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									              Agreement for the provision of
     Dispatch, Accounting and Administrative Services

I, ______________________________________ agree to the terms and
conditions below in exchange for the provision of services as
outlined below.

Services shall be provided by Empress Transportation Company (1996)
Ltd. a division of City & Country Taxi Service Ltd.

I am making application for services under this agreement as a:

a.    An owner/operator of City & Country Taxi Service Ltd.

b.    I am an independent license holder and my NSC Number is
______________ and my MCC License is _______________ (attach copy)

c.    I am a partner and share all associated expenses with
____________________ and my unit number is _________.

d.    I am a lease operator (Driver).

The information required below is mandatory and permission to drive
will not be granted until such information is provided.

Social Insurance Number: ___________________________

Goods and Services Tax Number: _____________________

Driver License Number:   ____________________________

DL Expiry Date:             _________________________

Chauffeur Permit Number: ___________________________

Chauffeur Permit Expiry Date: ______________________

Dispatch Services

1.    I acknowledge that provision of dispatch services is limited to
      my entitlement under the national safety code.
2.    I shall only use the driver number allotted to me by management
      and shall not reveal this number to any other driver.
3.    I shall only use such number to sign on while working as a
      driver for Yellow Cab of Victoria. Should I not be able to sign
      on I shall not proceed to drive until cleared by management.

4.    I shall, as an owner/operator or partner, on Monday or Tuesday
      and on the last day of the month turn in all charges to the
5.    As a lease operator I shall ensure that any charges incurred by
      me, shall be turned into the owner of the car at the end of
      each day.
6.    I shall, when directed, on the final day of the month produce
      trip sheets for the retention by Empress Transportation Company
      (1996) Ltd. On behalf of the license holder City & Country Taxi
      Service Limited.
National Safety Code

1.    I shall read and be fully conversant with the requirements of
      the National Safety Code and shall observe these regulations.
2.    I shall provide details of all accidents in writing within 24
3.    I shall record such accident with ICBC within 24 hours of said
4.    I shall provide to the offices of Empress Transportation
      Company (1996) Ltd. A copy of all moving violation tickets
      received by me, as a result of my driving a taxi.
5.    I shall provide any information that may be requested from me
      as requested from time to time to conform to the requirements
      of the national Safety Code.


Training is a major component of being a successful business person
and driver and all drivers shall be provided by Yellow Cab of
Victoria the training required to meet or exceed all standards set by
this company.

I acknowledge this requirement and shall make myself available for
all training.

Dress code

The company’s dress code is a key component of the standards required
and is enforced 24 hours a day.

a. dress Pants, Dress Shirt and Tie. Clothes are to be clean
and pressed.
b. jacket, V-Neck sweater or suit.
c. women may wear a skirt and matching jacket or dress slacks.
d. shoes may be casual dress shoes or polished shoes.
e. hats may be approved for wear upon review of the Manager.
f. articles of clothing required for religious reasons may be warn
with notice being given to the General Manager in writing.
g. the following clothes are not permitted
i. blue jeans or any denim material, sports or running shoes,
   shirts without collars.
ii. Shoes without socks, any type of beach wear or sports wear.
h. Other forms of dress that may be approved by the company from time
to time.


In my position with Yellow Cab of Victoria I acknowledge that I may
have certain financial obligations that must be met.

Should I depart the company and there are no debts incurred the money
shall be returned to me.

Should I invest in the company and take on a role of shareholder or
partner I shall meet all financial requirements, which include car
insurance, maintenance and repairs and dispatch fees.
Should I fail to meet my financial obligations Yellow Cab of Victoria
will exercise its rights to terminate my entitlement to dispatch

Vehicle maintenance

In all situations I shall maintain any vehicle in my care as follows:

a.    I shall keep the car free of damage
b.    I shall keep the car clean inside and out
c.    I shall ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained through
      regular maintenance
d.    I shall maintain the color using paint code U5456.
e.    I shall use a top light as approved by Yellow Cab of Victoria.
f.    I shall place markings on my car as approved by Yellow Cab of
g.    I shall place no advertising inside or outside of the vehicle
      unless approved by Yellow Cab of Victoria.
h.    For at fault accidents the driver is responsible for the
      deductible which is currently at $500.00.

I have read the information above and am satisfied that it has been
fully explained to me.

Should I fail to comply with the requirements of this agreement I
acknowledge that Yellow Cab of Victoria may take what actions
necessary to keep safe the interests of Empress Transportation
Company (1996) Ltd. And City & Country Taxi Service Limited.

Date: _____________________      at the City of Victoria.


Lease Operator/Shareholder/Partner

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