Choosing the Best Cordless Hammer Drill-Driver

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					For the busiest industrial workers having a good hammer drill/driver in your corner in
an indispensable convenience providing a perfect combination of power and total
versatility. Of course, using the industry's very best hammer drill/driver is an even
greater convenience, so here, I've compiled some information on the ultimate, the
most paramount hammer drill/drivers in today's market place.

Hitachi's DV18DL (18v) cordless hammer drill delivers intense high-power,
versatility, and innovation to provide craftsmen with one of the most functional tools
on the market. With a class leading 570in/lbs of torque, the tool has the big power to
accommodate every variety of industrial application, and with variable speeds (with
four speed settings from 0 - 200 / 400 / 900 / 1800 RPM) the tool keeps craftsmen in
control of every task. Utilizing lithium ion battery technology, the hammer provides a
perfect union between power, compact convenience, and longevity assuring you can
rely on this tool through rain or shine. The tool's motor is extremely durable and as
the tool weighs only 4.9 lbs, it is consistently reliable and comfortable to work with.
Additionally, the tool's brushes are externally accessible for the fastest, simplest
replacements - and the drill is covered under Hitachi's industry leading 10-year tool
warranty for the ultimate in high-quality assurance. The DV18DL kit prices at about
$250 - $270(if this sounds like more than you'd expected, keep in mind your
essentially getting the power and functionality of three tools in one).

On another hand, Bosch's 17618-01 (18v) Brute Tough hammer drill-driver delivers
huge power and industrial durability in a comfortable ergonomic design. With a high
speed motor producing 2,050 RPM (up to 30,750 BPM), and a high torque mode with
over 650 in/lbs of torque, the tool is intensely powerful with muscle to spare in even
the most rigorous applications. Bosch's Durashield housing and unibody powertrain
provide optimized durability enabling the tool to withstand rough jobsite
environments, and with a high-strength metal collar and (1/2") metal chuck, the tool is
uncommonly protected against the rigors of jobsite life. Also utilizing Bosch's Litheon
batteries, the tool maintains maximum power for the life of the charge as well as the
extended life of the battery. A built-in L.E.D. light ensures greater precision in dark
and confined spaces, and with a variable speed trigger and 25 position clutch, the tool
is extremely versatile to put craftsmen in control every performance. The 17618-01
kit ranges in price from about $270 - $330.

Additionally, Makita's BHP454 (18v, 1/2") hammer drill-driver combines unique
versatility, big power, and high-performance to deliver a tool that hammers, fastens,
drills, and drives unlike any other. Utilizing lithium-ion battery technology and an
optimum battery charging system, the tool boasts vastly extended work-time (with
twice as many charge cycles) to ensure the most productivity from each use. The
tool's Makita built, four-pole motor delivers 560in/lbs of maximum torque delivering
both durability and the power to master even the most challenging applications.
Additionally, weighing only 4.9 lbs, the tool is lightweight and compact ensuring
users are comfortable and in control. For unmatched versatility and precision a
shift-lock drive system allows the drill to quickly and smoothly shift from one mode
to another, and with a two-speed (0 - 400 / 0 - 1700 RPM), all metal transmission, the
tool is masterfully equip for an impressive range of heavy-duty applications. The
BHP454 prices at about $280 - 320.

Ranging in price from about $290 - $310, Makita's BHP452 (18v, 1/2") hammer
drill-driver kit is a great option for lighter-duty users still requiring the most
high-quality performance. The tool's Makita built, four-pole motor delivers 450in/lbs
of efficient torque promising durability, power, and and always reliable performance.
Weighing only 4.2 lbs, the tool is compact and lightweight allowing users to operate
with far less stress and fatigue, and designed with a two-speed (0 - 400 / 0 - 1500
RPM), all metal transmission the tool is perfectly suited for an impressive range of
applications. A shift-lock drive system allows the drill to quickly and smoothly shift
from one mode to another, and utilizing Makita's lithium-ion battery and charging
technology, the tool is a true work-horse for any craftsman.

With one of these tools, you'll find your workday a little bit easier, your work
experience a little bit brighter, and your working results precise, efficient, and always