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									  Organization         Organization Description      Award Name                 Description             Deadline(s)             Web Address
                                                                     The Dissertation Fellowship
                    The Foundation is intended, by                   Program seeks to encourage a
                    Spencer's direction, to                          new generation of scholars                        http://www.spencer.org/cont
    Spencer         investigate ways in which                        from a wide range of               Cycle begins   ent.cfm/dissertation-
   Foundation       education, broadly conceived,                    disciplines and professional        June 2010     fellowships-in-education-
                    can be improved around the                       fields to undertake research                      program
                    world.                                           relevant to the improvement of
                                                                     This research will address
                                                                     topics of concern and provide
                                                                     input for policy makers. The
                                                                     fellowships will generate such
The International   A non-profit organization                        research by providing financial
                                                     Sheik Nahayan
   Research         whose goal is to generate new                    support for graduate students
                                                        Doctoral                                                       http://www.tirfonline.org/nah
 Foundation for     knowledge about English                          enrolled in doctoral programs      N/A for 2010
                                                      Dissertation                                                     ayanfellowshipscall.html
English Language    language teaching and                            in language education
   Education        learning.                                        throughout the world who focus
                                                                     their own dissertations on
                                                                     topics that would inform
                                                                     education policy makers in the
                                                                     Arab world.

                    The American Educational
                                                                     The A² Fellows program is
                    Research Association (AERA),
                                                                     designed to support early
                    a national research society,
                                                                     career scholars by providing
   American         strives to advance knowledge                                                                       http://www.aera.net/WorkAr
                                                                     intensive research and training
  Educational       about education, to encourage     AERA-AIR
                                                                     opportunities to recent doctoral   N/A for 2010   ea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id
   Research         scholarly inquiry related to      Fellowships
                                                                     recipients in fields and                          &ItemID=698
  Association       education, and to promote the
                                                                     disciplines related to the
                    use of research to improve
                                                                     scientific study of education
                    education and serve the public
                                                                     and education processes.
                                                                   This fellowship is designed to
                                                                   provide learning opportunities
                The American Educational                           and practical experience to
                Research Association (AERA),                       recent doctoral degree
                a national research society,                       recipients and to early career
 American       strives to advance knowledge        AERA-ETS       research scientists in areas
Educational     about education, to encourage       Fellowship     such as educational
                                                                                                        N/A for 2010   /Default.aspx?menu_id=48&id
 Research       scholarly inquiry related to        Program in     measurement, assessment
Association     education, and to promote the      Measurement     design, psychometrics,
                use of research to improve                         statistical analyses, large-scale
                education and serve the public                     evaluations, and other studies
                good.                                              directed toward explaining
                                                                   student progress and
                                                                   This program offers doctoral
                The American Educational
                                                                   fellowships to enhance the
                Research Association (AERA),
                                                                   competitiveness of outstanding
                a national research society,
                                                     Minority      minority scholars for academic
 American       strives to advance knowledge
                                                    Fellowship     appointments at major                               http://www.aera.net/fellowships
Educational     about education, to encourage
                                                    Program in     research universities by             N/A for 2010   /Default.aspx?menu_id=48&id
 Research       scholarly inquiry related to
                                                    Education      supporting their conducting                         =88
Association     education, and to promote the
                                                    Research       education research and by
                use of research to improve
                                                                   providing mentoring and
                education and serve the public
                                                                   guidance toward completion of
                                                                   their doctoral studies.
                                                                   Each Year APF awards up to
                The American Psychological                         five Koppitz Graduate Student
                Foundation (APF) provides                          Fellowships to promote the
                financial support for innovative                   advancement of knowledge
  American      research and programs that                         and learning in the field of child
                                                   Koppitz Child                                                       http://www.apa.org/apf/fundi
Psychological   enhance the power of                               psychology. Several runner-up        N/A for 2010
                                                    Psychology                                                         ng/koppitz.aspx
 Foundation     psychology to elevate the                          applicants receive travel
                human condition and advance                        stipends to attend the APA
                human potential both now and                       Convention and other
                in generations to come.                            conferences in child
                The American Psychological
                Foundation (APF) provides
                                                                    The Esther Katz Rosen
                financial support for innovative
                                                                    Fellowships supports activities
  American      research and programs that
                                                    The Esther Katz related to the psychological                   http://www.apa.org/apf/fundi
Psychological   enhance the power of                                                                    1-Mar-10
                                                   Rosen Fellowship understanding of gifted and                    ng/rosen.aspx
 Foundation     psychology to elevate the
                                                                    talented children and
                human condition and advance
                human potential both now and
                in generations to come.

