your data. Hands
by utilizing Memo and OLE fields. Modify existing fields to       on practice with burning a CD/DVD, working with Memory
display data in a format that works in your reports. Then learn   Sticks and using Windows Backup and Restore utilities will be
how to create a report from 2 data sources, set up proper         completed.
page formats including margins, orientation, headers/footers
and use the grouping function to keep data from splitting over    StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
pages/columns.                                                        Jan 04                           EVE       $65.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price                  Jan 28                           AM        $65.00
    Jan 27                           DAY      $178.00                 Feb 17                           AM        $65.00
                                                                      Feb 24                           EVE       $65.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                         Page 1 of 8
Desktop Security                                                 Excel Level II
Recent news reports has made everyone more aware of data         Working with large worksheets, multiple worksheets and
security whether the data is on your computer or on a portable   linking worksheets are topics covered. Formulas using Excel’s
storage device. This course will cover topics from How to        built-in functions and named cells will be entered. To round
Prevent a Virus, Stop Hackers from gaining entry to your         out the course participants will learn how to protect data,
computer, Password Protection of your computer and files on      worksheets and workbooks from unwanted changes as well as
your computer. Information on Phishing, Worms, Cookies,          how to Track Changes to an existing worksheet. Added
Spyware as well as Encrypting options will be available.         features of this course will cover Autoformat, Conditional
                                                                 Formatting, adding Comments and using Hyperlinks to
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                 navigate multiple worksheets.
    Jan 24                          DAY      $162.00
                                                                 StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
    Feb 18                          DAY      $162.00
                                                                     Jan 06                          DAY      $178.00
Dragon Naturally Speaking                                            Jan 12            Jan 13        EVE      $178.00
Learn how to setup and use this popular Voice-Input program.         Feb 03                          DAY      $178.00
Set up your own profile then simply talk to the computer and
have it Open programs, fill in Excel Spreadsheets, PDF forms,        Feb 09            Feb 10        EVE      $178.00
as well as type up documents in MS Word for you.
                                                                 Excel Level III
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                 Advanced users of Microsoft Excel will learn to use Excel’s
    Jan 03                          DAY      $162.00             productivity tools such as Goal Seek, Trace Errors, create
                                                                 Macros, build Pivot Tables, produce Scenarios, and use
    Feb 23                          DAY      $162.00             Consolidation to combine data from multiple workbooks.
                                                                 Participants will also learn to customize toolbars and set
DreamWeaver Level I                                              Excel’s Options.
In this hands-on class we will examine all of the basic
elements associated with the creation and management of          StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
web sites using DreamWeaver. Topics include: Plan your               Jan 19                          DAY      $178.00
Website, Creating Pages, Formatting the pages with CSS
                                                                     Jan 31            Feb 01        EVE      $178.00
Styles, Publishing Your Website as well as how to Manage the
site once it is up and running.                                      Feb 07                          DAY      $178.00
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                 Excel Level IV
    Jan 20                          DAY      $162.00             Participants will explore more advanced Data Base Features
    Jan 24            Jan 25        EVE      $162.00             of the Excel program including: using a Data Form to enter
                                                                 data, Data Validation, Custom Sorts & Advanced Filters as
    Feb 22                          DAY      $162.00             well as how to Import and Export data in the Excel program.
                                                                 Learn how to use & download existing Templates then create
DreamWeaver Level II                                             your own Forms using Drop Lists, Check Boxes, Radio
Take your understanding of web design a step further by          buttons, & Spinners. Then learn how to incorporate formulas
utilizing advanced tools in DreamWeaver. Learn how to            into the form then Format it and save it as a Template.
incorporate Sound and Video into web pages and use Flash to
add active elements.                                             StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                     Jan 24                          DAY      $178.00
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
    Jan 26            Jan 27        EVE      $178.00             Excel Level V Charting
    Jan 27                          DAY      $178.00             Learn how to create more Detailed Charts appropriate for any
                                                                 presentation. Add text, graphic elements, titles, trend lines,
    Feb 24                          DAY      $178.00             then create layered charts and use advanced formatting
                                                                 options to further enhance your charts.
