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									Title                                            Subtitle Edition         PICK      Author     Pub Date
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A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Organizations
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Branding Demystified                             Plans to Payoffs              60395 Harsh V VermaJan-10
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A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Management Ann L Cunliffe 2009
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Old China's New Economy                                                        55242 T
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Crime and the Economy                                                                               Sep-11
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Corporate and White Collar Crime                                                                       Leonard Minkes
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The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas                                      61167 and Project Management M Carfora
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Resisting Reform?                                Water Profits and Democracy                          2009
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Unlocking E-Government Potential                                               57583 Subhash Bhatnagar
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Key Concepts in Corporate Social Responsibility                                                      and Dianne Bolton
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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility                     Second Edition 61181 William B Werther, Jr and David Chandler
                                                 Stakeholders in a Global Environment               Jun-10
                                                 Selections from CQ Researcher CQ Researcher eb-10
Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibility                           60383                F
Issues for Debate in Environmental Management Selections From CQ Researcher CQ Researcher an-10     J
Accounting Theory                                              Issues in a Political and Economic Environment
                                                 ConceptualSeventh Edition52129 Harry I Wolk, James L. Dodd and John J. Rozy
E-Finance                                                     is Here
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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies                                                                   Mike
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The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies                                                                and Garry Crawford
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Leisure Studies                                  Themes and Perspectives 39871 Shaun Best             2009
Tourist Cultures                                                               22631                  2009
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Understanding Tourism                            A Critical Introduction                             and Dan
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Key Concepts in Tourist Studies                                                                      Nicola
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The Cornell School of Hotel Administration Handbook of Applied Hospitality Strategy
Tourism                                                                                               2009
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Research Methods for Managers                                                                       Jan-10
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Management Research                                                                                   2008
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Making the Most of Your Placement                                                                     2009
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How to Succeed at University                                                   50657 Bob Smale and Julie Fowlie
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The Literature Review                                                          48627 Diana Ridley
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How to Write Successful Business and Management Essays                                                2009
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Good Essay Writing                                            Third Edition
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Doing Your Social Science Dissertation                                         48312 Judith Burnett 2009
Writing Your Thesis                                           Second Edition 50655 Paul Oliver        2008
Your Undergraduate Dissertation                                                23128
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Doing Your Masters Dissertation                                                23371 Chris Hart       2004
Making Supervision Work for You                   A Student's Guide                                  Apr-10
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How to do Your Research Project                                                53629 and Thomas 2009
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The Postgraduate's Companion                                                                          2008
                                                                               47846 Gerard Hall and Jo Longman
             Catalogue Contents Series
Short Description         Copy                      Imprint     Pages         BIC CodesSubject
             and Organizations is well loved by studentsby 512 pages Learning \ Motivesaccessible, conversational tone andBuildings
                          and Organizations is well loved and Lifelong MBPM,KMMH,KMKH Motivating tone and insightful \real-life ex
                                                                   \ lecturers for its accessible, conversational \ Rules Are Rules insightfu
                                                                                            for its and
Organizing Organizing Introduction \ Entering and Leavingstudents and lecturers Organizational Behaviour (General)"Available as an
             New to the Second Edition : to Explore Further.. Now live KMKH essential topics, Studies (General)"Available as an Gro
                          PART ONE: MANAGING chapters IN pages - the Second Managingallincluding: individuals, teams and ins
                                                                720 coverage of all         \ Edition's    new companion website for and res
. Informs, Fascinates, Inspires Readers -Six new PEOPLE for ORGANIZATIONSOrganizationIndividuals \ Managing Teamsextragrou
             `This book has management Studying Organizations bookshelf, as Iordered a fresh copy off and Reasonably Cheap ins
                          Introduction: Why courses, the Second &Matters Books Short Fairly Interesting Amazon after the as an fin
                                       itself a permanent spot208my Cheap to Me Bureaucracy and Scientific Management \ Human
                                                                 on pages KMKH
Relevant across a range ofcarved Very Short, Fairly InterestingEdition of A Very\Organization Studies (General)"Available libraryBoo
              Organizational Behaviour is a textbook\ Organizational Behaviour: Facets of Organizational theeffect of the confluence a
                           Organizational Behaviour a management KMKH,JCHOrganizational effect of Behaviour Growth of Organ
                                                                448 pages studies that highlights the Behaviour confluence of Western
Culture andCulture andPART I: THE BACKDROP is fortextbook for management studies that highlights the (General),Organizationalo
             The of this Values and a true Culture'sthoroughly pages KMKH,JC,JCF \moment Culture"Availableexplores the differe
                            Edition of Culture \ Data Consequences marks anValidation coverage the field of cross-cultural studiesc
                                                                616 updated with important Organizational in and scope. It as an inspection
`The publicationSecondSecond Edition ofclassic isCollection, Treatment andan expandedPower Distance \ Uncertainty Avoidance \ In
              theory lies Royston is unique in Christine Oliver, Kerstin KMKH,KMHQ,JPsuccessfully taken theory as well as FOUND
                          at the heart of organizational thoroughness now, no and of the field of Studies (General),Organizational The
                                                                840 pages coverage Organization - Introduction \ of this important and
Institutional'This superb volume Greenwood, both thetheory yet until ofSahlin book hasSuddabyinstitutionalstock PART ONE: the outs
             'The last 50VOLUME BehaviourThe Individual1616 pagesKMKH theories in particularly in the(General),Business &Mem
                           years have \seen enormous changes in theand Dispositional and the Organizational Behaviorin organizatio
                                          Part 1: highlights the current developed Organizational Behaviour workplace Relating Ma
                                                                  \ Section 1: Management
New Directions in Organizational 1/f001SAGE Library in Business studies and world,Effects infield of organizational behaviour reflec
             This milestone handbook brings impressive impressive collection of Organization contributions on micro research inCult
                          PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ collection of KMKH
                                                                776 pages international contributions TWO: (General),Organizational org
                                                                                           international Studies INDIVIDUAL organizational
This milestone handbook brings together antogether anCooper & Barling - Introduction \ PART on micro research inATTACHMENT
             In this second volume of TheIntroduction: fine536 Organizational
                          Stewart Clegg        SAGE Handbook a Handbook of works Organizational Behaviour \ Part One: prominent sc
                                                                    of pages past Macro of reference in the on macro-organizational behavio
                                                                                            Organizational is field, edited by two
`The Sage Handbook of Organizational- Behavior is a Whyaddition to KMKH Behavior, the focusBehavior?(General)" Framing the
             This milestone handbook brings impressive impressive collection of Organization contributions onmacro research Part O
                          VOLUME ONE \ Stewart Clegg collection of international contributions on micro and micro and macro rese
                                                                Introduction: Why          international Studies (General),Organizational orga
This milestone handbook brings together antogether an - 1216 pagesKMKH a Handbook of Macro Organizational Behavior? \ in Cult
               society dominated by \ J Martin Corbett - Technology working for Organizationactivities (General)"Available as corpo
                           society dominated by corporations. Whether Christopherone or pursuing Philip activities -corporationsand A
                                                                working for one or pursuing leisure Studies run by one, Aesthetics have
We live in aWe live in aIntroductioncorporations. Whether 224 pages\ KMMH,KMKH,GR - Speed \ leisureHancock run by one, an ins
             The Third Edition of McDonaldization: The Readerpages GTD,YJB,JBA of sources, from journal essays from edited boo
                          Part I. McDonaldization: Basics, Studies, Applications, array from journal articles, to articles, Introduction to
                                                    A Pine Forge a wide array of sources,
                                                                464 includes a wide Sociology (General),Globalization,Organization Stu
The Third Edition of McDonaldization: The Reader includes Press Publication and Extensions \ George Ritzer - 1. Anto essays from
             An understanding of identity is fundamental to a completeKMKH organizational life.Studies (General),Organizational tex
                          Introducing Identity and Identification \ pages understanding \ organizational life. While conventional mana
                                                                  understanding of         Organization and Sexuality \ Identity and Class \ E
An understanding of identity is fundamental to a complete224 Conceptions of IdentityofGender While conventional managementBeh
             In comprehensive and first edition of this criticalhow provocative text, the menManagement,Sexuality in Organizations
                          The Many Faces of Gender and Organization KMKH,JBF,JCF
                                                                of pages \ Different Perspectives on women \ Division of Labour and a
                                                                                           Women in and of gender have changed, and man
`An unusually the decade since thesophisticated analysis 272andorganizations andmany aspectsGender who work within them areS
             In the twenty its first publication,publication,Organization KM become a classicORGANIZATION \canon of management
                          PART ONE: its first Images           PART TWO:has
                                                                520 pages SOME IMAGES OF in a classic inof management literature. T
                                                                                           has become the canon the Mechanization Takes
In the twenty years sinceyears sinceAN OVERVIEW of \ Images of Organization Business & Management (General)"Available as an
                                                                608 pages
             Organizational covers the latest research in organizational development development interventions and theEthics of Org
                          What is Organization Development? \ pages Of Organizationinterventions and the consulting process. It diff
                                                                 research in organizational Development \ and Values and consulting p
Organization DevelopmentDevelopment covers the latest 384 History KMKH,JCHOrganization Design CoreDevelopment"Available a
             The Fifth Edition of this bestselling introductory organizational communication and Its Functions \ Organizational explor
                           best-selling introductory organizational communication textbook continues continues and explore theComm
                                                                472 pages KMT,GR Organizational Communication,Management probl
The Fifth Edition of thisAn Orientation to Organizational Communication \ Communication textbook to examineto examine and Comm
             With the help of real-world book enables students and managers managers alike to \their own communication abilities,
                          Understanding cases, this book Examining Communication Approaches Scrutinizing Ethical communicatio
                                                                312 pages KMT,GR Management Communication,Organizational Impar
With the help of real-world cases, this Communication \ enables students andalike to clearly viewclearly view their ownIssues \ Comm
             This is the first communication theory Life: Theory:pages KMT,GR material for career-orientedcommunicationinclusion a
                          Introduction to Communication A Practical Introduction, Second Introduction first students. The Communica
                                                                264 What practical Organizational Communication,Speech theory tex
Applying Communication Theory for Professional textbook to provideis Communication?Edition is the to Communication Competenc
             Organizational Rhetoric introduces a rhetorical approachCulture \ Identifying Rhetoricalanalyzing and Organizational Rhe
                          Organizations and Rhetoric in Contemporary KMKH,KMPL,GR analyzing and creating in creating organizati
                                                                288 pages to understanding,to understanding, Strategies organizational Studie
Organizational Rhetoric introduces students to students to a rhetorical approach Organizational Communication,Organization messa
             This book discusses the challenges challenges Introduction and managing in theacontext of& world. Subir (General)"
                          Pritam Singh and Subir of organizing pages KM,GTD Globalization,Business a Management Verma - O
                                       Response Books           472 organizing \ Stewart Roger of globalized globalized world. It provid
This book discusses the issues and issues andVerma - An of and managing in the contextClegg - Globalization It\ provides insights
             Power one 'Power oneconcepts within the in Consensual, Functionalist and Conflict Theory(General),Politics (General),S
                          of the to' of the key concepts within the social sciences.OrganizationHandbook\ the first touchstone for any
                                                                504 pages The SAGE The       Handbook Studies PART ONE: FRAMING TH
Power is arguably is arguablykey versus 'Power over' social sciences.KMKH,JP,YJB SAGE of Power is of Power is the first touchsto
             SAGE has unparalleled depthLibrary in Business ofpagesKM,KMB,KMKH and & Management (General),International jo
                                       SAGE in journal the lists in organization studies,
                                                                1840 the field of organization studies, and publishes several of the in Bu
SAGE has unparalleled depth in journal back lists inbackfield and Management Business publishes several of the top journalstop the
             Convergence between1models of public sector Public Services recent years
                           VOLUME Organizing 1: Managing management in
                                         \ Section & Organizing Thesector management in recent Relations \turned the public services o
