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                          Li, L.       Sanden, M.; Dankelmann, J.; of the ACTA-DelltaTech C.
                                                   Applied case study Education Wehrmann, collaborative2010-08-27
                                                                Science                   Communication              research strategic comm
Academia-Industry collaborative research project -- A Sciences Wentink, M.;andacademia-industry collaboration; on the training
                          De Vries, Agents K.V.
Communication in Goal OrientedW.A.                              Mediamatics             agent Computer Science agent
                                                                                                     In this thesis the GOAL; communic
                                       Hindriks, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andcommunication; 2010-05-25 programming
                          Takapoui, P. Chitu, A.G.;Electrical Men, Machine Interaction
                                                    Rothkrantz, L.J.M.                  Annotation;In our life recognition; and more dep
                                                                                                      Emotion we get
Extracting emotions from face-to-face communication Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science moreCommunication2009-07-14
Glück Auf: A communication strategy for ‗striking‘ social acceptance of geothermal energy in the Netherlands
is increasingly be
                          Pagen, M.J. ehrmann, C.               Science                 social acceptance; renewable energy; geotherma
                                                   Applied Sciences Education & Communication                      2010-12-15
                                                                                                     Geothermal energy
                          Maheshwari, D.
                                       Heijden F.; Van
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Kuipers , F.
                                                                Telecommunications Offshore Comunication; Robust transmission ne
Robust Offshore Networks for Oil and Gas,FacilitiesMieghem, P.F.A.;Mathematics and Computer Science                2010-01-28
                                                                                                     Offshore Communication Networks u
                          Zhang Xin, Zhou Jing Long, Estimation In M.E.; Niemegeers, I.Computer Science
                                       X.          Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
Transmission Power Adaptation Using Link Quality J.; Jacobsson,IEEE802.11 link quality Nowadays, 2009-05-26         energy saving for wireles
Future home networks:Ölcer, G.M.Niemegeers, Home Networks
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                           Connectivity in 60 GHz I.; Onur, E.                                       Currently, common frequency spectru
                                                                Telecommunications Connectivity; Home Networks; Neighbor discove
                          De Grijp, P.A.
                                       Bouwman, H.,(mentor); Policy G.M.,(mentor); Den
                                                    small firms
The selection process of IT outsourcing withinTechnology, Wijers,and Management Hartigh, E.,(mentor)               2007-05-01
                          Stoopman, M. Wireless
                                        for        Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                Microelectronics &      UWB; Engineering
A Sub-GHz UWB Pulse GeneratorSerdijn, W.A. Biomedical Communication Computer Sub-GHz; biomedical communication; imp2010-12-13
                           a treat                  R.W.,(mentor); Westerveld, R., (mentor); Rood, H.,(mentor)
Mobile VoIP a threat orKhan, K Wagenaar, Technology, Policy and Management                                         2005-09-14
                           for A.O. Babuska, in Lopes, G.A.D.; Simonetto,&
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                                Microelectronics A. Communication Science libraries that are crea
                                                                                                     Communication 2010-11-30
Software InfrastructureIsik,Communications R.;Distributed Robotics SystemsComputer ComputerLibrary; Distributed Robotics; Mu
                          Nieuwenhuizen,der Lubbe, J.C.A. Information Mathematics and Computer Science
                                       Van M.C. Electrical Engineering, and CommunicationXRF; Classification; Image Processing;
Virtual reconstruction of hidden paintings based on XRF images                                       This thesis 2010-01-29method that us
                                                                                        Painting; Theory           presents a
                           Support Bouwman, W.A.G.A.; Overbeek, Information and Communication Technology process of de
                                                   Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                Section of The case ofdecision supportthesis 2010-08-05
                                                                                                     This system;  outlines the
Developing a Decision Daas, D. System for Business Model Design:S.J.; Hartmann, L.; Hurkmans, A.A.M. network-centric busine
                          Verschoor, Van Leuken, T.G.R. Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                       M.          Electrical Microelectronics &        SoC; Security; Interconnect;
                                                                                                     Interconnect centric security in on Ch
Design of a Crypto Core for Securing Intra System-on-Chip Communication Computer Computer Science NoC; System multi c
Performance Validation of Networks on Chip Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                          Chandrasekar,Micheli, G.; Gaydadjiev, G.; Goossens, K.
                                       De K.                    Computer Engineering                 Network-on-Chip (NoC) is establishe
Trust toolbox                                      Applied Sciences Education andTrust; Toolbox; is a research and design gradua
                          Van der Meij, M.G. Sanden, M.C.A.; Christiaans, H.H.C.M.; Van derThisCorporate communication; Strate
                                       Van der                  Science                               Auweraert, A.; Wehrmann, C.
                                                                                          Communication            2010-07-09
                          Doost Mohammady, P.
                                       Pawelczak,               Telecommunications Cognitive; Radio; CR;Radios are currently a big c
                                                                                                     Cognitive SD; 2009-06-30
Cognitive Radio Design: An SDR Approach R.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Wireless; Network; Re
                          Van of enterprise resource planning: a Vrancken, J.L.M., (mentor); Mayer, I.S.,(mentor); Malotaux, M.,(oth
                                       Wagenaar, R.W.,(mentor); study on 'success' on
Successful implementation Hofwegen, J.O.E. Technology, Policy and Management the basis of implementation strategies2006-10-16
Nietvergeten.nl                        De Jong, W.ir. (senior mentor); Grahmbeek, R. Computer Sci
                                                                                        php; ssl     Een involved); Rede Consultancy o.
                          Voets, R.; De Bode, D.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics,(other person online systeem geschreven inB.V
                          Veldhoven,Bouwman, W.A.G.A.,(mentor); and meter-data service delivery
                                        P.         Technology, Policy Fens, T.W.,(mentor); Lukzo, Z.,(mentor); Berkhof, C.,(other per
Smarter metering: an analysis of the requirements and bottlenecks of Management                                    2007-08-23
                          Badinrad, F.B.            Infrared Engineering, Mathematics system This channel;
                                                                Telecommunications wireless optical thesis 2010-08-18 the channel
System Design for a High Data Rate WirelessElectrical Multi language Distribution and Computer ScienceOFDM; opticalfeasibility
                          C             Fiege, M.; dr. (seniorEngineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
                                                   Electrical mentor); Sodoyer, B.R., ir. (mentor)
Storing en monitoringen roese, K.;Kluit, P.G., Schoenmakers, B.; Wenneker, B. Tenuki                               2008-07-02
                                                                                                     Intership document for Tenuki B.V.
                          Sperling, e-service design method: Policy and Management
Development of a multi-channel C.P.                 R.W.,(mentor); extension for XQFD                              2006-01-19
                                       Wagenaar, Technology, an Simons, L.P.A.,(mentor); Attema, J.,(mentor); Kardol, J.J.,(other pe
                          Schipper, H. digital music vending service inDekker, R., (mentor); De Reuver, G.A.,(mentor),
                                                   Technology, Policy India: developing                             model by using the STOF
Music on: the value of standalone Bouwman, W.A.G.A.,(mentor); and Management a service business2007-06-29 Balachandran
                          Koning, A.S.;Wong, S. prof.dr.ir.(senior mentor); Van Genderen, A. prof.dr.ir.(mentor) describe the developm
                                                   Electrical                           software engineering; website
Interactieve website voor publicaties Verwoerd, R.J.T. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci        This document 2004-09-16
                          Pardijs, T. Wagenaar, Technology, Policy and of fixed and
                                                    R.W.,(mentor); Westerveld, J.R.,(mentor); Barendse, 2005-11-24
Fixed-mobile convergence regulatory implications of the convergenceManagementmobile telephonyA.J.,(mentor); Van der Hart,
                          Baars, F.; Bouchaut, P.;ir. (seniorEngineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
                                       Sepers, M., the TUDelft Karsidi, N.; Sijbrand, Dark Ink; TU
                                                     Doorn, mentor);                    S.           Bacherlor Thesis that contains the tec
Dark Ink: a game commissioned by DOK and ElectricalM.; Library Bidarra, A.R., dr.ir. (mentor)Delft library         2008-07-01
                          Chi, C.C. Wong, S. prof.dr.ir. (senior mentor); Van Genderen, A. Prof.dr.ir. (mentor)
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci thesis a
                                                                                                     In this       2007-07-24
FPGA-ontwerp audio-netwerk voor VoIP-telefoon prototype - ontwerprapport ontwerprapport; voip; fpga design report is given
                          Visser, A. Bouwman, W.A.G.A.; De Reuver, G.A.; Lemstra, W.
                                                   Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                ICT                     Telecom; an LTE-Envrironmentproject into busin
                                                                                                     Qualitative research
The Voice Imperative: Providing Real-Time Person-to-Person Communication Services inLong Term Evolution; Value Network; S
                          Truren, a smart business J.; Honig,Policy Bessems, P.J.A.M.; Bouwman, W.A.G.A. rapid changes in the
                                       Van         Technology, H.J.; and an ontology-driven software architecture for the
                                                                Information Management               Because of the
Improving software flexibility inS.J.M. den Berg, network: Designing and Communication Technology 2010-01-21 Internet Bu
                          Karavides, T.Leung, landmark points E.; Bosch, J.G.; Reinders, Computer Science
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                Information and Communication Theory Group
                                                                                                     Automated 2009-10-14 ultrasound
                                                                                                                   landmark ;
Database guided detection of anatomical K.Y.E.; Hendriks,in 3D images of the heart M.J.T. pattern recognitiondetection may p
                          De Windt, J. Goossens, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering; FPGA;
                                                   K. (mentor)                          Networks-on-Chip
                                                                                                     Bus based interconnects are commo
Protocol conversions for the Aethereal Networks-on-ChipMicroelectronics & Computer Computer Science protocol conversion;
                          De Ruijter, M.C.A.; inM.J.; Jacobs, de HAVOSpandaw,Communication (MSc. SEC) wordt bekeken wat d
                                       De Vries, de 4e klas op Buizert, en
                                                   Applied Sciences Education & J.G.
Begripskennis en Modelleervaardigheden Van Buuren, M.;M.A.F.M.;C.W.het VWO                           In dit onderzoek
                                                                                        modelbegrip; modelleren; modelvaardigheid
                                                                Information Management
                                       Van Framework to assess Operational Performance.              The Enterprises Systems
                                                                                         Davarynejad, M.; Roskott, section) market has
                           - Introducing a den Technology, Policy Van Duin, R.; Inventory Technology (ICT B.
Inventory ManagementVan Heck, G.F.N. Berg, J.; Vrancken, J.;andand Communication management; Operational Performanc2009-12-11
Enterprise Ontology, does it care?Sodoyer, B.; Van denEngineering, Mathematics andGroup domains of healthcare and Inform
                          Beelen, B.J.G.                        Information Systems Design Computer Science
                                                                                          J.L.G.                   2010-01-14
                                                   Electrical Berg, J.; Vlug, A.; Dietz,Enterprise Ontology; DEMO; healthcare; health c
                          Vink, B.     and Communication Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science years, traffic incident m
                                                    L.J.M. (senior mentor)
Incident Management Information Rothkrantz,Electrical System (IMICS)                                 In the past 2009-08-24
                                                                                        Incident Management few
                          Nazarian, G. Hamdioui, Electrical Engineering, Goossens, K., prof.dr.ir.(mentor) 2008-12-17 online test; s
                                                                                        network-on-chipto recent progress
On-line testing of routers in networks-on-chipS., dr.ir.(senior mentor);Mathematics, Computer Scitesting; router test;in semicondu
                          Abawollo, D.S.
                                       Beshir, A.A.B.
                                                   Electrical Placement Engineering
                                                                Computer in WDM Networks             Optical networks
Impairment-aware Survivable Routing and RegeneratorEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science employing the wave2010-08-31
                          De Windt, J.; Weverink, M.
Eindrapport. ICT-03.054 Tochtdetector              Electrical Engineering,              tochtdetectorWith          2006-06-19
                                       Hendriks, E.A. dr.(senior mentor) Mathematics, Computer Scithe current situation of bad econ
                          Frijmersum, B.; Van leeuwen, prof.dr.drs.
                                       Rothkrantz,Electrical Van Wuyckhuyse, A. boos                 In slaap      2008-10-09
B.O.O.S. (Bestuurder: Oogjes Open Systeem) L.J.M.,L.;Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci vallen in het verkeer is nog s
                          Learbuch, D.L.R. H.-G., dr.phil. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer SciGetronics PinkRoccade (compa
                                       Gross,      Electrical (senior                   lsi; J. (mentor); are numerous systems of whic
                                                                                                     There         2008-09-04
Identifying shared functionality using latent semantic indexing mentor); Gerbrandy,latent semantic indexing; shared functionality
                          Voets, R. of sequence diagrams from program executions
                                                   Electrical drs. (senior mentor)      program comprehension; software maintenance;
JRET: a tool for the reconstructionCornelissen, S.G.M., Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                     2008-09-09
                                                                                                     As opposed to static analysis, in whic
                          Biyaye, M. Wiggen,        Geers, M.;Media and Mathematics and Computer Science is an dictionary
                                                                 Rothkrantz, L.J.M.     Engineering human face
                                                                                                     A             2009-07-09
The non-verbal emotional dictionary NED P.;Electrical Engineering,Knowledge emotion; emotional; non-verbal;extremely importa
                           of multimodal data
Analysis and recordingVan Vulpen, M.                L.J.M. prof.dr.drs. (senior mentor); Geers, H., emotion; are Wiggers,recording; valid
                                                                                        multimodal;Emotions recognition; P., dr.ir.Emotio
                                       Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                2008-09-17
                                                                                                       ir. (mentor); part of our lives. (men
                                                                                        Multi Agent Assume that two
                                                                                                      system; distributed; anonymous gra
                          Waasdorp, Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science sub-graphs of agrap
Distributed Map Construction           P.A.C.       L.J.M.      Mediamatics                                        2010-04-29
                          Juffermans, R.A.P.       Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and routing;our dependency on communicatio
Diverse routing in SRLG networksBeshir, A.A.; Van Mieghem, P.; Kuipers, F. SRLG; Computer Science                  2009-09-25
                                                                                                     As network; algorithm
                           Interface for DNA Alignment of Sequences Mathematics, Computer Sci research efforts in Bioinformati
                                       Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering,
                                                    L.J.M. M.
