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Queen’ Park Insider
Official Magazine of the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme
                                                           Fall 2010

              Introducing the 2010 Interns
  Bryan         Melissa       Natalie        Thomas       Katherine
 Bossin        Cernigoy      Desimini       Maidwell        Preiss

  Erica        Michael        Charles         Sasha      Lisa Marie
 Rayment        Smith        Thompson       Tregebov      Williams
                                 Our sponsors are an integral part of the Programme and
                              without their help, the Programme could not function. We would

qpimagazine                   like to thank our sponsors for all the help they have given us in
                              the past and for helping to make the Programme as successful
                              as it is today. OLIP has always been supported by a substantial
           Contents           annual grant from the Ontario Legislative Assembly through the
                              all-party Board of Internal Economy. However, corporate dona-
Page 2    Sponsors            tions have been an important element in OLIP financing and
Page 3    Director’s Report   these donations have been used to fund exchange visits and
                                                                  related educational activities.
Page 4    Meet the Interns
Page 7    Placements
Page 11 Angela Longo
Page 12 Orientatiom
Page 16 Alumni Focus
Page 18 Alumni Updates
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Intern Committee Chairs
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       Michael Smith
   Lisa Marie Williams
  Churchill Society Rep
    Charles Thompson
     Katherine Preiss
      Erica Rayment
        Recruitment                                                    Our Ma jor Sponsors
     Natalie Desimini
          Records                AstraZeneca is a research-oriented company, believing that
      Sasha Tregebov          curiosity is the best way to express our commitment to the
        Sponsorship           health of Canadians. Looking beyond
       Bryan Bossin           the obvious and solving problems in
           Travel             innovative ways, toward the discov-
                              ery of new and better treatments for
     Thomas Maidwell
                                 medical conditions and diseases.
            ~ ~ ~
    Magazine Editor             GlaxoSmithKline Inc. is a world leading research-based phar-
        Melissa Cernigoy      maceutical company devoted to discovering and developing
         Magazine Team                                  new and innovative medicines and
        Katherine Preiss                                vaccines for Canadians and people
        Thomas Maidwell                                 around the world, improving the qual-
             Design                                     ity of human life by enabling people to
         Eithne Whaley                                     do more, feel better and live longer.
             ~ ~ ~              The Ontario Real Estate Association
        Contact OLIP          OREA organizes real estate activities
   1303A Whitney Block        and develops common goals across
       Queen’s Park           the province. These goals include
  Toronto, ON M7A 1A2         promoting higher industry standards,
    Tel: 416-325-0040         protecting the general public from unscrupulous brokers and
 Web:                 salespeople, and preserving private property rights.
                                      Premier Dalton McGuinty
             The interns met with Premier Dalton McGuinty
          and alumnus Chris Morley Chief of Staff to the
               Premier, during their September orientation
                                                                                             QPI Page 3

             Director’s               ing with the interns in the coming
                                      months, for their continuing sup-
                                                                            Hansard Reporting and Interpre-
                                                                            tation Services Deborah Caruso,
                                      port of our Programme.                Sergeant-At-Arms Dennis Clark

                   Report                A highlight of the orientation
                                      for new interns is always meeting
                                                                            and Operations Manager of the
                                                                            Legislative Security Service Rick
                                      the three party leaders, Premier
                                      Dalton McGuinty, Leader of the           Other significant figures are
   I am now in my seventh year        Official Opposition, Tim Hudak        Speaker Steve Peters, corporate
as Director of the Ontario Legisla-   and the Leader of the New Demo-       leader Red Wilson and journalist
ture Internship Programme (OLIP)      cratic Party, Andrea Horwath. In      Robert Benzie. Key alumni such
and once again I am delighted to      addition, the interns enjoyed their   as Jon Feairs, Chris Morley, Le-
work with a new group of bright,      meetings with the independent         slie de Meulles, Emma Stanley-
eager interns. For the third year     officers of the Legislative Assem-    Cochrane and Meghan Warby of-
in a row our programme consists       bly: Information and Privacy Of-      fered useful advice.
of ten interns, up from the groups    ficer Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ombuds-
of eight that marked the first 32     man André Marin, Environmental           Finally I want to acknowl-
years of the Programme.               Commissioner Gord Miller, Auditor     edge that the success of our
                                      General Jim McCarter and Assist-      Programme is a result of a great
   Once again, we had an out-                                               team effort. First and foremost is
standing intern orientation in        ant Chief Elections Officer Loren
                                      Wells.                                Eithne Whaley, our Programme
September. I would like to thank                                            Assistant, who solves many of
all Legislative Assembly officials       Of course, many members of         our problems.      Legislative Re-
and staff, sponsors, alumni and       the Assembly staff provided a         searcher Lorraine Luski is one of
friends of the Programme for          wealth of information to the new      our Queen’s Park coordinators.
making themselves available to        interns in the orientation pe-        As a former intern, Lorraine has
the interns during this period.       riod and beyond. A partial list       our best institutional memory.
Taking a ma jor role in this are      includes Clerk Deborah Deller,        Our second coordinator is Anne
OLIP’s Honourary Interns, such        Deputy Clerk Todd Decker, Clerk       Stokes, Deputy Clerk of Journals.
as Supervisor of Circulation and      of Journals and Procedural Re-        All continue to make great contri-
News Services in the Legislative      search Lisa Freedman, Director of     butions to our Programme.
Library, Toni Ariganello, Director
of Broadcasting and Recording
Service, Arleigh Holder, CBC Pro-
ducer and News Reader Robert
Fisher and Graham Murray of G.P.
Murray Research Limited.
    Sponsors who took part in the
orientation included Advocacy So-
lutions, the Certified General Ac-
countants of Ontario, the Church-
ill Society for the Advancement of
Parliamentary Democracy, the In-
surance Bureau of Canada, Law-
PRO, the Law Society of Upper
Canada, the Ontario English Cath-
olic Teachers’ Association, the On-
tario Secondary School Teachers’
Federation and the Ontario Real
Estate Association. I thank them
all, as well as those who are meet-
                   T Hudak
                   Interns met with T Hudak, Leader of the Official
                   Opposition, during their orientation
QPI Page 4

                                        Melissa Cernigoy grew up in            Natalie Desimini earned her
                                    Thunder Bay, Ontario, where she         Master of Public Administration
                                    returns often to visit family and       at the University of Victoria and
                                    friends. She earned her Bachelor        a Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) degree
                                    of Arts from Dalhousie University       from Queen’s University, where
                                    in 2009, completing a com-                                  she specialized
                                    bined honours program                                          in    Political
                                    in International Develop-                                       Studies and
                                    ment and Economics. She                                         English. She
    Bryan Bossin graduated          continued her education                                         has worked
from the University of Guelph       at the University of Water-                                     at the Of-
with a BA (Hon) in Political Sci-   loo with a Master of Arts in                                    fice of the
ence in 2010. While at Guelph       Global Governance. While                                        French Lan-
he developed a passion for all      completing her graduate                                         guage Serv-
facets of politics, and was spe-    degree she had the oppor-                                       ices Com-
cifically interested in Canadi-     tunity to be a research as-                                    missioner in
an public administration and        sistant at the Centre for Inter-                             Toronto,     and
international conflict studies.     national Governance Innovation          the Office of the Ombudsperson
                                    in the field of health economics.       in Victoria, BC. Natalie’s thesis was
Outside of politics, Bryan’s in-
                                    Outside of her academic interests,      a policy project aimed at improv-
terests include snowboarding,       Melissa enjoys working in fine arts     ing equity across Canada in resi-
cooking and reading. After the      media, playing soccer, and enjoy-       dential care for seniors. Natalie
internship, he hopes to pursue      ing the beauty of her hometown          participated in Varsity Athletics
a master’s degree in public         by hiking and fishing.                  throughout her university experi-
administration and someday                                                  ences, and continues to maintain
start his own political consult-        Lisa Marie on Mel: Melissa is one   her passion for athletics by train-
ing firm.                           of the most easy-going people I         ing for half-marathons.
                                    know. Melissa’s endless laughter
   Tom on Bryan: The first          never ceases to amaze the group             Bryan on Natalie: Getting to
thing that you will notice          as she makes a knock-knock joke         know Natalie throughout the first
about Bryan Bossin is the big,      feel like opening night at the Apol-    stages of the programme has
                                    lo. Despite her tendency to trip over   been an absolute pleasure. One of
kind smile that he will greet
                                    her own feet, this Thunder Bay na-      the first things I noticed is that she
you with. One of three To-          tive is quite smart, passionate and     has a work ethic second-to-none.
rontonians in the 2010-11 OLIP      engaging, always ready to discuss       This was evidenced by the fact
team, Bryan brings a genuine        the development issues plaguing         that during our orientation period
enthusiasm, interest and pas-       Aboriginal communities in North-        she spent the ma jority of her free
sion for all things political to    ern Ontario. Melissa channels the       time studying to finish her Master
our group. Bryan is a dedicat-      same energy and vivaciousness           of Public Administration thesis. As
ed and hardworking guy who          into her baking (her carrot cake is     if this wasn’t enough, she was also
loves a challenge; his decision     amazing), effortlessly classy style     training to run a half-marathon,
to run a half-marathon in Oc-       (her hair always amazing without        which she completed just a week
tober is testament to this. Yet     her ever having to try) and lov-        before her thesis defense! As a
                                    ing     obscure                               runner myself, I found it very
another quality Bryan brings to
                                    Halifax rock                                     helpful to get advice from
the table is ambition. One day      bands       (a                                   Natalie on the best ways
in the not too distant future I     sentiment                                        to fit training into a busy
have no doubt that Bryan will       shared only                                      intern schedule. With this
achieve his goal of running his     by     Erica).                                   great work ethic, I have
own political consultancy busi-     Don’t      be                                    no doubts that Natalie will
ness. A great guy with a big        shy to share                                     have a very successful ca-
heart, I look forward to getting    a true (or                                       reer in the Ontario Public
to know Bryan both inside and       not so true)                                     Service or wherever she
outside of Queen’s Park in the      story      with                                 chooses to work after the
future.                             Melissa as long as it’s funny, she’s    programme!
                                    always willing to lend an ear and
                                    share a good laugh.
                                                 Andrea Horwath
Interns met with Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New
         Democratic Party during their orientation
                                                                                                    QPI Page 5