                                                                     MFP seeks to attract talented
                ASA is a non-profit
                                                                     doctoral students to ensure a
                membership association based
                                                                     diverse and highly trained
 American       in Washington, DC dedicated            Minority
                                                                     workforce is available to                     http://www.asanet.org/fundin
Sociological    to advancing sociology as a           Fellowship                                        31-Jan
                                                                     assume leadership roles in                    g/mfp.cfm
Association     scientific discipline and              Program
                                                                     research related to the nation’s
                profession serving the public
                                                                     mental health and drug abuse
                                                                     research agendas.
                UNESCO functions as a
                laboratory of ideas and a
                standard-setter to forge
                universal agreements on                              Graduate and Postgraduate
                emerging ethical issues. The                         candidates for study abroad                   http://portal.unesco.org/en/e
                Organization also serves as a                        wishing to: Pursue Training;
                                                      UNESCO                                                       v.php-
 UNESCO         clearinghouse – for the                              Undertake Advanced                 Ongoing
                                                     Fellowships                                                   URL_ID=7972&URL_DO=DO_T
                dissemination and sharing of                         Research; Upgrade Skills;
                information and knowledge –                          Attend specialized or refresher               OPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
                while helping Member States                          courses
                to build their human and
                institutional capacities in
                diverse fields.
                 PDK strives to prepare the next
                 generation of educators as well
                 as to serve practicing teachers,
                 administrators, college
                                                      Graduate        For members who will be full-
                 educators, and those
                                                    Fellowships in    time graduate students from 1                      http://www.pdkintl.org/award
Phi Delta Kappa concerned about public                                                                    N/A for 2010
                                                     Educational      July 2008 through 30 June                          s/graduate.htm
                 education through a wide
                                                     Leadership       2009.
                 range of innovative initiatives
                 based on visionary leadership,
                 relevant research, and
                 dedicated service.
                 SPSSI is an association of
                 approximately 3000                                   To encourage research that is
                 psychologists, allied                                conducted in cooperation with
 Society for the                                                                                                         http://www.spssi.org/index.cf
                 scientists, and others, who are                      a community or government
 Psychological                                      Applied Social
                 interested in the application of                     organization, public interest        19-Apr-10     m?fuseaction=page.viewpage
Study of Social                                   Issues Internship
                 research on the psychological                        group or other not-for-profit                      &pageid=637
                 aspects of important social                          entity that will benefit directly
                 issues to public policy                              from the project.
                 SPSSI is an association of
                 approximately 3000                                   This fellowship is administered
                 psychologists, allied                                in conjunction with APA’s
 Society for the                                  Dalmas A. Taylor                                                       http://www.spssi.org/index.cf
                 scientists, and others, who are                      Minority Fellowship Office, and
 Psychological                                    Memorial Summer
                 interested in the application of                     provides an opportunity for a        1-Apr-10      m?fuseaction=page.viewpage
Study of Social                                     Minority Policy
                 research on the psychological                        graduate student of color to                       &pageid=743
     Issues                                          Fellowship
                 aspects of important social                          work on public policy issues in
                 issues to public policy                              Washington, DC.
