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					A lot of people wear clothes and don't care what they look like. They believe it's only
a way to cover them up and that's all they care about. Other people will only wear
what looks good on them; it's a fashion statement and a statement on their personality.
The same goes for cellphone accessories; some people will buy a phone and not care
what it looks like. While others like to "dress" it up with skinz, cases, armbands,
headsets, faceplates and every other kind of thing you can think of. Really you could
have a group of 15 people with the same phone and each one can balance out the
ordinariness of the phone and make it look like 15 different phones. I think it's pretty
cool, and so do the other millions of users who buy these cellphone accessories! Some
of the cellphone accessories that are fashion conscientious, but also functional can be
found below:

- Cellular Faceplate: These faceplates come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes for
your specific cell phone including Sanyo, Motorola, Blackberry & Nokia. These
faceplates are most likely going to be "snap on" options and as the name says, it will
cover the "face" or front of your cellphone. This is one of the easier and cheaper ways
to change the look and feel of your phone without having to spend a ton of money.
Among colors, you can also find various prints and patterns as well.

- Silicon Skin Case: This is somewhat like a faceplate, but this is more of a case in the
fact that you put your entire phone into it. And since its silicone, it has somewhat of a
"soft" or rubbery feel to it. These also come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes as
well for your specific cellphone. Plus this is constructed from streamlined, treated
silicone that resists dirt & discolorations. Extraordinary design provides easy access to
all push buttons, controls & ports without having to remove the skin.

- Cellular Hands free: These are hands free boom mics and headsets that are quite
literally "hands free". Some of these products answer, dial and hang up through use of
voice commands. While others are completely Bluetooth - no wires needed and you
can use them for any phones on the market. Some of these are quite luxurious, while
others have just the main functions. Whichever one you choose is going to depend on
what price you want and what functions you want!

- Leather Cellular Case: Like the silicon case and snap on cases, these are used to
protect your phone from scratches and scuffs. It's also a brilliant way to keep "track"
of your cell phone in your pocket, snapped on to your belt loop, or in a purse or bag.
These also are going to come in all kinds of materials, colors and options as well and
can be used to fit with your particular cellphone.

There are also side options as well such as Skinz which is ultimately a thin piece of
"sticker" material that is going to go over your entire phone. I have a few friends that
have bought these and they absolutely love them - you can also customize your own
as well. Another BIG option is to customize your own case with gemstones, and
patterns. This is really like "bedazzling" your own case. Some of these are quite odd,
but in the end it doesn't really matter what I think or what anyone else thinks. The
cellphone is yours! Choose to have fun with it in whatever way you choose to!