Midas v1.0: MultimodalVan den Haak, W.P.; Cheung, (mentor)                                           Major         2008-08-31
                                                                                        dna; alignment; multimodal; interface; sequences
                          Abi Khaled,Gaydayiev, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Congestion Management with feedback queue           G.                                               The phenomenon of HOL (Head of L
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering            2011-03-04
                          Anemaet, P.A.M.
                                       Langendoen, K.G., prof.dr. (senior Mathematics, der Wateren, F., ing. (mentor); CHESS (comp
                                                   Electrical Engineering, mentor); gossip; wsn; wireless sensor network is an embe
                                                                                                     A Sci         2008-10-16
Distributed G-MAC: a flexible MAC protocol for servicing Gossip Algorithms Van Computermedium access control; g-mac; dg-
                          Chi, C.C. Meenderinck, C.; Juurlink, B.
                                                   Electrical Engine
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                        H.264; Cell How Science
                                                                                                                    Engine; parallel; decodin
Parallel H.264 Decoding Strategies for Cell Broadband Engineering, Mathematics and Computerto develop effcient and scalable
                          Li, D.       van DMA Controller in an Embedded System DMA Controller;fast growingPirbhai Methdology;
Specification and Implementation of a Leuken, R.                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                                     The Science of In-Car entertainm
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerHatley2010-02-16  and
                          for distributed agile Gameren, B.J.A. ; Sodoyer, B.R., ir. ; Global software development; agile between the
                                        K.; Solingen, D.M., dr.ir.
                                                   Electrical Software Technology Van Deursen, A.    Because of2009-06-17
Technological support Dullemond,VanVan developmentEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science distance software dev
                          Spijkerman, W. E.; Franzen, A.; for the spatial planner future rolesThe role of 2010-06-01Planner and D
                                       Luiten,     Architecture Fernandez                and          of plannersthe Spatial
                                                                                                                      as a mediator mediation
Balancing interests, development of a mediation strategyUrbanism Maldonado, A. designer operating and designers;in collabor
                          Van Rees, H.A.
                                       Jansen, using impostors
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci this involved);3D
                                                                                        human (other person 2008-04-25
                                                                                                     During        project a Green Valley (c
Human atlas: a webbased 3D visualizationF.W., prof.dr.ir.(senior mentor); Riedijk, M.,ir.atlas; visualization; impostormodel viewe
                          Brandon, A.A.C. J.S.S.M.; Sourdis, I.;
                                       Wong,       Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science describe a new gene
                                                                Computer EngineeringHyperTransport FPGA 2010-11-12
General Purpose Computing with Reconfigurable Acceleration Gaydadjiev, G.                                           Molen
                                                                                                     In this thesis we
                          Weldemichael, K.S. de Groot, S.M.; Lo, A.C.C.; De Graaf, and Computer ScienceTETRA
                                       Heemstra Electrical Engineering, Mathematics H.G. mesh networks;
Integrating TETRA with Wireless Mesh Networks                                                                      2010-12-08
                                                                Telecommunications wireless Terrestrial Trunked Radio(TETRA) is
                          Sheng, Z. Dewilde, P., prof.dr.ir. (senior mentor); van der Veen, A.-J., semi-separable matrix; linear solve
                                                   and its applications                 hierarchically this
                                                                                                     In prof.dr.ir.2006-06-01
                                                                                                                     (mentor); van der Meijs,
Hierarchically semi-separable representation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci thesis, we study a important cl
                          Valkema, M.  Hurkmans, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science engineering
                                                   T.; Van Solingen, D.M.; Van Deursen, A.
                                                                 Process                             Due to software
Automatic Status Updates in Exacts Global DevelopmentSoftware Engineering globally distributeda competitive business enviro
                          Iatraki, Recognition andL.J.M.
                                                                Mediamatics             facial Computer Science
                                                                                                     Human         2009-11-12
Emotional Facial Expressions G. Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andexpressions machine interaction is not as
                          Van der Sanden, R.from static programmingTechnology
                                       Hemel,      Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Accessing Azure: Using Cloud databases Z.; Van Deursen, A.      Software environments                              2009-12-03
                                                                                                     Cloud databases generally use a data


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al Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
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                                                                                                  Personal network Service federation
                          Service Zhou, J.; Ibrohimovna, Electrical Engineering Federated Personal Network;and theirProvisionin
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Networks
                                                                M.; Groot, Mathematics and Computer Science
Flexible and AdaptableLiu, B. Provisioning for Federated PersonalS.                                            2011-01-13
                         Bouland, F.M. G.P., Technology, improving Management Leijten, through collaboration, L.,(other perso
                                     Wee,         (m entor); Van Duin, J.H.R.,(mentor);                        2007-06-12
The redesign of interfaces between passenger processes: Policy and passenger processes M.,(mentor); Van Gils, cooperation, a
                         Zhao, D. Design for Electrical Engineering,
                                                 Pulse mentor); Veenstra, H. (mentor); PhilipsBeamforming systems operating at m
                                                                                     beamforming; pulse doppler radar; transmitter
60 GHz Beamforming Transmitter Long, J.R. (seniorDoppler Radar Mathematics, Computer Sci                        the Netherlands (compan
                                     French, and prof.dr. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
                                                 Electrical (senior mentor); Margallo Balbás, E. (mentor); Robinson, D.J., dr.is a pro
                                                                                     photodynamic therapy;2008-10-14 (PDT) (mento
                         Kaptein, monitoringP.J., application of telemetric metronomic photodynamic therapy
Inductively powered implant for J.G.                                                                            instrumentation system; p
                                                                                                  Photodynamic therapy
                         Meijer, S.J.J.; Vermorken, C.; Dirkzwager, A.S.Y. (SAInT) and Computer Science
                                     De Greef, T.E.; Grootjen, M.; Van Tool
                                                 Electrical Information Mathematics
                                                               Man-Machine Interaction
                                                                                     USAR; SAInT; Search2010-10-29
BSC-project USAR: Search and rescue Awareness andEngineering, Nieuwenhuizen, P.R. TheUSAR.NL rescue Awareness In and
                         Mishra, G. Serdijn, W.A.; Long, J.R.
                                                 Electrical Auto-Correlation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Science
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering development of CMOS Pha
                                                                                     Ultra-Wideband; Receiver
                                                                                                  The fast 2010-12-24
An Oscillator System for a Quadrature DownconversionEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Q-VCO; Oscillator System;IC pr
Hello Sello              Claassen, B.P; Van Mast, C.A.P.G., dr.ir. (senior mentor) webshop Middel en Klein bedrijven die het in d
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
                                     Van der Beurden, V.D.                                                     2008-10-09
                         Cui, Robustness W. (mentor); Jacobsson, M. Mathematics and Computer Science 802.15.4,frequency a
Improving ZigBee NetworksX.                      Multi-channel Capability
                                                               Telecommunications ZigBee; coexistence; multi-channel; ZigBee is d
                                                                                                  Based on mentor)
                                     Yuan, with Electrical Engineering, (mentor); Niemegeers, I. (seniorIEEE   2009-08-24
                         Bun, A.A.L.M.
                                     Witteveen, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci problem domain; artificialdr.ir.(
                                                 C., prof.dr.(senior approaches on logisticsinstances of the Roos, C. planning proble
                                                                                      solving planning
                                                                                                    ir.(mentor); logistics em. prof. intell
Comparing vehicle routing approaches with artificial intelligencementor); Steenhuisen, J.R.,Transportation problems are common
                         Amplifier for Base Station Applications Using Mathematics, withamplifier; generations M., ing. (mentor); G
Chireix's / LINC Power Bi, J.                     L.C.N., prof.dr.ing (senior mentor); Qureshi, J. Compensation wireless communic
                                                                                     power Load Scichireix; linc; load
                                                                                                  New           Pelk,
                                     De Vreede,Electrical Engineering, GaN Devices Computer (mentor); 2008-09-29compensation;
Network Coded Flooding   Wang, H. Goseling, J.; Weber, J.H.                                       Prior
                                                               Telecommunications Broadcasting; work ofAlgorithm; network coding is mainl
                                                 Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Flooding2009-06-19 Generation M
                         Van een multi-channel (senior mentor); Leliveld, H. (mentor); Rothkrantz,Ventures flexibel workflowmana
                                     Dietz, F. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci L.J.M. (mentor); Van der flow m
                                                                                     content management; 2005-01-27 work Meer
                                                                                                  iCure         en channel;
Ontwerp en prototyping vander Wouden,J.L.G. contentmanagement systeem: contentstrategiebepalingmultibesteedt aandacht aa
                         Katamaneni, S.H. I. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science has become a major
Longest Prefix Match and Incremental Updates for Range Tries                         IP Address Address 2010-08-25
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering lookup
                         Silva, A.R.D.S. G.J.T.
                                     Leus,       Electrical Engineering, Systems underwaterThe present report assesses the
                                                               Circuits                            communication;
Single-carrier block transmission for underwater communicationsandMathematics and Computer Science single-carrier perf
                         Stafylarakis, D.
                                     Gaydadjiev, for
                                                 Electrical Engineering, in RFID systems Computer Science
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering addresses the
                                                                                     RFID;        The thesis 2010-05-20
Security in RFID Systems: theory and practice G. enhancing securityMathematics and Elliptic Curve; RFID Guardian topic of sec
                         Zhang, T. De Vreede,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andwithJ;Conventional RF power amplifiers are
                                                  L.C.N.; Alavi, S.M.
                                                                Applications Using LDMOS Computer Science station; LDMOS
Wideband Hybrid-Class Power Amplifier for Base StationHi-Tech group                                 wideband;2009-07-23
                                                                                     PA; class Envelope Tracking System
                         Setiawati, A.L. J.L.G.; Albani, A.; Hofman, W.
                                     Dietz,      Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer message;
                                                                                                  Effective communication is required f
Using DEMO to Specify the Semantics of Data Message Software Technology semantics of dataScience conceptual schema
                         Bieleveld, M.J.M. J.S.S.M.
                                     Wong,         Protocol/Internet Protocol stack within a small Field Programmable Gate Array
                                                               Computer Engineering               This thesis 2010-07-06
Exploring and implementing a User DatagramElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencepart of the Arachne pro
                         Zhu, D.     Gaydadjiev, G., prof.(senior mentor); Strydis, C. (mentor)The amount of Implantable Medical D
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
Profiling symmetric encryption algorithms for implantable medical devices                                      2008-12-22
                                                                                     power consumption; implantable medical device
                         Hu, Z.      Stassen, M. (mentor); Kapoor, A. in MB-OFDM UWB System (senior
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics der Computer the WiMedia
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                                  In 2005, 2009-03-01
Receiver Windowing Design for Narrowband Interference Mitigation(mentor); Van and Veen, A.-J.Science mentor)Alliance workin
                                                                                                            Budget Building Projects; B
Project approach and budgetJ.Q. Lousberg,university buildingEstate & HousingProject Approach; Universityexceeding is a topica
                                                 Architecture  Real projects
                         Jang, compliance in L.H.M.J.; Den Heijer, A.C.
                         Process Research: AnApplied Sciences and practice study to improve acquisition processare become mo
                                                                                                   marketing; industries
NELFCRO Acquisition Asrianti, M.Van der Sanden, M.; Flipse, S.; Education andacquisition;Nowadays, 2010-09-28of NELF Contr
                                                  integrated Science Wehrmann, C.Communication                  Unique Selling Propositio
                          of MeulabohLigteringen, H. Engineering mentor); Soons,port; Indonesia; masterplan; tsunami; general ca
                                                                                                  In December 24th 2004 an earthquak
Masterplan for the PortMartin Soberon, A.M. Civilprof.ir.(senior and GeosciencesF.A.M. ir.(mentor); Clijncke, A. (mentor); Hamoe
                         Adejuwon, A.O.
                                     Janssen, G.J.M. (mentor); Van den Ende, B. (mentor); Niemegeers, 2009-07-15
                                                               Telecommunications                 It has been I.G.M.M. (senior mentor)
Cognitive Radio in a Regulatory Environment Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science            widely recognized that the
                         Wisse, of               Electrical Engineering, Software group Computer Science are small, autonomous
                                                               Embedded Mathematics and
                                                                                     Wireless Sensor nodes     2009-05-28
Passive and Active Inspection D. Wireless Sensor Networks: A Practical Use Evaluation Sensor Networks; Debugging; Packet S
                         Karamehmedovic, D. Electrical mentor); Lakshmanan, M. (mentor)synchronization; filters; design; wpmcm
                                      of Wavelet (senior Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
A Study of Synchronization IssuesNikookar, H.Packet based Multicarrier Modulation                              2009-01-29
                                                                                     wavelets; Wavelet Packet based Multi-Carrier M
                         Shi, K.                  L.C.N.; Calvillo-Cortés,            Rijs, F.
