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									                                     CURRICULUM VITAE
Name                     : DR. A. R. V. MURTHY
Present Designation and
Address for Communication: Principal & Superintendent,
                           CVM‟s Ayurveda College & Hospital
                           New Vallabh Vidyanagar Anand, Gujarat 388121
                           Phone :(02692)-235063(R) 235051, 235052 (O) 09227445534
                           E-mail: vasutpt1@gmail.com Website ayugj- cvm.edu.in

 Date & Place of Birth   : 17/05/1961, Arikere – Karnataka.
 Religion                : Hindu – Brahmin
Languages known          : Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil, Tulu,
                          Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani, Sanskrit
     Ayurveda            : B.A.M.S.,      Mysore University,               Udupi.
                           M.D.,          Banaras Hindu University,        Varanasi.
                           Ph.D.,         R. S. Vidyapeetha,               Tirupati.
      Yoga               : Dip Yoga.,     (B. H. U., Varanasi)
                           C. C. Y. P.,   (B.H.U., Varanasi)
                           C. C. Y. S.,   (Malladihalli, Karnataka.)
      Naturopathy        : C. C. N. S.,   (Vijayawada, A. P.)

Experience               : G.J.Patel Ayurveda College & S.G.Patel Ayurveda Hospital
                             New Vallabh Vidyanagar
                             Principal & Hospital Superintendent
                             Prof. & H.O.D. Kayachikitsa since June 2005.
                             Gomantak Ayurveda College & Hospital –Shiroda, Goa.
                             Principal & Superintendent,
                             Prof. & H.O.D. Kayachikitsa, March 2003 - June 2005
                             S. V. Ayurveda College and Hospital – Tirupati, A.P.
                             Asst. Professor & Consultant Physician- Sept1987 – March 2003.
                             S.V. Institute of Medical Sciences – Tirupati. Modern
                             Super specialty Hospital, Ayurveda Consultant- treated
                             referred cases & involved in collaborative research 1995 - 2002.

       Research Works         Books           03        Research Papers 58
                             Conferences      87       Guest Lectures  > 200
      Academic Record :
                     o Secured First Rank in B.A.M.S.
                         o    Won Gold medal & State Award for best performance in B .A. M. S.
                         o    Won M. V. Shastry Memorial Award & Nambiar Memorial Award
                         o    Invited to Japan to deliver a guest lecture in the International
                              Symposium on Ayurveda at Tokyo on in Oct. 2000.
                         o    Delivered a series of lectures in different cities of Japan and India.
                         o    Member, Governing Council,Chautar Arogya Mandal, Karamasad.
                         o    Post Graduate Examiner in various Universities
                         o    Formerly Member, Central Council of Indian Medicine
                         o    Formerly Member, Board of studies, B.H.U., Banaras & R. S. V., Tirupati
                         o    Formerly Chairman, Board of studies, Goa University, Goa
                         o    Formerly Member Executive council Goa University, Goa
                         o    Formerly Member N.S.S. Advisory Committee Goa University, Goa
                         o    Formerly Member, Biotechnology Expert group, Govt. of Goa
                         o    Formerly Member, State Medicinal Plant Board, Govt. of Goa

Special Interest         : Neurology      Psychology     Panchakarma Rasayana Yoga

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4. Principal Contributor to the book – Principles of Ayurvedic therapeutics,
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5. Principal contributor to the book – Ayurvedic Medicine, Sadguru Publications,
   New Delhi. 1997.


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67. All India Sanskrit congress on Kalidas’s works - 21-27th November 2007 Ujjain
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69. Workshop- Research Methodology in Hospitality& Tourism Management, 27-h-28th Jan 08, Vidyanagar
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73 CME on –Cancer          27th Nov 2008 GJ Patel Ayurveda College New Vidyanagar
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78 CME on – Disease management in Ayurveda - 18th Mar 2009 GJP Ayurveda College New V.V,nagar
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83 Terminology Seminar on Vata Vyadhis – 23rd to 25th Sept. 2009, New V.V. Nagar
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85 ROTP organized by GCIM Bangalore under Dept of AYUSH New Delhi, 26 Feb. 2010- Bangalore
86Terminology Seminar on– Aristavigyaniyam 13th to 15th March 2010, New V.V. Nagar
87 CME on – Panchakarma & Pharmacy – 16th July 2010 GJP Ayurveda College New V.V,nagar


                                  Education - Experience -Academics
          Name & Address              Date of Birth             Qualifications               Class      Year of
Dr. A.R.V. Murthy                    17-05-61          B.A.M.S.     Udipi                 I Rank       1983
Principal & Hospital
Superintendent                                         M.D,(BHU) Varanasi                              1987
G. J. Patel Ayurveda College
New Vidyanagar Anand                                   Ph.D.        Tirupati                           1999
Gujarat Pin: 388 121
                                                       Dip. Yoga. Varanasi                             1987
                                                       C.C.Y.S. M.Halli                                1983
                                                       C.C.Y.P. Varanasi,                              1984
                                                       C.C.N.S. VIjayawada                             1989

