Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Explained

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					Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a common but poorly understood illness that can cause
a wide range of symptoms. CFS is widespread in the United States. Although it can
occur at any age, it usually hits between the ages of 20-40. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
mainly affects women but can affect men as well. It can come and go and ranges in
severity of symptoms. Depending on the symptoms, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can
make living a normal life very difficult.

There are a wide range of symptoms one can have when they suffer from CFS. The
most common symptom and hallmark of this illness is severe, disabling fatigue and
exhaustion. This symptomm is one of many that can occur with chronic fatigue

Other common symptoms often found in CFS suffers are: all over weakness, sleep
disorders, aching muscles and joints, loss of appetite, headaches, swollen lymph
nodes in neck or armpits, sore throats, mild fever, intestinal problems, anxiety,
depression and mental confusion.

No one knows the exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome but it commonly shows up
after a viral illness. There are common theories as to the cause of CFS including; prior
contraction of Epstein-Barr Virus. Other experts believe that CFS is related to a
problem with immune function in one's system. Blood pressure, chemical sensitivities
and other theories are also being studied.

In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there are many variables that can contribute to the
severity of symptoms one experiences. Some sufferers are laid up in bed for weeks at
a time, some just a few days and then there are some who lead their normal lifestyle.
However difficult or cumbersome your symptoms are it is important to remember that
there are steps you can take to improve your symptoms.

The important factor for CFS sufferers to focus on is to remember that there is good
treatment to relieve fatigue and suffering. There are many natural treatments and
supplements you can take to increase energy, decrease pain, reduce anxiety and
depression. There is hope.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers find great relief when implementing a natural
treatment plan that incorporates a detoxification, rejuvenation, and maintenance
system. These three components work together to build an environment where your
body can heal itself. You can relieve the exhaustion and pain associated with chronic
fatigue syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a mysterious illness but there is good help out there to
help you cope with your condition. Research the treatment options available to you
and start experiencing life with much more energy and less pain.