                                     De Vreede,Electrical Engineering, D.A.; Van power Computerthe rapid growth of wireless com
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                                  With Science 2010-08-26
A 60W Compact Highly Efficient Wideband Class-E Power Amplifier Mathematics and amplifier; wide-band; compact; class-E
                         Hou, R.     Long, J.R., prof. (senior mentor); Saputra, N. (nebtor); De Sci receiver; low-power; uwb-fm
                                                                                     super-regenerative is2008-09-30
                                                                                                  UWB-FM a low-complexity ultra-wi
Super-regenerative Receiver for UWB-FM Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, ComputerVreede, L.C.N., dr.ing. (mentor); Ma
                                                               Software engineerninginformation High Science
Extending the DEMO methodology forJong, J.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computercompetition and the need to me
                                     De P.I.      (mentor); Dietz, systems requirements
                         Sandhyaduhita, determining informationJ.L.G. (senior mentor)                          2009-08-28
                                                                                                   systems; DEMO; enterprise; busines
                         Siemerink, R.
                                                   K., architectural interface between the A.T.M., ir. the physical; hyperbody more
                                                                                     architecture; virtual; physical
                                                                                                  Everything is getting more and
ARCHTCTR 2.0: Phyrtual Space: A personal fluidprof. ir. (senior mentor); Westgeest,virtual and (mentor); Bier, H.H., ir. (mentor)
                         Bari, T.                                                                 Field Science
                                     Langendoen, K.G. Engineering, Mathematics and Computerbiologists and ecologists have s
                                                 Electrical Software Technology
BirdTracking: a Wireless Sensor Network to Observe Bird Life                                                   2010-08-24
                         Krouwel, M.R.
                                     Dietz, J.L.G.; from aEngineering, Mathematics and System, and Engineering Methodology en
                                                 Electrical DEMO
                                                               Software Technology DEMO; Design applied2010-12-15 needs of fo
                                                                                                  Because of the changing
Towards the agile enterprise: A method to comeOp 't Land, M. model to a Normalized Computer Science Government Subsidy S
                         Mastenbroek, D.
                                     Van Genderen, A. (mentor)
                                                 Electrical road user protection Computer Computer Science
                                                               Microelectronics &    CVIS; Engineering
                                                                                                  Every year 2009-08-25 road road
WATCH-OVER: a cooperative approach on vulnerable Engineering, Mathematics and WATCH-OVER;many vulnerable user use
                         Ghaseminezhad Marandi, I.
                                     Nikookar, H. (mentor);EvaluationI. Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                 Electrical IRCTR, Telecommunications, the presence of2009-06-09
                                                               Budiarjo, of IEEE 802.11n in Electrical
                                                                                     802.11n; Interference; Mediumstandard is a prom
                                                                                                  The IEEE 802.11n sharing
Interference Analysis, Measurements and PerformanceEngineering, (mentor); Hayes, V. (mentor)EngineeringIEEE 802.11b/g/n W
                         Louh, Y.     tunable patch reflectorECTM-DIMES
                                                 Electrical array for mm-wave antennas.
                                                                                     integrated; tunable; patch; sensor array; mm-w
                                                                                                  Millimeter wave
Modeling and design of integratedRejaie, B.; Long, J. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science reflectorand commun
History matching of theSerafini, W.E.                                                                           Brage smart
                                                                                                  With the advent of field, fields
                                                                Rossen, EngineeringHistory Matching; Production Optimization new to
                                     Jansen, and optimization of theW. (mentor)
                                                 Civil Engineering andIntegrated Production Model for the 2009-07-16 Norway.
                          Fensfjord reservoirJ.D. (mentor); Petroleum Geosciences
                         Mebrate, T.Van der Meer, K.                                              As organizations have
                                                               Computer Science/Information Architecture 2010-08-26become aware
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics academic website quality
A framework for evaluating academic website's quality from students' perspective and Computer Science evaluation; website eva
                         Hosseini, M. enabling Smart Living Network Architectures & Services (NAS)Science
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer
                                                                                      P.K.                     investigates
Telecom and Energy, vital sectorsBaken, N.H.G.; Van Boven, E.F.M.; Veenstra,smart livingThis thesis 2010-10-28 the past, pres
                         Estimation Budiarjo, I. ElectricalPatterns for Cognitive Radio in Overlay Spectrum Sharing data ratespatter
MIMO OFDM Channel Abdulrahman, H.                              IRCTR                 mimo; Computer channel high System
                                                                                                  The demand for
                                     with Optimum Pilot Engineering, Mathematics and ofdm; pilot Science estimation; pilot in wir
                         video E.A.P.Hanjalic, A., dr. (senior mentor)               interactive learning; video method for identifying
Interactive learning for Smits, content analysis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer SciWe propose a 2008-09-16
                         Golshani, N.Ishihara, R.Electrical Engineering, C.I.M. (senior and Computer Science electronics and commu
SRAM in Three Dimensional Integrated Circuits                  ECTM, DIMES           SRAM; 3DIC; Excimer 2009-06-19
                                                   (mentor); Beenakker, Mathematics mentor) In most of the     Laser
                         Boedhram, Dietz, J.L.G. (mentor)Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Services; Business kn
DEMO applied to Financial Services               Electrical Software Technology DEMO; Financial organizations do not exactly Pr
                                      V.R.K.; Algoe, S.S.R.W.                                                  2009-08-28
                                                                                                  Often Service;
                                                 Electrical Simoes Dias Vieira, A.; Zuidema, E.Developing2009
                         Van den Kluit, P.G., dr.; Jongsma, E., drs.; Mathematics, ir. .net; tier-splitting; software as a service is a
Volta: Research and Showcase Berg, R.; Elstgeest, R.; Engineering, Sodoyer, B.R.,Computer Sci                    recompilation; javascript
                         Lans, B. Macel, Mémoires: the tactic of détournement in theIn the works ofbetween Guy and Asge
The Making of Fin de Copenhague &O. Architecture                                                collaboration Guy Debord Debord a
                                                                                     history paper; situationist; Guy Debord; Asger Jo
                         Cetinkaya, H.
                                     Long,                     The Department of Microelectronics of the Department of Microelectron
                                                                                     CMOS amplifier; Science cost, single-chip mat
                                                                                                  Currently, a low
Design of LNTA for Multi-Band WCDMA J. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer active2010-09-22dual-band mul
                         Wang, Y. De              L.; Van Rijs, F.
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering vertrouwelijke
                                                                                     Power amplifier; Science wideband
                                                                                                  Vanwege B;
Wideband Class-B Power Amplifiers Vreede,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerClass 2010-08-26 informatie of
                         Khee, Y.B. Train Compartments Engineering, Systems (mentor); Vranken, B. (mentor); mote; network;
                                                 Electrical Embedded Mathematics and Computer Science networks are P.J.M.
                                                                                                  Wireless sensor
Radio Wave Propagation in Metal Van Genderen, A.J. (mentor); Essenius, E.C. radio; wave; propagation; metal; Havinga, being d
                         Metz, could be a valuable addition to a testing framework Computer Sci systems; process exist in info
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics,
How the DEMO methodologyL.J. Dietz, J.L.G., prof.dr.ir.(senior mentor)                            Because 2008-07-08
                                                                                     testing; information many errors still modelling
                         Ngai, K.S. Hindriks, K.V.
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science decides group and or
                                                               Man-Machine Interaction group When a group
                                                                                      and evaluation of a well-structured
                                                                                                                system; group decision p
An Intelligent Group Decision Support System for Urban Tourists: Development group decision support2010-06-29 to plan decisio
                         Rao, V.S. Prasad, R.V. (mentor); Ad hoc Networks
                                                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                Niemegeers, I.G.M.M. (senior mentor)
                                                                                                  Cognitive theory; allocation problem
Allocation of Opportunistic Spectrum for Cognitive Radio Telecommunications cognitive radio; graphRadios (CRs) address the
                          the West NetherlandsCivil Engineering and Geosciences elft sandstone Delft Sandstone Member (Late V
The Delft Sandstone inWiggers, C.J.I.             Basin                              D                         2009-04-07
                                     Donselaar, M.E. (senior mentor); Wolf, K.H.A.A. (mentor)The member; west Netherlands basi
                         modelling inLigteringen, H.; Labeur, R.J.; andEngineering wave modelling;workability
                                                 Civil Engineering Vellinga, T.; Wijdeven, B.; VanBoussinesq-type wave constructio
                                                               Hydraulic Geosciences               a port construction; workability;
Boussinesq-type wave Boeyinga, J. port applications: workability assessment with TRITON,TheVossen, B. of floating model Bo
                         Bazil, Z. Madureira, Electrical(mentor); Baken, N.H.G. (senior Computer Science productivity; agent;r
                                                 A.J.P.S. Engineering, Mathematics and information; network; Networks (DINs)
Emergent Economic Impact of Digital Information Networks                             and Services group 2009-09-14
                                                               Network Architectures digital; mentor) Information
                         based approach to service specification mentor); Albani, A., dr. dipl.-ing. (mentor); Terlouw, specificatio
                                     Dietz, J.L.G., prof.dr.ir. (senior              service-oriented
                                                                                                                operate in
An enterprise ontology Hardjosumarto, G.C. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sciarchitecture; serviceL., ir. (other
                         Nguyen , H. Thuan       Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
                                                               Information Systems Design (Design and Engineering Methodology fo
                                                                                     DEMO         Becoming an  2009-05-28
Applying DEMO to Design a Generic Portal for Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Computer Scienceentrepreneur is always
                         Huisman van Zijp, A. geo-informatie infrastructuur Van Loenen, B., infrastructuur; organisatie; is imp
                                     Besemer, Civil Engineering and mentor); g                    Spatial (mentor)
De invloed van organisatie en cultuur op eenJ.W.J., prof.mr. (seniorGeosciences eo-informatiedr.ir.data or geo-informationcultuur
                         Reniers, M.G.C.E. J.K. (mentor); Arnold,de Engineering van den site; organisation; Horstmeier, T.H.W. (m
                                     Vrijling,   Civil Engineering A.G. (mentor); building
                                                               Hydraulic Geosciences              Dit afstudeerwerk is een verkennend
Communicatie: om problemen te voorkomen en op te lossen inandprojectorganisatie Berg, P. (mentor); communication; proje
                         Helmer, A.M.Vermeeren, A.P.O.S.; De
                                                 Industrial Design Engineering
                                                               Industrial Design
Design of a social context aware communication application Ridder, H.                             What could2010-09-22
                                                                                                                be the potential commun
                                                                                     Alcatel-Lucent; interface; social context;of integra
                          affective B.
                                     Esser, P.E.; De video Industrial Design
                                                 Industrial Design Engineering
Design of a product forDe Groot, communication inRidder,consultations                             Teleconsultation is a consultation bet
                                                                                     design; video communication technology; telecon
                         Van Woerden, E. of Industrial art projects
                                       phase                   Human Information     remote collaboration; new media art; part of ne
                                                                                                  Collaboration is an integral
                                                                                                                Design Aesthetics
Design of a tool to support the firstOzcan, E. new mediaDesign Engineering Communication Design // 2010-03-12 online; first
                         Lotgering, S.N.J.
                                     De counselling Vermeeren, Engineering
                                                 H. ;          Human                 e-health; mental; online; treatment; GGZ; health
                                                                                                  For online 2010-08-26
Redesign of a dashboard for e-health Ridder, Industrial DesignA. Information Communication Design treatment in mental counse
                         O'shea, MPWagenaar, Technology, Policy and Management (mentor); Rood, H., (mentor)
                                                  R.W., (mentor); Bouwman, W.A.G.A.,
Strategies for Communication Providers, A resource dependent/based analysis.                                   2002-08-30


2011-01-13         en                                                                       (c) 2011 Liu, B.
          issued   en                                                                       (c) 2007 F.M. Bouland
                                                         TU Delft, Technology, Policy and Management, Transport P
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© 2002 M.P. O'Shea Student thesis                          uuid:0bf1a250-2a56-4e6f-8bf1-572054b5aef8
                                                campus only; Student-theses


                           Intranet Communication / Dutch, German andde, (mentor); Rhein Biotech NV (company a company grown
Cultural Differences in Jonkman, P                   de, (mentor); Jong,         Management                            2002-11-01
                                       Bruijn, J.A. Technology, Policy M. South Korean cultures communicating in involved)
                          Boom, B. Wee, G.P. integrating leadership and communication
                                                     Technology, Policy and M.W., (mentor);
Evaluating and improving Lean Six Sigma by van, (mentor); Ludema, Management Dicke, W.M., (mentor); Heere, M.B., (other2009-08
                          Nieuwendam, effectiveness in virtual teams Management
                                       Verburg, Technology, Policy and                                                 2008-12-11
Influencing factors of communication SWP R., (mentor); Mooi, H.G., (mentor); Kolfschoten, G.L., (mentor); Baan, A., (other pers
Design a Branding andMei, M.           Diehl, J.C.; Industrial M.; Van Duin,Dance
                                                     Tassoul, Sustainable E.
