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Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus,
Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus,
    Post jucundam juventutem, post
          molestam senectutem,
Nos habebit humus, nos habebit humus.

 Ubi sunt qui ante nos in mundo fuere?
 Ubi sunt qui ante nos in mundo fuere?
 Vadite ad superos, transite ad inferos,
  Quos si vis videre, quos si vis videre.

  Vita nostra brevis est, brevi finietur,
  Vita nostra brevis est, brevi finietur,
Venit mors velociter, rapit nos atrociter,
   Nemini parcetur, nemini parcetur.

  Vivat Academia, vivant Professores,
  Vivat Academia, vivant Professores,
   Vivat membrum quodlibet, vivant
           membra quaelibet,
Semper sint in flore, semper sint in flore.

National Anthem

           Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika
     Maluphakanyisw' uphondo lwayo,
         Yizwa imithandazo yethu,
    Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.

     Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso,
     O fedise dintwa la matshwenyeho,
 O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,
 Setjhaba sa South Afrika ± South Afrika.

       Uit die blou van onse hemel,
        Uit die diepte van ons see,
         Oor ons ewige gebergtes,
      Waar die kranse antwoord gee,

     Sounds the call to come together,
        And united we shall stand,
     Let us live and strive for freedom,
         In South Africa our land.
Alumni, Staff, Students and Leadership of UCT                           The ELMA Foundation
The A and M Pevsner Charitable Trust                                    Eranda Foundation
Abe Bailey Trust                                                        Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust
Mr Bruce Trevor Ackerman                                                Estate Late George Strates
The Ackerman Family Educational Trust                                   Estate Late Hajee Sulaiman ShahMahomed
The Andrew W Mellon Foundation                                          Estate Late Pauline de la Motte Hall
The Atlantic Philanthropies                                             Estate Late Edward Carter
Albert Wessels Trust                                                    Estate Late Peter Christopher Theron
Allan Cormack Book Fund                                                 Estate Late Leah Levy
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation                                             Estate Late RM Moss
Andreas and Susan Struengmann Foundation                                Estate Late Sarah Turoff
Andrew Alexander Scholarship in Historical Studies / Alexander Family   Fetzer Institute
Anglo Gold Ashanti Ltd                                                  The Ford Foundation
Attorneys Fidelity Fund                                                 Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd
BM Raff Will Trust                                                      The Frank G Connock Trust
Prof Klaus Jürgen Bathe                                                 The Frank Robb Charitable Trust
The Beit Trust                                                          Frank G Connock Trust
Ben & Shirley Rabinowitz Foundation                                     Dr Ernest Fullagar
Boehringer Ingelheim (Pty) Ltd                                          Garden Cities Inc
Mr Michael Brownstone                                                   The Gertrude Haas Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
CHK Charities Ltd                                                       Ginsburg Asset Consulting (Pty) Ltd
The Calleva Foundation                                                  Golda Selzer Memorial Fund
Cancer Research Trust                                                   Goldman Sachs Charitable Fund
Cape Bridge Trust Company                                               GlaxoSmithKline plc
Cape Gate (Pty) Ltd                                                     Mr John Malcolm Graham
Carnegie Corporation of New York                                        Mr John Grieves
Catherine Bailey Law Bursary/ Bailey Family and Friends                 Guy Elliott Medical Research Trust
The Chris Barnard Trust Fund                                            HCI Foundation
The Claude Leon Foundation                                              Hasso Plattner Foerderstiftung
Circle Capital Ventures                                                 The Harry Crossley Foundation
Citigroup Foundation                                                    Heneck Family Foundation
Miss Vivien Cohen                                                       The Hermann Ohlthaver Trust
The DG Murray Trust                                                     Hope for Depression Research Foundation
Dalib Investments (Pty) Ltd                                             Horace Alfred Taylor Will Trust
The David and Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation                       Hospital Welfare and Muslim Educational Movement
Derek Raphael Bursary                                                   IBM
De Beers Fund Educational Trust                                         International Bar Association Educational Trust
Dieter Bock Bursary Programme                                           Italian Institute of Culture
Discovery Foundation                                                    JP Morgan Chase South African Trust Foundation
The Donald Gordon Foundation                                            JRS Biodiversity Foundation
The Dora and William Oscar Heyne Charitable Trust                       James Sivewright Scratchley Will Trust
The Doris Crossley Foundation                                           Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust
Dow Southern Africa Pty Ltd                                             John and Margaret Overbeek Trust
                                                                        Johnson Matthey plc
Bruce Adams                                                             The John Ellerman Foundation
Dr Stanley Batchelor Bursary Trust                                      The Justin and Elsa Schaffer Family UCT Scholarship Trust
Dutkiewicz Family                                                       Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG
EJ Lombardi Trust                                                       Kate Jagoe-Davies Memorial Bursary Fund
Eduloan                                                                 Mr William Kentridge
Edward and Dorothy Cadbury Trust                                        The Khotso Trust
Dr Colin Eglin                                                          Mr Rob Knutzen
Elizabeth Clough Music Trust                                            The Kresge Foundation                                       3

    Leah Gamsa Sixpence Award / Gamsa & Alexander Family         The Rockefeller Foundation
    The Leanore Zara Kaplan Will Trust                           Roche Products (Pty) Ltd - Diagnostics
    The Leverhulme Trust                                         Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    Lily & Ernst Hausmann Research Trust                         The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation
    The Link-SA Trust                                            Rosalie van der Gucht Will Trust
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    Mr Vincent Mai                                               SANLAM
    The Mauerberger Foundation Fund                              Mr Duncan Saville
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    Mazars Moores Rowland Corporates Finance
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    Dr Jan Minners
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    Medtronic Foundation
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    Mrs Irene Menell
    The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation                        Mr James Simmons
    Minerals Education Trust Fund                                Southern African Music Rights Organisation Ltd
    The Myra Chapman Educational Trust                           South African Norway Tertiary Development Programme
    National Arts Council of South Africa                        The Starr Foundation / The late Mr Ernest and Brendalyn Stempel
    National Bioproducts Institute                               StatPro South Africa (Pty) Ltd
    The Nellie Atkinson Trust                                    Stavro Tsatsos Trust
    Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa                            The Stella & Paul Loewenstein Educational and Charitable Trust
    National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund                     The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
    New Settlers Foundation                                      Stevenson Family’s Charitable Trust
    Novo Nordisk (Pty) Ltd                                       Stuart and Anita Saunders Bursary
                                                                 The Susman Charitable Foundation
    The Old Mutual Foundation                                    Swiss – South African Co-operation Initiative
    The Ove Arup Foundation                                      Thabo Mbeki Educational Trust
    PA Don Scholarship Trust                                     Tullow Oil
    Mrs Pamela Golding                                           The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Inc
    Dr Peter Packer                                              Western Platinum Ltd
    Pearson Plc
    Percy Fox Foundation                                         The Wilfred Cooper Trust
    Peregrine Bursary Fund / Phelps Family and Friends           Wilfred Orr Trust
    The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of SA
                                                                 The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
    Picasso Headline
                                                                 The William and Yvonne Jacobson Digital Africana Program
    PM Anderson Educational Trust
                                                                 The Wolfson Foundation
    Polaris Foundation
                                                                 Unifolb Global
    Professional Provident Society
    Mr Harold Pupkewitz                                          Unilever South Africa Home and Personal Care (Pty) Ltd
    Raith Foundation / Owen Family                               United Negro College Fund Inc
    The Raymond Ackerman Foundation                              University of Cape Town Association of Black Alumni
    Richard Spiegel Scholarship in Economic Studies              Upstream Training Trust
    Rio Tinto plc                                                Vodacom (Pty) Ltd
    Prof Mary Robertson                                          Xstrata SA Pty Ltd

                                       Graduation Ceremonies:
                                             June 2010


The Ceremonies:

Afternoon Ceremony – 3 June 2010 at 15h00 ……………………………………………….................................................................    6
Faculties of Commerce, Science and Law

Morning Ceremony – 4 June 2010 at 10h00 ………………………………………………..................................................................    21
Faculties of Humanities, Health Sciences and Engineering & the Built Environment

Afternoon Ceremony - 4 June 2010 at 15h00 ………………………………………………...............................................................     44
Faculty of Commerce – The Graduate School of Business


                                   ORDER OF PROCEEDINGS

                                                  Academic Procession.
                      (The congregation is requested to stand as the procession enters the hall and
                                 is invited to participate in the singing of Gaudeamus)

                                 The Vice-Chancellor will constitute the congregation.

                                                 The National Anthem.

                  The University Statement of Dedication will be read by a representative of the SRC.

                                                     Musical Item.

                             Welcome by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor T Nhlapo.

       The honorary graduand will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the University orator, Professor A Lewis.

                         The graduands and diplomates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor
                             by the Deans of the Faculties of Commerce, Law and Science.

                        The Vice-Chancellor will congratulate the new graduates and diplomates.

                Professor Nhlapo will make closing announcements and invite the congregation to stand.

                                  The Vice-Chancellor will dissolve the congregation.

                    The procession, including the new graduates and diplomates, will leave the hall.
                                  (The congregation is requested to remain standing
                                         until the procession has left the hall).

                     HONORARY DEGREE
                                         Tito Mboweni
                                  Doctor of Economic Sciences

Tito Mboweni stepped down after ten years as Governor of the Reserve Bank at the age of 50 in 2009.
He has served South Africa and has made significant contributions to our democracy.

The youngest of three children, Tito Mboweni grew up in Tzaneen. After two years at the
University of the North (1979 and 1980) he left South Africa. While in exile in Lesotho, he joined
the African National Congress. After a BA in economics and political science from the National
University of Lesotho he took an MA in development economics from the University of East Anglia.
He was Minister of Labour from May 1994 to July 1998. Prior to this he was Deputy Head of the
Department of Economic Policy in the ANC. Throughout his career to date and during his term as
the eighth Governor of the South African Reserve Bank (August 1999 to November 2009) Tito
Mboweni has been consistent in his support of key pillars of democracy: a strong and independent
judiciary, a strong and independent central Reserve Bank and an independent but fair media.

An ANC activist and leader, Mr Mboweni served as the Deputy Head of the Department of Economic
Policy in the ANC. As Minister of Labour he oversaw radical reforms to labour legislation.
He served as Chairperson of the National Executive Committee’s Economic Transformation
Committee which coordinated the development of the ANC’s economic policies. In 1997,
Mr Mboweni was appointed as Head of the ANC’s Policy Department which was responsible for
managing ANC policy processes. Upon joining the South African Reserve Bank as Advisor to the
Governor in 1998, he resigned all of his elected and appointed positions.

