Choosing A Nanny Placement Agency by aihaozhe2


									The decision to enlist the help of a part time nanny is a big one for every parent. With
so many nanny placement agencies out there, it can seem like a bit of a minefield
when it comes to choosing a nanny agency. Nanny agencies offer a broad range of
services, and knowing which services are important to you can help you narrow down
the field and decide on the best nanny placement service for you. Here are some key
services to look for when choosing a nanny placement service:

1. Background checks - As a minimum, you want to ensure your nanny placement
service performs a thorough background check on all its nannies. That means the
agency has obtained information from the nanny's previous employers, and has
received reports from criminal, sex offender and DMV agencies, and can guarantee
the results are blemish-free.

2. CPR training - Some nanny placement agencies require that their nannies are fully
trained in CPR for infants and toddlers, and hold first aid certifications. This gives
parents the peace of mind to know that if their child was to have an accident, the
nanny will automatically be prepared to handle the situation.

3. Language services - Knowing a second language is a powerful tool in today's
ever-changing, global society. Some nanny placement services recognize this fact, and
can pair families with a nanny who can educate the child in select second languages,
such as Spanish, French or Hebrew.

4. Tutoring services - Nannying is not just about feeding, bathing and playing with
children, it's also about educating. Some nanny placement agencies require that their
nannies are trained child development professionals who can equip a child with the
skills they need for preschool.

5. Trips and activities - Some nanny agencies place importance on exposing children
to a wide range of educational activities and outings. If you want to ensure your child
gets active, engaged, and out and about, look for a nanny placement service that will
work with you to develop a customized program of activities to suit your child's needs.
Activities can range from dance, gymnastics, movement and music classes, to trips to
zoos, museums, and movies.

6. Care arrangements - Look for a nanny placement service that provides a range of
child care arrangements to suit your needs. A nanny agency will usually offer a
traditional live-in or live-out nanny service, as well as more specialized services such
as baby nurses. Some agencies offer a nanny share or coop program, where one
carefully selected nanny provides live-out care for a number of nominated families.
This is perfect for related families wanting to establish regular playmates for their

By pinpointing the nanny placement services that are important to you, you'll find it
easier to select a nanny agency that can provide your family with the perfect part time

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