Excel Level I
                                                                 StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
If you have never created Spreadsheets from Scratch then
this course is for you. Enter labels, data and Simple Formulas       Jan 26                          DAY      $178.00
and learn how to efficiently Format, Edit and Print existing
spreadsheets. Rounding out the course, participants will         Expressions Web - I
create a chart comparing two months of a budgeted                If you are a beginner or have some experience, building web
expenses. Finally participants will see how quickly Excel can    sites with Expression Web will be faster and easier. You will
Sort, Filter and Create Subtotals from a list of data.           create new pages and sites from scratch or by using a
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price             template. Add links to your Home page, import graphics and
                                                                 styles from existing text, use tables and cascading style
    Jan 05                          DAY      $162.00             sheets. Once the website is published, learn how to edit
    Jan 10            Jan 11        EVE      $162.00             existing pages using drag and drop technology.
    Jan 22                          SAT      $162.00             StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
    Feb 01                          DAY      $162.00                 Jan 29                          SAT      $162.00
    Feb 07            Feb 08        EVE      $162.00
    Feb 24                          DAY      $162.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                       Page 2 of 8
Expressions Web - II                                                 Intro to Flash Animation
Fine tuning your website becomes a focus in this level of            Further enhance your website by adding animation elements.
Expression Web. Exploring your options regarding e-                  Using Adobe Flash participants will create animation clips
commerce, interactive forms as well as increasing traffic to         which can be used in movies and web sites.
your website.
                                                                     StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
    Feb 05                            SAT       $178.00                  Jan 12             Jan 13        EVE       $162.00
                                                                         Jan 18                           DAY       $162.00
File Management
Whether you have XP, Vista or Windows 7 learn how to                     Feb 16                           DAY       $162.00
conserve space on your computer by organizing files into                 Feb 23             Feb 24        EVE       $162.00
folders, sorting, & renaming files/folders, deleting the files you
don’t want and making backups by moving files to an external         Intro to HTML
drive or memory stick, or burning to a CD/DVD. Use Windows           Using code when creating web pages gives participants a
Explorer to find files on your computer or learn to use the          greater degree of control over the final product. Participants
computer to find files using Search and Instant Search.              will learn how program your web page using HTML code as
StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price              well as edit existing code on current web sites.
    Jan 08                            PM         $65.00              StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
    Jan 28                            PM         $65.00                  Jan 17             Jan 18        EVE       $162.00
    Feb 17                            PM         $65.00                  Jan 19                           DAY       $162.00

Illustrator - I                                                          Feb 17                           DAY       $162.00
Using this powerful graphics program participants will utilize a         Feb 26                           DAY       $162.00
menu bar, the tools panel and the control panel and create               Feb 28             Mar 01        EVE       $162.00
several projects which can then be incorporated into a web
site or print material.                                              Intro to Web Design
StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price              This 2-day program introduces the participants to the basics of
                                                                     building a web site. Participants will begin by exploring good
    Jan 26                            DAY       $162.00              and bad websites, recognizing web site components and
                                                                     software requirements. Using a variety of templates
Illustrator - II                                                     participants will have completed a basic website and will be
Advanced topics covered will include Working with Type and           ready to upload to a hosting site.
Layers, Blending Colors, and working with Symbols as well as
how to use Illustrator graphics with other applications              StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price

StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price                  Jan 15             Jan 22        2 -SAT'   $300.00
                                                                         Feb 24             Feb 25        2-days    $300.00
    Jan 28                            DAY       $178.00              Introduction to Computers
In Design - I                                                        This 2-day program introduces the participants to the basics of
                                                                     using a computer. Day One involves hands-on practice
Using this professional design and page layout program will          exploring Windows, learning how to find what programs you
assist you in creating effective print material. Learn how to        have on your computer, how to create shortcuts on the
work with frames, import and edit text and control typography        desktop, creating and saving a document using WordPad.
within your document.                                                Day two will have you sending and receiving emails with
StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price              Windows Live Mail, learning how to attach a picture to your
                                                                     email and add someone to your address book. Then you will
    Jan 25                            DAY       $162.00              be Googling the Internet using Internet Explorer learning how
                                                                     to find topics of interest and specific web sites.
