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									                                       Edition n° 1 / 08
                                       February 2008

Doka self-climbing system on Tour CMA, Marseilles

Aiming high with Doka

 A wind enclosure for the main
 working platform and safety
 netting for the follow-up plat-
 forms together ensure the very
 greatest workplace safety.
          Editorial                                   Tour CMA, Marseilles

                                                      Colossal “sail”
          Dear Formwork News readers;
          “Safe. Fast. Efficient.” was the motto of
          Doka’s expo presence at bauma 2007.
          And what we promised you was no ex-
          aggeration – the new Doka systems that
          we unveiled there have since found their
          way onto many construction sites where
                                                      climbed in record time
          they are making an active contribution to
          ensuring “Safe. Fast. Efficient.” forming
          operations. Like in the USA, at worksites   To be known as “Tour CMA”, the new 147 m tall HQ building for the
          in Michigan and North Carolina, where       French shipping conglomerate CMA CGM creates an exciting new
          the Table Lifting System TLS means the      landmark in the heart of the Mediterranean port city of Marseilles.
          crane is no longer needed for lifting the
          floor-slab formwork. Meanwhile, over
          in the UK, the protection-screen system
          Xclimb 60 is ensuring safe slab-forming
                                                      T  he design for this extraordinary
                                                         office tower, shaped like an out-
                                                      size sail, is by the British star ar-
                                                                                              lated here, together make some
                                                                                              tough demands on the forming
          operations on the “Altitude 25” project.    chitect Zaha Hadid. Final comple-
          Maybe we can also report on your ex-        tion of the 33-storey office high-      Complex core climbed swiftly
          perience with our new formwork sys-
                                                      rise is scheduled for 2009. Con-        and safely
          tems in one of the next issues. To help
                                                      tractors GTM Construction are re-
          you get the very most out of your new
          formwork equipment, we strongly rec-        lying on self-climbing expertise           The 147 m tall in-situ concrete
          ommend signing up for one of the new-       from Doka to help them carry out        core for the new CMA headquar-
          ly designed Doka seminars. And why          the works on the complex struc-         ters building rises through 33 sto-
          not also come and look around the new       ture core. The cramped conditions       reys and is characterised by a po-
          Doka Forum in Amstetten, Austria? This      on this site, coupled with the high-    lygonal groundplan and a large
          features a unique, all-year-round exhibi-   quality fair-faced concrete and re-     number of lift shafts, supply shafts
          tion of all the Doka formwork systems.      strictive safety standards stipu-       and stairwells. In view of the com-
          Guaranteed to “wow” you!

          Wishing you every success on your
          jobsites, as always,

          The Formwork News editorial team


          Doka 2008 training offerings      Page 4

          Bandra-Worli Sealink              Page 5

          Safe, fast and efficient
          Protection screen Xclimb 60       Page 6

          Gulburnu Viaduct, Turkey          Page 7

          Burj Dubai reaches 601 m
          on schedule                       Page 8

          First use of Doka’s
          Table Lifting System in U.S.     Page 10

          Green Point Stadium,
Formwork News 1|2008

          Cape Town, South Africa          Page 12

          ‘Dancing towers’ in Qatar        Page 13

          Giant Csepel sewage                         The shaft for the panoramic lift is being cast using Climbing formwork
          treatment plant, Budapest        Page 14    GCS and Climbing formwork MF 240. As the side walls become shorter
                                                      the higher the shaft rises, the formwork solution for this area needs to be
2Rhine Bridge at Wesel                     Page 16    highly adaptable.
To ensure a cost-effective construction workflow, the concrete placing boom is being raised in tandem with the
formwork, by means of two SKE 100 climbing brackets. This enables all the core walls to be kept supplied with
in-situ concrete.