                                                                1584 Sector \ Inter-organizational years has M. Exworthy, M. Powell an
                                                                                           Organization Studies (General),Organization Desig
Convergence between models of public and private and privatepagesKMKH,KNS,MBGR has turned the research of research of publi
              theoretical theoreticalONE:empiricalManaging Public Services a) international journals with a global focus, this three-vo
                           VOLUME Organizing & perspectives from drawn
                                       and ORGANIZATIONAL and international journals with a global focus, L.B. Bingham, T.set p
                                                                1576 pagesKMKH,KMHQ,JP     Organization Studies (General),Organization Nab
ComprisingComprising and empirical perspectives and drawnCONTEXT \fromInter-Organizational Relations \this three-volumeDesig
             Innovation and Management has gained considerableManagement Business INNOVATION ANDan both as an area of
                           VOLUME 1 - KEYLibrary in Business and importance over the IN & Management as KNOWLEDGE MANA
                                       SAGE THEORETICAL ISSUES AND CONCERNS last 40 the last 40 (General),Management re
                                                                1744 pagesKM,KMKH
Innovation and Knowledge Knowledge Management has gained considerable importance over years, both years, area of academic S
              Economy: Ashoka Chandra and M K Khanijo 324 pages ofPART DIRECTIONS OF CHANGE TOWARDS a knowled
                           Economy: The Indian Challenge addresses the \challenge of transformingeconomy into a knowledge KNOWL
                                                                  - Overview transforming the Indian the Indian economy & Developme
Knowledge KnowledgeThe Indian Challenge addresses the challengeKMKH,K I: Knowledge Management,Economics into A econom
             The Encyclopedia is the definitive description of the field, spanning individual, organizational, societal and cultural persp
                                                                 a definitive description of the field, Studies individual, organizational, so
The International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies is2008 pagesKMKH,JCHOrganizationspanning(General),Occupational/Indus
             Guiding readers throughTHE IMPACT AND DEFINITION OF CHANGEthrough strategies that managers an inspection co
                          PART ONE: text on change management guides readers \ The Management"Available as use tothe Mana
                                                                440 pages and              Change the technological, Change and impleme
This updated 3rd edition of a popularthe technological, organizationalKMK people-orientedNature of Change \ organizational and peo
             `Many books on management are sanitized, cleanly technical accounts
                          When are sanitized, cleanly technical accounts Game:unreality of unreality of managerial lifean inspection fe
                                                                 Terminology of the Defining Power and Politics \ Sit in Judgement \ Men
                                                                                           Change managerial life and work. and work. Polit
`Many books on managementNecessity Commands \ The376 pages KMMH,KMKH of the Management"Available as Politics hardly co
             Bringing together leadership theories, concepts, and processes, processes, Leading Change in Multiple & Public Admin
                          Conceptual Perspectives on theories, pages \ PARTLeading Change ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE uses
                                                                336 concepts, and ONE:     Change Management,Public Policy Contexts \ Con
Bringing together leadership and changeand changeLeading Change KMK ,JPP,JDCLEADING in Multiple Contexts uses a consisten
             Change is all pervasive. Technologiesfor production, Management Business evolving.F. evolving. and impact of - on
                           VOLUME ISAGE production, communication and-travel and a NewManagementimpact of globalization Th
                                        \ Imperatives Business \ pagesKM,KMK
                                                                1744 T. Burns Industry rapidly Age \ The (General),Change Manag
Change is all pervasive. Technologies of Library inof Change andcommunicationare intravel&are rapidly E. Emery The E.L. Trist globa
             A practical guide for building and sustaining top performing teams, the Third Edition now contains: sustaining of of diver
                          Why Guide for Members and Leaders, Support for Teams \ From Groups to Teams: - Discussions perform
                                                                160 pages KMKH,JDCTeamwork in Organizations,Organization Studies D
Creating Effective Teams: AGroups? \ Effective Organizational 3rd Edition is a practical guide for building and The Stagestop Group(G
              Edition of Career Management is designed to 512 Career KMMH,KMKH,JCH \ A Modeltheir careers, to develop to sk
                          Edition of Career Study of Careers \ pages help students understand and Organizations,Occupational/Ind
                                                                 help students understand themselves
                                                                                           Families,            of Career their careers, \ App
The Fourth The Fourth Introduction to theManagement is designed to Contexts and Stages Workthemselves and Management thedev
             An to Human to ONE: Management moves 400 pagesprescriptive and the Employment Relationship \ HRM, Strategy
                          PART Human Resource Management moves KMMH a approach to provide holistic overview of the role
                                                                 beyond a beyond           Human Resource Management (General)"Available
An IntroductionIntroductionResourceHRM IN CONTEXT \ What Is HRM? \ HRMprescriptive approachato provide a holistic overviewo
             Key Concepts in Human Resource\Management is an essentialCentre \ the theories and issues the field - from the critic
                          Absence Management Assessment//Development theories and issues that define that (General)"Available
                                         Management is an essential guide to the
                                                                290                        Human Resource Management define the field - fro
Key Concepts in Human ResourceSAGE Key Concepts seriespages KMMHguide toBalanced Business Scorecard \ Behaviour Man
             Handbook of students and researchers in the616 pagesThe Field focuses from leading international scholars in
                          PART ONE: FRAMING HRM \ Introduction: KMMH
                                                                  field, together contributions on familiarising the reader\ with the fundamen
The SAGE For advancedHuman Resource Management brings the handbook of Human Resource Management (General)" an influ           Howard Gospel -
             The eagerly-awaited Third Edition of the - PARTsuccessful International Human Resource Management succeeds in ma
                          Introduction \ the Sparrow hugely ONE: STRATEGIC, Resource Management succeeds in maintaining th
                                                                592 pages KMMH              COMPARATIVE Management (General),Internatio
The eagerly-awaited Third Edition of Paulhugely successful International Human Human ResourceAND ORGANIZATIONAL PERSP
             Human Management (HRM) has a very hasINTEGRATION and ORGANIZATIONAL role in organisational success. Se
                          PART ONE: HRM STRATEGIC a416 pages KM,KMMH Human strategic PERFORMANCE: A CONCEPTU
                                       Response Books            very important facilitative and Resource Management (General),Business
Human Resources Resources Management (HRM) important facilitativeAND strategic role in organisational success. Several financ
             Applied Human Management is designed to of432business students Equal Employment learning experiences that will\ hel
                          Introduction to the Management give pages KMMH \ in-depth Resource Management Job Analysis Re
                                                                 Human Resources           Human hands-on hands-on learning experiences
Applied Human Resources Resources Management is designed to give business students in-depthOpportunity \(General)"Available
             Grounded in psychological research but with aTEAMS Understanding Teams \ Defining Teambook explains the basic
                          PART I: CHARACTERISTICS OF 392 pages KMKH,JCH,JCF Processes/Dynamics,Occupational/Industria
                                                                  very practical focus on organizational behaviour Success PART II - PR
Grounded in psychological research but with a very practical focus \on organizational behaviour issues, this issues, this\ book explain
             The Third Edition of this CONTEXT AND CHALLENGES KMMH,KMHZ,KMHQ
                          PART ONE: award-winning text helps pages Public for successResource Development (General)"Available
                                                                  develop key skills Service Heritage: also while and Change \ Legal Rightp
                                                                                           Human while Continuity also reminding complex
The Third Edition of this award-winning text helps readers456 readers\ develop key skills for successreminding them of the them of th
             The approach to benefits inBenefits Human Resource Economics, Principles, and Actuarial Concepts business to prov
                          Introduction to Employee Benefits takes advantage of the author s unique Management (General)"Available
                                                                536 pages KMMH             Human Resource academic and \ Lifecycle Events
The approach to benefits in EmployeeBenefits \ takes advantage of the author s unique academic and business backgroundbackgro
             The Next AvailableThite and Bob Russell - Introduction \KMMH,KMK Business Process OutsourcingWallace managin
                          Mohan Operator: Managing Human in pages PART I:Indian PERSPECTIVES \ Catriona Industry discuss
                                                                340 the Indian the INDIAN Resource Development discusses - An O
The Next Available Operator: Managing Human Resources Resources inBusiness Process Outsourcing Industry (General),Managem
             Every Trainer's Second to Second Edition is a\ practicaltakes that First throughand through a step-by-step process org
                          Introduction Edition is a practical 440 that KMMH,KMKH,YV reader Professional Studies (General),Hum
                                                                    Introduction to the takes the
                                                                                           Vocational Training-Concept, Meaning and Scope
Every Trainer's Handbook, Handbook,the Second Editionguidepages guidethe readerEdition \ a step-by-step process of planning,of p
             Applied Psychometry as a core textbook ontextbook on psychometry Psychology for undergraduate Resource Manageme
                          PART I: MEASUREMENT core practice of practice of psychometry (General),Human and post-graduate p
                                                                384 pages KMMH,JC for undergraduate and post-graduate students of \
Applied Psychometry is designedis designed as a IN MODERN PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH \ Basics of Measurement Theory st
              Human Resource Development: has emerged312one aims to encourage students and Development (General)"Available
                          David Development Theory and Practice of the most dynamic andDavid McGuire - Assessing the Effectiven
                                                                 as pages KMMH             Human \ multifaceted areas of of their comfort zo
The field of Human Resource McGuire - Foundations of Human Resource Development Resource academics outbusiness and mana
             Earlier editions have become theWailes the standard reference for a readership of students of students and practitione
                          Greg this book Nick standard reference for KMMH,KMB,JPS
                                                                              a worldwide. worldwide. readership and practitioners in Relatio
                                                                                            International and Management (General),Internatio
Earlier editions of this bookofJ. Bamber,have becomeand Russell D. Lansbury - Human Resource Comparative Employment govern
             The of management teaching and learning V600 pages Past, Presentfield Future Perspectives right and this handbook
                          Steven management teaching and learning has itself as a itself its own right and (General),Human Resour
                                                                  Fukami - JDC             Business & Management this Management Learnin
The scholarshipscholarship of J Armstrong and Cynthiahas establishedestablished and inas a field in its own of benchmark benchma
             Human resource information systems in teaching pagesand crucial Resource expertisemanagement professionals. fielm
                          Evolution of Human Resource Management KMMH,KMRL of attention for of leaders The Role IT//IS A
                                                                 has become a by drawing   Human Resource Management (General)"Available
HRIS overcomes the cross-disciplinary challenge ( HRIS) 488 the courseHuman areaon theInformation Systems:in HR and of Informa
             Human resource management Defined Business and Managementresearch Resource ManagementAND UTILITY OF H
                          Volume One: HRMan international focus for research
                                       SAGE (HRM) as an international focus for practice is practice is a well-established and respe
                                                                 Organizational Context \ PART ONE: THE HISTORY (General)"
Human resource management (HRM) as Library in and in 1576 pagesKMMH andHuman anda well-established and respected branch
             Over decades, international human resource 1592 pagesKM,KMMH Business & into an important field of research, teac
                          VOLUME 1: INTERNATIONAL HRM: and MNE(IHRM)
                                       SAGE Library in human resource management evolved Management (General),Human Resour
                                                                management PERSPECTIVE \ has evolved P. Sparrow and field of res
Over the last twothe last two decades, internationalBusiness THEManagement has(IHRM)R.S. Schuler, into an importantP. Budhwar
             Applying behavioural I:SAGE Library in Business RESEARCHING IN ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT \ organization
                          VOLUME science approach to the1672 to Management
                                        UNDERSTANDING AND and the effectiveness and improvement (General),Organization Desig
                                                                 effectiveness and improvement of organizations, organization developme
Applying a reflective a reflective behavioural science approach pagesKM,KMKH Organization Studies of organizations, Part I: Under
              coaching books focus on performance Manager \ An Coaching Manager presents a presents (General)"
                           coaching books Coaching problems, pages KM The Developmental Coaching \ Defining Success as a Co
                                                                328 problems,              Business & Management a developmental coachin
While most While most Introduction: Thefocus on performanceTheOverview of Coaching Manager developmental coaching methodol
               The authors havefast becoming ANauthoritative text modern managerial practice. With this growth comes an the key co
                             Part I provided the first OVERVIEW pages a comprehensive overview and Practice \ Mentoring increasing
                                                                  272 Introduction to Mentoring Theory and critical grounding in Models \
Coaching and mentoring are MENTORING: essential aspects \of with KMMH,JDC,KMKH Resource Management (General),Leadersh
               Easy to understand and read,\ the Handbook of Coaching JBSN,JDC,KM Clutterbuck Psychotherapy (General),Counsel
                             INTRODUCTION Elaine Cox, Tatiana coaching theories, approaches and SECTION ONE THEORETICA
                                                                  /f001464 pages
                                                                               provides David
                                                                                          comprehensive - settings, the offers strategies fo
This comprehensive guide to coaching explores a full variety ofBachkirova and a Counselling andcoverage of and key- areas in coach
                pervades every aspect of organizational and social and social study has never has more been more more fertile. Wit
                                                                  600 pages
Leadership Leadership pervades every aspect of organizationallife, and its life, and its studybeen never diverse, nordiverse, nor more
               Most textbooks used leadership leadership are oriented upper-level upper-level student and antheoretical theoretical o
                             Being a Leader \ Recognizing Yourtoward \ Recognizing Your Leadership Philosophy and Style copy
                                                                    Traits the toward the student and have a strong inspection Attending T
Most textbooks used for teachingfor teaching are oriented 224 pages KMKH,JDCLeadership"Available ashave a strong\orientation.to
               Now with new authentic Trait Approach \ Skills Approach the FifthLeadership,Leadership & Management,Speech sur
                             Introduction leadership leadership leadership, Style Approach ofSituational Approach market-leading Co
                                                                  456 pages KMKH,JDC,GR    Edition \ Peter Northouse's Leadership remains th
Now with new coverage ofcoverage \of authentic and servantand servant\ leadership, the Fifth Edition remains the \ Contingency Theo
               Are you frustrated with Very Short, leadership176 pages textbooks?
