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									It is quite common knowledge now that you can recycle old mobiles to a mobile
phone recycling site. Although there are still many that are not aware of this. And
millions of people all over the world upgrade their old mobiles every day, at least
every 12 - 18 months. And it's expected there to be at least 2 unused mobiles lying
around in people's homes. It's assumed because people are used to holding on to them.
After all if they still work they still have some value and can even be kept as a spare
or emergency phone.

But when there comes a time for you to actually do something with your old mobile
the best thing you can do is to recycle it. By doing this you will not only be helping
yourself obviously but be playing your part in helping the Environment also. And
you'll be helping other people too as mobiles can be refurbished and resold on again
to people in poorer countries where they are needed. Or they can be ran through a
special process and have the expensive precious metals they have inside such as Gold,
Silver and Copper extracted to be used again. A tonne of old phones yields about 300
grams of pure Gold.

The equivalent of mining 110 tonnes of ore. Depending on the type of battery used it
will contain either cadmium, nickel, cobalt and zinc. Most of the modern batteries are
lithium-ion, from which the lithium oxide and copper can be extracted and reused.
This saves having to mine for these materials which reduces energy consumption also.
Even the plastics can be recycled and used in new products.

There are many mobile phone recycling sites on line that offer a free service to sell
your mobile for cash. Each offer their own benefits and incentives for using them.
Each pay varying amounts for mobiles. Normally you can search for your make and
model on their site and it will tell you a price they are willing you give you for it.
Some have different payment methods they can offer you as well. Be it payment by
Cheque or BACS transfer. To PayPal and Gift Vouchers in exchange for your mobile.
Additionally this gets you a little bit more than the cash value does so it's a viable
option for many people.

Now like most people who wish to sell and recycle their old mobiles, you would
probably search on line for a site to use and go on each to check how much they are
offering, how they pay you and any other details you might want to know. And you
could do this quite a few times trying to find the best deal.

Fortunately thanks to comparison sites that compare all the top mobile phone
recycling sites you can save time and hassle and get the most money for your old
mobile. You can search for your make and model and see a price listed for it by all of
the mobile recycling sites. All you have to do then is decide on which one you want to
use to actually recycle with. It's the best way to go about it because these comparison
sites were made with the public in mind to help you when it comes to doing this.
Don't be frustrated and find out after you could have got more money. You can
compare mobile phone recycling to get the best price for your mobile phone. It will
save you time and effort and you'll be helping the Environment also.

Working in the mobile phone industry and having a caring attitude for our
environment has afforded me knowledge in mobile phone recycling.

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