          NAMES OF GRADUANDS/                 *Michael John Townsend Martin      *Joel David Moses
              DIPLOMATES                      *Muluko Joe Matshete                Thaheer Mullins
                                               Tarryn Jade Mentoor                Olivia Jessica Raper
    An asterisk* denotes that the degree of    Jason Duke Metcalf                *Lwazi Siyaka
    diploma will be awarded in the absence    *Bambanani Mketsu                   Zamile Zungu
    of the candidate.                          Megan Rose Morreira
                                               Matthew Grant Morris              In Tourism:
                                               Yaseen Moydien                     Lorato Stacy Maitumelo Motsisi
                                               Letsoalelo Mphahlele
        1. FACULTY OF COMMERCE                *Mary Joseline Mujika
                                              *Noveshen Munsamy
    Dean: Professor D Ross                    *Mweemba Valerie Mwinga                     2. FACULTY OF LAW
                                               Sarah Kwekwe Mzungu
                                               Onke Ngwane                       Dean: Professor PJ Schwikkard
          POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA                *Ntsabelo Ntsaluba
              IN ACCOUNTING                   *Sasha Ann Page
                                              *Priya Vinod Patel                 POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN LAW
    *Melissa Kim Ackers                       *Blake Michael Pengelly
     Imraan Adams                             *Mxolisi Phaliso                   In Commercial Law
     Melissa Adams                            *Nkathazo Johannes Radebe           Mark Raymond Makepeace
    *Muhammad Taariq Ahmed                    *Fulufhedzani Harriet Ravele
    *Aisha Allie                               Aeysha Samsodien                  In Employment Law:
     Byron Arendse                            *Fatima Samsodien                   (With distinction) Emma Mary Levy
    *Jeff Douglas Baguley                     *Stacy-Lee Slaai                    Keith John Magill
     Chad Barker                              *Paul Smit                          Jan Harm Venter
     Pippa Lee Beaumont                        Shouneez Surve
    *Yusuf Begg                                Andre van Niekerk                 In Tax Law:
    *Anis Beheshty                            *Elena Venkova                     *Catherina Getruida Gericke
    *David Paul Blandin de Chalain             Viradh Vithal                     *Mary-Anne Dimakatso Musekiwa
     Nicole Blows                              Nicole Anne Whitfield             *Tasneem Parkar
     Gershwin Brown                           *Nomonde Phumelele Xulu            *Vanessa Anne Rheeder
     Gugu Precious Buthelezi                                                      Shaheeda Solomon
    *Arshaad Dalvie                                                              *(With distinction) Emma Jane Stansfield
     Eben Daniels                                   POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA         *Juliet Ann Woods
     Pavitraj Sohanlal Dass                            IN MANAGEMENT
    *Aneesa Davids
    *Andries Odendaal de Necker               In Accounting Conversion:
     Akua Djan                                 Christian George Begg                   3. FACULTY OF SCIENCE
    *David Christopher Guinness du Toit        Roy Zimondi
     Victoria Elizabeth Dyne                                                     Dean: Professor K Driver
     Craig John Ellis                         In Actuarial Science Conversion:
     Nicholas Englebrecht                     *Pinkie Keneilwe Modise
    *Stuart Forbes                                                               DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE
     Constantine Nicholas Ghioules            In Distributed Commercial
     Natasha Gild                             Information Systems:               In Actuarial Science:
     Justin Shaun Goldman                     *Clinton Wayne Dustan               Dieter Lance Hendriks
    *Saul Ryan Gordon                         *Indren Govender
    *Jonathan Frank Gray                       Sigmund Ludwig Lombard            In Biology, Earth and
     Calli Maureen Hagemann                   *Kevin Pakiry                      Environmental Sciences:
     David Leslie Hendricks                                                       Tendai Chikonodanga
    *Philip Martin Higgins                    In Enterprise Management:           Muofhe Maiwashe
     Mvikeli Delano Hlophe                    *James Storm Hugo Hedley            Matseleng Sally Mbengo
    *Moma Christelle Ilunga                   *Ian Grant Mathew                   Lynessa Moodley
    *Andrea Marion Julies                      Leigh-Anne Northwood               Thandeka Vivienne Mpati
    *Minoka Kalpee                             Jeremy Ryan Sayer                 *Masala Godfrey Nelufule
     Alice Nantumbwe Sanyu Kayongo            *Peter Jonathan Weakley             Aa-ishah Ashaakierah Petersen
    *Patrick Kew                                                                  Shane Barry Woldendorg
    *Ntsako Zamana Khoza                      In Marketing:
    *Ross David Krige                          Marie-Ange Kaddy Akaga Assonuet   In Chemical, Molecular and
    *Tristan Joseph Lory                       Romy Janari                       Cellular Sciences:
     Tavonga Colette Makarudze                 Ziyongama Yanela Lusu             *Niita Nelago Tangi Amaambo
8   *Nicole Marinus                            Thandeka Siphokazi Maria Mali      Melissa Jane Cochrane
 Ryno Charles Lawson                Kwezi Ngwevu                         Nkosinathi Khoza
 Allistair Frans Mokoena            Thato Stephen Ntseare                Vivienne Dorothy Zawedde Lutwama
 Botlhale Nonoh Tebogo Monametsi    Ntwanano Sally Nukeri                Siyabulela Mabusela
 Rofhiwa Nesamari                   Zola Nontutuzelo Rala              * Batsirai Alistair Maigurira
 Tebogo Eunice Raphalane           *Kyle Mark Rorich                   * Sizwe Sixolile Makhanya
 Alicia Rhena Ursula Trentham      *Lauren Leigh Sassman                 Anthony Maina Mambo
                                    Arthur David Seale                   Senzosenkosi Sakhile Bongumenzi
In Information Technology:                                                  Manzini
*Hudson Mduduzi Falala             In Actuarial Science:                 Yael Marx
 Gregory Gilbert                    Chia-Hsiang Chu                      Mulalo Peaceman Mashamba
*Christopher Basil Laidler         *Sheila Waititu Kirika                Lufuno Mukumela Masutha
                                                                       *Zubenathi Mbunye
In Mathematical, Physical and      In Economics and Finance:            Nkedi Moses Mofokeng
Statistical Sciences:               Sisekelo Phakama Dlamini            Monkgahli Seshele Mogudi
*Faith Farisai Chaza                Yi Jun Dong                         Mikhail Cassiem Motala
 Neil Anand Ganasen                 Andrew Harvey Dowse                 Fareeaa Nagia
 Dieter Lance Hendricks            *Ruan Zondagh du Toit                Koshantini Naidoo
 Tsiamo Mojahi                     *Mzulindile Dyolisi                  Ndahambelela Mwakondjelandje
 Rofhiwa Razwiedani                *Kudzai Joseph Gatsi                      Ndoroma
 Tianlin Zhang                     *Grant Hendry Hogan                  Zanele Patience Ngcobo
                                    Jesse Lange                         Ziyanda Abongile Sivuyisiwe
                                    Nozuko Cynthia Mabaso                    Ngqangweni
                                    Melody Marume                      *Matshidiso Pespa Nkotsoe
         4. FACULTY OF LAW          Paige Tawapo Masalila               Nkululeko Johannes Nkutha
                                    Saad Iqbal Mohy-ud-din              Victor Mnqobi Nzama
Dean: Professor PJ Schwikkard       Sheetal Patel                       Irfaan Ally Pathan
                                    Lineshen Reddy                      Callen Petersen
                                   *Tshepiso Regoeng                    Boota Pitso
DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF LAWS          Monica Seshia                       Fazlin Rass
                                    Anton Jacques Snyman                Faiza Abdus Samad Rawoot
 Mzimkhulu Solomon Ceko             Jemy Stephen                       *Carsten Roland
 Patrick James Fitzgerald           Mark John Symington                 Nicole September
 Yonta Faith Leburu                 Brett Vincent Thompson              Letshego Beatrice Tlhakung
*Tabitha Paine                      Keleigh Thomson                     Pieter Van Den Berg
*Jeanne Gerrida Pauw                                                    Caryn Visser
*Guido Heinz Penzhorn              In Economics and Law:                Michael John Witter
 Sara Elisabeth Rex Reith           Portia Mbabazi Karegeya            *Simangaliso Velenkosini Zikhali
 Amy Lauren Stein
                                   In Economics and Statistics:        In Information Systems:
                                    Thobeka Bhengu                      Levy Mathiba Maine
                                    Lufuno Filistus Molea               Lisema Tumisang Masheane
    5. FACULTY OF COMMERCE          Lwazi Siduna                        David Keith Bourke McLennan
                                                                          (with distinction in Information Systems)
Dean: Professor D Ross             In Financial Accounting:            *Adick Karl Renner
                                    Le-Zaria Adams
       DEGREE OF BACHELOR          *Matthew Bradley Atkinson
          OF COMMERCE               Gill Balie                         In Philosophy, Politics and Economics:
                                    Simphiwe Given Balitafa             Nicholas William Smit
In Accounting:                      Lameez Buffkins                     Kyle Mark Witten
 Taufeeq Ajam                       Afia Serwa Boachie-Yiadom
 Loyiso Litha Daka                 *Enock Rutendo Chivaura
 Precious Zinhle Dlamini             Caryn Coulin                            DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
 Nqabomzi Gaushe                     David Daniel                               BUSINESS SCIENCE
 Linda Kaoma                         Imran Daniels
 Nomkhosi Pearl Khwela               Kurt Evan Daries                  In Actuarial Science;
 Mokgadi Antonette Masekela          Khalid Gamieldien                 *Takalani Sikhavhakhavha
 Thato Obakeng Kgositsile Masite     Matthew James Giani
 Modireleng Itumeleng Moatshe        Nicholas Anthony Vincent Graham   In Management Studies:
 Mubeen Mohamed                      Rory Brian Gilbert Holmes           Kishan Amtha
 Edzani Elspeth Muedi                Jared Hoover                      * Kate Emily Bosman
 Najma Mukadam                       Meng Hu                           * Catherine Louise Brazier
 Meshack Nelwamondo                  Zaheer Kagee                        Sa’ad Chothia                                9
       Shaun Richard John Collier   In Statistics:                              In Environmental and
       Jonathan Crotz               * Ntaote Ntaote                             Geographical Science:
       Mark Clive Dutlow                                                        *(With distinction) Kathryn Jessica Vickery
       Loren Jean Du Preez
     * Emma During                                                              In Geochemistry:
       Camilla Leigh Eades                                                       Catherine Grace Curtis
     * Justin Dirk Erasmus                 6. FACULTY OF SCIENCE
       Nicole Gedye                                                             In Geology:
       Nkanyiso Alvin Hlongwa       Dean: Professor K Driver                     Katherine Laurie Naude
     * Renier Theuns Wynand Horne                                                Felix Oghenekohwo
      Simon David Bradfield Keevy
      Ghalib Mohamed Khan                  DEGREE OF BACHELOR                   In Information Technology:
      Terri Lee Ladbrooke                  OF SCIENCE (HONOURS)                 *Wickus Martin
      Mundheera Lalbahadur                                                       Anthony Kasaija Mwebaze
      Denis Kawagga Lugoloobi       In Disaster Risk Science:
      Nigel Tafadzwa Matupire        Phindile Tiyiselani Zanele Sabela          In Mathematics:
      Jarrod Joseph Page                                                         Audry Fafa Ayivor
      Kyle David Paulsen                                                         Huygens Christian Ravelomanana
     *Wendy Bo Peng                 DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE
      Thirushen Pillay                                                          In Mathematics of Finance:
      Scott David Schroenn          In Applied Marine Science:                   Mamello Gladys Chopho
      Lisa-Ann Smith                 Daniel Farrell                              (With distinction) Samantha Jones
      Andrew Peter Van Haght        *Izwandy Idris                              *Farhan Hoosain Mohidin Kalsheker
                                    *(With distinction) Brandon Oliver          *Christopher Stanley Linley
          DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF                                                 In Molecular and Cell Biology:
           COMMERCE (HONOURS)       In Archaeology:                             *Anna Tina Salimo
                                    *(With distinction) Jenna Catherine Lavin    Sarah Adeline Meriton Goodier
     In Accounting:
     *Chandra Claire Rabeling       In Bioinformatics:                          In Operational Research in Development:
                                    Sachin Jugdhaser Somers                      Allister Edward Handsley Mowbray
     In Economics:
     * Mashekwa Maboshe             In Botany:                                  In Physics:
                                     Fiona Ballantyne                            John Edward Fearon
     In Financial Analysis and       Roland Hunter                               Ntombizodwa Ruth Mathe
     Portfolio Management:          *Pravin Mark Maistry
       David Makotoko Aphane        *Kishan Sankar                              In Theoretical Physics:
     * Ntombikayise Banda                                                       *Christopher Beresford Powell
       Erin Elizabeth Bennett       In Chemistry:                               *Yingwen Zhang
       Willem Morkel De Kock         (With distinction) David Kuter
     * Mark Everard Doherty          Cecilia Rutendo Madzivire                  In Zoology:
     * Elizabeth Hoki Hayuma         Pumeza Portia Melane                       *Musawenkosi Clive Mlambo
     * Birungi Alexander Kiremire    Mamohale Molingoana Mohajane                Katherine Rose Potgieter
       Tinashe Michael Kunaka                                                    Robyn Jacqueline Scott
       Monique Marais               In Computer Science:                         Caitlin Amy Smith
       Ryan Cecil Mcfarlane         *(With distinction) Paolo Pietro Pileggi
     * Thandiwe Moyo                 Orejuela Gustavo Adolfo Salazar
     * Juliet Namatovu Mulindwa                                                        DEGREE OF MASTER OF
     * Sivuziwe Mangaliso Mzamo     In Conservation Biology:                               PHILOSOPHY
       Hitekani Faith Nkanyani      *Nathan Wambugu Gichohi
       Ciarran Shannon Palm         *Yvonne Wambui Githiora                     In Environmental Management:
       Kgaugelo Zacharia Selepe     *Ben Cooper Heermans                        *Sophia Jaumain
     * Haifeng Sha                   Ian Kissoon
     * Ritta Sabbas Shine           *Deo Kujirakwinja                           In Information Technology:
     * Michael Roux Van Zyl          Michael John Marais                        *Bojelo Esther Mooketsi
       Caryn Wendy Wepener           (With distinction) Christina Theresa        Suhendran Pather
       Andiswa Zothe                     Moseley
                                    *Allison Mae Skidmore
     In Information Systems:        *Deogratias Tuyisingize
      Mogamad Faaiq Davids           Gwyneth Kay Wilson
      Mohamed Shafi Ghansar
10    Lovell Petersen
         7. FACULTY OF LAW                In Shipping Law:                             In Information Systems:
                                          * Diane-Maree D'aguiar                        Mervyn Christoffels
Dean: Professor PJ Schwikkard             * Martin Malinowski                           (Dissertation with distinction) Olivia
                                            Sibulelo Seti                                   Tendo Kirabira
                                                                                        (With distinction) Rangarirai Matavire
    DEGREE OF MASTER OF LAWS              In Tax Law:
                                           Clare Anna Emslie                           In Organisational Psychology:
Biotechnology, Ethics and Law:             Alex Farai Majachani                         Carren Gail Duffy
 Shihaam Donnelly                         *Hanneri Ferreira                             Rene Jackson-Poole
 Julia Klocke                              Retha Marais                                 Buhle Makamanzi
*Oliver Roschauer                          Nevashnee Nair                               Sostina Shiri
                                                                                        Rachael Tembo
In Commercial Law:
 Cleo Roxanne Zsa-zsa Becker                     DEGREE OF MASTER OF                   In Taxation:
 Mary Reba Chabeda                                   PHILOSOPHY                         (With distinction) Nazreen Sulaiman
*Ebrahiem Hendricks
 Jackie Joossen                           In Criminal Justice:
 Natalie Delphine Joseph                  *Annette Michaela Hubschle                           DEGREE OF MASTER OF
 Etienne De Villiers Louw                  Craig Michael Traub                                   BUSINESS SCIENCE
 Gaedupe Makgato
*Catherine Wanjala Kituri                 In Tax Law:                                  In Actuarial Science:
  Aziza Khauhelo Mwanahawa Mdee            Lisa Claire Beattie                          (Dissertation with distinction) Shivani
 Florence Nyakabau                                                                          Ranchod
* Dominik Eric Reis                       In Environmental Law:
*Thorsten Resch                            Sakhile Koketso                             In Organisational Psychology:
* Morgan Leigh Smith                                                                   *Bridgette Le Shauls
  Ian Graeme Teague                       In Human Rights Law:                          Clive Edwill Speelman
* Auxillia Wadzanayi Zimunhu              * Emerald Berg

In Criminal Justice:                      In Social Justice:                                   DEGREE OF MASTER OF
* Sharon Lisa Choritz                      Taru Maria Anne Jarosynznski                            PHILOSOPHY
* (With distinction) Caroline Charlotte
  Laura Daniels                                                                         (With distinction) David Mark Strugnell
* Myriam Gahongayire
* Mackline Ingabire                            8. FACULTY OF COMMERCE                  In Demography:
* Pierre Celestin Sibomana                                                             *Vesper Hichilombwe Chisumpa
                                          Dean: Professor D Ross                        William Tinashe Msemburi
In Environmental Law:                                                                   (Dissertation with distinction) Reinier
 (With distinction) Louise Du Toit        DEGREE OF MASTER OF COMMERCE                       Van Gijsen

