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Coach Success- Look At Tiger Woods

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					Most people would agree that Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world. Whether
you follow golf or not, there is an important aspect to Tiger Wood's success that often
gets overlooked. He has at any one time three or four coaches.

Even with all his natural ability Tiger Woods understands that coaching, being held
accountable by others, not only accelerates the process of his successful performance
but creates a winning performance strategy.

His coaches include one for his swing, one for fitness and his caddy for guidance on
the course. Whether you are looking for executive business coaching or business life
coaching there is one coach success. Successful coaching understands where
you are at now and helps you create pathways to upgrade your business and your life.

When determining whether or not coaching is for you there are some questions you
may want to ask. Do I feel stuck? Do I feel overwhelmed? Am I on a treadmill where
I can't seem to get off? What's keeping me from the results and life I desire? There are
many more questions you may ask but this will give you some idea.

The next thing you must ask yourself is: Am I open to change? Many people think
they are. But in reality they are looking a quick, temporary fix. Coaching is about
change and hopefully having that change become permanent to prevent you from
going back to the ways that didn't work.

Be honest with yourself. Once you understand and take ownership that the key to
change and the responsibility for change is yours, then your probability of co-creating
a successful performance strategy increases.

You have now decided to find a coach. You have committed to learning new skills and
disciplines. You have decided to carve out the time. But, how do you find the best one
for you. Look for someone who has a background in your area, for example, maybe
you are looking for small business growth and they have had a small business running
successfully or several that have done well.

In this case you would want a small business coach who has the experience to grow
small business. Now that you have found the person with the experience you need to
see how you feel. That's right....feel. Is the chemistry good? With the right experience
and the wrong chemistry things will not work.

A business life coach or small business coach with the right experience is great. And
to increase the odds of your success they will hold you accountable. Think about it.
Tiger Woods' success and improvement comes from his willingness to be held
accountable by others. If you are serious about your success then you will be willing
to held accountable by others the same as Tiger Woods.

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