                                                                       The Scholar participates in
                                                                       supervised activities including
                                                                       using psychological research
                                                                       to (1) analyze specific social
                  SPSSI is an association of                           policies; (2) develop policy
                  approximately 3000                                   advocacy; and (3) work with
                  psychologists, allied                                SPSSI members on policy
Society for the                                                                                                         http://www.spssi.org/index.cf
                  scientists, and others, who are      The James       projects. The policy focus of
                  interested in the application of    Marshall Public this work varies from year to          1-Apr-10   m?fuseaction=page.viewpage
Study of Social
                  research on the psychological      Policy Fellowship year as SPSSI and APA                            &pageid=747
                  aspects of important social                          priorities shift and as the
                  issues to public policy                              interests and expertise of the
                  solutions.                                           Scholar differ. An endowment
                                                                       provided by the James
                                                                       Marshall Foundation in part
                                                                       supports the work of this

                  The National Center for                               This university-wide,
                  Institutional Diversity (NCID)                        interdisciplinary initiative seeks
                  catalyzes innovative                                  to advance the Center’s
                  approaches to diversity                               national commitment to
The National      challenges and opportunities                          institutional diversity as well as
  Center for      within the university, other                          its strategic agenda to bridge
                                                 NCID Postdoctoral
 Institutional    major social institutions, the                        exemplary scholarship with                      http://www.ncid.umich.edu/f
                                                    Fellowship                                               1-Nov-10
   Diversity      nation, and the world.                                multilevel engagement, and                      ellows/postdoc.shtml
(University of    Addressing diversity in its                           innovation. This fellowship
  Michigan)       richest, broadest sense, the                          program is also designed to
                  NCID promotes, launches, and                          help recruit outstanding faculty
                  advances national exemplars                           with strong commitments to
                  that foster concrete, lasting                         diversity within a range of U-M
                  social change.                                        academic units.
                                                   NIH Postdoctoral
National Institute                                   Research &     Several Postdoctoal Fellowship                     http://www.training.nih.gov/p
    of Health                                          Training     Opportunities in health                            ostdoctoral/pdopps.asp

                                                                     Putting Children First provides
                  The National Center for
                                                                     an opportunity for doctoral
                  Children and Families
                                                                     students to link their academic
                  advances the policy, education,
                                                   Putting Children learning with their interests in
                  and development of children
 National Center                                    First: Summer social policy. Fellows spend
                  and their families. In the                                                                           http://ccf.tc.columbia.edu/su
 for Children and                                     Fellowship     eight weeks in New York City           N/A
                  course of these efforts, we                                                                          mmerfellowships.html
     Families                                      Program in Child and learn first hand the policy
                  challenge the status quo that
                                                  and Family Policy* formation and implementation
                  perpetuates inequalities among
                                                                     process by working in a City,
                  children, and their eventual
                                                                     State or international agency
                  success as productive citizens.
                                                                     on a policy relevant project.

                                                                      American Fellowships support
                                                                      women doctoral candidates
                                                                      completing dissertations or
                                                                      scholars seeking funds for
                                                                      postdoctoral research leave
                 Since 1881 the American                              from accredited institutions.
                 Association of University                            Applicants must be U.S.                          http://www.aauw.org/educati
                 Women has been the nation's           American       citizens or permanent
 Association of                                                                                         N/A for 2010   on/fga/fellowships_grants/am
                 leading voice promoting              Fellowships     residents. Candidates are
University Women                                                                                                       erican.cfm
                 education and equity for                             evaluated on the basis of
                 women and girls.                                     scholarly excellence, teaching
                                                                      experience, and active
                                                                      commitment to helping women
                                                                      and girls through service in
                                                                      their communities, professions,
                                                                      or fields of research.
                                                                    International Fellowships are
                                                                    awarded for full-time study or
                    Since 1881 the American
                                                                    research in the United States
                    Association of University                                                                         http://www.aauw.org/educati
    American                                                        to women who are not United
                    Women has been the nation's       International
  Association of                                                    States citizens or permanent       N/A for 2010   on/fga/fellowships_grants/int
                    leading voice promoting            Fellowships
University Women                                                    residents. Both graduate and                      ernational.cfm
                    education and equity for
                                                                    postgraduate study at
                    women and girls.
                                                                    accredited institutions are
                    ACE serves as a consensus                       The ACE Fellows Program
                    leader on key higher education                  enables participants to                           http://www.acenet.edu/Cont
American Council issues and seeks to influence                      immerse themselves in the                         ent/NavigationMenu/Program
                                                    ACE Fellowships                                    N/A for 2010
  on Education      public policy through advocacy,                 culture, policies, and decision-                  sServices/FellowsProgram/ind
                    research, and program                           making processes of another                       ex.htm
                    initiatives.                                    institution.
