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Chiropractic Care- Facts and Fiction


									In terms of medical care, many people have their doubts about anything that lacks the
use of prescriptions and needles. When the term "alternative care" is mentioned, some
tend to shy away. Chiropractic care is one such field that suffers from myths that scare
people away from it. There are several such myths that will be busted and the truth

Many people believe that chiropractic care is painful. However, very few treatments
fall into this category, and it is usually only at first...until the initial "kinks" get
worked out. Most who receive such treatment describe it as relaxing - like a massage.
Many patients express their eagerness for the next visit as it helps to relieve pain
instead of causing it.

Another myth is that since it deals with the spine, it must be dangerous. The truth is
the complete opposite. Since the chiropractors use gently manipulative techniques on
the spine, there is very little danger involved. Many problems with the neck and back
can and should be addressed in this manner prior to the prescription of steroids,
pain-relievers, and even surgery.

Since chiropractors do not have the initials of "M.D" behind their name, some believe
they are not as educated, and hence not as qualified to treat patients. This is far from
the truth. In actuality, chiropractors undergo just as much training as a medical doctor
does. However, instead of specializing in surgery and pharmacology, they train
specifically in the sciences of the spine. Not only must they undergo six to nine years
of training, but there are numerous exams that they must pass in order to obtain their

Price is another area in which chiropractic care is subject to false accusations. Many
believe that it will be more expensive since it is a specialized type of care. However,
this form of treatment is much more cost effective. This is due to the fact that
chiropractors use treatments that rarely involve drugs or surgery.

This means that treatment by a chiropractor almost always ends up being cheaper that
what would be received by a regular physician. The office visits are also cheaper and
patients are given the opportunity to choose how often they visit. It can range from a
few times per week to a few times per year.

So just remember that Chiropractor and MD's both go through almost the same
amount of schooling and both contain great knowledge.

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