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Global solutions arrives in Brazil
                                                                                                                                  P R O J E C T S
                                                                                                                                  do BRASIL Ltda

Ivan Voigt and Mike Gibbon (BProj) congratulating Marcello Freire (BPB) on the opening of the Brazilian office.

A mere 16 months after a team of Bosch Projects managers
first visited Brazil to assess business opportunities in that
country, Bosch Projects do Brasil Ltda (BPB) was formally
opened for business on 30th January 2008. The company
launch at its premises in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo State was
attended by Mike Gibbon (Managing Director) and Ivan Voigt
(Director – Sugar Equipment) of Bosch Projects together
with Marcello Freire, the manager of BPB. Also in attendance
were a number of executive directors and senior managers
of Dedini Industrias de Base, the largest supplier of sugar
and ethanol equipment to the Brazilian industry, with whom
BPB have concluded an exclusive licensing agreement for
Bosch Projects technology.                                                      Marcello Freire (centre) with Dedini executives.

T    his includes the patented Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser, which has
     captured a majority share of the Brazilian diffuser market since being
launched by Dedini 12 months ago. To date, Dedini have taken orders for
                                                                                Speaking at the event to launch BPB, Mike Gibbon said that the establishment
                                                                                of a foreign subsidiary was a significant milestone in the history of Bosch
                                                                                Projects, and was the result of the company seeking international opportunities
10 chainless diffusers including a number of 15 m diffusers, the largest cane   and leadership in technology, or “Global Solutions”.
diffusers in the world.
                                                                                Contact Mike Gibbon –
Also included in the licensing agreement are Bosch Projects whole stick         gibbonmj@bproj.co.za
shredders; rotary juice screens; long-tube evaporators; continuous vacuum
pans; direct contact juice heaters; vertical crystallisers; and massecuite
Brazil is the largest producer of sugar and ethanol in the world, processing
almost 500 million hectares of cane annually. The current boom in demand
for bio-fuels has created substantial growth in the Brazilian industry and                                 A member of
currently more than 15 new factories are constructed every year.                                          the B&A Group
    Chairman’s                                                    SBA and Munitech exhibit at
    report                                                        IMESA Conference at the
    The continuing negative                                       Durban ICC
    impacts of the Eskom
                                                                  SBA and Munitech had a stand at the IMESA conference, which was
    crisis will place increasing
                                                                  held at Durban’s ICC in October 2007. This high profile conference was
    pressure on professionals
                                                                  attended by over 700 delegates from Southern Africa and the rest of
    to provide even more innovative and cost
                                                                  the world.
    effective project solutions if we, as a
    country, strive to achieve anywhere near
    the 6% targeted growth.
                                                                      W   e regard IMESA (Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa) as one of
                                                                          the most relevant institutions in the sectors in which SBA and Munitech operate,”
                                                                  says Sid Turner, SBA’s national operations director. “This conference provided an excellent