    Thomas Maidwell was born and          Katie on Tom: I dare you to             Erica Rayment Originally from
raised just outside of Newcastle,     spend five minutes talking with         Ottawa, Ontario, Erica completed
in north east England. Tom ar-        Tom and not catch his infectious        a combined honours degree in
rived in Canada last summer after     joie de vivre. When I met Tom at        Early Modern Studies and Political
spending the previous four years      the OLIP Spring reception, just a       Science at the University of King’s
working towards                                 few months prior to the       College in Halifax, Nova Scotia
a BA (Hons)                                       beginning of our in-        and later an MA in Political Sci-
degree        in                                  ternship, I knew that       ence at McGill University. There,
Business Stud-                                    working with him over       Erica was a teaching assistant and
ies and Politics                                  the next year would be      a graduate fellow in the Montreal
at University                                     amazing. As a North-        Interuniversity Research Group
of Stirling in                                    umberland native, Tom       in Political Philosophy. Erica’s re-
Scotland. Tom                                     brings a unique per-        search and policy interests focus
recently com-                                     spective; his insights      on issues of diversity, identity,
pleted his MA                                     and experience with         multicultural citizenship and par-
in Political The-                                the Westminster parlia-      ticipatory democracy. She enjoys
ory at University of Toronto. Over    ment in the UK help to expand           rowing,
the course of the past five years     the scope of our political debates.     dance,
Tom became increasingly pas-          Some little known facts about           skiing,
sionate about and committed to        Tom: as a child, he was cast in the     travel,
pursuing a career in parliamen-       role of a “Tree” for his school play,   and loves
tary politics. Tom’s experience in    and he has a dog - whom he loves        to cook.
student based political organiza-     very much - named Digby. Finally,       On top of
tions and the Scottish Parliament     if there’s only one thing you need      all that,
has reaffirmed such ambitions.        to know about Tom, it’s that he’s       Erica is
Tom is very grateful and excited to   committed trying new things, and        an     avid
be part of the OLIP class of 2010-    enjoying all of life’s opportunities.   reader of
11, and cannot wait to experience     Tom’s favourite expression? “Liv-       Canadian fiction.
all the opportunities that Queens     ing the dream.”
Park has to offer.                                                                Sasha on Erica: Erica is an
                                                                              awesome person to be around.
                                                                              She’s smart, funny, and brings an
 Katherine Preiss is from Waterloo, Ontario. She earned her BA (Hon.)         informed and rigorous theoretical
with a double ma jor in Political Science and Human Rights from Car-          perspective to every conversa-
leton University. As an undergraduate student in Ottawa, Katherine            tion. I definitely think that Erica
                        had the opportunity to work in the House of           has a distinguished academic ca-
                         Commons, as well as with the Ministry of Her-        reer in her future, but my goal is
                         itage, which helped inspire her passion for all      to hijack that path into the admit-
                         things political. Katherine has completed her        tedly more prosaic world of pub-
                         MA in Political Science from the University of       lic policy. Eric’s exactly the type
                         Waterloo, and looks forward to learning the          of person I’d love to have making
                         ins and outs of provincial politics. Apart from      policy: critical, fair and tough. I’m
                         politics, Katherine enjoys travelling, swim-         probably making her out to be
                         ming, and ambitious baking projects.                 way stuffier than she is; Erica is
                       Natalie on Katie: It has been a pleasure getting       not too serious and very far from
                     to know Katie these past few weeks. Because of           boring. She’s got an infectious
working in Ottawa while earning her degree, Katie contributes as-             laugh, a serious talent for Boggle,
tute provincial-federal comparison to all our political discussions.          and a prodigious ability to quote
Aside from her passion for constitutional law and human rights,               Mean Girls in any situation. I re-
Katie loves to travel and swim. She has an interest and a talent in           ally hope that Erica and I stay in
culinary endeavours, as demonstrated through her delicious baking             touch for a long time; because I’m
contributions to our weekly business meeting. Katie’s organizational          positive she’s going places and
skills have been invaluable to OLIP. She has gone above and beyond            will have a really positive impact
her committee work obligations to help schedule and prepare her               wherever she goes.
fellow interns for orientation meetings. With her dedication, work
ethic, and genuine interest in politics, I am confident that Katie will
be successful in any career she decides to pursue.
                       Media Personalities
                       Interns met with several members of the Queen’s
                       Park Press Gallery during their orientation
                       including Robert Fisher, an OLIP Honourary Intern
    QPI Page 6

