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									                                DStv Premium

DStv Premium combines the best entertainment programming available from across the
 globe with superior technological innovation to provide an unforgettable television
                                viewing experience!

  With a glittering menu of more than 80 world-class television channels and 40 CD-
quality audio channels, DStv Premium offers the richest core of on-screen entertainment
                                 available in Africa.

From thrilling live sport coverage, the latest news from around the globe, award-winning
documentaries, non-stop movies, gripping series, and kids edutainment to vibrant music
programming - DStv Premium prides itself on the quality and range of choice it offers to
                                      its subscribers.

                    General Entertainment Movies « M-Net | 101

Get connected to the magic of M-Net for the latest movies, gripping Mini-Series, the best
  international sports coverage on SuperSport, kids entertainment on K-TV and much
                      more. For the best in television entertainment.

                          Movies « M-Net Movies 1 | 103

  M-Net Movies 1 is a 24 hour channel from M-Net providing up to 100 different movie
titles a month with no commercial breaks. All movies screened on M-Net Movies 1 are in
             their premiere season, bringing you the newest Pay-TV offerings.
                          Movies « M-Net Movies 1 | 104

  M-Net Movies 2 provides you with even more opportunities to watch movies in their
encore season. More choices, and more convenience, for your viewing pleasure, 24 hours
                                        a day.

                             Movies « M-Net Stars | 105

Encompassing movies that are firm, favourites and contemporary classics, M-Net Stars is
  aimed at audiences who love and feel good films. DStv subscribers can watch out for
  undeniable talents of screen queens with first-class Hollywood comedians on M-Net
                                     Stars Channel.

                               Movies « M-Net Action | 106
M-Net Action brings you high impact action movies and series. Explosions, bombs, and
    bullets, flying fists and feet, dangerous men and far more dangerous women!

                         Movies « Hallmark Channel | 108
       Hallmark Channel brings you great stories that will linger in your memories long
                            after the credits have rolled.

                                Movies « TCM | 109

 TCM is the definitive classic movie channel that gives you the greatest movies of all-
                                  time, all the time.
                     General Entertainment « M-Net Series | 110

  A channel dedicated to exceptional series from the sixties through to the naughties. It
        spans many genres from drama to comedy, action, sci-fi and romance.

                        General Entertainment « kykNET | 111

  If Afrikaans is your home language or even your second language, here's a television
   channel with REAL local flavour. Its called kykNET, its produced by M-Net, and it
   broadcasts only in Afrikaans. Programming includes everything from talk shows, to
      variety and music programmes, the best in local dramas and cooking shows.

                     General Entertainment « Magic World | 112

     Magic World is a variety channel packaged with programming covering local
                productions in the movies, sport and series genres.

                      General Entertainment « Sony Entertainment | 113

 Sony Entertainment Television is the ultimate destination for complete family-friendly
entertainment with mix of programming that includes captivating dramas, witty comedies
                                and gripping thrillers.
                     General Entertainment « AfricaMagic | 114

  AfricaMagic: an entertainment channel dedicated to African programming made by

                    General Entertainment « AfricaMagic+ | 115

  AfricaMagic+: an entertainment channel dedicated to African programming made by
           Africans, with the best of Southern and Eastern African content.

                  General Entertainment « BBC Entertainment | 120

 Bursting with glossy new dramas, classic sci-fi, hilarious sitcoms, celebrity chat shows
and irresistible glamour, brace yourselves for BBC Entertainment! Made by the brightest
 talent on and off screen, our world class, award-winning shows will keep you glued to
                                      your screens.

                  General Entertainment « Discovery Channel | 121

Discovery Channel offers viewers the finest in non-fiction entertainment in the areas of
   history, nature, science & technology, world class culture and human adventure.

                         General Entertainment « Vuzu | 123

VUZU is a youth focused entertainment channel for young Africans. The programming
 is a combination of big name international series and locally produced shows. The
    channel will feature a wide variety of genres including drama, reality, comedy,
            animation, extreme sports, gaming, and magazine style shows
                   General Entertainment « E! Entertainment | 124

E! Entertainment invites you to pull up a front row seat for the latest Hollywood glitz and
   scandal as you get the low-down on glamorous celebrities, and privileged access to
           Tinseltown’s hottest award shows, movie premieres and live events.