plexity of the reinforced concrete     by a crane positioned inside the      well. For instance, the service life
works, contractors GTM Construc-       shaft. The guided climbing form-      of the form-ply is prolonged by
tion opted for a formwork solu-        work GCS is firmly attached to the    the special steel sleeves for the
tion based on 56 high-performing       structure during every phase of       tie-holes. Also, special steel ele-
SKE 100 automatic climbers and         the work – including while being      ments are being used in the acute-
1500 m² of Top 50 large-area form-     lifted – providing maximum safety     angled corner zones so as to ful-
work from Doka. Using this form-       even when high wind speeds are        fil the stringent specifications.
work solution, the in-situ concrete    encountered. In front elevation       When the formwork was planned,
core is being climbed ahead of the     view, the length of the side walls    very great emphasis was placed
floor-slabs. “Thanks to its great      of the lift shaft decreases from      on optimising the formwork setup
adaptability, the SKE 100 automat-     9.6 m in the first casting section    and striking procedures. One ex-
ic climbing formwork is the ideal      to 3.6 m in the twelfth section. As   ample of this is that shafts with a
solution for casting this complex      the length of the wall sections de-   small cross-section are climbed
structure core quickly, safely and     creases the higher the shaft ris-     using one automatic climber on-
economically”, says GTM’s sen-         es, their end faces have varying      ly. A vertical shaft profile is used
ior supervisor Jean-Luc Mounier,       angles of inclination. This means     here, leaving much more handling
who is in no doubt as to the mer-      that the MF 240 climbing form-        space – with the result that even
its of this high-performing form-      work used in this adjustment zone     in constricted conditions, the Top
work solution.                         has to be readapted to the chang-     50 elements can be rolled back up
                                       ing structure geometry after every    to 75 cm. This makes it much easi-
Custom solution for panoramic          other climbing section. The modi-     er to clean the form-ply and apply
lift shaft                             fication needed here is carried out   release agent. In smaller shafts,
                                       quickly and easily, directly from     the combination of Top 50 large-
    As well as by the high-speed       the working platforms.                area formwork with the Framax
lifts in the structure core, the of-                                         stripping corner really comes in-
fice tower will also be served         Innovative solutions modelled         to its own. Winner of many priz-
by a panoramic lift in the build-      on Burj Dubai                         es and awards, this innovation
                                                                                                                    Formwork News 1|2008

ing envelope. Six Doka climb-                                                speeds up formwork removal in
ing formwork GCS units and two            Having successfully debuted        shaft structures by as much as
Climbing formwork MF 240 units         at the world record site Burj Du-     75 %, greatly optimising construc-
are in service here for forming        bai, a slew of innovative solutions   tion workflows. Day-in, day-out,
the U-cross-sectioned lift shaft.      are now ensuring optimum work-        the site crew are impressed again
The formwork units are raised          flows and maximum efficiency in       and again by how easy the strip-
up to the next casting section         the building of the Tour CMA as       ping corner is to handle.              3
                       In the new Doka Forum, all the formwork systems are set up in the original. Live demos are given of how they
                       work, with opportunities for hands-on practice in different ways of using them.

                       Doka 2008 training offerings
                                                                                                      the client’s own premises or at a

                       Fresh vistas in Doka                                                           Doka branch. A feature of all trai-
                                                                                                      ning events is that the knowledge
                                                                                                      acquired in theory is always com-

                       customer training                                                              bined with “hands-on” practice.

                                                                                                         With its fresh new approach, the
                                                                                                      2500 m² expo hall of the new Doka
                       Doka is pursuing a clear-cut goal with its formwork seminars:                  Forum (at Group HQ in Amstet-
                       Familiarising trainees with how “Safe. Fast. Efficient.” Doka                  ten, Austria) provides ideal facili-
                       formwork equipment is to work with. With this goal in mind, Doka               ties for doing just that. In the train-
                       offers practice-oriented courses for all areas of construction activity,       ing area, customers can practise
                       both at its branches and at Group Headquarters in Amstetten,                   efficient, safe handling of various
                       Austria. The ideal learning environment, with training facilities              different formwork systems, such
                       geared to the situation on the site, is provided by the recently built         as framed formwork or floor-slab
                       InfoCenter, complete with the “Doka Forum”.                                    formwork. Doka customer training
                                                                                                      events make an active contribution
                                                                                                      towards workplace safety and to-