   Michael Smith was born in To-             Charles Thompson was born and
ronto but moved to Oakville, On-          grew up in Vancouver. After spend-
tario soon after. He graduated with       ing the first year of his undergradu-         Sasha
distinction from the University of        ate degree studying in England at        Tregebov
Western Ontario with an Honours           the International Study Centre, he       was born
Specialization in                                    attended Queen’s Univer-      and raised
political science                                     sity and graduated with      in Toronto,
in 2008. Upon                                         a BA (Hon.) in political     before
graduation, he                                        studies in 2010. Charles     moving
moved to Ire-                                         has experience volun-        to Vancouver to attend UBC. Sasha
land, where he                                        teering with the West        earned his BA (Philosophy) there and
took advantage                                        End Seniors Network,
                                                                                   then spent just over a year living
of his dual citi-                                     the Kidsfest Running and
zenship      while                                    Reading Programme, the       overseas in Paris. He returned to To-
working      part-                                    Vancouver Folk Music         ronto and recently completed an MA
time and travelling                                 Festival and the Queen’s       in Public Policy and Administration
the country. In August 2010 Michael       University Campus Observation            at Ryerson University. He spent the
completed his M.A. in political sci-      Room. His academic interests in-         summer working as a policy analyst
ence at the University of Victoria.       clude political theory, intergovern-     for Treasury Board Office at the On-
Outside of his political interests,       mental relations and the politics of     tario Ministry of Finance. Apart from
Michael enjoys travelling, hiking,        healthcare. Charles enjoys read-         Canadian politics and public policy,
swimming,      basketball,    squash,     ing, ultimate Frisbee, and has a soft    Sasha is interested in statistics, eco-
reading, watching documentaries           spot for folk music of all stripes.      nomics, world literature and conti-
and sampling mysterious food. After
                                              Erica on Charlie: The young-         nental philosophy. He is also a rabid
a considerable absence, Michael is
glad to be back in his home prov-         est member of our cohort, Char-          Toronto sports fan.
ince and is thrilled to be part of this   lie is the embodiment of youthful
                                          enthusiasm and optimism. Always             Mike on Sasha: There are many
year’s internship cohort.
                                          equipped with a genuine grin and         sides to Sasha. One minute he can
   Mel on Mike: Mike’s stand-up co-       a positive attitude, he managed to       be reciting an impressive amount of
median comments and in-depth              endear himself to legislative staff      information on an important politi-
questions on political institutions       before the end of our first week. He     cal issue, and the next he can make
have impressed me since the start         became somewhat of a celebrity           a joke that’s so funny your sides hurt.
of OLIP in September. I’ve also           among library staff after walking in     Sasha has a strong background in
learned about several unique sto-         on an iDivision Rock Band compe-         public policy and administration, and
ries from his past—like a stint in Al-    tition – Charlie of course joined in,    so often contributes to our discus-
ice in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter;      and then proceeded to wow them all
                                                                                   sions with practical, well-thought out
and that he is a proud winner of a        with his rendition of Margaritaville.
University of Western Ontario “Pur-       With the security staff he might         opinions on how public policy should
ple Shirt” for intramural water polo.     more accurately be referred to as        be implemented. I really enjoy dis-
To quote Mike: “I like to play sports,    “infamous,” having made himself          cussing issues with Sasha because
but being good at them is a differ-       known to the operations manager          I feel his approach complements
ent story”. In ten years’ time, Mike      of the Legislative Security Service      my background in political science;
will have                                   as the mischievous intern who at-      we both have lots to contribute. But
earned                                        tempted to use his security pass     aside from our shared interests, Sa-
a PHD,                                        to let himself in to the Sergeant-   sha is just a great guy to be around.
trav-                                         at-Arms’ office. Beyond this light   He’s hilarious, witty, and all the in-
elled                                         hearted cheery exterior, Charlie     terns have found out he’s a master at
more                                          is a driven, dedicated, and multi-
                                                                                   Boggle. I’m sure he will be incredibly
widely                                        talented individual. Although his
over-                                         background is in Political Stud-     successful as he pursues a career in
seas,                                         ies, he impressed us all with his    the public service. I’m glad that Sa-
and be-                                       intention to go into Medicine fol-   sha is a part of this year’s internship
come                                        lowing the Internship. I’m sure that   cohort, and look forward to enjoying
more passionate about political af-       no matter what path he chooses to        his company during the rest of the
fairs in Ontario and Canada.              follow, Charlie will do great things.     year.
                                                  Speaker Peters
         During their orientation, interns met with
     representatives from many legislative offices,
  including the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
                                                                                                  QPI Page 7

Bryan Bossin on Ernie Hardeman           Mel Cernigoy on Gilles Bisson       my favourite experiences thus far
                                                                             was visiting a high school where
    My placement in Ernie Harde-           The riding of Timmins- James      students questioned Mr. Bisson
man’s office has been going very       Bay is both vast and diverse. The     about his political career and cur-
well. From my first day in the of-     same is true for the experience       rent affairs. A couple of projects
fice, Tara, Mr. Hardeman’s EA, has     of Mr. Gilles Bisson, the MPP for     that I’ve become involved with in-
made me feel right at home and         this riding since 1990. I am very     clude constituency casework and
has treated me as a full-fledged       pleased with this placement as it     health care on reserves. While
member of the team. There is no        has allowed me to return to my        this placement promises to be
shortage of projects to work on,       northern Ontario roots and learn      challenging, I will also benefit
and I have been involved with          more about the issues affecting       from the sage advice of an expe-
every aspect of office business.       the region. Some traditional min-     rienced and compassionate poli-
From attending meetings with           ing towns are facing transitions,     tician from the North.
stakeholders, to writing mem-          other towns such as francoph-
ber’s statements and remarks for       one communities or aboriginal
bill debate, I have been enjoy-        reserves are facing a myriad of
ing my varied duties. It is a great    challenges—all of which Mr. Bisson
privilege to work with someone         has an astute understanding. He
as experienced and knowledgea-         is the NDP critic for Northern De-
ble as Mr. Hardeman. As a former       velopment and Mines, Aboriginal
cabinet minister and current PC        Affairs, Transportation as well as
critic for Agriculture, Food and       Chief Party Whip. I have already
Rural Affairs, Mr. Hardeman has        had the pleasure of travelling up
a wealth of knowledge about the        to his riding to meet with constit-
issues and challenges which face       uents and stakeholders. One of
rural Ontario. Having grown up in
Toronto, these are issues which I
am excited to learn more about.                                                         Corrections:
Although I haven’t had the oppor-
tunity to visit the riding yet, I am                                               Spring 2010 Queen’s
eagerly awaiting the chance to                                                  Park Insider: The article
visit his Riding to see first-hand
the results of Mr. Hardeman’s hard                                                on the interns’ Spring
work which seeks to make life                                                  trip omitted attribution to
better—not only for his constitu-                                                    Christiana Fizet
ents—but for all Ontarians.

                           Lisa Marie Williams’ keen interest in civics led her to be the first candidate from
                           her high school in Scarborough to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians
                           program in 2004. Throughout her undergraduate experience in Ryerson University’s
                           Urban Planning program, Lisa Marie remained active in her community by taking
                           on several volunteer positions in local community organizations. Lisa Marie recently
                           graduated from Urban Planning (with honours) and hopes that OLIP will provide her
                           with an elevated understanding of how politics and planning intersect at the pro-
                           vincial level. In the future, Lisa Marie hopes to pursue studies in law and work as a
                           Senior Planner and Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
Charlie on Lisa Marie: If you were to meet Lisa Marie for the first time you would sense that she is professional,
positive, confident, and incredibly bright. When Lisa Marie walks into a room, she gives the strong impression
that with her help, we’re going to get things done. Nowhere is this feeling better expressed than when interns
attend meetings; all the best questions come from Lisa Marie because they get to the very heart of the issue.
But in the past month or so, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know other sides of Lisa Marie—like the Lisa
Marie who loses her composure during Charades and still manages to get the best score in the game! I’ve
come to know the Lisa Marie who laughs loudly, and listens intently. Lisa Marie is a wonderful asset to OLIP this
year and I look forward to getting to know her better in the months to come.
                   Intern Placements 2010-11
                   The interns began their placements on October 12th