                                                                  Design Engineering dance floorThis project2010-11-29 design a bran
                            Communication Platform for theDesign Engineering Club                                        is meant to
                                                                                                          This is
Trust toolbox: For organizations that M.G. to become trustworthy Sanden, M.C.A.; Wehrmann, C. a research and design gradua
                                       Christiaans, H.H.C.M.; Industrial Design
                          Van der Meij, want                       Van der
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering                                     2010-07-09
                                                                                            trust; toolbox; determinants; corporate communic
                          Greefhorst, design of H.; Langeveld, L.H.; Dadlani,
                                        J.J.          social connectedness product
                                                                  Industrial Design
Ambient telephony: Research andDe Ridder,aIndustrial Design EngineeringP. social connectedness; 2010-07-01             ambient telephony
                                                                                                          Phase 1: Design research - starting o
                          Greefhorst,Langeveld, socialDe Design Engineering
                                        J.J.          L.H.; connectedness product
                                                                  Industrial Design                       Executive summery Phase 1: Design
Ambient telephony Research and design of a IndustrialRidder, H.; Dadlani, P. Ambient telephony ; social connectedness  2010-07-01
                                                      Mulder, I.J.Industrial Design
                          Geluk, J.M.Böss, S.U.; Industrial Design Engineering                                         describes a
                                                                                                          This thesis 2010-04-09 process to ac
Involvement & Mutual Understanding in the design process of the patient roomspatient; patient room; design support; communic
                          Steenbeek,Smulders, F.E.H.M.; Design Engineering interiors methodology; design artefacts
                                        J.           Industrial Product VIP aircraft design
                                                                           of J.C.                                     2010-12-17
The Development of Dedicated Prototype Tools for the Verlinden,Innovation Management Being a young company in the VIP co
                          Rydell, Innovations: S.; Social DesignCan Help
                                       S             Industrial Media Engineering
                                                                    J.                      Disruptive Festo is a Customer Market; supplie
Finding Markets for Disruptive M.C. antema,HowKopecka,Product Innovation Management Innovation;leading world-wide Open In
                           basis for succes: towards an efficient Haan, A.R.C. de, Screening procedure;PSI-tendering application
                                       Thissen, Technology, Policy and Management             potential projects for private sector investment;
Project screening as a Alphen, LLMM van W.A.H., (mentor);screening policy of(mentor); Bruijne, M.L.C. de, (mentor); Tocklu, R
Users Inspire Innovation: Understanding the userMulder, Industrial Design telecom sector
                          Borgstein, P.A.Ridder, Industrial Design Engineering
                                       De            H.; to inspire innovation in the
                                                                   I.                                     Innovation is a procedure by which th
                                                                                            telecommunications; telecom; innovation; inspira
                          Ruiter, A.C.Stappers, P.J.; Sonneveld, M.H. Design
Get inspired by the Design Probes                    Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                  Industrial .                                          Design Probes are a ‗far-
                                                                                                          The inspiration; contextual insights
                                                                                            Design Probes; Philips 2010-06-28
                          M. Pla Puigvert, der to Technology, Policy A.; Simons, L.P.A.; Research Projects an environment of glob
                                       Van M.P. Manage the Execution Management Entrepreneurship projects; execution phase
                                                                  Technology, strategy and  collaborative research in
Explorative Insight of Methods and FactorsZweep, C.; Verbraeck,and of Collaborative Mooi, Nowadays, 2009-12-18
                          Van der Ende, D. R.; Industrial Design Engineering Management This thesis 2009-12-18 salon; in-sto
                                                                                                                       handles hair;
The experience of Redken customers: How toHultink, H.J. brand image through marketing; consumer research; strategic conside
                                       Mugge,          influence aProduct Innovation         in-salon marketing
                          Chen, anytime: strategic M. H. (mentor); Engineering to enhance family report 2009-10-26 user experie
                                                                                                          This         describes balancing "Awa
Together anywhere, together X. VastenburgIndustrial for connected lobbyV. (seniormentor) "Togetherness" by the process of t
                                                                  Industrial Design
                                                      , design Design Keyson, D.            ambient intelligence; human factor;
                          Rhord, a Van Dijk , M.;    Industrial N.; Lobee, J.; Pons,
                                                                  Desgin Aesthetics                       The Afrikaanderwijk is a neighborhoo
Designing for selfregulation of A. neighborhood Tromp,Design Engineering I. social design; DfI; Implication Design     2011-01-12
                          Bagu Casas, A.
                                       Vermeeren, A.; Mulder, I.
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
Social Media Framework to support client-company relationship Design                                      Companies2010-09-28
                                                                                                                        have relationship
                                                                                            social media; client-companystarted using Socia
                          Lentz, S.F. Pasman, G.J.; Boersema, T. motivates passengers to spread over the
                                                     Industrial Design Information
                                                                  Human                     NS; train travelling;the Dutch Railways (NS) is a
                                                                                                          Today, passenger spread; platform
Platform Positioner: A Dutch Railways information service that Engineering and Communication Design platform by providingfob
                          Steenis, L. experience     Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                    A.H.; Ferwerda,         children; play; outdoor;2010-05-12
                                                                                                          What if you mix
                                                                                                                        gaming; game console; e
Creating the perfect outdoor gameDekker, M.C.; Jellema,Industrial Design J.A.; Van Uden, J.C.; Versluis, S.(indoor) gaming with
                                                                                            design; awareness systems; family awareness s
                                                                                                          This report 2010-04-07 care
                                                                                                                       presents an
Designing an awareness display: support awarenessStappers, Engineering mind for the family carer of an independently livingd
                                        M.           Industrial Design P.J.
                          Cruijsberg, Vastenburg, M.H.; andID/DCC peace of
                          Sukirman, forStappers, P.J.; Smulders, F.E.H.M. by gaining insights from the Generation Yin this user expe
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                  Product tool              participatory design; two aims Office workers
Designing great User Experience E. a Web-Based Collaboration Innovation Management There arecontext mapping;project. Th2010-05-18
                          Hagelaar, S.M.project market
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                    F.E.H.M.                positioning; identity; relationship; Lampenfabriek
Positioning Dijkstra Lampen in theGemser, G.; Smulders,Product Innovation Management For 85 years, Dijkstra service; develo
                          Boezeman,Smulders, F.E.H.M.; Van Meer, J.D.; Van
                                        G.           Industrial Design
                                                                  Industrial Design           Brink, F. This graduation project
Awareness Creation for the Carbon Policy among Employees Engineering denCarbon; Awareness; Sustainability has been per 2010-03-19
restarting C,MM,N                      V             Industrial Design Engineering Design
                          Vrijling, B.J. an Dijk, M.B.; Van Grondelle, E.D.
                                                                  Integrated Product                                    this project
                                                                                                           car; auto; 2010-11-10 was to produc
                                                                                            automotive;The goal ofelectric
                            in The Dutch Public Sector: Determining the Systems enterprise architecture;2010-08-26
                                                     Technology, Policy and Managementof Architectural Change-Trajectories
                                                                  Multi Actor Effectiveness               Enterprise Architecture
                                                                                                                         organizational change
Enterprise ArchitectureBoth, C.P. Janssen, M.F.W.H.A.; Van Veenstra, A.F.E.; Van der Voort, H.G.; Van Welie, M. (EA) can supp
                          Van Leeuwen, G.G. Technology, M.J.G.;and Management Entrepreneurship 2009-12-18 research areb
The business case in practice                                        Policy Wijngaard, P.J.M.; business case; practice; success; cost;
                                       Mooi, H.G.; Van Eeten,Technology, Strategy and Bakker, H.L.M.      The conclusions of this
                                                     Industrial for elderly people supporting their independenceThe assignment was to
n•light•n: design of a wireless sensor nodes application Design Engineering
                                        B.G.                      de Geer, S.                             Assignment:

                          Van Dijken,Geraedts, J.M.P.; Van Design Engineering wireless sensor nodes;2010-06-15 independe elderly users;
                          Noijons, for                            Industrial Design
                                       Hekkert, P.P.M.; Brems, T.; Koster, R.P.
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering                        This master thesis started with a bio-
                                                                                            bio-based plastics; sustainability; a focus on pers
A future product concept designA.C.Naturally HEMA, derived from a holistic sustainable development vision, with HEMA; matern
                          Halbertsma, S.J.H. eenTechnology, Policy andand oplossing bij YoungLife (senior mentor)
                                       Van de          E.A.M. (mentor); Kijl, B. (mentor);sepam
                                                                  Information Management      Wagenaar, R.W.
De digitale consulent: ketenintegratie met Kar, mobiele datacommunicatieCommunication Technology 2005-06-24
                          Lee, M.K. Wijers, a (mentor); VanPolicy and Management
                                                     Technology, der Voort, H. Communication Technology 2006-10-31
                                                                  Information               sepam
Sustainable IT outsourcing arrangements:G. configuration frameworkand(mentor); Wagenaar, R.W. (senior mentor)
                          Tiemens, S. a New Concept in theBouwman, and Communication Technology 2007-08-27
                                       L             Technology,World of Software Testing
                                                                     Policy and Management
Managed Testing: A Research into emstra, W. (mentor); InformationW.A.G.A. (senior mentor)   sepam
                          Matsuhashi, N. S.C.; De Jong Design Engineering
                                       Kuijer,                    A.M
                                                     Industrial , Industrial Design                       Introduction:
 study explores a m
                                                                                            cross-cultural research; eco-design; Lab projec
A Culture-Inspired Approach to Designing Sustainable Practice: A study of sustainable bathing practice for the Livingdesign meth
                          Van Hoevelaak, monitor for employeesRijn, Design Abel, B.
                                       Christiaans, H.H.C.M.; Industrial H.; Van
A little less stress...: Designing a stress J.                     Van Engineering
                                                     Industrial Design with autism                        For Biofeedback; Job participation
                                                                                                                       with Autism
                                                                                            Autism; Stress; people 2010-05-26 Spectrum Dis
                          Muller, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Engineering
                                                     Industrial Design
                                                                    I.; Snelders, H.M.J.J.                For Amsterdam2010-02-18
Dynamic Branding for Airlines E.J.Secomandi, F.; Banga,Design for Interaction Airline; Branding; Schiphol Airport Schiphol (AAS
                                                                                                           e-paper; function customizing; Thel
                                                     Industrial Suddle, S.I.; Kuipers, school bag;The main magnet ;of the schoolbag to
                                                                  Design Engineering
The Future Schoolbag Ringers, M.Van Breemen, E.J.J.;Design Engineering H.                                              2010-01-15
                          Hylkema, Red Hultink, H.J.; Roscam Abbing, Innovation
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                  Product in                Branding; Project backgroundEver since its fou
The story continues: Building theW.A. Wing Shoes lifestyle brandE. Europe Management Consumer lifestyle                2010-08-31
                          Veenman, R.S.Jansen, A.J. electricityBrezet, J.C. (senior human
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                    in fitness clubs                      On the initiative of Michael Weber, a
A Human Powered Fitness Bicycle: Generating(mentor); Design Engineering mentor) power; fitness clubs; awareness; environ
                                                                                            product/service report 2010-04-29 of the final gra
                                                                                                                       is the result
Tying the Bowtie: Integrating Innovation and Brand Development Innovation Management This innovation; brand development;
                                       Smulders, F.; Roscam Product for Fronteer Strategy
                          De Vries, B.R.                          Abbing, E.
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering
                           for a Philips‘ lifestyle product that enhances mental wellness through sensory stimulation Research; Con
Strategic development Giraldo, F. Buijs, J.; Mugge, R.; Jager, M. Innovation ManagementProduct Design; PhilipsBehavior depart
                                                     Industrial Design Engineering                                     2010-09-17
                                                                                            Strategic The Brain, Body and
                            where E.A.A. S.C.;IndustrialC.A.; Engineering
The Ubuntu Company:Persyn,fashion meets responsibility Blom, E.M.
                                       Mooij,         Bakker, Design
                                                                  Industrial Design                       The Ubuntu Company
                                                                                            Corporate Social Responsibility (TUC) is a sus
                                                                                            innovation O‘Neill, a surf lifestyle brand, has a le
Jack-in-the-Box: an on-line innovation platform for O'NeillProduct Innovation Management culture; idea management; ìnnovation
                                       Roscam Abbing, E.; Buijs, J.A.
                          Zinkstok, M.J.             Industrial Design Engineering                                     2010-02-19
                          Van Beek, E.S.J. K.M.
                                       Coninx,       Industrial Design
                                                                  Industrial Design
Design of a flexible LED light-engine for Heritage luminaires Engineering                                 This thesis 2010-02-26 flexible ligh
                                                                                                                       concerns the
                                                                                            LED ; luminaire heritage sustainablework that ha
                                                      Filippov, S.; Koppenjan, J.F.
                            Business Mooi, H.G.;Project Success
Relevance of Vendor'sGarg, A. Case with it Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                  TSE                                                   Project
                                                                                                          The field of 2010-06-30
                                                                                            business case management management has
                          Winters, and implementation: A Design Engineering Management The Ahold Innovation planning; vision
                                                     Industrial concept to improve
                                                                  Product Innovation        innovation; technology;2010-09-24
                                                                                                                         scenario Team (AIT) cre
Bridging the gap between ideas M.Smulders, F.E.H.M.; Van de Geer, S.G. the innovation process of the Ahold Innovation Team
How to target the late majority of digital television?
                                                     Industrial H.J.; Fortuin, J.
                                                                  Strategic Product         Late          The television market in the Netherla
                          Jacobs, I.B.Blijlevens, J.; Hultink,Design EngineeringDesign majority; Digital television; Campaign
                          Smit, high tech companies: The influence and Management                         We are living in a knowledge society.