                       I  n the building construction semi-
                          nars and practicals, participants
                       learn all about the very best form-
                                                              faced concrete all the way up to
                                                              formwork assignments relying on
                                                              ingenious climbing technology.
                                                                                                      wards efficient utilisation of form-
                                                                                                      work equipment on the site. As well
                                                                                                      as all this, Doka seminars are an
                       work solutions. And in the Profes-     With this broad range of offerings,     excellent opportunity to exchange
Formwork News 1|2008

                       sional Seminars, skilled formwork      every course-goer – be he a pro-        views with other building-industry
                       technicians and experienced cons-      prietor, an architect, a contractors’   professionals. Put these training of-
                       truction pros pass on their specia-    supervisor, a foreman or a skilled      ferings to work for you, and sign up
                       list knowledge of how to meet spe-     worker – can find just the right se-    at or in person at
                       cial building demands. The spec-       minar. Doka also offers events that     your nearest Doka branch. We look
                       trum ranges from bridge and tun-       are specially tailored to the needs     forward to welcoming you to one
4                      nel structures or projects in fair-    of individual customers – either on     of our training events!
Bandra-Worli Sealink

Spectacular pylons being
“climbed” swiftly and safely
To the south of the Indian metropolis of Mumbai, construction work
is proceeding apace on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge project.
With its 500 metre main span and striking architectural design, this
bridge ranks as one of the most spectacular construction projects
on the Indian subcontinent.

T  he main bridge consist of
   two V-A-shaped, four-legged
pylons which are inclined towards
                                        sections taper towards the top of
                                        the pylon. At a height of 98 metres,
                                        the four inwardly inclined pylon
one another; their geometry             legs join together to make a single,
and exacting surface quality            strikingly dimensioned, pylon head.
requirements make them a
formwork-technology challenge           Great flexibility translates into
of the first order. The joint venture   fast construction progress
is forming these 129 m tall towers                                             The surface finish of the pylon
using Top 50 large-area formwork           Thanks to the flexible way in       shafts is characterised by slender
raised by 48 Doka SKE 100 self-         which several automatic climbers       trapezoidal grooves.
climbing units.                         can be combined, the Doka auto-
                                        matic climbing formwork SKE en-        functionality, coupled with the su-
Perfect forming of complex              ables construction operations to       perb quality of the results, and how
cross-sections and out-of-the-          proceed swiftly and efficiently –      easy these formwork solutions are
ordinary surface finish                 even when dealing with tough re-       to handle. We were able to use the
                                        quirements such as inclined struc-     custom solution for casting the ex-
  The two V-A-shaped towers of          ture members and complicated           travagant surface finish right from
the main bridge are inclined to-        cross-sections. The 3 m high con-      the very first casting section, con-
wards one another at an angle of        creting sections are able to be car-   tinuously and without any modifi-
nearly 10°, merging at a height of 98   ried out in a record time of only      cations”, says Hindustan Construc-
metres into a single pylon head. In     three days each. “What has real-       tion Company’s Planning Manager
addition, the individual solid cross-   ly convinced us is the high level of   Santosh Rai.

                                                                               The contracting joint venture of Hindus-
                                                                               tan Constr. Co and China Harbour Constr.
                                                                               Co is using Doka automatic climbing form-
                                                                               work SKE 100 to construct the statically
                                                                               demanding pylon towers.
                                                                                                                           Formwork News 1|2008

Safe, fast and efficient Protection screen Xclimb 60

All-round safety at all heights
The Borough of Croydon is visibly developing into one of South London’s most up-and-coming residen-
tial districts. Many new apartments are being built here, with one of the latest projects being the 25-
storey residential development “Altitude 25”. Set to be Croydon’s tallest building and a defining urban
landmark, this 82 m elliptical tower will comprise 235 residential units when completed. Contractors
Foundation Developments Ltd. are using the new Xclimb 60 protection-screen system to ensure the
safety of the slab-forming operations.