QPI Page 8

                                             Tom Maidwell on Steve Clark
                                             My first placement is with Ste-
                                         ve Clark, Progressive Conserva-
                                         tive MPP for the riding of Leeds-
                                         Grenville. Mr. Clark is the newest
                                         Member of the Provincial Parlia-
                                         ment, having been elected to the
                                         house in a by-election in March
                                         2010. Yet, Mr. Clark is far from a
                                         rookie politician, having served
   Natalie Desimini on Jean-Marc         as Mayor of his hometown Brock-          Katherine Preiss on Donna
                         Lalonde         ville at the tender age of 22. He                          Cansfield
                                         is PC Critic for Democratic Re-
    My first placement is with Jean-     form. On my first day, Mr. Clark’s       My first term placement is
Marc Lalonde, the MPP for Glen-          Legislative     Assistant   Dianne    with Donna Cansfield, and I feel
garry-Prescott-Russell, and Parlia-      handed me a huge pile of mate-        extremely lucky to be working
mentary Assistant to the Minister        rial related to Democratic Reform     in her office. Ms. Cansfield is the
of Health Promotion and Sport. I         and made it clear that this was       MPP for Etobicoke Centre. She is
have learned a significant amount        now my project. As such, in the       also the Parliamentary Assistant
about the issues that individuals        coming months, my time will be        for the Minister of Municipal Af-
face in the riding, such as those        largely spent investigating a va-     fairs and Housing. Ms. Cansfield
concerning long-term care, trans-        riety of tools of direct democracy    started in politics in 1988 on the
portation, energy and finance. I         that are used in a number of oth-     Etobicoke Board of Education,
have worked on preparing mem-            er jurisdictions across the world.    and later served as Chair for the
ber’s statements, helping to re-         I am genuinely interested in this     Toronto District School Board, in
solve and address constituency           area, look forward to immersing       2002. She then ran for provincial
issues and concerns, preparing           myself in further research and        parliament, and won her seat in
speeches, attending meetings with        improving my knowledge and            2003. As an MPP, Ms. Cansfield
stakeholders, and preparing press        understanding of the arguments        has had the opportunity to serve
releases and letters. I have also        surrounding direct democracy          as the Minister of Energy, Minister
had the opportunity to practice my       in the coming months. In addi-        of Transportation, and Minister
French language skills as French is      tion, Mr. Clark has recently been     of Natural Resources! Needless
the primary working language de-         made Critic for Citizenship and       to say, Ms. Cansfield’s portfolio
ployed in Mr. Lalonde’s office. Mr.      Immigration. This is a fascinat-      is both impressive and just a lit-
Lalonde has been an ongoing sup-         ing portfolio and one that I hope     tle bit daunting. As my previous
porter of Franco-Ontarian culture        to get involved in over the com-      studies have all been focused on
and heritage, as demonstrated by         ing period. Mr. Clark and Dianne      the federal level, I am really look-
his introduction of the Franco-On-       have been welcoming, friendly         ing forward to viewing both pro-
tarian Emblem Act in 2001. As Mr.        and very enthusiastic from the        vincial and municipal issues from
Lalonde is a Member of the Stand-        start, and I look forward to be-      Ms. Cansfield’s perspective. Al-
ing Committee on Social Policy,          coming part of their tight knit       though I am just a few weeks into
I have been able to observe his                   team in the weeks ahead.     my placement, Mrs. Cansfield and
participation in Committee meet-                                               her EA Rebecca have made me
ings. Mr. Lalonde is genuinely com-                                            feel incredibly welcome! I have
mitted to serving his constituents                                             had the chance to both shadow
and responding to their issues. His                                            Ms. Cansfield and attend events
team at Queen’s Park have been                                                 on her behalf. In addition, I’ve
welcoming and motivating. I look                                               contributed research to some
forward to visiting the riding and                                             of Ms. Cansfield’s projects. I am
learning about the constituency                                                thrilled about meeting interest
first-hand. It is an honour to be                                              groups, stakeholders, and public
working alongside Mr. Lalonde and                                              servants—all of whom contribute
I hope that I will bring the same                                              enormously to decision making
dedication and enthusiasm to the                                               within the province. Each day is
          job as the rest of his team.                                         different and I can’t wait to see
                                                                                       what tomorrow will bring!
                        Second Term Placements
          ,                                ,
Bob Bailey Michael Colle, Christine Elliott Kevin
 Flynn, Howard Hampton, Yasir Naqvi Khalil Ramal,
        John O’Toole, Greg Sorbara, John Yakabuski
                                                                                                     QPI Page 9

   Erica Rayment on Elizabeth                                                    Charlie    Thompson on Dr.
                      Witmer                                                                    Helena Jaczek
    My first placement is with Eliz-                                               My placement this term is with
abeth Witmer, the member for                                                  Dr. Helena Jaczek, the Parliamen-
Kitchener-Waterloo, and I feel so                                             tary Advisor to the Minister of the
lucky to have the opportunity to                                              Environment and MPP for Oak
learn from such an impressive
                                                                              Ridges-Markham. Since my office
and experienced MPP. Mrs. Witmer
has an incredible wealth of expe-                                             is in the Ministry, I find that the
rience, having served as an MPP                                               topics in which I get involved are
for twenty years and held cabi-                                               pretty diverse. In a single day, I
net positions in the ministries of                                            can find myself working on a con-
Labour, Health, Environment and                                               stituency issue, a project for Dr.
Education and served as Deputy                                                Jaczek, or a Ministry matter. The
Premier. I am very much enjoying                                              degree of diversity was actually a
being involved in the day-to-day           Michael Smith on Dave Levac        little surprising at first, but grati-
life of Mrs. Witmer’s office and                                              fying nonetheless. Because I end
learning more about the work of           This first term I am placed with
                                       the Liberal MPP for Brant, Dave Le-    up performing such a wide vari-
her critic portfolios of Education
                                       vac. I could not be happier with       ety of roles, I’m lucky to have such
and Women’s Directorate – areas
   that are of great interest to me.   the placement. He is involved in a     a great support network to help
                                       wide array of areas and brought        me out. Cristina, (Dr. Jaczek’s Ex-
    I have already had the op-         me in as a full team member, or        ecutive Assistant) and Leslie, (her
portunity to write statements,         as Dave says, he let’s me “get ‘er     Legislative Assistant) are always
bill summaries, do research and        done.” Mr. Levac is always explor-     around to provide guidance on
to prepare notes for the Member        ing new policy ideas, and is willing
                                                                              projects, and backup when things
when she speaks to a bill in the       to consider introducing a Private
                                       Member’s Bill on almost anything.      get rough. And of course, there’s
house. I really admire her rea-
                                       The largest project I have worked      Dr. Jaczek, who is herself a force
soned, fact-based approach to
political debate. I have also been     on since joining his office is pre-    to be reckoned with. And the
able to sit in on a variety of meet-   paring his new Bill to regulate the    other Ministry staff - who have
ings with stakeholders and to at-      ownership of exotic wildlife. I have   been nothing but good to me in
tend press conferences and brief-      had to work out language with          my brief time there - also deserve
ings. These activities, along with     legislative counsel, communicate       a mention; I wouldn’t even know
the guidance I get from Mrs. Wit-      with stakeholder groups, and pre-      where the washroom was but for
mer’s incredibly patient and help-     pare media releases. I have also       their patience and goodwill. Suf-
ful staff have allowed me to learn     handled constituency issues and        fice it to say that I am looking
a great deal about practical polit-    assisted the Member in his posi-
                                                                              forward to the opportunities and
ical life and parliamentary proc-      tion as Parliamentary Assistant to
                                       the Minister of Energy. I am also      challenges that will come with
ess. I look forward to becoming
                                       in the process of assisting Mr. Le-    working in Dr. Jaczek’s office, and
even more personally involved in
the projects that the Member as-       vac to find ways of do something       I am confident that I will be able
signs to me, and to learning from      good for his constituents. Every-      to give as much to this placement
Mrs. Witmer as much as I possibly      one that I have come across, in-       as I am fortunate enough to re-
      can over the coming months.      cluding his staff at Queen’s Park      ceive.
                                       and in the constituency office,
                                       have been incredibly helpful, al-
                                       lowing me to freely involve my-
                                       self in the Member’s projects. All
                                       in all, I am finding the experience
                                       very rewarding and look forward
                                       to continuing my time with Mr.
                    Our Placements
                    thank you to all of the Members of the Legislative
                    Assembly who applied to host an intern
 QPI Page 10