                                                     Technology, Policy of Systems geographical econmics; absorptive   2010-08-13
Innovation output of medical S.A.S. an Geenhuizen, M.S.Innovation absorptive capacity and information availability capacity; inno
                           Maintenance Projects Technology, Policy and Management Entrepreneurship 2010-09-24
Project complexities in Wentink, J.J.J.Bosch-Rekveldt, M.G.C.     Technology, Strategy and                Project complexities might
                                                                                            Complexities; Maintenance; Projects deliver a c
                           A Retrospective Case Industrial Kuijk, J.I.; Den Ouden, P.H. study;Usability, simplicity and ease of use a
The Philips Easy Line: Mak, M.                       Study        Industrial Design
                                       De Rijk, T.R.A.; Van Design Engineering              case           exhibition 2009-10-02
                          Van Leeuwen, R.H.J. W.A.G.A. (mentor); andand Communication Technology 2006-10-23
                                       Bouwman, Technology, Policy Mulder, K. (mentor); Wagenaar, R.W. (senior mentor)
                                                                  Information Management    sepam
Cross-Domain Profiling in the Financial Services Industry: Exploring and Positioning the Potential Business Value of Cross-Dom
                          De in an evolving mobile industry: Lemstra, W. (mentor); Bouwman, W.A.G.A. 2007-09-25
                                        T.C.M.       Technology, about the and processes and division of roles in mentor)
                                                                     Policy and Management
Billing for content servicesKoning, Reuver, G.A. (mentor);InformationbillingCommunication Technology (seniorthe mobile value ne
                          Van Geldrop, R.A.L. J.L.M. (mentor); Een effectiever innovatieproces R.W. (senior mentor)
                                       Vrancken, Technology, Policy and I.S. Communication Technology 2005-10-28
                                                                  Information Management    sepam
Innoveren in de convergerende markt van telecommunicatie. Mayer, and (mentor); Wagenaar,voor KPN Mobiel
                          Alamili, M. Van den Berg, J.; Davarynejad, M.; Vrancken,supportNeural Networks artificial neural network;
                                                     Technology, A comparison with Artificial vector machine;
                                                                  Section of Information and  J.          Financial forecasting
Exchange Rate Prediction using Support Vector Machines:Policy and Management Communication Technology in general, and  2011-01-21
                          Africa: fromWeijnen, M.P.C.; Lukszo, Z.; of& IndustryJ.H.; Cashew; L.;developmentZaal, cashewInstitutions;
Cashew processing in Cozijnsen, C.H.                  quality: Analysis Appelman,
                                                                  Energy main bottlenecks     Stougie, Africa; Global Value Chain; quality ma
                                                                                                           Fortuijn, E.;largestR.
                                        captivity toTechnology, Policy and Management and the Africa is the2010-11-18      of a producer of raw c
                                                                      for the regulatory arrangement on the use F.J.H.; Kraus, J.J.A.M. re
                                                                                                          Medical technology technology in
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: Hung, G.A. Technology,der Voort, H.G.; De Haan, A.R.C.; Mertens,of medicalis evolving at aho
                                        assessment framework Policy and Management                                     2010-12-13
                          Tjong A an Koornneef, F.J.H.; VanSafety Science Group assessment framework; regulatory arrangement
Towards the next generation of nanosatellite communication systems
                          De Milliano, M.J.; Verhoeven, C.J.M.
                                                     Aerospace Space Engineering
                                                                  Engineering                             The communication systems currentl
                          DeWilde, P.M.R.; Van der Veen, Engineering,
                                                     Electrical the aid of aperiodic codes                The invention
Communication system for wireless communication withA.; Tong, L. Mathematics and Computer Sciencerelates to a communica2003-09-12
                          Heintz, J.L.               Architecture
Communication and Value in Networked Design Coalitions                                                                 2003
                                                                                            Architecture; Local values; Globalisation; Compu
                          Karavides, T.; Leung, K.Y.E.; Paclik, 3D images E.; Bosch, Computer Group
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                  Information and Communication
                                                                                            classification; pattern recognition; landmark dete
Database guided detection of anatomical landmark points inP.; Hendriks,of the heart J.G. Theory Science
Short Communication Bavinck, H.; Swarttouw, R.F.                                            hypergeometric functions; binomial coefficients
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                 1988
                          Kiyani, N.F.Niemegeers, I.G.M.M., prof.dr.ir. (promotor) wireless communication systems; modulation; did
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
Wireless communication systems using signal space diversity                                                            2009-01-27
                                                                                                          The next generation communication
                          Awater, G.A. Schoute, F.C., prof.dr. (promotor) Mathematics, element communication; traffic modeling; per
                                                     Electrical Engineering,
Broadband communication: modeling, analysis and synthesis of an ATM switching Computer Sci  Broadband                  1994-09-12


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           59th International Astronautical Congress: IAC 2008, 29 September-3 October 2008, Glasgow, Scotland
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           Local values in a networked design world - Added value of computer aided architectural design, 2004
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The structure of business communication : Theory, model(promotor);Mathematics, Computer Scicoordination; organizational mod
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Stratum continuum of Information: Scolarly communications andTechnologyuniversity libraries                         a consequence of digitiza
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Which standards‘ characteristics increase system flexibility? Comparing ICT and Batch Processing Infrastructures andtechnology
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Nobody understands me: Products that read users' minds                                                 in products; humaninformation comm
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Interactive ArchitectureOosterhuis, K.; Xia, X. Architecture      Hyperbody                                        2007-03-01
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Is this going to make our lives better? of Technology, Marketing and Communication                    During the early developmental stage
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Passive ranging using De infrared M.; Schwering, P.B.W.;InformationJ.F.; Hendriks, E.A. ranging; infrared system; fusion of passi
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A natural human hand Van Nierop, O.A.; Van Industrial Design Engineering Communication model; Evolution; Taxonomy; Anato
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Beyond image quality: De Ridder, H.; Rozendaal, M.C. with digital products Communication Design interaction design; user inte
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Architecture-Driven Integration of Modeling M.A.                                         Software-intensive systems; Distributed Real-Tim
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                          synthesis of real-world Industrial DeobjectiveH. subjective determination of roughness we investigated th
                                                     textures Design Engineering
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Subband analysis and Van Egmond, R.; Pappas, T.N.; forHuman Information Communication Design          In a previous study
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Network-aware SuperPeers-Peers GeometricElectricalNetwork Architectures and Services                               2007-08-13
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                          Van Egmond, R.                          Human Information      sound; picture; IAPS;
                                                                                                      In two experiments the effect of soun
Impact of sound on image-evoked emotions Industrial Design Engineering Communication Design multimodal interaction; em
                          Long, low-power portable communication
SiGe radio frequency ICs for J.R.                                                                                  2005
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Digital Environments for Collaboration Architecture, Communication, Creativity                                     1999
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Weather routing of (sail-assisted) H.   Spaans, J.A.,                                                               communication
                                                                                         Marine navigation and 1989-11-07
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Performance evaluation of direct-sequence spread spectrum multiple-access for indoor wireless communication in a Rician fadin
                          Maessen, D.C.; Gunter,DistributedEngineeringandGill,
                                                      B.C.; Verhoeven, C.J.M.; routing of
                                                                   computing                          In 2007, theformation flying mission
Increasing system performance and flexibility:Aerospace Space Engineering E.K.A.data within the fast 2008-09-01       Tsinghua University, Chi
                          Mesbah, A.
Ajaxifying classicWeb applications                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci               new
                                                                                                      Recently, a 2007 web development te
                          Tisma, A. Frieling, D.H., prof.ir.
DELTA.M: A tool for metropolitan designing systems (promotor)                                         This decision support systems; elect
                                                                                         spatial planning;research deals with the developm
                           housing. Indicators and tools
Health performance of Hasselaar, E.                 OTB Research Institute                            Occupants and housing evaluation;
                                                                                         Healthy Housing 2008;2009-10-15 managers de
                          Cronie, H.S.              Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci  channel 2007
Superposition coding for power- and bandwidth efficient communication over the Gaussian A method for power- and bandwidth e
                            for empowerment in K.   Industrial Design a Innovation Management teams; field study on distributed teams
                                                                  Product field study    distributed In this psychological empowerment;
Technology as enablerBayerl, P.S.; Lauche, distributed teams - Engineering on leadership attitudes. 2009-08-07
                          Blom, E.M.; Verdaasdonk, in the operating L.P.S.; Stassen, H.G.; Wieringa, P.A.; Dankelman, J.
                                                                                          potentials for surgical 2007
Analysis of verbal communication during teachingE.G.G.; Stassen, room and theCommunication content analysis; Observation st
                          Wang, J. Niemegeers, I.G.M.M. Telecommunications 60and Computer Science
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics GHz radio; Home network
Networking Technologies for Future Home Networks Using 60 GHz Radio                                                  technologies
                                                                                                      Networking2010-05-17 have been c
                          Daskapan, S.              Technology, Policy
Communication-network having distributed computing entities and Management                                         2006-12-14
                                                                                                      The invention relates to a communica
                          Blok, M.; Working E.M.; Groenesteijn, L.; Formanoy, M.;office space use; task facilitating working privacy
                                                    Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                  Industrial Design       Vink, P.                 2009-12-31
The effects of a Task facilitating De Korte,Environment on office space use, communication, concentration, collaboration, environ
                          Ten Holt, G.A.; improving automatic sign language Communication Design Hendriks, E.A.sign langua
                                                    Industrial Ridder, H.; Van Doorn, A.J.; Reinders, perception; automatic
                                                                  Human Information
Sign language perception research forArendsen, J.; De Design Engineeringrecognition                   Current automatic sign language reco
                                                                                         sign language M.J.T.;
                           for click L.P.A.
                                        Wagenaar, Technology, Policy and Management
                                                     R.W., prof.dr. a design method service design; e-services; multi-channel; design
Multi-channel services Simons, and mortars: development of(promotor)                                               2006-10-03
                                                                                                      The rise of Internet commerce led to
                                                                                         computer-aided Group we interstitial lung dise
                                                                                                      In this paper
Improving computer-aided diagnosis Tax, D.; Van disease in chest radiographs by and Computerdiagnostics;compare and combin
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics combining one-class and two-class classifiers
                                                                  Information and Communication Theory Science
                          Arzhaeva, Y.; of interstitial Ginneken, B.
                          Doets, P.J.O.; Menot Gisbert, M.; Lagendijk, R.L. of compressed Theory audio hash; can be seen as ha
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andfingerprint; Group
                                                                  Information and        audio Computer fingerprints song identification;
On the comparison of audio fingerprints for extracting quality parameters Communicationaudio Science  Audio
Pictorial relief for equiluminant images De Ridder, H.; Koenderink, J.J.
                          Van Doorn, A.J.;          Industrial Design Engineering Communication Design
                                                                  Human Information                   Pictorial relief depends strongly on ―c
                                                                                         pictorial space; isoluminant images; pictorial relie
                                                                                                      During daily operations,
Netcentric Information Bharosa, N. an, Y-H.; Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. and Communication Technology 2011-01-24 relief agencie
                                        T           Technology, and System Quality in Public Safety Networks Information Quality; Sy
                          Orchestration: Assuring InformationPolicy and Management       Netcentric Orchestration;
                          Stüdeli, T.; Kalkofen, D.; Risholm, Human Information Communication Design
                                                                  P.; during percutaneous radio-frequency ablation of liver tumors ―Aug
                                                                                         visualization; E.
                                                                                                      The European research network
Visualization tool for improved accuracy in needle placementAli, W.; Freudenthal, A.; Samset,technology assessment; intra-oper
                                                    Industrial Design Engineering
                          Lichtenauer, J.; Setyawan, I.; Lagendijk, R. and Communication Theory Group
                                                    Mechanical, Maritime and
                                                                  Information            image watermarking; geometricalthe difficult auto
Hiding correlation-based Watermark templates using secret modulation Materials Engineering            A possible solution to distortion; prob
X-Ray image denoising with directional support value B.; Information Mathematics and Computer Science
                          Zheng, S.; Hendriks, E.A.; Lei, transform
                                                                  Hao, W.                             Under the support vector machine fra
                                                                                         weighted Theory Group
                                                    Electrical Engineering, and Communication least squares support vector machine;
                          Peters, R.J.M.; CT images H.A.; Dogan, H.; Hendriks, E.A.; DeComputer Reiber, J.H.C.; Stoel, B.C.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Roos, A.; Science X-ray Angiography
                                                                  Information and Communication Theory Group
                                                                                          pulmonary embolism
                                                                                                       image analysis;
Labeling the pulmonary arterial tree in Marquering,for automatic quantification ofquantitativeContrast-enhanced CTCT; detection;
                          Wang, J.; Prasad, R.V.; Niemegeers, I.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics GHz radio; link stability; line-of-sight; human b
                                                                                                      With Science 2010-01-12
Analyzing 60 GHz radio links for indoor communications Telecommunications 60and Computerthe increase in the capacity of m
                          Ahmadi, M.Beenakker,Electrical Engineering,
                                                     C.I.M.       Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                         reconfigurable architecture; we filters; severa
                                                                                                      In this dissertation,
High-performance Processing in Networked and Grid Environments Mathematics and Computer Science bloompresentgrid co2010-05-18
                          Pawelczak, P.; medium access control algorithms for opportunistic Hekmat, access
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science communicationchanne
                                                                  Telecommunications communication channels;
                                                                                                      In this paper, different control system
Performance analysis of multichannel Pollin, S.; So, H.-S.W.; Bahai, A.R.S.; Prasad, R.V.; spectrumR. 2009-06-02
                                                                                          Kappers, A.M.L. study
                                                                                                      In this
                            vision in the perception R.; Pont, Human Information Communication Design we demonstrate that tou
                                                    Industrial Design Engineering
Haptics disambiguatesWijntjes, M.W.A.; Volcic,of pictorialS.C.; Koenderink, J.J.;visual perceptiopn; 3D shape; pictorial relief; hap
                          Verlinden, J.C.; Horvath, I.
