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Website: E-mail:

                                              Tel/Fax: +(0)113 242 75 34
Dear Student,

Thank you for enquiring about an English Language course with Leeds Language College Ltd.

Leeds Language College Ltd is located in the centre of Leeds, which is one of England’s
biggest cities based in the North East of England. The College is easily accessible from the
railway station and all major bus routes and there is an international airport which can be
reached by public transport or taxi.

At Leeds Language College you can study a wide range of courses with a flexible
timetable. You can study a General English Course (from beginner to proficiency level) or
an Exam Course including IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE. We also offer one to one courses.
Intensive speaking practice helps boost student’s confidence. Our qualified and
experienced teachers will assist you with your studies.

We look after our students from the moment they arrive and help them to relax and enjoy
the city of Leeds. Students can enjoy the city after their classes by going out on one of the
exciting social programmes run by the College. Leeds Language College Ltd also offers
advice with work, visas, bank accounts and health assistance. Student accommodation
can be arranged through the College.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to welcoming you
at Leeds Language College.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Priestley

                                              Leeds Language College Ltd
            Aquis House, 12 Greek Street, Leeds LS1 5RU.        Phone and Fax number +44(0) 113 242 75 34
              Email address: Website:
                              Registered in England and Wales. Company number: 6004218
                 How to enrol at Leeds Language College?

Complete the application form,                        Send it by:
Send a copy of your passport,                         Post: Aquis House,
Send a copy of your evidence of                            12 Greek Street,
study certificates (see attached),                         Leeds LS1 5RU,
Do the Leeds Language College
                                                      Or Fax: 0113 2427534
supervised placement test,
                                                      Or Email:
Do the Leeds Language College
online speaking test.

                        Leeds Language College invoice you

          Make the payment:
              * In full
              * Or by instalments (by arrangement – payments by
             instalments can affect your visa application)

           Once Leeds Language College receive the payment, we
           will send the letters which say that you have enrolled on a

              If you have booked and paid accommodation, Leeds
                 Language College will provide you with a letter of

          According to Home Office regulations Leeds Language Ltd
           College CANNOT provide visa letters without payment in

                                     Apply for your visa
Leeds Language College teaches English to foreign students over 18 at an affordable and
competitive price.

At Leeds Language College you can choose to study:

 General English course

 First Certificate Exam course (FCE)

 International English Language Testing System course (IELTS)

At Leeds Language College you are taught by experienced and qualified teachers in a positive
and friendly manner. Our courses have been designed to combine the newest teaching methods
with an enjoyable class environment. We offer a wide range of courses with a flexible timetable of
8.45am -11.55pm, 12.20pm-3.30pm, 3.30pm-6.40pm and 6.45pm-8.15pm.
Our aim is that our students learn quickly and effectively according to their needs.

Leeds Language College is located in the centre of Leeds and is easily accessible from the station
and all major bus routes. By train, Leeds is just over two hours from London and one hour from
Manchester making travel to other cities in England easy. Leeds also has an international airport so
in many cases, you can fly directly from your country to Leeds.

In Leeds you will use English every day - at your college, at your home and at your work.

            “Learn English in Leeds and experience
                an amazing and exciting city”

Leeds Language College is located in the centre of Leeds and is easily accessible from the
station and all major bus routes.

Leeds Language College can be found at: Aquis House, 12 Greek Street, Leeds LS1 5RU in the
centre of the city.

Studying in Leeds

                                   Our experienced and qualified staff teach in a positive and
                                   friendly manner so you learn English in a quick and enjoyable
                                   way. You experience English culture and make friends from
                                   all around the world whilst using new vocabulary and
                                   grammar. Our aim is that you learn correctly in an interesting
                                   environment. We offer a wide range of courses and we help
                                   you find the best course for you. You can study from one
                                   week to one year, the choice is yours!! Each course has a
                                   minimum of 15 hours a week. We have trial lessons to help
                                   you decide what course will be best for you!