In Human Rights Law:                      In Applied Economics:                        In Mathematical Finance:
  Jill Alise Adkins                       *(With distinction) Andre Konrad              Witness Batsirai Chani
* Doris Ingabire Galliker                        Frauenknecht                          *(With distinction) Tom Hugo Le Roux
* Sambwa Simbyakula                        Natasha Mayet                               *Ciaran James MacDevette
  Kepaletswe Chikhwa Somolekae                                                          (Dissertation with distinction) Jaison
                                          In Economics:                                      Pedzisai Madume
In International Law:                     *Ivo Silverio Lourenco Jr                     Nomathibana Ziyanda Matshoba
* Seraphina Msengi Bakta                  *Joseph Simumba                               Terence John Seaward
* Alison Elizabeth Gill                                                                * Zukisa Gqabi Xotyeni
* Jean De Dieu Sikulibo                   In Financial Accounting:
                                          *Willem Adriaan Lotter
In International Property Law:
 Natacha Ariane Rey                       In Financial Management:
                                           Abdul Cader Abdulla
In Marine Law:                             Lindiwe Evarista Bakoro
 Humphrey Fombang Fombang                  (With distinction) Yvonne Bredenhann
                                           Mogamad Zahir Israel
In Marine and Environmental Law:          *Carlise Kruger
 Laura Anne Guy                           *Johan Walter Rauch
 (With distinction) Irekpitan Okukpon      Carla Marie Schneider
                                           Sello Ishmael Setai
                                           Pauline Laura Fransisca Treffers de Wildt
             DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF                           Harold Ngalawa’s PhD thesis analyses          In Business Administration:
                 PHILOSOPHY                            the complexity of conducting monetary             Camaren Peter
                                                       policy in countries where financial and           Thesis Title: Bayesian participatory-based
     In Economics:                                     banking institutions are not fully developed.     decision analysis: an evolutionary, adaptive
     Elvis Mtonga                                      His thesis studies the monetary transmission      formalism for integrated analysis of
     Thesis Title: Regime change and exchange          mechanism in Malawi; it develops a                complex challenges to social-ecological
     rate dynamics: the rand                           quantitative theoretical model to evaluate the    systems sustainability
                                                       relationship between formal and informal
     A Zambian national, Elvis Mtonga was born         financial markets in low income countries; it     Camaren Peter studied his first degree in
     at Mwachiyaka Village, in Lusaka’s rural          examines the relation between banking             mathematics, statistics and physics at the
     district of Chongwe; where he attained            regulation and banking crises in emerging         University of Natal, graduating cum laude
     primary and secondary education. He has a         countries.                                        with an honours degree in physics. He then
     BA in Economics from the University of                                                              did a Masters degree in Astrophysics at UCT.
     Zambia, Lusaka, a PG Diploma and MA in            Supervisor: Professor N Viegi                         All this was preparation for his first
     Economics from the Victoria University of         (Economics)In Economics:                          encounter with systems and complexity
     Manchester, England.                                                                                theory, and questioning the philosophical
          Elvis Mtonga’s PhD thesis uses the asset                                                       foundations of science. He then worked with
     approach to the analysis of exchange rates to,    Moses Ikechukwu Obinyeluaku                       the CSIR from 2001-2009, first for three
     on the one hand, account for the long-run         Thesis Title: Fiscal aspects of                   years as systems engineer for a modelling
     roller coaster ride of the rand and, on the       macroeconomic stability in Africa                 and simulation team which focused on
     other, its short-run bumpy ride. Historically,                                                      modelling the virtual battlefield in order to
     South Africa has devoted significant                   Moses Obinyeluaku has a BCom and             assess the best command and control
     attention to stabilisation measures in the        MCom from the University of KwaZulu-              doctrine options, and later moved on to
     domestic foreign exchange market through a        Natal. He has been studying at UCT in the         working with more complex social,
     number of changes to its exchange rate            Economics Department since 2007 before            economic and ecological systems, with an
     regime. The introduction in February 2000         being appointed at the South African              emphasis on environmental and economic
     of inflation-targeting is seen as a major step    National Treasury where he now works.             sustainability.
     towards a more liberalised domestic foreign            Moses Obinyeluaku’s PhD thesis                   He also developed an expertise in
     exchange market even though the rand has          analyses empirically the nature of fiscal and     Bayesian networks, and has worked with
     become more volatile.                             monetary policy interdependence and fiscal        Bayesian networks since 2001. Camaren
          The main finding is that the regime          dynamics in Africa. It also looks at the          Peter is passionate about realising
     switch to inflation-targeting appears to have     possibility of implementing viable fiscal         transdisciplinary ways of understanding the
     enhanced the role of fundamentals in              policy rules and institutions that are            vast and changing range of challenges facing
     determining the exchange rate of the rand.        consistent with economic and monetary             the sustainability of human endeavour in the
     There is evidence of volatility clustering that   stability and growth. The results show that       face of ecological limitations.”
     is asymmetrically distributed; periods of rand    fiscal policy is dominating monetary policy
     depreciation induce more volatility than          in Africa and that a fiscal instability has       Supervisor: Professor K April (Graduate
     episodes of rand appreciation.                    dominated regardless of the monetary policy       School of Business)
          The implication for future policy design     institutions adopted. Moreover, contrary to
     is that this behaviour may be rooted more in      the prevailing literature, the results suggest
     the psychology of financial markets               that introducing some element of flexibility      In Economics:
     participants than can be uncovered by             in the way fiscal expenditure is planned, with    Obert Pimhidzai
     standard methods of economic analysis.            the use of flexible fiscal policy rules, might,   Thesis Title: Essays on the causes and
     Thus, in the quest to better understand asset     under realistic circumstances, increase the       consequences of market distortions
     movements over time, advances in                  risk of unsustainable debt accumulation
     behavioural finance continue to hold strong       because it magnifies the effect of unexpected     Obert Pimhidzai has a BSc (Hons) and MSc
     promise as the ideal complement to the            revenues’ reversal.                               in Economics from the University
     policy maker’s toolkit.                                The thesis gives an original and             of Zimbabwe. He lectured at the University
                                                       important contribution to the analysis and        of Zimbabwe before enrolling in UCT in
     Supervisor: Professor M Ayogu (Economics)         design of economic policy institutions for        2006 as part of the African Economic
                                                       macroeconomic stability, which is central in      Research Consortium’s collaborative PhD.
                                                       the project of African Economic Integration.      programme. Since handing in his thesis he
     In Economics:                                                                                       has been working in the World Bank’s East
     Harold Phellix Emmanuel Ngalawa                   Supervisor: A/Professor N Viegi                   Africa office as a poverty economist.
     Thesis Title: Essays on the monetary              (Economics)                                           Obert Pimhidzai’s PhD thesis examines
     economics of low income countries                                                                   the impact that deliberate distortion of the
                                                                                                         market has on public welfare. In the first
     Harold Ngalawa is a lecturer of Economics at                                                        section, he engages with the literature which
     the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a                                                               argues that corruption may be beneficial if it
     graduate with distinction from the University                                                       allows productive enterprises to sidestep
     of Malawi. He was awarded the UCT                                                                   bureaucratic red tape. He shows that
12   Research Associateship in 2009.                                                                     beneficial outcomes result only if the most
productive enterprises also have the strongest   asset concentration and macroeconomic            necrotrophic pathogen, Botrytis cinerea, by
incentive to bribe. He presents a case where     instability. The results of a competitive test   performing disease susceptibility assays on
corruption props up the least productive         based on the Panzar-Rosse methodology            plants that was unable to express a specific
firms in an economy. He then turns to            show that Zambian banks earned their             CNGC. Her study revealed four members
examine why such undesirable market              revenue under conditions of monopolistic         with altered defence phenotypes and one,
distortions may be persistent despite their      competition. This finding is buttressed by the   CNGC19, was chosen for further
negative effects on an economy. He argues        estimate of a time varying Lerner Index, a       characterisation. Sub-cellular localisation of
that the private benefits (e.g. from             measure of market power. His findings show       a CNGC19:YFP fusion protein in onion
corruption) that policy makers derive from       that the Lerner Index, or relative mark-up of    epidermal cells indicated that CNGC19 was
such distortions may be a powerful factor in     price over marginal cost, was more than 50       targeted to the plasma membrane. Transient
leading to their persistence. This will be       percent, implying that banks exercised           expression of CNGC19 in yeast cells
especially so if democratic institutions are     greater degree of market power in pricing        expressing the bioluminescent calcium
weak. In line with his theory he shows that      their products and services. Market              reporter protein indicated that CNGC19 had
undemocratic states in Africa have much          concentration, efficiency performance,           the ability to transport calcium, an important
more distorted exchange rates than               diversity in revenue sources and regulatory      second messenger in defence signalling.
democratic ones. Finally, he shows the           intensity accounted for much of the banks’            Analysis of defence gene expression,
impact of distortions on human welfare in a      exercise of market power. However, his           quantification of secondary metabolite
powerful analysis of Zimbabwe. He argues         results do not support the notion that high      accumulation and histochemical staining to
that the extensive interventions in the market   credit risk exposure and inflation affect the    detect spontaneous lesion formation
post 2000 exacerbated wealth inequalities,       relative mark-up of Zambian banks.               indicated that CNGC19 may be involved in
with the poorest and the lower middle classes                                                     initiating the induction of camalexin, a
least able to protect themselves against the     Supervisor: Professor H Abraham                  phytoalexin important for Botrytis cinerea
unavailability of consumer goods. This led       (Economics)                                      defence.
to a marked decrease in food consumption in
these groups and an increase in stunting.                                                         Supervisor: Dr K Denby (Molecular and
                                                        9. FACULTY OF SCIENCE                     Cell Biology)
Supervisor: A/Professor M Wittenberg
(Economics)                                      Dean: Professor K Driver
                                                                                                  In Zoology:
                                                                                                  Lara Jane Atkinson
In Economics:                                              DEGREE OF DOCTOR                       Thesis title: Ecosystem effects of demersal
Anthony Musonda Simpasa                                      OF PHILOSOPHY                        trawl fisheries on benthic infaunal,
Thesis Title: Performance of Zambian                                                              epifaunal and fish communities of the
commercial banks in the Post-                    In Molecular and Cell Biology:                   southern Benguela system
Liberalisation period: evidence on cost          Nicolette Adams
efficiency, competition and market power         Thesis Title: Investigating the role of cyclic   Lara Jane Atkinson was born in Somerset
                                                 nucleotide gated channels in plant-pathogen      West in 1974 but her family moved to
Anthony Simpasa, a Zambian national,             interactions                                     Johannesburg and she matriculated from
obtained his BA from the University of                                                            West Ridge High School in Johannesburg in
Zambia in 1996 and an MA in Economics            Nicolette Adams was born in Cape Town,           1992. Her BSc degree was completed at the
from the University of Botswana in 1998.         South Africa on 26 October 1980. She             University of Port Elizabeth (now the Nelson
Upon completing his Masters’ degree, he          matriculated from Plumstead High School in       Mandela Metropolitan University). Lara
lectured briefly at UNZA and in 1999 he          1998 and enrolled at UCT in 1999 where she       then entered the BSc (Hons) programme in
joined the Bank of Zambia. In 2005 he            obtained a BSc degree majoring in                Marine Biology at the UCT, followed by a
enrolled for the African Economic Research       Biochemistry and Genetics & Development          Masters degree in which she investigated
Consortium          (AERC)        supported      in 2001. She obtained her BSc (Hons) and         large- and small-scale movements of the
Collaborative PhD Programme (CPP) for            MSc degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology        West Coast rock lobster, graduating in 2001.
Sub-Saharan Africa in the School of              from UCT. In 2005, she enrolled for her PhD       She spent the next five years employed in
Economics. He has been involved in various       degree at UCT but undertook some of her          marine environmental consulting and started
research activities and is a member of the       research in the United Kingdom at the            her PhD studies in 2006.
Global Development Network (GDN) and             University of York and the University of             Lara Atkinson’s studies for the first time
the AERC network of researchers.                 Warwick.                                         the effects of bottom trawling on the animals
    Anthony Simpasa’s PhD thesis                     Nicolette Adam’s PhD project focused         that live above and in the sediments of the
investigates three related aspects of the        on characterising members of an ion channel      sea floor (including the fish communities) at
banks’ performance in Zambia, namely cost        family, cyclic nucleotide gated channels         300 – 600 m depth. The study tackles a
efficiency, competition and exercise of          (CNGCs), in the model plant Arabidopsis          difficult problem by comparing lightly
market power during 1998-2006. Using the         thaliana. Various molecular and biochemical      trawled areas with adjacent heavily trawled
stochastic frontier estimation approach, he      techniques were used to understand the role      areas at four sites from Namibia to the Cape
observes that the average level of cost          of these channels in both abiotic and biotic     Peninsula, since there are no completely
inefficiency among Zambian banks was 8           stress responses. A reverse genetics approach    untrawled areas of comparable sea floor
percent over the study period. The major         was used to identify cyclic nucleotide gated     habitat in the rich Benguela ecosystem. The
sources of inefficiency were impaired loans,     channels needed for full resistance to the       research uses modern sophisticated
     multivariate statistical techniques and finds     Agulhas Current. Using this improved             algae because of overgrowth by seaweeds,
     that there are changes in invertebrate and fish   model, the study then focuses on important       (4) a collapse of juvenile abalone because of
     communities from north to south and that          aspects of the regional oceanography at the      their dependence on urchins and encrusting
     there are also differences between heavily        northern and southern extremities of the         corallines, and (5) increases of a range
     and lightly trawled areas. A complication is      Agulhas Current system. It was found that        of sessile animals such as sponges.
     that these differ at each of the four sites. A    eddy formation in the Mozambique Channel,        The transformation of the ecosystem had
     new technique, biological traits analysis,        which can then go on to influence the            profound ecological and economic
     reveals which life history characteristics and    Agulhas Current proper, is related to strong     consequences. She then developed an
     body forms are most affected by trawling.         westward pulses in the transport of the South    ecosystem model for lobster-invaded and
     The research also reveals changes in the          Equatorial Current. This result suggests that    non-invaded areas in which various
     bottom fish community through time, with          the eddy formation may also be related to        hypotheses were tested. The most exciting
     possible community-scale shifts in the early      large-scale changes in the Indian Ocean such     outcome was the revelation that if linefish
     1990s and mid 2000s, which match                  as caused by ENSO or the Indian Ocean            had not been reduced by overfishing, the
     observations in the open water, pelagic           Dipole. About two thirds of the eddies           lobsters invasion could not have persisted.
     ecosystem. A significant finding is that the      formed in the Mozambique Channel in the          Her results highlight the complexity of
     larger invertebrates caught incidentally in       model are shown to propagate into the            ecosystem interactions and the need for an
     trawl nets used on scientific surveys are         Agulhas retroflection region where they          ecosystem       approach      to     fisheries
     likely to provide the most sensitive indicators   contribute to ring shedding processes there,     management. Consequently, it adds to the
     of the effects of trawling on life on the sea     and ultimately, to the transport of heat and     understanding of the causes and implications
     floor. Such indicators are being further          salt from the South Indian Ocean into the        of human- and environmentally-induced
     investigated for use in an ecosystem              South Atlantic Ocean. Analyses from the          shifts.
     approach to fisheries management.                 model suggest that about a quarter of this
                                                       transport into the South Atlantic comes from     Supervisor: Professor GM Branch
     Supervisors: Emeritus Professor JG Field          these Agulhas rings. Finally, the thesis shows   (Zoology)
     (Oceanography)                                    that the inter-ocean exchange south of South     Co-Supervisor: Dr É Plagányi-Lloyd
     Co-supervisors: A/Professor A Jarre               Africa, and the shedding of rings from the       (CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia)
     (Zoology)                                         Agulhas retroflection, is sensitive to the
     Dr LJ Shannon (Oceanography)                      strength of the Agulhas Current itself.
     Honorary Professor L Hutchings                                                                     In Environmental and
     (Oceanography)                                    Supervisor: Professor CJC Reason                 Geographical Science:
                                                       (Oceanography)                                   Suzanne Carter
                                                                                                        Thesis Title: Approaches to quantifying and
     In Oceanography:                                                                                   reducing uncertainty in GCMs over southern
     Bjorn Backeberg                                   In Zoology:                                      Africa
     Thesis Title: Modelling the mesoscale             Laura Kate Blamey
     variability in the greater Agulhas Current        Thesis Title: Ecosystem effects of a             Suzanne Carter obtained her BSc and BSc
     System using a Hybrid Coordinate Ocean            rock-lobster ‘invasion’: comparative and         (Hons) degrees from UCT. She then
     Model                                             modelling approaches                             commenced her postgraduate research, first
                                                                                                        registering for an MSc and then upgrading to
     Bjorn Backeberg entered the PhD                   Laura Blamey grew up on a sugar-cane farm        a PhD.
     programme in the Dept. of Oceanography            in KwaZulu-Natal, and fell in love with the          Suzanne Carter has addressed in her PhD
     after completing his MSc degree in                sea at an early age. She has a BSc in Zoology    thesis one of the leading challenges facing
     Operational Oceanography at the University        and a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology. She          climate change science; that of assessing and
     of Bergen with the Nansen Centre. Prior to        spent many years volunteering at the Two         distilling the information on future climate
     this, he had been an undergraduate and            Oceans Aquarium and has been actively            derived from multi-model ensemble
