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					"When you are green inside, you are clean inside", holds a lot of truth. This missing
element in many people's lives would cause all vegetation to die, and subsequently, all
animals and man. Without chlorophyll, plants would not be able to take nutrition from
the sun, because the process of photosynthesis would not go on. In this article I will
explain the benefits of chlorophyll, and why raw foods are the best source for this
nutrient. But first, let me review, for those having trouble remembering what
chlorophyll is.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants, that enables them to take nutrition
from the air, sun, and water, and make them "living", raw foods. This green pigment
covers up any carotene pigment in the plant. Chlorophyll is more than just a pigment,
obviously, but the pigments tell-tale green color is a great indication if what we are
going to eat, or juice, has this most essential element.

There have been many studies on the benefits of chlorophyll. It is fascinating to me
that the chlorophyll pigment, is almost identical to our blood pigments! The biggest
difference is that the chlorophyll pigments center atom is magnesium, while our
bloods center atom is iron. Think of it! The element that causes plants to be able to
convert light into energy, is almost identical to our blood pigment. Thus the nickname:
"green blood". It is no wonder that chlorophyll has been shown to work wonders for
our blood! With undiseased blood, most diseases are impossible.

It has been noted that since chlorophyll is a body deodorant, that animals such as
horses and cows should have sweet breath. It is implied here that they don't, but being
the city girl that I am, I will just have to take others' word for this. However, there was
a study done by a veterinarian, Dr. Maurice E. Serling. He gave his canine patients in
his veterinary hospital doses of chlorophyll, and banished all halitosis and body odor
after six hours! When the tablets were discontinued, the odors resumed, and when
they were started again, the odors left again!

There are many benefits of chlorophyll, really too many to list in detail in this article,
since it has been used to fight many different diseases, but I hope to give you a basic
understanding of a few of its benefits. They are: purification of the blood, liver,
constipation and gas corrector, emphysema, abcesses of the liver and kidney, kidney
stones, and it has also been shown to be an excellent topical for infections and burns!
Chlorophyll contains properties that break down carbon dioxide, and release oxygen,
which kills bacteria. It has even been used in deep surgical wounds! Its absence of
toxicity, and promotion of repair tissue/skin, and soothing qualities makes it a miracle
antiseptic, and it is my belief that if it could be patented, it would be, along with the
air we breathe. (Thank goodness that's not so!)

The raw foods that contain chlorophyll are: green leafy vegetables of all kinds, green
olives, romaine lettuce, sea vegetables, broccoli, green peas, leeks, bell peppers,
wheatgrass juice, and barleygreen (juice). Spinach is the top salad green for
chlorophyll, bar none. It has been shown that cooking changes the chlorophyll, but the
results are inconclusive to how it affects us. It results in the magnesium atom in the
center, though, being replaced with hydrogen; and chlorophyll being absent after 20
minutes of boiling. Even though green vegetables are full of chlorophyll, many who
are really sick do not absorb this chlorophyll due to the sad shape their colon is in; so
the raw foods should be juiced, since the lack of fiber in the juice causes the
chlorophyll to be absorbed in a matter of minutes!

I'll never forget the story of Ann Wigmore, who had gangrene in her leg. She was told
she had to have her leg amputated, or she would die. She absolutely refused, even
though her parents, and the Doctor were angry with her. She was basically left alone,
and describes hours of solitude outside; since she couldn't get around very easily, she
ate grass! She believes the wheatgrass juice cured her, thus her entrance into that
industry. The Bible does say that the herbs are for the healing of the nations, and
given Ann Wigmore's testimony, and scores of others, I think that it is safe to say that
the chlorophyll in these herbs is definitely a factor!

In conclusion, raw foods remain the best way to consume chlorophyll, with juicing
your vegetables or drinking wheatgrass or barleygreen being the best. It is possible to
lightly steam vegetables, and still get some chlorophyll, but it is not ideal, because of
the changed atom structure, and the unknown consequences of doing so.

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