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                                              President’s Letter
Greetings to all Epworthians!            delivered a speech. Doris Logan, a
The Mel Metcalfe cottage at              Collett granddaughter, unveiled the
Epworth is like a busy intersection!     plaque.
It is, in many ways, where the past      Past girls were entertained by the
meets the present! Past girls meet       fashion show, the present versus
up with the present activities of        past girls hockey match, the craft
Epworth and present girls can meet       market, had a tour around the
Epworth’s past! We are so grateful       school or simply caught up with old
to Gwyn Pendock, Pat Korte (Sykes)       friends. Over 140 past girls, staff and
’58 and Linda de Waal (present           ex-staff enjoyed the lunch in the               Fiona Bell (Forsyth) ’72
mum) who tackle the huge task of         Haley Hall with Sue Keyworth (Pettit)               Epworthian President
keeping our Archives in order. Renée     ’70 as our able Master of
Alcock (Storm) ’73, the Epworthian       Ceremonies. The past girls are
Liaison Officer, works there every       always keen to hear from the
morning to co-ordinate past girls’       Principal and Liz Klug presented a        decided to visit the past girls! So four
activities and to liaise with the        short address after the main course.      of us, Liz Klug, Cynthia Dibben,
School. Renée is always busy,            It was a pleasure to have Prof Vic        Renée Alcock and myself drove up to
updating the database and website,       Bredenkamp and his wife Marie at          Johannesburg for lunch. Thembi
organising functions, doing Chapel       lunch with us. The Epworthians            Machaba (Jafta) (Head girl of 1995)
flowers and selling fudge, to name       would like to thank the School for        and her husband kindly hosted us
only a few of her activities! Thank      bearing the costs of the lunch.           and about twelve past girls at their
you to Renée for doing such a worth-                                               home. It was a wonderful
                                         The Chapel Service led by Michelle        opportunity for young and old to
while job of keeping us in touch!        Mills and Reverend Michael Stone          meet and to know that Epworth
We are indebted to Averil Barker         was meaningful for all and made           bonds go deep whether one left
(Hulett) ’58 who oversees the four       even more special with the Epworth        school in 1956 or 2002! It also gave
bursaries which the Epworthians          Senior Choir and Val Cameron              us a chance to promote the school
support.                                 playing the organ. An amount of over      and update past girls on the
On 13th February the Epworthians         R6000 was received from the collect-      developments at Epworth.
arranged a special Chapel service to     ion at the Reunion Chapel Service for
                                         Epworthian Bursary funds.                 Visit the Epworthian website at
commemorate the life of Muriel                                           ! It has all sorts
Crewe, a former Vice-Principal of the    As always, I am indebted to the           of exciting things on it which are
High School, who passed away in          Executive and others for the work         added to regularly. Renée and Lisa
2007. It was a fitting tribute to a      which was done towards Reunion:           McLennan ’98 are responsible for
special lady. It was with sadness that   to Renée for so much of the               this continuous work. It is becoming
the Epworthians noted the passing        organisation, to Sandra Benkenstein       a necessity in these days of
of Joyce Baird, a former lady warden,    (Oehley) ’78 for the financial            increasing technology!
in Tasmania, early in September and      statement, to Bronwyn Gemmell
Pam Bevitt (formerly Hindle) a gym       (Dennison) ’81 and Renée for the          A big thank you to those Epworth-
mistress, in September.                  flowers, to Margaret Fowler               ians who support the school, both by
                                         (Allwood) ’54 for the orders of           upholding the values of Epworth and
The Epworthian Reunion Day was                                                     by contributing financially.
once again held in conjunction with      service and other help and to Pat
Family Day on 10th May 2008. It          Korte (Sykes)’58 and Gwyn Pendock         My best wishes to you all.
proved to be a very happy and            for the displays from the Archives.       Fiona Bell
successful day, especially for the       We are planning to co-opt more
members of the Class reunions –          members onto our Executive                       EPWORTHIAN BURSARIES
even the Matric class of 1948, some      Committee in the near future.
                                                                                   There are four Epworthian bursaries, granted
of whom had never been back to           Renée conducted a mini-survey of          to girls with close, strong Epworth links:
Epworth since they left school!          past girls who had attended Reunion       The Margaret Wright Day Scholar Bursary
One of the highlights of the day was     in 2008. The results of the survey
                                         were discussed by the Executive and       The Epworthian Boarder Bursary
the unveiling of the plaque for the
Collett Field (the artificial hockey     shared with the School.                   The Epworthian Centenary Bursary (Boarder)
surface) named in honour of Charles      In conjunction with the High School       The Epworthian 2000 Bursary
Collett. Grand-daughters and other       Marketing we launched a new               This bursary is granted on recommendation of
members of the Collett family were       initiative in August this year. Instead   the Principal to a non-Epworthian applicant who
present when Lance Hackney               of past girls visiting the school, we     will benefit from an Epworth education.

