Comparative Advantages And Disadvantages Of United States Fiance And Marriage Visas by aihaozhe2


									The following article will briefly explore the comparative advantages and
disadvantages of the United States fiance visa and the United States Marriage Visa.

 The travel document which is commonly utilized to bring a foreign fiance to the
United States is referred to as the K-1 visa. The K-1 visa allows the bearer to remain
in the United States of America for a limited period of time: 90 days. Within this 90
day period the couple must legally marry and apply for adjustment of status in order
for the foreign fiance, now spouse, to remain lawfully in the USA.

Immigrant spouse visas are rather different from their K-1 counterparts insofar as the
Immigrant spouse visa confers lawful permanent residence to the alien upon lawful
admission by the United States Customs and Border Protection Service at a United
States Port of Entry. There are basically two types of Immigrant spouse visas: the
CR-1 visa and the IR-1 visa. The CR-1 visa confers conditional lawful permanent
residence upon the bearer upon admission to the United States. Generally, this means
that the foreign spouse of an American Citizen in the United States must apply to have
their conditionality of residence lifted before they will be entitled to remain in the
United States permanently on an unencumbered basis. The IR-1 visa is designed for
spouses of American Citizens who have been married for two years or more at the
time that the foreign spouse is admitted to the USA by the Customs and Border
Protection Service.

  The K-1 visa process usually takes less time than the Immigrant spouse visa process.
However, the United States fiance visa is considered by many to be an inferior travel
document compared to an immigrant visa because of the aforementioned status
differential. Simply put, entering the United States in lawful permanent resident status
puts an alien loved one in a substantially better position compared to an alien entering
the USA in K-1 status. For many, the visa status of a foreign loved one is less of a
pressing concern compared to that of getting said loved one into the USA as quickly
as possible. The K-1 visa offers a sort of expedited route to admission to the USA, but
it should be noted that the K-1 process effectively bifurcates the Green Card process
thereby necessitating adjustment of status upon arrival which can be costly and time

 Those interested in learning more about K- visas and Immigrant visas are well
advised to research the adjustment of status process in order to make a fully informed
decision about what type of travel document best suits the needs and preferences of all

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