    T   his challenge is further exacerbated by the
        ongoing scarcity of technical skills, lack of public
    and private sector Client capacity and competence
                                                                  forum for sharing service delivery experiences and networking with colleagues and clients.
                                                                  What is unique is that through SBA and Munitech, the B&A Group is able to offer both
                                                                  infrastructure engineering and project management as well as operations and maintenance
    to support the delivery processes. This delivery is           services to Municipal clients from one stable.”
    also constricted by the lack of consistent application
                                                                  SBA and Munitech are gold class Affiliate members of IMESA.
    and enforcement of Procurement legislation in the
    public sector, although progress is being achieved                                                                                  Standing:
    by the CIDB, with support of the Built Environment                                                                                  Max Stemele (SBA),
                                                                                                                                        Andrew Copley
    Professionals in promoting improvements to existing
                                                                                                                                        (Ethekwini Water and
                                                                                                                                        member of the
    As a consequence of these issues, professionals are                                                                                 conference
    still expected to offer competitive (no problem here),                                                                              Organising
    but often highly reduced fees in response to poorly                                                                                 Committee),
    worded tender enquiries and in particular, Scope of                                                                                 Sid Turner (SBA) and
    Service documents.                                                                                                                  Steve McCarley
    If we are to take the leading role expected of us in                                                                                Seated: Felicity
    supporting economic growth, attracting, retaining                                                                                   Hunter (B&A Group)
    and developing existing skills and at the same time                                                                                 and Jason Holder
    provide a quality and value-adding service, we need                                                                                 (SBA).
    to quickly move away from the view that price and
    not quality, is the differentiation of services.
    Within the B&A Group, we continue to place emphasis
    on quality and value for fees. We also want to retain
                                                                Churchill outfall
    the concept that our Clients are also our partners          Run-off from high volume / high-intensity
    and that constructive relationships lead to more            rainfall on 22 December 2004 caused
    successful projects.                                        major damage to infrastructure at Blue
    It is appreciated that compliance with changing             Horizon Bay. The same storm resulted in
    legislation is a challenge to all. Working together for     Port Elizabeth’s main water supply pipelines
    mutual benefit is our preferred solution.                   (750dia Steel and 1400dia Socoman) being
    I trust that you will find this issue of Enginuity both
                                                                exposed and undermined.
    interesting and informative about the diverse activities
    of the Group companies.                                     S   BA was appointed on 1 March 2005 to design the permanent repairs / reinstatement and
                                                                    erosion protection at three areas along the pipeline servitude in Blue Horizon Bay. The
                                                                tender was awarded in December 2005 and Works commenced in February 2006. As a result
    In the next edition, we will celebrate the 20 th            of delays due to the contractor going into liquidation and flood damage in March 2007, the
    anniversary of the formation of Munitech. We also           Works is due for completion by end of March 2008.
    expect to be able to report on our formal BEE rating,
                                                                Cascading channels (varying in channel width from 4m to 12m and in height from 8m to 16m)
    which is scheduled for March 2008.
                                                                were constructed to convey the run-off down the steep slopes along the southern border of the
    On page 9 in this edition of Enginuity there is a tribute   servitude. These structures are designed to dissipate energy and reduce scour potential. The
    to Sean Reilly, MD of Munitech and B&A Group Board          cascades discharge into stilling basins designed to accommodate a hydraulic jump within the
    Director who passed away on 4th January 2008 after          basin and thereby dissipate energy even further.
    an extended and brave fight against cancer.                 The channels, cascades and stilling basins all convey stormwater run-off and are rendered
    Sean was one of those people who came along only            watertight by installing a 500micron LDPE liner. The liner is protected from damage during
    every so often, who saw solutions, not problems and         construction by a layer of geotextile between the liner and the gabions.
    who provided answers not questions.                         Terramesh baskets were used within the structure to increase stability. These are essentially
                                                                gabions with a “tail” of wire mesh reinforcing that extends into the backfill. The reinforcing
    Over his 20+ years with the Group, Sean made a
                                                                enhances the shear properties of the soil and greatly reduces the over-turning moment of the
    significant contribution not only to its growth, but        structure. Vetiver grass was planted at various locations to provide natural dune stabilization.
    also to its culture, by his positive attitude               This type of grass has successfully been used to stabilize dune sand (and similar fine sands)
    to work and the people he worked with.                      due to a fine root system that is recorded to penetrate up to 3m.
    He will be sorely missed by all.                            Contact Greg Cummings – cummingsg@sbape.co.za
SBA tackles Eros Oribi                                                       Full speed
powerline                                                                    ahead at
environmental impact                                                         USCE, Egypt
assessment                                                                   Bosch Projects was appointed by the United Sugar Company
                                                                             of Egypt (USCE) as mechanical design and engineering
SBA has been appointed by CVG Consulting                                     consultants for the new 240 TPH refined sugar facility at
Engineers / Edison Jehamo Power Consortium to                                El Sokhana, 170 km east of Cairo.
undertake the required Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA) for the proposed Eskom Eros
Oribi 132kV powerline between Port Shepstone
                                                                                 The company is assisting with the erection and commissioning of the
                                                                                  packing plant, as well as handling and storage facilities for the packed
                                                                             sugar. Bosch Projects has also secured the contract for the supply of
and Harding.                                                                 specialised refinery equipment,” says Patrick Keates, construction manager
                                                                             for Bosch Projects. “The new refinery, which forms part of the Egyptian
    he planned project involves dismantling and removing a
    88kV powerline in an existing servitude and building a new               Government’s plan to satisfy local demand in Egypt for 1,2-million tons of
double circuit 132kV powerline. This is needed to provide                    sugar per year, is handling the complete refining process from raw sugar
additional capacity to cater for increasing demand on the KZN                storage to refined and packed sugar, ready for transport by road.
South Coast, in East Griqualand and the Northern Transkei                    “The new refined sugar plant is well on track and the first deliveries of raw
regions.                                                                     sugar have been received for processing in the refinery and then packing for
The EIA process, which is being fast tracked to meet tight project           the local market.
deadlines, has involved crossing commercial farmland, peri-                  “Work is pressurised now as plant and equipment is being commissioned.
urban and rural areas, as well as crossing the Oribi Gorge Nature            The refinery and service plants have all been commissioned and the packing
Reserve. Specialist studies have been commissioned to                        plant equipment has been installed. The Bosch Projects team on site has
investigate potential avian (birds) impacts and possible impacts             maintained a tight programme and has met the client’s expectations.”
on cultural heritage (archaeological) resources.
                                                                             The dedicated team is determined that full production will be achieved by
As construction will take place in an existing servitude, potential          the end of February 2008.
impacts should be minimal. If a positive Record of Decision is
granted by the national Department of Environmental Affairs
and Tourism, construction is expected to start in the first quarter
of 2008.
Contact Geoff Purnell –

Existing powerlines crossing the Oribi Gorge which will be                   The USCE Sugar Refinery at El Sokhana in Egypt.
removed and replaced with the new double circuit powerline.