                                          the followership of your textbooks? Perhaps you're just you're for looking for alternative ways of
Are you frustrated with the followership of yourFairly Interesting & Cheap Books Perhapslooking just alternative ways of looking at l
               For students looking for looking for a more critical take on the field, the Second Edition of this esteemed esteemed te
                                                                  424 pages
For students and leadersand leaders a more holistic and holistic and critical take on the field, the Second Edition of thistext offers an
               `I recommend come across a clear, well-written book about What IsOrganizational Leadership,latest gimmick, - Manfre
                             Why a Critical Theory Approach to Leadership? \ book onLeadership? \ Behaviour (General)"Available as\ an
                                                                   interested KMKH           leadership that goes the Power and Authority L
. `It is refreshing when youthe book strongly for the reader240 pages in aleadership that is not peddling beyond the obvious'buzzword
               From responding to change is the oxygenChange pages KMKH,KMK ,JDC book engages students thoughtfully inof orga
                             New Realities as the Force of of life for Critical Systems andthe
                                                                  288 an leadership tutor, leadership is fundamentally about Styles the to
                                                                                          Leadership,Group Facilitation,Ethics Spirituality"A
Recognizing and the perspective of an experienced academic\and organization, Thinking \ Philosophies, Theories and&focusing Lea
               Caring Business is more than more to" a "how it manual, it is of ideas and ideas and understandings illustrating vit
                                                                               KMF,KMKH   Leadership"Available as an inspection copy
Caring Business Leadership Leadership isa "howthanmanual, to"is a collection a collection ofunderstandings illustrating vital concepts
               The Glass is Always\ Full is a unique bookI:that296 in thethe challenges in human1:Administration to helpingCh 2. of Non
                             Preface Introduction \ PART THE pagesHuman Services is a creative approach (General),Public & non
                                                                    conveys KMHZ,JBSSocial Ch              A Boring Assignment \ students und
The Glass is Always Full: Lessons for Managerial ExcellenceDECEPTION OF VALUE \Workservice agencies via two storiesHalf Em
                Communication articulates the important roles POWER KMKH
                              Communication articulates the important roles communication plays inco-construct group,Othergroup, organiz
                                                                  272 pages AS A DIRECTION-GIVER \ So, You Want organizational, or
                                                                                          in helping to helping to co-construct People to Wo
Leadership Leadership PART ONE: UNDERSTAND YOURcommunication plays Leadership,Organizational Communication,Manage
               The Second Edition Organizations offers an expanded focus on the Leadership"Availableof \participants (followers) for
                             Leading of Leading New Era Organizations expanded focus roles of leaders and an inspection copy
                                                                   offers an \ KMKH,GR,JDCConcepts fluid roles as Shared Responsibility (fol
The Second Edition of The Environment of Organizations 696 pages Leadershipfluid on the and Theoriesleaders and participants and
               Cases in isLeadership a unique It? real-world real-world leadership Ivey PublishingApproach plus fourteen Approac
                              a unique collection of 30 \ Leadership pages KMKH \ Leadership Skills Publishing Leader Style practition
                                                                  480 Trait Approach      Leadership"Available fourteen practitioner readings
Cases in Leadership Leadership is û What Iscollection of 30leadership cases from cases from Ivey plus as an \inspection copy
               By using a research-driven model, discussing cases from cases fromLeadership,OrganizationalExplorers seven ideas toP
                             SECTION ONE \ Introduction: Our compelling leading companies,companies, and seven actionable actionab
                                                                   Purpose Our Approachleading and Attributes ofpresenting Exploring and
By using a research-driven model, discussing compelling 256 pages KMKH,GR,JCF                \ Exploring: presenting Communication,Social
                Edition of Women and Men Rose Men in \ Sex, Gender, KMKH comprehensive survey of the literatureManagement,Org
                             Edition of Women Management offerspages and a
                                                                  264 a comprehensive survey and review of Sex Sex versus gender on o
                                                                                          Organizational Theory,Women in on Gender Dime
The Fourth The Fourth Foreword - Belle in and Ragins Management offers Work: On the Psychologyand review of the literatureandge
               Written by a team ofand Emergence of Strategic Thinking \ textbook is anCompetitive invaluable guide of the core eleme
                             Context leading academics with international Strategy and invaluable Performance \ through all of the
                                                                   renown, this
Written by a team of leading academics with international580 pages renown, this textbook is anguide through allStrategy Discovers
               The of this lucid and highly useful text took students and practitioners through by process of making strategy form discr
                                                                  272 pages
The first edition Second Edition has been developed into an even more practical resource the restructuring the material to in easy-to
               Readers searching for Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books Environments need lookA Very Short, this What's O
                             an antidote to heavy-going, complex Future in Turbulent Strategic Management = Understanding (General
                                           A antidote Planning the and lengthyand lengthy textbooks \ longer. no longer as Fairly a welco
                                                                  176 complex
Readers searching for Once Uponan Time à \ to heavy-going,pages KMtextbooks need look noStrategy& Business Policyis Interest
               This offers VOLUME 1Contemporaryand Competencies that offer strategic challengesHebert (General)" Kenichi Ohma
                             scholars comprehensiveIssues in Business & Internationalization& Louis of strategy and globalization. by
                                           \ Resources and sensitivepagesKMof the insight
                                                                  1576 reading            Business \ Management - Gestion
This major work major referenceawork contains key research articlesfor Globalization into the fieldsand opportunities\ representedSt
               Strategy has increasingly difficult taskdifficult 1176 pagesKMDomain Business change and \globalization trendslast Chie
                             VOLUME an increasingly in STRATEGY \light 1:
                                          SAGE Library Business in Management change and Managementtrends during the during
                                                                  of rapid technological of Corporate Strategy        (General)"
Strategy has become an become 1: CORPORATE in light taskandPartof rapid technological& globalizationKenneth R. Andrews -twot
               `A thoughtful and reflective "enterprise", offering meaningful and contextualized knowledge BUSINESStoIntroductionanS
                             PART ONE: of account ENTERPRISE, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL to students at students at all i
                                                                  256 pages KMHL          Small contextualized knowledge \ all levels, \
`A thoughtful and reflective account STUDYING of "enterprise", offering meaningful andBusiness/Entrepreneurship"Available aswritte
                 the crucial Entrepreneurs \ innovation and entrepreneurship Growth, Chasms and Money \ Marketsmall the smallsect
                              role of innovation and entrepreneurship in achieving growth and ongoing success in the Assessmentas an i
                                                                  272 pages JBK,JC        Small Business/Entrepreneurship"Available \ bus
. ExaminingExamining the crucial role ofPlanning \ Opportunity Research \in achieving growth and ongoing success in business Inter
               `A for Social Enterprise is a great introduction enterprisesvariety nextPublicby people who haveSocial (General)"Availabl
                             Bob manual - help us take social256the rich KM the of social enterprises in the UK.handsEnterprise in Cont
                                                                    to pages to             level & \ Bob Doherty - It is on experience' S
` ManagementmanagementDoherty toIntroduction to the Landscape for Social Enterprise Nonprofit Managementalso a useful tool -to
               robust narrative with a wide variety of interesting cases, KMHL
                                                                  640 aspects of domestic entrepreneurship with other disciplines including
                                                                                           Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Mana
Combining International entrepreneurship combines the manypagesInternational Small Business/Entrepreneurship"Available as an\ iI
               The importance of Entrepreneurship and Globalization is two-fold. Firstly, it INNOVATION \ earlier international markets,
                             VOLUME 1: SMALL BUSINESS EXPORTING: ADOPTION OF draws together S. (General)" on SME exp
                                          Contemporary small in Business & Globalization
                                                                  1920 pagesKM             domestic markets. To enter literature
Orthodox international business theory holds that Issuesfirms are only players in.Business & Management Andersson, J. Gabrielsson
               Essentials of Management has been designed for pages who want an\inexpensive text that will(General)"Available only t
                             Introduction to Operations has been designed for those Operations inexpensive provide only Managing th
                                                                  456 those KMKD              Productivity \ Operations Strategy the essentia
Essentials of Operations Operations ManagementManagement and Productivity who want anManagement text that will \provide as an
               Key Concepts in Management introduces introduces of key concepts and techniques techniques in the field. Concise, \a
                             PART ONE: THE OPERATIONS seriespages KMKD
                                          SAGE Key Concepts FUNCTION \ Operations \ concepts Output the field. Concise, \informative in
                                                                  312                     Operations and in \ Service Science Customer
Key Concepts in Operations Operations Management a selection a selection of key System \Management (General)"Available as an
               Domestic and global is MAKING ITprescribed for fromDECISIONSback office & Management (General),Information Ma
                              VOLUME I: prescribed OUTSOURCING back office services like information technology development, hu
                                          SAGE Library in Business everything from 1.1 Theoretical Perspectives \ M. Cheon, V. devel
                                                                  1138 pagesKM,KMRL
Domestic and global outsourcingoutsourcing is for everything and Management \ Businessservices like information technology Grove
                             Handbook of Strategic Management is pages KMMZ
                                                                  448 the first to make coherentPART TWO: COMPONENTS OFthe persp
                                                                                          Supply analysis of supply systems from SUPPLY
The Handbook is the first substantive, multidisciplinary academic worksubstantive, multidisciplinary academic work to make coheren
               Enterprise Support Systems: An Jay Mitra
                             Mathew J Manimala, International 348 pages KMKH with Organization Studies (General)"
                                          Response Perspective deals with deals
                                                                    Varsha Singh - Enterprise Support Systems: Nature and Relevance syste
                                                                                           various issues surrounding enterprise support
Enterprise Support Systems: An InternationalBooks andPerspectivevarious issues surrounding enterprise support systems and \aim               I:
               What are the fundamental challenges fromBUSINESS ENVIRONMENT \ business fundamental challenges and corpo
                             PART ONE: INTERNATIONAL local or trends business? What are Business & Management (General)"Av
                                                                  496 pages KMB           International Business What is the impact Corpora
What is international business? How does it differ and emergingnationalof internationalGlobal the today?in the 21st Century \of emerg
               The Sage Course CompanionCourse Companionspages KMB
                             PART on International Business 208 easy-to-navigate support guide Business & ManagementTWO: CORE
                                          SAGE on InternationalYOUR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANION PART (General)"Av
                                                                     an series            International to the International Business curriculu
The Sage Course CompanionONE: INTRODUCTION TOisBusiness is an easy-to-navigate support guide to the\ International Busine
                                                                  736 \ Globalization and Worldwide Business & Management (General)"Av
                             The International Business Challenge pages KMB,KMP InternationalInfrastructure Development \ Globaliza
               Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the coverage ofcoverage of\ issues, functions, practices and\ problems, this textbo
                             Management: A Conceptual and Contextual Overview American (U.S.) Management West and problems
                                                                  360 the KMB,KMKH        International Business & Management (General)"Av
Taking an integrative, integrative, interdisciplinary approach topagesmanagerial managerial issues, functions, practicesEuropean Ma
                Environment of BusinessSECTIONstudents with a truly international perspective that in the Environment,International st
                             Environment provides 1: SOCIALstudents with a truly Management and Accordance With Cultural Differe
                                                                     FORCES \ Differentiating Strategies integrates integrates both market