Working in Leeds
Leeds has many job opportunities and was recently voted best city for business. At Leeds
Language College we can assist in arranging job interviews for you to help you find the best job
for you. At work you will practice your English skills with English speakers. Students from EU
Countries can work in the UK without any restriction. All students with student visas can work up
to 10 hours per week during the course time. At Leeds Language College we help our students
get their National Insurance Number. You apply for your National Insurance number when you
start work or start looking for a job.
Student support

                                   Our staff take time to discuss and understand your needs,
                                   provide advice and help you to feel comfortable in Leeds.
                                   We help our students to find the best affordable
                                   We also offer advice on courses available for higher
                                   education and look at the best options available to you.
                                   Whilst you study the college will look after your welfare.
                                   The college offers assistance with employment, visas,
                                   accommodation, and bank accounts to help you get the
                                   best out of Leeds. When you study you will be able to relax
                                   and enjoy the city of Leeds.
Our courses have been designed to combine the newest teaching methods with an enjoyable class environment. Our
aim is that our students learn quickly and effectively according to their needs.

Our staff are able to help you find the most suitable course for your requirements. We offer a wide range of courses with
a flexible time table of approximately 8.45am -11.55am, 12.20pm - 3.30pm, 3.30pm -6.40pm and 6.45pm-8.15pm.
Our courses range from:

 General English Course

 FCE (First Certificate Exam)

 IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

General English Course
                                                                   Proficiency: You will learn and revise advanced
General English Levels:                                            grammar points to make your English more natural. You
                                                                   will learn phrasal verbs and idioms and slang expressions.
Beginner                                                           You will be able to differentiate between various levels
Elementary                                                         of language formality. In writing skill you will learn to use
Pre-intermediate                                                   specific writing skills, you will work on your oral fluency
Intermediate                                                       and extend your vocabulary to strike conversations in
Upper- intermediate                                                many topics.
Proficiency                                                        Exam courses

Every level in the General English course has emphasis             We offer specific courses to prepare you for the
on speaking English with confidence, reading, listening,           internationally recognised exams.
and writing.
                                                                   The courses involve practice at the appropriate level in
Beginner: learn the alphabet, numbers and vocabulary;              writing skills, reading and listening comprehension, use of
the basic words you need to communicate in English                 English, speaking and examination techniques.
and to share information.
                                                                   First Certificate Exam (FCE) course
Elementary: Students already have some basic grammar
skills, new grammar and survival English, increase
reading skills and vocabulary to offer advice. The course          The Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) is the
also looks at adjectives and adverbs, verb tenses and              third level of the Cambridge exams in English for
sentence structure.                                                Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).
                                                                   The exam involves reading, writing, use of English,
Pre-Intermediate: Students learn about verbs (regular,             listening and speaking. Successful candidates receive a
irregular, modal, tenses and other forms), nouns and               certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge
pronouns, prepositions and determiners, adjectives and             ESOL Examinations. All candidates receive a statement
adverbs, simple reported speech and conditional                    of results showing how they performed in each of the
sentences. Extra vocabulary for everyday English.                  five papers.

Intermediate: At this level students learn about future            International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
forms, passives (present and past tenses), question forms,         courses
directions, agreeing and disagreeing in English, listening
and reading skill development and writing informal                 Many universities and other centres of education
letters.                                                           generally require IELTS level 6.0 or higher as evidence of
                                                                   language ability. There are two modules of the IELTS test,
Upper Intermediate: This Course looks at complex verb              academic module and general training module.
patterns, formal letters and writing, interpreting specific        Academic module is for students seeking entry to a
texts, expressing opinions and giving details about                university or institution of higher education offering
yourself and your ambitions, talking about relationships,          degree and diploma courses. The General training
telephoning and giving interviews.                                 module is for students seeking entry to a secondary
                                                                   school, to vocational training courses or for people
Advanced: At this level you consolidate and extend                 taking the IELTS test for immigration purposes.
your knowledge in grammar. You develop speaking,
reading, listening and writing accuracy. The course
involves gap fill, error correction, word formation, register      All candidates must take a test for each of the skills of
transfer and text completion, text structure and specific          listening, speaking, academic reading and writing. The
meaning whilst recognizing opinions and attitude. The              course also includes study skills and IELTS examination
course also covers spoken interviews, discussions and              practice. Please notice that the starting level for this
conversations.                                                     course is upper intermediate level.
         Price List 2010

