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    dishwashers   I get the most out
                  of my day.
                  Westinghouse designs
                  dishwashers to help you do
                  just that. Our flexible internal
                  settings feature fold down
                  tines, a utensil drawer for safe
                  stacking of large cutlery and
                  an easy-lift, upper basket to
                  create more room for large
                  platters and dishes below.

                  Along with extra-quiet
                  operation there‘s improved
                  wash performance from the
                  added power of a third spray
                  arm and sensorwash™ to
                  ensure any size load always
                  comes out clean. All designed
                  to let you get the most out of
                  your Westinghouse dishwasher
                  and your day.

                  1    introduction
                  2    leading features
                  3    dishwashers
                  5    specifications
                  6    installation

a world of leading features
designed with you in mind
sensorwash™                    Multiple wash                    AAA Water
                               programs                         Conservation
Senses dirt particle
                               Up to six wash programs          A completely new hydraulic
concentration in the water
                               that include a fragile wash      system design delivers AAA
and adjusts wash cycles
                               cycle for sensitive crystal or   water conservation wash
automatically to optimise
                               glass, economy wash for          performance, with as little as
wash results. You can wash
                               water and energy                 17.5 litres of water usage
whatever you like in any
                               conservation, as well as a       per load.
load size and not worry
                               heavy wash program for
about excessive use of
                               high performance when you        Flood protection
water or energy.
                               need it most.                    A practical feature that
                                                                ensures the cabinet does not
Fold down tines
                               Load sensing                     over fill with water and
For greater flexibility and
                               The load sensing feature         reduces the possibility of
more efficient use of space,
                               optimises your water and         accidental flooding.
fold down tines give you
                               energy requirements every
more stacking options to
                               time you turn on the             Hidden water heater
handle large pots, pans and
                               machine. Each load is            The water heater element
plates with ease. There is
                               quickly assessed for its         sits beneath the bottom of
also no need to find a place
                               water requirements and           the cabinet. This provides
to store removable inserts.
                               adjusted on an individual        for safer, more efficient
                               wash for wash basis. It uses     operation of the machine
Easy upper lift basket
                               only the water needed and        and easy cleaning of the
An easy lift mechanism
                               not a litre more.                washtub when required.
allows the top basket height
to be adjusted even when
                               Push button
fully laden. Accommodate                                        touchdry™
                               electronic controls
over size dinner plates
                               Easy to use and keep             An extractor fan draws
and large platters without
                               clean the streamlined push       steam into a condensation
compromising on interior
                               button design makes wash         chamber inside the cabinet
space and stacking options.
                               programming and selection        at the end of the wash cycle.
                               a breeze.                        The cabinet does not require
Child lock
                                                                manual ventilation. Steam
An easily activated function
                               Last program memory              does not escape into the
for complete peace of mind
                               This handy feature will          kitchen, as the condensation
that prevents the machine
                               return to the last wash          is drained away.
being accidentally started
                               program selected every time
when child lock is
                               that the machine is turned       Service
                               on. It also has the ability to   In addition to quality
                               remember and resume the          products a New Zealand
Third spray arm and
                               wash program at the same         service network is available.
large utensil drawer
                               point in the event of a          Phone 0800 10 66 10.
In selected models, a third
                               power supply interruption.
water spray arm, in
conjunction with a large
utensil drawer, gives
improved wash performance
with quick and easy
stacking options.