   Sasha Tregebov on Rosario                                                                   On Angela...
                                                                             Peter Rekai on interning with Angela
   Working with Mr. Marchese,                                                                              Longo
I quickly came to appreciate
his intelligence, his experience                                             In the MPP’s office Angela became a
in the legislature, his encyclo-                                          problem solver, speechwriter, research-
paedic knowledge of all things
                                                                          er, an excellent listener, a sounding
related to education policy and
his political acuity. In conver-                                          board and the best person with whom
sation with Mr. Marchese I’ve                                             to exchange recipes. There were never
learned so much about the                                                 any airs about Angela; she could work
                                       Lisa Marie Williams on Ted         amidst much nonsense – but she was
history of Ontario politics and      McMeekin
how to communicate in a way                                               no-nonsense about her work. She was a
that resonates with voters. As          My placement in Mr. Ted Mc-       practical, roll-up the sleeve person who
member for Trinity-Spadina, Mr.      Meekin’s office has been both a      prided herself in getting stuff done –
Marchese represents a diverse        challenge and a pleasure, as Mr.     and making stuff happen. The bigger
constituency in the heart of To-     McMeekin (PA to Training, Col-                    the mess the better she did.
ronto. My first ma jor project was   leges and Universities) and his
preparing research and speak-        Executive Assistant, Lyndsay,
ing notes for Mr. Marchese’s         have gone above and beyond
appearance at the Standing           to welcome me on to their team.         Lisa Freedman on meeting Angela
Committee on Estimates. He           Since beginning my placement                                     Longo
questioned Minister Milloy re-       a few weeks ago, I have been
garding the estimates of the         immersed in a varied range of            I met Angela in 1975. She was my
Ministry of Training, Colleges       activities including trips to the    Don in Residence at Western. I was a
and Universities. It was chal-       beautiful riding of Ancaster-        first year student and she was working
lenging and interesting work         Dundas-Flamborough-West-             on her Masters in Political Science. She
that allowed me to become fa-        dale, Ministry events (Training,     was a mentor to me. She ran my cam-
miliar with the ma jor issues in     Colleges, and Universities) and      paign when I ran for President of the
post-secondary education pol-        conferences as well as stake-        Residence and she encouraged me to
icy. The next ma jor project is      holder meetings to discuss the
planning a press conference to                                            ma jor in Politics. When I was finishing
                                     MPP’s constituency and legisla-
announce a new private mem-                                               law school I had a dinner with her and
                                     tive projects. Mr.McMeekin has
ber’s bill. If my experience so      been so generous in sharing          she pushed to get me to apply for the
far is any indication of the rest    both his personal and profes-        Intern Program. In reality the thought of
of the term, I look forward to a     sional experiences with me. On       working at the Legislature terrified me.
busy, productive and enriching       a daily basis it helps me to real-   Her stories fascinated me but I didn’t
experience.                          ize that I still have so much to      think I had what it took to be an Intern.
                                     learn. My time with Mr.McMeekin
                                     and Lyndsay has already taught
                                     me so much, but one lesson in
                                     particular seems to resonate as         Judith Wong on Angela Longo’s help
                                     I anticipate the journey ahead—                         with the internship
                                     the importance of having a good
                                     sense of humour. So when the            When I met Angela Longo I was a
                                     office is busy and fast-paced,       new graduate and recent intern inter-
                                     and people are feeling tense, I      ested in work in the public service. She
                                     can always count on my team          provided me with frank and thoughtful
                                     for a good joke or ‘Tedism’ (as      advice, critiqued my resume, and intro-
                                     Lyndsay calls them) to lighten       duced me to a director at her ministry
                                     the mood.                            that very day. It is in large part thanks
                                                                          to her that I joined the OPS and I am so
                                                                                  grateful to her for all of her help.
                 Remembering Angela Longo
Angela Longo, who was an intern in the first year
of the programme (1976-                        ..
                       77) recently passed away .
                                                                                                    QPI Page 11

    Ms. Angela Longo, longtime        after ‘her boys’ and did so in fine     far from downtown Toronto as it
friend and alumnus of the Ontario     fashion. Most memorably per-            gets for interns. In retrospect, this
Legislature Internship Programme,     haps, while we all certainly got        geographic contrast symbolized
passed away on September 3,           on well with one another, it was        Angela’s wide-ranging interests
2010 at age 58. Her career with       at Angela’s instigation that we all     and abilities. Angela’s time as an
the Ontario Public Service began      took in the Santa Claus parade as       intern was marked by two char-
here at Queen’s Park as a legis-      it passed Queen’s Park and ad-          acteristics that would suffuse her
lative intern and culminated with     journed to her place for refresh-       entire career: a no-nonsense, ‘let’s
her appointment as the Deputy         ments and dinner. It was at this        get the job done’ attitude and a
Minister of Health Promotion. The     gathering – most of which, like so      marvellous ability to make, foster,
Toronto Community Foundation          many subsequent get-togethers,          and keep friendships.
has created the Angela Longo          occurred in Angela’s kitchen –
Leadership Fund in her honour.        that we really jelled as a group.                      As she rose stead-
Friends and colleagues of Angela      After the memorial service those        ily through the ranks of the OPS,
share these thoughts and memo-        of the 76-77 interns still in Toronto   taking on and solving the tough-
ries.                                 spent a wonderful evening fondly        est problems, she never lost sight
                                      recalling her accomplishments,          of the need to keep people first.
                                      her foibles and her readiness to        Her accomplishments in the pub-
                                      see the humour in all situations—       lic service were almost as legion
   In Memoriam of Angela Longo        toasted of course with Italian red      as her friends and admirers. It is
                                      wine.                                   appropriate then that the Ontario
                By Graham White                                               Government has taken the unu-
                                            At Queen’s Park, she quickly      sual step of naming an employee
                                      made herself indispensable to the       award in her memory and her
    Angela Longo, who was an          MPPs she worked for: Larry Gross-       friends have created the “Angela
intern in the first year of the       man, who held a downtown To-            Longo Leadership Fund” at the
programme (1976-77) recently          ronto seat for the Conservatives        Toronto Community Foundation
passed away. From her first day       and Pat Reid, the Liberal-Labour        to support the youth initiatives so
at Queen’s Park it was obvious        Member for Rainy River—about as         dear to her heart.
that Angela was special – opin-
ionated, strong-willed and ambi-
tious yet warm, funny and deeply
committed to her many friends.
Not surprisingly, her long career
in public service culminated in her
appointment as a deputy minis-
ter in the Ontario Government.
Nor was it surprising that time
and again over the years Angela
gave extensively of her time and
energy to help others, mentoring
OLIP interns and new recruits to
the Ontario Public Service, vol-
unteering for all manner of good
causes and supporting those in
her wide network of friends. That
she touched so many lives so pos-
itively was evidenced at the me-
morial service held for her, with
the cavernous Great Hall at Hart
House jam-packed with friends
and colleagues wishing to honour
her memory.
              As the only woman
among that first crop of interns,
Angela took it upon herself to look
                   Orientation Month
                   Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

QPI Page 12

   Many of us have had “first jobs”    Security, including the                              and implementation
with only a single day of orienta-     Inspector      General,                                of electronic vot-
tion; in university we had a week.     Rick Boon (and his                                      ing. Our meeting
We had no idea, prior to arriving      marvellous collection                                   with Jim McCa-
at Queen’s Park, that an entire        of hats!) and Den-                                      rter, the Auditor
month would be necessary to get        nis Clark, the Ser-                                     General,     was
our bearings. That being said, I’m     geant at Arms (who                                      very informative.
certain that the knowledge and         let us up close and                                     Having no prior
insight gained                                personal with                                    background     in
over this past                                  the ceremo-                                    finance or ac-
month will be                                   nial mace).                                   counting,      we
invaluable to                                   Arleigh Holder                             had little idea what
us as we nav-                                   from Broadcast and Re-        value-for-money audits were, let
igate our fall                                  cording not only illus-       alone how they functioned to hold
OLIP place-                                     trated how the cameras        government services to account.
ments.                                          in the House and Ame-         We also met with Gord Miller, the
                                                thyst Room worked, but        Environmental Commissioner. Mr.
     The nine                                   also took us up to the        Miller addressed our questions
other interns                                  attic! Nancy Marling ex-       with serious and frank observa-
and I arrived at the Pink Palace,      plained the inner workings of the      tions, including a rather fitting
bright eyed, bushy tailed, and a       Legislature’s Human Resources          analogy to Dr. Seuss’ Lorax.
little bit terrified. Our fears were   Branch to us.
quickly allayed, however, with the                                                                 Meeting      Dr.
incredibly warm reception we              David        Warner,                                  Ann Cavoukian
received by the Legislative staff.     former Speaker of the                                    was     inspiring.
The Legislative Clerks, Deborah        House and an honor-                                      The      Informa-
Deller, Todd Decker, and Tonia         ary intern, gave us                                      tion and Privacy
Grannum, gave us an overview           a great overview of                                      Commissioner is
of their positions, as well as their   the life of an MPP, and                                  a brilliant pro-
own unique take on the goings-on       was very forthright                                      fessional.     Her
of the House. Susan Swift and the      in his recollection                                      two        Deputy
legislative research service, Don-     of his experiences in                                   Commissioners,
na Burton and the library staff,       Queen’s Park. Red Wilson, a force      Brian Beamish and Ken Anderson,
Lisa Freedman with Journals and        unto himself, inspired us all to em-   as well as Dr. Cavoukian herself,
Procedural Re-                                   brace all of life’s oppor-   helped us to understand both
search, and                                       tunities. We had several    privacy and access to informa-
Vicki     Whit-                                   meetings with former        tion. Last, but certainly not least
mell of the                                       interns, who provided us    among independent legislative
iDivision, all                                    with very helpful advice,   officers was Ombudsman, Andre
helped        us                                  as well as very interest-   Marin, and Deputy Ombudsman,
learn about                                       ing discussions                           Barbara         Finlay.
the     numer-                                    with Robert                                  Their thoughtful
ous resources                                     Benzie     of                                 discussion on the
available      in                                the Toronto                                    reappointment
Queen’s        Park                            Star, and Rob-                                   process, and the
for the Members and their staff.       ert Fisher of CBC Ra-                                    functionality of
Finally, Debi LaMantia of Pub-         dio 1.                                                   ombudsman re-
lic Relations and Parliamentary                                                                 ports gave us an
Protocol thoroughly trounced us           Orientation month                                     inside look into
with her Queen’s Park quiz. I must     gave us the incredible                                   the    important
pause here to mention that, hav-       opportunity to meet                                     work that the om-
ing just finished various university   with the independent of-               budsman’s office performs.
degrees, all ten interns lamented      ficers of the Ontario Legislature.
about not having access to these       Greg Essensa and Loren Wells,             Orientation month would not
incredible people sooner!              Chief and Deputy Chief Electoral       be complete without mentioning
                                       Officers for Ontario engaged us in     our meetings with the three offi-
   We also had meetings with           a thoughtful debate on the value       cial party leaders, Premier Dalton
                                   More on Orientation