                                           Epworthian News
     Gitta Rencken 2003. Graduated Cum                                     Lucy, opposite John             nationalities at our hospital. I am now
     Laude with the Dean’s Merit with a                                    Malkovitch.                     fluent in Arabic and love being part of
     Diploma in Fashion Design from                                        I live in Tunisia, but          a developing and evolving healthcare
     Durban University of Technology. Gitta                                am in SA at the mo-             system.”
     has designed the new style white                                      ment shooting the               Robyn Kime 2007 is studying Engin-
     dresses for Epworth.                                                  fifth season of Home            eering at UKZN in PMB, on a WOSA
                                                                           Affairs for Penguin             (Woman of Science Award) scholar-
     Debbie Mather Pike (Stewart) ’84                                      Films, then off to
     runs a travel agency in Gauteng                                                                       ship. She received a Dean's Com-
                                                                           Namibia to shoot a
     specialising in underwater scuba                                      Sci-fi opposite Jim             mendation award for her first
     diving trips around the world.                                        Caviezel (Jesus in              semester results (average 90%). Robyn
                                                      Jessica Haines ‘97 Passion of Christ)                still finds time to paddle and to date
                                                       and Ian McKellen (Gandalf in Lord of                her main canoeing achievements this
                                     Debbie            the Rings) which I am looking forward               year are: 2nd woman in Dusi (K2), 1st
                                   Mather-Pike         to. Between acting, I paint and teach               mixed double and U21 in Umkomaas
                                       ’84             dance at a local French school in Tunisia.          Marathon, and she won the SA Ladies
                                    swimming           Epworth really fed and strengthened                 K1 River Champs. If that is not enough,
                                   with turtles        my love of Drama, dance, literature and             she has won the Jeep Msinsi Multi-
                                   in Zanzibar         art. I remember Performing in Musicals              sport Series. Also seen down at the
                                                       (Fame, Brigadoon, Oklahoma and many                 rivers has
                                                       more). The dedication of teachers such              been Abby
     Jessica Haines ’97. I do have some                as Mr Anton Immelman, Ms Alana                      Adie, also
     news for you and I feel that my school            Leigh, Mrs Brenda Hunter and so many                from Class of
     days at Epworth (from 1990-1997)                  more played a huge role in my life and              2007. Abby
     really inspired and encouraged me to              I feel that they must be acknowledged.              was the
     take the path I have chosen and as a                                                                  second lady
     result have been enriched and truly              Some recent graduation results:                      home in the
     privileged in my career.                         Horacia Naidoo BSc (Class of 2004)                   Berg River
                                                      Genetics: (Cum Laude)
     After matriculating at Epworth I went                                                                 Marathon
                                                      Zoë van der Hoven BSc (Class of 2004)
     on to UCT to complete an Honours deg-            Economics Statistics: (Summa cum laude)              and will be Robyn Kime and Abby Adie
     ree in Theatre/Performance and English.          Laine Woodhouse BA (Class of 2004):                  paddling in 2007 shooting Cradock wier,
     Since qualifying I worked as an actress,         (Cum Laude)                                          Hungary.          placed 5th in Ladies Race.
     doing children's, corporate and indust-                                                               Chantal Gibbs-Jones (supposed to be
     rial theatre. When I moved to Johannes-          Nadia Bhayat (Devlal) ’83 writes “I am               the class of 2004 before leaving in
     burg I started working on television             a Specialist Speech & Language Pathol-
                                                      ogist and have been based in the United
                                                                                                           2002) graduated with a BA Hons
     doing a few local dramas such as Home                                                                 Fashion on the 10th July from the Univ-
     Affairs on SABC 1 and Heartlines. I did          Arab Emirates for the last 6 years. I
     a few local low budget films but last            head a Speech department in a regional               ersity of Northampton. Her collection,
     year around this time I completed my             tertiary hospital. I have worked in the              La Divinia Amazonia, included beauti-
     first major feature film. The novel              UK and teach advanced paediatric                     ful, flowing evening dresses in bright
     written by South African author J.M              therapy courses in SA and around the                 colours inspired by the Amazon Rain
     Coetzee, "Disgrace" was adapted into             Middle East. It has been a wonderful                 Forest. Many of the dresses have folds
     a screen play by Anna Maria Montecelli           experience to travel and learn about                 in them and they come through as
     and I played the leading female role,            other cultures - we have 23 different                the shapes of flowers and foliage.