  Providing waste collection management in Tembisa
  Ekurhuleni Metro has appointed Munitech to provide                             van Rensburg, Project Manager of Munitech. “The objective of this project
  management services for the Tembisa community based                            is to create sustainable co-operatives that will be able to tender competitively
                                                                                 for future solid waste collection contracts.”
  waste collection pilot project, which serves over 112 000
  service points in the area.                                                    Munitech is considered by many to be the market leader in the management
                                                                                 of community based waste collection programmes and has developed
      T his appointment is to formalise the existing Tembisa community
       based waste collection programme, with the aim of promoting
  co-operatives. Munitech will provide ongoing management and
                                                                                 many delivery models now in use throughout South Africa. This experience
                                                                                 has added significant value to this project.
  organisational support for the existing waste collection contractors and       Contact Jacques
  will develop an implementation plan for the conversion of the current          Jansen van Rensberg
  contractors to community based co-operatives,” says Jacques Jansen             vanrensbergj@munitech.co.za

       Expanding agricultural interests
    Bosch Projects, specialists in project and construction management, as well as engineering and consulting services, has
    extended its business to include a new agriculture unit dedicated to small and out grower development, as well as large
    estate management.
                                                       T he new agricultural division offers a comprehensive
                                                        range of specialist services that ensure high
                                                   efficiency and appropriate solutions,” says Bill Yeo,
                                                                                                                   irrigation and drainage, soil surveys and nutrition, as
                                                                                                                   well as Green Field development schemes.
                                                                                                                   The team of specialists headed by Mike Boast includes
                                                   director of Bosch Projects. “Services include site
                                                                                                                   agriculture, sugar, irrigation, transport and mechanisation
                                                   selection, design, layouts and fully developed projects.
                                                                                                                   consultants, as well as a market and economic analyst
                                                   This complete agriculture package encompasses
                                                                                                                   and animal nutritionist.
                                                   efficient production techniques, as well as a full range
                                                   of harvesting and transport systems, designed to                The Bosch Projects agriculture unit offers a service in
                                                   effectively integrate with factory requirements.”               South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.
                                                                                                                   Business has also been extended to the Philippines,
                                                   Specific projects include feasibility studies, hydrological,
                                                                                                                   Senegal and Brazil.
                                                   agronomic and technical reviews, infield mechanisation
                                                   and agricultural by-products. Services also encompass           Contact Bill Yeo – YeoW@bproj.co.za

      Xilinxa Dam supplies water for local villages
       Construction has recently commenced on Phase 2 of the                                  The project (Phase 2) entails increasing of capacity of the existing works
       Ehlobo, Mgcwe and Zingqayi Villages water supply scheme.                               by an additional 1,084 Ml per day. Works under this phase also include
                                                                                              a 1,0 Ml raw water storage reservoir, a 1,0 Ml clear water storage reservoir

       “ n order to provide a sustainable potable water supply for the community
          in Mnquma Municipality, it was necessary to augment the Kotana water
       treatment works,” says André Naudé, director of SBA’s East London office.
                                                                                              and a booster pump station.
                                                                                              This water supply project is due for completion in September 2008.
       “The Xilinxa Dam, located approximately 10 km West of Idutywa, is the                  Contact André Naudé – NaudeA@sba.co.za
       source of raw water for the works.”

    Bridge City
                                                                                                  ARTIST’S IMPRESSION OF BRIDGE CITY

    The roll-out of Bridge City, the new
    ‘destination’ for the Inanda, Ntuzuma,
    KwaMashu, (INK) and Phoenix areas,
    is gathering momentum as the
    Phase 1 civils contract nears completion.

    D    eveloped as a joint venture between Tongaat
         Hulett Developments and Ethekwini
    Municipality and Project Managed by Tongaat
    Hulett Developments, Bridge City will serve as a
    new town centre for the region and will include
    a subterranean Metro-rail station with associated
    inter-modal transfer facilities (buses and taxis), a
    40 000m shopping centre, a regional Magistrates
    Court and a regional 450 bed hospital.
    Complimenting this will be additional commercial
    and retail opportunities (600 000m of bulk) and
    up to 5 000 residential apartments, all in a quality
    setting with finishes to rival Gateway.
    SBA, as design and implementation engineers                With a view to opening late in 2009, the construction of the new shopping centre has already
    for the civils infrastructure, are currently overseeing    commenced. This shopping centre will have the subterranean rail-station as its basement, which will
    the completion of the Phase 1 infrastructure               be constructed in a 350m long, 50m wide, by 7m deep box, excavated out as part of the infrastructure
    contract that covers the main spine routes through         contract.
    the development, the remodelling of the
                                                               Future phases of the Bridge City development will include a road-over-rail bridge, a half diamond
    earthworks platforms, and the installation of
                                                               interchange on MR93 giving access to Bridge City, roadways and civil services to service the remainder
    services to the initial stages of the development.
                                                               of the sites and the servicing of the “Lower Platform” that will comprise the last phase of the town
    The R40 million Phase 1 contract is planned to
    be complete early in 2008, facilitating the sale
4   and development of the sites.                              Contact Cary Kroeger – KroegerC@sbadbn.co.za
Sanitation progress                                                                 Water services
at Mdantsane                                                                        management support
Buffalo City Municipality appointed SBA’s East London
operation over two years ago to plan, design and call for
tenderers for the construction of necessary sewage                                  to Delmas
infrastructure of the Mdantsane Bufferstrip housing                                 Munitech has been appointed in terms of DWAF
development.                                                                        Mpumalanga’s management plan to provide water
                                                                                    services management assistance to the Delmas Local