                                                    Industrial prototyping in design augmentedThe usecase study; design process; p
                                                                  Design Engineering
Analyzing opportunities for using interactive augmentedDesign Engineering practice                                 2009-08-01
                                                                                                       reality; of tangible objects is paramo
                          of dynamic channel selection in indoor mobile wireless communication systems 1998
Mathematical analysis Punt, J.B.; Sparreboom, D.; Brouwer, F.; Prasad, R.
                          Kooij, R.E.; Ahmed, O.K.; Brunnströ m, K.
Perceived quality of channel zapping                                                     zapping; perceived        2006
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci QoS; subjective tests; MOS
                          van der Veen, A.-J.; Talwar, S.; Paulraj, wireless communication systems
A subspace approach to blind space-time signal processing forA.                                                    1997
                           for the grid De Kroes, J.L.; Cohen, network
                                        type        Technology, Policy
Design considerations Vestmar, B.J.A. of communication J.W. and Management                                         1975-06-18
                          Koutamanis, A.
CAAD influences in Web-based teaching               Architecture                         web-based education; 2003 computer-mediated comm
                            Tools for Facilitators in A.
                                                      Public Participation
3D/4D CommunicationStellingwerff, M.; Kuhk,Architecture                                                            2004
                                                                                         Public Participation; Design & Decision Support
                          Waaijers, L.              Delft University of Technology
Towards a New System of Scholarly Communications TU Delft Library                                                  1997-07-01
             Optische eigenschappen van halfgeleider lasers en laser Mathematics, Computer Sci
                          Tiemeijer, L.F.
                                        Verbeek, B.H., prof.dr. (promotor) versterkers voor glasvezel
                                                    Electrical Engineering,
Optical properties of semiconductor lasers and laser amplifiers for fiber optical communication telecommunicatie   1992-12-03
                          Bekker, M.M. Buurman, R., prof.dr.ir. Engineering
                                        den          Towards support for team
An analysis of user interface design practice :Industrial Design(promotor)communication                            1995-10-10
                          Van Nee, D.J.R.Willigen, D., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
                                        Van          spread-spectrum communication spread-spectrum;
                                                                                         and navigation systems    1995-05-23
Multipath and multi-transmitter interference in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci multipath; GPS; Loran
                          Van Rijn, A.M.C.
                                        Van Westrhenen, machine
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
Natural language communication between man and S.C., prof.dr. (promotor) mens en computer; communicatie; interface 1991-05-28
                          De Vreede,Baets, R.G.F., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
                                         L.C.N.      systems Technology Mathematics, Computer Sci     Abstract not
HF Silicon IC's for wide-band communication Electrical: Engineering, characterization -modelling - design available1996-06-25
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Multi-viewpoint systems for 3-D visual communication Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                        2000-10-09
                          Dang, Q.H.; Trindade, A.; van der Veen, A.-J.; Leus, G.
Signal model and receiver algorithms for a transmit-reference ultra-wideband communication system 2006
                          Van Der Media for
A Student¿s Project: Choices inDoes, J. Communication and Presentation
                                                    Architecture                                                   1995
                                                                                         Architectural Endoscopy; Real Environments
                          Martens, Y.; Koutamanis, A.
Realestate online information systems               Architecture                                                   2003
                                                                                         e-commerce; human-computer interaction; build
                          Maat, D.H.P.  Frankema, Applied Sciences
                                                    H.J., prof.dr.ir. (promotor); Smit, M.K., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
InP-based Integrated MZI Switches for Optical Communication                                                        2001-04-09
                          Donker, P.A.  Tzonis, the Architecture forum for one-line design
SCAFFOLD Structuring communicaton in A., prof., (promotor)                                                         1999-06-16
                                                                                         architectural theory; design practise; group comm
                          Buob, M.; Meulle, M.; Uhlig,
Checking for optimal egress points in iBGP routing S. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                       2007


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Current automatic sign language recognition (ASLR) seldom uses perceptual knowledge about the recognition of sign language. Using such knowledge
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n this paper we compare and combine two distinct pattern classification approaches to the SPIE
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Audio fingerprints can be seen as en                                                 ISSN: 0277-786X
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                                      hashes of the perceptual content of an audio excerpt. Applications include linking metadata(c)2006 Doets, P.J.O., Me
Pictorial relief depends strongly on ―cues‖ in the image. For isoluminant renderings some cues are missing, namely all information that is related to lum
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The European research network ―Augmented reality in Surgery‖ (ARIS*ER) developed0277-786X
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                                                                                                in a blind watermarking scenario is to use a template grid in
A possible solution to the difficult problem of geometrical distortion of watermarked images SPIE                                  (c)2004 Lichtenauer, J., S
Under the support vector machineen                                                    image fusion has                             (c)2009 Zheng, the origin
                                       framework, the support value analysis-basedISSN: 0277-786X been studied, where the salient features of S., Hendr
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Contrast-enhanced CT Angiography has become an accepted diagnostic tool for detecting SPIE                                         (c)2007 Peters, R.J.M., M
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n this study we demonstrate that touch decreases the ambiguity in a visual image. It has been previously found that visual perceptionWijntjes, M.W.A.,
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ICT-enabled communication and co-operation inprof.ir. (promotor) Geosciences projects                             2002-10-01
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Optimal controlled ALOHA der two-way data communication in van den television network                             1994
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A Unified Approach to Mapping and Goossens, K.; Rãdulescu, A. for Both Best-Effort andOne of the key steps in Network-on-C
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Context and Antecedents of Information Utility at the R&D/Marketing Interface
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                                                  Technology, Policy and Management                   The objective of the present study wa
                           on public Verhagen, H.J. communicating Geoscienceslood risk; publicrequirements for this literature re
Review of UK literatureunknown participationCivil Engineering andflood risk             f                         2005
                                                                                                      The communication
Assessing Vessel Traffic Service J.W.F. A.R. Technology, Policy and Management
                         Wiersma, Operator Situation Awareness Science
                                                                 Safety                                           describes my
                                                                                                      This thesis 2010-02-16 study of situ
                                                                                        human factors; Maritime Traffic Control; situation
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                                                   H.; Rothkrantz, L.J.M.
                                                                 Man Machine Interaction, Mediamaticsmove to smaller, lighter Usermor
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Wireless Communication over Dispersive Channels                                                       Broadband 2010-03-01
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A Processing Technique for OFDM-Modulated Wideband Radar Signals                                      The orthogonal
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Understanding collaborative design M.S.J.A., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)                                   Fast collaboration; case studies; lear
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Evaluation of protocol uniformity L.S.G.L.; Goossens, R.H.M.; Van Eijk, D.J.in Lange, J.F. Background: Iatrogenic bile duct injur
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                                                                 Industrial Design
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The evaluation process of short training sessions in H.K.; De Vries, P.Management
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Attitude development in designers' E.; Moes, N.; Fain, N.
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                                                                                        design competence; designers' attitude; Academ
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                                                  Civil on prof.dr.ir. (promotor);
Assisted overtaking: an assessment of overtaking Engineering rural Geosciences                                    of the 21st
                                                                                                      At prof.dr.(promotor)
                         Del packaging            Industrial Design Engineering
Openability of tamperproof Castillo C., A.; Wever, R.; Buijs, P.J.; Stevels, A.                       Communication, packaging; clamsh
                                                                                        unpacking experience; 2007 product protection a
                         Hölscher, P.; Hartman, A.D.                                    field test; raiway
                                                                                                      For the     2009-11-30
Delft Cluster Railway transition zones & Switches: Factual report short-term measurement 2009 Delft Cluster 'Railway transitio
Interface unit                                    Industrial Design Engineering                                   2001-10-25
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Address autoconfiguration in wireless ad N.I.; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computerthe advent of smaller devices ha
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Feature conversion forDe Kraker, Jansen, F.W., prof. dr. ir., (promotor)                              Feature     1998-01-20
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                                                  Applied space  Space
Fractionated spacecraft: The new sprout in distributedSciences Engineering                                        2009-10-01
                                                                                                      This paper provides a survey of curre
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Laparoscopic graspingVan den Dobbelsteen, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering invention relates to a laparoscop
Medium access controlAn, X.           Niemegeers, I.G.M.M.GHz wireless personal area networks Wireless Personal Area Networks
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                                                                                                      The         2010-06-09
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                                                  Industrial Design Engineering
Man-machine interfaceKeyson, D.V.; Ross, P.R.; Vastenburg M. H.; De Koning, N.M.                                  2005-09-15
                                                                                                      The invention relates to an interface f
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BER analysis for MPAM signal constellations Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science  In noise 2009-10-16
                         McCallum, Verhagen, H.J.
                                      - a guide for staff
                                                  Civil                                 p             This is a short, step-by-step guide to
Working with others, building trustH.; Leinster, P. Engineering and Geosciences ublic communication; 2004         building trust approach
                         Stavenuiter, of
                                      Hengst, S., Mechanical Maritime andcycle management approach control cost-effectiveness; s
                                                    prof.ir. an integrated life Materials Engineering
                                                                                        Asset management 2002-06-25
Cost effective management control J. capital assets: (promotor); Sol, H.G., prof.dr. (promotor)
Microchips on glass Keulemans, M.     Nanver, L.; De Vreede, L.                                        glass
                                                                                        microchips;Microchips 2007on glass. What about a m
                         Miletic, F. in adverse environments
                                                  Electrical Engineering,               core based This thesis 2007-06-04 architecture
                                                                                                       tree;      describes an
An architecture for task execution Dewilde, P., prof.dr.ir. (promotor) Mathematics, Computer Sci erasure graph; coloured petri ne
Leadership for Distributed Rooij, J.P.G.                                                              The aim 2009-12-16
                                                                                        Leadership; Distributed teams; Virtual was to stu
                                                  Technology, Policy and Management and Innovation of this dissertationteams; Ne
                                                                 Organizatioanl Behaviour
                         De Teams Andriessen, J.H.T.H.; Den Hartog, D.N.
                         Hendriks, J.C.W. M.,Technology, Policy use
                                      Looijen,      prof.dr.ir. (promotor); Spruit, M.E.M.,
The management of networks with highly distributed internationaland Management dr. (promotor)                     2003-03-10
                                                                                                      The world is gradually but steadily be
                         experience of TU DelftDelftLibrary      TU of Technology
Changing culture - the Heijne, M.; Van der Sar, E. UniversityDelft Library                                        2004-06-01
                                                                                                      When seeking to introduce change in
                                      Van         Electrical Circuits and Systems interference cancellation;
                                                                                                      One of the major drawbacks signal p
Beyond digital interference cancellation V. Veen, A.J. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science beamforming; towards
                         Van Renssen, A.S.H.P. prof.dr.ir. (promotor) Mathematics, Computer structure - standardization; produc
                                      Dietz, J.L.G.,
                                                  Electrical Engineering,               ontology; data modeling;
                                                                                                      Since       2005-09-14
Gellish: a generic extensible ontological language - design and application of a universal dataSci long data storage and data com
                                                  Civil EngineeringMallet, A.; Luxemburg, W.M.J.; distributedfor distributed fiber-optic
                         Selker, J.S.; Thévenaz, L.; Huwald,systems                                   Instruments sensing; Stejskal, M.; g
                                                                   H.; Management temperature; Van de Giesen, N.; lake, stream;Ze
Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing for hydrologicWater and Geosciences                                   2006-12-06
                         Scheele, M. eijers, A.W.M., of the social constitution of artefact functions
                                      M           Technology, Policy and Management prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
                                                                                         P.A.,        Artefacts are humanly designed objec
The proper use of artefacts : a philosophical theory prof.dr.ir. (promotor), Kroes, artefacts; functions; proper functions; proper use
                         Lakshmanan, with Carrier Frequency Offset and Phase OA-Fund TU Delft Packet
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and             Wavelet 2009-08-01
Performance Evaluation of WPMCM M.K.; Nikookar, H.; Karamehmedovic, D. Noise Computer Science based Multi-Carrier M
                         Djapic,R.; Leus, UWB Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci
                                                   Networks Based on the Transmit-Reference Scheme
Blind Synchronization in Asynchronous G.; Van Der Veen, A.-J.; Trinda, A.                                         2006
                                                                                                      Ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless comm
                         impairments H.N.J.; Desmet, P.M.A.
                                                  Industrial Design personal well-being
                                                                 Industrial Design
The effects of sensory Schifferstein,on product experience and Engineering                             product experience; sensory depriva
                                                                                        perception; To determine the roles the sensory m
                         Arendsen, De Ridder, Industrial Design Engineering
                                      of           H. (promotor); gestures
                                                                  in Van Doorn, A.J. gesture; This dissertation presents the results
Seeing Signs: On the appearanceJ. manual movementsIndustrial Design (promotor) sign Language; perception; recognition;
Modeling Internet Topology Dynamics                                                                   Despite the large
                                                                 Network Architectures Internet; Topology generationnumber of papers o
                                                   Moore, A.; Mortier, R.; Mathematics and Computer Science
                         Haddadi, H.; Uhlig, S.; Electrical Engineering, Rio, M.        and Services
                         Zhou, J.; Jacobsson, M.; Niemegeers, I.
                                                  Electrical Reduction of Energy Consumption and Interference
Link Quality-Based Transmission Power Adaptation for Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                2010-09-01
                                                                                                      Today, many wireless devices are mo
                         De Boo, automatic analysis of facial expressions
If looks could talk: A system for M.Pantic, M.; Rothkrantz, J.M.                                      Researchers at Delft University of
                                                                                        human facial expressions; automatic analysis Te


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            Simulation of Architectural Space - Color and uuid:ea4663da-191a-42b9-8907-7837a5fd464f 4rd European Architectural E
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                                                  Technology, au cours de Infrastructures
                                                                                       université; commercialisation; recherche; profess
Le régime de recherche utilitaire du professeur-consultant Policy andof la Seconde Révolution industrielle
                         Auger, J.-F.                           Economics Management                               examines the
                                                                                                     This article 2010-05-19 advent of th
                         Budiarjo, I. Ligthart, L.P.
