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									One of the rather siginificant issues in efficiency is business communication. In
particular I am interested in 360-Degree feedback, speak-out programs and
improvement contests.

360-degree feedback refers to the process of collecting information and evaluation
from all relevant parties concerning a particular individuals' performance, which may
include superiors, coworkers, and team members. Personally, I have a serious problem
with this kind of feedback. In my experience and opinion, it is a great mistake to ask
equals or coworkers for feedback: such feedback is naturally biased. In either case,
the feedback can hardly be neutral due to factors such as consequences or rivalry. I
believe that feedback should be obtained by neutral superiors which are only
interested in objective evaluation that may lead to improvement. Otherwise, it may
create a hostile work environment.

Speak out program is referred to the process of collection and evaluation of employee
input in decision making. This particular process will enable the employees to
contribute to the firms' decision making by taking advantage of the knowledge of
front line workers. I certainly have a positive experience with this sort of input: mid
and upper management are usually far away from day to day process and flaws of
daily tasks. The most reliable input is from those that actually have to deal with
customers and clients. Thus, their input is more accurate and can be invaluable to
streamlining and higher profits. Naturally the information and input has to be
evaluated for neutrality: this can be easily achieved by cross referencing several
employees' information.

Improvement contest refers to competitive evaluation of implemented improvement
actions, whereby internal assessment mechanisms decide on the validity and value of
each contestant group. Personally I have not yet witnessed a successful
implementation of such process. I believe that such contest would be contradictory to
clan culture of team work and success: since by definition, improvement contests are
the evaluation of team efforts, it is contradictory to recognition of individual efforts. I
realize that team work and team efforts are invaluable to success of most companies,
however, since the basic building block of a team, is its individual members, I would
suggest that personal and individual efforts should be recognized first. Thus, I believe
that a successful improvement contest has to recognize the individual efforts as well
as group efforts.

Ultimately, all three of these concepts are tools of communication which are meant to
increase the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate productivity. It is vital to
analyze all of them in context of individual setting and individual corporate culture.
Any selected process or combination of procedures has to be chosen and optimized
based on predictive advantages within particular industry, and clan culture.

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