Sr.       Designation        Department Institute                                   Period           Duration
1         Lecturer           Kayachikitsa S.V.Ayurveda College,                     26/09/1987 4 Years &
                                               Tirupati                             19/06/1992 9 Months
2         Asst. Prof.        Kayachikitsa S.V.Ayurveda College,                     20/06/1992 10 Years &
                                               Tirupati                             26/03/2003 9 Months
3         Principal &                          Gomantak Ayurveda                    27/03/2003 2 Years &
          Superintendent                       College & Hospital Goa.              16/06/2005 3 Months
4         Principal &        -                 G. J Patel Ayurveda College 17/06/2005 5 Years &
          Superintendent                       & S. G. Patel Ayurveda               Till date        03 Months
                                               Hospital New Vidyanagar
          Total                                1. Administrative                                     7 Years
                                                                                                     6 Month
                                               2. Teaching                                           24 Years

     Academics                         Books               03        Research Papers    60
                                       Conferences        87       Guest Lectures > 200

         Secured First Rank in B.A.M.S.
         Won Gold medal and State Award for best performance in B .A. M. S.
         Won M. V. Shastry Memorial Award & Nambiar Memorial Award
         Delivered a guest lecture in the International seminar at Tokyo, Japan.
         Member Governing Council CAM. Karamsad
         Formerly Member, Central Council of Indian Medicine
         Formerly Chairman, Board of studies, Goa University, Goa
         Formerly Member, Board of studies, B.H.U., R. S.V.
 GOA - Mar 2003– June 2005 & GUJARAT - June 2005–Mar-2010

                   Dr. A. R. V. Murthy, Principal & Superintendent
                   Ayurveda College New V.V.Nagar, Anand, Gujarat

1. As the Founder Principal and Superintendent, established the Ayurveda College and the
   Hospital at New Vallabh Vidyanagar Anand, Gujarat. As first ever regular Principal and
   Superintendent of Gomantak Ayurveda College Goa, streamlined the administration and
   brought in sweeping changes to create an academic atmosphere, inculcate discipline among
   staff and put the institute on the road map of success. In the past seven          years of
   assignments at these Institutes have introduced several innovative schemes, which
   have brought in recognition to Ayurveda and Ayurveda colleges in these states.
2. The College –Successfully established by engineering the whole process of obtaining
   permission from AYUSH. Due correspondence and proper presentations made before the
   various inspection committees from CCIM, GAU and the Government of Gujarat.
   Deliberated with the Fee Structure committee to ensure a viable Fee Structure for the
   College. Established all the Departments in the College. Equipments and Instruments in all
   these departments procured.
3. Staff for College and the Hospital – recruitment as per CCIM norms done, Timings
   regularized, dress code introduced. Daily dairy and       Logbook system introduced to
   promote efficient,            coordinated and organized teaching and to      ensure guided
4. The Hospital – Established, rendered functional & operational. Established OPD and IPD
   services and all the Clinical Departments in the Hospital. Equipments and Instruments in
   all these departments procured. Labor room & Operation Theatre Established
5. Panchakarma Services, Radiology Services, High Profile Laboratory Services, Ambulance
   Fast track Services and Medical Store Facilities established to meet the patient
   requirements.           Centralized Billing System introduced.
6. Paid Specialty Services: Hi-tech Panchakarma and Physiotherapy Services, Beauty
   Care unit and Ayur-Gym units established for the needy and affordable clientele bringing in
   additional    revenue to the Institute.. A unique ‘Health check up scheme’ for overall body
   check-up launched.
7. Week end Panchakarma packages                   and Body Rejuvenation packages
   introduced to cater the needs of selected clientele
8. Specialty OPDs: Neuropsychiatry, Infertility, Psoriasis, Obesity, Thyroid & Chronic diseases
9. Doctor specific and patient friendly OPD system introduced –to provide specialty
   treatments by concerned specialists on fixed days during specific hours. Quick disposal
   system introduced to solve the bottleneck in the medicine distribution unit.
10. Free Maternity and surgical services in collaboration with Modern Medicine