                                                                                    “    ecent water quality problems in Delmas have sparked media
                                                                                          attention and Munitech was commissioned to propose an urgent
                                                                                    management support strategy to rectify this worrying situation,” says
                                                                                    Steve McCarley, director of Munitech. “This project comprises an

“     o ensure this housing development is not delayed as a result of               assessment phase in which Munitech, with the support of SBA and
     inadequate bulk services, the project is being implemented in phases.          Bosch Projects, will assess the current situation and propose appropriate
Currently bulk sewer pipelines are being installed, old pipes and manholes          solutions. The team will also provide operational management support.”
with insufficient capacity are being replaced with new ones and in some
instances, new sewer lines are being constructed parallel to existing outfalls,”    The raw water source for the town is groundwater, which is abstracted
says André Naudé, director of SBA, East London. “One of the biggest                 from 4 well-fields, and is then chlorinated before being fed directly
challenges is that the replacement of sections of the sewer pipeline is             into the reticulation system. The water management and delivery
taking place in live sewers in confined areas.”                                     systems in Delmas are under stress and are currently unable to provide
Phases successfully completed to date include the stabilisation of the              the desired volume and quality of water to the people of Delmas and
Mdantsane sewer treatment works, the construction of a sewer pump station           Botleng. Munitech’s assessment of the infrastructure has shown that
in Zone 10 and the Area 1 connector sewer pipelines.                                a number of the individual boreholes are not in service due to either
Mdantsane, which is located some 20 km north west of East London, has               poor raw water quality, electro-mechanical failure of the pumping
a population of approximately 111 000 people and once fully developed,              systems or degradation of the borehole yield.
the Bufferstrip will have a population of a further 43 000 people.
Contact André Naudé – NaudeA@sba.co.za

goes green
Bosch Projects has been appointed by Mozambique Principle
Energy Limited as the main consultants for the company’s
Dombe ‘greenfield’ ethanol project.

                                                                                    Delmas Municipal Complex
                                                                                    To address the issue of security of supply volume, Munitech has
                                                                                    recommended that the capacity of the aquifer to supply water be
                                                                                    determined and that the pumping systems be re-aligned to meet the
Nick Schutte (BProj), Paul Zorner (Principle Energy Ltd) and Butch Carr (BProj)     new duty points. The electro-mechanical reliability of the borehole
                                                                                    pump and control systems also need to be addressed and Munitech
    T he new facility, which will be located 260 km west of Beira in Mozambique,
      is expected to become the largest fuel ethanol facility on the African
continent,” says Butch Carr, energy business unit manager for Bosch Projects.
                                                                                    has recommended the implementation of a comprehensive programme
                                                                                    to repair the borehole pumps and upgrade the electrical control and
                                                                                    electronic monitoring systems. Once the security of water supply has
“Sugarcane juice will be the primary feedstock for the ethanol distillery and
biomass will be used to generate electrical power that will be utilised for         been assured, Munitech will conduct various demand management
the operation. The surplus power will be co-generated into the national             interventions in the reticulation systems to ensure that the water made
grid.”                                                                              available to the town is used effectively and is not wasted. In support
                                                                                    of the rehabilitation of the existing systems, Munitech will implement
Bosch Projects has partnered SBA to provide a comprehensive consulting
and project management service for the project. This covers the entire              an operational management plan to ensure that the systems are
factory, distribution logistics, agricultural and irrigation development, as well   operated and maintained in a sustainable manner.
as the complete infrastructural requirements for the estate. This includes          The primary contaminants in the Delmas raw water supply are iron,
road, housing and services, storm water systems, effluent and refuse treatment
                                                                                    manganese and microbiological. To address the issue of providing
and electrical reticulation.
                                                                                    safe potable water, Munitech has been appointed to design and install
The Dombe Ethanol and Co-generation project, which is valued at about               mobile water treatment plants to meet the town’s water demand of
US$ 400-million, is the first of its kind in Africa.                                some 12Ml/d. This turnkey project is designed to urgently provide safe
Construction of the new plant is scheduled to commence in October 2008              drinking water while a permanent water treatment plant is developed.
and should be completed by June 2010.
                                                                                    Contact Steve McCarley – MccarleyS@Munitech.co.za
Contact Butch Carr – CarrB@bproj.co.za                                                                                                                          5
      Bosch Projects takes a stand at ISSCT
      Bosch Projects had a stand at the 26th congress of the International Society for Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)
      which was held recently at the Durban ICC and attended by at least 1 000 delegates from sugar growing countries
      all over the world.