                      General Entertainment « Zone Reality | 125

 Zone Reality brings you exciting, hard-hitting action-packed programmes. High-speed
pursuits, daring robberies, the deadliest earthquakes, rescues and heroic fire-fighters add
     to the heady mix of thrills and spills, from the only channel for real adventure!

                        General Entertainment « Animax | 126

Animax is the hip destination for the ultimate anime experience. It has a variety of genres
from action and horror to sci-fi, from kids and comedy to fantasy, offering the best anime
                                   from around the world.

                        General Entertainment « SABC1 | 131

SABC 1 is commercially oriented local channel aimed at a funky youth audience. If you
 feel like some fun, escapism or something a little more provocative - then this is the
                                   channel for you.

                        General Entertainment « SABC2 | 132

Programming is chosen to uplift and enlighten the viewer, and provide entertainment for
the family. The channel embraces the cultural diversity of the African continent - it is the
      spirit of African Renaissance. For a good dose of Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu
                         programming this is the channel for you.
                       General Entertainment « SABC3 | 133

 SABC 3 balances excellent entertainment programming with sport, news and actuality

                        General Entertainment « e-TV | 134

         Watch our World Class Entertainment, local style and Be Free with e.

                     General Entertainment « M-Net HD | 170

   M-Net HD is a cutting-edge channel that combines state-of-the-art high definition
broadcast technology - ensuring sharper images, sound and clarity - with the best shows
and movies from the M-Net family of channels. You need to purchase the new DStv HD
                              PVR to view this channel.

                            Sport « SuperSport HD | 171

 SS HD consists of a variety of sporting codes, including local rugby; soccer matches
  from the SA Premier Soccer League, UEFA Champions League, English Premier
League; international tennis; local tennis; golf matches comprising the European Tour,
              USA PGA Tour and more. Only available on an HD PVR.
                  Lifestyle & Culture « Discovery HD Showcase | 172

 Discovery HD is a 24-hr high-definition television brand offering factual and lifestyle
  entertainment that fulfills the promise of high-definition technology. As the leading
  global provider in HD Networks, the channel delivers unrivaled content, providing
 thousands of hours of Discovery HD content across the company’s 29 media brands.

                       Lifestyle & Culture « BBC Lifestyle | 180

Whether you’re reinventing your home, wanting more fun in the kitchen, looking for tips
on better parenting or searching for ways to feel better and look great, you’ll find it all on
 BBC Lifestyle. The sassy and energetic channel that’s alive with inspirational ideas to
                                    transform your life.

                       Lifestyle & Culture « Travel Channel | 181

     The Travel Channel offers high quality programming for the business and leisure
   traveller. Besides keeping viewers entertained and informed, there are many special
                 offers and travel-related competitions for subscribers too.

                    Lifestyle & Culture « The Home Channel | 182

 Whether you're looking for inspiration about the latest decor trends, thinking of doing
 some home improvements, or searching for your dream home... The Home Channel is
  your one-stop TV solution, with local and international programmes that inform and

                     Lifestyle & Culture « The Style Network | 183

  The Style Network is a savvy, sexy and stylish channel that has everything a young
female craves with original series that showcase the latest trends in leisure, home design
                           and décor, weddings and fashion.
                       Lifestyle & Culture « Fashion TV | 184

 Fashion TV introduces you to over 300 leading designers in the world 24 hours a day,
 seven days a week. A mixture of sensuality, eroticism and beauty makes Fashion TV a
          universal language watched and enjoyed in every part of the world.

                            Sport « SuperSport Blitz | 200

This is your update channel. You can catch anything from LIVE sport, right through to
                  result updates. A handy tool for a sports enthusiast.

                             Sport « SuperSport 1 | 201

  SuperSport 1 is 24 hours a day of top international and local sporting events, which
heralds a new era in sport viewing. This complete sports service with the ultimate choice
                                      and variety.

