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					                            Curriculum Proposal Template
                        for Change In Curriculum or New Course
Directions: For any proposed changes to existing curriculum or proposed new courses, please
complete this form and send to the District Curriculum Council in care of Wendy Johnson at the
District Office. Once the form is received, the proposal will be reviewed in the following committees:

        Course Request Changes Process
           1. Subject Area Committee (SAC) Reviews
           2. District Curriculum Council Reviews
           3. Communicated to Administrative Team for approval and implementation

The proposal will be submitted to the SAC Chair. The person(s) making the proposal should attend the
SAC meeting to present the information, answer questions and take suggestions. If the SAC approves
the proposal, the SAC Chair will present the proposal to the DCC for discussion. Upon approval at the
DCC, the recommendation will be taken to the Administrative Team for final approval and

Submitted by:
Proposed Change:

1. Rationale: Explain the reason(s) for the creation of this change. Why is the
   change needed? What gaps are being filled?

2. Course Description: Provide a narrative description of the class or
   proposed change in curriculum:

3. Learning Targets: List the primary learning objectives for students who
   complete the curriculum.

4. Assessment: What are the primary assessment measures that will be
   conducted to know that students have reached the learning targets?

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