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					Personal Injury Attorney Winning Cases for the Victims of Accidents

A personal injury can be a life-changing event for everyone in the family. Since 1978,
Paul Arnold Wallstrom has recovered substantial settlements and provided important help
for victims of car accidents, families whose loved ones have suffered wrongful death, and
other victims of serious personal injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you need the help of an attorney
with a track record of winning law suits, even if it’s just to get you the best possible

Paul Arnold Wallstrom has a nearly unparalleled record of securing verdicts and
settlements for his clients.

In the past fifteen years, Mr. Wallstrom has recovered settlements for his clients in over
ninety-six percent of the cases he’s handled. And he doesn’t win because he takes easy
cases. In fact, Mr. Wallstrom has a history of winning the most challenging cases. He
wins cases that have been turned down by other attorneys. He wins cases other attorneys
have already lost. He gets money when the insurance company offers nothing. He’s even
won after the Federal Court ruled that his client could not bring a case.

And when Mr. Wallstrom wins for his clients, he often wins very large sums.

He doesn’t win because he’s willing to take small settlements for his clients. He
regularly wins large settlements such as these.

   $2,100,000.00 in Hoshui Corporation v. ADF, Inc. et al.
   $1,700,000.00 in Hensley v. USA and USAA.
   $1,300,000.00 in Joines v. Robinson Construction, Inc.
   $400,000.00 in Rabina v. RABANCO.
   $200,000.00 in Larson v. Evergreen Flying Service, Inc
   $125,000.00 in Connors v. Cabanas
   $100,000.00 in Tolbert v. Crum & Forster Insurance Co.
   $100,000.00 in Doyle v. Puget Power

Mr. Wallstrom’s clients always understand the status and strategy behind each step
of every case.

Money is good, even necessary, but it’s not enough. We know that victims of accidents
need to be listened to and heard. And they need to understand what we’re doing on their
behalf. Mr. Wallstrom has earned a reputation for explaining the legal process to clients
and keeping them informed at every step.

A remarkable record of helping injury victims get heard and get the money they deserve.
That may be why ninety percent of Paul Wallstrom’s case load comes from previous
clients or people they refer.
To find out what Paul Arnold Wallstrom can do for you,
 Call Mr. Wallstrom for a Free consultation at (206) 420-0180, or
 Email Mr. Wallstrom at

Find out About Paul Arnold Wallstrom to discover what’s behind Mr. Wallstrom’s
winning record.

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