Comparing Bunk beds_ Loft Beds_ and Bunk Futon Beds

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					Bunk beds have 2 twin beds, one on top and one below. A loft bed has a twin bed on
top and has an open space below, while the bunk futon bed has a twin bed on top and
has a futon sofa below.

Homeowners usually want to have more space in rooms as much as possible and
make sure that every limited space is utilized properly. Bunk beds, Futon bunk beds,
and loft beds are convenient sleeping furnitures that can aid you in saving more space.
Your kids might enjoy the features too, here are features of each.

Bunk beds

The conventiional bunk bed has one twin bed on top and one below. It is efficient for
families with young children who wants to save room space. It's convenient in the
sense that you have nothing to pull-out and nothing to dismantle after use, just fixed
beds. The best advantage is that your kids can use the bunk bed at the same time
sharing a room, it's also good for accomodating house visitors. As the kids grow up
and may need individual bedrooms, the bunk bed can be transformed into a loft bed
for one. Just simply remove the base of the lower bunk, turn the railings onto the wall
and reinstall it to the sides and now you have a loft bed.

Loft beds

A loft bed has twin beds on top and has an open space below to provide additional
space for other furniture like chairs, desks, and sofas. For convenice, a TV or personal
computer canbe placed on the space under the bed. The space can also be used as a
miniature study area, with a study table and a shelf for books. For younger kids, you
can install a miniature play area, you can add a table which can be used for building
toy houses, set up trains, stack blocks, or dress-up dolls. This option can minimize the
chances of cluttering the floor in the vicinity with toys that may cause potential injury
from slipping.

Bunk futon beds

The futon bunk bed, on the other hand, has a twin bed on top and has a full futon sofa
below. You can relax while sitting on the sofa on daytime and use the bed for sleeping
at night. You don't have to pull the bunk bed away from the wall as the sofas are faced
in front. The sofa is also used to accomodate guests, and parents can use them to have
their kids share one bed. You can also convert the couch into bed in the night and fix it
back in the morning to utilize the limited floor space.

When getting any of those 3 beds, not only saving space and enjoyment is our concern,
also safety. As responsible parents, it is important to constantly remind the children to
observe the safety rules to prevent injury while using these specialized beds.

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