       10 years ago Epworth celebrated not only her Centenary but also the first group of boys to leave after having
       completed Grade 7. Here is news of some of them:
     Shannon Crowie      SCC                    PMB            He did a 2 year IT networking course, then worked at Masakhane Steel services and is
                                                               currently an IT consultant at UKZN.
     Kevin Benkenstein   Hilton College         Cape Town      He cycled for the Minolta Junior Team and travelled to France and to Ireland with the SA
                                                               Junior Team. He is studying towards a B.Comm in Marketing, enjoys gym and running and
                                                               works part time as a barman.
     Mathew Cloke        SCC                    New Zealand    He is working in the fibreglass industry, aiming to be a composite engineer. He has recovered
                         Private tutor (Home)                  from skin cancer.
     Derek Pillay        SCC                    Durban         He did a B.SocSci at UKZN (PMB) then a gap year. He backpacked around Africa followed
                                                               by temp work in the UK, and travelled to the USA and Brazil. He is currently doing Honours
                                                               in Economic History and Development at UKZN (Howard College).
     Justin Melville     SCC                    Cape Town      He loves reminiscing about his days at a ‘girls’ school. He studied at UCT, was involved
                         Private tutor (Home)                  with branding of Krew (men’s magazine), was a designer for an online publisher (UK
                                                               company) in Cape Town, followed by 9 months with YEIGO (cellphone software). Presently
                                                               he is running his own Digital Media & Publishing company.
     Anoosh Moori                               UK             He is studying Business Economics
     Vertish Vather                             Gauteng        He has studied Marketing at UKZN and is planning to go to the UK.
     Manqoba Gule                               Cape Town      He is studying medicine at UCT.
     Himaal Nana         SCC-USA                USA            He is in Texas.