                                                                    The Women’s Research &
                    WREI's mission is to identify
                                                                    Education Institute (WREI)
                    issues affecting women and
    Women's                                                         offers a fellowship program
                    their roles in the family,            WREI
  Research and                                                      that places current or recent                     http://www.wrei.org/Fellows.ht
                    workplace, and public arena,     Congressional                                     N/A for 2010
Education Institute                                                 graduate students in the                          m
                    and to inform and help shape         Fellows
   Fellowships                                                      Washington, D.C. offices of
                    the public policy debate on
                                                                    Members of Congress and on
                    these issues.
                                                                    House and Senate staffs.
                                                                     The primary goal of the training
                                                                     programs is to provide
                                                                     advanced research training in
                 The aim was to transcend the                        human development for
                 limitations of institutional and                    persons in the social and
                 disciplinary divisions in order to                  behavioral sciences,
                 facilitate scholarship and                          education, and health-related
                 collaboration among faculty                         areas. The programs have a
The Center for   and young scientists. In the                        special focus on training in
Developmental    first six years of its existence,                   longitudinal methodology and       N/A     www.cds.unc.edu
   Science       the Consortium focused on                           analysis, on the social ecology
                 issues of developmental theory                      of development, on the
                 and research, providing                             educational and health
                 proseminars, workshops and                          implications of behavioral study
                 lectures, and postdoctoral                          from infancy through
                 training.                                           adolescence and mid-life, and
                                                                     on the implications for
                                                                     research on health promotion
                                                                     and problem prevention.

                                                                     Interns in this two-month
                                                                     program participate in research
                                                                     under the guidance of a senior
                                                                     ETS staff member in one of                 http://www.ets.org/portal/sit
                                                                     these areas: measurement                   e/ets/menuitem.1488512ecfd
                                                      ETS Summer     theory, validity, natural                  5b8849a77b13bc3921509/?vg
                 To advance quality and equity
                                                        Internship   language processing and
                 in education by providing fair                                                                 nextoid=0206d635e06ed010V
    ETS                                                Program for   computational linguistics,         1-Feb
                 and valid assessments,                                                                         gnVCM10000022f95190RCRD
                                                        Graduate     cognitive psychology, learning
                 research, and related services.                                                                &vgnextchannel=a564d635e0
                                                         Students    theory, linguistics, speech
                                                                     recognition and processing,                6ed010VgnVCM10000022f951
                                                                     teaching and classroom                     90RCRD
                                                                     research, statistics, and
                                                                     international large scale
                                                       Individuals selected for
                                                       fellowships conduct
                                                       independent research in ETS’s
                                                       offices in Princeton, N.J. A
                                                       wide-variety of research is
      To advance quality and equity                    acceptable including:                      5b8849a77b13bc3921509/?vg
      in education by providing fair                   measurement theory, validity,              nextoid=a7d6d635e06ed010V
ETS                                   Fellowship Award                                  Ongoing
      and valid assessments,                           natural language processing                gnVCM10000022f95190RCRD
      research, and related services.                  and computational linguistics,             &vgnextchannel=0d03d635e0
                                                       cognitive psychology, learning
                                                       theory, linguistics, speech
                                                       recognition and processing,                90RCRD
                                                       teaching and classroom
                                                       research, and statistics.

                                                       Studies focused on issues in
                                                       the areas of measurement
                                                       theory, validity, natural
                                                       language processing and
                                                       computational linguistics,
                                        Sylvia Taylor                                             5b8849a77b13bc3921509/?vg
      To advance quality and equity                    cognitive psychology, learning
                                      Johnson Minority
      in education by providing fair                   theory, linguistics, speech                nextoid=444866bbe26ed010V
ETS                                     Fellowship in                                   Ongoing
      and valid assessments,                           recognition and processing,                gnVCM10000022f95190RCRD
      research, and related services.                  teaching and classroom                     &vgnextchannel=4685d635e0
                                                       research, and statistics are
                                                       supported by this program.
                                                       Studies concerning the                     90RCRD
                                                       education of minority students
                                                       are especially encouraged.