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science is apower spectrum d
                                                                  Radio Systems                      Cognitive Radio
Adaptive Baseband Processing Techniques for CognitiveTelecommunications cognitive radio; OFDM;2009-12-01 paradigm inTDCS; new
                         Lauche, K.; Crichton, M.; Bayerl, Design Engineering
                                                  Industrial P.S.
                                                                Product decision-making in distributed teams 2009-06-01
                                                                                       Tactical decision training should reflect the incre
Tactical decision games - developing scenario-based training for Innovation Management Team games; scenario-based training
                          Padding for Efficient G.; Communication in a WLAN Context Computer Sciencecomputationally area n
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering 2007-09-22 local efficien
Shifted Known SymbolRousseaux, O.; Leus,DataMoonen, M.                                 Wireless To allow for a
                                                                Microelectronics and Computer communications; Wireless
                         Keviczky, Control and CoordinationMaritime and Materials Engineering
                                                  Mechanical, Godbole, for Systems Formations
                                                                Delft Center D.; Bals, G.J.
                                                                                       constrainedThis optimization; formation application
Decentralized Receding Horizon T.; Borelli, F.; Fregene, K.;of Autonomous Vehicleand Control paper describes theflight; hierarc
                           Public Networks: Results from a quasi-experiment
                                                   M.F.W.H.A.   Infrastructures, Systems and Services systems can be created by asse
Service Composition inFeenstra, R.; Janssen,Technology, Policy and Management                        New          2009-01-20
                         Gonzalez, R.A. H.G. in Crisis Response Systems coordination; crisis response; agent-based simul
                                      Sol,                      Multi Actor
A Framework for ICT-Supported CoordinationTechnology, Policy and Management                                       2010-07-05
                                                                                                     Crisis response efforts often require c
                         Fernández-Maldonado, metropolises
                                      Drewe, P., prof.dr. (promotor)
ICT-related transformations in Latin AmericanArchitecture                                            This thesis 2004-12-06
                                                                                                                   is an explorative research
                                                                                       ict infrastructures; ict diffusion; ict spatial transfor
                         Özcan, E.; Van Egmond, R.
Audio-visual interactions in product sound design Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                Industrial Design                    Consistent product experience requir
                                                                                       product sounds; audio-visual interactions; audito
                                                                                                     In design research literature, social
Trialogues: a framework for bridging the gap between people research and design experience; communication design; severaln
                                                   K.; Stappers, P.J.
                         Postma, C.E.; Lauche, Industrial Design Engineering           user                       2009-12-31
                         Turjan, A.; VLIW Processors
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andExposed Pipeline; VLIW; EVP; TriMedia
Porting GCC to Exposed Pipeline Cheresiz, D.; Trienekens, R.                                         EVP Science  2009-06-10
                                                                Computer EngineeringGCC; Computerand TriMedia are embedded app
                         Mossel, H.J. van         OTB                                  Housing association; 2002-02
                                                                                                     OTB Research Institute Performance
A new perspective on performance-basedmaintenance procurement by Dutch housingassociations Maintenance; for Housing,
                         Van Loenen, development in Europe Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies
                                      OTB Kok, B.C.
Spatial data infrastructure and policyB.; Research Institute for and the United States                 infrastructures; development; legal a
                                                                                       spatial dataMany national governments througho
                         Doerr, C.; Hernandez, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science tools; dependability si
                                                  J.M.          Network Architectures dependability assessment
A computational approach to multi-level analysis of network resilience                               As           2010-07-18
                                                                                       and Services communication and network techn
                         Sunikka, M.M.            OTB                                  the UK as a case carbon reduction; housing stoc
                                                                                                     In 2003 the 2005
Discussion on the potential impact of the energy certificate on existing housing: energy efficiency; studyEuropean Commission in
                         Schrauwers, A.
                                      Stavenuiter, J.                                  Amico (Asset Management best value &Commu
                                                                                                     How assets   2002
Nice boat! But what's the upkeep like?A new concept for those who depend on capital-intensive do I get theInformation for mone
                         Hengeveld, B.; Voort, R.; Tangible C.; Engineering System to Stimulate the Language der Helm, A.
                                                  Industrial Design and Learning
                                                                Industrial Design                    Young children with multiple disabiliti
The Development of LinguaBytes: An InteractiveHummels,PlayDe Moor, J.; Van Balkom, H.; Overbeeke, K.; Van Development of
                         Fang, K.; Rugini, L.; Channels: Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                  Electrical Microelectronics & Computer Engineering wireless
                                                                                                     Modern       2010-04-01
Block Transmissions over Doubly SelectiveLeus, G. Iterative Channel Estimation and Turbo Equalization communication syst
                         Jin, Y.; Curran, R.; digital knowledge based approach
                                                  Aerospace Aerospace Management and Operations
Intelligent assembly time analysis, using aButterfield, J.; Burke, R.; Welch, B.                                  2009-12-31
                                                                                                     The implementation of effective time
                         Larasati, sustainable housing in Indonesia: with an
                                                    C.A.J., Prof.                      sustainableHow can the concept of sustainable h
                                                                                                       housing; indonesia;
Towards an integral approach ofD.Duijvestein,Architecture ir. (promotor) analysis of current practices in Java community parti
                         De Antenna System ReciprocityEngineering, Its Applications: Computer Science circuit; reciprocity rela
                                                  Electrical Relation
                                                                Telecommunications antenna theory; equivalent
                                                                                                     A novel time-domain
The Pulsed-Field MultiportHoop, A.T.; Lager, I.E.; Tomassetti, V. andMathematics andA Time-Domain Approach approach to the
                         Veeke, H.P.M.Lodewijks, G., prof.dr.ir. (promotor); Bikker, H., prof.ir. approach; logistics; innovative logistic s
Simulation Integrated Design for Logistics        Design, Engineering and Production                 The design of an process
                                                                                       systems (promotor) 2003-06-24 interaction
                         Vigano, M.C.                                                                Saving space
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science on board, reducing cos
                                      Ligthart, L.P.;
Sunflower array antenna for multi-beam satellite Lager, I.E.                             Remote Sensing antenna
                                                                Microwaves Radar andnon-uniform array Technology  2011-01-10
                                                   H. (promotor); Koenderink, J.J. (promotor); S.C. Pont, 2009-04-06 the
                                                                                                     This thesis focuses on
                         Muryy, A.A.De Ridder, Industrial Design Engineering Communication DesignS.C. (copromotor)properties
The light field in natural scenes                               Human Information
                         Huang, C. Circuits for Electrical RF Systems
                                                   Adaptive Engineering,
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineeringband switching; impedance m
                                                                                       adaptive systems;
                                                                                                     With Science 2010-03-08
Ultra Linear Low-loss Varactors & Burghartz, J. N.; De Vreede, C.N. Mathematics and Computerthe evolution of wireless commu
                         Goseling, J. eemstra de Groot, S.M. WirelessMathematics and Computer Science investigate improvem
                                      H           Electrical Engineering, Networks
Network Coding: Exploiting Broadcast and SuperpositionTelecommunications                                          2010-11-04
                                                                                                     In this thesis we
                         Wauben, L.S.G.L.; Laparoscopic Industrial Design
                                                  Industrial Design Engineering                      Background - Laparoscopic cholecys
Evaluation of Operative Notes ConcerningGoossens, R.H.M.; Lange, J.F. Are Standards Being Met? 2010-01-29
                         De Ridder, H.; De Ridder-Sluiter,Design Engineering
                                                  Industrial J.G.; Kluin, P.M.; Christiaans, H.H.C.M.
                                                                                       computer Ubiquitous computing human-center
Virtual microscopy: merging of computer mediated collaboration and intuitive interfacing mediated collaboration; (or Ambient Int
                         Jorna, P. Van den Berg, P.M., Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Scimedia; edge elements; plays ele
                                                  Electrical of electromagnetic fieldsinhomogeneous
Integrated field equations methods for the computation prof.dr.ir. (promotor)                         inhomogeneous media
                                                                                         in strongly Electromagnetic field theory face a v
                         Van Leeuwen, G.
                                      Kleinknecht, A.H. (promotor); and B.M. (promotor)
                                                  Technology, Policy                   r&d;          There are still many puzzles to be so
Innovation and performance: a collection of microdata studies Balk, Management ict; innovation; tfp 2009-01-13     growth
                         Steen, designBuijs,      Industrial Design Engineering        design; innovation;
                                                                                                     In human-centred design (HCD), rese
The fragility of human-centredM.G.D. J.A., prof.dr.ir. (promotor); Letiche, H., prof.dr. (promotor) human-centred design; teleco
                                                                                                     Delft Science
One Thousand Flowers in Delft: A Bottom-up Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerUniversity of Technology (DUT)
                                                   approach N. ; Klaassen, R.G. ; Blom, E.M. students
                                                                Network Architectures international students; intercultural ; Stadler, D
                                                                                       and Services                 Kroesen, J.O.
                         Brummelink, M.L. ; Frantzeskaki, to improve teaching international ; Kooij, R.E. ; 2009-12-11 communicatio
                         Sleeswijk Visser, F. P.J.
                                      Stappers, Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                Industrial Design      user experience; inspiration; empathy; engagem
                                                                                                     Products play a (copromotor)
Bringing the everyday life of people into design (promotor); Sanders, E.B.-N. (promotor); Van der Lugt, R. role in our everyday l
                         van Laere, J. H.G., prof.dr. (promotor) and Management
                                      Sol,        Technology, Policy
Coordinating distributed work: Exploring situated coordination with gaming-simulation                Organizational work has become mo
                                                                                       coordination; distributed work; distributed groups
Smart Heat and Power: Utilizing the FlexibilityTechnology, Policy & Industry
                         Houwing, M.  Weijnen, M.P.C.
                                                   of Micro Cogeneration Management
                                                                Energy and                                         generation
                                                                                                     Distributed 2010-03-05(DG) smart gr
                                                                                       demand response, micro cogeneration, contribut
                         Bentum, M.J.; Verhoeven, C.J.M.; Space
                                                    flying small satellites A.J.; Van
                                                                 Boonstra,                           OLFAR, Orbiting Low Frequency Ant
A novel astronomical application for formationApplied Sciences Engineering der Veen, A.J.; Gill, E.K.A.           2009-10-01
                                                                                       Cramér–Rao bound; 2009-11-17
                                                  Electrical Microelectronics & Computer Engineering localization; semidefinite pr
                         Wang, T.; Leus, sensor positioning based on Mathematics and Computer positioning is an important tas
Ranging energy optimization for robust G.; Huang, L. Engineering, semidefinite programming Science   Sensor
                         Ilkov, I.G. Looijen, ICT management simulation
                                                    prof. dr. Engineering,             ict Computer Sciprocesses; animated
                                                                                                     The          2004-11-02
A step forward in the theory and practice ofM.,Electrical ir. (promotor) Mathematics, managementpopularity of simulation simulation
                         Aspects T.J.M.; Goering, P.T.H. ; Network Architectures Berg, J.L. ; Personal Networks (PNs) are future c
                                                  Electrical Jehangir, A.; Van den and Services       Boucherie, 2006-07-21
Architectural and QoS Coenen, of Personal Networks Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science ; Heemstra de GrootR.J.
                         Wever, R.; Del experienceA. consumer electronics
                                                   C., of
Thinking out of the box: the unpackingCastilloIndustrial Design Engineeringproducts                               2006
                                                                                                     Due to developments in the consume
Local control of cognitive radio networks
                         Doerr, C.; Grunwald, D.; Sicker, D.C.                                       In a network deployment, a cognitive
                                                                Telecommunications Cognitive radio networks;      2009-05-16
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Swarm intelligence; Em
                         Van Geenhuizen, M.; Nijkamp, P. Innovationpolicy context
                                                  Technology, Policy a Systems
Place-bound versus footloose firms: wiring metropolitan areas in and Management                                   2009-04-03
                                                                                                     In the development of modern urban
                         Wiggers, P.Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci recognition; language modellin
Modelling context in automatic speech recognition                                      automatic speech (promotor)
                                                                                                     Speech       2008-06-04
                                                    L.J.M., prof.dr.drs. (promotor); Koppelaar, H., prof.dr.is at the core of human comm
                         Brezet, sustainability: Innovative Design Engineering‗connect‘ students & experts are ICT; knowledge tran
Top-expertise for education in K.M.; Brezet, J.C. Industrial ICT-approaches to                       High schools
                                                                                       ESD; experts; high schools; increasingly concer
Rapid enterprise design ulder, J.B.F.
                         M                        Electrical Engineering,                            Existing       process; redesigning orga
                                                                                       organization; Sci methods for information syst
                                      Dietz, J.L.G., prof.dr.ir. (promotor) Mathematics, Computer business 2006-04-27
                         Louveaux, J.; Van Der Veen, A.-J.                                           With increasing VDSL
Error Sign Feedback as an Alternative to Pilots for the Tracking of FEXT Transfer Functions in Downstreambandwidths and decr
                         Marchetti, M.; Pelk, M.J.; Buisman, K.; Neo, W.C.E.; Spirito,and Computer Science device characterizat
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer De Vreede,wideband
                                                                                                     A new
Active Harmonic Load–Pull With Realistic Wideband Communications Signals complex modulated signals; open-loop active ha
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics M.; Engineering L.C.N.      2008-12-05
Safety in the OperatingWauben, |L.S.G.L.Factor Approach for Patients and Teams
                           Theatre a Multi         R.H.M.; Lange, J.F. Design
                                      Goossens, Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                Industrial                           Due to the advances operating room
                                                                                       patient safety; operating theatre /in high-tech tec
A storage and transfer Meijers, B.M.;structure OTB ResearchQuak, C.W.
