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									Report on

        January 2008

                                              Index of Contents
Executive Summary                                              6.2.4   Motorcycle
Chapter 1      Introduction                              6.3           Total Exports
 1.1           Evolution of Indian Tyre Industry         6.4           Imports

Chapter 2      Tyre Basics                               Chapter 7     Market Competition
 2.1           Structure of a tyre                       7.1           Overall Market Share
 2.2           Performance parameters of Tyres                         Category-wise Leaders and followers
       2.2.1   Tyre Inflation                                           (FY07)
       2.2.2   Rolling Resistance                                      Category-wise Market Gain/Loss FY07
                                                                       over FY06
       2.2.3   Tyre Noise
 2.3           Manufacturing Process
                                                         Chapter 8     Cost
 2.4           Tyre Technology
                                                         8.1           Raw Material Expense
Chapter 3      Classification                                   8.1.1   Natural Rubber
                                                               8.1.2   Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric
 3.1           Tyre Market
                                                               8.1.3   Carbon Black
 3.2           Tyre Design
                                                               8.1.4   Styrene Butadiene Rubber
 3.3           Tyre Category
                                                               8.1.5   Poly Butadiene Rubber
Chapter 4      Characteristics & Demand Drivers          8.2           Power & Fuel expense
                                                         8.3           Employee Expense
 4.1           Characteristics
                                                         8.4           Selling Expense
       4.1.1   Raw material intensive
                                                         8.5           PBDILT
       4.1.2   Cyclical
       4.1.3   Competition
                                                         Chapter 9     Outlook
       4.1.4   Wide Distribution network
                                                         9.1           Projected growth
       4.1.5   Capital Intensive
                                                         9.2           Projection Methodology
       4.1.6   Low Bargaining Power
                                                               9.2.1   OEM Market growth
       4.1.7   Branding
                                                               9.2.2   Replacement market growth
       4.1.8   Technology
                                                               9.2.3   Export market growth
       4.1.9   Margins
                                                               9.2.4   Limitation of the projection methodology
       4.1.10 Duty Structure
                                                         9.3           SWOT Analysis of Indian Tyre Industry
       4.1.11 Porter Model
 4.2           Demand Driver
                                                        Chapter 10 Company Profile

Chapter 5      Tyre Production & offtake                 10.1          Apollo Tyres Ltd.
                                                         10.2          Ceat Ltd.
 5.1           Category-wise production
                                                         10.3          MRF Ltd.
 5.2           Market-wise offtake
                                                         10.4          Goodyear India Ltd.
Chapter 6      Market Growth                             10.5          JK Tyres & Industries Ltd.

 6.1           Category-wise tyre production growth
                                                        Annexure 1 Industry tyre production
 6.2           Market-wise offtake growth
                                                        Annexure 2 Industry tyre exports
       6.2.1   Truck & Bus tyre
       6.2.2   LCV tyre                                 Annexure 3 Player-wise tyre production FY07
       6.2.3   Cars                                     Annexure 4 World Tyre Market

2.1   Structure of a tyre                                        6.5   Market-wise offtake growth for Motorcycle tyres
2.2   Tyre Inflation                                              6.6   Destination-wise % distribution of export sales value
3.1   Classification of tyre                                      6.7   Trend in tyre exports
3.2   Tyre Design                                                6.8   Category-wise Tyre Exports in Units FY07 &
3.3   Growth trend for tyre segments                                   FY02
4.1   Cyclicality in demand                                      6.9   Category-wise Tyre Imports (Units) (FY07)
4.2   Market share of players FY07                               7.1   Overall Market Share
4.3   Porter Model                                               7.2   Category-wise Market Gain/Loss (FY07 over
4.4   OEM market tyre demand & production
                                                                 8.1   Components of Raw Material Cost
5.1   Shares of different types of tyres produced
                                                                 8.2   Natural Rubber: International & Domestic Price
5.2   Market-wise offtake
5.3   Market-wise offtake of tyres for different types
                                                                 8.3   Caprolactum Price
      of vehicles
                                                                10.1   Apollo Tyres Ltd. Share Price
6.1   Category wise Growth %
                                                                10.2   Ceat Ltd. Share Price
6.2   Market-wise offtake growth for trucks & bus
      tyres                                                     10.3   MRF Ltd. Share Price
6.3   Market-wise offtake growth for LCV tyre                   10.4   Goodyear India Ltd. Share Price
6.4   Market-wise offtake growth for car tyres                  10.5   JK Tyres Share Price

         3.1          Features of Cross Ply & Radial tyres
         4.1          Raw Material cost of tyre manufacturers
         4.2          Imported Raw Material as a percentage of total Raw Material consumed
         4.3          Segment-wise market share in the automobile Industry
         4.4          Selling & marketing expense as percentage of Operating Income
         4.5          PBDILT & PAT margin of different players
         4.6          Duty Structure
         6.1          Tyre Imports
         6.2          Category-wise Indian & Chinese prices of tyres
         7.1          Category-wise Leaders and Followers (FY07)
         8.1          Raw Material Expense
         8.2          Natural Rubber: Global Production
         8.3          Natural Rubber: Global Consumption
         8.4          Natural Rubber: Domestic Demand and Supply Scenario
         8.5          NTC: Domestic Demand & Supply
         8.6          Carbon Black: Domestic Demand & Supply
         8.7          SBR: Domestic Demand & Supply
         8.8          PBR: Domestic Production & Consumption
         8.9          Power & Fuel Expenses as a % of total sales
         8.10         Employee Expenses as a % of total sales
         8.11         Selling Expenses as a % of total sales
         8.12         PBDILT as a % of total sales
         9.1          Expected tonnage growth in tyre categories vis-à-vis past tonnage growth

The report elucidates facts about the Indian Tyre Industry, supplemented by latest statistical data and
comprehensive analysis.

Emphasis is laid on the following key subject matters to accomplish the report

● The characteristics of the industry (raw material intensity, cyclicality, competition, wide distribution
  network, capital intensity, low bargaining power, branding, technology requirements, margins and
  duty structure) and its demand drivers (vehicle production & population, regulatory norms, retreading
  of tyres etc.).

● Category-wise tyre production and market-wise tyre offtake analysis for the period FY 03-07.

● Market competition and category-wise market share of players. Change in category-wise market share
  of players in FY07 vis-a vie FY06.

● Cost Analysis (raw material, power & fuel, employee and selling expense) of the top players with
  specific focus on raw material costs.

● Category-wise tonnage offtake growth projection for the tyre industry for a five year horizon
  (FY 07-12) along with SWOT analysis of the industry.

● Financial profile, international forays, expansion plans of the top five players along with the details of
  corporate actions by other global and local players in India.

For in-depth analysis and CARE’s view on the future of this sector, please refer to the alignment Report
on Indian Tyre Industry by CARE Research.

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