T  wenty protection-screen units
   enclose the top four floors at
a time, so as to safeguard all the
                                        screen comes with three integral
                                        loading platforms. From these, the
                                        formwork equipment is lifted by
                                                                                that is needed to raise two protec-
                                                                                tion-screen units at the same time.
                                                                                In this way, the 83-m-circumference
slab-forming operations on the          crane to the next forming level.        enclosure on the Altitude 25 project
structure shell. This room-high en-                                             is climbed one storey upwards in
closure provides complete pro-             Xclimb 60 can either be lifted and   just one day. During this climb-
tection around the accident-prone       reset by crane, or by handy porta-      ing operation, the formwork to the
edges of the floor-slabs where          ble hydraulic units. Either way, the    in-situ concrete slabs can stay in
edge falsework and column form-         vertical profiles of the protection     place, which greatly speeds up the
ing operations have to be carried       screen are guided up the side of        construction workflow. FDL-Project
out. Made of trapezoidal sheet, the     the structure in positioning shoes,     Manager Matt Callaghan puts it like
protection-screen system not only       permitting safe, fast and efficient     this: “The Xclimb system gives our
protects the site crew against falls,   weather-independent repositioning       people the ideal protection while
but also against inclement weather.     operations even when wind-speeds        they’re working on the floors un-
In a safe, “feel-good” working en-      of up to 72 km/h (45 mph) are ex-       der construction. The hydraulic lift-
vironment like this, it’s no surprise   perienced. As the site crane was al-    ing operation means that the crane
that the forming operations move        ready working to capacity, it was       stays free, so in the meantime the
ahead much better. To facilitate        decided in London to go for the hy-     team can get on with the job of
shifting the floor-slab formwork        draulic option. One hydraulic unit      pouring the columns at the slab-
up to the next floor, the protection    and four hydraulic cylinders are all    edges, using concrete skips.”

20 protection-screen units from Doka are in action safeguarding the slab-forming operations on the Altitude 25
project. The loading platforms make it easier to transport equipment up to the next floor.
The superstructures of the Gulburnu Viaduct are being con-
structed using the balanced cantilever method with Doka large-
area formwork Top 50. To cast the deck slab, the site manage-
ment is using the new Doka deck-forming traveller, and
benefiting from the fast and efficient construction
progress which it makes possible.

Gulburnu Viaduct, Turkey

Cantilevering project with record span
Turkey is investing heavily in modernising and upgrading the trunk road network in its Black Sea region.
One of the technically most noteworthy projects here is the Gulburnu Viaduct between Giresun and Es-
piye. With a main span of 165 m, the Gulburnu Viaduct will be the longest reinforced-concrete box-sec-
tion bridge in Turkey. Its two 330 metre long box girder superstructures rest on two piers and are being
constructed using the balanced cantilever method. To cast the bridge superstructures, Turkish construc-
tion firm Güris-Metis is relying on Doka Formwork Technology and benefiting from the advantages of the
newly developed Doka cantilever forming traveller. The project is running completely on schedule and is
set for on-time completion by the end of 2008.

Rapid forming of complex               so for anchor blocks in the cover      ish branch to plan a special form-
cross-section                          slab and base slab, and for a coni-    work solution. The Diviger trav-
                                       cal offset in the web from 60 cm to    ellers were modified with system
    The box girders are being cast     45 cm in one casting section. For      components from the newly devel-
by the Turkish construction firm       maximum dimensional accuracy           oped Doka cantilever forming trav-
Güris-Metis using two Diviger can-     and to optimise the site logistics,    eller. This led the site management
tilever forming travellers that have   the extra-large Top 50 elements        to decide to use the innovative
been modified with Doka system         were pre-assembled by the Doka         Doka deck-forming traveller as well.
components. The maximum sec-           “Ready-to-Use” service and deliv-      Unlike the cantilevering solutions
tion height of the single-cell box     ered to the site ready for immedi-     previously available on the market,
girder superstructures is 7.5 m, de-   ate deployment. Doka field service     the Doka deck-forming traveller is
creasing to 3.5 m at mid-span. The     technicians are helping the crew to    pushed ahead on plastic slide bear-
travellers are fitted with a custom-   make expert use of the formwork        ings instead of on expensive, dam-
                                                                                                                       Formwork News 1|2008

