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									                                       GATOR                                                      BIGGER
                                                                                                     ★                                                IS

      Gator Ted's is all things to all people. It’s been said before and
                                                                         Florida Gators are Ted's favourite college football team, which is     is a hungry crowd too and where there are growling stomachs,
today the description applies even more so.                              how the name came about. Though the theme of the bar changed           Gator’s caters. Whether its lunch, breakfast or dinner Gator’s
      From the breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering menus on            it remains a family run business, something that has contributed to responds with a bevy of home-cooked, hearty entrees, appetizers,
which the pickiest of palates are sure to be satisfied, to the variety   the success.                                                           burgers, pastas, salads, pizzas and sandwiches suitable for both
of entertainment on offer, no one is left out at Gator Ted’s.                  “Business has been overwhelming," said Kindos. The               casual and formal occasions.
      Just as the new breakfast menu, reintroduced for the Monday expansion was complete in June, just in time for the World Cup to                   Off-site catering services for both private and corporate
to Friday crowd, fits the morning person's schedule, the weekend         get under way and show off the addition of 40 plasma televisions,      needs began two years ago, said Kindos. “Already, we’ve catered
night owl social set seeking live music also heads to Gator Ted's        two 3D TV’s, six 103-inch projector screens and 12 satellites that     several big crowds that have had us back again,” he added.

                                                ★ ★★★★
where Friday and Saturdays the stage is set                                                                                                                                    A new kitchen manager follows through
for such entertainment.                                                                                                                                                  on the family's reputation for serving good
      The family crowd enjoys the lunch
                                                                                                NOW SERVING                                                              food at reasonable prices. And additional
and dinner outing as much as the sports set
craves seeing the game on the big screens.
      The north Burlington sports bar,
                                                  BREAKFAST 7 DAYS A WEEK                                                                                                wait staff has been hired to complement
                                                                                                                                                                         Gator Ted’s other fine reputation for excellent
restaurant and social setting is now 2,000
                                                                MONDAY-FRIDAY BREAKFAST SPECIAL 7-11AM                                                                         "A lot of people are coming back to
square feet larger to accommodate the                     INCLUDES 3 EGGS, BACON, HAM OR SAUSAGE, HOME FRIES & TOAST                                                     the independent restaurants for these very
masses that flock to the 1505 Guelph Line                                                                                                                                reasons," said Kindos.
landmark.                                                                                                                                                                      Weekday specials include the city’s best
      Originally, Gator Ted's was called the Ridgeview Restaurant,       feed broadcasts from around the world into the restaurant. It is       wings every Sunday and Monday at 40 per cent off, a ½ rack of ribs
       which was opened by namesake Ted Kindos's parents Tom             now truly the hot spot and gathering place for north Burlington        on Wednesday for only $8.99 or full rack for $16.99, all you can eat
               and Frances back in 1979.                                 people.                                                                fish and chips on Thursday for just $11.99 and chef specials every
                             It remained a family restaurant for 20            His two sisters, Mary-Ann Fenton and Michelle Edmondson,         Friday and Saturday. And of course, the best breakfast in the city is
                                years when Ted decided to make some      and brother-in-law Jay Edmondson all help run the bustling             available Monday through Friday and Saturdays and Sundays.
                                       upgrades as well as change the    business.                                                                    No matter what, delicious food is guaranteed to be placed on
                                             name and theme to a                    Add Kindos’ wife Michele into the mix — she runs the        diners’ plates at Gator Ted’s. Prices are certainly reasonable too.
                                                      sports bar. The            catering business — and this is truly a family business.             “It’s a fun place to be too,” said Kindos. Sports enthusiasts of
                                                                                    Even Mom Frances still comes in to work once or twice a     the armchair or more active variety certainly agree, as do music
                                                                                       week, after 36 years of working in restaurants.          lovers. (Remember to check with Gator Ted’s for upcoming live
                                                                                                A new kitchen counts among the recent           music band schedule.)
                                                                                              additions to Gator Ted's, to accommodate the            A staff that is as friendly as it is accommodating in a larger,

                                                               BOOK YOUR
                                                                                                 new catering service that goes by the name     beautifully decorated dining and bar areas make Gator Ted’s a hot
                                                                                                    Savouring the Moment.                       spot for the north Burlington crowd and beyond.

                                                                CHRISTMAS                                   "It's an important part of the
                                                                                                          business," said Kindos. And it brings
                                                               AND HOLIDAY                                   Gator Ted's fine fare further out
                                                                                                                                                                PLAN YOUR ING
                                                                PARTY NOW!
                                                                                                                 into the community.
                                                                                                                         The corporate world
                                                                                                                                                             HOLIDAY CATER

                                                                                                      NOVEMBER                                      ★    25    TH

                                                                                                                                                                          Turkey Bowl
   OCTOBER                               23RD           UFC121 in HD ®

                                                                                                              13    TH
                                                                                                                           UFC122        ®
                                                                                                                                                                          • NFL football

★ ★
                                                        50 Big Screens                                                     in HD                                          • Deep fried turkey
                                                                                                                                                                          • MDG Giveaways
                    Molson Leaf                                                                                            50 Big Screens
     28             Ticket Giveaway                                    Live Music
                    • Molson Penalty Box                               with Hot
                                                                                                       DECEMBER Hockey Night in SCanada
                    • Molson Organ Playing

                      Hockey Theme                                                                                            FIR T TIME
                                                                       Soul                                     in
                                                                                                               11TH                                                                     EVER IN
           30TH Halloween Bash with Tim Park Band
                • Best costume prizes • Music

                                                               “A Burlington Tradition Since 1994 and Getting Better.”                                                                          TAKE OUT
                                  1505 Guelph Line @ Upper Middle Road 905-336-3133                                                                                                            AVAILABLE

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