                                         Epworthian News
Jill (Kean) Hutchison ’87 says “We                 quite safely at all hours and all kids         of losing to
moved to a little town in Western                  walk or ride to school and afternoon           Australia but
Australia in June 2007. Once I got                 activities. Abi is going to be getting her     spending my
everything settled, I started my own               learner's licence soon!”                       special day with
business as a Results and Success                                           Jean Almon (White)    my hockey family!
Coach. Loving Australia and the new                                         ’48, Katherine        Thank you to
challenges and development that have                                        Forsyth and Alison    Epworth for
happened in the year. Cannot wait to                                        Sephton (Forsyth)     equipping me
see what the future years will bring!”                                      ’76 enjoying a cup    with life lessons
                                                                            of tea in the
Jean Leach (Verbeek) ’77 says “We are                                       splendid Cellars at   which enabled me
in our 8th month of living in Blenheim,                                     the Hohenort Hotel    to call myself an Sanani Mangisa 2005,
NZ, a tiny town in the middle of one of                                     gardens, which        Olympiad a mere Hockey Olympian at
                                                                            Jean helps to         three years after   the 2008 Beijing
the most prolific wine growing regions.                                     maintain.
The weather is very different to PMB -                                                            matriculating.”      Olympic Games
with the mountains around town                     Sanani Mangisa 2005, says “Repre-                                         Ingrid Roberts
covered in snow all winter. We have                senting South Africa at the Beijing                                       (Bredenkamp)’80
survived two floods, where the town                Olympic Games was one of the great-                                       and Dr May Mkize
was really cut off and awash.                      est experiences of my life. I was one of                                  at the inaugural
                                                   approximately 10 500 athletes from                                        Insights and
With only one high school for girls here,                                                                                    Inspirations
it has been a huge challenge from the              204 countries participating in what is                                    Evening where
lovely Epworth atmosphere! There are               undoubtedly the most competitive                                          André Hattingh ’71
over 1000 girls from all walks of life and         sporting stage in the world.                                              launched her latest
studying all sorts of things -the subject          Our performances as Team South                                            CD.
choice is far wider than we imagined.              Africa were uninspiring and below par.         Kirsty Scott
We are moving to Auckland next year                This will however never take away the          and Karen
and will hope to live in one of the lovely         fact that dreams were realised,                Bowyer 2006,
seaside villages on the north shore.               personal goals were reached and it was         joined the
This year has been an amazing growth               definitely an experience of a lifetime.        Epworthian
process for us all - no shopping malls,            One of my highlights was celebrating           fundraising
no need to lock the door, no burglar               my 21st birthday at the Olympics – a           effort at
guards and kids can walk around town               most memorable day. Not the memory             Mudman.

Kate Pallett, Angela Sagar and                     a different experience that I enjoyed,         of times now, but only because it’s a two
Claire du Trevou (all 2007) went on                including dancing to Chris Brown with my       hour drive away. It's a really beautiful city
                                                   host gran at the reception. I'm living in a    and the lights at night are really something
Rotary exchanges at the beginning                  coastal town with the most beautiful beach     wonderful. I haven't been up to Christ
of 2008. Claire went for 6 weeks,                  you could imagine! Just picture a kilometre    Redeemer yet, but I have been up Sugar
Kate is still in Germany and Angela                of snow white sand and crystal clear water     Loaf Mountain which has a 360 degree view
is still in Brazil. Below is Angela’s              welcoming you into the city. It also has one   of the city and across the harbour into
                                                   of the oldest Catholic Churches in Latin       another city called Niteroi.
letter to the Epworthians, and in                  America which is very beautiful.               I look back now at what I was feeling before
the Student Exchanges section of                   I have made so many new friends, not only      I stepped onto that plane in Durban airport
the magazine on page 93 are                        from Brazil but all around the world. I have   (which I almost missed!) and think that I
reports from the others, including                 a great set of friends here in my Host City,   was so silly to be so scared! This is a
Angela’s impression of school life                 Cabo Frio, and another set who went on the     wonderful experience and I'm still in awe
                                                   Amazon tour with me. That was quite an         every time I think about where I am and
in Brazil.                                         experience in itself. My friend Erynne, from   this huge opportunity that I've been given.
                                                   Canada, put it perfectly:                      Even with the language barriers and stresses
Angela’s letter to the Epworthians:                “Imagine going to bed with the moon as         of trying to fit into a new high school with
Wow, six months have gone by where I've            your night light, the river as your music      a new bunch of friends, it feels good to relax
been living in a country literally half-way        and the animals singing you to sleep. Then,    and be a tourist for a bit.
across the world! Though it doesn't seem           the sun as your alarm clock, the river as      Beijos e abraços para tudo mundo la na
like it's been that long. At first settling into   your bath and the dirt under your feet as      Epworth! Saudades de tudo mundo!
this new country was very difficult. I didn't      your path. This is the Amazon! Straight        Kisses and hugs to everybody back at
know how to say anything in Portuguese             from the Rain Forest to Rotary Conference,     Epworth! I’m missing you all so much!
except 'amigo' and I'd never lived in a place      we would arrive with paint on our faces...
where I knew absolutely no one. The                Make every day an adventure.”
language is VERY difficult too, one of the         Unfortunately I hit a technical error just a
most difficult to learn and so I did struggle      month after this and lost all of my photos!
with that for the first four months, but since     Apart from spending 10 amazing days in
then I've been told that my Portuguese is          the rain forest I have also experienced
really good for somebody who's only been           Carnival in Brazil! It’s not just the Samba
here for 6 months and never spoken a word          dancing that goes on in Rio de Janeiro, but
of it before.                                      every little city celebrates in its own way.
On my first day there my host family               There was even a day when all the cross-
explained to me in broken English and a            dressers put on their outfits and paraded
large amount of sign language that we were         down the main street.
going to a wedding! Needless to say it was         I have travelled to Rio de Janeiro a couple                Angela is front left

