Choice by aihaozhe2


									What kind of a day are you having today? Because, it doesn't matter what day of the
week it is - Monday or Friday - it's a beautiful day. If you're not having your perfect
day today, then you're wasting the only opportunity you have right now to be
effortlessly happy and successful - doesn't matter where you are, who you're with or
separated from, what you've got to do - it's you that makes it a beautiful day. It's
what's going on in your head - and only in your head - that makes the moment what
you think it is.

If you're waiting for your beautiful day to happen - waiting for better times around the
corner - then you're not fully living in the only time and place you have - here and
now - today. You have a choice - and it's a very simple, moment to moment choice.
Your first option is that you can choose to allow your subconscious mind to pay
attention to the old self-doubts, the childhood "snapshots" with which we were all
programmed during our formative years. You can decide to listen to what many of my
clients call the "voices in my head" - the one's that whisper "No, you can't!" This first
choice - of effectively letting your mind run you - is the default choice for all normal
people - and, research shows, that there's a 96% probability that you're normal. As a
normal person, you may not realise that you have this moment to moment choice, that
it's something that is being decided by you subconsciously, moment to moment. But
that's neither here nor there - you do have a choice and it is a choice that, by default,
you make completely and utterly mindlessly. After all, otherwise, you'd be aware that
you're making the choice!

However, as a potentially responsible abnormal adult, you have an alternative to the
option that we've just explored. You can choose to pay attention to what is actually
going on in the present moment, rather than paying attention to the past. First of all,
the past is long gone. Research indicates that most of us live in our past - albeit
subconsciously. Rarely do we learn from our past and move on to the only place and
time we have - the here and now. By the "here and now" I actually mean, quite simply,
this present moment - and this present moment, moment to moment. The present
includes what you are actually doing - or, more to the point, supposed to be doing -
just not. Normal people only 1% do what they're supposed to be doing, whilst 99% of
their mental capability pays attention to thoughts like "I don't like this job!" "I'm
bored!" "I wish I was somewhere else!" or, at our deepest level, those voices that I
mentioned earlier.

Using your mind in this way is like trying to run the hundred metre dash having
deliberately, just before the start, tied your shoe laces together. Not only are you never
going to win, you're going to fall flat on your face before you even get going. Isn't that
what normal people do every day? Isn't that why normal people get fed up, worn
down? Isn't that why the normal life is "not so bad"?

But you and I have the chance to be abnormal - or to set new norms for those of us
who want to rise head and shoulders out of the humdrum of everyday normal life. You
and I can choose - and deliberately choose - our second option: Pay attention to NOW.
If you don't, you'll continue being normal, you'll continuing working to succeed, or,
indeed, working hard just to be not so bad. If you do take control of your mind, by
directing your attention to the present moment, you suddenly change everything. Why?
Because, moment to moment, each decision we make takes us down a particular path
where we have further moment to moment decisions to make. In other words, our
daily lives are full of thousands upon thousands of possibilities and opportunities - all
lost on the normal person, who trundles from one mindless non-choice to the next.

Recent research indicates that your ability to be happy and successful - to hit that
"peak performance zone" - is intimately correlated with whether or not you're paying
attention to the here and now. When we hit a natural high as a result of an
extraordinary life experience that "takes our breath away", parts of our brain, never
otherwise activated, light up - because we engrossed in that moment. Research proves
that the process also works the other way round - deliberately choose to engross
yourself in the moment and you will hit that natural high. That is the secret to paying
attention to Now - engross yourself in the moment. Use all of your senses to
experience the moment - even if that moment is something that your silly, confused,
normal mind thinks you don't like. Just engross yourself. In doing so, you become
more effective - because you're more "all there" - more efficient, because you're really
doing what you're doing - and you'll have presence - simply because you will be more
present. And, as you know, presence is the hallmark of all highly, exceptionally or
abnormally successful people.

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