                             Sport « SuperSport 2 | 202

   SuperSport 2 is a new dimesnion to sport viewing, bringing you the maximum in
experiencing all the live action of the super events and news from around the world, 24
                                        hours a day.

                             Sport « SuperSport 3 | 203

 SuperSport 3 is Africa's premier football channel, made for broadcasting national and
                             international football events.
                              Sport « SuperSport 4 | 204

   SuperSport 4 accommodates live Absa PSL games, when there is an overflow from
                                   SuperSport 3.

                              Sport « SuperSport 5 | 205

   Ensures you get all the games, all the time. It acts as an extra channel to handle the
  overflow when all the other SuperSport Channels are bursting with live matches and
                                      other features.

                              Sport « SuperSport 6 | 206

  SuperSport uses this channel to broadcast special features and events. Check out the
                        guide to see what’s being televised next.

                              Sport « SuperSport 7 | 207

This is your wide-screen channel. During big events, SuperSport may choose to broadcast
    in wide-screen and this is where you can catch the action… and become part of it.

                          Sport « SuperSport Maximo | 208

Your Portuguese sports channel. Maximise your sports in-take with Maximo. A channel
                   that brings you SuperSport action of all kinds.
                                  Sport « ESPN | 230

        The worldwide leader in sports, with non-stop international sports action.

                              Sport « ESPN Classic | 231

 ESPN Classic offers viewers a look back at the greatest moments in South African and
 international sports history, from full length matches to sporting highlights, interviews,
                                  documentaries and films.

                                Sport « TellyTrack | 232

  TellyTrack is the racing fan's ticket to the magic of thoroughbread horse racing. The
   channel brings you up-to-the-minute information to keep you on top of the game.

                        Documentary « Discovery World | 250

Discovery World offers an experience of the very best factual programming from around
the globe. It showcases a rich and colourful selection of high quality factual programmes
   from around the globe, with different genres. These range from the ancient world to
natural history, people and places, modern history and key events, exploration, to history
                            of technology, war and weaponry.

                        Documentary « BBC Knowledge | 251

 Broaden your horizons with BBC Knowledge. Where facts are made fascinating and the
truth is as entertaining as fiction. Our award winning factual and non-fiction programmes
are presented by charismatic experts, whose passion for their subjects reveals the world in
                                         all its wonder
                      Documentary « The History Channel | 254

 The History Channel brings to life the history that is such an integral part of our lives.
  Entertaining and informative, and often more than a little surprising, our compelling
  documentaries examine the events and experiences that have shaped our world from
                                     ancient times.

                     Documentary « Crime & Investigation | 255

The only channel dedicated to true crime stories, CI will take you on a journey deep into
the heart of the criminal underworld, exploring the minds and methods of both criminal
                                     and detective.

                      Documentary « National Geographic | 260

 With unrivalled quality and spectacular imagery, this channel brings you award-winning
documentaries from around the world - from wildlife adventure and exploration to natural
                             phenomena and world cultures.

                          Documentary « Nat Geo Wild | 261

  This 24 hour channel from the National Geographic stable, is dedicated to the best in
     wildlife programming, the power of mother nature and the future of our planet

                         Documentary « Animal Planet | 264

  Animal Planet, a major channel of the Discovery network's portfolio, offers intrigue,
    adventure, humour, relationships, life and death. It's television that Grabs You!
                             Documentary « Ignition | 265
New models, old bangers, supercars or classics, hot rods and pimped up racers – if you’re
     crazy about cars SA’s only motoring channel will get your engine running.

                          Children « Cartoon Network | 301

Cartoon Network is the home of the top toon stars. Join viewers of all ages for the latest
            and the greatest cartoons with all your favourite characters.

                                Children « Boomerang | 302
Boomerang offers the best in classic animated entertainment. With over 2000 characters,
it's the best place on television to share your favourite childhood cartoon memories with
                                      your own children.