                                           Epworthian Day

        Epworthian Hockey Challenge –
            Epworthians won 2-0

                                                            First team Hockey Captains                 Lance Hackney, Chairman of
                                                            1950 and 2008 (Doris Logan                the Epworth Trust welcoming
                                                                and Ashton O’Neill)                              guests

                                                         Granddaughters of Charles Collett at the unveiling of the
                                                         commemorative plaque: Hillary Collett ’56, Wendy Eaglestone
                                                         (Collett)’56, Doris Logan (Collett)’50, Beth Watts (Hancock)’50,
                                                         Marina Hancock (Collett)’52, Peggy Wilson (Collett)’55


                                      ’48                 ’58                                                                     ’68

                  Class of ’48: Deidre Rush (Drury), Mavis Stone (Crankshaw), Jean Almon (White), Frances Botha (Jackson)
       Class of ’58: Averil Barker (Hulett), Pat Korte (Sykes), Kaye Ter-Morshuizen (Barnes), Marj Shelley (Cope), Lyn Reimers (Hartley)
       Class of ’68: Back: Mary-Ann Niemack (Keats), Barbie Freeman (McColl), Judy Seele (Wood), Carolyn Wilter (Smith), Jenny Grant
     (Baty), Tori Mare (Konyn), Bev Harrison (Stockil), Glynis Dinsdale (Welsford), Carolyn Adendorff (Richardson), Jane Hodges (Batchelor),
                                         Carolyn (Buzzy) Goeman (Hagemann), Shiona Christie (Fraser)
      Front: Liz Edelman (Mathew), Ingrid Dixon (Eriksson), Eve Hemming (Macaskill), Penny Leibrandt (Hosford), Pam McLaren (Tucker),
                                                           Barbara Hemming (Robinson)

                                      ’83                                      ’88                                                    ’98

 Back: Lesley Testa (Marshall), Carol Cornwall, Back: Jane Powell, Debbie Anderson (Ullyett),       Back: Kerri Lyn Mills, Virginie Mulder (de
Yvette Wishart (Harris), Leigh Smith (Milliken),      Candice Hodgson (Brown), Lumka Bam,        Rosnay), Sally Cook (Whittal), Kate Pienaar, Mrs
              Lesley Aitken (Wright)                 Samantha Forbes (Martin), Bulelwa Bam       Geraldine Kerton-Johnson, Heather Bell, Naledi
    Front: Heidi Allan (Basel), Sandy Damant      Front: Shanon Mackenzie (Hampson), Sally Grout               Mkhize, Helen Byloo
(Clarence), Sandy Brown (James), Mary Reynolds (Greenwood), Cathy McDonald (Dicks), Julia Roy      Front: Erica Luckin, Tatiana McKinnon (van
(Stephen), Debbie Aitken (Zaayman), Trish Cook (Polkinghorne), Ashley Whaley (Hatty), Michelle Velden), Christal Barnard, Lisa McLennan, Kate
(Hill), Melinda Wilson (Gevers), Jeanette Fussell    Myers, Shirley Homber (Bien), Aileen Dass               Dudley, Tasha Mansfield
                     (Parkes)                      (Sebastion), Joanne Royden-Turner (Griffiths)