The Global The Global Introduction \ of Business provides336 pages KMB,KMFinternational perspective thatboth market (industryBu
               This sixth edition of has been completely revised pages KMB,RGCM,GTDusing theConflicting perspectives on haschap
                             1. Introduction: Shift has been completely revised and updated
                                                                  624 and updated usingEconomic Geography,International Business & Man
                                                                                            the going on? latest available sources. Each bee
This sixth edition of Global ShiftGlobal questioning globalization: What in the world is latest available sources. Each chapter 'globaliz
               Many textbooks on communication are not writtenpages KMB,GR Communication \ Understanding Culture \ Business
                             Challenges of Living in a Global Society not an intercultural readership readership in mind. This multinationa
                                                                  328 \ Understanding Intercultural Communication,International The Influ
Many textbooks on interculturalintercultural communication are with written with an intercultural in mind. This multinational team of au
               Now in its Fred I: Culture as Context bestseller continues\ to offer students anstudents an and Defining Communication
                             Part Jandt's international for Communication GR,GTS,JBto offer accessible accessible and exciting to the
                                                                  440 pages continuesIntercultural Communication,International Business
Now in its 6th edition ,6th edition , Fred Jandt's international bestsellerThe Dispute over Defining Culture \exciting introductionintrodu
                 Communication , Fourth of , Fourth Edition provides students Cultural Context Theexamining communication within c
                               Communication Intercultural Communication \clear modelclear model for communicationContext \ The Enviro
                                                                  432 pages The               for examining Microcultural within cultural, micr
InterculturalInterculturalThe NecessityEdition provides students with aGR with aIntercultural\ Communication,International Business
               The Second Edition of An Introduction gives students embarking embarking on (General)"Available\ as an course at unde
                             Marketing: Marketing: MARKETING? gives KMPToday Marketing an marketing marketing inspection cop
                                                                  576 Marketing           \ The Marketing Environment PART TWO: MAKIN
The Second Edition of PART ONE: WHAT IS An Introduction \pagesstudents on an introductoryintroductorycourse at undergraduate l
               Written by a team of renownedthe of Marketing Theory and Practice Marketing (General),Marketing Strategy Debates cr
                             Introducing the in experts Marketing: A Critical Textbook provides a unique introductionintroduction and ov
                                                                  304 Marketing:           \ Marketing provides a unique and overview of \
Written by a team of renowned expertsHistory field, in the field,pages KMP A Critical Textbook'Science' and the Paradigm & Theory"A
                 a clear, wellawritten well written and authoritative introduction and ideas and concepts that underpin an inspection disc
                                clear, and authoritative introduction to the \KMP
                                          SAGE Key Concepts MARKETS Customer Centrality \ (General)"Available as \ Relationshipcop
                                                                  232                     Marketing Evolution the marketing marketing Ma
`If you want`If you wantPART ONE: CUSTOMERS AND seriespages ideasto theconcepts that underpinof Marketingthediscipline, this
               Bringing together the latest debates the development of marketing theory, featuring Introduction \ PART from HISTOR
                             Pauline Maclaran, Michael Saren, 544 pages KMP of marketing theory, featuring original contributions fro
                                                                  Barbara Stern and       Marketing Strategy & Theory"
Bringing together the latest debates concerning concerning the development Mark Tadajewski -original contributions ONE:a selectio
               `I see this important addition to the marketing 192 pagesAliterature. Institutions (General)"Available as toisinspectionis th
                             Marketing important addition to theliterature. KMP
                                                                    marketing weakness Marketing of Marketing Studies \ anmarketing are
                                                                                             weakness in critical to marketing that they cop
`I see this book as an book as an Studies: The Critical Standpoint \ Origins and Ain critical approachesapproaches Marketing Studies
               'The Handbook the nature of international marketingof the field of International Marketing,Marketing gain access to cu
                             Masaaki Kotabe and Kristiaan overviewOverview: Theoretical Paradigms, Issues and Debates \ PART ONE
                                                                  568 - has faced huge change. Marketing and readers (General),Busine
Over the past two decades;provides a comprehensiveHelsen pages KM,KMPInternationalIncreasingly challenged with the unpreced
               Packed with cultural, company, examples that help explain the paradoxesBranding \ Values and are likelyDimensions
                             The Paradoxes In Global Marketing Communications \ Global paradoxes international marketers are likely
                                                                  344 pages KMPH,KMP      Advertising & Promotion,International to encounte
Packed with cultural, company, and countryand country examples that help explain the international marketersCulture \Marketing"Av
                the relatively young, applied discipline, MARKETING THEORY marketing J. Baker years has beennew, originalFunctio
                             PART ONE: edition, published in 448 pages KMP \ Michael in together revised and as an inspection cop
                                                                  2000, the Second        Marketing (General)"Available to build or chapte
Building on As apopularity of the firstOVERVIEW OF one major challenge forEdition bringsrecent - Marketing - Philosophyits own dist
               Written very unusual) balance between areas thismarketing that are in Consumer Research \ PART TWO: inspection co
                             PART ONE: respected academic 344 and includes the psychological and social issues as students cover
                                                                   of pages KMP,JCADConsumer Marketing"Available worse yet, unaware
. 'A wonderful (and by a trusted and INTRODUCTION \ Ideas bookExplanations often at odds with each other (or,thatan CONSUMPTI
               Unlike marketing management texts that are versions \ texts, this text is this textManagement \ Market Analysis \compe
                             PART ONE: that are versions of principles The Nature of Marketing three concepts not found in the Data
                                                                  568 pages KMP           Marketing (General)"Available as an inspection cop
Unlike marketing management textsMARKETING FOUNDATION of principles texts,based onis based on three concepts not found i
               Marketing for Entrepreneurscited for beyond theof a \ Finding and Evaluating the application of marketing inexploit \ Us
                             Marketing often moves the failure classic venture is the entrepreneur s inability to identity and & Theory,S
                                                                  240 pages KMP           Marketing (General),Marketing Strategy an entrepr
One of the primary reasons most in an Entrepreneurial Contextnew4Ps and demonstratesthe Right Entrepreneurial Opportunity the
               The eagerly-awaited Second Edition of Promotion pages JD,JDFT,JDCF It has been substantially revised Marketing Com
                             Introducing Advertising and leading edge marketingAdvertising and provide a highly readable inspection cop
                                                                  360 Introducing thinking.
                                                                                          Marketing Promotion: An Integrated and is particu
. `Bridges the academic gap between textbook and Advertising\ and Promotion continues to (General)"Available as an and authoritati
                             Copy, Design and Creative: Who 368 Copy,Be a Copy, Advertising the right to the Communication Team
                                                                   Wants to KMPH,GR gets Golden Age of of advertising by stressing ke
Written in an accessible style, AdvertisingCreativity: Strategy, pages and Creative Theright togets pointCreativity The Creative (Gene
               Written in an accessible style, Advertising Creative: Strategy, Designand Design (Analysis),Masspoint of advertising by s
                                                                  352 pages KMPL          Public Relations (Practice)"
                             FRAMEWORKS AND CONTEXTS \ Introduction To the Field: The Changing World Facing PR Management
               'The contributing to the historical and capitalism issues \GTS,YJB,JB Historical and what point Issues \ Consumer Ch
                             Consuming: continuing growth in consumptionConsuming: services? dramatic. These contradictions are al
                                                                  264 pages of goods and  Sociology (General),Cultural Studies (General),Hum
What factors arecultural contradictions of modern conceptualhave never been deeper or more At Conceptualdo the costs associated
                Public Relatons is Relations isto the basics of 224to Part One \where PublicComes came from, what it what issues what i
                              Public your guide your Introduction pages public relations: Relations (Analysis),Publicmeans and the in
                                                                  public relations: Where PR from, what means and and Theoretical
                                                                                           it came
Introducing Introducing Part One: PR in Theory \guide to the basics ofKMPL,JPVM3 where it From:itThe Historical Relations (Practi
                                 The Second Edition FUNDAMENTALS Marketingpages KMPsame accessible clarity ofBusinesscombined with updated
                                               this bestselling B2B marketing textbook Series the
                                                            this bestselling B2B BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING \ insight, to Business Markets w
                                                                                     384 offers                  the same accessible clarity of insight, combined an
                    The Second Edition of PART 1: of SAGE AdvancedOF marketing textbook offersBusiness -to-Business Marketing,Marketing (Gener
                                 In this exciting new book thea Advanced Marketingpages from simply Relationship Marketing"Available an often complexC
                                               RELATIONSHIP authors explore the STATE OF THE ART exchange of History ofthere is as anMarketing:
                                                             and consumer is THE factors KMP
                                                                                     216 Series                 an Origins and services Relationship inspection
                    The relationship between a marketSAGEMARKETING:complex. Far of relationship \marketing in its contemporary context, with a thec
                                 What drives consumers? HowAdvanced Marketingpages and branding CONSUMERS \ Val[ac]erie-In[ac]es de La Ville
                                               David Marshall - Introduction PART ONE: CHILDREN and branding effect children and Psychology" Ho
                                                            SAGE do advertising campaigns KMP,JCADConsumer Marketing,Consumer young people?
                                                                                     280 Series
                    What drives children as children as consumers? How\ do advertising campaignsASeffect children and young people? How do childre
                                 In Edition of Rational Choice in an Uncertain World , the KMKP the authors compare the basic principles of as actual b
                                                                                       Uncertain authors compare the & Decision Making"Available rationality w
                    In the Secondthe Second Edition of Rational Choice in an392 pages World ,,JC Judgment basic principles of rationality with an inspe
                                 Examining how social marketing can a usedSOCIAL MARKETING \ Social Third Edition highlights successful social ch
                                               PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING 456 strategy for
                                                                                     as a changing behaviour, behaviour, the Third Edition highlights successf
                                                                                                                 Defining Social Marketing Steps in the Strategic
                    Examining how social marketing can be used as bestrategy forpages KMP changing the Marketing"Available \as an inspection copy M
                                 the success of the and updated, the Second Edition Marketing , Second Edition demystifies as an inspection copy
                                                                                     320 pages KMP,MBN Social Marketing"Available internet of developing
                    Continuing Completely revisedprevious edition, Hands-On Social includes: - Material related to the rise of the process and social me
                                    an excellent book - a and guide in theguide inof the youngTo Build aAdvertising Adopt a Short Brand Name \ Do Not Le
                                                useful tool useful tool and FOR THE MIND \ofmarketing executive.. executive.. KUMARAMANGALAM BIR
                                                                                        the hands the young marketing KUMARAMANGALAM (Analysis),Mar
                       an excellent book - a PART I: BRAND MANTRAShands116 pages KMPH,KMP Big Brand, & Promotion,AdvertisingBIRLA, Chairm
                                 The aspects of marketing surrounding a advertising,Transformation \ and distribution,distribution, can mislead Pushing bu
                                               Why Brands? What is like brand, like salesKMP
                                                            Response Books           268 pages promotion Brand Vision: Concepts and Creation \ and confu
                                                                                                                  promotion and can mislead and confuse brand th
                    The aspects of marketing surrounding\ a brand, Brand? \ Brand advertising, salesBrand Management,Marketing (General)"Available
                                 Through edition, marketing Shaastras \guru Jagdeep Kapoor Brand Brand Management,Marketing (General)"they shift.