ised Top 50 large-area formwork,       equipment on the site.                 age-prone armour-plated rollers.
and designed for a maximum con-                                               The site crew benefits from the low-
creting-section length of five me-     Successful dress rehearsal for         er wear-and-tear on the highly abra-
tres. In planning the formwork, the    Doka deck-forming traveller            sion-resistant plastic slide bearings,
Doka Formwork Experts had to al-                                              and from the much longer replace-
low not only for the varying cross-       The Doka Cantilevering Exper-       ment intervals. This ensures contin-
section of the box girders, but al-    tise Centre joined with Doka’s Turk-   uous construction progress.              7
Burj Dubai reaches 601 m on schedule

World record using
Doka Formwork Technology
The structure shell of the Burj     the foundations. The statically     area of walls had to be formed as
Dubai is already the tallest        required honeycombed structural     of floor-slabs. The Doka climbing
building on the planet. On 8 th     design of Burj Dubai, with          formwork system for the wing-
November 2007, the in-situ          many airframe-like stiffening       walled structure core worked with
concreting works on the structure   reinforcements, necessitated the    clockwork precision, enabling a
core were successfully completed    forming of 430,000 m² of wall.      typical storey to be finished every
at a height of 601 metres above     This meant that twice as large an   three days.

                                                                                                                      The Doka Table
                                                                                                                Lifting System TLS
                                                                                                                      lifts Dokamatic
                                                                                                                     tables from one
                                                                                                                   level to the next,
                                                                                                                    freeing up crane
                                                                                                                time for other jobs.

                       Speeds construction for Michigan and North Carolina projects

                       First use of Doka’s
                       Table Lifting System in U.S.
                       The first U.S. use of Doka’s Table Lifting System (TLS) in conjunction      without the need for a crane. The
                       with pre-assembled Dokamatic tables has proven to save time and             system is adaptable to any build-
                       labour on two high-profile projects: the River House Condominiums           ing structure and can be used
                       in Grand Rapids, Mich. and the Renaissance Hotel in Raleigh, N.C.           from the ground floor up. It at-
                                                                                                   taches to the previously cast slab

                       C  onstruction of the River House
                          Condominiums, a 36-storey
                       horizontal and vertical post-
                                                            recognized how the Dokamatic
                                                            tableforms and the TLS system
                                                            were ideal for this project.
                                                                                                   with embedded anchors, and can-
                                                                                                   tilevers from the building as a
                                                                                                   mechanical outrigger platform.
                       tensioned concrete structure
                       began in 2006. Upon completion,         Dokamatic, the fast pre-assem-         For non-typical floors 1 through
                       this structure will be the second    bled slab formwork system, can         5, concrete contractor Kent Com-
                       tallest building in the state and    be moved by just one field work-       panies utilized the versatile
                       will provide additional residences   er with the aid of a powered drive     Dokaflex system. Dokamatic Ta-
Formwork News 1|2008

                       for people who want to live in       unit and shifting trolley. The sys-    bles were then introduced with
                       the downtown area. Concrete          tem has now been enhanced with         the start of typical Level 6 and
                       contractor Kent Companies of         the development of the Doka Ta-        the Doka Table Lifting System on
                       Grand Rapids is constructing the     ble Lifting System (TLS). The TLS      Level 7. More than 30,000 square
                       concrete frame for River House.      is an electric powered lifting plat-   feet of tables have been supplied
                       During their visit to World of       form that allows Dokamatic table-      and all tables and loose Dokaflex
10                     Concrete 2007, they quickly          forms to be cycled between floors      formwork is being cycled from
floor to floor, independently of
the crane, with the TLS.

   “Without the TLS, we would
not be as far along on the project
as we are,” said Paul Bowne, Kent
Companies Project Manager.