      Our world at ISSCT                                                       Delegates enjoying Bosch Projects’ hospitality

      T   he company, which has also participated at other ISSCT events in
          Guatemala, Australia and India, presented two technical papers at
      this year’s congress.
                                                                               engineering and technology to provide multi-disciplinary solutions, from
                                                                               concept to conclusion, including maintenance. These sectors include
                                                                               the sugar, sugar agriculture and energy industries, as well as specialist
                                                                               consulting for commercial and industrial projects.
      Bosch Projects has expanded its specialised service strategically into
      international sugar markets and is currently undertaking major work      Recent successes for Bosch Projects include the South African
      world wide in countries that include Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi,          Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE) engineering excellence
      Mozambique, USA, Sudan, Barbados, Egypt, Kenya, Brazil and Thailand.     award for the company’s patented design of the chainless diffuser and
                                                                               an award for the International Business Developer of the year for the
      The company focuses on specialised niche markets and integrates          Kagera rehabilitation project in Tanzania.

   Striving to achieve vision and
   transformation through delivery
  Max Stemele, MD of SBA, was upbeat about achievements and prospects for the
  company when he addressed client functions held at regional offices in KwaZulu-
  Natal, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape recently.

  M    ax acknowledged “while there is no room for complacency, recent
       client satisfaction surveys undertaken as part of SBA’s Quality
  Management System, support the fact that we are meeting our client
  Significant strategic milestones achieved during the last year include:
      The second successful surveillance audit by international Auditors
      Dekra of SBA’s ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System.
      This provides our clients with the assurance of our commitment to
      providing quality professional services.
      SBA registering as a Commitment and Undertaking organisation with
      ECSA for training and mentoring of Candidate Civil Engineers. This
      underlines our commitment to training and development of our people.
  “SBA continues to make good transformation progress in accordance with
  Governments BBBEE policy, where we are up with the leaders in our sector”.
                                                                               Councillor Nokuthula Mkhanga (Ethekweni Municipality), Sid Turner (National
  Over the last six years SBA has achieved growth in excess of industry        Operations Director SBA), Max Stemele (Managing Director SBA) and
  norms and Max concludes that “SBA is on track to achieve its vision of       Clive Swaisland (CEO B&A Group) at the Durban client cocktail party held
6 being a world class African Infrastructure Engineering Company.”             in November.
New specialist factory for Coega
The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is currently implementing a number of new projects, including the construction
of warehousing and production facilities within the Coega IDZ.

T    his development comprises a 20,000m2 warehouse/factory with 1,500m2
     associated office space and ablutions. Provision will also be provided
for a further 3,500m2 expansion of the warehouse/factory.
                                                                                   to shape the building platform, roadways and pedestrian areas, retaining
                                                                                   walls, subsoil drainage, piped storm-water drainage, a water and fire-fighting
                                                                                   supply to the warehouse and offices, as well as ablutions and sewerage.
SBA’s Port Elizabeth office has been appointed by CDC to provide civil and         The structure and building portion of the warehouse/factory is currently at
structural engineering consultancy services to the project team - ADA              tender stage and construction is planned to commence early in 2008. The
Architects and BTKM quantity surveyors.                                            R100-million warehouse/factory project is scheduled to be commissioned
SBA has put together the tender for the bulk earthworks and civil infrastructure   at the end of 2008.
portion of the project which is currently awaiting award. This portion of the      Contact Greg Cummings – cummingsg@sbape.co.za
project includes cut to spoil and borrow / import fill, importation of material

                                                          The Architects drawing showing the elevation to the front of the warehouse/factory.

    Sugar                                                                            Quality management
    projects update                                                                  underpins growth
    Bosch Projects was appointed by Illovo Sugar Limited                             Sid Turner, national operations director and manager
    to undertake EPCM appointments at the Dwangwa                                    responsible for quality in SBA, emphasises the need for
    Sugar Mill in Malawi and the Ubombo Sugar Mill in                                an internationally recognised quality management system
    Swaziland.                                                                       to provide clients with the assurance of quality
                                                                                     engineering and project management services.
                                                     Dwangwa 190TCH
                                                     Factory Expansion –
                                                     Erection of
                                                                                         W   ith the challenges of skills shortages in the construction industry
                                                                                             concurrent with the economic boom, a structured approach to
                                                                                     quality management is an imperative for any professional service
                                                     Evaporator Top                  provider,” says Sid Turner. “Risk management and quality management
                                                                                     are considered two sides of the same coin and we take satisfaction
                                                                                     at having successfully navigated our second surveillance audit with
                                                                                     international auditors Dekra. Furthermore, as a result of the company’s
                                                                                     broad based support for the SBA QMS and our ongoing continual
                                                                                     improvement initiatives, we can confidently face the three year
                                                                                     recertification audit.”
                                                                                     “We believe quality management is critical, especially in an organisation
                                                                                     like SBA which has shown sustained growth of nearly 30% per annum
                                                                                     over the last six years,” concludes Turner.