Internet Searches - Level I
                                                                     StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
Participants will learn how to use different Web Browsers, type
Web Site Addresses in the address bar and use Search                     Jan 13             Jan 14        2-days    $199.00
Engines to find the information they need. A variety of local
                                                                         Feb 14             Feb 15        2-days    $199.00
web sites will be explored as participants learn to navigate a
web site, look at various links and print from the web pages.
To wrap up the session participants will learn how to use the
Web responsibly (on line banking and shopping) and perform
some basic maintenance steps to keep their computers free of
viruses and hackers.
StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
    Jan 11                            AM         $65.00
    Feb 07                            EVE        $65.00
    Feb 09                            PM         $65.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                            Page 3 of 8
Live Mail                                                          Outlook Level II
Learn how to Send/Receive email messages, how to attach            In this program participants will learn to set up multiple
Pictures and Files and how to add People to your Contacts          calendars, organize their contact list into distribution
list. Impress family and friends by adding your own custom         lists/categories and learn how to track detailed activities with
Signature and Stationary to your messages and how to               contacts (see when you last met with them, what the
prevent email spamming. Then learn how to use Windows              conversation was about, did you email them the information
Calendar to book recurring appointments, setup reminders,          they requested, do you have another appointment scheduled
invite others to join an event and share the calendar with other   with them, etc.). Use Outlook with MS Word to send letters
family and friends.                                                and/or create labels for a mail out. Use rules & folders to
                                                                   control your email. Learn how to assign a task to someone
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                   and how to use Voting Buttons to arrange an activity. Save
    Jan 11                           PM        $65.00              and backup your contact list, emails and attachments by using
    Feb 08                           EVE       $65.00              the import/export feature. Create an Out of Office message to
                                                                   keep better in touch with your contacts.
    Feb 09                           AM        $65.00
                                                                   StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
Movie Maker                                                            Jan 10                            DAY       $178.00
If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you already                Feb 02             Feb 03         EVE       $178.00
have this cool program that can be used to create movies out
of still photos or video clips from your digital camera. Learn         Feb 05                            SAT       $178.00
how to incorporate sound and music as well as special effects          Feb 07                            DAY       $178.00
and how to burn the final movie on to a DVD.
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price              PaperPort - I
                                                                   Learn how to use PaperPort with your scanner, multifunction
    Jan 19                           DAY      $162.00
                                                                   printers and digital copiers to organize your files so everyone
    Feb 16                           DAY      $178.00              in an office can find and use them. Scan using OCR
    Mar 01                           DAY      $162.00              technology and turn hard copy documents into digital files
                                                                   which can then be edited in your word processing program.
OneNote - I                                                        Turn digital files into pdf formats and scan photos into a
                                                                   variety of formats for portability.
With so much information coming your way - and in so many
forms- you need one place to keep it all and a tool that is        StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
flexible enough to capture it. Learn how to use OneNote to             Jan 25                            DAY       $162.00
organize notes, images, documents, files, etc.; take meeting
notes; capture details of customer calls and meetings, etc.        Photoshop Elements - I
When the information is stored in one location, use OneNote
                                                                   Participants will be taught the basic skills needed in order to
to search and sort your data.
                                                                   work with photos in this popular program. Learn how to fix
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price              faded pictures, straighten a crooked picture, fix red eyes &
    Jan 31                           DAY      $162.00              crop pictures. After an introduction to color and layers learn
                                                                   how to color a portion of a picture, how to erase a background
    Feb 18                           DAY      $162.00              and how to save a Photoshoped picture in a variety of formats.
                                                                   Participants will learn a variety of tools in the toolbox including
Outlook Level I                                                    the drawing tools, fill options, text tools, paint brushes and the
Learn to use Outlook to better manage your business contacts       Cookie cutter tool.
by entering names, phone numbers, email addresses and              StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
mailing addresses. Organize your contacts by Company,
Phone List, Categories then arrange in groups making it                Jan 05              Jan 06        EVE       $162.00
easier to find anyone. Setup your email in Outlook and take            Jan 11                            DAY       $162.00
advantage of more organizing tools to help manage your
email more efficiently. Use the calendar feature to input              Feb 09                            DAY       $162.00
appointments, schedule meetings and important to-do items
and set up Outlook to automatically remind you of upcoming         Photoshop Elements - II
events. Use a task list for the items you need completed then      After exploring Photoshop preferences, participants will use
learn how to printout your email, calendars and contact lists if   advanced marquee tools including the Magic Wand and Magic
needed.                                                            Eraser tools. Learn how to cut out an object from a picture and
                                                                   place into another. Using the Type Mask tool cut out letters
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                   from background patterns and place them onto other photos.