                                                         QPI Page 13

McGuinty, leader of the Opposi-
tion Tim Hudak, and leader of the
third party, Andrea Horwath. All
three took the time out of their
busy days to sit down and discuss
policy with us. It was at once in-
spiring and a little bit intimidat-
ing to be at the same table with
the men and women who help to
make this province tick. We were
glad to have the opportunity, and
hope very much to engage all
three party leaders again over
the duration of our internship.
   Finally, we met with Speaker
Steve Peters only a few hours af-
ter introducing us in the House.
Talking with Mr. Peters was eye
opening; after having watched
the antics of Question Period, it
was very interesting to learn why
the Speaker makes the calls that
he does. Our meeting with Mr. Pe-
ters gave us all a deeper appreci-
ation of the role of his office, and
of the purpose of the house.
   Orientation month was tough,
but I’m sad to see it go. Over
the past twenty three days I’ve
learned more about Ontario poli-
tics than I ever have before. I
hope the knowledge that we are
now equipped with will serve us
well over the coming months!
                   Meeting our sponsors
                   During the September Orientation, Interns meet some
                   of the generous OLIP sponsors.
QPI Page 14

   Our first month and a half as          Dr. Alex Barron of the Churchill
Ontario Legislature Interns was        Society engaged us in a thought-
not just about getting to know the     ful discussion of the state of our
legislature itself, but also getting   democratic      institutions,  and
to know the generous sponsors of       we are all eagerly awaiting the
OLIP. We have had the opportu-         Churchill Society annual dinner in
nity to speak with some of the in-     November!
dividuals and organizations that
sponsor OLIP, and each meeting
has been both challenging and
enlightening for us as a group.
   Early in September, we met                                                   We met with Cheryl Fullerton
with Ted Wigdor of the Certified                                             of the Ontario English Catholic
General Accountants of Ontario.                                              Teacher’s Association, and really
Mr. Wigdor was our first official                                            enjoyed our discussion regarding
meeting; his genuine manner and                                              the benefits and drawbacks of
frank conversation quickly put us                                            standardized testing.
at ease, and we learned a great
deal regarding the legislation
CGAO is working towards.                  We enjoyed meeting Sheena
                                       Weir of the Law Society of Up-
                                       per Canada. Ms. Weir taught us
                                       about both the function of the law
                                       society, and the newly regulated
                                       paralegal field, which – as many
                                       of us have an interest in the legal
                                       profession – was very instructive.

                                                                                Henry      Mandelbaum,     Mark
                                                                             Rosenfeld and Graeme Stewart
                                                                             from the Ontario Colleges and
   Mark Smithyes of Novartis dis-                                            Universities Faculty Association
cussed the merits of pharmaceu-                                              took the time to discuss the state
tical companies; after discussing                                            of education in Ontario, and how
their role in both the province and                                          the role of Colleges and Universi-
in Canada as a whole, we came                                                ties is evolving through the use of
away with a very different view of                                           the Internet.
the pharmaceutical field.

                                          We also had the opportunity
                                       to meet with our education spon-
                                       sors. We met with Craig Brock-
                                       well from the Ontario Secondary
                                       School Teachers’ Federation. Our
                                       conversation regarding his role
                                       as a lobbyist was fascinating, and
                                       we all look forward to meeting
                                       up with Mr. Brockwell again while
                                       watching Question Period.
                              Meeting Our Sponsors
   Over the coming months, the interns hope to meet
                with the remainder of our sponsors.
                                                                                               QPI Page 15

    Kathleen Waters of LawPro            Graham Murray, of G.P. Murray        The greatest thing about spon-
 provided an interesting insight      Research Limited, impressed us       sor meetings is that it gives in-
 into the presence of fraud in the    with his breadth of experience, as   terns the opportunities to talk
 legal profession, an issue we had    well as the plethora of resources    with organization leaders in fields
 heard little about prior, but is a   he had available to us – I’m cer-    that we would not otherwise
 very real concern for those in Ms.   tain that they will come in handy    have the opportunity to explore.
 Waters’ field.                       as we write our intern papers.       We are able to pick the brains of
                                                                           those knowledgeable individuals
                                          We had the pleasure of meet-     in a wide variety of fields, from
                                      ing Ryan Clarke of Advocacy So-      pharmaceutical companies to
                                      lutions, who described the steps     education to insurance, and eve-
                                      to effective advocacy to us. We      rything in between. Furthermore,
                                      all thoroughly enjoyed his pres-     we know that many interns go on
                                      entation, and now view the role of   to work for sponsors; it’s great to
                                      advocacy from a completely new       get a feel for these institutions
                                      perspective.                         early on in our programme. Thank
                                                                           you to all the sponsors that we
                                                                           have met, and the sponsors that
                                                                           we will meet over the duration of
                                                                           our internship. You have enriched
    We met with Heather Mack of                                            our experience not only by keep-
 the Insurance Bureau of Canada,                                           ing the internship operating year
 and were all impressed with her                                           after year, but by taking the time
 experience and her ability to                                             to discuss your organization with
 make insurance understandable.                                            us and answering our many ques-
 With the recent changes to auto                                           tions.
 insurance, it was a very timely
 meeting, and we were grateful to
 hear the perspective of the insur-
 ance companies represented by
 the IBC.                                 Matthew Thornton of the On-
                                      tario Real Estate Association, a
                                      former OLIP Intern, helped us not
                                      only to understand the problems
                                      facing the real estate community,
                                      but also gave us some very help-
                                      ful intern related advice.

                                  Interested in sponsoring OLIP?
 Sponsors will benefit from attending the bi-annual receptions held at Queen’s Park, which
 in the past have been attended by the Premier, Cabinet Ministers and other dignitaries.
 Sponsors will also have the opportunity to meet with the interns on a more informal basis
to talk about the role of their company and have a link to their firm on the OLIP website.
   All sponsors are issued a tax receipt by the CPSA and sponsors will also benefit from
knowing that their donation has contributed to the development of the next generation of
                leaders, policy makers, academics, analysts, and citizens.
                  All Around the world
                  A focus on our alumni in the foreign service