                                               The Nine Brand marketing The Needfurther strengthensstrengthens his Strategy \don't Seed don't decline
                                                            Response Books           108 Shaastra:                 his shaastra that markets The decline,
                    Through this revisedthis revised edition,guru Jagdeep Kapoor pages KMPfurtherCategory Growthshaastra that markets Shaastra: Br
                                  one of the one important, important, and arguably the most visible,Business & Management (General),Marketing (Gen
                                                            SAGE Library in Marketing pagesKM,KMP manifestations of Brands are not just important for
                    Branding is Branding ismost of the mostand arguably the most visible, manifestations of 'marketing'.'marketing'. Brands are not just im
                                 In marketing, globally,1: MARKETINGinare emerging CONCEPTUALBusiness Researchers are driven to understand anC
                                               VOLUME new are emerging which strategic marketers marketers must face. Researchers are driven THE
                                                            SAGE Library Marketing pagesKM,KMP FOUNDATIONS: MARKET ORIENTATION, (Gen
                    In marketing, globally, new challenges challenges STRATEGY'S which strategicmust face. & Management (General),Marketingto und
                                 This major reference collection, Critical Marketing CRITICAL PERSPECTIVESto highlighting howasR. Benton discipline
                                               VOLUME I:SAGE Library in
                                                             THE DEVELOPMENT1264 pagesKM,KMP to attention INhow marketing \ academic - academ
                                                                                         directs its attention highlighting MARKETING marketing as The Pra
                    This major reference collection, Critical Marketing Studies,OF Studies, directs its Business & Management (General),Relationship M
                                 side of marketing takesSAGE Library in Marketing pagesKM,KMP and into Shelby D societal context, & Management (G
                                               side of 1 Introduction \ the 1: The Domain of realm of commerce wider Hunt and John Burnett -at theMac
                                                              the subject beyond the realm of commerce Relationship Marketing,Business looking The ma
                    The macro The macro Volumemarketing takes Partsubject beyond theMacromarketing \ theand into the wider societal context, lookin
                                 The study ofVolume 1: Advertising Management \ pagesKMP,KMPH Divergent(General),Social Marketing,Advertising \&
                                                  is a heated and expansive forum, with forum, with-research diverging alongCause Account Team Conflict o
                                                            SAGE Library in expansive research
                                                                                     1312                    HowMarketing Beliefs methodological, semantic and
                    The study of advertising advertising is a heated andMarketing C. Hackleydiverging along methodological, semantic and often politica
                                               Peter Sandman \JoAnn Valenti \Rae Tyson \Rae Tyson Marketing (General),Management Sciences publics
                                                            /f001Legends In Marketing   information gap between richer//poorer, Ward \Toby Ten Eyck \Archie C
                    The explosion of scientific information is exacerbating the2140 pagesKM,KMP \Michael Mehta \Budeducated//less-educated (Gener
                                 Winner of two awards in its First Edition (the 2006 pages KMMH,KMKH
                                               PART I: THE awards CONTEXT408 Outstanding Academic Academic fromAward from CHOICE Magazin
                                                                                      FOR DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT \ Introduction and Conceptual Framew
                                                                                                                Organization Studies CHOICE Magazine,and the 2
                    Winner of two prestigious prestigiousGLOBALin its First Edition (the 2006 OutstandingTitle Award Title (General),Human Resource M
                                 Written to inform, quite brilliant critical introductionpages\ Managing as RelationalManagement (General)"Availablemanag
                                               Management, Managerialism and Managers study of management. thinking about management and as an
                                                            Very and entertain, this168 & Cheap Books Business & Practice: innovative and thought-provo
                                                                                       book explains
                    `Ann Cunliffe has produced achallenge Short, Fairly Interestingto the KM alternative ways of This lucid, Language and Communicati
                                  book challenges the hegemony hegemony of412 pages KM,KMK Business & Management (General),Change Manag
                                                book ONE: PERPLEXITY, MANAGEMENT management approach, exploring Sid potentials for the develo
                                                            Response Books             neoclassical scientific management approach, exploring Schumacher's H
                    This topicalThis topicalPART challenges the of neoclassical scientificAND ORGANIZATION THEORY \ newLowe - new potentials fo
                                 Winner of Outstanding Business Reference atAwards 2010!. With more With more than 1,000 Encyclopedia of Busines
                                                                                       the pagesKMB,GR,JB       International Business & Management (General),So
                    Winner of Outstanding Business Reference at the RUSA 2136RUSA Awards 2010!. than 1,000 entries, the entries, the Encyclopedia
                                 Interest in is at an all-time an all-time high. challenges facing the facing the economy with rapidly rising unemploymen
                                                                                     1032 pagesKM,KC            Economics (General),Business & rapidly rising une
                    Interest in economics economics is at high. Among the Among the challengesnation is annation is an economy withManagement (Ge
                                 Old China'sin 1949. After thousands a comprehensive analysis of theEconomics (General),International Political Econom
                                                 New Economy presents of years 328 pages KMB,KC,KCP the growth of the undergone Mao Zedong:the
                                                                                       The Womb in six decades Modern China \ Chinese economy since M
                    A new China was born Introduction \ Historical Backdrop:of feudalism,that Conceived andeconomy hasChina under a change fromRi
                                 Managing Across Cultures introduces \ The Meaningpolicies and practicesCultures \ Theresources socio-economic, politi
                                               PART I: INTRODUCTION the concepts, practices of Across of managing different in different Across Cu
                                                                                     442 pages
                    Managing Across Cultures introduces the concepts, policies and of Managingmanaging resources in Context of Managingsocio-econ
                                 Focusing on risky interactions, the book centres Managingthat threaten identities and relationships and sometimes some
                                               Introduction: A Theoretical Model 272 pages interactions that \ Delivering and and relationships \ Manag
                                                                                      interactions Workplace Risk
                                                                                                                Organizational Communication,Management care
                    Focusing on risky interactions, the book centres on thosefor on those KMT,KMKH,GR threaten identitiesSeeking FeedbackandComm
                                 Crisis management is often viewed as a response The specific event.Strategic ManagementtheBusiness Policy (General
                                               A Framework for short-term short-term a Landscape Survey event.is a part of is acrisis management proce
                                                                                     280 pages KMKH,KMC,KMPL     While that While that & \ Sources of Organizati
                    Crisis management is often viewed as a Crisis Management \ toresponse to a specific : A Macro Perspectivepart of the crisis manage
                                               VOLUME 1: \ issues of everCriminologypagesJBV
                                                            SAGE One: of increasing significance, such - the environment, occupationalPaul W.and safe
                                                                                     1192                       Criminology collar crime' Crime? \ health Tappan
                                 Corporate Crime involves PartLibraryDefinitions \ Edwin H. Sutherland asIs 'white & Criminal Justice (General),Criminolo
                                 In the current economic climate, Criminology Studypages JBVtimely. One of the world's leading experts explores theA bri
                                               Why the this book could book could notof Crime The Relationship Between Crime and the Economy: con
                                                            Compact this not the 136 be more                    Criminology & experts Justice the connections be
                    In the current economic climate,Economy Matters in be more timely. One\of the world's leading Criminalexplores(General),Criminal J
                                   collection contains contemporary case studies andstudies and
                                                                                     224 critical analyses by leading by leading writers of & study of white c
                                                                                                                Criminology (General),Business white collar corpor
                    `This timely`This timely collection contains contemporary casepages JBV critical analyses writers in the studyin theManagement (G
                                 Creative Approaches Solving (CAPS) is comprehensive texttext What the the & Management and used system &People
                                               Creative Approaches to Problem comprehensive covering is well-known, cited, (General),Gifted Talent
                                                                                     320 pages KM,JDGC Business well-known, cited, and used system prob
                    Creative Approaches to Problem to Problem-Solvingais aSolving: Introduction coveringCreativity? Characteristics of Creativefor for p
Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott                                                      1664 pages
                                                            SAGE Library in Business and Management
                                 `This is a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of communications. Public Relations (Practice),Management Communic
                                               PART ONE: HISTORICAL BACKGROUND \ KMT,KMPL,GR
                                                                                     296 corporate communications. students students \ Corporate a consid
                                                                                                                 to Corporate Communication and practitioners alik
                    . `This is a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of corporatepages IntroductionIt will offerIt will offerand practitioners alikeCommun
                                 Handbook PART I. CONCEPTUALIZING INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE \ Communication,Working withvariety of
                                               Handbook of Competence brings 560 brings one volumeone leading the leading experts and scholars from
                                                                                     together in together in Intercultural experts and scholars from a Minority
                    The SAGE The SAGE of InterculturalIntercultural Competencepages GR,JDGF,KMB volumeConceptualizing Intercultural Competen
                                 Drawing onMark Bevir noun 21st centuryTheory,in established Dilemma \ Section I: is relatively new to Policy science E
                                                some of the Governance as minds Practice, and terms, "governance"Governance,Public social that wres
                                                                                     550 pages JP               Government & Theories of Governance Public A
                    While the verb "to govern" and the - best "government" are well this field, [this] Handbook is probative and exploratory, one \& Henrik v
                                 Exploring the orthodoxies, contexts, and board \decisions behind Corporate Governance \ PART ONE: PRINCIPLES OF
                                               Introducing Corporate Governance The Problems practice of practice and non-compliance, Nordberg provid
                                                                                     behind codes of            Accounting/Finance (General),Business Ethics"Ava
                    Exploring the orthodoxies, contexts, and board decisions 296 pages KFFHofcodes and non-compliance, Nordberg provides a distinc
                                 With project management becoming an increasingly global endeavour, a comprehensive and international student text th
                                               Introduction to an increasingly global endeavour, a comprehensive and international studentBusiness & Man
                                                                                     392 pages KMB,KMKLProject Management,International text of Organiz
                    . With project management becoming International Project Management \ The Context of International Projects in Terms that reflects
                                 This book in response to the needs the needsFunding Proposals \forstudents a Specialties,Social Lookingstarts where
                                               Introduction Idea Development and faculty and graduate a Health Funded Projectguide that Backward a
                                                                                         of graduate students Managing for a guide that \ Work & they begin
                    This book was written was written in \response toof faculty\112 pages\ MJ,JBS,JCOthermeaningful meaningfulstarts whereSocial Polic
                                   to CommunityCommunity Development Greenof pages KMHZ,JPP,JBMF &development with a - An Historical View P
                                                 to Development provides students community and economic economicManagement (General),Public o
                                                                                     328 Developing Communities Lorraine development with a theoretical a
                    IntroductionIntroductionJerry W. Robinson, Gary Paulprovides-students of community and\ Nonprofit Garkovichtheoretical and practica
                                 'Norman Flynn's excellent book has the been328 Sector in the United Kingdom \ Politics public management.editionSpee
                                               PART ONE \ Introduction \ The Public pages KFCP,KMHZ,KMHQ
                                                                                       the publication of a core text Policytext on and Public Sector \ The new
                                                                                                                Public core & Public Administration,Public & con
                    . `Norman Flynn's excellent book has long beenlong publication of choice as choice as aon public management. The newPublicNonp
                                 Publicness Contesting publicness : decline and proliferation \best books I have readand a difference,-diversity and 'the pe
                                               appears to be in decline or I think 232 pages of Re-assembling the nation individualism.Professor Carsten
                                                                                     in the face KMHQ,JBV,JPP   consumerism for : long time. Yet questions of p
                    Very stimulating and intellectually exciting. In fact, retreat it is one of themarkets, Social Policy Theory,Public Management,Public Po
                                 Non-profit organizations are under increasing demonstratedemonstrate that the and that Learning raised to \operate Non
                                                 are under increasing pressure to 232 to a Learning Culture \ Work Administration Culture Individual Le
                                                                                     pressure to impact and impact funds raised to operate their organization
                    Nonprofit organizationsNeed for a Learning Culture \ Barriers pages KMHZ,GRS,JBSDeveloping athe funds (General),Public &their
                                 As per the recent UNfor Sale: The Privatisationnot pages Supply 'Reform' Policy & Public Administration,Resourcepeo\
                                               `Reform` data 1.1 billion people worldwide doKMHQ,RNF,JPP aaccess to a Privatisationwide range of Ma
                                                                                         of have not have adequate Sale: water supply. A supply. Supply
                    As per the recent UN data 1.1 billion people worldwide do184 Wateradequate\ access tofor decent The decent water of WaterA wide ra
                                 Unlocking E-Government Potential provides a380 pagesInsights provides a Policyunderstandingof Clients Served and th
                                               Introduction Concepts, Cases and conceptualKMHQ,GRB,JPP conceptual Nature the potential of e-gover
                                                                                       Practical DEFINITION basis for & Public empirical basis for understan
                    Unlocking E-Government Potential: \ PART ONE: E-GOVERNMENT: and empirical AND SCOPE \and Administration,Public Manag
                                  the key concepts inconcepts inAccountability \224 Suzanne Benn brings together the essential as an inspectionto the re
                                                the key include: social responsibility,
                                                            SAGE corporate social responsibility, \ Corporate Citizenship \ Corporate Environmental releva
                                                                                       Business KMF             Business Ethics"Available issues relevant copy
                    Introducing Introducing Contentscorporate\Key Concepts seriespages EthicsSuzanne Benn brings together the essential issues Repor
                                 the area of the area of corporate CORPORATE as a constantly constantly evolving field with directorganizational strate
                                               corporate social responsibility (CSR) SOCIAL KMF,KMC Strategic Management & Business Policy (General
                                                                                     448 pages RESPONSIBILITY What is CSR? \ on impact on organiza
                    Presenting Presenting PART I: STRATEGICsocial responsibility (CSR) as aevolving field \with direct impact Corporate Strategy : A s
                                 Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibility is PART ONE: of articles covering core issues withinSOCIAL RES
                                               Annotated Contents \ Preface \ a contemporary collection INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATEissues within
                                                                                     376 pages KMF,KMKH,KMC Relations (Analysis),Business the controve
                    Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibility isContributorsa\ contemporary collection of articles covering core Ethics,Public
                                 Issues for Debate in Environmental Management is a contemporary collection & articles covering core issues within the
                                               Introduction Tom Price - is a New Environmentalism: Can New Business core issues within Environment?
