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									Example Product Launch Checklist

Status          Task_Name                                         Deadline Assigned To   Comments
            TARGET GA DATE:
Planning Documents
              Target Audience, Positioning and Main Messages                             Complete before coding begins
              Feature/Function/Benefit document                                          Complete before coding begins
              Product Name, Tag Line                                                     Complete before coding begins
              Market/Product Requirements Document                                       Complete before coding begins
              Product Business Plan                                                      Complete before coding begins
              Sales and Marketing Plan
              Support Plan
              Manufacturing/Operations Plan

Product Development Milestones
               Design complete; Coding begins
               Code Complete; QA begins
               Alpha Software Release (Internal)
               Release to Tech Support for advance training/feedback
                                                                                         work with Sales to determine when this
                 First external demo                                                     is required
                 Technical Beta
                 Sales Beta
                 User Documentation complete
                 Release Candidate 1
                 Release Notes prepared and delivered
                 Release to Mfg/Ops - US

Operations Planning
          Appliance Manufacturing                                                        Fill in details as appropriatea
                Bill Of Materials complete
                Production process documented and tested
                      Platform Installation
                      Application Installation
                      Functional Test
                Materials and components in warehouse
                      Custom front plates
                      Custom shipping box
                      (refer to BOM for additional items)
                Fulfillment process(es) defined and tested
          Sales Logistics
                Standard Price List
                SKUs/Order Codes
                License Agreements/Contracts
                Special promotions

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Example Product Launch Checklist

Status            Task_Name                                         Deadline Assigned To   Comments
            Professional Services
                  Standard Statement of Work
                  Internal training
                  Partner training
                  Test Alpha
                  Test Beta
                  Technical FAQ/Knowledge Base Updated
                  Tier 2/3 (Channel and Engineering) Support Plan
            Internal Training
                  Internal training – marketing
                  Internal training – support
                  Internal training – sales and service
            Beta Program
                  Technical beta participants identified
                  Sales beta participants identified
                  Support notified of beta participants and dates
                  Beta agreements sent
                  Beta questionnaire sent
                  Beta agreements received and filed
                  Beta software distributed
                  Followup contact to check progress
                  "End of beta period" notification sent
            Eval Program
                  Qualifications established
                  Distribution process defined/created
                  Sales notified
                  Evals available
            Product Available: posted for download

Marketing Launch
          Public Relations
                Press tour materials ready                                                 May include Reviewer's Guide, white papers, company backgrounder, PPT
                Product demo scripts
                Announcement press release
                Availability press release
                Press meetings scheduled
                Followup for reviews, case studies
                Collateral printed/posted
          Announcement Event                                                               Optional

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Example Product Launch Checklist

Status            Task_Name                                         Deadline Assigned To   Comments
                   Registration/fees due
                   Service orders due
                   Ship booth, materials
                   Pre-show mailing
                   Demo Equipment requirements
                   Demo scripts
                   Give-aways/promotional items
                   Lead followup
            Web-marketing site
                   AdWords updated
                   Announcement support - post press release, update pages
                   Web development - new or updated content
                   Test web site
                   Web - product info pages live
                   e-commerce live or updated
                   Introductory/upgrade promotions developed
            Direct eMarketing
                   Creative/copy developed and approved
                   Fullfillment ready
                   First "flight"
                   Tele-sales followup
                   Key distributor/reseller/partner meetings
                   Direct, Reseller, Partner training
            Customer Communications
                   First e-mail announcement
                   Second e-mail announcement
                   Tele-sales followup

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