    Jan 07                           DAY      $162.00              With the use of Advanced Layering and the Advanced Brush
    Jan 29                           SAT      $162.00              Tools participants will learn how to touch up a photo and
                                                                   create some special effects.
    Jan 31             Feb 01        EVE      $162.00
                                                                   StartDate           EndDate           Time        Price
    Feb 03                           DAY      $162.00
                                                                       Jan 10              Jan 11        EVE       $178.00
    Feb 25                           DAY      $162.00
                                                                       Jan 12                            DAY       $178.00
                                                                       Feb 10                            DAY       $178.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                           Page 4 of 8
Photoshop Elements - III                                            Project - I
In this third level of Photoshop participants will explore more     Using MS Project you will start by defining project goals,
of the Photoshop program by putting previous lessons to use         creating a work schedule, and entering tasks, setting
to create a variety of projects. Creating Photo Collages, a         durations and scheduling resources for your project.
Greeting Card, a Photo Calendar and a Photo Book and Slide          Modifying, arranging and re-arranging tasks as needed and
Show will further build confidence and skills in this program. In   inputting your costs will round out the setup of the project.
order to share your projects you will be shown how to burn the      Saving, Closing and Opening Project files, customizing the
project onto a CD and receive some printing tips to get the         view and finally printing and interpreting Project reports will
best results.                                                       .complete this 2 day program.
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price               StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
    Jan 27                           DAY       $178.00                  Jan 20              Jan 21        2-days    $300.00
    Feb 28                           DAY       $178.00
                                                                    Project - II
PowerPoint Level I                                                  Using/interpreting and modifying information is a vital part of
                                                                    using MS Project. Track and manage the progress of your
Impress your peers at your next meeting with a professional
                                                                    project, track actual work by resource, compare and balance a
presentation. Incorporate graphics, clip art, pictures, effects,
                                                                    resource’s workload. Get the information you need by
sounds, graphs and charts to enhance your text. Add
                                                                    formatting the schedule and printing and distributing project
backgrounds, templates and transitions. Complete your
                                                                    information on-line within a work group system.
presentation by printing audience handouts, creating speaker
notes and viewing your slide show presentation right on the         StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
computer screen
                                                                        Jan 28                            DAY       $178.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
    Jan 20                           DAY       $162.00
                                                                    Publisher Level I
                                                                    Using Quick Publications explore how Publisher uses frames
    Feb 02             Feb 03        EVE       $162.00              and text boxes to help you control the layout of a document.
    Feb 17                           DAY       $162.00              With a wide variety of templates to choose from participants
                                                                    can easily create awards, calendars, greeting cards,
PowerPoint Level II                                                 invitations & post cards. If you wish to create a project from
Further enhance your presentation by including video clips,         scratch you will learn how to add text boxes, photos, clip art,
CD sound tracks, narration, & advanced animation. Use Slide         word art and other shapes to enhance your finished product.
Master to add headers, footers & Logos and easily change            Page setup and printing options will also be covered.
formats for the entire presentation. Incorporate slides from        StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
other presentations, create custom shows and run a
                                                                        Jan 06                            DAY       $162.00
continuous presentation by adding slide timings. Learn how to
burn your presentation onto a CD for use on another computer.           Feb 04                            DAY       $162.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                    Publisher Level II
    Jan 24                           DAY       $178.00              In Level II participants will create & work with multiple page
    Feb 14             Feb 15        EVE       $178.00              documents such as newsletters, booklets, programs and
                                                                    resumes. Add page #’s, use Master Pages and create and
    Feb 22                           DAY       $178.00              use design gallery objects to create your own templates. Data
                                                                    can be imported from other programs and documents can be
Premier Elements I                                                  mass mailed out using Publishers mail merge feature. Learn
Create great-looking movies in minutes by adding movie              how to share your document with others by making it into a
themes, dazzling visual effects and transitions, rich audio as      pdf file and emailing it out to your client list.
well as interactive menus. Continue to build your video by
using background music and sound effects, enhanced titles           StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
using text shadows, glows, and other effects.                           Jan 07                            DAY       $178.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price                   Feb 07                            DAY       $178.00
    Jan 21                           DAY       $162.00
    Feb 18                           DAY       $162.00

Print Planning
Before embarking on a large print project participants need to
understand the basics of design and layout. Using examples
and projects participants will plan a print project using
techniques presented.
StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
    Jan 04                           PM         $65.00
    Feb 02                           PM         $65.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                            Page 5 of 8
QuickBooks 2011 - I                                                  QuickBooks 2011 - IV
Learn how to setup your company by entering company                  Learn how to manage inventory within QuickBooks. Import
information, defining start dates, creating & modifying your         inventory from Excel spreadsheets, setup multiple price levels,
chart of accounts, entering opening balances & historical            create Builds and Assemblies and use Purchase Orders,
transactions. When the setup is complete participants will then      Estimates and Sales Orders to add to and remove inventory
continue by creating invoices, entering sales receipts,              items.
updating customer and vendor information, entering bills,
                                                                     StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
paying bills, completing a bank deposit and reconciliation.
Throughout the program participants will be introduced to                Jan 17                          DAY      $178.00
forms and reports and will finish the day by backing up their            Feb 15                          DAY      $178.00
StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price               Simply Accounting - I
    Jan 12                            DAY       $162.00              In Simply Accounting Level 1 you will learn how to use
                                                                     Express Setup to quickly create a set of books for your type of
    Jan 19              Jan 20        EVE       $162.00              company. You will then learn how to customize the accounts
    Jan 22                            SAT       $162.00              to handle your unique business. By filling out the on-screen
                                                                     forms you will see how Simply Accounting completes the
    Feb 10                            DAY       $162.00              accounting entries for you. You will be shown how to set up
    Feb 16             Feb 17         EVE       $162.00              Services to speed data entry, how to record purchases and
                                                                     payments, & sales and receipts. Bank deposits and account
QuickBooks 2011 - II                                                 reconciliation will also be covered. You will have an
Editing, combing and deleting accounts, entering general             opportunity to see how to complete GST Returns using reports
journal transactions, canceling/voiding a sale, issuing a credit     that are available in Simply Accounting. You will be instructed
memo, entering an NSF cheque & dealing with Bad debts and            in how to create backups of your data and how to complete
discounts are included in this Level. Learn how to manage            period ending transactions.
customer information, view accounts payable history &                StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
memorize recurring transactions, work with direct
                                                                         Jan 12                          DAY      $162.00
disbursements; write direct manual checks; track ATM
transactions, work with credit cards including entering credit           Jan 15                          SAT      $162.00
card account charges & reconciling the credit card bill;
                                                                         Jan 19            Jan 20        EVE      $162.00
customizing forms, and configuring classes.
                                                                         Feb 10                          DAY      $162.00
StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                         Feb 14            Feb 15        EVE      $162.00
    Jan 13                            DAY       $178.00
    Jan 24              Jan 25        EVE       $178.00              Simply Accounting - II
    Feb 05                            SAT       $178.00              Learn how to setup Users with restricted access, setup
                                                                     budgets and create reports comparing budgeted amounts to
    Feb 11                            DAY       $178.00              actual values, setup & enter Inventory and use reports to track
    Feb 22             Feb 23         EVE       $178.00              inventory. Create Projects, allocate income and expenses to
                                                                     different projects and produce reports showing profit/loss per
QuickBooks 2011 - III                                                project. Set up to use credit cards when making sales and
Creating a payroll schedule, setting up new employees, and           purchases. With the new customize forms feature in Simply
creating payroll deductions are where you start with in level III.   Accounting you will be shown how to add a company logo and
Using time sheets to create pay cheques and invoices,                modify the form. Learn how to clean up your chart of accounts,
creating payroll entries and adjustments, producing payroll          as well as your customer and vendor lists. Also learn how to
liability reports are also covered. Producing a Record of            start a new year and produce an Accountants copy of your
Employment for terminated employees as well as T4’s are              books.
covered. Understanding and recording an Owner’s draw,                StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
paying subcontractors and owners for work done and
                                                                         Jan 13                          DAY      $178.00
producing a variety of payroll reports wraps up this level.
