Chiropractic--Back Pain Relief by aihaozhe2


									Why Do We Experience Back Pain?

There are 65 million Americans that suffer from back pain. In fact, it is the second
most common reason that people go to the doctor. It affects mostly adults, however,
there is an increasing rise of children with back pain, due to things like heavy book
bags and sitting at the computer. It is very difficult when you are suffering from back
pain because it limits certain activities.

First let us consider some causes of back pain:

Acquired condition: Back pain can be caused by a medical condition, such as scoliosis.
Scoliosis is a condition in which there is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.
This condition affects children and adolescents. If left untreated as a child, the pain
can become very severe into adulthood.

Mechanical problems: Our spine is affected by how we move. If we put too much
pressure on our spine or stay in a position for too long, such as bending forward, we
can feel pain in our back. This is especially common in adults and the elderly. Also as
we age, our bones weaken if we do not get enough nutrition or calcium that aid in
making our bones stronger. Lifting heavy objects can then cause disc bulging or

Most often, back pain doesn't go away on its own. It may momentarily go away but it
will only come back until it is treated. Some people may experience back pain for
more than a month.

What Are Your Options?

It is sad to note that the most widely used remedy for back pain is taking pain
relievers which does not fix your back problem. However, people who are seeking
alternative relief from back pain find that chiropractic treatment is an effective way to
fix their back problems. Chiropractic treatment doesn't use medication or any surgical
procedure, thus making it a more preferable alternative.

Chiropractors believe that getting the spine in its proper alignment will facilitate the
body to heal itself. Therefore, Chiropractors treat by spinal manipulation. This
manipulation moves the misaligned vertebrae, which takes pressure off of the pinched
nerves. Some chiropractors also use additional therapies with their treatment, such as
traction, electrical muscle stimulation, trigger point therapy, and rehabilitation
exercises. After a few chiropractic treatments, you will feel a decrease in symptoms,
and in some cases, become pain free. This will reduce the intake of any medication
and most especially, allow you to increase your activities.

Your Next Step
The first step to feeling better is deciding to utilize chiropractic treatment. There are
many chiropractic techniques and many ways that a chiropractor can treat you to get
you feeling better. So why continue to suffer in pain? Try chiropractic care and take
the first step to recovery.

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