    T   his work entailed detailed engineering, construction and
        commissioning of new equipment for these mills.
    The Dwangwa project involved the installation of a new 3 300m2
    evaporator, a boiler upgrade, associated pumps and a cane gantry
    extension. A new VHP sugar drier and associated equipment is being
    installed at the Ubombo Sugar Mill.
    These projects are due for completion by April 2008.
    Dwangwa project
    Contact Guy Perrins – PerrinsG@bproj.co.za
                                                                                         Sid Turner, SBA Manager responsible for Quality, Felicity Mostert,
    Ubombo project
                                                                                         QMS administrator and Andy Stuart, Dekra Auditor, during SBA’s
    Contact – Derick Serfontein SerfonteinDP@bproj.co.za
                                                                                         recent surveillance audit.

    Replacement of AC                                                                             Shakaskraal Secondary
    secondary water mains                                                                         School computer
    Ethekwini Municipality has embarked on a project to replace
    the old Asbestos Cement (AC) secondary water reticulation                                     handover
    mains within the metropolitan municipal area. This project                                    The B&A Group BEE Trust is proud to be one of the
    will decrease the huge costs incurred due to the high                                         major sponsors of the upgrade of computer facilities at
    frequency of burst pipes that causes damage to roads,                                         Shakaskraal Secondary School, on KwaZulu-Natal’s
    properties and pavements. High water losses associated                                        North Coast.
    with pipe bursts and leaks will also be reduced.

    S   BA has been appointed for the design and construction monitoring for
        the northern area of Durban, which extends from the Umgeni River to
                                                                                                  T   he Trust, together with Siza Water and contractors BPB Construction,
                                                                                                      donated 30 computers to enhance the education of nearly 1 300
                                                                                                  pupils, most of whom come from socially and economically
    the Tongaat River and inland from the coast to Inanda and Phoenix.                            disadvantaged backgrounds.
    The project entails the replacement of the old un-dipped bitumen AC mains                     The co-ed Shakaskraal Secondary School, which is the only public
    with new mPVC mains, including re-connection of the existing consumer                         high school in the Dolphin Coast area, will use these computers in
    connections to the new mains and the installation of new isolating valves                     Geography to learn GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and for
    and fire hydrants. The scope of work also includes hydraulic analysis of the                  engineering graphics.
    networks to determine the optimum size of replacement pipes and pressure
    zoning that will reduce high pressure in these networks.
    SBA has mobilised a strong design and site monitoring team for the project,
    with Mohammed Vawda as project director and Tony Hopkinson as project
    This project, which supports social development through the use of local
    labour and resources, will create 20 000 new jobs, as well as numerous
    business opportunities for emerging construction contractors. This initiative
    provides opportunities for local SMMEs, and skills development aligned with
    the Metro’s Contractor Development Programme.
    Icon Construction has been appointed as contractors for the northern area
    and Ninham Shand are programme managers for the overall project.
    The project started in July 2007 and is targeted for completion by 2010.                     Felicity Hunter, Mohammed Vawda and Morrell Rosseau represented
    Contact Mohammed Vawda –                                                                     the B&A Group at the presentation of computers from the BAG BEE
    VawdaM@sbadbn.co.za                                                                          Trust to Shakaskraal Secondary School.

    Every drop counts                                                                                                      Water treatment
    The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) has recently appointed SBA to
    implement various water demand management projects over a two year period.                                             works nears
    This appointment comprises:
       The replacement of the Signal Hill Feeder                     Leak Fixing: This entails detection and fixing
       Main which controls the replacement of the                    of leaks in bulk supply pipelines, as well as
                                                                                                                           Construction of the water treatment
       decommissioned 350 mm diameter AC                             the retrofitting of plumbing and water meters         works situated in the north of Mbashe
       Pipeline connecting Signal Hill Reservoir with                for Tembisa residents in both the Northern            Municipality in the East Cape
       t h e B e d f o rd v i e w re s i d e n t i a l a re a .      and Southern Regions of EMM, in order to              Province is nearing completion.
       The installation of check meters to ensure                    reduce unaccounted for water.                         “Construction of the water treatment works, as
       correct billing in order to improve water                     Cathodic protection: this involves the auditing       part of phase 1 of the Mbashe North Water
       balances in the Metro. This involves the                      of existing cathodic protection systems for           Supply scheme, is well advanced and is due
       auditing of some 150 existing Rand Water                      the whole of Ekurhuleni and refurbishment             for completion in April 2008,” says André Naudé,
       and Ekurhuleni check meters to establish if                   of existing systems, as well as the installation      director of SBA’s East London office. “This
       check meters are present, followed by the                     of new systems where required.                        facility will initially treat 3,8 Ml/day and will
       verification and accuracy of these meter                   The project has been successfully initiated, with        ultimately treat 7,6 Ml/day supplying potable
       readings.                                                  a large portion of the desk top studies and field        water to some 35 000 people”.
       The checking of supply network zone integrity              work completed.                                          Construction of the rising main, as part of
       and the implementation of any necessary                    As part of Ekurhuleni’s project team, SBA Gauteng        phase 2, commenced in January 2008, with
       changes. This entails ensuring zone                        looks forward to making a contribution towards           completion scheduled for August 2008.
       discretion, compliance with the latest master              achieving the vision to ‘make every drop count’.         Contact André Naudé –
       plans and alteration to zones where required.                                                                       NaudeA@sba.co.za
                                                                  Contact: Lourie Geldenhuys
       Active Leak Detection and Fixing / Indigent                GeldenhuysL@sbajhb.co.za

  Tribute to Sean Reilly
  21 June 1954 – 4 January 2008
  Sean established Munitech within the B&A Group
  (Pty) Ltd in 1987 and remained MD until his untimely
  passing on 4th January 2008.