     Honours student in Oceanography at UCT.           involved with many diving-related projects.      simulations of the climate response to
     His PhD was jointly funded by the Nansen          Since moving to the Cape she has developed       anthropogenic forcing. Recognizing the
     Centre and the NRF and he also received co-       a love for the West Coast and the winelands,     quasi chaotic nature of the climate system,
     supervision from Bergen.                          but refuses to switch from Sharks to             coupled with imperfect climate models, the
         Bjorn Backeberg’s PhD thesis involves         Stormers!                                        challenge is to use the noisy data to identify
     application of the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean            Laura Blamey’s PhD thesis examines the       the underlying response signals of relevance
     Model towards better understanding the            effects of an eastward shift in the West Coast   to society. Suzanne Carter applied an
     mesoscale variability of the greater Agulhas      rock lobster Jasus lalandii on the benthic       innovative methodology based on Self
     Current system. The first part of his thesis      communities East of Cape Hangklip, using         Organizing Maps to weight the different
     uses skewness analysis and other statistical      both empirical and modelling approaches.         information sources according to the
     techniques to study the meander and eddy          Comparisons over time and space revealed         credibility of the synoptic scale atmospheric
     properties of this current system in both the     that benthic communities changed radically       circulation. From this it was possible to
     observations (using altimeter data) and the       following the lobster ‘invasion’, with (1) a     derive composite response signals at regional
     model. An improved numerical advection            decline in herbivores, incuding urchins, due     scales from the different model simulations,
     scheme is then incorporated into the model        to lobster predation, (2) proliferation of       and provide an improved message about the
     and found to substantially improve the            seaweeds due to the reduction of herbivores,     projected regional scale climate changes.
14   representation of several key features of the     (3) a diminshment of encrusting coralline            In a time when climate change creates
challenges for nearly all sectors of society,    In Chemistry:                                    In Applied Mathematics:
and where response to climate change             Setshaba David Khanye                            Jacques Kotze
necessitates a regional understanding, this      Thesis Title: Synthesis and antimalarial         Thesis Title: Forecasting and Optimisation
work provides an exceptionally valuable          evaluation of gold thiosemicarbazone             in Cosmology
advance toward delivering robust messages        complexes and polyamine-
of change. The foundations presented by this     thiosemicarbazone dendrimers                     Jacques Kotze obtained his BSc from the
work now afford opportunities to extend this                                                      University of Port Elizabeth and his MSc
method to the broader suite of available         Setshaba David Khanye grew up and was            from Stellenbosch University. He registered
climate data in order to serve societies’        schooled in Memel (Free State) and               for his PhD at UCT in 2004 on the
growing climate change information needs.        Newcastle (KwaZulu Natal). He obtained a         holographic principle. His studies were,
                                                 BSc in Chemistry (2004) and an MSc in            however, interrupted at the beginning of his
Supervisor: Professor B Hewitson                 Coordination Chemistry (2006) from the           second year by a family tragedy that
(Environmental and Geographical Science)         University of the Witwatersrand. In 2007, he     necessitated him taking a two year leave of
                                                 enrolled for a PhD in Metal-Based                absence during which time he helped start
                                                 (Inorganic) Chemistry at UCT.                    two successful businesses in Nigeria in the
In Physics:                                          South Africa proudly boasts an               construction industry. Three years after
Girma Goro Gonfa                                 abundance of mineral resources which             initially starting the PhD, he began work
Thesis Title: Hall effect in printed             account for a significant proportion of the      afresh on the research that would become his
nanoparticulate silicon networks                 world's minerals, including gold. Gold, like     PhD thesis.
                                                 other important industrial metals, has many           Jacques Kotze’s PhD thesis is devoted to
Girma Gora Gonfa graduated with an MSc           unique physical and chemical features that       two related themes. The first is forecasting,
in Physics from the University of Addis          make it suitable material for industrial         and the other optimisation. Cosmology, the
Ababa in 1998, after which he joined the         applications such as jewellery, electronics      study of the entire Universe, is an extremely
                                                 and in medicines. However, it has many
faculty of Alemaya University in Ethiopia.                                                        expensive undertaking. Because of their cost
                                                 unexploited properties that can be of great
After serving as Head of Department and                                                           it is critical to make accurate forecasts and
                                                 value in emerging technologies. As the gold
Associate Dean, he was awarded a                                                                  predictions of what such experiments will be
                                                 industry is under tremendous strain of
prestigious scholarship by the African                                                            able to achieve and to maximise their
                                                 gradual reduction in demand of gold by end-
Network of Scientific Institutions (ANSTI),                                                       scientific legacy. Kotze was a key member
                                                 user markets and their reliance on the metal,
to further his PhD studies at UCT.                                                                of the team that has produced an exceptional
                                                 the need to uncover, develop and promote
     The main focus of Girma Goro Gonfa’s                                                         software suite – known as Fisher4Cast – to
                                                 new major industrial uses of gold is of global
PhD thesis was to investigate the electronic                                                      facilitate such forecasts.
properties of semiconductor materials                                                             Released publicly in mid-2008, it has been
                                                     In the light of the above and coupled
produced by printing inks containing silicon                                                      downloaded well over 1000 times
                                                 with the problem of widespread malaria
nanoparticles. During this work, he made                                                          worldwide.
                                                 infection endemic to Africa, David Khanye’s
significant contributions to both the                                                                  The other main research topic the thesis
                                                 research examined the use of potential gold-
development of characterisation methods,                                                          explores is the development of a powerful
                                                 based agents for the treatment of malaria.
and to the understanding of the charge                                                            new optimisation algorithm, HYBRID-
                                                 Following fundamental principles of
transport processes in nanoparticulate           Chemistry and/or Coordination Chemistry,         MTM, which significantly outperforms all
networks, allowing the use of these materials    thiosemicarbazones were identified as            existing standard algorithms. Applying this
in printed electronics devices. Of particular    suitable ligand systems to support gold in its   breakthrough to finance, mining or logistics
importance was his development of models         various oxidation states. In his study, David    is the next obvious step.
which allow the determination of the             Khanye synthesised a series of novel gold(I)
mobility and concentration of multiple           and gold(III) complexes in which all were        Supervisor: Professor B Bassett
carrier types in composite materials, which      subjected for antimalarial activity evaluation   (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)
sheds light on the physical changes in silicon   against strains of Plasmodium falciparum. It
as its size is reduced to nanoscale dimensions   emerged from his study that gold compounds
and when these nanoparticles are brought         derived from thiosemicarbazones possess          In Zoology;
back together to form a macroscopic              antimalarial activity against strains of         *Rodrigo Martins
material.                                        Plasmodium falciparum. In addition to            Thesis Title: Some factors influencing the
                                                 incorporating              gold             in   transport of chokka squid (Loligo reynaudii
Supervisors: Professor DT Britton                monothiosemicarbazones, research efforts         d'Orbigny, 1839) paralarvae off the
(Physics)                                        were also focused on anchoring                   Eastern Cape, South Africa
Co-Supervisor: Professor M Härting               thiosemicarbazones to branched polyamines
(Physics)                                        to form dendritic thiosemicarbazones.            Rodrigo Martins was born in São Paulo,
                                                 Overall this study accentuates the               Brazil in 1975. He completed his first degree
                                                 interdisciplinary nature of chemistry and        at the University of Rio Grande and his
                                                 other sciences in exploiting new major uses      Masters degree at the Federal University of
                                                 of gold.                                         Paraná, both in Brazil. He became interested
                                                                                                  in the rearing (in tanks) of marine organisms
                                                 Supervisor: Professor K Chibale                  (particularly octopus and squid) and came to
                                                 (Chemistry)                                      Cape Town on a scholarship from the
                                                 Co-Supervisor: Dr GS Smith (Chemistry)           Brazilian government to refine rearing
     techniques of chokka squid. He joined the        metal ions associate with counter ions when       formulated with PheroidTM or aluminium-
     research group of Mike Roberts at Marine         dissolved in a solvent. This is a central issue   containing adjuvant and subjected to a
     and Coastal Management and constructed a         in separation science. Knowing what the           thermal stability study. Finally, the free
     squid rearing system at the research             association constants are allows one to           saccharide assay was successfully applied to
     aquarium in Sea Point, where he was able to      predict the solvent and counter ion               the locally manufactured Hib vaccine
     investigate factors influencing young squid.     conditions that will lead to selective            presented in a pentavalent liquid vaccine
          Rodrigo Martins' PhD research shows         precipitation of metal ions. Using advanced       adjuvanted with aluminium phosphate
     how temperatures can influence the rates at      Statistical Mechanics he developed a method       without the excipient sucrose.
     which young squid use up their yolk reserves     to accurately model ion association in
     after hatching. This means their survival is     solution and so predict metal association         Supervisor: A/Professor Neil Ravenscroft
     determined by the temperature of the water       constants. Richard Matthews’ doctoral work        (Chemistry)
     in which they hatch and spend their first few    is a fine example of how theory informs
     days. Young (paralarval) squid feed actively     practice. Major mining companies have
     on small animals once their yolk has been        shown an interest in his models as they           In Zoology:
     fully utilised, but for feeding to occur they    promise to have a significant impact on           Martha Nelson-Flower
     need to be transported from the seabed,          attempts to develop environmentally friendly      Thesis Title: Kinship and its consequences in
     where the eggs are laid, to a suitable feeding   separation processes for Platinum Group           the cooperatively breeding Southern Pied
     environment. Rodrigo showed that squid           Metals.                                           Babbler Turdoides bicolour
     paralarvae are heavier than seawater, so their
     natural tendency to sink needs to be             Supervisor: A/Professor KJ Naidoo                 Martha Nelson-Flower was born in Ontario,
     countered by active swimming and/or              (Scientific Computing Research Unit,              Canada in 1977 and grew up in Vancouver,
     passive vertical transport by upwelled water     Chemistry)                                        Canada. She received her BSc in Zoology,
     for them to reach the sea surface. Rodrigo                                                         followed by her MSc from the University of
     used computer models to mimic both the                                                             British Columbia, studying organellar
     ocean environment in which the paralarvae        In Chemistry:                                     genomes in unicellular algae. She became
     occur and the paralarvae themselves in order     Priscilla Darling Naa Ahimah Mensah               interested in behavioural ecology and
     to test how the interplay of temperature and     Thesis Title: Physicochemical studies of a        cooperative breeding after spending a year in
     water currents with paralarval growth and        novel adjuvant and conjugate vaccines             2004 as a volunteer with the Kalahari
     vertical positioning influenced transport to                                                       Meerkat Project in the Northern Cape.
     suitable areas. He was able to show that adult   After obtaining an MSc in Chemistry               During this time, she encountered the
     squid need to place their eggs in suitable       (Kidney Stone Research) at UCT in 2004,           Southern Pied Babbler, a cooperatively
     locations to maximise survival of their          Priscilla Mensah registered for a PhD in          breeding bird inhabiting the Kalahari. In
     offspring, but that the paralarvae themselves    Bioanalytical and Vaccine Research, in            2006, she embarked on her PhD
     are able to influence their horizontal           which she focussed on two biological              investigating.
     transport, and ultimately their survival, by     products under development in South Africa:           Nelson-Flower’s         PhD        thesis
     controlling their vertical positions in the      an adjuvant and vaccines against                  investigates kinship and its consequences in
     water column.                                    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)               decisions concerning breeding, feeding and
                                                      disease.                                          dispersal. Cooperative breeding occurs when
     Supervisor: Dr C Moloney (Zoology)                    The primary focus of Priscilla Mensah’s      some individuals help to raise offspring that
     Co-Supervisors: Dr MJ Roberts                    PhD thesis was the development of                 are not their own, but why should individuals
     (Marine and Coastal Management)                  appropriate physicochemical procedures for        help others rather than pursue their own
     Dr EAG Vidal-Furg                                the evaluation of the integrity of Hib            independent breeding opportunities?
     (Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil)         vaccines in monovalent and combination                Understanding how reproduction is
                                                      pentavalent vaccine (DTP-HBV-Hib)                 partitioned among individuals within social
                                                      formulations. The methodology to achieve          groups in any cooperatively breeding species
     In Chemistry:                                    this was developed using model compounds          is vital in understanding the evolution and
     Richard Paul Matthews                            including the meningococcal group A               maintenance of helping behaviour. Martha
     Thesis Title: Ion pairing in aqueous metal       polysaccharide and the derived conjugate          used field observations and microsatellite
     sulfates and platinum group metal                (Mn A-TT) and commercially available Hib          genotyping to investigate the mating system
     ammonium solutions                               vaccines. Colorimetric assays and methods         and the consequences of within- and
                                                      involving acid hydrolysis followed by high        between-group relatedness in the Southern
     Richard Matthews received his BSc and BSc        performance           anion         exchange      Pied Babbler. She found that breeding pairs
     (Hons) degrees in chemistry from the             chromatography with pulsed amperometric           (dominants) are highly monogamous, and
     University of Pretoria. In 2007 he graduated     detection (HPAEC-PAD) analysis of the             subordinate reproduction was rare, leading to
     with an MSc in Computational Chemistry           saccharide monomer were applied for               very high direct benefits of attaining
     from UCT. That year he registered for a PhD      saccharide quantification and used to             dominance. Inbreeding was strictly avoided,
     and since then has been working in the           investigate three methods of free saccharide      and only those subordinates living in step-
     Scientific Computing Research Unit and           separation: solid phase extraction (SPE), acid    family groups had opportunities to breed.
     teaching in the Chemistry Department at          precipitation using deoxycholate (DOC/HCl)            Despite opportunities in such groups,
     UCT.                                             and ultrafiltration (UF). The most promising      subordinates rarely succeeded in breeding
         Richard Matthews’ PhD thesis addresses       free saccharide methods were tested on a Hib      although many attempted to do so, showing
16   the important chemical question of how           pentavalent vaccine containing sucrose            that dominants were suppressing subordinate
reproduction. Subordinates may accrue             In Zoology:                                       Supervisor: Professor LG Underhill
fitness benefits only through group               Marta de Ponte Machado                            (Zoology)
membership or from helping to raise young         Thesis title: Population dynamics of Great        Co-supervisors: Professor PG Ryan
who are generally their younger siblings,         White Pelicans: causative factors and impact      (Zoology)
while being a dominant confers very high          on other seabirds                                 Dr RJM Crawford (Environment Affairs
direct fitness benefits through reproduction.                                                       and Tourism, South Africa)
Reproductive skew models that incorporate         Marta de Ponte Machado’s interest in the          Dr R Bowie (University of California at
both conflict and suppression by dominants        impact of human activities on ecosystems          Berkeley)
are appropriate for application to Southern       and her desire to understand and manage the
Pied Babblers.                                    consequences of these activities brought her
                                                  to South Africa. She graduated with an MSc        In Zoology:
Supervisor: Professor PAR Hockey                  in Conservation Biology through the Percy         Sean Nixon Porter
(Zoology)                                         FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology      Thesis Title: Biogeography and potential
                                                  in 2003. Previously she had worked in the         factors regulating shallow subtidal reef
                                                  Cape Verde Islands designing a network of         communities in the western Indian Ocean
In Zoology:                                       protected areas and drawing environmental
Maya Carina Pfaff                                 and socio-economic management plans.              Sean Porter is a naturalist at heart and lives in
                                                                                                    KwaZulu-Natal. He completed a BSc (Hons)
Thesis Title: Land ahoy! Linking nearshore             Having grown up in the Canary Islands
                                                                                                    degree at the then Natal University before
oceanography with larval transport,               she is well aware of the complexity and
                                                                                                    commencing his PhD. His hobbies include
settlement and recruitment of intertidal          fragility of ecosystem interactions, especially
                                                                                                    the clonal propagation of reef corals, bonsai
invertebrates                                     in the light of global change.
                                                                                                    and fly tying, and outdoor activities such as
                                                  Marta de Ponte Machado’s PhD thesis
                                                                                                    fishing, bird watching, SCUBA-diving and
After an early education in Germany, Maya         examines the exponential growth of the            exploration.
Pfaff has been studying at UCT since 1998,        Western Cape Great White Pelican                       Shaun Porter’s PhD thesis focuses on
obtaining her BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees          population during the 20th century, induced       biogeography and factors regulating shallow-
in the Zoology Department. Of major interest      by the increased availability of agricultural     reef communities in East Africa and the
to her are the well-being of coastal              waste. This superabundance triggered              western Indian Ocean, and merges ecology,
ecosystems and people, and the integration        changes in the trophic webs, strikingly the       remote sensing and biogeochemistry.