   The TLS also proved benefi-
cial for the Renaissance Hotel,
a new 10-storey hotel structure
with a post-tensioned slab built      A comprehensive safety package ensures fast, safe work procedures, both
over two levels of parking un-        for operating the Table Lifting System and for repositioning.
der construction at North Hills,
a new three-city block mixed-
use district in Raleigh, N.C. Con-
crete contractor United Forming
Inc. began using the TLS on lev-
el four in August and will top out
the 229-room four-star luxury ho-
tel in January 2008. By installing
the Table Lifting System to the
structure in order to move the ta-
bles from floor to floor, the crane
was free to move the shear wall
formwork and rebar as well as
unload trucks for all contractors
at the same time. Juvenal Ibarra,
General Superintendent of United
Forming, said, “I like the TLS for
two reasons -- it takes less labour
and no crane time to move the         By using the shifting trolley, Dokamatic tables can be lowered and shifted
tables, and it is much safer than     hydraulically, quickly and safely, to the next section on the same level. The
pulling them out with a crane.”       attachable drive unit enables easy repositioning of the Dokamatic tables.

Safe, Fast, Efficient

Table lifting at the push of a button

• Send the Lifting platform TLS       • Wheel out the Shifting                • Wheel the table off the platform.
  to the floor in question.             trolley DF from under the table.      • Send the Lifting platform TLS
• Set down the table on the lifting   • Raise the table to the next floor       back down to the floor below
  platform.                             on the lifting platform.                                                      11
                       72 MF 240 climbing formwork units and 1300 m² of Large-area formwork Top 50 are in action here for forming a
                       total of 72 inclined pylons. The 50 m tall pylons are inclined 17° towards the outside. Together with 216 stepped
                       beams, they provide the structural support for the spectator terraces.

                       Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

                       On course for the World Cup
                       with Doka Formwork Technology
                       The “Rainbow Nation” is to play host to the Football World Cup in 2010. Preparations for this sporting
                       mega-event are already in high gear. In Cape Town a truly superlative football arena is currently rising
                       beside the ocean: the Green Point Stadium. Designed to seat 68,000 spectators, this architecturally out-
                       standing structure is wrapped in a visually striking translucent building envelope. The contracting JV of
                       Murray & Roberts and WBHO opted for efficient formwork solutions from Doka. Doka South Africa has
                       scored here with its detailed formwork planning, cost-effective formwork solutions and comprehensive
                       on-site service.

                       T  he giant oval of the new foot-
                          ball arena comprises three
                       spectator terraces, borne on 216
                                                              work moves ahead swiftly. A num-
                                                              ber of the MF 240 platforms and
                                                              Top 50 large-area formwork units
                                                                                                     area formwork. The shoring tow-
                                                                                                     ers, complete with the timber-
                                                                                                     beam formwork and the working
                       stepped beams and 72 pylons. To        were pre-assembled by the Doka         platforms, can be repositioned by
                       construct these inclined pylons,       “Ready-to-Use” service and deli-       crane in large units. This ensures
                       72 climbing brackets MF 240 and        vered to the site ready for imme-      a rapid and economically efficient
                       more than 1300 m² of large-area        diate use. Following training by       construction workflow. The wide
                       formwork Top 50 are in continuo-       Doka field service technicians, the    working platforms, with their all-
                       us service on the site. To meet the    crew were able to assemble the         round guard rails, also facilitate
                       tight schedule, as many as 36 py-      bulk of the formwork equipment         placement of the extensive steel
                       lons are being “climbed” at the        on-site.                               reinforcements and provide a high
                       same time. From the level of the                                              degree of workplace safety. “The
                       second spectator terrace upward,       Staxo load-bearing towers dep-         individual parts of the Staxo load-
Formwork News 1|2008

                       these 50 m tall pylons are inclined    loyed on large scale                   bearing towers are quite light and
                       17° towards the outside. The ver-                                             have all got built-in connectors,
                       satile Climbing formwork MF 240          To carry out the works on the        so you can put up the towers real-
                       is easy to adjust to the changed       up to 25 m long stepped beams,         ly quickly and safely. This cuts the
                       geometry of the structure, with        the Doka Formwork Experts craft-       assembly times down to a mini-
                       no need for any time-consuming         ed a custom solution from Staxo        mum”, says WBHO site engineer
12                     modifications, thus ensuring that      shoring towers and Top 50 large-       André Montauban.
‘Dancing towers’ in Qatar