                           General English Course                                       Exam
                15 hours per week                *20 hours per week                   Courses
Weeks                           Afternoon                                           IELTS and
                 Morning                                        Afternoon
                               and Evening        Morning                                FCE
                                                               and Evening
    1             £155             £145              £185          £165                     £165
    2             £230             £215               £280        £260                      £240
    3             £305             £285               £375        £350                      £315
    4             £375            £350                £465        £430                      £390
    5             £435            £410                £550        £505                      £465
    6             £495            £460                £630        £580                      £530
    7             £555            £510                £700        £645                      £595
    8             £610            £560                £770        £705                      £660
    9             £665            £610                £835        £760                      £720
    10            £715            £660                £895        £815                      £780
    11            £765            £700                £955        £870                      £835
    12            £815            £740               £1015        £925                      £890
    13            £865            £780               £1075        £975                      £940
    14            £915            £820               £1135        £1025                     £990
    15            £965            £860               £1190        £1075
    16            £1005           £900               £1245        £1125        NB:
                                                                               Exam entry fees are not
    17            £1045           £935               £1300        £1175
                                                                               included. Entry fees are
    18            £1080           £970               £1355        £1225        under £100.
    19            £1115           £1000              £1405        £1270        Registration fee £30.
    20            £1150           £1030              £1455        £1315        Textbooks are not included in
    21            £1185           £1060              £1500        £1355        the cost.
    22            £1220           £1090              £1545        £1400
                                                                               The time table is
    23            £1255           £1120              £1590        £1445        approximate:
    24            £1290           £1150              £1635        £1490
    25            £1325           £1180              £1680        £1530        Morning:
    26            £1360           £1210              £1725        £1570
    27            £1395           £1240              £1770        £1610        Afternoon:
    28            £1430           £1270              £1815        £1650        12.20pm-3.30pm,
    29            £1465           £1300              £1860        £1690
    30            £1500           £1330              £1905        £1730        Evening:
    31            £1535           £1360              £1950        £1770        6.45pm-8.15pm

    32            £1570           £1390              £1995        £1810        Your time table is subject
    33            £1605           £1420              £2040        £1850        to the availability of your
    34            £1640           £1450              £2080        £1885        level at your chosen time.
    35            £1675           £1480              £2120        £1920        Minimum class size 5,
    36            £1710           £1510              £2155        £1955        Maximum 18, Target average
    37            £1745                              £2190                     14 students per class.
                                  £1540                           £1990
    38            £1780           £1565              £2225        £2020
                                                                               Indicative fees are subject
    39            £1805           £1590              £2260        £2050        to change.
    40            £1830           £1615              £2290        £2080
    41            £1855           £1635              £2320        £2110        Fees (Prices are in GBP/UK
    42            £1880           £1655              £2350        £2140        STERLING).
    43            £1905           £1675              £2380        £2170
                                                                               *20 hours classes are
    44            £1930           £1695              £2410        £2200
                                                                               subject to availability and
    45            £1955           £1715              £2440        £2230        a minimum 5 students in
    46            £1980           £1735              £2470        £2260        each class
    47            £2005           £1755              £2500        £2290        See our terms and
    48            £2030           £1775              £2530        £2320        1 hour = 60 minutes

     One to One Tutorial         £25 per hour

         Homestay Accommodation Fees                          Notice that:
                                                              Fees for booking your accommodation £30.
Homestay                                                      Accommodation fees must be paid in full
                 Single room    Double room     Triple room   and booked at least two weeks before
                                                              student arrival at the College.
Self Catering                                                 Fees (Prices are in GBP/UK STERLING).
                    £105             £95                      Accommodation fees maybe subject to
Bed and                                                       change. Double and triple rooms are only
                    £110             £100                     for students who travel and pay together.
                                                              Homestay accommodation can provide a
Half board                                                    pick-up service from your point of entry
                    £130             £120                     into Leeds if required, Ask for prices.
                             Leeds Language College Application Form
     First name

        Last name

Date of Birth                                                       Male         Profession

Nationality                                                         Passport No.