                           Children « Disney Channel | 303

 Disney Channel is the children's channel for the whole family featuring classic cartoons
 and popular new animated characters, Playhouse Disney for the youngest viewers (2-5
  years) as well as live action sitcoms and an unrivaled range of classic Disney feature

                             Children « Nickelodeon | 305

Targeted at kids 2 to 14, Nickelodeon is one of the world’s multi-platform entertainment
brands dedicated to kids. The channel consists of two programming blocks, Nick Jr. and
                                     Nick at Nite.
                              Children « Cbeebies | 306

CBeebies is a brightly coloured world full of stories, discovery and giggles. It is a place
where friends like Tinky Winky, Roly Mo and Iggle Piggle help nurture your little one’s
imagination, and where your child’s curiosity about the world around them is answered
                      through their unstoppable appetite for play!

                               Children « KooWee | 307

KooWee is a brand new Afrikaans kids channel for little ones between 1 and 6 years old.
KooWee boasts 15 new Afrikaans programmes combined with some of the best golden
             oldies like Heidi, Pinnochio, Bernard, Sinbad and Tao Tao.

                            Children « Mindset Learn | 319

Mindset Learn is a South African curriculum based educational channel aimed at grades
   10-12 (Std. 8 to Matric) and will initially cover the Maths, Science and English

                               Music « Channel O | 320

24-7-365... Channel O is a leader in music television and the most highly regarded outlet
 for African talent and videos on the planet. Targeted at youth with the rhythm of Africa
   in their soul, Channel O is renowned for its ability to bring home the hottest musical
                          programming from across the continent.
                                 Music « MTV | 321

 The world's most famous music channel, playing the biggest hits, and bringing you the
     biggest stars, exclusives and behind the scenes specials from across the world.

                               Music « MTV Base | 322

 MTV Base is the unrivalled 'urban' music channel, playing only the very best in R&B,
  Hip Hop, Kwaito and Dancehall. MTV Base is synonymous with what urban music
 represents. For MTV Base, reflecting the urban lifestyle is as important as the music.
 MTV Base is prolific at breaking new artists, highlighting new trends, delivering hot
  showbiz news and showcasing all developments in the international & local music

                                 Music « VH-1 | 323

Non-stop video hits during the day playing only the very best contemporary music, mixed
      with the hits from the 80s and 90s. In the evening VH1 brings you in-depth
 documentaries with the stars themselves, music based chats, interviews and live music.

                                  Music « MK | 324

    This exciting channel that will mainly broadcast Afrikaans music videos and music
  related programming for a younger audience, will break the sound barrier. The content
    will consist of music videos, talk shows featuring well-known musicians and other
 celebrities, album reviews and news coverage about events on the local music front. All
    music genres, such as rock, pop and alternative, will be featured. Sit jou waaib aan!
                               Music « Trace TV | 325

                 Trace TV - The number one urban television channel.

                             Music « One Gospel | 331

One Gospel is a 24-hour music television channel showcasing gospel music from all over
 the African continent and the world. It includes studio generated and live performances
   from both world renowned and up-and-coming artists. Complementing its extensive
   music line-up, the channel will also include spiritually themed talk-shows, magazine
     programs and game-shows, making One Gospel more than just a music channel.

                                Religion « TBN | 341

A Christian based television channel meeting the needs of Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit for
all age groups. The programme offer includes Preaching, Teaching, Music, Chat Shows,
          Health & Hygiene, Children, Youth and Senior Citizen programmes.

                             Religion « Rhema TV | 343

    The best Christian programming from around the world each and every Sunday.
                         Religion « Islam Channel | 347

Islam Channel provides innovative and exciting programming that personalizes Islamic
    themes as well as entertains the Muslim and Non-Muslim viewers aiming to be a
 premium global channel with an Islamic focus. Islam Channels programming covers a
   wide range of topics appealing to many different types of audiences. For example
 children’s programs, City Sisters a feminine show, News, Politics and Beyond, Legal
                       Corner and the Health Show to name a few.

                  News & Commerce « BBC World News | 400

  Providing an unmatched, impartial, in-depth analysis of breaking news, BBC World
 News explains the story behind the headlines. An international news and information
television channel, BBC World News broadcasts in English 24 hours a day for a global

                        News & Commerce « CNN | 401

 CNN International allows viewers to witness history in the making with its award
winning, live coverage of news as it breaks, from around the world, around the clock.