15 year Reunion – Class of 1993                  mention must be made of Bev, Jane                 Saturday evening was a casual supper
For me it was the first time that I had          and Liz who all came from overseas. It            in the sports lounge. It was good to be
been back to school and it was great to          was also great that Penny was able to             able to end a long, busy and emotional
see old friends (and teachers) that I            share the day, her first reunion. A num-          day chatting quietly (?) and sharing
had not seen in many, many years.                ber of us mentioned being nervous at              much of our lives in various places.
What a blast from the past to see Mrs            actually meeting up but how relaxed               We are certainly women of our time
Metcalfe, Mrs Gardner and Mrs                    and easy it was to all be together.               and collectively have experienced both
Lupton! It must be said that all were            The day started with meeting at the               the good and bad that that implies. For
looking happy and healthy – so we                bell tower, sometimes tentatively and             most there has been marriage, some
must all be doing something right!               other times with shrieks of delight,              great, others not and for some divorce
The facilities in the school have                where “you haven't changed a bit”, “I             but, we are all strong women. Children
changed, what with the astroturf                 didn't recognise you” and other such              for most have brought much joy and
hockey field, beautiful squash buildings         comments in a similar vein were made.             no doubt a fair smattering of anguish
and huge indoor sports centre, we                We then moved to the pergola in the               and sadness and for a few, loss. Many
were all rather envious! The only thing          Chapel gardens where latecomers                   are grandmothers and others eagerly
that still looked the same was the               joined us for tea and some serious                await that pleasure. Perhaps what sets
boarding facilities – no doubt that will         catching up. Photos and ‘the last 40              us apart from women of our mothers'
be next on the cards!                            years of my life in 60 seconds’ tales             generation is that we have all worked
                                                 were shared. There was no time to join            either from choice or necessity, and for
A good day was had by all (bar the               in the reunion day organised activities.
disappointment that many were                                                                      some it has been a career, for others
unable to attend) and it was great to            We occupied two tables for lunch in               just a job or just for fun.
revisit the old memories and to see              the Haley Hall, new since our day. The
                                                 school served an excellent meal which             Thank you to all who responded so
what everyone’s been up to.                                                                        positively to the occasion. I hope it was
                                                 we enjoyed while watching a Power-
Mandy Stanton                                    Point presentation including some                 a worthwhile experience for you. To
                                                 photos from our era. Some hymns                   those who could not share the reunion
40 year Reunion – Class of 1968                  sung in the Chapel service after lunch            we hope you can join us next time.
It was wonderful that so many were               evoked strong memories of school and              Barbara Hemming (Robinson) Class co-
able to share the occasion, particular           especially Sunday evening services.               ordinator

  Staff                                                                                                                       Gauteng
Reunion on                                                                                                                   Reunion in
Epworthian                                                                                                                    August
   Day                                                                                                                         2008
 Cynthia Dibben,                                                                                                              Tanya Hayward
 Sondra Lupton,                                                                                                             ’92, Liz Klug, Hazel
   Sally White                                                                                                                 Dlamini ’95,
                                                                                                                            Thembi Machaba
                                                                                                                                 (Jafta) ’95

                              Quincy’s Reunion 2008
                                  2003                                   2004                                             2005

                                          Class of 2003: Caroline Bell, Kristy le Roux, Stacey Kinsey
                          Class of 2004: (Back row) Claudia Wittig, Jacqui Klug, (Front row) Pippa Klug, Robyn Flint
       Class of 2005: Amanda Crabtree, Sarah Nicholson, Claire Maher, Laura Shepherd, Nicki Benkenstein, Katherine Symons, Michelle
                                               Henwood, Roxy Antel, Robyn Bruce, Faye Hicks