  W     hilst he always attempted to balance his family and business life,
        work often took a leading role, a consequence of being in the
  engineering and construction industry. It was however, not the hours
  he put in that gained the respect of co-workers, Clients and contractors,
  but his drive to deliver to meet commitments.
  Looking for innovative and practical solutions to Client’s problems,
  delivering value and obtaining Client satisfaction, were always uppermost
  in Sean’s mind. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious and most
  of Munitech project successes could be attributed to this.
  Projects not only rely on hard work, but also on relationships and this
  was always his key strength. Many Clients commented on the way
  Sean had empathy with them and always worked with stakeholders
  and not just in the terms of written contracts.
  Being a people person, Sean worked equally well with employees and
  co-workers and one could always rely on him to smooth the ways in
  heated debate, or be sympathetic to an individual’s personal problem.
  I believe that a major legacy of Sean’s is the reputation of Munitech,
  the many satisfied Clients and the skills and knowledge he passed on
  to those he worked with.
  Our sympathies go to Sean’s family and extended family. He will be a
  hard act to follow.

                                            Welcome to new staff

      Vivian Gough:         Christiaan van Coller:         Mike Boast:         Steven Rosettenstein:    Louise Housemann:     Riaan Badenhorst:
     project manager         project manager          agriculture consultant    assistant business       assistant business   discipline head –
                                                                                 manager – sugar         manager – energy         electrical

                                New appointments
                                    EAST LONDON                                                        PORT ELIZABETH               B&A Group

  Kobus Morgan:                       Andries Roets:                 Cindy Minkley:                     Rowan Bode:               Allen Liversage:
 Electrical division            Lead engineer water and           Lead engineer project             Lead engineer water         B&A Group financial
head, Eastern Cape               irrigation, East London         management, East London           division, Port Elizabeth           director

     Royal Palm Estates - interesting engineering challenges
     The enormous size of the Royal Palm Estates development has provided some interesting engineering challenges.
     With some 3 500 residential opportunities spread over 355 hectares, and an office park and corporate park of 87 hectares
     and 210 hectares respectively, the demand for bulk engineering infrastructure services equates to that of a small town.

     In an area devoid of bulk engineering services, Stemele Bosch Africa
       assisted Royal Palm Property Holdings (RPPH, the Developer) to plan the
     provision of bulk engineering services for the development in conjunction
                                                                                      A noteworthy aspect of the development is the vision of RPPH to providing
                                                                                      first class landscaping to all areas of the development. This has required
                                                                                      Stemele Bosch Africa to design and implement a comprehensive phased
     with the service providers in the area.                                          irrigation system feeding all sites and common areas.
     This included a water supply system fed off reservoirs of an ultimate capacity   This included hydrological assessments of the irrigation raw water supply,
     of 13,2 Ml, a 2 Ml/day sewage treatment works as an interim measure to           design and implementation of both storage and aesthetic dams, and
     serve the development until a new regional works is constructed, various         pumpstations for the pressurised system.
     pumpstations, upgrading of a provincial road to 4-lanes, and upgrades to
                                                                                      Aside from the bulk services, Stemele Bosch Africa’s brief also included
     the national road interchange. All elements were planned at a township
                                                                                      all the water and irrigation reticulation planning, sewer outfall mains, and
     approval stage (utilising the Development Facilitation Act) and included
                                                                                      all internal services and earthworks to the Forest Office Park as well as
     negotiated services agreements with the service providers. Other aspects
                                                                                      approximately half of the residential areas.
     of the planning stage were the determining of 1:100 year floodlines and
     input into the EIA processes.                                                    Construction of the first phase of the bulk services installation is complete,
                                                                                      along with Phase 1 of the residential component.
     The phased implementation necessitated by the size of the development
     also required careful planning of the implementation of the bulk services.       Contact Cary Kroeger – kroegerc@sbadbn.co.za

         Training for graduate engineers
         The Bosch Projects in-house training programme for graduate engineers which was introduced over two years
         ago, has now been certified by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).
         “This professionally approved training programme is designed to develop graduate engineering students to become competent engineers within
         our organisation,” says Mike Gibbon, managing director of Bosch Projects. “Certification from ECSA, which covers mechanical, electrical and
         civil engineering, warrants that Bosch Projects gives its commitment and undertaking to ensure each training module meets specified standards.”

                              Sean Hulley, Meethan Gokool and Sherwin Jairam (back row) – three EIT’s who joined Bosch Projects in
                             January 2006 – have now completed the second year of their three year training programme. Here they are
                                 at a mini conference held recently at Kaya Lembali, where they displayed their work experiences.