UK address including postcode                                      Address in your country

Phone number                                                        Phone number


English speaking contact / next of kin                                              Contact number

WHICH PROGRAMME DO YOU WANT TO TAKE? (see separate courses sheet)
      General English
      First Certificate Exam (FCE)
      International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Start                                           Finish                                               Number
date                                            date                                                of weeks
(Monday)                                       (Friday)

Preferred time (subject to availability):             9 am – 12.05 pm      12.25pm – 3.30pm          3.30pm – 6.30pm          6pm-9pm

  Level:        Beginner              Elementary               Pre-Intermediate                  Intermediate

                  Upper-intermediate                     Advanced               Proficiency

How many hours per week do you want to take?                   15 hours per week                20 hours per week


Do you want accommodation?                       Yes                           No
Room options in home stay:

    Self Catering                                    Single room                Double room

    Bed and breakfast                                Single room                Double room

    Half board                                       Single room                 Double room
Do you have any special requests?

Do you have a strong dislike/allergy?

Homestay arrival date                                    Homestay leaving date
                              Day    Month    Year                                        Day    Month    Year

Arrival date in the UK                                   Departure date from the UK
                               Day    Month   Year                                        Day     Month   Year
How did you hear about Leeds Language College?


      Paying in full           Paying by instalments* (how many) ______                     To pay by instalments you must
                                                                                             study 12 weeks or more.
      Cash          Bank Transfer        Credit Card          Cheque       Please note that there is a different price for morning
                                                                                                 and afternoon/evening classes.

Enrolment and book fee                                                            I confirm that I have read and accepted all
                                                                                  the terms and conditions of enrolment at
Accommodation booking fees                                                        Leeds Language College Ltd. I agree to abide
                                                                                  by the Leeds Language College Ltd rules.
Course fees

Accommodation fees

TOTAL AMOUNT                                                                      Signature ___________________________