of rigorous science with conservation efforts.    development of a new feeding behaviour by              Extensive surveys were conducted at 55
During her PhD, she co-supervised a number        pelicans, which have become predators of          sites spanning 4800 km of coastline in five
of honours students, who contributed              seabirds on the islands off the coast of the      countries. This permitted biogeographic
significant insights and awoke in her a           Western Cape, adapting cooperative hunting        provinces, bioregions and community types
passion for field-based teaching.                 techniques used to capture aquatic prey and       to be distinguished and employed as bench
     Maya Pfaff’s PhD thesis examines the         causing concern for the conservation of           marks for future studies on impact of climate
effects of nearshore oceanographic processes      declining populations of local breeding           change, and for conservation planning. The
on the transport of the microscopic larval        seabirds. With the objective of curbing the       main environmental factors determining
stages of mussels and barnacles. These            impact of pelican predation on seabird            these biological patterns were investigated
factors were shown to have a dominant             populations, a management intervention was        by in situ measurements and remote-sensing
influence on marine communities and are           implemented on two islands of the West            satellite data. At a biogeographic scale, sea
thus relevant to coastal management and           Coast National Park and proved successful         surface temperature emerged as the most
                                                                                                    important factor governing species
conservation, including the selection of          to reduce predation. In addition, the Western
                                                                                                    distributions, followed by an unanticipated
marine protected areas and the prediction of      Cape pelican population was found to be
                                                                                                    factor, namely wave height. Local factors
the impacts of climate change on coastal          genetically less variable than other southern
                                                                                                    influencing      community         composition
systems. Recruitment was strongly                 African breeding colonies, possibly due to
                                                                                                    included food supply, sand inundation and
influenced by the intensity of upwelling and      the demographic bottleneck experienced
                                                                                                    small-scale current dynamics. The role of
by wave action. Upwelling moves larvae            during the early part of the 20th century and     rivers as a supply of food for filter-feeders
away from headlands and entrains them in          to the low frequency of immigration into this     was analysed by using stable isotopes of
bays, where they reach maturity. To get to        population. However, pelicans from the            carbon, nitrogen and sulphur, which
shore and settle, mussels use upwelling           Western Cape dispersed and some                   demonstrated that up to 30% of their food
currents and swell, whereas barnacles benefit     individuals entered into contact with pelicans    supply in the Natal Bioregion comes from
from warmer conditions facilitating tidally-      further north, indicating that cooperative        this source. The thesis provides some of the
driven transport. Most remarkably, the strong     seabird-eating behaviour could be exported        first evidence of the inter-connectedness of
effect of coastal topography, which led to        to other populations.                             riverine, inshore and pelagic ecosystems, and
higher densities of larvae in bays than at             Her thesis amalgamates concepts and          sheds light on factors underpinning the
headlands, can be traced through all later life   methodologies from the fields of Population       composition of reef communities at scales
stages – settlers, recruits and adults –          Ecology, Life-History, Population Genetics,       ranging from tens to thousands of kilometres.
emphasizing the importance of larval              Behavioural Ecology, Avian Disease
ecology on shaping the structure of marine        Ecology, Adaptive Management and                  Supervisors: Professor GM Branch
communities.                                      Conservation, in order to investigate the         (Zoology)
                                                  complex ecological interactions among             Co-Supervisor: Dr K Sink (SANBI,
Supervisor: Professor GM Branch                   Great White Pelicans, human landscapes and        Cape Town)
(Zoology)                                         locally breeding seabird species.
     In Applied Mathematics:                             near Germiston, and completed her A levels          southwest of Port Elizabeth. The location of
     Andrea Helen Prinsloo                               at Maru-A-Pula School in Gaborone,                  these spawning grounds is inshore of the
     Thesis Title: Applications of the gauge             Botswana. She graduated with a B (Bus)(Sc)          warm, fast flowing Agulhas Current, and
     theory/gravity correspondence                       degree       majoring        in    Quantitative     thus the newly formed squid larvae are often
                                                         Management from UCT, followed by a M                swept offshore by the current, and then
     Andrea Prinsloo obtained her BSc with               (Bus)(Sc) in Statistics in 2004. She was then       unable to recruit to the fishery. Michael
     majors       in     Mathematics,         Applied    employed by a marketing research company            Roberts uses a combination of empirical data
     Mathematics and Physics (all obtained with          as a statistician, and later returned to teach at   analysis and output of numerical circulation
     distinction) from UCT. After completing her         UCT where she pursued a PhD degree. Both            models, as well as video footage of squid, to
     BSc (Hons) degree in Theoretical Physics            her honours and masters degrees were in the         set up and address his hypotheses of how the
     also at UCT (and also obtained with                 field of data mining, and her interest in the       squid paralarvae are affected by the physical
     distinction), she moved north to persue an          study of multivariate data has continued into       characteristics of their environment. He also
     MSc degree in Theoretical Physics under the         her PhD studies.                                    used satellite measurements of sea surface
     supervision of Prof. Robert de Mello Koch                Kutlwano Ramaboa’s PhD thesis                  temperature and chlorophyll to identify the
     at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her         rewrites multiple regressions in terms of the       variability of the surface oceanic conditions
     thesis on integrable deformations of string         singular value decomposition (SVD). This            that squid have to cope with.
     theory was awarded with distinction. She            enables various problems to be solved:
     moved back to UCT in 2007 to begin PhD              identification of outlying and/or influential       Supervisor: Professor FA Shillington
     studies in the field of string theory and the       observations, and the explanatory variables         (Oceanography)
     gauge theory/gravity duality.                       involved in collinear relationships. A
          Andrea Prinsloo’s PhD thesis examines          procedure which is robust against the effects
     aspects of the duality of string theory and         of masking and swamping is proposed to              In Botany:
     gauge theory in various backgrounds to              identify outliers in the explanatory variables.     Klaudia Schachtschneider
     better understand the fundamental degrees of             A residual measure, used in conjunction        Thesis Title: Water sourcing by riparian trees
     freedom in this theory of quantum gravity.          with existing residual measures, is developed       along ephemeral riverbeds
     Her research was broken up into multiple            to provide insight into the role that each
     parts. In the first part of the work, she has       observation plays in determining the                Klaudia Schachtschneider completed her
     studied D-branes – a class of extended              displacement of other observations from the         BSc (Hons) in 1998 and an MSc in 2002 in
     objects in the theory - to understand the           least squares fit. This is a shortcoming in         Environmental and Geographical Science at
     dynamics of open strings. This study was            existing measures. An alternative measure           UCT. During her Masters, she worked for the
     carried out with the aim of understanding           for identifying variables that are involved in      Namibian Government in the Ministry of
     how macroscopic properties of spacetime             the collinearity is also developed.                 Agriculture Water and Forestry as an
     like geometry and topology arise from the                                                               Hydrologist. Supported by a grant from the
     microscopic degrees of freedom of quantum           Supervisor: Professor L Underhill                   Water Research Fund for Southern Africa she
     gravity. In the latter part of the thesis, Andrea   (Statistical Sciences)                              started her PhD in Botany in 2004. After
     Prinsloo focussed on the question of                                                                    taking a year off to have a daughter in 2006
     constructing realistic duals to high energy                                                             she resumed her working career and she is
     nuclear phenomena. To this end, she                 In Physical Oceanography:                           now working in the Water Group of the CSIR
     conducted a systematic study of closed              Michael John Roberts                                in Stellenbosch.
     strings in a class of supersymmetry-breaking        Thesis Title: Recruitment variability of                Klaudia Schachtschneider’s PhD thesis
     geometries to understand universality               chokka squid (Loligo reynaudii) - the role          examines the interrelationships between river
     properties of the theory.                           of the cold ridge, currents and retention on        flow, groundwater and plant water use in
                                                         the Agulhas Bank, South Africa                      ephemeral rivers of the Namib and Kalahari
     Supervisor: Dr J Murugan (Mathematics &                                                                 deserts. The results of her study show that
     Applied Mathematics)                                Michael Roberts’ obtained his MSc from the          indigenous tree species depend on a
                                                         University of Port Elizabeth in 1990, and is        seasonally fluctuating mix of water sources
                                                         currently employed by the Department of             that is regulated by recharge from large flood
     In Statistical Sciences:                            Environment Affairs Marine and Coastal              events. Invasive alien plants using the same
     Kutlwano Khumoyame Kgomotso                         Management, Cape Town. He is a highly               water source potentially out compete
     Malebogo Ramaboa                                    qualified SCUBA diver and has carried out           indigenous species for water. Differences in
     Thesis Title: Contributions to linear               his doctoral research as a part of his research     wood anatomical structure show how
     regression diagnostics using the singular           responsibilities at that institution.               indigenous species can differ in their
     value decomposition: measures to identify           Michael Roberts’ has spent a large part of his      drought-tolerance. Increased abstraction or
     outlying observations, influential                      PhD research at sea on research vessels,        changes in land use, which potentially reduce
     observations and collinearity in                    and has used SCUBA diving techniques to             the occurrence of large flood events, will
     multivariate data.                                  place robust underwater instruments to              have profound effects on indigenous riparian
                                                         record relevant in situ data (e.g. bottom           vegetation.
     Kutlwano Ramaboa is a lecturer in the               temperature, bottom dissolved oxygen,
     Department of Statistical Sciences, Faculty         chlorophyll, currents), in order to investigate     Supervisor: Dr EC February (Botany)
     of Science. She started her schooling at            the effect of the physical shelf circulation on     Co-Supervisor: A/Professor J Day (Zoology)
     Morojaneng Primary School in Katlehong, in          the chokka squid life cycle and its
18   the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality,           fluctuations, on the eastern Agulhas Bank,
In Zoology:                                       In Molecular and Cell Biology:                   In Physical Oceanography:
Michael John Silberbauer                          Jason van Rooyen                                 Jennifer Anne Veitch
Thesis Title: Methods for visualising             Thesis Title: Crystal structure of the large     Thesis Title: Equilibrium dynamics of the
complex water quality data                        type III glutamine synthetase from               Benguela system: a numerical modelling
                                                  Bacteroides fragilis                             approach
Michael Silberbauer was born in Cape Town.
He graduated with a BSc from UCT in 1976          Jason van Rooyen obtained his BSc(Hons) in       Jennifer Veitch obtained first class BSc
and later with an MSc (cum laude) from            Molecular and Cell Biology from the              (Hons) and MSc degrees with distinction
Rhodes University. He spent several years in      University of Cape Town and was one of the       from the Department of Oceanography, UCT.
the government service working on various         first students to graduate with the MSc          She commenced her doctoral studies in 2006,
aspects of water quality before returning to      (Structural Biology) run jointly by the          and during her research made extended visits
UCT take part in the Freshwater Research          University of Cape Town and the University       to the University of Brest, France to work
Unit’s wetlands programme. Since 1990 he          of the Western Cape. Both degrees were           with her co-supervisor Dr Pierrick Penven of
has worked for the national Department of         awarded with distinction.                        the Institut de Recherche pour le
Water Affairs, where he is now a senior                Jason van Rooyen’s PhD thesis               Developpement Centre (IRD), France.
specialist scientist.                             addresses the problem of determining the         During her period as a doctoral student, she
     Michael Silberbauer’s PhD thesis             structure of the novel type III glutamine        also played an important part in the research
investigates ways of improving access to          synthetase (GS) found in pathogenic              community by co-ordinating research output
data on the quality of South Africa’s over-       anaerobic microorganisms. GS is an enzyme        from the Benguela Current Large Marine
stretched water resources. He asserts that        which plays a pivotal role in nitrogen           Ecosystem project.
visualisation has cognitive benefits for the      metabolism by converting ammonia, which              Jennifer Veitch’s PhD thesis uses the
presentation and interpretation of water          is toxic to the organism, to glutamine which     community Regional Ocean Modelling
quality data, and that judicious use of visual    is used by other enzymes as a metabolite.        System (ROMS) as a sophisticated
methods can help in assessing the quality of      There are three classes of GS enzymes. The       numerical modelling tool to examine the
water and in implementing remedial                structures of the much smaller types I and II    dynamics of the eastern boundary of the
measures. In general, our understanding of        have been determined by groups in the            South Atlantic Ocean, the Benguela System.
the human aspects of effective visual             United States of America, Sweden and Japan,      She achieves this by using a logical step by
communication of water quality status has         but the structure of type III GS was not         step approach to examine how the wind and
not kept pace with the remarkable advances        known. GSIII is of great interest since it is    oceanic heat and water fluxes drive the
in the technology, remaining largely intuitive    both much larger and, on the basis of the        seasonal cycle, and hence the coastal
and providing opportunities for inter-            available evidence at the beginning of the       upwelling of cool water near the west
disciplinary research. The thesis first           study, very different. The study is in three     African coast. The numerical modelling
explores ways of providing a visual               parts addressing the issues of purifying the     output was validated by using both sea
inventory of information in Water Affairs’        enzyme, its three dimensional reconstruction     surface temperature and sea surface heights
unwieldy database (40 000 sites and half-a-       by cryo-electron microscopy and finally the      derived from orbiting satellites. She also
million records) and then to display multiple     atomic interpretation of most of the structure   performed        innovative        numerical
variables on a single map in a                    using x-ray crystallography. The work is an      experiments, in order to establish and
comprehensible way. He then harnesses the         experimental tour de force involving the use     quantify the important role of the Agulhas
power of three-dimensional globe explorers        of an electron microscope in Cambridge,          Current in controlling the behaviour of the
(Google Earth) to provide a geographical          England and a synchrotron in Grenoble,           Benguela Current, through its shedding of
inventory where the user can ‘fly’ through        France. The results of the study show            large cyclonic and anticylonic eddies at the
the database, select sites of interest and view   astonishing and unexpected differences           southern tip of Africa.
the associated data via a publicly available      between type III GS and the other two forms.
Internet site. A method for associating the       The implications for protein evolution, and      Supervisor: Professor FA Shillington
water quality data with river flow from Water     for the design of medicines to combat            (Oceanography)
Affairs’ hydrological database allows             diseases caused by anaerobic organisms are       Co-supervisor: Dr P Penven (Institut de
specialists wishing to model mass transport       considerable and are discussed in detail in      Recherche pour le Developpement Centre,
to view the combined data and select sites for    the thesis.                                      France)
further study. Finally, the thesis explores the
use of visualisation in the multi-agency          Supervisor: A/Professor T Sewell
national biomonitoring programme to bring         (Electron Microscope Unit)                       In Computer Science:
information about the status of aquatic           Co-Supervisor: Professor V Abratt                Cara Winterbottom
systems to a wider audience that includes         (Molecular and Cell Biology)                     Thesis Title: VRBridge: A constructivist
managers, politicians and schoolchildren.                                                          approach to supporting interaction design
Many South Africans do not have access to                                                          and end-user authoring in virtual reality
the Internet, so another important area for
development         in     the      continuing                                                     Cara Winterbottom has a BA (Hons) in
democratization of water information will be                                                       Psychology and a BSc (Hons) in Computer
the use of more pervasive technology, such                                                         Science, both from the University of Cape
as the cellular telephone network.                                                                 Town. She has been a postgraduate student
                                                                                                   in the Computer Science Department at UCT
Supervisor: A/Professor J Day (Zoology)                                                            since 2003.
         Cara Winterbottom’s PhD thesis is about      virus isolated from individuals at this stage      particularly intellectual property rights,
     allowing ordinary users to make virtual          of infection contrasts with the enormous           comes at socio-economic costs particularly
     reality environments. The key issue is how       global diversity of HIV-1 and has provided         for rural communities thus tempering the
     to deal with the dynamic interactive nature      hope that vaccines targeting specific              constitutional mandate of sustainable
     of virtual environments when end-users           characteristics of viral strains typically found   development. In examining the tensions
     design and implement new environments.           in early infection might provide protection        between private rights and public social
     She uses the constructivist theory of            against disease or delay the onset of AIDS         costs, the work traverses the impact of
     knowledge building to structure and inform       following infection with HIV-1. In addition        globalization, international and domestic
     her investigations. During this exploration,     to its contribution to the international           law. The work concludes by arguing that the
     she designed and developed VRBridge, a           scientific effort, her thesis pioneered a          traditional liberal notion of property rights
     tool for authoring in virtual reality. The       method to study viral diversification in early     should be tempered in the context of the
     creation of VRBridge follows a theory-           infection. It demonstrates the importance of       spirit and purport of the Constitution and
     based, user-centred design method. Using         early viral escape from host immune                makes suggestions in this regard.
     both qualitative and quantitative research,      responses and resulted in a new hypothetical
     she evaluated VRBridge and the                   mechanism of early immune escape.                  Supervisor: Professor J Glazewski
     constructivist design method for supporting                                                         (Public Law)
     effective and creative authoring work. Based     Supervisor: Professor C Seoighe
     on these investigations, she provides            (Molecular and Cell Biology)
     guidelines for supporting end-user authoring
     in general and guidelines for designing
     effective interaction authoring systems.                   10. FACULTY OF LAW