                      News & Commerce « Sky News | 402

 Sky News brings you up-to-the-minute news updates from a European perspective.
 Extensive feature programming includes busness, news, science, technology, sport,
                       travel, arts, entertainment and fashion.
                         News & Commerce « eNews | 403

  The eNews Channel offers local news from South Africa, regional and international
  news, including live reports, breaking news, sport, weather, entertainment, financial
          information and current affairs shows which look at issues in-depth.

                       News & Commerce « Euro News | 404

   EuroNews is the leading international news channel covering world news from a
 European perspective. EuroNews is today a multi-lingual multi-platform news service.

                      News & Commerce « Russia Today | 405

International renowned news channel, Russia Today, offers an alternative perspective on

                       News & Commerce « Al Jazeera | 406

  Al Jazeera English is a 24-hour English language news and current affairs television
channel headquartered in Dohar, Qata. The channel aims to provide both a regional voice
   and a global perspective to a potential world audience of over one billion English
                   speakers, without an Anglo-American worldview.
                  News & Commerce « Parliamentary Service | 408

  Keep your finger on the pulse of political happenings by watching live and recorded
                              crossings from Parliament.

                       News & Commerce « CNBC Africa | 410

 CNBC Africa is the continent’s first 24 hour international business channel. It delivers
    real-time information and insightful analysis about African business and Africa’s
  financial markets. CNBC Africa also presents regular updates from CNBC affiliates
around the world including Europe, Asia and the US. The channel offers a unique global
                         perspective from an African platform.

                        News & Commerce « Bloomberg | 411

       The leading source of worldwide financial news, information, analysis and
                    communication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                        News & Commerce « Summit TV | 412

An uptotheminute fix on all the days business, financial and market highlights, as well as
news headlines, sports snippets, business travel and lifestyle features. Please note: only 8
                        day schedules available for this channel.

                        News & Commerce « Weather24 | 415

 The Weather Channel now offers a video forecast with various weather information as
 well as the interactive application for detailed information on South Africa, Africa and
                                    the rest if the world.
                         Specialist « RAI International | 430

    RAI International is the first Italian multimedia network producing TV, radio and
   information on the World Wide Web, providing 24 hour programming to people of
      Italian origin around the world, promoting the image of Italy across the globe.

                               Specialist « BVN | 431

                             Premium Dutch programming

                               Specialist « ERT | 432

 ERT Sat is a government owned network that offers 24 hours of quality Greek language
 programming. ERT provides live and local news coverage, documentaries, educational
programming, and children's shows. This channel appeals to families as well as more mat

                          Specialist « Deutchse Welle | 446

                  A channel dedicated to German speaking audiences.

                              Specialist « CCTV4 | 447

    CCTV-4 carries news, documentaries, and television series targeting Mandarin,
             Cantonese and English speaking viewers 24 hours a day.
                                Specialist « CCTV9 | 448

CCTV9 carries news, documentaries, and television series targeting Mandarin, Cantonese
                    and English speaking viewers 24 hours a day.

                        General Entertainment « Saffron TV | 456
   SaffronTV brings together an exciting mix of local and international shows that are
packaged especially for the Indian community. It offers a prime time viewing schedule of
  engaging lifestyle programming, family entertainment shows, and a window into the
 world of the local Indian community. Its locally produced shows cover food, style and
 beauty, health, bollywood news and reviews, celeb/showbiz gossip, community news,
   and all with loads of viewer participation. Available weekends from 13:00 - 17:00

                           Specialist « RTP International | 501

    RTPi is a 24 hour channel hosting a range of popular Portuguese programmes ranging
                    from news and sport to tele-novelas and game shows.

                          Specialist « TV5 Monde Afrique | 607

      Dynamic French television channel offering fresh on the spot news coverage from
    Entertainment, sport and hard news. The channel boasts of top notch investigative and
                 specialist journalists who cover its various news spectrum.


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