Please post, or email your application form to us.
For full list of terms & conditions see the Leeds Language College Ltd website
           Leeds Language College, Aquis House, 12 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5RU, England. Phone and fax number: +44(0) 11 32 42 75 34
                         Email address: Website:
         Leeds Language College is a trading name of Leeds Language College Ltd, Registered in England and Wales. Company no. 600421.
LEEDS LANGUAGE COLLEGE LTD TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                    INSTALMENT PAYMENTS:
If you have a specific question please contact us on                                               WEEKS OF BOOKED COURSE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PAYMENTS and we will reply within 24 hours.                                   1-11                                   FULL PAYMENT AT ENROLMENT
GENERAL TERMS                                                                                      12-24                                  2 PAYMENTS
Should you become a student of Leeds Language College Ltd; the College will take all               25-41                                  3 PAYMENTS
reasonable steps to provide the courses as described in our current brochure. In the               42+                                    4 PAYMENTS
unlikely event that Leeds Language College Ltd is unable to provide any courses due to             If payments are not paid on the agreed date then the entire outstanding amount must be paid
industrial action or circumstances beyond the College’s control, the College will take all         immediately. If payment is not made, the course will be cancelled and students must enter any
reasonable steps to minimise any disruption to your education.                                     further course as a new enrolment.If payments are late, Leeds Language College Ltd may
The College reserves the right to make variations to the award title, contents, personnel,         discontinue the instalment plan. It is the responsibility of the student to make payments into the
place, time or method of delivery of, to discontinue or to merge or combine courses, if            agreed instalment payment plan. Instalment payments are only available to students who
such action is reasonably considered necessary by the College. If, after an application            complete the full course. All payments must be made in advance.
for a course has been accepted, the course is substantially varied from that described in          PAYING BY INSTALMENTS COULD AFFECT VISA APPLICATIONS.
the brochure or cancelled for reasons other than industrial action or circumstances                REFUNDS OF COURSE FEES
beyond the reasonable control of the College, the College will use reasonable                      For instalment plans where a student visa is required, a surcharge of £150 is collected with first
endeavours to provide a suitable replacement course. If you do not accept the                      instalment. This is deductible from the final payment of the agreed plan. Leeds Language
replacement course, you will be entitled to withdraw from the course. In the event of              College Ltd will not refund exam fees, travel costs or transfer costs to airports. Refunds can
such withdrawal, an appropriate refund of course fees will be made.                                take up to 4 weeks after all the documentation has been received by Leeds Language College
No changes to course times may be requested by a student for a minimum of 4 weeks and              Ltd. When payments are made through an agent the refund will be given by that agent. With
class times can be only changed if there is a place available. Any changes to the course           exception of payments by agents, refunds will only be made in the name of the student by
timetable are subject to relevant fee changes.                                                     cheque or bank transfer only. Additional bank charges will not be paid by Leeds Language
New students must take a Leeds Language College Ltd placement test to determine the most           College Ltd. Fees are not transferable to another student.
suitable level to study. If students disagree with the College’s reasonable assessment of their    The amount of refund payable to you depends on amount of time given before the start of the
language proficiency and choose to leave the College as a result, no refund will be payable.       course. Students, who cancel a course after obtaining a student visa through the college, must
Leeds Language College Ltd students can change their level of study with the approval of the       present an enrolment letter for a new college as proof of further studies in the UK.
College.                                                                                           Amount of time                     Percentage of refund
Examinations can be taken at a student’s request and fees must be paid on specific dates.          given before start course
Payment of examination fees is the responsibility of the student.                                  7 WEEKS +                                 70%
Leeds Language College Ltd will not give students’ personal details to a third party (apart from   5-6 WEEKS                                 55%
appropriate authorities) without written permission.                                               3-4 WEEKS                                 40%
Leeds Language College Ltd may use student photos for promotional and publicity material           2 WEEKS                                  10%
unless a student specifically objects.                                                             1 WEEK                                     5%
Student property left at Leeds Language College Ltd will be at the owner’s risk. Leeds             Less than 1 WEEK                           0%
Language College Ltd does not have parking spaces or facilities for storage.                       After start date                           0%
Decisions made by the management of Leeds Language College Ltd will be final and binding in        All students with Visa refusal are entitled to a refund of their course fees (not enrolment fees).
all cases for all students and their agents/representatives.                                       Leeds Language College Ltd will deduct an admin fee of £100. Students with visa refusal must
The agreement between you and Leeds Language College Ltd is subject to English law and             send or fax a stamped copy of “notice of immigration decision” in order to process a refund.
the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.                                                  COURSE DETAILS
HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION                                                                             If Leeds Language College Ltd has not received payment, a course will not be booked.
Leeds Language College Ltd will on request arrange Homestay accommodation for Leeds                Students are responsible for these payments which if not made will affect visa requirements.
Language College Ltd students only subject to the following terms:                                 Once payment has been received into the bank, a Certificate of Enrolment can be issued.
- Accommodation fees must be paid in full and booked at least two weeks before student             Leeds Language College Ltd cannot guarantee a student will study at their time of choice but
arrival at the College.                                                                            will try to meet the student’s request.If students wish to change their start date a £30
- Accommodation fees are indicative and subject to change depending on availability of the         administration charge will be payable. Students must inform Leeds Language College Ltd of