                                                                      During the academic year
                                                                      selected fellows study at their
                                                                      universities and participate in a                  http://www.ets.org/portal/sit
                                                                      research project under the                         e/ets/menuitem.1488512ecfd
                                                                      supervision of an academic                         5b8849a77b13bc3921509/?vg
                   To advance quality and equity     Harold Gulliksen
                                                                      mentor and in consultation with
                   in education by providing fair     Psychometric                                                       nextoid=c2ea66bbe26ed010V
      ETS                                                             an ETS research scientist.           Ongoing
                   and valid assessments,               Research                                                         gnVCM10000022f95190RCRD
                                                                      During the summer, fellows are
                   research, and related services.     Fellowship                                                        &vgnextchannel=b060d635e0
                                                                      invited to participate in the
                                                                      Summer Internship Program                          6ed010VgnVCM10000022f951
                                                                      for Graduate Students working                      90RCRD
                                                                      under the guidance of an ETS

                                                                       Students in any discipline
                                                                       entering their senior
                   The purpose of this Fellowship                      undergraduate year or a
                   program is to recognize and                         candidate for a PhD who will
 Josephine de                                         Josephine De
                   assist students whose                               defend his/her dissertation by
     Kármán                                             Kármán                                            N/A for 2010   http://www.dekarman.org/
                   scholastic achievements reflect                     June 2009 are eligible for a
Fellowship Trust                                       Fellowship
                   Professor von Kármán's high                         2008-2009 fellowship.
                   standards.                                          Postdoctoral and masters
                                                                       degree students are not
                                                                       eligible for consideration.
                  The mission of the American
                  Council of Learned Societies is
                                                                        Mellon/ACLS Recent Doctoral
                  "the advancement of
                                                                        Recipients Fellowships are to
                  humanistic studies in all fields
                                                                        assist young scholars in the
                  of learning in the humanities
                                                                        humanities and related social
                  and the social sciences and
                                                                        sciences (1) in the first or
The Andrew        the maintenance and
                                                      Mellon/ACLS       second year following
Mellon Foundation strengthening of relations
                                                      Recent Doctoral   completion of the PhD. This                    http://www.acls.org/grants/D
- American        among the national societies                                                          N/A for 2010
                                                      Recipients        program aims to assist recent                  efault.aspx?id=514
Council of        devoted to such studies."
                                                      Fellowships       doctoral recipients to position
Learned Societies ACLS, a private, nonprofit
                                                                        themselves for further
                  federation of sixty-nine national
                                                                        scholarly advancement and is
                  scholarly organizations, is the
                                                                        available to young scholars
                  preeminent representative of
                                                                        whether or not they hold
                  American scholarship in the
                                                                        academic positions.
                  humanities and related social
                                                                         The proposed research must
                                                                         be scientifically linked to
                                                                         autism and may be broadened
                                                                         to include training in a closely
                                                                         related contextual area of
                                                                         research. Autism Speaks will
                                                                         consider all areas of basic and
                    To date, NAAR has committed
                                                                         clinical research that support
                    $21.1 million to fund more than
                                                                         its biomedical research                         http://www.autismspeaks.org
National Alliance   200 autism research projects,      Autism Speaks
                                                                         mission, including but not
for Autism          fellowships and collaborative       Postdoctroal                                      N/A for 2010   /science/research/grants/ope
                                                                         limited to: human behavior
Research            programs worldwide - more           Fellowships                                                      n_grants_how_to_apply.php
                                                                         (language, communication,
                    than any other non-
                                                                         social function), neurosciences
                    governmental organization.
                                                                         (anatomy, development, neuro-
                                                                         imaging), neuropathology,
                                                                         human genetics/genomics,
                                                                         immunology, endocrinology,
                                                                         molecular and cellular
                                                                         mechanisms, and studies
                                                                         employing model organisms.

                   The Robert Wood Johnson                               Each year the program
                   Foundation Health & Society                           enables up to 18 outstanding
                   Scholars program is designed       The RWJ            individuals who have
                   to build the nation's capacity     Foundation for     completed their doctoral
Foundation for                                                                                                    Oct-10 https://www.hsscholars.org/
                   for research, leadership and       Health and Society training to engage in an
Health and Society
                   policy change to address the       Scholars Program intensive two-year program at
                   broad range of factors that                           one of six nationally prominent
                   affect health.                                        universities.