                                                                                     448 pages KM,KMF articles covering Policies Save the the broad topic
                    Issues for Debate in Environmental\Management The contemporary collection ofBusiness of Management (General),Management a
                                 Incorporating the Seventh Edition standards and\ presenting the complex materials in a (General)"Available top an man
                                               An Introduction to Accounting Theory pages KF Theory up-to-date accounting theoryunderstandable insp
                                                                                     696 Accounting             Accounting/Finance clear and from the as academ
                    Like its previous editions,the latest accounting of Accounting Theory presentsmostand Accounting Research \ Development of the In
                                 The of this book was published atwithin the Global Context only a(mostly foreign) provided Internet banking services in s
                                               Indian this book was Books when only a few banks fewBanking,Financial Services"
                                                            Response a time          a time when \ E-Finance Delivery Channels: provided Internet banking \
                    The first edition first edition of Developments published at 212 pages KFFK,KNSTbanks (mostly foreign) Impact on the Bottom line In
                                 The study, teaching and socialLibrary in \ and1664 and Finance grown steadily overOn the Facility, Felicity and Moralit
                                                1: LAYINGSAGE and environmental accounting Churchman hasWest steadily over years in 40 years
                                                               practice of social Early reflections \ accounting C. grown the last 40 the last both develope
                                                                                       environmental has
                    The study, teaching and practice ofFOUNDATIONSAccounting pagesRNS,KFC Environmental- Accounting,Social Accounting" in bo
                                 Financial theory" has I: PHILOSOPHICALFor 1584 pagesKM,KF
                                               SECTION severalLibrary in Accounting and Finance
                                                            SAGE definitions. accounting system,major Business deal of attention, for twoMeasurement Ru
                                                                                     the purposes \ receive a great collection, accounting theory is here broa
                                                                                                                 Carl - Accounting - A System of reasons. First, th
                    The term "accountingstatements, the output of a firm's BACKGROUND ofDevine,reference & Management (General),Accounting/Fin
                                 'The strongest overview I&encountered of the scope and KM,KNSG,RG of research across all the Positioning of Touri
                                               Tazim Jamal Mike Robinson - General Introduction:current
                                                                                     736 scope and the The Evolution research across all the involved in ad
                                                                                                                Sociology of Leisure,Hospitality, Travel & involved
                    'This is the strongest overview I have have encountered of thepages the current state state of and Contemporaryfieldsfields Tourism M
                                 'This dictionary offers a unique contribution tofield?pages covers a broadAnalysis concepts and theories, enabling stude
                                               A Who Analysis \ figures in the 272 Acculturation Action the relevance ofResearch \ Addictions \ Adorno
                                                                                     the How KM,KNSG,YJB        Sociology      Action concepts in the field? This Tr
                    What is Leisure Studies?and B are the keyAbnormal Leisure \ field. Itcan we \evaluate range of\Leisure,Leisure Studies,Hospitality,is t
                                  place of upon the societies where people complain of 'over-work'? HowStudies, Shaun andLeisurechoice relate to of rele
                                               What is the traditions of British and North Americanand Cultural ApproachesBestLeisure\ (General),Hospitalit
                                                                                     Socio-Economic Leisure     Sociology of Sport to     and Participation the in
                    What is the'Drawing leisure in best Leisure Experience? \ 336 pages KM,KNSG,YJBdo personal freedomprovides a synthesisand C
                                 'A timely relevant, accessibleCultures ofaddressesUnderstanding Tourism From Leisure,Tourism to theTourism, Exper
                                               1. Introducing The book that Tourism: a critical of issues that areof -central tothat within the imagined-rea
                                                                                     184 pages KNSG,GTS,RGC     Sociology of arguing Choraster? development o
                    Sharp, engaging andand easily Tourist Cultures presents valuable numberinsights into tourismFlÔneur concern Studies,Hospitality, T
                                 'At last! tourism students to concepts drawn from critical theory, cultural studies andCommodifying Tourism Hannam and
                                               Understanding Tourism \ Understanding Tourism Regulating TourismSport and Leisure (General),Tourism
                                                                                     240 pages KNSG,JB Sociology of \ the social sciences. It \ Embodying
                    This text introducesA refreshingly lucid text for students that substantially\ enriches the analysis of tourism and tourists. does so withS
                                 'The current tourism textbook Key Concepts are theArts concepts Authenticity \of Sport and Leisure book presents Crisis
                                               IntroductionSAGE market isof Tourismwith books that in Sociology outdated modeBusiness Tourism studen
                                                              \ Anthropology saturated \ key JB
                                                                                     216                        Tourist an Backpacking \ this resource for \ a fre
                    Tourism is the fourth biggest industry in the world. What seriespagesTourism \conform to Studies? This essential (General),Tourism S
                                 This state-of-the-art handbook the topics of hospitality hospitality strategy with of theimmediate application of ideas to o
                                               The Strategic Management Process // Strategic Analysis an emphasis on
                                                                                     800 pages KNSG              \ Analysis an emphasis on immediate Stakeholde
                    This state-of-the-art handbook approachesapproaches the topics ofstrategy with Tourism Studies"Environment and Key application c
               Even though TourismJ.Sage aand Joanne dynamic pagesKM,KNSG history and Management (General),Hospitality, Tra
                              Stephen forms Library of Tourism, Hospitalitystudy, the development of it remains OF remains uncharted in
                                           Page dynamic field of study,Tourism Leisure
                                                                   2376 the & \ VOLUME 1: THE EVOLUTION it THE SUBJECT OF S
Even though Tourism forms a vibrant and vibrant and Connell -field ofhistory and Business & development ofuncharted in any signific
               `With its comprehensive ISSUES bestselling textstructureKMMS
                             PART ONE: coverage, clear, logical still IN MANAGEMENT RESEARCH \ Introductionimplementing particu
                                                                   288 pages and lucid, accessibleMethods for Business\ & Management (G
                                                                                           Research writing style, this to Starting Managem
. The highly-anticipated Fourth Edition of thisAND PROCESSES succeeds in providing a step-by-step guide masterful introduction t
               Integrating qualitative and edition, the Third Successful Research \ the definitive word Review \ The Philosophy of Mana
                             IntroductionSAGE series in methods, underpinned to an understanding of in for Business crucially, politics,
                                           \ quantitative Management Research
                                                                   368 continues by        Research Methods management research methods
. A phenomenal success from its firstThe Ingredients of Editionpages KMMSbe Doing a Literature philosophy and, & Management (G
                 of Business Business A Guide to Doing Your Research Project Research Topicconcise, accessible, student case \ Add
                             An Introduction to Business Research Developing a is aResearch a \ Conducting a Literature cuts through
                                                                   Doing Your Research Project' is Methods for Business & Management (G
. Essentials'Essentials ofResearch: Research: A Guide to 336 \pages KMMS,GRSconcise, student-friendly text that thatReview orien
               `It's not often thatIs Research article orWouldthat pages KMMS you Research plain, simpleBusiness & terms. Treasure
                              find you'll find book that book 448 explains what know The Scientific Approach to Treasure it' The Inter
                                                                       what you need to    need to know in such terms. Research \ - Andrew
`It's not often that you'llWhatan article oranand WhyexplainsAnyone Want To Do It? \in such Methods forplain, simple Management (G
               In key issues that concern Qualitativewith How To Use This Book \ Qualitative In this advanced textbook, theTWO: FU
                              the students are provided Research pages KMMS
                                                                     resources to: -understand the underlying philosophies of\qualitative resea
                                                                                           Overview of Qualitative Research PART author b
. What are thethis bookPART ONE: INTRODUCTION \the296in Business and Management?Techniques for Business & Managemen
               Handbook Acknowledgements \ About the contributors \ KMMSresource for Buchanan and Alan Bryman locating the tec
                             Handbook of Organizational Research pages a rich
                                                                   776 Methods provides Research Methods for researchers,Management (G
                                                                                            a rich organizational Business & - The organiza
The SAGE The SAGE of Organizational Research Methods providesPreface \ David A.resource for organizational researchers, loca
                 seeking to create meaningor doing action research, this book is an obligatory Introduction toand insights, \ text both ma
                               thinking about out of life, inspire 752 pages KMMS,JBSN,JBV
                                                                   others with publication Research Methods for Business & Management (G
                                                                                           of research discoveries Groundings and help Gay
'For anyone'For anyonePART ONE: GROUNDINGS \ Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury -point of reference. If any one Patricia the w
               Ideal for a minimum minimum of mathematical and knowledge, Business Research Researchand Statistics Using SPSS
                             PART ONE: GENERAL ORIENTATION statistical knowledge, Business AND MANAGEMENT \ Research,U
                                                                   560 pages KMMS           IN BUSINESS Methods Methods and Statistics S
. Ideal for those withthose with a of mathematical and statistical TO RESEARCH Research Methods for Business & Management (G
               Data Analysis Research: Research: A Step Chi-Square KMMS,GRS
                             One-Sample Tests: One-Sample By Step Nonparametric Research tools pertaining to Test& Management (G
                                          Response Books           320 pages Approach discusses Methods for Business Sign Test Wilcoxo
                                                                                            Approach discusses tools pertaining to tests, two
Data Analysis in Businessin Business A Step By Step NonparametricTest Kolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample one-sampleone-sample
               Research and research methods are extremely important toolsTheory in the scholarship. At(General),Organizationallies t
                             An Introduction to Theory Building and thisacademic academic At the core of every research method The
                                          Response Books            tools in Book \ in     Organization Studies the Reality, Knowledge, Sci
Research and research methods are extremely important 160 pages KMKH scholarship.Broader Context ofcore of every research m
               'This book provides an invaluable resource research this book and Review world researchEvaluation (General),Researc