‘Top out’ on schedule with Doka
Qatari contractor Al Seal Trading & Contracting Co WLL turned to              once again with Doka Top 50 and
Doka for its formwork requirements on construction of the core-               150F climbing brackets for its ex-
shaft and shear walls on the 143 m tall twin tower West Bay La-               ternal walls.”One of the key rea-
goon Plaza Project in Doha, to ‘top out’ on schedule.                         sons for choosing Doka formwork
                                                                              for this prestigious project was

D   oka formwork led the way on
    Qatar’s West Bay Lagoon Plaza
towers – thought to be the world’s
                                        mall and many leisure facilities
                                        including swimming pools,
                                        saunas, jacuzzis plus coffee shops
                                                                              the products’ and suppliers’ relia-
                                                                              bility”, said Ziad Jabor, Construc-
                                                                              tion Manager, Al Seal Trading &
tallest ‘zig-zag’ towers – to help      and restaurants.                      Contracting. “The construction in-
main contractor Al Seal Trading                                               dustry in Doha is buoyant at the
& Contracting Co to ‘top out’ on        Efficient construction with Doka      moment and Al Seal have sever-
schedule. Affectionately known                                                al projects. In order to complete
locally as the ‘dancing towers’, the       Work started on the project        them on time, we need a supplier
twin tower Lagoon Plaza occupies        in February 2006, with handover       such as Doka to support our deliv-
a prime waterfront site in the          scheduled for 2008. Core walls        ery requirements” he says, adding
Qatari capital. Uniquely designed,      on both towers have been cast         “Not only do we get our materials
each 143 m tower will include 34        using Doka’s Top 50 large ar-         on time, we also take advantage
residential floors for a total of 748   ea formwork system with the in-       of their technical expertise in the
luxurious apartments, giving Doha       ternal climbing platforms utiliz-     field, particularly for sophisticated
a distinctive new landmark. It will     ing telescopic shaft beams. Cast-     structures such as the twin towers
also include a large shopping           ing the shear walls was achieved      on the Lagoon Plaza project”.

                                                                                                                      Formwork News 1|2008

Qatari contractor Al Seal Trading & Contracting Co WLL turned to Doka for its formwork requirements on con-
struction of the core-shaft and shear walls on the 143 m tall twin tower West Bay Lagoon Plaza Project in Doha,
to ‘top out’ on schedule.                                                                                             13
                       Around 150,000 m² of wall is being formed on the Csepel sewage treatment plant project in the south of the Hun-
                       garian capital Budapest, using Doka Top 50 extra-large panels.

                       Giant Csepel sewage treatment plant, Budapest

                       Large-area formwork in
                       continuous service
                       Hungary is investing more than 2.5 billion euros in a nationwide drive to expand and modernise its
                       sewage disposal and treatment facilities. With a construction volume of around 250 million euros, the
                       giant Csepel sewerage project in the southern suburbs of Budapest is by far the biggest of these invest-
                       ments. Lead contractors for the reinforced concrete works are the Hungarian construction companies
                       Hídépítö and Alterra. Over 53,000 m³ of concrete is to be formed using high-performing, efficient form-
                       work equipment from Doka. The unrivalled price/performance ratio, just-in-time-deliveries and compre-
                       hensive on-site service provided by Doka all combine to ensure cost-effective forming operations here.