QPI Page 16

    What do Canada’s ambassador       He has also seen the first pros-         reer path, but it made an impact
to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos,       ecutions in Cambodia’s Khmer             on his personal life as well. His
the Deputy Head of Mission at the     Rouge trials. Quiet indeed! Ron          wife, Alison Nankivell, was also an
Canadian Embassy in Beijing and       has also worked closely with Ca-         intern in 1987-8. She too is doing
Canada’s Foreign Service Officer      nadian companies to see a near           government work abroad, based
in Ethiopia have in common? A         doubling of Canadian investment          in Beijing. She is currently work-
lot of frequent flyer miles—and       in his area of responsibility. He        ing for Export Development Can-
the fact that they’re all alumni of   is involved in initiatives to foster     ada (EDC) as Principal for Funds
the Ontario Legislative Internship    improved outcomes in education           and Asia Region.
Program. Over the tenure of the       and build stronger relationships
program, interns have gone on to      with Canada. The next couple of             Alison is responsible for EDC’s
leadership positions                                 years promise to be       Equity and global private equity
in a vast array of                                    as active and high       fund investment programs. She
fields, but none as                                   profile as the one       travels frequently to Shanghai,
glamorous as the                                      he just completed.       Delhi, Mumbai and Singapore,
Foreign     Service.                                                           seeking out new portfolios. Her
This year’s crop of                                             Ron feels      work focuses on establishing part-
interns thought it                                     that his OLIP ex-       nerships with Canadian organiza-
was high time to                                       perience over 25        tions to make them globally com-
profile these high                                     years ago has con-      petitive. As she it explains it, “the
flyers.                                               tributed tangibly        way globalization works now and
                                                    to his successful dip-     the international supply chain,
          Ron Hoffmann (OLIP 84-      lomatic career. It honed his ability     you need these types of partner-
85), now based in Bangkok, has        to understand and navigate politi-       ships to extend your reach.”
just started his third decade as a    cally complex situations, commu-
Canadian diplomat. He currently       nicate effectively, build coalitions        Alison’s time as an intern
serves as Canada’s Ambassa-           of support for Canada and stretch        helped her gain insight into the
dor to Thailand, Cambodia and         budget dollars. He came to ap-           policy process, into how govern-
Laos, and also has responsibility     preciate early in his career that        ment really works. Her first OLIP
for Burma. He last served as Am-      provinces have significant and           placement was J. Bradford Nixon,
bassador to Afghanistan, and has      growing international interests          then serving as Parliamentary As-
had postings in London, Beijing,      and that parliamentarians have           sistant to the Minister of Financial
Johannesburg and The Hague. At        an important and valid role to           Institutions. She also worked with
headquarters in Ottawa, he was        play in contributing                              Mike Harris, a decade be-
an advisor to two Foreign Minis-      to foreign policy                                     fore he became Pre-
ters and held a variety of posi-      and advancing                                          mier. As an intern, her
tions involving security policy,      Canadian        in-                                    research centred on
international trade and economic      terests on the                                         fiscal policy and ac-
relations.                            world stage. Ron                                       countability, as well
                                      says that he still                                     as Ontario’s pension
      Upon moving from Kabul to       thinks back often                                      system. It was an ex-
Bangkok in the summer of 2009,        to his year as a                                       perience that mould-
Ron was somewhat concerned            legislative intern                                     ed the career she has
about adjusting to a quiet post-      and how it helped                                     today.
ing. He started to realize that       launch him in this direction.
“quiet” was the wrong word as he                                                  David MacDuff, from the 1996-7
oversaw the temporary closure             Jeff Nankivell was an OLIP in-       cohort, is another alumnus cur-
of the Canadian Embassy during        tern in 1987-8. He began his inter-      rently on the Asian continent. He
the Red Shirt Crisis of early 2010.   national career with the Canadian        is working with the Department of
He is now spearheading a whole-       International Development Agen-          Foreign Affairs and International
of-government local response to       cy working in China. He moved            Trade as Canada’s regional eco-
a dramatic upsurge in migrant         on to the Foreign Service, and is        nomic advisor in Southeast Asia.
smuggling to Canada, is at the        currently working as the Minister        Based in Singapore, he covers the
forefront of Canada’s policies on     and Deputy Head of Mission at            principal economies in the region:
the troubled Burmese elections        the Canadian Embassy in Beijing.         Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,
and the de-listing of Aung San        The internship played a key role         Thailand, the Philippines, and Vi-
Suu Kyi’s NLD as a political party.   in setting Jeff on his illustrious ca-   etnam. David’s role is to analyze
Pictured from left Ron Hoffman, Alison Nankivell,
  David MacDuff Tristan E. Landry and Kaila Mintz
                                                                                                   QPI Page 17

the economic policy and perform-       He suggests that, “a key part of       with South Africa’s Parliament to
ance of those countries in order       the job is to network and seek in-     coordinate the visit. As she de-
to determine the implications for      formation from credible sources        scribes it, “time and time again,
Canada’s international economic        to ensure that you are on top of       I’ve been thankful for the leader-
interests. The econo-                                every key issue.”        ship experience OLIP provided
mies in David’s pur-                                                          in terms of team-building, event-
view represent a                                         Tristan’s place-     planning and problem-solving.”
spectrum of devel-                                    ments with OLIP
opment, from Sin-                                     included Gilles Bis-       Her next assignment was as
gapore, one of the                                    son of the NDP, and     a policy advisor in the Humani-
richest countries                                     Ted Chudleigh, a        tarian Affairs and Disaster Re-
in the world on a                                     PC member. Both         sponse division. Her day-to-day
per capita basis, to                                  placements     pro-     responsibilities included drafting
the Philippines, a                                    vided him with the      policy papers and briefings, writ-
newly industrialized                                 opportunity to learn     ing speeches, developing talking
country moving from agriculture        from “talented networkers and          points and assisting senior offi-
to manufacturing and services.         gifted solution-seekers” in their      cials in high-level meetings. She
                                       offices and constituencies. Landry     travelled to New York with the Ca-
   From his time with OLIP, David      says, “in many ways, my work as        nadian Permanent Mission to the
was able to develop skills that con-   diplomatic representa-                                   UN to negotiate
tinue to play a part in his career.    tive for Canada is very                                   humanitarian
He told us that “the programme         similar in scope—ex-                                      resolutions, as
helped to develop practical pub-       cept that I don’t need                                    well as travel-
lic policy research, networking,       to get elected every                                      ling     through
and engagement skills which are        four years!”                                              Ethiopia     and
useful in advancing Canada’s in-                                                                 Kenya to gain
terests abroad.”                          A more recent in-                                      first-hand    in-
                                       tern, Kaila Mintz (class                                  sight into the
    Tristan E. Landry, intern from     of 2004-5), is current-                                  challenges      of
the OLIP class of 1997-8, has been     ly working as a Foreign                                providing food aid
a Foreign Service Officer since he     Service Officer in Ethiopia. She’s     and assisting refugees in insecure
completed the internship, hold-        the Second Secretary (Political)       environments. She is currently
ing a number of posts. He served       to the Embassy of Canada in Ethi-      posted at the Canadian Embassy
as Consul (Public Affairs) in San      opia. Kaila found out that she had     in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and cov-
Francisco, Counsellor (Public Af-      been accepted into the Foreign         ers a wide range of Ethiopia-Can-
fairs) and Spokesperson in Wash-       Service Development Programme          ada bilateral relations including
ington, and Counsellor (Political)     only six months after finishing her    human rights, governance and
in Damascus. He most recently          OLIP internship. The adaptability      democracy, and visits of senior
returned from a                                     and flexibility she de-   officials, amongst others.
temporary       as-                                  veloped as an intern
signment at the                                      were immediately            The Ontario Legislative Intern-
Embassy of Can-                                      put to the test.         ship Programme is immensely
ada in Damascus,                                                              proud of its alumni in the Foreign
Syria.                                                   Kaila was soon       Service. They represent a com-
                                                      assigned to the         mitment to public leadership on
   Tristan    finds                                   Eastern and South-      a global scale. The possibilities
broad      similari-                                  ern Africa division     arising from an OLIP experience
ties between his                                     where she was a          really boggle the mind, and it’s
work in the Foreign                                 desk officer for six      exhilarating to contemplate as
Service and in OLIP. As it was in      countries in the region. She was       a current intern. Perhaps mem-
OLIP, there are no typical days.       also placed on temporary duty in       bers of this year’s programme
His work is diverse. It includes       Cape Town, South Africa, where         will soon find themselves strug-
briefing Ambassadors, writing          she helped facilitate the official     gling with global challenges in
reports and responses, attending       visit of former Governor General       diplomacy, development, aid and
diplomatic meetings and func-          Michaëlle Jean. Her understand-        governance. Wherever we do end
tions, and networking with the         ing of the legislative system came     up, we can be confident that OLIP
broader diplomatic community.          in handy while working closely         has prepared us well.
                    Alumni Appointments

QPI Page 18

                              Alumni Spotlights
                                        Recent alumni appointments