                             Key Concepts For The Insider Researcher \ Search leadsResearch Relevant & in, for and through the workp
                                                                     practitioners engaged in real
                                                                                             the way Methods Knowledge And Information \ R
With the growth of work based learning and practitionerfor224 pages GRS,KMMS,YXDSOfby addressing key issues faced by 'inside
               Doing Action Research inOrganization is the essentialPreface \ PART 1researcher researcher on an action research pro
                              in Your Own Your Acknowledgements \ resource for any FOUNDATIONS \ Introducing Actionan action re
                                                                   184 is the GRS,YXDS,KMMSAction Research,Action embarking on Research:
Doing Action ResearchAbout The Authors \Own Organization pagesessential resource for any embarkingResearch/Practitioner Inqu
               Reflexive Methodology itself as a groundbreaking success, providing researchers constructionism, critical to a central to
                              established the intellectualization groundbreaking success, providing with an invaluable (General),Researc
                                                                    of method (Post-)positivism,
                                                                                           Research Methods & Evaluation invaluable guide p
Reflexive MethodologyIntroduction:established itself as a 360 pages \KMKH,KMMS,JCBsocialresearchers with anguiderealism: three
                                                                   144 pages
                 successful successful textbook has been fully updated to revised to make it even more accessible and comprehensiv
                                                                   400 pages GRS           Qualitative Research (General)"Available as an ins
This hugelyThis hugely textbook has been fully updated and revisedandmake it even more accessible and comprehensive than prev
               Matching user-friendly volume is like sitting in448 seminars with all eyes and methods courses the Third Whatas include
                             PART ONE: THEORY AND METHOD pages GRS,JBB,GTSC
                                                                     his IN QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Beginning Research \ Edition an ins
                                                                                           Qualitative Research (General)"Available Is Qualit
'Reading Silverman's the teaching and learning requirements of undergraduate qualitativeears,\ reflecting on each stage of an ongoin
               a lively, accessibleaccessible style, Doing \ Research, 3rdGRS,KMMS,MBGRstep-by-step CanÆt) Do the questions stud
                              lively, style, Doing Qualitative How To Use This Book \ QualitativeCan (And guide to all guide to all the R
                                                                   472 pages Edition provides You Research (General),Qualitative Techniq
                                                                                           What a
. Written in Written in aPART ONE: INTRODUCTION Qualitative Research , Third Edition provides a step-by-stepWith Qualitative qu
                                                                   168 pages KMMS,GRS      Interviewing,Qualitative Techniques for Business &
               Providing researchers with and Social and ProblemtheSearching the Literature \Methods & Evaluation from Studiesand M
                             IntroductionApplied accessible advice, pages series Fourth lauded Research Synthesis and Meta-Analys
                                            \ a practical the accessible advice, Edition of the
                                                                   280 \ Fourth the        Research of the lauded Research Synthesis \ Ev
Providing researchers with a practicalFormulating Research Methods GRS,JBB,JCB Edition Gathering Information (General)"Availab
               This award-winning text,Introduction \ WhatÆs PASW Goodbye \17 (formerly SPSSBook \ What the student will need an
                             PREFACE \ now fully updated important \ Statistics How To Use on Statistics), isBackground Knowledge
                                                                   856 pages introductory  Quantitative/Statistical that the (General)"Availab
. 'In this brilliant new edition Andy Field has introduced with New? newGRS,JC,KM material Thestatistics Researchonly book on statis
               Hot on the Whyedition of Andy Field's award-winning DiscoveringDiscovering Statistics Using SPSS brand new version
                              3rd of the 3rd edition of Andy Field's award-winning
                                                                   752 Learn Statistics? \Quantitative/StatisticalWanted comes this brand n
                                                                                             Everything You Ever Research Know About Stat
Hot on the heels ofthe heels Is My Evil Lecturer Forcing Me Topages GRS,YMStatistics Using SPSS comes thisTo(General),Statistic
                 is a succinct guide to EXCEL that can be used Using usedofFunctions It\ Computing to be used with otheratwith other sta
                              is a succinct guide FUNCTIONS \ in a range incourses. courses. It Averages Looking Variability \
                                                                    can be Excel a range   Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Quantit
This projectThis projectPART ONE: EXCELto EXCEL that128 pages KMMS,GRS of is intended is intended \to be usedstatistics book
                all pervasive trend to use statistical methods to understand and explainand explain the Data Editor and phenomena in
                              all pervasive trend to Books SPSS pages KMMS,GRS various situations and phenomena Viewer Imp
                                           to SPSS: : Starting 172 SPSS Main Menus         Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Resear
There is an There is an IntroductionResponse use statistical methods to understand Working withvarious situationsSPSS in different d
               TechniquesVery Briefin this book include Wright and London describe the basic regression \ ANOVA as regression mode
                              covered Introduction to R \ multilevel introduction to R \ Regression & Correlation,Mathematics & and \ ANC
                                                                   216 modeling, ANOVA and ANCOVA, regression techniques and provide
In a way that is refreshingly engaging and readable, Very briefpages GRS,P,JCBThe most useful path analysis, mediation Statistics"
               'With the appearancereference guide to data -728 pages arguments, practical quantitative disparate Data Analysis PAR
                              excellent of this handbook, basic theoretical KMPD,KMMS,GRS Methodsof techniques (General),Marketin
                                                                    Introduction: Common Threads dozens & Evaluation and the methodol
                                                                                             to consult
'This book provides an Melissa Hardy and Alan Bryman analysts no longer haveResearchamong Techniques of publications to \carry
               Agency-based Program The Purpose of this from Practice, theStephen A. Work & Social R. serves as aserves Evaluati
                             Introduction: Lessons from Practice, by\ Stephenby Kapp andProgram Anderson, \ A (General),Business &
                                                                   384 Making A. Case for Gary R. Evaluation Anderson, core textbook
Agency-based Program Evaluation: Evaluation: Lessons Book pages KM,JBS SocialKapp and Gary Policy Framework for as a corM
                                                                   336 pages KMMS          Research Methods for Business & Management (G
               A new addition to the SAGE Study Skills series, an bookKMan invaluable resource for any Roles \ and management s
                              IntroductionSkills Study this book184 pages is
                                            \ GETTING A PLACEMENT \ Finding a Placement \ &business and management student inten
                                                                     is                    Business Management (General),Study Skills (G
A new addition to the SAGE StudySAGE series,Skills Seriesthis invaluable resource for anyApplying for businessInterviews and Asse
               This at University understand comprehensiveand personal development Skills incorporatesincorporating coverage im
                             How to comprehensive study skills development \ personal developmentpersonalcoverage an inspection co
                                          SAGE Study Skills Series pages JDL
                                                                   272                     to plan your own guide, development \ How skill
How to Succeedbook uniquelyis a uniquelyyourself and yourstudy skills and How Studyguide, (General)"Available as of personaltoof
                 Burns introduce edition: "The effect on our 344 SecondJDL starWatch Anne Schofield, discuss College, Oxford. Stude
                             Background \ Essential Study SeriesUniversity like
                                          SAGE Study Skills Skills - pages \ How dust!" Sandra (General)"Available as an inspection ch
                                                                   to                      Study Skills Sinfield Ruskin one of her course \ co
Watch TomPraise for the firsthis bookIntroduction \ Goingstudents was Edition.universities work \ How to understand your favourite Le
               The Literature Review SAGE Multiple Purposes ofpages is its relevance to Skills (General),ResearchConducting Evalua
                             Introductions\ a concise of its great strengths JDL,GRS,YJB\ Sources of Information and the literature revie
                                             The Study Skills Series a Literature Review
                                                                   184                     Study all students in Higher Education required to u
`I highly recommend Diana Ridley is book. Onestep-by-step guide to conducting a literature search and writing up Methods & Search
               Writing Business Essays is to Essay Skills Essays is a systematic guide to successfully producing& Management (Genera
                             An Introduction a Study Writing \ Planning \ Reading andStudy Skills (UG),Business written work for busine
                                           and Management Series pages KM,JDL
                                                                   160                       Making Notes \ Material management degrees. Th
How to Write Successful BusinessSAGE systematic guide to successful written work during business and \ Writing Essays \ Referen
               Good Essay Writing provides answersproven key questions which face\students when preparing essays: What essays. co
                             Introduction-\but there are Look for with The OpenEssays What Is can helpScience Essay?good do tutors
                                             What Tutors to the approachesJDL University Skills Social everyone write \ inspection T
                                                                   132 pages and           Study
Top marks can not be guaranteed Published in associationWhen Marking techniques which a(General)"Available as anMatching the
               Essay student guide withis a Study SkillsBookstudents toand enable Study Skills write better essays by demystifyingPlan
                              Introduction: a mission: this Seriesa pages JDL Writingstudents by demystifying the Essay Question the
                                          SAGE to Use guide with Learning to                  essays to (General),Essays/Dissertations,Study
Essay Writing is a Writing in Context Howstudentto enable240 mission:write betterat University Answering the essay-writing processS
               Dissertations can rewarding, Study Skillsand for the Social Sciences? any part to (General),Essays/Dissertations"Availab
                             Introduction: most and for some the most stressful, part of \ Ready of research? \ What is degree course, pro
                                          SAGE rewarding, Series pages JDL,CTK Study Skills any undergraduate expected in your o
Dissertations can be the mostbe the why do a dissertation 280some the most stressful, undergraduate degree course, providing the d
               Praise designed edition:postgraduate andSeries pages JDL with theThe Skills (General)"Available asexamination ofco
                             PART ONE: `This bookSkillsOF ACADEMIC WRITING whatever stage they areThe Intellectual Despite m
                                          SAGE Study will research benefit
                                                                   184                        process, preparation, with and an inspection t
This new edition isfor the 1st to helpTHE PROCESSundoubtedlystudentsanyone\StudyResearch Thesis \writingtheir work. Content of
               Your of theWhat'shelpful I have seenTypes of 296 pages undergraduate students (General)"Availableto managing and co
                               most It Dissertation: The Essential helping JDL,JBB,JCB What Will It Be About? How Do and principles
                                          SAGE What in terms Dissertations Are There?
                                                                    of                     Study Skills understand guide as an Get Started?