property.                                                                                          any required change at least 7days in advance.If a student fails to start at the selected date or
- Accommodation fees must be paid in full directly to the College and not to the host family or    complete a course, the student will be removed from the class with no possibility of transfer or
residence. The accommodation is only valid for the person and dates given. No refund will be       refund.
given for late arrivals or early departures.                                                       Course extensions will only be granted if students have authorised absence or certified illness.
- An accommodation search fee of £30 is payable for each search made by the College.               Students who have an attendance below 85% over the course of one calendar month (during
- The minimum fee to be paid for Homestay is one week.                                             term time) may be removed from the class (unless certified illness or authorised holiday). No
- If you cancel your accommodation you must give one week’s complete notice of cancellation.       refund will be payable in such circumstances.
- Cancellation must be in blocks of complete weeks. No refund will be given for partial            A £10 administration fee will be charged if students wish to continue their course after the finish
cancellations or where the notice is less than one week. There is a cancellation charge of 50%     date and students can pay the continuous price if the extension is 4 weeks or more.
of one week when more than one weeks notice is given.                                              HOLIDAYS
- Leeds Language College Ltd can only arrange accommodation that is available at any given         WEEKS PAID                     STUDY AUTHORISED HOLIDAY
time. Double rooms are only for students who travel and pay together.                              LESS THAN 8 WEEKS              NONE
ENROLMENT AND FEES                                                                                 8-11 WEEKS                     1 WEEK
To pay Leeds Language College Ltd you can choose how you wish to make payment:                     12-17 WEEKS                    2 WEEKS
 (1) By Bank Transfer: HSBC BANK                                                                   18-23 WEEKS                    3 WEEKS
                 13 Parliament Street                                                              24-29 WEEKS                    4 WEEKS
                  York                                                                             30-35 WEEKS                    5 WEEKS
                  United Kingdom                                                                   36-39 WEEKS                    6 WEEKS
                  YO1 8XS                                                                          40+ WEEKS                      8 WEEKS
                 Account name: Leeds Language College Ltd                                          Leeds Language College Ltd will be closed for Christmas/New Year and public holidays.
                 Account number: 43975002                                                          Holidays must be booked 7 days in advance and should be planned carefully as administration
                 IBAN: GB90MIDL40473143975002                                                      costs could apply for changes or cancellations.
                 BIC: MIDLGB2109Y                                                                  ONE TO ONE TUITION
 When you pay by bank transfer please add £15 to the fee to cover exchange rate                    Normal payment in advance and cancellation rules apply (see above).Tuition is subject to
charges. Please remember to include all bank charges.                                              availability of teachers and classrooms. Leeds Language College Ltd may change teachers
 (2) By cheque: Cheques to be made payable to Leeds Language College Ltd in GBP                    depending on availability.
(POUNDS STERLING). Course bookings will be confirmed when cheques have cleared in full.            STUDENT ATTENDANCE
When you pay by cheque please add £15 to the fee to cover exchange rate charges.                   Leeds Language College Ltd students are expected to attend all their classes unless students
Please remember to include all bank charges.                                                       are unable to attend due to either certified illness or authorized holiday. Leeds Language
 (3) By credit card: Please give the card number, expiry date and a written statement to           College Ltd students who are absent for less than 4 weeks without a doctor’s certificate may be
authorise us to take the money.                                                                    excluded from the class subject to availability and at the discretion of the college. Students
A single non-refundable fee of £30 is paid for enrolment to Leeds Language College Ltd. This       absent for more than 4 weeks will be excluded from the class and may be required to book
payment covers enrolment administration charges and is payable to Leeds Language College           another course. Late arrivals may be excluded from the class with no refunds or course
at enrolment. Students must purchase their initial text book at £25 on enrolment after             extensions given for lateness. Decision whether to permit entrance to the class is at the
assessment. Subsequently, further textbooks must be purchased for each change of course.           discretion of the teacher and Leeds Language College Ltd.
All courses of up to 12 weeks’ duration must be paid in full on enrolment. Courses over 12         Leeds Language College Ltd students who have unsatisfactory attendance will not be issued
weeks can be paid by instalments. (See Instalment Payments)                                        with a leaving certificate unless there are exceptional circumstances.
The College is unable to accept applications from students of less than 18 years of age.           STUDENT CONDUCT
All classes at Leeds Language College Ltd are subject to availability. Students should check       Students must inform Leeds Language College Ltd of any changes in personal circumstances
class details before enrolment. Student details are kept on a database and students must keep      in particular changes of address, telephone numbers and email address.
Leeds Language College Ltd informed of any changes to their details.                               Leeds Language College Ltd will exclude any students who are involved in a proven criminal
In consideration of the £30 enrolment fee you will receive: Enrolment certificate,                 offence or blatant misconduct. No refund will be given.
immigration/visa application letter, bank introduction (usually you must be in the UK for more     Any students who deliberately damage the property of Leeds Language College Ltd will be
than 6 months), an attendance letter and a certificate when you finish your course.                held responsible and must rectify any damage. Students must observe and obey fire and
NOT INCLUDED IN TUITION FEES: TEXTBOOKS, TRAVEL, HEALTH OR PERSONAL                                safety rules of Leeds Language College Ltd (including no smoking in the building). Failure to
INSURANCE, EXTERNAL EXAMINATION FEES, STATIONERY, ACCOMMODATION, BANK                              do so may result in expulsion. Students must behave in a respectful and courteous manner
TRANSFER CHARGES.                                                                                  towards other students and staff. Failure to do so may result in expulsion.
                                is a member of the following organisations:

                                 SPONSOR LICENCE NUMBER: MPCXTJUWO

            and a registered examinations centre for the following examination boards:
Leeds Language College Ltd.
  Aquis House, 12 Greek Street,
       LS1 5RU LEEDS, U.K.
   Tel/Fax: +(0)113 242 75 34