                   The Michigan Society of
                   Fellows, under the auspices of
                   the Rackham Graduate
                                                                         The Michigan Society of
                   School, was established in
                                                                         Fellows invites applications to
                   1970 with endowment grants
                                                                         its postdoctoral fellowship
                   from the Ford Foundation and
                                                                         program for recent PhDs in the
                   the Horace H. and Mary             Michigan Society
                                                                         humanities, arts, sciences, and
                   Rackham Funds. The most            of Fellows Post-
The Michigan                                                             professions. These three-year              https://secure.rackham.umich
                   distinctive aspect of the          Doctoral                                             30-Sep
Society of Fellows                                                       positions at the University of             .edu/sof/app/
                   Society is its multidisciplinary   Fellowship
                                                                         Michigan are open to recent
                   emphasis. Each year the            Application
                                                                         PhDs who wish to pursue
                   Society selects four
                                                                         research opportunities while
                   outstanding applicants for
                                                                         teaching at a major research
                   appointment to three-year
                   fellowships in the social,
                   physical, and life sciences, and
                   in the professional schools.
                                                                    Designed to increase the
                                                                    diversity of the nation’s college
                                                                    and university faculties by
               The National Academies
                                                                    increasing their ethnic and
               perform an unparalleled public
                                                                    racial diversity, to maximize the
               service by bringing together
                                                                    educational benefits of
               committees of experts in all
                                                                    diversity, and to increase the
               areas of scientific and
                                                                    number of professors who can
               technological endeavor. These      Ford Foundation
                                                                    and will use diversity as a
               experts serve pro bono to          Fellowships for
                                                                    resource for enriching the                       http://www7.nationalacademi
               address critical national issues   Achieving
The National                                                        education of all students.
               and give advice to the federal     Excellence in                                       N/A for 2010   es.org/fordfellowships/index.h
Academies                                                           Predoctoral fellowships support
               government and the public.         College and                                                        tml
                                                                    study toward a Ph.D. or Sc.D.;
               Four organizations comprise        University
                                                                    Dissertation fellowships offer
               the Academies: the National        Teaching
                                                                    support in the final year of
               Academy of Sciences, the
                                                                    writing the Ph.D. or Sc.D.
               National Academy of
                                                                    thesis; Postdoctoral
               Engineering, the Institute of
                                                                    Fellowships offer one-year
               Medicine and the National
                                                                    awards for Ph.D. recipients.
               Research Council.
                                                                    Applicants must be U.S.
                                                                    citizens in research-based
                                                                    fields of study.
                                                                The Council of American
                                                                Overseas Research Centers
                                                                invites applications for
                                                                fellowships for advanced multi-
                 American Overseas Research                     country research. The
                 Centers foster international                   fellowships are open to US
                 scholarly exchange, primarily                  doctoral candidates and
                 through sponsorship of                         scholars who have already
The Council of   fellowship programs which                      earned their PhD in fields in
                                               Fellowships for
American         allow pre-doctoral and senior                  the humanities, social                    http://www.caorc.org/progra
                                               Advanced Multi-                                  Various
Overseas         scholars to pursue                             sciences, or allied natural               ms/index.html
                                               country Research
Research Centers independent research                           sciences and wish to conduct
                 important to the increase of                   research of regional or trans-
                 knowledge and to our                           regional significance.
                 understanding of foreign                       Fellowships require scholars to
                 cultures.                                      conduct research in more than
                                                                one country, at least one of
                                                                which hosts a participating
                                                                American overseas research
                  The Kellogg Health Scholars
                  Program consists of two tracks
                  and offers two-year
                  postdoctoral fellowships at
                  eight training sites. The
                  Community track highlights
                  community-based participatory
                  research, and relationships
                  between academic health
                  disparities research, public
                                                 The Kellogg       Through this program, scholars
                  health practices in                                                                            http://www.kellogghealthscho
Kellog Foundation                                Health Scholars   develop as leaders with        N/A for 2010
                  communities, and policy                                                                        lars.org/
                                                 Program           research expertise to
                  development. The
                  Multidisciplinary track
                  highlights a multidisciplinary
                  approach to studying the
                  determinants of health
                  inequalities and inequities.