                                                                                                            Class of 2006: (Back row)
                                                                                                            Dee Alcock, Liezl Richter,
                                                                                                           Mel Dibben, Sonia Narain,
                                    2006                                            2007                   Linda Ndwandwe, Vyonne
                                                                                                            Hohls, Heidi van Zyl, Angi
                                                                                                          Wright, Louise Mann, Steph
                                                                                                             Brough, Sapphire Ryan,
                                                                                                          (Front row) Nqobile Sidaki,
                                                                                                          Sam Cairns, Justine Ayliffe,
                                                                                                          Brigitte Meyer, Kim Waddell,
                                                                                                                      Jos Cox
                                                                                                             Class of 2007: Sarah
                                                                                                          Hotchkiss, Robyn Kime, Alex
                                                                                                            Adie, Kristy Burt, Clare
                                                                                                              Hughes, Mandira
                                                                                                          Bagwandeen, Jenny Jacobs

      Epworthians who have passed away in the
      past year:
      We extend our condolences to all family and friends.
           Joyce Baird (Ex Staff)
           Pam Bevitt (Formerly Hindle) (Ex Staff)
           Peggy Bisschop (Sclater)’53
           Marie Marais (Ex Staff)
           Mobs Moberly (Ex Staff )
           Angela Radford ’69                                           Pictured here at the Muriel Crewe Memorial service: Mobs
                                                                        Moberly, Sheila Anderson (Holman) ’40, Bev Ellis, Mary
           Beatrice Stewart (Ex staff)                                  Gardner, Vic Bredenkamp, Ursula Blamey (Currie) ’67,Marie
           Corrie Vermeulen (Ex Staff)                                  Bredenkamp, Mel Metcalfe, Renée Bredenkamp ’73, Pessa
                                                                        Weinberg, Val Cameron, Joan Reeves, Liz Klug, Sue Keyworth
           Meg Wegg (Ex Staff)                                          (Pettit) ’70, Renée Alcock (Storm) ’73, Lauren Hendrie, Claire
           Ruth Woods (Shuter) ’44                                      Willows, Yuvania Chetty

         Epworthian Mums and Children

This photograph was taken prior to the third term half term break and unfortunately does not include everyone. However,
                        some Epworthian mums and grans managed to join us for this special photo:
                     Back row: Tayla Thomson, Maxine Caruth, Jessica Lee McDonald, Anna du Plessis
 Fourth row: Michaella Robertson, Terri Stone, Natalie Isaacs, Debbie Aitken (Zaayman), Trish Cook (Hill), Cathy McDonald
               (Dicks), Kimberley McDonald, Clare Verbeek, Claire Keyworth, Bronwyn Gemmell (Dennison)
Third row: Rene van Rensburg (Scheepers), Adrienne Robertson (Youngleson), Sarah Lockwood (Oehley), Emma Lockwood,
         Joni Groom, Helen Cook, Amy Odell, Kelsi Coetzee, Jamie Roseveare, Sue Keyworth (Pettit), Tamlyn Hills
Second row: Kirsty van Rensburg, Patricia Oehley (Palmer), Joan Venn (Campbell), Marg Shelley (Cope), Margie Odell (King),
                                    Shirley Metcalf (Barker), Daphne Roseveare (Cole)
Front row: Melissa van Rooyen (Warburton), Abbigale van Rooyen, Bronwyn Swan (Taylor), Ashleigh Swan, Brittany Gemmell,
            Kimberley Gemmell, Amarragh Gemmell, Cameron Gemmell, Kirsten Hattingh, Kayleigh Gemmell

                              From the Archives
                                       1948 Head girl and House Captains

         1938: Hockey notes                                                 1958: Sixth Form Paradise

                1958: Dedication of the Chapel site                         1968: Five Long Years

                                                                      1998: 100 years old! Grade 7 boys
                                                                         cutting the birthday cake

       1968: Matric results

                                   1988: Excerpt from Valedictory
                                    Speech: Julia Polkinghorne,
                                             Head Girl

                                                                    2008: 110 years old! Epworth pupils
      1978 Swimming marathon                                             cutting the birthday cake

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