Distribution Agreement, Film by azf65342


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									                                    RESULTS CALL FOR PROPOSALS EACEA/11/2008
                                        PROMOTION - ACCESS TO MARKETS
 Reference Code               Applicant Company                               Event Name                    Maximum MEDIA           Type of Agreement
                                                                                                           contribution (in €)            approved
0811PR021003DA EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY NETWORK,                EDN Workshops Southern Europe                            110,000.00   Partnership Agreement

0811PR021004DE Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin   Berlinale Co-Production Market 2009                     100,000.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021005BE Association Européenne du Film d’Animation   CARTOON MOVIE 2009                                      250,000.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021006DE Discovery Campus eV                          REELISOR (International Documentary Film                 65,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021008FR CLUB DES PRODUCTEURS EUROPEENS               EPC European Coproduction Meetings 2009                 100,000.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021009NL STICHTING FILMFESTIVAL ROTTERDAM             CineMart 2009                                           225,000.00    Partnership Agreement
0811PR021010BE CINEUROPA                                    CINEUROPA, the portal of European cinema                375,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021011BG ART FEST LTD                                 Sofia Meetings 2009                                      75,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021012FR CN FILMS SAS                                 DIFIM 2009                                               60,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021013CH VISIONS DU REEL                              DOC OUTLOOK 2009 - International Market                 103,000.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021014FR NISI MASA ASSOCIATION                        European Short Pitch 2009                                36,700.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021015FR SAUVE QUI PEUT LE COURT METRAGE              Marché du Film Court de Clermont-Ferrrand               170,000.00    Partnership Agreement

0811PR021016FR EUROPA DISTRIBUTION                          CINEMA DISTRIBUTION NETWORK (CIDINET)                    46,957.82    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021017FR EUROPA DISTRIBUTION                          Distribution Workshops 2009                             100,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021018PL    FILM NEW EUROPE sp. z.o.o                 Film New Europe                                          68,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021021FR ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DU FESTIVAL            CINANDO - European Networking Platform for              100,000.00    Partnership Agreement
               INTERNATIONAL DU FILM (AFFIF)                Professionals of the Film Industry
0811PR021023DE EUROPEAN FILM PROMOTION e.V.                 Activities of European Film Promotion taking            480,000.00    Partnership Agreement
                                                            place in the MEDIA countries
0811PR021025ES PLANETA MED SL                               DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum 2009                        70,000.00    Agreement for an Action

0811PR021027GR THESSALONIKI FILM FESTIVAL                   Thessaloniki International Doc Market 2009               50,000.00    Agreement for an Action

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