RHI fusion plant turns on the heat
The upgrade and incorporation of new plant at the RHI fusion in plant in Isithebe has recently
been completed.
    T his was a challenging project for
      Bosch Projects because plant
had to be incorporated into the existing
facility at the same time as the
undertaking of a major refurbishment
programme,” says Derick Serfontein,
a director of Bosch Projects. “About
25 contracts, which covered survey,
mechanical, electrical and civil works,
were generated for this project, with
manufacturing contracts awarded as
far a field as China.”
Planning for this project started two
years ago and the plant was com
missioned at the end of 2007.                Preliminary inspection of the turntables                           Furnace shells ready for production

        Scholar training day                                                          Gcin’amanzi extensions
                                                                                      The Londa Madi Consortium, consisting of SBA and
SBA is making a valuable contribution towards promoting                               contractors, MIS Pipelines and Ilima Projects, has successfully
civil engineering as a career for learners.                                           completed the original scope of works for Johannesburg
                                                                                      Water’s Operation Gcin’amanzi (Save the Water) for Super
                                                                                      Block 12 in Protea Glen, Soweto.

                                                                                      T   he consortium has installed 3,647 prepayment meters and retrofitted
                                                                                           the pumping to a total of 3,087 houses in a period of five months.
                                                                                      A further 1,700 m of uPVC secondary mains; 7,300 m of HDPE yard connections
                                                                                      and 67 isolating valves and chambers have also been installed.
                                                                                      Approximately R6,935-million, which was 36% of the total project budget,
                                                                                      was re-invested in the local community, in the form of payments to local
                                                                                      SMME Contractors, local labourers and local suppliers.
                                                                                      Johannesburg Water increased Londa Madi Consortium’s scope of works
                                                                                      in September 2007 in order to complete the remaining 8,250 sites that
                                                                                      were identified in the block design plan.
                                                                                      On completion of the outstanding sites, which is scheduled for mid 2008,
                                                                                      Londa Madi Consortium will have installed approximately 11,900 prepayment
                                                                                      meters in Protea Glen and would have audited and retrofitted a similar
                                                                                      number of houses in order to “Save the Water”.
                                                                                      Contact Lourie Geldenhuys – GeldenhuysL@sbajhb.co.za
Phil Vorster, SBA’s senior site manager and Werner Schiess, resident engineer,
at a student site tour at the Bridge City development in Durban.

E   ighteen pupils from senior schools in Durban – Durban High School,
    Al Falaah College and Ridge Park College – attended a scholar work
experience day, which was held at the company’s Durban offices towards
the end of 2007.
Sid Turner, SBA’s national operations director, gave an introduction to civil
engineering, explaining the formal education and training requirements to
becoming a civil engineer, also highlighting the different options available
to students. He identified the different specialist fields in which civil engineers
operate and the range of potential employers in each sector of South African
Nishan Mohanlall, professional technologist in the Roads and Development
division, demonstrated computer aided design and draughting, using
ModelMaker and AutoCad software packages.                                             Victor Chewe of Johannesburg Water and Matodzi Ramuhulu of SBA
                                                                                      (in safety vests) inspect a section of the newly laid 200 mm diameter
The day was concluded with a site visit to the Bridge City development for            secondary pipeline, laid by local labourers by means of labour intensive
the learners to see a major project under construction.                               construction methods.
     Learners get a taste of a career in engineering
     SBA’s PE operation was approached by the Department of Education to assist them in giving a group of 20 high school
     girls from Newell High, Riebeek College and Molly Blackburn School, an insight into a career in the construction industry.
     “The objective of this tour was to help these Grade 9 pupils find out more about the various professions in the construction sector,” says SBA regional
     director, Greg Cummings. “These girls, who have important decisions to make about their careers, were afforded the opportunity of spending some time
     in our Civil/electrical design office where they were taken through the basics of what Engineers do. In addition, a visit by the group to a firm of Architects
     and Quantity Surveyors was also arranged and enjoyed by all, further highlighting the opportunities within the construction industry. The day was concluded
     by a visit to construction sites for the World Cup soccer stadium, the Coega harbour and to the CDC (Coega Development Corporation) office block which
     SBA is currently involved in.”

                                                                                                                          Pupils (from left) Bongiwe Magwashu from Newell High School,
                                                                                                                          Abongile Njiyela of Riebeek College and Nonzuzo Jantjies of
                                                                                                                          Molly Blackburn with Max Stemele MD of SBA, taking a look
                                                                                                                          at the building plan for the Coega building.

     Amashovashova road safety bicycle park
     As part of the company’s corporate social investment programme, SBA has designed a new road safety park at eThembeni
     School for partially disabled and visually impaired children.
         The 400m mini-cycle road safety track, which was designed to create
          road awareness for junior school learners in the Cato Ridge area, has
     been strongly endorsed by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transports
                                                                                                     has had the support of a number of companies which have provided their
                                                                                                     services or materials free of charge.”
                                                                                                     The project was completed and handed over just ahead of the
     Road Safety Division,” says team Design Engineer Russel Vilbro. “Co-
                                                                                                     Amashovashova race in October last year.
     ordinated by the organisers of the Amashovashova cycle race, this project

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