                         efficient data Van Oosterom, P.J.M.; Institute data
                                                   for variableGIS technology
                                                                  scale vector                       This paper deals with efficient data m
                                                                                       surgical information system ; of intra-operative s
Critical Factors Influencing Intra-operativeBadke-Schaub,Product Innovation Management The development decision making; m
                                                  Industrial Design Engineering
                         Jalote-Parmar, A.; Surgical Decision-making                                              2008-10-01
                         Hellebrand,Savenije, H. H. G.
                                       H.G.W. Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                Watermanagement hydrology; regionalization; ungauged basins; par
                                                                                                     The thesis treats a a view to regional
Theories, Experiments, Tools: An applied hydrological spatio-temporal assessment of meso-scale basins with selection of hydro
Characteristics of the Friction Between Aluminium Duszczyk, at ElevatedMaterials Engineering Ball-on-Disc Tests of the frictio
                                                  Mechanical, MaritimeScience and Ball-on-disc test; FE Simulation; Extrusion; Fricti
                                                                Materials and Temperatures During
                         Wang, L.; Cai, J.; Zhou, J.; and Steel J.                      Engineering
                          How to Henkemans,M.A. (promotor); Van der Mast, C.A.P.G (MMI)There Science in traditional health ca
                                      Neerincx, O.A.
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer is a shift
                                                                Human-Machine Interaction
                                                                                       Personal Computer 2009-06-19
ePartner for Self-Care:Blanson Enhance eHealth with Personal Computer Assistants (co-promotor) Assistant; eHealth; Self-Care
Zeehavenontwikkeling Van Ham, J.C. dereenTechnology, Policy and Management planning Ports are of vital importance to th
                                      Van           beter beleidsvormingsproces
                         in Nederland:Naar Heijden, R.E.C.M.    Transport and Logisticsport                       2010-08-23
Network Resource Awareness and PredictionElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                         Peddemors, A.J.H.
                                      Niemegeers, I.G.M.M. Devices
                                                   on Mobile (promotor)                              In the past several years, personal m
                                                                Telecommunications resource management; communication middlew
Assembly, integration and testing of the Delfi-C³ nanosatellite A.A.; Te Hennepe, F.
                                                    W.J.; Vaartjes,
                         Brouwer, G.F.; Ubbels,Aerospace Space Engineering                           At the Delft 2008-09-01 project; test
                                                                                                                    University of
                                                                                       Delfi-C3; university satellite; student Technology,
                         Smits, G.N.Gurdal, Z., prof.dr. (promotor); De Graaff, E., prof.dr. (promotor)
Study of Delft aerospace alumni                   Aerospace Engineering                              This thesis reports education; aerosp
                                                                                                                    higher on an
                                                                                       engineering education;2008-10-22 alumni stud
                         Boonstra, A.J. der Radio Astronomy
                                      van         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer interference mitigation; radio astron
Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation inVeen, A.J., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)                         The next generation of radio telescop
                                                                                       interference; Sci          2005-06-14
                         Irahhauten, of Short-Range UWBMicroelectronics & Computer Computer Science (UWB) technology is a
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering measurements; ultrawideb
                                                                  Channels             link budget;Ultrawideband
                                                                                                       near-field 2008-08-06
Link Budget Analysis and ModelingZ.; Dacuna, J.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Nikookar, H.; Yarovoy, A.G.; Ligthart, L.P.
                         Duarte, F. Goossens, Electrical Engineering,
                                                   K.G.W., prof.dr. (promotor)
A Cache-Based Hardware Accelerator for Memory Data Movements Mathematics, Computer Sci                            2008-10-13
                                                                                                     This dissertation presents a hardware
                         Lu, Y.       Van         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Analysis of streaming media systems Mieghem, P.; Kuipers, F.                                         streaming; Peer-to-Peer; been popp
                                                                                                                   services have
                                                                Telecommunications Multimedia Multimedia 2010-10-21 Quality of E
                                                                                       spatial planning; have 2005-02-14
                                                                                                                    changed. People have m
The Mobile City; The planning andDrewe, P., the Network City from a mobility point of view Citiesmultimodal transport; city andch
                         Rooij, R.M. design of prof.dr. (promotor)


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                                                                A.J.C.; of multiple-handicapped R.F.; Voort, R.; VanorassistedH.; adaptiv
                                                                                                      Very young2007-01-01
                                                                                                                   non- hardly learning;
Explorascope: stimulation of language and communicative skills Hengeveld, B.J.; Luxen,interaction; computerBalkom, speaking c
                                                    der Helm, Industrial Design
                          Hummels, C.C.M.; VanIndustrial Design Engineering            tangible children through an interactive, De Mo
                          Leus, G.; Petré, F.; Moonen, M. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci downlink of DS-CDMA, frequen
                                                  Electrical                            DS-CDMA In the Downlink Transmission
Space-Time Chip Equalization for Maximum Diversity Space-Time Block Codeddownlink CDMA; space-time block coding; space
                          Dijk, J.    Young, Perceptual Quality of
                                                   prof.dr. (promotor)                                This thesis 2004-03-23 with
                                                                                                                  is concerned
In Search of an Objective Measure for theI.T.,Applied Sciences Printed Images image quality; color; sharpness; gamut the topi
                           Conceptual Basis for Uncertainty Multi Actor Systems uncertainty; Asselt, of this Janssen, P.; Krayer c
                                                                 Management der Sluijs, J.P.; Decision Support     model-based provide su
Defining Uncertainty: AWalker, W.E.; Harremoës, P.; Rotmans, J.; Van in Model-BasedVan The aimM.B.A.; paper is todecision a v
                                                  Technology, Policy and Management                    ignorance;2003-01-01
                          quality across communication layers
Impact of wireless link Zhou, J. Niemegeers, I.                 Telecommunications wireless communication;
                                                                                                      Nowadays, 2010-10-26
                                                                                                                   wireless networks are use
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencelink quality estimation; r
                          Guo, C.     Niemegeers, Wireless Sensor Networks
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                                                      Wireless communication and network
Simple, Reliable, Scalable and Energy Efficient I.G.M.M. Telecommunication wireless sensor networks; energy efficient; scala
                          Shi, N.     Ad Hoc Networks Engineering, of Telecommunications, Wireless2010-09-24 Communicat
                                                  Electrical                           Ad Hoc; Impulse Radio and Mobile
                                                                                                      Ultra Science
Protocols for Impulse Radio UWB Niemegeers, I.G.M.M. DepartmentMathematics and ComputerWideband (UWB) technology of
                          Erkin, Z.    preserving Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computermulti-party computation; homom
Secure signal processing: Privacy Lagendijk, R.L.               Mediamatics            Privacy; Secure Science
                                                   cryptographic protocols for multimedia                         2010-06-24
                                                                                                      Recent advances in technology provi
                          Tang, S. Van Mieghem, P.F.A.Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                  Electrical Telecommunications information Although being
                                                                                                       propagation; distributed/peer-to-peer
Information Propagation in Peer-to-Peer Networking: Modeling and Empirical Studies Computer Science a young technology, p
                          Verdaasdonk, E.G.G. in laparoscopic surgery L.P.S. (copromotor) Laparoscopic surgery is one of the m
                                      Dankelman, J. (promotor); Stassen, Engineering
Virtual reality training and equipment handlingMechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering                     2008-04-07
                          Hendriks, R.C.
                                      Biemond, Speech Enhancement Heusdens,speech enhancement; promotor) of speech enh
                                                  Electrical Engineering,               R., dr.ir. (toegevoegd 2008-02-18
Advances in DFT-Based Single-Microphone J., prof.dr.ir. (promotor); Mathematics, Computer Sci                       in the field
                                                                                                      The interestnoise reduction; minimum
                           relations conferences Technology, Policy and Management
                                      R.W.        through virtual interactions: embodying multi-agent distributed collaboration;
                                                                                                      This study investigates virtual interac
Improving internationalOkot-Uma, Sol. H.G.,(promotor); Qureshi, S.,(promotor) virtualainteractions; Z specification frameworkinte
                          Lemstra, W. Melody, development path of the Groenewegen, J.P.M.,Prof. dr.(promotor) Kunneke, of the p
                                                  Technology, Policy and Management    telecommunication; internet; financial bubbles; I
                                                                                                      In          2006-10-16
The Internet bubble and the impact on the W.H., Prof. dr.(promotor)telecommunication sector this dissertation the impactR.W., D
                          Nenadovic,Nanver, L.K., prof.dr. Engineering,Slotboom, J.W., prof.dr.ir.Sci thesis, semiconductor devices;
                                       N.         Electrical (promotor); Mathematics, Computer this
Electrothermal Behavior of High-Frequency Silicon-On-Glass Transistors                                In effects in
                                                                                       electrothermal(promotor) research is focused on
                          van de Ketterij, R.G. of Hydraulic Fractures Propagating from Cased Perforated Completions
                                       Geometry Civil Engineering and                  h              Hydraulic fracturing
Optimisation of the Near-WellboreCurrie, P.K., prof.dr. (promotor) Geosciences ydraulic fracturing; geometry is a technique fre
Efficient Algorithms forRice, J.K. Verhaegen,Structured Matrix ApproachSystems Engineering
                          Distributed Control: A Mechanical, Maritime and Materials and Control
                                                                Delft Center for                                  systems are
                                                                                                      Distributed 2010-09-06 all around us
                          Leentvaar, C.C.W.
                                      Oosterlee, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci computational finance; high-
Pricing multi-asset options with sparse grids C.W., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)                            Multi-asset 2008-06-13 based on mor
                                                                                       numerical analysis;        options are
                          Kleiberg, T.J. Service
                                      Van         Electrical (promotor)
                                                                Telecommunications QoS, Computer Science two decades the Inte
                                                                                                      During the past
Flow-based Networking and Quality of Mieghem, P.F.A.Engineering, Mathematics and flows, network performance       2009-05-07
                          Lam, T.M. Mulder,       Aerospace Control and SimulationHaptic feedback; UAV;2009-05-11 uninhabited
                                                                Engineering                           In the teleoperation of an
Haptic Interface for UAV Teleoperation J.A. (promotor); Van der Helm, F.C.T. (promotor); Mulder, M.wave variables transform
                          Wever, R.; De Vries, B.; Boezeman, G.; Engineering Uythoven, Ch. The retail landscape for consumer ele
                                                  Industrial Design Roskam, R.;
Sales performance of packaging for consumer electronics products                                                  2007
                          Sonmez, in Multicluster Grids
                                      Sips,                     Software Technology grid computing; scheduling; scientific in the mid
                                                                                                      Grid computing
Application-Oriented SchedulingO.O. H.J. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science appeared application1
                          Wanyembi,Looijen, M.,Information Technology and Systems management; management paradigm; trans
                                       G.N.W.      prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
Improving ICT Management in Public Universities in Kenya                               ICT                        2002-04-16
                                                                                                      With the rapid infusion of information
                           system for the         Architecture  Building Technology                   A VISUAL SCHEDULING AND MANA
A visual representationPollalis, S.N. scheduling and management of projects visual scheduling; visual representation; project m
                          Van Control
Ant Colony Optimization forAst, J.M.              Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering veryautomatic control; machine le
                                                                Delft Center for Systems and Control
                                      Babuska, R.; De Schutter, B.                                    The         2010-09-14
                                                                                       swarm intelligence; basis of this thesis is the co
                          Li, P.
Micromilling of hardened tool steels              Mechanical, Maritimeand Materials Engineering micromilling;are increasingly de
                                                                Precision              micromachining;
                                      Munnig Schmidt, R.H. (promotor) andMicrosystems Engineering                 2009-10-22
                                                                                                      Miniaturized parts design; experimen
                          Tanyer-Tiğrek, F.M. L.P.
                                      Ligthart,    Wide BandIRCTR, International Research Centre antenna; (UWB) is a radio tech
                                                                 Array Applicability   ultra wide-band for Telecommunications and Ra
Printed Antenna Elements with Attested Ultra Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Scienceprinted antenna; linear
                          Prasad, A.R.Niemegeers, I.G.M.M., prof.dr.ir. (promotor)
Wireless LANs; Protocols, Security and Deployment Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sci                          presents a
                                                                                                      This thesis 2003-12-15broad range o
                          Lendek, Z. Babuska, for Nonlinear Systems forB. (promotor) Control
                                                  Mechanical, De Center
                                                                Delft Schutter, Systems and           Many        2009-03-10
Distributed Fuzzy and Stochastic Observers R. (promotor);Maritime and Materials Engineering problems in decision making, c
                          Parmar, V.S.Bont, C.J.P.M.; Keyson, D.V.. Design
                                                   and services for Engineering
                                                                Industrial             ICT persuasive health 2009-12-01 systemaddres
                                                                                                      Information information
                                                                                                                   poverty cannot be for rur
Design framework for developing ict products Industrial Design rural development: A for development; Persuasive technology; Pre
                          Klaasen, I.T.
                                      Drewe, P., ArchitectureDesign
                                                   & Regional                                         An implemented design an urban a
                                                                                                                  design; urban
Knowledge-based Design: Developing Urbanprof.dr. (promotor) into a Science urban design; regional 2003-10-07 ofplanning; re


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