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             English and Enjoyment
             Saturday 27th March 2004- 9.30a.m -1.30 p.m.

           Redbridge Teachers’ Centre, Melbourne Road, ILFORD
                         Bookstall provided by Newham Parents Centre

                    Main Speaker
              Professor Robin Alexander
With the publication of Excellence and Enjoyment, the current Government – somewhat belatedly many
would suggest – reasserted, to an extent, the importance of creativity in the primary curriculum and the
importance of exciting and engaging students. Participants at this Conference – focused on Primary
practice, but of great interest to secondary colleagues – will have the chance to consider the sorts of
exciting and creative work that have always been features of the most successful English teaching from the
Foundation stage through Key Stage 2.

                                          About the Keynote
Currently visiting Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge and a member of the QCA, Robin
Alexander is well known for his research and writing on primary education and for his involvement in the
1991-2 'three wise men' enquiry. His book, Culture and Pedagogy: international comparisons in primary
education, has received critical acclaim and in 2002 became the first British book to win the American
Educational Research Association's Outstanding Book Award. Culture and Pedagogy provides radical new
perspectives on primary education at every level from national policy through school management to
classroom practice and has provoked a renewed interest in oracy. More recently Professor Alexander has
critiqued the government’s vision for primary education ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’.

9.30a.m.: Coffee and registration
10.00a.m.: Workshop Groups (please select from list)
11.30a.m.: Coffee
12.00a.m: Keynote Speaker – Professor Robin Alexander
12.30p.m.: Conference Plenary
1.00p.m.: Lunch
Fee (including lunch and coffee):
£20 members of LATE or NATE (institutional membership entitles one person to
reduced rate)
£25 non-members
£5 students and unwaged
(n.b. an additional fee of £5.00 will be charged to those ‘paying on the door’).

Please complete the application form on reverse and return with cheque (payable to
L.A.T.E]): John Hickman, 40 Rochford Avenue, Chadwell Heath, Romford RM6 5DH.
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1. Make Your Writers into Authors
(Judith Evans, Headteacher and Sharman Bailey, Literacy Coordinator, Roseberry Primary School,
A practical workshop, where participants will make books and take away a disc to enable
them to customise books for any purpose. In this workshop we will explore using
bookmaking to motivate writers, including:
®     easy ways to make books (NO STAPLES)
®     real life case studies
®     writing across the curriculum

2. ‘Putting the fun in the dull stuff’’
(Stuart Scott, EAL Consultant for Nottingham and director of the Collaborative Learning Project)
This workshop explores how to put back enjoyment into all the bits that you have to do
over and over again. Games and activities for literacy (and numeracy). A worskhop full
of practical ideas for making spelling, grammar and rote fact learning fun!

3. Do the Shake and VAK – Learning to love learning
(Pam Lewis,Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Brighton and a member of NATE's Primary
The introduction to "Excellence and Enjoyment" [DfES 2003] acknowledges that
children learn better when they are 'excited and engaged.' This workshop will explore
classroom strategies that promote active learning and thinking and Visual, Auditory and
Kinaesthetic approaches. Using children’s quality literature, participants will explore
ideas and resources that can be used to provide exciting experiences which engage,
interest and stimulate the imagination of pupils within an inclusive learning culture.

4. Where can you get to in a cardboard box? Role play Reading and Writing in the
Early Years
(Barbara Conridge, English/Literacy Consultant, Chair NATE Primary Committee )
In this very practical workshop we will take a closer look at Role Play areas and the
possibilities they hold for fostering children's communication, language and literacy
skills. We will think about the creative processes that young children discover and use in
their play and how, as as adults in the Early Years setting, we can move their language
and literacy learning on by the learning environment we create. Be prepared to cut, stick,
paste and build - using cardboard boxes, of course!

5. Gender Issues in Writing
(Sameena Bashir, Primary English Teacher, Redbridge)
This workshop aims to outline the current issues around boys’ writing in the primary
classroom. Participants will explore a range of interactive teaching approaches intended
to engage boys in creative writing.

                                   Conference Venue

Redbridge Teachers’ Centre is a short walk from Ilford railway station (15 mins from
Liverpool Street). Parking is available on site.
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