                                                                         Jan 24            Jan 25        EVE      $178.00
StartDate           EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                         Jan 29                          SAT      $178.00
    Jan 14                            DAY       $178.00
                                                                         Feb 11                          DAY      $178.00
    Jan 26              Jan 27        EVE       $178.00
                                                                         Feb 16            Feb 17        EVE      $178.00
    Feb 12                            SAT       $178.00
    Feb 14                            DAY       $178.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                           Page 6 of 8
Simply Accounting - III                                           Windows 7 - I
This level of Simply Accounting covers all aspects of Payroll     With hands-on practice participants will learn the
including: Setting up and linking payroll accounts, setting up    fundamentals of the Windows Operating system. Topics
Payroll authorities, customizing payroll settings and entering    covered include: familiarization with the computer keyboard;
Employees. You will learn how to enter pay advances, time         Desktop, Task bar, Start menu, Documents and Computer.
slips, billable time, and produce a payroll cheque run. Payroll   After a discussion regarding the various types of software
remittance reports will be produced as will T4’s and Record of    programs participants will use Word Pad to create files and
Employment documents.                                             save the file into folders. Emphasis will be on saving,
                                                                  copying/moving and deleting files. File storage methods will
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
                                                                  be discussed and participants will be introduced to various
    Jan 14                           DAY      $178.00             Windows Accessories.
    Jan 26             Jan 27        EVE      $178.00             StartDate         EndDate           Time      Price
    Feb 12                           SAT      $178.00                 Jan 03                          DAY      $162.00
    Feb 14                           DAY      $178.00                 Jan 03            Jan 04        EVE      $162.00
    Feb 28            Mar 01         EVE      $178.00                 Jan 08                          DAY      $162.00

Simply Accounting - IV                                                Jan 26                          DAY      $162.00
Exporting data from Simply Accounting and using it in Excel is        Jan 31            Feb 01        EVE      $162.00
a very powerful option to futher enhance the reports available        Feb 22                          DAY      $162.00
in Simply. Participants will go through the steps of exporting
and then learn Excel functions to Format, Filter and              Windows 7 - II
Summarize the data
                                                                  Learn to optimize computer performance and manage
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price              programs by installing/removing software, add new hardware,
                                                                  create shortcuts, customizing the Start menu and remove
    Jan 17                           DAY      $178.00
                                                                  unwanted desktop items. Understand and use windows
    Feb 15                           DAY      $178.00             utilities such as Disk Cleanup, Disk De-fragmentation and
                                                                  Maintenance Schedules. Learn how to give your computer a
Sketchup I                                                        general cleanup including keyboard, monitor, mouse and
Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D         internal components.
models of anything you like. Redecorate your living room.         StartDate         EndDate           Time      Price
Design a new piece of furniture. Model your city for Google
Earth. Create a skatepark for your hometown, then export an           Jan 04                          DAY      $178.00
animation and share it on YouTube. There's no limit to what           Feb 02                          DAY      $178.00
you can create with SketchUp.
                                                                      Feb 28                          DAY      $178.00
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price
    Feb 28                           DAY      $162.00             Windows 7 - III
                                                                  In this advanced level of using the Windows Operating
Web Planning                                                      System participants will learn how to setup a basic home
Creating a web site can be a daunting task without a solid        network, activate Remote Desktop Assistance, Customize
plan in place. Through examples and projects participants will    toolbars and the Task Bar, use the Run command, display
explore what goes into a great web site layout.                   hidden files, use Windows Backup and Restore feature, add
                                                                  tasks to the task scheduler and explore some of Windows XP
StartDate          EndDate           Time      Price              accessories (Speech recognition, Windows Movie Maker,
                                                                  Instant Messenger, Media Player and Sound Recorder,
    Jan 03                           EVE       $65.00             Windows Fax, and Address Book)

    Jan 04                           AM        $65.00             StartDate         EndDate           Time      Price

    Jan 08                           AM        $65.00                 Jan 17                          DAY      $178.00

    Feb 02                           PM        $65.00                 Feb 08                          DAY      $178.00

    Feb 22                           EVE       $65.00                 Mar 01                          DAY      $178.00

Friday, November 26, 2010                                                                        Page 7 of 8
Windows XP - I                                                    Word Level III
With hands-on practice participants will learn the                Working with long documents requires some special
fundamentals of the Windows Operating system. Topics              considerations. This course will cover creating and using
covered include: familiarization with the computer keyboard;      Styles, Table of Contents, Indexes, and Outline features of
Desktop, Task bar, Start menu, Documents and Computer.            Word. Learn how to format text with columns and section
After a discussion regarding the various types of software        breaks, add headers and footers, endnotes, and footnotes.