   Annette Boucher, Q.C. (1983-             Peter Hargreave (2001-2002)             Emma         Stanley-Cochrane
1984) Assistant Clerk and Legisla-       Policy Advisor, Minister of Rev-        (2008-2009) Operations Coordi-
tive Counsel, Nova Scotia House          enue, Government of Ontario, To-        nator, The Cabinet Office, Execu-
of Assembly.                             ronto.                                  tive Council Office, Government
                                                                                 of Ontario, Toronto.
   James Cairns (2001-2002) As-             Jonathan Malloy (1992-1993)
sistant Professor of Political Sci-      President, Canadian Study of Par-          David Taras (1976-1977) Ralph
ence, Wilfred Laurier University,        liament Groups, Ottawa.                 Klein Chair in Media Studies,
Brantford, Ontario.                                                              Mount Royal University, Calgary.
                                            Leslie de Meulles (2009-2010)
   Igor Delov (2008-2009) Exec-          Issues Manager/Legislative As-             Jonathan Trentadue (2009-
utive Assistant, Provincial Building     sistant, Minister of Northern De-       2010) Responsible Gaming Ana-
and Construction Trades Council,         velopment, Mining and Forestry,         lyst and Stakeholder Manager,
Toronto.                                 Government of Ontario, Toronto.         Ontario Lottery and Gaming Cor-
                                                                                 poration, Toronto.
    Paul Di Ianni (2009-2010) Leg-          Chris Morley (1992-2000) Chief
islative & Issues/MPP Liaison, Min-      of Staff, Premier Dalton McGuinty,         Natalie Tutunzis (2009-2010)
ister of Consumer Services, Gov-         Government of Ontario, Toronto.         Research Analyst, Hill & Knowlton,
ernment of Ontario, Toronto.                                                     Toronto.
                                           David Michon (2007-2008)
   David Docherty (1984-1985)            Junior Managing Editor, Monocle            Meghan Warby (2005-2006)
Senior Advisor, Multi-Campus Ini-        Magazine, London, England.              Community Manager, Cabinet Of-
tiatives, Wilfrid Laurier University,                                            fice, Government of Ontario, To-
Waterloo, Ontario.                          David Donovan (2008-2009)            ronto.
                                         Executive Assistant, Bob Bailey
   Lisa Clements (1995-1996) As-         MPP (Sarnia), Ontario Legislative          Gordon Wong (1991-1992) Re-
sociate Director and Corporate           Assembly.                               gional Public and Government Af-
Secretary, Art Gallery of Ontario,                                               fairs Manager for the Americas,
Toronto                                     Kayla Monteiro (2007-2008)           ExxonMobil Production Company,
                                         Executive Assistant, Director, Fed-     Houston, Texas, USA.
   Ana-Maria Bohorquez (1992-            eral Development Agency Ontario
1993) Employment Advisor, Missis-        (FEDDEV Ontario) Cambridge,                Gemma Zecchini (1998-1999)
sauga Community Connections,             Ontario.                                President & CEO, Stewardship
Toronto District School Board.                                                   Ontario, Toronto.
                                            Audrey Lemeiux (2004-2005)
   Julia Deans (1985-1986) Ad-           Senior Special Advisor, Deputy
visory Board, Mowat Centre for           Minister’s Office, Ministry of Trans-
Policy Innovation, School of Public      portation, Government of Ontario,
Policy and Governance, Univer-           Toronto.                                      In order for us to
sity of Toronto.
                                            Dan O’Brien (2005-2006) Spe-            keep our records up
   Karli Farrow (1998-1999) Di-          cial Advisor, Issues and Policy, Of-       to date and contact
rector, Office of Strategy Man-          fice of Andrea Horwath, Ontario
agement, Credit Valley Hospital,         NDP Leader, Toronto.                      you about OLIP events
Toronto, Ontario.
                                            Peter Sampaio (1995-1996)              please email us if you
   Rosemary Hnautiuk (1988-              Manager, Policy and Program De-            move or change jobs
1989) Homeopath and Naturo-              velopment, Ontario Victim Serv-
path, Toronto.                           ices Secretariat, Ministry of the
                                         Attorney General, Toronto.          
                                      Sponsor Spotlights
                       Highlighting CIBC and The Co-Operators

                                                                                                  QPI Page 19

                                          Sponsor Spotlights
   Each year, we feature two or more of our sponsors in our magazines, in
  this edition we introduce CIBC and The Co-operators General Insurance

   CIBC, a leading North Ameri-       visibility in the community, aiming    healthy com-
can financial institution with        to make a difference through cor-      munities
nearly 11 million personal banking    porate donations, sponsorships         thrive,     and
and business clients, offers a full   and the volunteer spirit of em-        CIBC is there-
range of products and services        ployees. The bank’s investment         fore       very
through its comprehensive elec-       in the well-being of its clients and   proud to be a
tronic banking network, branches      employees shows CIBC’s deter-          sponsor of the
and offices across Canada, of-        mination to make a sustainable         Ontario Legis-
fices in the United States, and       contribution to the communities        lative Intern-
around the world. CIBC has over       where they work and live. CIBC         ship program.
41,000 employees dedicated to         is committed to fostering strong,      CIBC      applauds
helping clients achieve what mat-     healthy communities. While this        this year’s Interns for their com-
ters to them, delivering consistent   support is broad-based, its fo-        mitment to furthering their knowl-
and sustainable performance for       cus is on making a difference for      edge and experience in Canadian
shareholders, and giving back to      youth, increasing access to edu-       politics. Their contributions, both
our communities.                      cation, and improving the health       now as interns, and in the future
                                      and well-being of Canadians.           as participants in Canada’s politi-
   CIBC has a long and proud tra-                                            cal process, will no doubt serve to
dition of leadership, service and        A vibrant democracy helps           enrich life in Canada for all.

                                                                      The Co-operators Group Limited is
                                                                      a 100 per cent Canadian-owned co-
                                                                      operative with more than $42 billion in
                                                                      assets under administration. Through
                                                                      our group of companies, we offer
                                                                     home, auto, life, group, travel, com-
                                                                   mercial and farm insurance, as well as
 investment products. The Co-operators is owned by 47 Canadian co-operatives, credit union centrals and
 like-minded organizations. We are well known for our community involvement and commitment to creating a
 more sustainable tomorrow. In 2010, The
 Co-operators was ranked #2 among the 50 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada and listed among the 50 Best
 Employers in Canada.
 As a leading corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of safeguarding and strengthening the demo-
 cratic institutions that help to make Canada one of the best places in the world to live, work and raise a
 family. The Co-operators supports three parliamentary internship programs across the country; the federal
 Parliamentary Internship Programme, the Ontario Legislative Internship Programme, and the Saskatchewan
 Legislative Internship Program.
 We believe it is very important to support programs that provide an educational and practical experience for
 young Canadians to learn about the parliamentary process and the development of public policy, as well as to
 gain a greater understanding of national and regional political dynamics. We are helping support future lead-
 ers who, we believe, will have a direct positive impact on our society. Internship program graduates better
 understand the principles of our parliamentary system, and are well positioned to provide a long-term benefit
 to the province and country. It is money well spent.
    The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario became OLIP’s
first Lead Sponsor last year, we would like to thank them for their
continued support over the years.
   Since 1996, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO)
has been a proud sponsor of OLIP. And last year the association
took on the role of lead sponsor.
    IBAO is a voluntary membership organization that serves over
11,500 independent insurance brokers across the province. The
organization is a politically active group that represents their
members at the Ontario Legislature, regulatory bodies, as well as
industry commissions and associations.
   IBAO member brokers play an active role in their communi-
ties with strong vested interest in serving consumers across the
province. They volunteer at many local events and participate in
many career fairs at high schools, colleges and universities, sup-
porting and encouraging young Ontarians to build sold futures in
this province.

  Our Lead Sponsors

                                                 Vale became one of OLIP’s lead sponsors this summer and
                                              we would like to take this opportunity to both welcome and
                                              thank them for their generosity.
                                                 Vale, the world’s second largest mining company, prides it-
                                              self on transforming base elements into useful ingredients that
                                              improve our everyday lives while employing sustainable min-
                                              ing practices whenever possible. The minerals Vale mines, for
                                              example, are used to build and create essential items like bat-
                                              teries, cars, medical equipment, and computers.
                                                 Vale’s history in the Canadian mining sector is rich, and its
                                              presence in Ontario spans over 100 years. We are proud to be
                                              a longtime contributor to both the country’s and the province’s
                                              economies and communities, and we look forward to a bright
                                              and prosperous future in Canada.
                                                  The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme is providing
                                              first-class experiences to Ontario’s best and brightest emerging
                                              civic leaders, and Vale is proud to support such a high-quality
                                              program that aligns with our commitment to enhancing educa-
                                              tion in the countries in which we operate. Vale looks forward to
                                              watching the program grow over the next several years, and we
                                              wish each of the 2010/11 interns the best of luck.

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