     Supervisor: Professor E Blake                    Dean: Professor PJ Schwikkard
     (Computer Science)
     Co-supervisor: Dr J Gain
     (Computer Science)                               DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY

                                                      In Public Law:
     In Molecular and Cell Biology:                   Debbie Collier
     Natasha Wood                                     Thesis Title: Agriculture, modern
     Thesis Title: Modelling the evolution of HIV-    biotechnology and the law. An examination
     1 protein-coding sequences with particular       of the property paradigm in the context of
     focus on the early stages of infection           plant genetic resources

     Natasha Wood obtained a BSc in Human             Debbie Collier was born and schooled in the
     Life Sciences and a BSc (Hons) in Genetics,      Eastern Cape. She completed her BA (Law)
     both from Stellenbosch University. In 2005       in 1991 and her LLB in 1993 at Rhodes
     she undertook and completed a taught             University and her LLM in 2003 at UCT.
     Masters degree in Bioinformatics at the          Debbie was admitted as an advocate of the
     University of Leister, before coming to UCT      High Court in 1994 and as an Attorney of the
     to undertake a PhD in Bioinformatics,            High Court in 1998. Debbie left legal
     working both in the Molecular and Cell           practice and joined the UCT Law Faculty in
     Biology department of the Science Faculty        2001 where she is now a senior lecturer in
     and in the Institute of Infectious Disease and   the Department of Commercial Law.
     Molecular Medicine, in the Faculty of Health     Debbie Collier’s PhD research is multi-
     Sciences.                                        disciplinary and is concerned with law in
         Natasha Wood’s PhD research focussed         context. This thesis examines select property
     on the development and implementation of         rights theories, in particular those which
     probabilistic models of protein-coding           inform the liberal rhetoric of property
     sequence evolution, applied to the early         embedded in the South African common law,
     period of HIV-1 infection. This work relates     against the background of modern day
     directly to the very challenging problem of      developments including the harnessing of
     developing an effective vaccine against the      intellectual property rights in the use and
     AIDS pandemic. Much of the recent basic          application of modern day biotechnology. It
     science towards this objective has focussed      does so against the backdrop of the South
     on the early stage of infection. The work of     African agricultural sector where the
     Natasha Wood’s PhD thesis has contributed        candidate constructs her argument on the
     to major international collaborations and        foundations of a case study describing the
     highly cited collaborative publications that     development and cultivation of genetically
     have revealed the extent of homogeneity of       modified cotton crops in the Makhathini
     the viral sequence immediately following         region in KwaZulu-Natal Province.
20   transmission. The lack of diversity of the           She posits that the granting of rights,

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                                             Academic Procession
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                            The Vice-Chancellor will constitute the congregation.

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             The University Statement of Dedication will be read by a representative of the SRC.

                                                Musical Item.

                       Welcome by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor C Soudien.

                                        The University Book Award.

                                   The University Creative Works Award.

 The honorary graduands will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the University orator, Professor A Lewis.

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                                            THE UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD
     The University Book Award recognises books that make a scholarly contribution in any branch of learning.

     Previous recipients of the award have been:

     1984:              JM Coetzee (Arts)             Waiting for the Barbarians
     1985:              GM Branch (Science)           The Living Shores of South Africa
     1986:              LH Opie (Medicine)            The Heart: Physiology, Metabolism,
                                                      Pharmacology and Therapy
     1987:              MJ Hall (Arts)                The Changing Past: Farmers, Kings and Traders in South Africa, 200 – 1860
     1988:              RG Lass (Arts)                The Shape of English: Structure and History
     1989:              H Bradford (Arts)             A Taste of Freedom
     1990:              JM Coetzee (Arts)             Age of Iron
                        KM Coleman (Arts)             Book IV of the Silvae of Stratius
     1991:              R Mendelsohn (Arts)           Sammy Marks, ‘The uncrowned King of the Transvaal’
     1992:              J Parkington (Arts)           Sound from the Thinking Strings
                        N Penn (Arts)
                        P Skotnes (Fine Arts
                        & Architecture)
                        S Watson (Arts)
     1993:              D Chidester (Social Science   Shots in the Street
                        & Humanities)
     1993:              W Nasson (Arts)               Ebram Esau’s War
     1994:              GM Branch (Science)           Two Oceans: A Guide to the Marine Life of
                        CL Griffiths (Science)        Southern Africa
                        L Beckley
                        ML Branch
     1995: –
     1996:              DC Coplan (Social Science     In the time of the Cannibals: The Word Music
                        & Humanities)                 of South Africa’s Basotho Migrants
                        PAL Harris (Arts)             Work, Culture and Identity: Migrant Labourers
                                                      in Mozambique and South Africa c. 1860-1910
                        M Shain (Arts)                The roots of anti-Semitism in South Africa
                        T Rajna (Music)               Harp Concerto
     1997:              B Warner (Science)            Cataclysmic Variable Stars
     1998:              MS Blackman (Law)             Companies: (In the Law of South Africa,
                                                      first reissue Volume 4, parts 1, 2 and 3)
                        JV Bickford-Smith (Arts)      Ethnic Pride and Racial Prejudice in
                                                      Victorian Cape Town: Group Identity and
                                                      Social Practice, 1875 – 1902
     1999:              Professor M Mamdani           Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa
                        (Humanities)                  and the Legacy of Colonialism
     2000:              J Higgins                     Raymond Williams. Literature, Marxism and
                        (Humanities)                  Cultural Materialism.
     2001:              NG Penn                       Rogues, Rebels and Runaways
     2002:              JI Glazewski (Law)            Environmental Law in South Africa
     2003:              TD Noakes (Sports Science     Lore of Running
                        Institute of South Africa)
     2004:              MS Blackman (Law)             Commentary on the Companies Act (Volumes 1 to 3)
                        RD Jooste
                        GK Everingham
     2005:              N Nattrass (Commerce)         The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa
     2006:              P Knox-Shaw (Humanities)      Jane Austen and the Enlightenment
     2007:              WR Nasson (Humanities)        Britannia’s Empire – Making a British World
     2008:              P Bruyns (Science)            Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar
     2009:              P Skotnes (Humanities)        Claim to the Country, The Archive of Wilhelm Bleek and
                                                      Lucy Lloyd
                        N Penn (Humanities)           The Forgotten Frontier

                             Christopher Leonard Vaughan Imagining the Elephant,
                                   A Biography of Allan MacLeod Cormack

“Imagining the Elephant” raises awareness of a South African success story, and importantly UCT’s involvement in
it, namely Allan Cormack’s invention of a reconstruction solution for x-ray computed tomography (CT). Cormack, a
UCT physics graduate, did his initial experimentation towards the CT scanner while working as a medical physicist
at Groote Schuur Hospital. As a result of this work, he shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with
the late Sir Godfrey Hounsfield. The CT or CAT scanner has transformed investigative medicine and is regarded by
some as the most important development in radiology following the discovery of x-rays in 1895.

Kit Vaughan’s biography of Alan Cormack presents a comprehensive account of Cormack's life and his passions.
The revelation of Cormack’s journey of scientific discovery against its personal, historical and geographical
background makes the account all the more appealing. The book provides a window into the life of a ‘real’ person and
his research, inspiring others currently pursuing, or contemplating, research careers, yet reaching an audience beyond
the scientific community.

The University Creative Works Award recognises the production of outstanding and/or influential creative works
(art works, performances, productions, compositions, architectural design) that make a scholarly contribution.

                               Fritha Langeman Subtle Thresholds

This inaugural award has been made to Fritha Langerman for an extraordinary exhibition entitled Subtle Thresholds
shown at the Iziko South African Museum between July 2009 and August 2010. It is an installation composed of both
work created by the artist and of found objects. It is a deeply intellectual, interdisciplinary work examining, in both
scholarly and imaginative detail, classificatory systems and taxonomies of disease. Not only is the exhibition one that
finds innovative and creative visual ways to reveal research insights, but it engages in a highly contemporary manner
with the urgent reimagining of museum displays in a post-colonial world. In this sense, it is an exhibition that shows
the way – that solves by example some of the kinds of problems with which museums all over the world are currently

Associate Professor Langerman’s work engages the humanities, the sciences and the creative arts. It challenges us to
look at the very foundations on which our knowledge of the world is based, and it does this in a way that is at once
accessible to the casual visitor and deeply engaging to both student and scholar, all of whom are encouraged to deepen
their understanding and experience the visual as a powerful site of knowledge.

The University Meritorious Publication Awards recognise noteworthy monographs and books published by UCT
authors. These publications merit recognition for their contribution to learning and scholarship.

                                                    Jane Bennet

                                       Not white enough, not black enough
                                              Mohamed Adhikari

                                 HONORARY DEGREES
                              Hoosen Mahomed Coovadia – Doctor of Science in Medicine
                                   Peter Sexford Magubane – Doctor of Literature
                                     Victor John Ritchie – Doctor of Education

                         Hoosen (“Jerry”) Mahomed Coovadia – Doctor of Science in Medicine

     Professor Jerry Coovadia is a leader in paediatric immunology and a leader in the struggle for a democratic South
     Africa. He is both a national and an international figure in paediatric medicine and an authority in the field of

     Coovadia is currently Victor Daitz Professor of HIV/AIDS Research at the University of KwaZulu Natal. During
     his teaching career he has supervised over forty postgraduate students. He has made an extensive contribution to
     the field of paediatric diseases and is recognised for his revolutionary research in HIV/AIDS transmission from
     mother to child, particularly through breastfeeding.

     He was the chair of the XIIIth International Conference on AIDS held in Durban in 2000, and took a principled stand
     in challenging the Mbeki government’s policy on AIDS.