   faculty to promote patient interest
11. Swasthya Lab/ Pathya Unit Started – A new Pathya Unit started to give suitable advices
   regarding diet and regimen (including Yoga ) based on the disease and the individual.
   Suitable diet is also being prepared for in door patients as per the requirement.
12. "Suvarnaprashana"     –   Initiated   and   engineered   the   first   ever   Ayurvedic   Mass
   Immunization Programme for Children to enhance immunity, intelligence and memory
   among Children which attracted about 1500 children/month, from all over Goa. About 40,000
   children benefited during April 2003 to June 2005 in Goa. Medicine processed administered
   orally to the Children on the day of 'Pushya' Star every month which is provided absolutely
   free. Nearly 50,000 Children were benefited during Feb 2006 to Mar 2010 in Gujarat.
13. Seasonal Health Care Schedule: Carried out through conduction of Seasonal Bio-
   Purification Camps (Vamana, Virechana, and Vasti) and distribution of free Seasonal Health
   drinks. Daily health tips to the patient community are being plotted on notice boards in
14. MEDICAL CAMP Series of free Medical Camps held on monthly basis to reach out to masses
   and cater to their health care needs. Yoga Camps and Daily Yoga Practice Sessions for
   indoor Patients during morning and evening are being held. Blood donation camps organized
   on regular basis
15. Research Projects: On Obesity, Psoriasis, Infertility, Suvarnaprashana, Lipids and Fats
   taken up. Collaborative Research planned with the College of Biotechnology and
16. POSITIVE HEALTH MUSEUM- An in house Health Museum established to promote public health
   awareness. MEGA HEALTH EXHIBITION for public organized
17. FREE TRANSPORT SERVICES: provided for patients from in and around vidyanagar, Anand.
18. MOBILE CLINICAL SERVICES Established to reach out to rural masses ,to collect data on
   health care practices and to cater to their health care needs
19. Pharmacy: Working Pharmacies established both at Goa and Gujarat by procuring
   required Machinery. Around 50 Medicated products prepared which include Medicated Oils,
   Ghees and Powders. Preparation of about 2000 kg of Chyavanprash at Gujarat was a great
   effort. Introduced M.V.Ghrita and M.V.Madhu, the Land mark Preparations as maintenance
   immunization dose which is unique. Many Public utility products like health drinks, Face
   packs hair oils etc are prepared.
20. Herbal Gardens: Established with around 250 plant species which can also facilitate supply
   of raw drugs to College Pharmacy in future.
21. Library established, services streamlined & organized. A unique ‘Reference section’
   established. ‘Staff publication cell’ established to bring recognition to the staff who publish
   articles. Bar coding system introduced.
22. Organized Seminars       Organized the First ever National Seminar on Ayurveda in the
   history of Goa & Gomantak Ayurveda College on 24th & 25th January 2004.             Organized
   Second National Seminar on 25th January 2005. Organized Two National Seminars one
   State level Seminar and more than a dozen CME s at GJ Patel Ayurveda College

   New V.V.Nagar, Anand, Gujarat
23. SISHYOPNAYANIYA A unique method of inducting new students to the course introduced .by
   reciting Caraka’s oath of consecration.

24. Customized Mass Morning Prayer introduced..       Daily Gayatri Yajna Programme initiated.
   Useful Sanskrit Quotations to the student community are being plotted on notice boards
25. Mega Project: Typing, editing, and re-organization of the Caraka Samhita. Typing work
   completed. PPT presentation being done.
26. Website: Official WEB SITE Launched in the first week of March 2007. Website: ayugj-
27. Customized Networking System,Paging system, Intercom Services & ALARM SYSTEM
28. Special Training for Teaching Staff- Basic Computer Training course imparted,
   Workshop to Impart teaching techniques held. A customized Training Program to learn
   languages and communication skills conducted.. Teaching staff deputed to various Institutes
   to understand different knowledge based systems. Participation of the staff in Seminars /
   Workshops, encouraged COMPUTER LITERATE STAFF: All the teaching, technical and office
   staff trained through a specially designed Programme. SERVICE RECORDS of staff prepared.
29. CUSTOMISED CAPSULE COURSE invented to impart the knowledge of allied sciences like
   Pharmacy, Bio technology, Food technology and other such areas to staff & students.
30. SANSKRIT SPEAKING: A series of Sanskrit speaking camps conducted to promote Sanskrit as
   a language of communication among staff and students imparted special training to speak
31. ENGLISH SPEAKING introduced for the benefit of students and staff.

32.         Seminars: Academic, Clinical and Disease specific weekly seminars conducted to
   promote academic interest. CME PROGRAMMES conducted for the benefit of local Medical
33.       Organized Guest lecture series by – Eminent Academicians from all
   over India
34. UPGRADATION OF TEACHING AIDS done through technical aids & improving classroom facilities.

35. ACADEMIC CALENDAR PREPARED Annual work streamlined. Schedule for Theory / Practical
      classes and internal exams prepared to promote efficient, coordinated and reorganized
      teaching and training.
36. COMPUTER SOFT WARES procured and customized.. Student Admission Software, Student
      software introduced, Billing software commissioned, Hospital Management software,
      paperless soft wares in the pipe line. Computerization of data & records done
37.          COMPUTER LAB.      Well equipped computer lab. with internet connection established.
      Computer training for students started in the college.
38.     “E” HEALTH CARE ADVISES       to valued CVM staff introduced. Daily health tips to the patient
      community are being plotted on notice boards in OPD.
40. SAMHITA PATHAN for students introduced in all batches to promote knowledge of original
      literature of Ayurveda.

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