                                          il drawer                     pray arm
                                     utens                         3rd s

    model                       features

                                • push button electronic           •   load sensing                   • ball tip tines
                                  controls with LED display        •   child lock                     • large utensil drawer
    SB925SJ – stainless steel
                                • AAA water rating                 •   delay start option             • third spray arm
                                • 6 wash programs including        •   last program memory function   • fan drying to condensation
                                  fragile, heavy and normal        •   wash progress indicator          chamber
                                  eco settings                     •   easy lift upper basket         • total flood protection with
                                • sensor wash – turbidity sensor   •   fold down tines                  safety inlet hose

    model                       features

    SB915WJ – white             • push button electronic           •   child lock                     • fold down tines
    SB915SJ – stainless steel     controls with LED display        •   delay start option             • fan drying to condensation
                                • AAA water rating                 •   last program memory function     chamber
                                • 5 wash programs                  •   wash progress indicator        • overfill flood protection
                                • load sensing                     •   easy lift upper basket

                                          es for easy
                                     n tin            sta
                                  dow                    ck
                              d                            i

model                       features

SB907WJ – white             • push button electronic            •   child lock
SB907SJ – stainless steel     controls                          •   last program memory function
                            • AAA water rating                  •   wash progress indicator
                            • 5 wash programs                   •   fold down tines
                            • load sensing                      •   overfill flood protection


    MODELS                                       SB925J   SB915J   SB907J

    white finish                                            •        •
    stainless steel finish                          •       •        •
    push button electronic controls                 •       •        •
    time remaining LED display                      •       •
    wash progress indicator                         •       •        •
    total flood protection – safety inlet hose      •
    flood protection – overfill                     •       •        •
    stainless steel self cleaning filter            •       •        •
    last program memory function                    •       •        •
    detergent and rinse aid dispenser               •       •        •
    delay start option                              •       •
    load sensing                                    •       •        •
    fan drying and condensation chamber             •       •
    large utensil drawer                            •
    easy lift upper basket                          •       •
    fold down tines                                 •       •        •
    ball tip tines                                  •
    child lock                                      •        •        •
    spray arms                                      3        2        2
    hidden water heater                             •        •        •
    adjustable feet                                 •        •        •
    cycle start/ pause button                       •        •        •
    power isolation switch                          •        •        •
    single hose connection                          •        •        •
    dB operating level                             48       48       48
    place settings                                 12       12       12
    water conservation rating                     AAA      AAA      AAA
    water consumption on rated cycle              17.5     17.5     17.5
    energy star rating                            2.5      2.5      2.5

    rinse & hold                                   •        •        •
    eco                                            •        •        •
    fragile                                        •        •        •
    normal                                         •        •        •

    heavy                                          •        •        •
    sensor wash                                    •

                                                                                    35                    5
    height                                        820      820      820                              59
    width                                         595      595      595                        100
    depth                                         600      600      600                  575
    depth with door open                          1150     1150     1150
    door depth                                     30       30       30


Some Westinghouse
dishwashers can be converted
to either mobile or
freestanding with the
appropriate conversion kit.                                                        depth
Refer to Installation instructions
supplied with the dishwasher
before commencing

                                                                                              Open door

                                                       Floor to         Opening
                                                       underbench       between
                                                       clearance        cabinets
                                                       minimum          600mm

                                          Loop drain hose
                                          and locate 10mm
                                          beneath benchtop

          Cold water hose supplied on   240V                 Drain
          all models (can also be       switched             hose
          connected to hot water for    power                supplied
          faster cycle times)           outlet

Warranty                                Product Information
Every Westinghouse dishwasher           For further information on these or any other Westinghouse products phone (09) 573 2220.
is under warranty for 2 years
                                        Under our policy of continuous product development, product specifications may change without notice.
covering all parts and labour.
                                        Prospective purchases should therefore check with the retailer to ensure this publication correctly describes the products
Service                                 that are being offered for sale. All information supplied is to be used for general reference purposes only and is on the understanding
                                        that Electrolux Home Products will not be liable for any loss, liability or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of any reliance
In addition to quality products a New
                                        upon such information. Colours of products illustrated are as close as printing limitations allow. E&OE
Zealand wide service network is
available. Phone 0800 10 66 10.         Date of Issue April 2005

                                                From the Electrolux Group. The world’s No.1 choice.
                                                        The Electrolux Group is the world’s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux
                                                        group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value
                                                        of approx. USD 14 billion in more than 150 countries around the world.


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