     He has balanced his research and academic activities with a moral commitment to challenge unscientific notions and
     government policy on AIDS. His influence has been felt by those in academia who have built on his research and
     teaching, by those in power whose policies he has challenged, and by those in vulnerable communities who have
     benefited by his work on the prevention of paediatric AIDS and the use of drugs in the treatment of AIDS.

     He is a role model to the profession in South Africa: he serves medical science and scholarship with distinction and
     makes a real difference to the lives of South Africans living with HIV/AIDS.

                                     Peter Sexford Magubane – Doctor of Literature

     Peter Magubane has used a camera to capture images of the unfolding story of South Africa’s liberation over a
     period of fifty years.

     His first photographs were taken with a Brownie camera as a schoolboy, and his first professional assignment was
     the 1955 ANC convention in Bloemfontein. Magubane went on to cover many important political events of the
     1950s, including the treason trials and demonstrations against the pass laws. He was the first black South African to
     win a photography prize in the country (1958), and the first black South African to hold a solo exhibition of his work
     in London where he freelanced in 1963 and 1964. After his freelance years, Magubane returned to South Africa
     working for the Rand Daily Mail from 1967 until 1980.

     In 1969 he was arrested while photographing protestors outside Winnie Mandela’s jail cell. The charges were
     ultimately dropped but he was banned from taking any photographs for five years. In March 1971 he was arrested
     again and spent 98 days in solitary confinement, followed by a regular jail term of six months. From June through
     to August of 1976 he documented the Soweto student uprisings, was arrested and then released in December of 1976.

     His coverage of the uprisings of 1976 earned him worldwide acclaim and led to international photographic and
     journalistic awards. He has photographed the work of UN High Commission of Refugees and UNICEF exposing the
     plight of children under threat. In recent years he has become an art photographer, documenting the surviving
     traditional communities in post-apartheid South Africa.

                                    Victor John Ritchie – Doctor of Education

Victor Ritchie graduated from UCT with a BSc degree majoring in Maths, Chemistry and Physics in 1950, and a
Secondary Teaching Certificate in 1951. In 1952 he began his 33 year teaching career at Harold Cressy High School
(known then as Cape Town Secondary). Despite the school’s basic physical facilities, the first matric class of 1955
produced a 90% pass rate so establishing it as one of the best in Cape Town. Never allowing poor facilities to be used
by teachers or pupils as a reason for not delivering results, he insisted on a culture of teaching and learning.
This ensured that Harold Cressy produced alumni who would become leaders. In 1963, aged 33, he was prevailed
upon to act as principal. He was formally appointed principal in 1969.

Harold Cressy High School, defined by the authorities as a school for coloureds became an outstanding school by
any definition; UCT was a beneficiary as it became an important feeder school to UCT. Ritchie ensured that its pupils
were not to be limited in their access to first class higher education.

His resistance to the segregation and racialisation of education was uncompromising. The school was faced with the
threat of closure through the Group Areas Act, but he led the resistance to its removal from District Six, and today
it stands as a landmark and reminder of what was lost with the destruction of District Six.

In 1985 he was suspended by the Coloured Affairs Department for his refusal to proceed with school examinations
following four months of school boycotts. He stood by his decision and provided strong moral leadership to his
staff and pupils despite his suspension until he was allowed to return to his post in 1986.

Victor Ritchie has dedicated his life to education and has an exemplary record of service as a teacher, principal,
political leader and community activist. Just as individual pupils at Harold Cressy and beyond have benefited
from the leadership and efforts of this extraordinary Cape Tonian, so has his alma mater, the University of Cape



     I solemnly pledge to serve humanity

     My most important considerations will be the health of patients and the
     health of their communities

     I will not permit considerations of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin,
     sexual orientation, disease, disability or any other factor to adversely affect the
     care I give to patients

     I will uphold human rights and civil liberties to advance health, even
     under threat

     I will engage patients and colleagues as partners in healthcare

     I will practise my profession with conscience and dignity

     I will respect the confidentiality of patients, present or past, living or

     I will value research and will be guided in its conduct by the highest
     ethical standards

     I commit myself to lifelong learning

     I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

          DIPLOMATES                              HEALTH MANAGEMENT                            TRANSPORT STUDIES

                                             Nazeem Adams                               *Hugo Engelbrecht
An asterisk * denotes that the degree or     Rachel Chuenyane                           *Teuns Kok
diploma will be awarded in the absence of    Sibongile Qhakazile Gambu
the candidate.                               Mmadire Jordan
                                             Agata Anna Krajewski
                                             Mogadi Aletta Glenrose Makobela                4. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES
                                             Mavhongo Elizabeth Matidze
    1. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES                 (With distinction) Simon Moeketsi          Dean: Professor M P Ensor
Dean: Professor M P Ensor                    (With distinction) Paul Lingu Nkurunziza
                                             Jacob Jexley Seepane                         DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS
                                             Yolisa Berlina Tsibolane
PERFORMER'S DIPLOMA IN THEATRE                                                           Romy Berman
                                                                                        *Danielle Nino Victoria Buise
*Chase Dustin Rhys Downes                                                               *Yazeed Cariem
*Sindile Griffith Gulwa                        POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                   Chikomborero Ngaatendwe Chamanga
                                            INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ETHICS                Caitlin Mary Hutchison
                                                                                         Lauren Ada Joubert
                                            *Midion Mapfumo Chidzonga                    Imran-sher Khan
    POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE                *Katinka De Wet                             *Jonathan Robert Lewis
          IN EDUCATION                       Carmelita Le-Ann Jeftha                    *Simon Gary Shield
                                            *James Munthali                             *Amr Singh
In Intermediate and Senior Phase:            (With distinction) Neil Gordon Myburgh
*Stephnie Jane Nortje                        Marianne Unger
                                                                                        In Film and Media Production:
                                                                                        *Philane Ndaba

                                                       IN NURSING
*Erica Megan Elk                                                                          DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS
                                            In Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care:              IN FINE ART
                                            *Lena Nomandla Mpatalala
                                                                                         Gerald Ralph Tawanda Machona
          IN EDUCATION                      In Child Nursing:
                                            *Regina Nokkie Pieters
 (With distinction) Vivienne Grace                                                           DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
     Bozalek                                                                                    MUSIC IN DANCE
 Carol Hugo                                 In Critical Care Nursing (Child):
                                            *Shamiso Hunzwi                              Christy Giesler

     IN MUSIC IN PERFORMANCE                      POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA                       DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
                                                  IN PALLIATIVE MEDICINE                       MUSIC IN EDUCATION
*(With distinction) Mlamli Terrence
    Lalapantsi                              *Dorota Hanusiewicz                         *Nigel-George Cupido
*Annie Szu-Ching Yeh                        *Aynalem Abraha Woldemariam

                                                                                             DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
                                                                                             MUSIC IN PERFORMANCE
                                               & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT                   Lee Palmer Thomson
Dean: Professor M E Jacobs                                                              *Jo-Mari Thorne
                                            Dean: Professor F W Petersen

       IN DISABILITY STUDIES                      POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA                       DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
                                                      IN ENGINEERING                            SOCIAL SCIENCE
 Mpho Pauline Ndebele
*Filicity Joan September                    In Telecommunications:                      *Margaret Akwo
                                             Paulinus Uche Onumajuru                    *Jennifer Bell
                                                                                         Sarah Helen Binge
                                                                                         Kaitlyn Anne Botha
                                                                                        *Jodie Jay Bougaard                 27
      Jade Bowers                                 6. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING &             DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE
     *Ashleigh Geraldine Christians                  THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT                     IN PROPERTY STUDIES
     *Stephen Jonathan Collier
     *Vongai Durango                            Dean: Professor F W Petersen              *Stefanus van der Watt
      Jodilee Jade Erasmus
      Ruvimbo Valerie Gwatirisa
      Stuart Gordon Jonathan Haldane                 DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
     *Elizabeth Veronica Haskins                     SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING                     DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
     *Modise Icaboth Ikaneng                                                                        ARCHITECTURE
     *Stuart Robert James                       In Chemical Engineering:
      Resego Kgolagano Kowa                      Tumiso Ronny Thathane                    *Abel Ranganayi Mandizvidza
     *Vuyolwakhe Veronica Kwanini                                                         *Walter Abraham Sambumbu
      Takudzwa Leon Matoushaya
     *Nompumelelo Mhlanga                       In Civil Engineering:
      Denis Pokani Mitole                        Mekondjo Laamekeni Kweenda
     *Theresia Matshediso Mofolo                *Nabeel Ismail Omar
     *Obakeng Mohanoe Moloisane                                                               7. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES
      Margaret Tiffany Alianda Mugo
      Alan Murdoch                              In Electrical and Computer Engineering:   Dean: Professor M P Ensor
      Timothy Simbarashe Nindi                   Brian Kavuya
      Rosa Lee Paddock                           Daniel Mwasi
      Razia Parker                                                                                DEGREE OF BACHELOR
      Liatile Putsoa                                                                               OF ARTS (HONOURS)
      Umr Fouad Razak                           In Electrical Engineering:
     *Caroline Bronwyn Strauss                   Ndangi Iileka Titus Julius Iileka        In Classical Studies:
      Tarah Leigh Swanepoel                     *Mahlomola Joseph Leeto                    Amy Hester van Wezel
      Gareth van Rensburg                        Derrick Ramminah Marumo
      Keri-Lee Veitch                            Modisaotsile Victor Moshweshwe
                                                 Thalukanyo Mphephu                       In Development Studies:
                                                *Tshina Mulumba                           *Suzanne Moore
     In Labour, Organisational Psychology and    Onesmus Shavuka
     Human Resource Management:
     *David Alwyn Edwards                                                                 In English Studies:
      Batsirai Irvin Magwaza                    In Electro-Mechanical Engineering:         Tarryn Barry Henrick
                                                *Simon Peter Bourhill                      Anya Lena Kohler
                                                 Peter Isaac Mwangi Irungu                 Simone Sarah Sasman
                                                *Moses Kgokolo Maredi
                                                *Lucas Doctor Sithole
     5. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES               Mosiuoa Michael Sole                     In Film Studies:
                                                *David Matthew Rostance Viljoen           *Anna Catherine Botha
                                                     (with first class honours)
     Dean: Professor M E Jacobs
                                                                                          In French Language and Literature:
                                                In Mechanical Engineering:                *Morné Zaayman
     DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE              *Kyung Jin Cho
       IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY                   Phofuyagae Edmund Diokana
                                                *Heathcliff John Hartle                   In Heritage and Public Culture:
      Jessica Addo                               Nelson Mandela Iikela                    *Karen Byera Ijumba
                                                 Brandon Roy Matley
                                                 Ndanganeni Muthadi
                                                 Drewan Stallard Sanders                  In Historical Studies:
     DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE               Dale Robert Smart                         Richard Henry Cramer
           IN PHYSIOTHERAPY                      Davylen Sunassee                          Leila Emdon
                                                                                           Fiona Catherine Mallett
      Nomsa Lettah Miya                                                                   *(First class) Stuart Patrick McLoughlin
      Lindsay Anne Parker                       In Mechatronics:
     *Mawande Zide                               Tawanda Chamunorwa Matora
                                                                                          In International Relations:
                                                                                           Alicia Killian

          MEDICINE AND BACHELOR                   IN ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES                In Italian Language and Literature:
               OF SURGERY                                                                 *(First class) Muhammad Ebrahim
                                                 Willem Jacobus Bruwer
      Gary Edward Browne                         Nomonde Gwebu
     *Thozama Advocate Ndzingi                   Emmanuel Givemore Kuchocha               In Linguistics:
      Marothi Eustace Phahlane                   Linda Bukonola Ngobi                     *(First class) David Isaac Klaasen
      L'oreal Leslay Snyders                     Phoenix Quin                             *Ron Mampuya Longo
28                                                                                        *(First class) Atikonda Akuzike Mtenje
 (First class) Laurie Jane van Blerk        In Social Anthropology:                In Clinical Psychology:
*(First class) Te-Hsuan Yang                 Tarryn-Anne Anderson                   Denise Belinda Grobbelaar
                                             Katja Sanelma Kuivanen                 Mwendalubi Nolianga Kwendakwema
                                            *Gretel López Gómez                     Alannah Linden
In Philosophy:                                                                     *(With distinction) Philippa Anne Martin
 (First class) Douglas Charlton Ainslie                                             Samuel John Waumsley
 (First class) Elizabeth Braae              In Sociology:                          *(With distinction) Gail Womersley
*(First class) Julian David Jonker          *Sepideh Alwand Azari
*Michael Christopher Rance                   (First class) Lyndsey Melissa Petro
                                                                                   In Creative Writing:
                                                                                    Susan-Jane Kathleen Bell
In Public Policy and Administration:        In Workplace Change and Labour Law:    *Melissa Ashlie Butler
*Chileshe Chileshe                          *Sarah Joy Neisius                      (With distinction) Sally Louise Cranswick
                                                                                    Karen Kuhn
                                                                                   *Marcus Otto Löw
                                                                                    Mark Sean MacGinty
   DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS                                                      *Natasha Moodley
  (HONOURS) IN APPLIED LINGUIS-               8. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING &          *Francios Toit Spies
   TICS AND AFRICAN LANGUAGES                    THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT              (With distinction) Martinique Stilwell

*Doris Nomakula Manong                      Dean: Professor F W Petersen
                                                                                   In English Language and Literature:
                                                                                    (With distinction) Lance Herman
                                                  DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF
 (HONOURS) IN TEACHING FRENCH                           (HONOURS)                  In French:
    AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE                                                          *Frans Frederick Botha
                                            *Tiago Rocha Damasceno                  (With distinction) Shelley Anne Hanslo
*Sam-Hobbie Tembo                           *Lucky Thapelo Ramontsho               *Makhulu Alice Makumane
*Aimee Leigh Upshon                         *Jun Ren                                Gondayi Mzite
                                                                                    (With distinction) Karin Schmid

        DEGREE OF BACHELOR                  DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE          In Historical Studies:
        OF MUSIC (HONOURS)                            (HONOURS)                     (With distinction) Helen Euphrosyne
In Performance:                             In Geographical Information Systems:    Joel Bregman
 (First class) Justin Munro Carter           Kaleb Gizaw Negussie                  *Rachael Masey
*(First class) Lindsey Lanthe James                                                *Samuel Charles McNally
*(First class) Tzu-Fan Tang                                                         Siphesihle Cyril Molefe

