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									 What You Must Know About
Teacher Extension and Renewal

          Presented by:
         Maureen Sloane
         Dianna Hanlon
     Types of Teachers
  First 3 years of employment at District

  Have been employed more than 3 years
             Types of Teachers
  Hired after the teachers’ first work day
  Replace teacher on leave
  For a position designated as temporary (no more than 2 years)
  Without a regular assignment
  (a long-term sub can become a temporary teacher)
Less than half-time
  Covered by PAT collective bargaining agreement
  Have no rights under Fair Dismissal Law
          Fair Dismissal Law
Probationary teachers are hired on a 1-year
contract which may or may not be renewed at the
end of each year.
Contract teachers are employed on a 2-year
contract that may or may not be extended every
year (in other words they always have a 2-year contract
unless we do not extend it.)
A temporary teacher who works at least 135 days
may become a 2nd year probationary teacher if
rehired the following year
      Procedures for
Extension and Non-Extension of
 Licensed Contract Personnel
 Renewal and Non-Renewal of
Licensed Probationary Personnel
                        Important Dates
January 31, 2005    Area Directors and HR Counsel notified of possible non-renewals/non-
February 11, 2005   List of non-renewals/non-extensions finalized

February 18, 2005   Seniority Lists due with corrections and renewal/extension information
February 24, 2005   Intent to non-renew letters delivered

March 7, 2005       Board Meeting for renewals and extensions, non-renewals/non-extensions

March 11, 2005      Hand delivery of letters for extension, renewal, non-extension and non-
March 14, 2005      Copies of letters of non-renewal/non-extension due in HR
                    Form for “none” non-renewals/non-extensions due

March 16, 2005      Plans for Programs of Assistance to have been reviewed with HR Counsel

April 1, 2005       Programs of Assistance delivered to affected licensed employees
From September to January 21
Principal or supervisor observes teachers and identifies any
performance concerns. If the concerns cause the principal or
supervisor to consider non-renewal or non-extension, the principal or
supervisor should discuss the performance concerns with licensed
employees prior to January 21, 2005. Discussions are based on
observations, data collection, and meetings. The discussions, and the
reasons for the discussions, should be documented in writing.

The employees should learn of performance concerns well in
advance of being notified of possible non-renewal or non-
extension. For probationary teachers who are being considered
for non-renewal, there should definitely be performance
problem(s) identified in the December evaluation.
    Between January 24-28
Principals and supervisors will meet with their Area
Director to discuss licensed employees whom the
principals and supervisors are considering for non-
renewal or non-extension. The discussion should
include an analysis of whether procedural steps for
due process are being followed. HR Counsel should
be consulted if there are any questions or concerns
         Monday January 31
Principals and supervisors will submit to their Area
Director a list of licensed employees who are being
recommended for non-renewal or non-extension. The
principals and supervisors also will submit to their Area
Director and HR Counsel all pertinent documentation for
each licensed employee recommended for non-renewal or
non-extension including but not limited to:
 current evaluation (probationary winter evaluation
  should recommend non-renewal) [Exhibit 1]
 existing program of assistance (if applicable) or list
  of performance expectations
 discipline-related documents

 dates of meetings and notes from meetings

 other documentation supporting reason(s) for non-
  renewal or non-extension
 other documentation supporting efforts made to
  assist the employee to improve
               February 1-11
HR Counsel will review recommendations and supporting
documents and will meet with Area Directors and HR
administrators as necessary to evaluate and clarify.

Area Directors, principals and supervisors, HR
administrators and HR counsel will finalize a list of
licensed employees who will be recommended to the
school board for non-renewal or non-extension.
  By Wednesday, February 16
Human Resources will prepare and send to all principals
and supervisors a list of all licensed personnel assigned to
their building or supervisory area. The list will indicate
whether each licensed employee is renewed, extended,
non-renewed or non-extended. The list will be sorted by
seniority and also will serve as data for unassignment
decisions that may be made at a later date. [Exhibits 2 & 3]
          By Friday, February 18
1)   Principals and supervisors will review the above lists,
     make necessary corrections, and return the list to their
     HR administrator.

2)   Final evaluations for all probationary licensed personnel
     indicating renewal or non-renewal of contracts are due to
     the Area Directors. Evaluators will complete the “Final
     Form on Probationary Teachers,” found in Appendix H
     of the Teacher Evaluation Process Booklet.
If an administrator or supervisor has a significant
number of probationary licensed employees and cannot
meet the February 18 deadline, the administrator or
supervisor may have until February 28 to submit all
evaluations for probationary licensed employees
recommended for renewal.

All evaluations, however, for probationary employees
recommended for non-renewal must be submitted by
February 18.
If the administrator or supervisor does not
submit all probationary evaluations by
February 18, the administrator or supervisor
will provide the Area Director with a written
list of those probationary evaluations that
will be submitted no later than February 28
(See Article 8A of the PAT/District
Collective Bargaining Agreement).
    By Thursday, February 24
               Probationary Teachers

HR administrators will deliver to principals and
supervisors the intent to non-renew letters for immediate
hand delivery to probationary licensed personnel who are
not being renewed. [Exhibits 4 & 5]
      By Thursday, February 24
                      Contract Teachers
HR administrators will send to all principals and
supervisors a packet with a final list of all licensed
personnel and two template letters. These letters are the
exact text for principals and supervisors to use to notify all
licensed contract personnel whether their contracts have
been extended or non-extended. These letters are not to be
delivered until after the Board takes its action.
[Exhibits 6, 7 & 8]
Human Resources will forward to the Superintendent the
list of all licensed personnel to be non-renewed or non-
        Monday, March 7

The School Board will act to extend the
contracts of licensed contract personnel
and to renew the contracts of licensed
probationary personnel.
       By Friday, March 11
                 Contract Teachers
Principals and supervisors will date and personalize
contract extension and non-extension letters to all
licensed contract personnel exactly as provided in the
template letter [EXHIBITS 7 & 8]:
print the letter on school/department stationary
sign the letter and hand deliver to each licensed contract
send a copy of the signed letter to HR for personnel file copy
place a copy of the appropriate signed letter in each employee’s
building file.
By Friday, March 11
              Probationary Teachers
Human Resources will deliver to principals and
supervisors probationary non-renewal letters for
immediate delivery to each employee for their signature.
[Exhibit 9]
   hand deliver letters and get signatures
   send a copy of the signed letter to HR for personnel file
   place a copy of the appropriate signed letter in each
   employee’s building file.
Human Resources will prepare letters for probationary
employees who are renewed for the next year or are
elected to become contract teachers and will be available
for pick up in the HR department or will be sent via
PONY if not picked up by March 30. [Exhibits10 & 11]
       By Monday, March 14
Principals and supervisors will forward to their HR
administrator copies of all letters of non-extension and
non-renewals. Non-extension and non-renewal letters will
be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

If a principal or supervisor has no non-extensions or non-
renewals they will so indicate on a form provided in the
packet. [Exhibit 12]
By Wednesday, March 16

 Principals and supervisors who have non-
 extended personnel will meet with the
 Area Directors, HR administrators and
 HR Counsel to discuss programs of
 assistance for non-extended personnel.
           By Friday, April 1

Programs of assistance for improvement will be drafted.
Principals and supervisors will have met with the affected
licensed employees to review the program.

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