                       An extra-large assignment for         single casting section, using extra-               huge pressure of the fresh con-
                       Extra-large panels Top 50             large panels Top 50. To optimise                   crete by Eurex 60 props. With its
                                                             t h e s i t e l o g i s t i c s , t h e To p 5 0   fast, easy handling, the Eurex 60
Formwork News 1|2008

                         The 36 clarification basins will    extra-large panels are being pre-                  prop makes a big contribution to-
                       require the casting of more than      assembled by the Doka “Ready-to-                   wards speeding up formwork set-
                       12,368 linear metres of water-        Use” Service and delivered to the                  up and striking. The prop can be
                       impermeable wall. The total area      site ready for immediate use.                      quickly and exactly adjusted to
                       of wall to be formed is around                                                           the required height in 10 cm in-
                       150,000 m². The up to 9 m high           The large-area formwork Top 50                  crements. When the formwork is
14                     basin walls are being poured in a     is dependably shored against the                   struck, the special design of the
thread on these several-metre
long props means that they can
be quickly and easily released with
only a few blows of the hammer,
even when under heavy load. This
ensures safe, fast shoring of the
large-area formwork Top 50.

    When it came to fixing the Eurex
60 props, the site crew got its first
experience of using the unbeatable
Doka Express anchor, and is very
enthusiastic about all the many ad-
vantages of this innovative fixing
solution. “What we like most of
all is how easy the anchor is to in-
stall, just using an ordinary ham-
mer, and the fact that you can use
it over and over again”, reports su-
pervisor Zoltán Hetényi of subcon-
tractors P.A.M. Invest 2000 Kft.

Clarification basins with an oval
groundplan can be constructed
quickly and economically using the
flexible Doka circular forwork H 20.

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Printers: Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus, St.Pölten. In some cases the site photos show the situation during formwork assembly and are therefore not always complete
from the point of view of safety.                                                                                                                                                              15
                       Rhine Bridge at Wesel

                       Bridge pylon cast                                                     T  he bridge still in use to this
                                                                                                day is a “temporary” structure
                                                                                             put up in 1953 on the foundations

                       in fair-faced concrete
                                                                                             of a bridge destroyed during the
                                                                                             war. For the new bridge over the
                                                                                             Rhine, with an overall length of
                                                                                             773 m, a cable-stayed bridge was
                                                                                             the design of choice. The defining
                       To improve the traffic situation on the Lower Rhine in NW Germa-      feature of the new bridge is its 130
                       ny, the B 58n Wesel bypass is currently under construction, includ-   m pylon on the left bank of the
                       ing a new bridge over the Rhine. The JV “Rheinbrücke Wesel”,          river, shaped like an upside-down
                       consisting of Hermann Kirchner Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH of         letter Y. The pylon was specified
                       Bad Hersfeld and Donges Stahlbau GmbH of Darmstadt, is using          to be constructed of high-strength
                       Doka automatic climbing formwork SKE 50 to build the new Rhine        concrete and with a top-quality
                       Bridge at Wesel.                                                      surface finish.

                                                                                                The Doka Formwork Experts
                                                                                             had to take a number of special
                                                                                             features into account: The cross-
                                                                                             section of the very steeply – 15.8°
                                                                                             – inclined tower legs broadens
                                                                                             from 4.00 x 3.40 m at the base to
                                                                                             4.00 x 4.00 m at the point where
                                                                                             the legs merge into the tall py-
                                                                                             lon needle. The stipulated cycle
                                                                                             height is 4.88 m. Doka supplied
                                                                                             the concept for the climbing scaf-
                                                                                             fold all the way up to the very top
                                                                                             of the pylon, as well as the utilisa-
                                                                                             tion planning for the formwork of
                                                                                             the tower-legs up to just below the
                                                                                             point where these merged. Super-
                                                                                             visor Lars Hassenpflug of contrac-
                                                                                             tors Kirchner: “Doing complicated
                                                                                             modifications at great heights is al-
                                                                                             ways difficult, and very dangerous
                                                                                             too. The Doka solution with SKE 50
                                                                                             automatic climbing formwork
                                                                                             had thought about every possible
                                                                                             eventuality. My crew got on very
                                                                                             well indeed with it, and their safe-
                                                                                             ty was assured at all times.”

                                                                                             To improve the traffic situation on
                                                                                             the Lower Rhine, a new bridge is
                                                                                             currently being built at Wesel, using
                                                                                             Doka automatic climbing formwork
                                                                                             SKE 50.
Formwork News 1|2008


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