programs participants will use Word Pad to create files and       Participants will learn how to efficiently edit longer documents
save the file into folders. Emphasis will be on saving,           by using the Find & Replace features to clean up existing text
copying/moving and deleting files. File storage methods will      as well as how to protect your document from unwanted
be discussed and participants will be introduced to various       changes.
Windows Accessories.
                                                                  StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                      Jan 17             Jan 18        EVE       $178.00
    Jan 03                          DAY       $162.00
                                                                      Jan 18                           DAY       $178.00
    Feb 16            Feb 17        EVE       $162.00
                                                                      Feb 09                           DAY       $178.00
    Feb 23                          DAY       $162.00
                                                                  Word Level IV
Word Level I                                                      Working with Themes and Advanced Page Layouts
Upon completion participants will be able to create, spell        participants will learn how to create newsletters, brochures
check and format letters and memos. Emphasis will be placed       and flyers using MS Word. Formatting backgrounds including
on using the program most efficiently. Toolbars/Ribbons and       watermarks, Themes and Frames ;inserting and controlling
Shortcut keys will be used and participants will enhance          graphics and diagrams and setting columns breaks and
documents by adding page numbers, special characters,             applying text wrap will be some of the features covered.
bullets and numbered lists. Paragraph formatting, page setup,
                                                                  StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
print preview and printing options will also be covered.
                                                                      Jan 21                           DAY       $178.00
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price
                                                                      Feb 11                           DAY       $178.00
    Jan 04                          DAY       $162.00
    Jan 05             Jan 06       EVE       $162.00             Word Level V
    Jan 15                          SAT       $162.00             Updating documents can be a major job and Word has some
                                                                  great tools to help you manage it. Tracking Changes,
    Feb 02            Feb 03        EVE       $162.00             Comparing and Protecting documents, using Markup,
    Feb 23                          DAY       $162.00             Bookmarks and Document map are just some of the features
                                                                  covered in this level. Creating Forms using MS Word by using
Word Level II                                                     advanced Content controls, Inserting Fields and Customized
Participants completing Word II will complete Mail Merge          Tables are included. Prepare the form for distribution and
functions and create form letters, envelopes and labels, set      protect it from unwanted changes.
and use tabs and create tables using Insert Table and Draw        StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
Table. Using basic Forms Controls one table will be turned
into a fill-in form. Using a combination of WordArt and ClipArt       Jan 25                           DAY       $178.00
participants will create a logo and using wrap text options
insert the logo into an invoice form. Save the form as a
                                                                  Working with Photos - I
template or make the form into a pdf document to preserve its     Participants will learn some basic photography tips to help
originality.                                                      ensure they have the taken the best picture possible. The next
                                                                  step is how get the photos into your computer. Downloading
StartDate          EndDate          Time       Price              and scanning options will be discussed. Organizing those
    Jan 05                          DAY       $178.00             photos once they are in the computer is a big part of this
                                                                  program: renaming photos, organizing them into folders,
    Jan 10             Jan 11       EVE       $178.00             deleting what you don’t need, etc. Once we have the photos
    Feb 01                          DAY       $178.00             organized then we will explore the different programs available
                                                                  to edit those photos. Brightening, Cropping, and basic editing
    Feb 07            Feb 08        EVE       $178.00             functions will be taught. The third component of working with
    Mar 01                          DAY       $178.00             photos includes placing the photo in a document and emailing
                                                                  photos (attention will be paid to file size and
                                                                  StartDate          EndDate           Time       Price
                                                                      Jan 05                           DAY       $162.00
                                                                      Feb 03                           DAY       $162.00
                                                                      Feb 26                           DAY       $162.00
                                                                      Feb 28             Mar 01        EVE       $162.00

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