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Information about
FK Teacher
                                                       Tutor pages
FK Teacher is the online division of Frances King      Each student has a one-to-one page for
School of English. Frances King, which is accredited   communicating with their tutor. This page allows
by the British Council and a member of Quality         text and spoken language.
English, IALC and English UK, has been delivering
high-quality English language tuition since 1973.      Vocabulary builder
                                                       This is another unique component of the FK
FK Teacher delivers online English courses tailored    Teacher platform. It is a storage and practice
to the individual learner. These courses offer all     area for vocabulary. Students can add their own
the benefits of a personalised one-to-one course,      words, and tutors can assign vocabulary sets and
combined with the convenience of distance              exercises.
learning and the technological kudos of an online
course.                                                                                    Assessments
                                                                                           FK Teacher
FEATURES OF THE FK TEACHER SYSTEM                                                          has a fully
Tutorials                                                                                  assessment
A Tutorial is an intensive correction programme                                            system,
based on a piece of written text and spoken audio                                          allowing all
produced by the student. This text and audio is                                            skills to be
processed, and then a set of exercises called “Study                                       tested, with
Sessions” is returned to the student. Because this                                         possible
method focuses on the language that the student                                            calibration
actually produces, the exercises address each                                              of results to
student’s specific needs.                                                                  major public
Interactive worksheets covering the full range of
                                                                                           such as
skills: reading, listening, writing, speaking,
                                                                                           IELTS, CEFR,
 vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
                                                       Cambridge ESOL and TOEFL. This means that the
                                                       student’s progress can be tracked throughout a

                                                         “The programme is specially developed for
                                                         your individual needs. In my opinion, these
                                                         first weeks were very interesting and effec-
                                                         tive. There are lots of opportunities to im-
                                                         prove your English skills.”

                                                         Miriam Janz
CONTACT:                  TEL: +27 072 668 8620      SKYPE: owenteacher

                                                         asynchronous, meaning that the tutor and
  “I had a lot of fun - and I think it will be very      the student do not have to work at the same
  helpful for my job, too.”                              time. This means students can work at times
                                                         that suit them.

  Tanya Kemmler-Iwens                                 n	 Can the courses be adapted to the
                                                         specific needs of our organisation?
                                                         Yes. All FK Teacher courses are personalised
                                                         and customised to meet the individual
                                                         learner’s needs, and can be adapted to the
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                               specific needs of your organisation.

                                                      n	 How can we measure the success of the
n Does your methodology work?
  Yes. Because it’s one-to-one and focuses on
                                                         FK Teacher has a fully customisable
  the student’s actual language, this method
                                                         assessment system, enabling the student’s
  really does work. We have many testimoni-
                                                         progress to be tracked throughout a course.
  als and case studies that show this.

                                                      n	 Can the student review the course
n	 What equipment does the student need?                 materials after the course is finished?
   A computer with internet access (DSL or               All students get a free 1-year membership,
   ISDN), and a microphone headset.                      so they’ll continue to have access to the FK
                                                         Teacher website and to all the materials and
                                                         work covered during the course.
n	 Does the student have to know a lot
   about computers?
                                                      n	 Can students have live practice during the
   No. The student only needs to have basic
   computer literacy, such as how to use email
   and word processing.                                  Skype calls, web conferencing sessions,
                                                         or even face-to-face sessions can be
                                                         incorporated into the course. All courses
n	 How long are the courses FK Teacher                   include Welcome and End-of-Course Skype/
   offers?                                               telephone calls.
   This is completely flexible and customis-
   able. Courses are most effective if they’re a
   minimum of four weeks long.
                                                        “I just started my third week…and it is the
n	 How much study time will students get                most pleasant way to study English I have
   each week?
                                                        ever experienced. The combination of writing,
   Students can study as much or as little as
                                                        listening, speaking and grammar exercises
   they like, but most students study around 3
   hours per week.                                      means that it is never boring. Deciding when
                                                        and how long I study for, and having such a
n	 What about scheduling? At what times                 patient teacher of my own, who responds to
   and where does the training take place?              my mistakes and needs, makes it the perfect
   The FK Teacher system allows students to             way for me to practise a foreign language.”
   work where and when they like, provided
   that they have a computer, an internet
   connection and a microphone headset.                 Sabine Salzmann
   The FK Teacher system is predominantly

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