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									Amity Business School
    Where Modernity Blends With Tradition

                      Established in 1995   ....
The Foundation
 Amity Business School is a part of Ritnand Balved
 Education Foundation, established in 1986.
  One Brand

  18 Campuses

  130 Programs

  30,000 Students

 The guiding force behind our success….

                                      “Successful and happy individuals
                                      build a successful nation. But
                                      what is it that contributes to
                                      success, achievement of goals and
                                      fulfillment of your mission to lead
                                      a happy and contended life?
                                      A strong foundation is none other
                                      than good education. Because in
Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan                  education lies the biggest service
Founder President
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation   to the individual, to the nation and
                                      to the humanity, world over.”
10 Years so far
 Ranked No.1 among the Private Business Schools established
  post 1990
                                  Outlook C fore Survey, 02’ 03
 Ranked No.1 among Private Business School for Industry
                                         Outlook, October, 2003
 Ranked in ‘A+’ category of Business Schools
                                           Business India, 2002

 Ranked in ‘A’ category of Business Schools
                              Indian Management, January 2002

 Amongst the Top 13 Business Schools
                                  Economic Times, March 2004
Amity Business School

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Masters in Business Administration

MBA – Customer Relationship Management & Marketing

MBA – Entrepreneurship and Leadership

MBA – Human Resource

Bachelors of Business Administration
Model of Excellence ..                                        Certification

   Intense Industry Interface from Induction to Evaluation

   Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty

   Exhaustive Selection Procedure
         All India Test, GD, Interview

   Curriculum Development
         International Best Practices & Industry Centric

   Pedagogy
         Case Studies, Simulations, Field Projects

   Evaluation
         Internal Assessment and Final Term Exam
Intense Industry Interface
                                     … Industry Centric Learning

   3-Tier Mentorship Program                    Continuous
   CEO Forum                                    Weekly
   Guest Lectures                               Weekly
   Industry Visits                              Monthly
   Corporate Forum                              Fortnightly
   Career Advisory Board                        Bi-Annually
   Seminars and Conferences                     Bi-Annually
   Summer Internship                            Annually

   Visits by Prominent International Gurus     Regular Process
   Corporate Meet                              Bi -Annually
   HR & Leadership Conclave                    Annually
   Leadership Awards                           Annually
Amity Becomes a Benchmark
                                      …Unique 3-Tier Mentoring

   Active industry interaction between professionals,
    faculty and students to promote knowledge sharing
    and experiential learning.
   Seamless transition from academics to real work life.

   The Three mentors are:
         Industry Mentor
         Alumni Mentor
         Faculty Mentor

    First institute across the globe to introduce 3-Tier Mentoring Program
T&D and Consulting
      …Industry and Academia Interface
   Many companies from India and abroad have benefited from
    the comprehensive Training and Development programs and
    consulting projects undertaken by Amity Business School.

   To name a few…
    BHEL, Chaddha Group Of Companies, Denso India, EIL, GAIL,
    Grasim Industeries, ICICI Bank, Indian Airlines, IOC, ITC, Jubliant
    Organosys, Kudremukh Iron Ore Ltd., MUL, NDPL, NTPC, ONGC,
    Shimnit Group of Companies, SAIL, Whirlpool (Australia/South
    Asia), Wockhardt and many more…
    Our Journey…

                               BASICS                        IN-DEPTH
             BUILDING                                     UNDERSTANDING
BRIDGING                         OF         SUMMER
                THE                                           OF CORE
COURSE                          CORE        INTERNSHIP
            FOUNDATION                                     FUNCTIONAL

           Semester 1     Semester 2                     Semester 3 & 4

                        Mentoring Program

               Foreign Business Language                     Dissertation
                                Corporate Interactions
               Participative Managerial Effectiveness

Holistic Development of Students
                                    …Beyond Academics

   Career Advisory Meet
   Clubs and Committees 
   Foreign Business Language 
   Military Training
   PME (Participative Managerial Effectiveness) 
   Sangathan :Sports Event
   STEPPS ( Structured Techniques for Enhancing Professional
    and Personal Skills) 
   Trends and Aura 
Students Profile for Class of 2005
                                    …..Educational Qualification

       PGDM -2005                         MBA -2005
       Total No. of Students: 150         Total No. of Students: 32

  5%          13%                       26%                    23%
                        12%            18%                      18%
            29%                                   10%

              Commerce                    Management
              Engineers                   Humanities
              Science                     Information Technolgy
Specializations: Class of 2005

               Total No. of Students : 182



              14%                      13%

 Human Resource Management             International Business Management
                                     INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
 Finance and Accounting                Operations Management
 Information System Management
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                 Marketing and
                                     MARKETING Sales Management
Students Profile for Class of 2006
                                   …..Educational Qualification

      PGDM -2006                            MBA -2006
      Total No. of Students: 150            Total No. of Students:200

      9%     6%             25%              15%
10%                                     4%                           32%

                             14%      20%
       36%                                     11%              18%

              Commerce                       Management
              Engineering                    Humanities
              Science                        Information Technolgy
  Students Profile for Class of 2006
                                   …..Educational Qualification

        MBA (E&L) - 2006                    MBA (HR) - 2006
        Total No. of Students:35            Total No. of Students:60

       15%                                                       28%
  3%                                   24%

13%                            48%
 3%                                          13%              24%

              Commerce                  Management
              Engineering               Humanities
              Science                   Information Technolgy
Summer Internship for Class of 2005

Marketing and Sales Management
Operations Management
Finance and Accounting
Information Systems Management
Human Resource Management
International Business Management
Amity Alumni
                                Jubilant Organosys
 Adobe Systems
 Apollo Tyres                   LG Electronics
 AT&T                           Max NewYork Life Insurance
 Bharti Enterprises             Motorola
 Business Standard Ltd          Nicholas Piramal Ltd
 Citibank                       Ogilvy & Mather
 Coca Cola                      Pepsico
 Dabur India                    Punj Lloyd Ltd
 DSP Merill Lynch               Ranbaxy
 Ernst & young                  Royal Sundaram
 Escorts Group                  Samsung India Ltd
 Flex Industries
                                Sony India
 Gillette India
                                Standard Chartered Bank
 Glaxo Smithkline Beecham Ltd
                                Wipro and many more…..
 HCL Group
                                                      Placement Records
Looking Forward to a long and everlasting
 relationship with you and your esteemed

              Thank You…
Placement Schedule
                    Important Dates
           PPT’s Commencement : 6th Sept 2004
           First Placement Week      : 6th - 10th Dec 2004
           Second Placement Week : 17th – 21st Jan 2005
           Third Placement week      : 21st – 25th Feb 2005

                    For Details, Please Contact
Dr. Balvinder Shukla                              Prof. Anil Sethi
Dy. Director General                              Head of Placements
Corporate Resource Center                         Corporate Resource Center
Amity Business School                             Amity Business School
Sector 44, Noida - 201303                         Sector 44, Noida -201303
Tel: 0120-2431882 (D) Fax: 0120-2432650           Mobile: 9810022355
Mobile : 9810199453                               E-mail: anils@abs.amity.edu
E-mail : Bshukla@abs.amity.edu

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