                  Both tracks highlight the
                  translation of health research
                  into policy findings and
               The National Science
               Foundation (NSF) is an
               independent federal agency
               created by Congress in 1950                          The National Science
               "to promote the progress of                          Foundation's directorate for
               science; to advance the                              education and human
               national health, prosperity, and                     resources invites applications
               welfare; to secure the national                      for its graduate research
               defense…" With an annual                             fellowship program for
                                                  Graduate research
The National   budget of about $6.06 billion,                       research that spans
                                                  fellowship                                                       http://www.nsf.gov/funding/p
Science        we are the funding source for                        disciplinary boundaries and     N/A for 2010
                                                  program - social                                                 gm_summ.jsp?pims_id=6201
Foundation     approximately 20 percent of all                      does not have a primary field
               federally supported basic                            of study. These fellowships are
               research conducted by                                intended to recognize and
               America’s colleges and                               support outstanding graduate
               universities. In many fields                         students who are pursuing
               such as mathematics,                                 research-based master's or
               computer science and the                             doctoral degrees.
               social sciences, NSF is the
               major source of federal
               The National Science
               Foundation (NSF) is an
               independent federal agency
               created by Congress in 1950                          The National Science
               "to promote the progress of                          Foundation's directorate for
               science; to advance the                              education and human
               national health, prosperity, and                     resources invites applications
               welfare; to secure the national                      for its graduate research
               defense…" With an annual                             fellowship program for
                                                  Graduate research
The National   budget of about $6.06 billion,                       research in the field of
                                                  fellowship                                                     http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pg
Science        we are the funding source for                        psychology. These fellowships N/A for 2010
                                                  program -                                                      m_summ.jsp?pims_id=6201
Foundation     approximately 20 percent of all                      are intended to recognize and
               federally supported basic                            support outstanding graduate
               research conducted by                                students who are pursuing
               America’s colleges and                               research-based master's or
               universities. In many fields                         doctoral degrees in the field of
               such as mathematics,                                 psychology.
               computer science and the
               social sciences, NSF is the
               major source of federal
                                                                 The Korea Foundation is
                                                                 inviting applications for its
                                                                 postdoctoral fellowships.
             The fundamental mission of
                                                                 These support North American
             the Foundation is to promote a
                                                                 scholars (or Korean nationals
             better understanding of Korea
                                                                 who have permanent
             in the international community    KF Postdoctoral
                                                                 residence status in North
The Korean   and to foster global friendship   Fellowships                                                       http://www.aasianst.org/gran
                                                                 America) who have received          31-Jan-10
Foundation   by conducting various             Program - North                                                   ts/main.htm#AAS/KOREA
                                                                 their PhD in a subject related
             exchange activities between       America
                                                                 to Korea within five years of
             the Republic of Korea and
                                                                 their application and who do
             foreign countries around the
                                                                 not currently hold a regular
                                                                 faculty position. Eligible fields
                                                                 of research are the humanities
                                                                 and social sciences, such as:
               The National Science
               Foundation (NSF) is an
               independent federal agency
               created by Congress in 1950
               "to promote the progress of
               science; to advance the
               national health, prosperity, and
               welfare; to secure the national
               defense…" With an annual           Graduate research
The National   budget of about $6.06 billion,     fellowship        Graduate Research Fellowship
Science        we are the funding source for      program -         Program - Interdisciplinary  N/A for 2010
Foundation     approximately 20 percent of all    interdisciplinary Fields of Study                             gm_summ.jsp?pims_id=6201
               federally supported basic          fields of study
               research conducted by
               America’s colleges and
               universities. In many fields
               such as mathematics,
               computer science and the
               social sciences, NSF is the
               major source of federal
               UNESCO functions as a
                                                                   Women in Science
               laboratory of ideas and a
                                                                   partnership, 15 international
               standard-setter to forge
               universal agreements on
                                                                   International Fellowships are
               emerging ethical issues. The
                                                  L' Oreal for     allocated to young women                     http://www.loreal.com/_en/_
               Organization also serves as a
                                                  Women in         researchers in the Life
UNESCO         clearinghouse – for the                                                              Ongoing     ww/index.aspx?direct1=00008
                                                  Science          Sciences, at the doctoral or
               dissemination and sharing of                                                                     &direct2=00008/00003
                                                  Fellowshis       post-doctoral level, whose
               information and knowledge –
                                                                   promising projects have been
               while helping Member States
                                                                   accepted by a reputable
               to build their human and
                                                                   institution outside their home
               institutional capacities in
               diverse fields.

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