'This book is oneUndergraduate All For? \Study Skills SeriesGuide for Success is a \practical step-by-stepthe\methods I inspectionde
                Masters Dissertation isEssential Study Skills series preparing and writing a dissertation at writing a dissertation at Mas
                             PART ONE: a practical and comprehensive guide to researching, preparing and Is a Masters? Managing Yo
                                            ESSENTIAL to researching,
                                                                   496 pages JDL           Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspection co
Doing Your A practical and comprehensive guide PREPARATION FOR YOUR DISSERTATION \ What Masters level. \Key features
               'Amongst the plethora of advice and guidance176 pages JDL the Supervision Process \ The Changing Context for Pos
                             Opening and guidance books and articlesand articles now available for postgraduate researchers, I would ad
                                                                    books now Up           Study Skills (General)"
'Amongst the plethora of advice up the Supervision Process \ Openingavailable for postgraduate researchers, I would advise my stu
               'This is a splendid contribution for enhancingquestion \carry outmanagement \ The(General),Research Methods your ques
                             Your introduction: starting with a research capacity.research? Skills literature review \ and vigour, & do a R
                                                                     how to Project In combining balance, accessibility Decide on it models
Are you doing a research project? Do you need advice on272 pages JDL,GRS,CTK With many practical examples, How to Evalua
               The Postgraduate's Companion is research degree Dr Ged Hall and of support andStudy,Study Skills Ian Haines, memb
                             Introduction and How to practical and pages JDF,JDL Postgraduate a What isfor Postgraduate Research
                                                                   520 - student source Dr Jo Longman \ single a anyone contemplating
'At last virtually everything that a postgraduateaUse this Book accessibleshould need to know in guidancevolume.'.(PG)"Available as
           Cloth ISBN                      Cloth PricePre-Pub Price        Paper ISBN            Paper Price
           Cl 978-1-84860-085-0            #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-086-7 #29.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-4877-7            #95.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-4878-4 #35.99
           Cl 978-1-84787-342-2            #46.99                          Pa 978-1-84787-343-9 #13.99
Organizational Behaviour (General),Organizational Psychology (General)" Pa 978-8-17-829896-2 #14.99
           Cl 978-0-8039-7323-7            #85.00                          Pa 978-0-8039-7324-4 #47.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-3123-6            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-280-7            #600.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-2385-9            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-3427-5            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-587-7            #165.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-2383-5            #70.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2384-2 #24.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7582-7 #24.99
Sociology (General),Globalization,Organization Studies (General)"Available as an inspection copy
           Cl 978-1-84860-679-1            #68.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-680-7 #22.99
           Cl 978-1-84860-016-4            #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-017-1 #27.99
Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy            Pa 978-1-4129-3979-9 #36.99
           Cl 978-1-84787-569-3            #85.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-5078-7            #54.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5079-4 #32.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-1684-4            #36.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7088-4 #36.99
Management Communication,Organizational Communication"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                           Pa Communication"Available as
Organizational Communication,Speech Communication (General),Management978-1-4129-7691-6 #34.99 an inspection copy
           Cl 978-1-4129-5668-0            #44.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5669-7 #22.00
           Cl 978-8-13-210246-5            #45.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-3400-8            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-84860-868-9            #600.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-900-4            #600.00
           Cl 978-1-84860-121-5            #600.00 #550.00
           Cl 978-1-84860-666-1            #600.00 #550.00
           Cl 978-8-17-829909-9            #45.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-1515-1            #425.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-1220-4            #80.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-1221-1 #28.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-2833-5            #75.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2834-2 #26.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-2677-5            #69.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2678-2 #27.99
           Cl 978-1-84787-901-1            #575.00
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7515-5 #26.99
Teamwork in Organizations,Organization Studies (General),Leadership & Management"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7826-2   (General)"
Families, Work and Organizations,Occupational/Industrial Psychology,Human Resource Management#38.00
           Cl 978-1-84860-029-4            #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-030-0 #32.99
           Cl 978-1-84787-330-9            #60.00                          Pa 978-1-84787-331-6 #19.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-2829-8            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-283-8            #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84787-293-7 #32.99
Human Resource Management (General),Business & Management (General)" 978-8-13-210075-1 #14.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-5491-4            #70.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5492-1 #32.00
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7762-3 #37.99
Group Processes/Dynamics,Occupational/Industrial Psychology,Teamwork in Organizations"
           Cl 978-1-4129-6743-3            #55.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-5088-6            #60.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5089-3 #32.99
Human Resource Development (General),Management Skills (General)"          Pa 978-8-17-829932-7 #14.99
                                                                           Pa 978-8-13-210081-2 #14.99
Vocational and Professional Studies (General),Human Resource Development (General),Organization Studies (General)"
Psychology (General),Human Resource Management (General)"                  Pa 978-8-13-210078-2 #14.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-2298-2            #85.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2299-9 #29.99
           Cl 978-1-84920-722-5            #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-723-2 #30.99
           Cl 978-1-4129-3539-5            #90.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-4455-7            #60.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-4456-4 #32.00
           Cl 978-1-4129-3080-2            #600.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-493-1            #600.00
           Cl 978-1-84787-044-5            #600.00
Business & Management (General)"                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7776-0 #32.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-1216-7           #73.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-1217-4 #23.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-542-6           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-288-6 #26.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-146-8           #90.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-7075-4           #50.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-1655-4 #26.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7488-2 #34.99
Leadership,Leadership & Management,Speech Communication (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84920-738-6           #45.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-739-3 #13.99
            Cl 978-1-84920-023-3           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-024-0 #29.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-2304-0           #78.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2305-7 #26.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-340-8           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84787-341-5 #29.99
Leadership"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-4129-7016-7           #37.99                          Pa 978-1-4129-7017-4 #18.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-5499-0           #35.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5500-3 #21.99
Leadership"Available as an inspection copy                                 Pa 978-1-4129-3908-9 #34.99
Leadership"Available as an inspection copy                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8019-7 #28.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-7468-4           #53.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-7469-1 #20.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7284-0 #40.99
Organizational Theory,Women in Management,Organizational Culture"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84920-151-3           #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-152-0 #34.99
            Cl 978-1-84920-119-3           #70.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-120-9 #23.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-4786-2           #48.99                          Pa 978-1-4129-4787-9 #13.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3564-7           #575.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-355-2           #425.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-0884-9           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-1012-5 #24.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-024-9           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-025-6 #28.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-4748-0           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-4749-7 #24.99
Small Business/Entrepreneurship"Available as an inspection copy            Pa 978-1-4129-5798-4 #32.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-500-6           #695.00
Operations Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy            Pa 978-1-4129-2570-9 #36.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-731-6           #60.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-732-3 #19.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-445-2           #425.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-2408-5           #90.00
            Cl 978-8-17-829927-3           #45.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-0348-6           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-0349-3 #29.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3104-5           #45.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-3105-2 #15.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-5364-1 #49.99
International Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-4129-4469-4           #60.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-4470-0 #28.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-5028-2 #37.99
Management and the Environment,International Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84920-766-9           #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-767-6 #34.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-035-5           #65.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-036-2 #21.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7010-5 #31.99
Intercultural Communication,International Business & Management (General),Mass Communication (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-6770-9 #39.99
Intercultural Communication,International Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84920-570-2           #90.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-571-9 #34.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-877-1           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84860-878-8 #29.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-498-6           #60.00                          Pa 978-1-84787-499-3 #19.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-505-1           #90.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-1148-1           #65.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-1149-8 #22.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3428-2           #90.00
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7041-9 #32.99
Advertising & Promotion,International Marketing"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84920-465-1           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-466-8 #32.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3430-5           #90.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-3431-2 #33.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-6312-1           #44.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-5346-7           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-5347-4 #30.99
            Cl 978-1-84920-145-2           #85.00                          Pa 978-1-84920-146-9 #29.99
                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7491-2 #29.99
Advertising (Analysis),Mass Communication (General),Advertising & Promotion"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-0-7619-4856-8           #70.00                          Pa 978-0-7619-4857-5 #21.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-049-0           #75.00                          Pa 978-1-84787-050-6 #24.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-2114-5           #65.00                          Pa 978-1-4129-2115-2 #22.99
            Cl 978-1-84920-155-1             #85.00                         Pa 978-1-84920-156-8 #29.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3121-2             #75.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-3122-9 #24.99
            Cl 978-1-84787-926-4             #75.00                         Pa 978-1-84787-927-1 #24.99
Judgment & Decision Making"Available as an inspection copy                  Pa 978-1-4129-5903-2 #34.99
Social Marketing"Available as an inspection copy                            Pa 978-1-4129-5647-5 #39.99
Social Marketing"Available as an inspection copy                            Pa 978-1-4129-5369-6 #30.99
Advertising & Promotion,Advertising (Analysis),Marketing Strategy & Theory" a 978-8-17-829943-3 #14.99
Brand Management,Marketing (General)"Available as an inspection copy Pa 978-8-13-210234-2 #14.99
Brand Management,Marketing (General)"                                       Pa 978-8-13-210229-8 #14.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-208-3             #600.00
            Cl 978-1-84860-117-8             #825.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-570-9             #425.00
            Cl 978-1-84860-704-0             #575.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-3429-9             #450.00
            Cl 978-8-13-210300-4             #1100.00
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7235-2 #36.99
Organization Studies (General),Human Resource Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-4129-3546-3             #50.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-3547-0 #13.99
Business & Management (General),Change Management"                          Pa 978-8-13-210233-5 #14.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-6427-2             #380.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-6142-4             #205.00 #165.00
                                                                             & 978-8-17-829862-7 #14.99
Economics (General),International Political Economy,International Business PaManagement (General)"
            Cl 978-1-84920-728-7             #90.00                         Pa 978-1-84920-729-4 #32.99
Organizational Communication,Management Communication,Leadership" Pa 978-1-4129-6667-2 #24.99
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-5413-6 #28.99
Strategic Management & Business Policy (General)"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-84787-401-6             #425.00
            Cl 978-1-84860-716-3             #50.00                         Pa 978-1-84860-717-0 #15.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-3457-2             #70.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-3458-9 #22.99
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7773-9 #30.99
Business & Management (General),Gifted & Talented Education"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-0-85702-375-9             #600.00 #550.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-245-6             #80.00                         Pa 978-1-84787-246-3 #26.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-6045-8             #90.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-577-8             #90.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-332-3             #75.00                         Pa 978-1-84787-333-0 #26.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-4620-9             #85.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-4621-6 #28.99
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8042-5 #24.99
Other Health Specialties,Social Work & Social Policy (General),Psychology (General),Business & Management (General)"
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7462-2 #37.99
Public & Nonprofit Management (General),Public Policy & Public Administration,Rural Sociology"Available as an inspection copy
            Cl 978-1-4129-2992-9             #78.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-2993-6 #26.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-4844-9             #65.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-4845-6 #21.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-6766-2             #52.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-6767-9 #27.99
            Cl 978-8-17-829874-0             #27.00
                                                                            Pa 978-8-17-829928-0 #14.99
Public Policy & Public Administration,Public Management,New Media and Communication Technology"
            Cl 978-1-84787-928-8             #60.00                         Pa 978-1-84787-929-5 #19.99
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7453-0
Strategic Management & Business Policy (General),Business Ethics"Available as an inspection copy #33.99
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7756-2 #21.99
Public Relations (Analysis),Business Ethics,Public Relations (Practice)"Available as an inspection copy
Business & Management (General),Management and the Environment"             Pa 978-1-4129-7877-4 #21.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-5345-0             #70.00
Banking,Financial Services"                                                 Pa 978-8-13-210245-8 #14.99
            Cl 978-1-84860-169-7             #600.00
            Cl 978-1-84787-609-6             #600.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-2397-2             #90.00
            Cl 978-1-4129-1995-1             #60.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-1996-8 #19.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-0385-1             #70.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-0386-8 #24.99
            Cl 978-0-7619-4997-8             #60.00                         Pa 978-0-7619-4998-5 #19.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-2277-7             #65.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-2278-4 #22.99
            Cl 978-1-4129-2104-6             #65.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-2105-3 #20.99
Tourism Studies"                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-0590-9 #75.00
           Cl 978-1-84860-568-8             #895.00
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Research Methods for Business & Management (General),Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"Available as an inspection copy Pa 978-1-4129-3705-4 #29.00
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Quantitative Techniques for Business & Management Research"
                                                                            & Management (General)"
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods for Business Pa 978-8-13-210100-0 #14.99
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Marketing Research,Research Methods for Business & Management (General)"Available as an insp
                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-3984-3 copy
Social Work & Social Policy (General),Business & Management (General)"Available as an inspection #30.99
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Electronic ISBN     Electronic Price

El 978-1-84920-448-4 #70.00

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El 978-0-85702-150-2 #95.00

El 978-0-85702-309-4 #70.00

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