                                            DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE
                                            (HONOURS) IN PROPERTY STUDIES          In Language, Literature and Modernity:
 DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SOCIAL                                                       (Dissertation with distinction) Rebecca
      SCIENCE (HONOURS)                      Lukholo Zola Mlisana                        Sian Duncan
                                            *Raymond Chengetai Takuba              *(With distinction) Jared Hillary Smith
In Archaeology:
*Kyla Catherine Pelton Bluff                                                       In Linguistics:
 Wesley Flear                                                                       Moonde Kabinga
 Natashe Lynne Stassen                      DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE           (With distinction) Yolandi Klein
                                                (HONOURS) IN QUANTITY               (With distinction) Vanessa Ellen Mary
                                                      SURVEYING                           Perrott
In Criminal Justice:
*Mariam Orrie                                Linley Cara Damon
                                            *Ryan Lee Nefdt                        In Literary Studies:
                                            *Walter Anton Peter van Rhyn           *Nontsasa Nako

In International Relations:
*Zuleika Konyana                                                                   In Media Studies:
                                                                                    Unathi Mandla Kondile
                                                9. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES            (With distinction) Anna Katarzyna
In Organisational Psychology:                                                           Malczyk
 Anthony Raymond Chipazi                    Dean: Professor M P Ensor

                                                                                   In Media Theory and Practice:
In Philosophy:                                  DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS            Kate Louise McQueen
*(First class) Jean-Pierre Roux
 (First class) Jennifer Shirley Sinclaire   In Art Historical Studies:
 Edith Wynne Viljoen                         Priska Daniela Newham                                                              29
     In Philosophy:                                   DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC               In Higher Education Studies:
     *(With distinction) Francois Jurgens                                                      (With distinction) Graham Johan Louw
                                                   By Performance and Dissertation:
                                                    Shaun Johannes
     In Political Communication:                                                              In Information Communication
     *(Dissertation with distinction) Ruvimbo                                                 Technology:
           Nyaradzo Goredema                                                                   (With distinction) Joy Olivier
                                                          DEGREE OF MASTER OF
     In Practical Anthropology:
     *Roxanne Nicole Beauclair                     In African Studies:                                DEGREE OF MASTER OF
     *(Dissertation with distinction) Angela       *Jessica Leann Bennett                               SOCIAL SCIENCE
           Dawn Forcier                            *Allison Swank
                                                                                              In Clinical Practice in Social Work:
                                                                                               Yeukai Mutsa Chideya
     In Psychological Research:                    In Development Studies:                     Rosa Eva Maria Krauss
     *Michelle Henry                               *Erin Barrar                                Verusha Jacinta West
      (With distinction) Anthony Michael           *Jumani Clarke
           Hodge                                   *Sarah Hopewell
      (With distinction) Robyn Human                Mookho Paulina Kane                       In Democratic Governance:
      (Dissertation with distinction) Muya          Gail Alexandra Menzies                    *(With distinction) Sarah Elizabeth Little
           Nzo'ola John Koloko                      Lucy Caroline Mills                       *(With distinction) Elliot Mitchell
                                                   *Theodore Nathaniel Plettner                Leah Claire Shearman
                                                    Tyler Joseph Stacy
     In Social Anthropology:
     *Pierre Louis Du Plessis                                                                 In Economics:
     *Crystal Powell                               In HIV/AIDs in Society:                    *Louise Frances Thompson
                                                   *(With distinction) Sean James Brown
                                                   *Hayley Elizabeth Thomson
     In Theatre and Performance:                                                              In Gender Studies:
     (With distinction) Penelope Joan                                                          Mari Haugaa Engh
          Youngleson                               In Justice and Transformation:
                                                    (With distinction) Stephanus Francois
                                                          Du Toit                             In International Relations:
                                                   *Mark Andrew Hetzel                         Stephen Grant Butt
     DEGREE OF MASTER OF EDUCATION                  Natalie Kerry Jaynes                      *(With distinction) Thomas Jake Fry
                                                                                               (Dissertation with distinction) Langelihle
     In Applied Language and Literacy Studies:                                                       Phakama Malimela
      Ayesha Reiners                               In Library and Information Science:        *Solvi Mausethagen
                                                   *Heidi Lynn Woolfrey                       *Andrew McGarrity
                                                                                               Tavaka Sibonginkosi Nyoni
     In Curriculum Studies:                                                                   *Jeanri Tine van Zyl
      Dixie Ann Freitas                            In Politics, Philosophy and Economics:
      Judith Sacks                                  Jared James Paul Jeffery
                                                    (With distinction) Kerry Joan Mauchline   In Organisational Psychology:
                                                                                               Tarryn Nicole Anderson
     In Education:                                                                             (With distinction) Beebee Adiilah Ibrahim
      Garth Spencer-Smith                          In Public Policy:                                 Boodhoo
                                                    (With distinction) Ross Graeme Harvey      Elisabet Harrison
                                                   *Keitumetse Maapatsane                      Nicole Simone Henriques
     In Educational Administration,                 (Dissertation with distinction) Marsha     Shireen McWhite
     Planning and Social Policy:                          Sarah Orgill                         Natasha Michelle Patsika
     *Madalitso Musekeje Chamba                    In Sociology:                               Robin Barbara Pocock
      Sandra Veronica Daniels                       Penelope Susan Morrell                     Teri Katrin Richter
      (Dissertation with distinction) Carol Jean
                                                                                              In Political Science:
                                                          DEGREE OF MASTER OF                 *Montserrat Lleyda Barreto
                                                        PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION
                                                   In Adult Education:                        In Psychology:
     *Catherine Jennifer Price                     *Frank Joseph Julie                         Michaela Elizabeth Ashley-Cooper
      David William Scadden                         Sandra Elizabeth van Niekerk               (With distinction) Mareli Fischer
                                                                                               Gillian Catherine Fowler

                                                   In Educational Administration,
                                                   Planning and Social Policy:                In Social Anthropology:
                                                    (With distinction) Hannah Botsis          *(With distinction) Ben Philip Joffe
30                                                                                             Oliver John Schultz
In Social Policy and Management:    In Neuropsychiatry:                     In Medical Virology:
 Jessica Anouchka Chvatal            Jacqueline Hoare                        (With distinction) Agano Kiravu
 Rafael Bovo Azevedo Noronha

                                    In Palliative Medicine:                 In Medicine:
In Sociology:                       *Therese Maarschalk                      Tasneem Matthews
 Azwihangwisi Joseph Netshikulwe     Krishna Mannadiar Nair
                                     Mpho Juliet Alice Ratshikana-Moloko
                                                                            In Public Health:
                                                                             Viveca Joy Major
                                    In Paediatric Neurology:
10. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES      *Rajeshree Govender

Dean: Professor M E Jacobs                                                    DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE
                                                                                   IN PHYSIOTHERAPY
                                        DEGREE OF MASTER
   DEGREE OF MASTER OF FAMILY           OF PUBLIC HEALTH                     Naila Edries
                                    *Adeline Mamatli Chabela
 Majedah Ismail                      Kristy Lynn Evans
                                     (With distinction) Gabriela Simone      11. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING &
                                          Glattstein-Young                       THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT
                                    *Naeema Yusuf Hoosain
 DEGREE OF MASTER OF MEDICINE       *Mayra Lourenco De Melo                 Dean: Professor F W Petersen

In Cardio-thoracic Surgery:
 Jacques Scherman                   In Epidemiology:                         DEGREE OF MASTER OF CITY AND
                                     Marian Ama Amoo                             REGIONAL PLANNING
                                    *(With distinction) Elizabeth Katwan
In Chemical Pathology:              *Nancy Beth Maksimoski                   Carl Ludwig Ferdinand Borckenhagen
 David Richard Haarburger            Vundli Ramokolo                         Nyasha Gay Chamburuka
 Fierdoz Omar                        Hanani Tabana                           Stuart Paul Denoon-Stevens
 George Frederick van der Watt                                               Mphoentle Mapaseka Gloricia Halenyane
                                                                            *Eloise Rousseau
                                    In Health Economics:                     Stephanie Frances Thomas
In Emergency Medicine:              *Laura Marie Fleming
*Charl Sarel Von Willigh Carstens    Caroline Gacheri Kinyua
*Nadia Khan Mehl
                                                                              DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE
                                                                                  IN APPLIED SCIENCE
In Nuclear Medicine:                       DEGREE OF MASTER OF
 Anita Brink                               SCIENCE IN MEDICINE               Yolande-Leigh Iyer
                                                                            *Erika van Tonder
                                    In Anatomy:
In Obstetrics and Gynaecology:       Laché Zolyn Rossouw
 Jennifer Leigh Butt
                                                                                   DEGREE OF MASTER OF
                                    In Biomedical Engineering:                    SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING
In Psychiatry:                       (With distinction) Lindie Du Plessis
*Judith Margaret Bentley             Jordi Reddy                            In Chemical Engineering:
                                     Mazin Salaheldin Sirry                  Yu-Lun Chiang
                                     Mahalingam Veeraragoo                  *Matthew Ryan Fry
In Public Health:                                                           *Takalani Gangazhe
 Selaelo Mabu Sara Mametja                                                   Mondli Lebohang Guma
                                    In Clinical Science and Immunology:      Eugene Leyland Craig Julius
                                    *Ronnett Rondene Seldon                  Murehwa Mangere
                                                                            *Kyle Evan Mason-Jones
         DEGREE OF MASTER                                                    Ndishavhelafhi Mbedzi
          OF PHILOSOPHY             In Exercise Science:                     Mduduzi Justice Mbonambi
                                    *(With distinction) James Craig Brown    Andrew Martin McMahon
In Disability Studies:               (With distinction) Nicholas Tam        *Chipo Hedwick Mupure
 Nonceba Diagretta Meyiwa                                                    Lindizwe Mthanjiswa Zibi
                                                                             Eunice Nonhlanhla Zwane
                                    In Medical Biochemistry:
In Liaison Psychiatry:               Amatheni Nair
*Srnka Jelka Flegar                                                         In Civil Engineering:
                                                                            *Marcus Ryan Hooper
                                    In Medical Microbiology:                 Phillip Oosthuizen
                                     Ana Milovic                             Mojabeng Tigeli                         31
     In Electrical Engineering:                      DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF                     complex models are normally avoided in
      Sharon Arigye-Mushabe                              PHILOSOPHY                          optimisation studies, as they require
      Leonard Chukwuma Azimoh                                                                extensive computer calculation times due to
     *Anria Cilliers                         In Chemical Engineering:                        the large number of variables and equations
      Oliver Dzobo                           Candice Michelle Goodwin                        in the systems. The research reduced the
      Dale Bryan Isaacs                      Thesis Title: The laccase from                  order of distillation and reactor models by
     *Emma Francoise Isumbingabo
                                             Micromonospora sp. 044 30-1 as a                using a collocation technique to minimise the
     *Roufurd Paitriton Mein-Jacques Julie
      Taruziwa Trainos Madangombe            biocatalyst for synthesis of antioxidant        time required to solve the system. The
      Keoikantse Orapeleng                   compounds                                       reduced order models use rigorous mass
            Armstrong Marungwana                                                             transfer theories and are thus novel in their
     *Joseph Tendai Milburn                  Candice Goodwin matriculated from               approach. Genetic Algorithms and Non-
      Temitope David Oyedokun                Fairmont High School in Durbanville,            Linear Programming techniques are used to
      Leendert Amani Remmelzwaal             whereafter she came to UCT to study             optimise the system using the rigorous
      Stefan Thomas Sager                    Microbiology and Biotechnology in 2000.         model. Integrated side reactor systems are
      Michael Juma Saulo                     Following her BSc and BSc (Hons) degrees,       used as case studies and various optimum
      Hope Veronica Nasali Sentongo          she completed her MSc degree in Molecular       configurations are found. This research is of
      Severus Panduleni Napandulwe           and Cell Biology with distinction in 2005.      great benefit to industry, providing a tool that
             Sheetekela                      She registered for her PhD in Chemical          has comparable performance to optimisation
      Phillippa Rosa Wilson                  Engineering at UCT in 2007.                     using simplified models, and thus the final
                                                  In her PhD thesis, Candice Goodwin has     solution predicted by the optimisation
     In Energy Studies:                      screened environmental isolates and unique      requires no refinement.
      Denis van Es                           bacterial and fungal culture collections,
                                             including rare actinomycete genera, for         Supervisor: Professor KP Möller
                                             ability to produce laccases. These oxidase      (Chemical Engineering)
     In Geomatics:                           enzymes catalyse a single electron oxidation,
     *Prestige Tatenda Makanga               thereby being responsible for the formation
                                             of free radicals which act non-enzymically to   Josias Jakobus Nieuwoudt
                                             produce dimers through forming C-C and C-       Thesis Title: Kinetic and mass transfer
     In Materials Engineering:               O bonds. Based on the screening study, the      effects in 1-hexene hydrogenation CD
      Maritha Theron                         novel Micromonospora sp. 044 30-1 and
                                             Trametes versicolor were selected for           After matriculating at Stellenberg High
                                             detailed study of laccase production and        School in 1998, Josias Niewoudt completed
     In Mechanical Engineering:                                                              his BSc (Eng) in Chemical Engineering cum
      Andrew Scott Bowden                    characterisation of these enzyme products,
                                             owing to their high enzyme yields. The          laude at the University of Stellenbosch in
      Michael Shane Downey                                                                   2002. In 2005 he received his MSc (Eng) in
      Yaseen Kajee                           Micromonospora is novel in its growth at
                                                                                             Process Engineering cum laude at the same
                                             elevated copper concentrations and is a rare
                                                                                             university after working on a joint project
                                             actinomycete. The reaction products of these    with UCT. In 2005 he started his PhD
                                             laccase      enzymes     included    dimeric    research at UCT.
     DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN          derivatives of the phenolic tyrosol and              Josias Nieuwoudt’s PhD thesis focuses
         PROJECT MANAGEMENT                  monoacetylated tyrosol compounds. These         on combining experimental data with a CD
                                             showed improved antioxidant properties over     computer simulation to better understand the
      Erica Herrmann                         the starting compounds, recognised as           reaction kinetics and mass transfer effects in
      Josiah Mpofu                           excellent antioxidants in their own right.      such systems. Catalytic distillation (CD) –
      Morwesi Karabo Sitto                   Further the reaction products demonstrated      process intensification technology where
      Abraham Hermanus du Plessis Van Zyl
                                             antimicrobial properties with respect to        reaction and distillative separation occur in a
                                             key pathogens, including E.coli and             single process unit – has the potential to
                                             members of Enterococcus, Micrococcus and        reduce capital and operating costs, and
     DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN          Mycobacterium.                                  environmental impacts.
           PROPERTY STUDIES                                                                       To better understand these systems,
                                             Supervisor: Professor STL Harrison              Josias Nieuwoudt investigated 1-hexene CD
      Johan Van Eeden Bezuidenhout           (Chemical Engineering)                          hydrogenation by fitting rigorous computer
      Paul Aidan Evans                                                                       models to experimental data. Two
     *David Wilfred Foye                                                                     fundamentally sound models were
      Bernard Minnaar                        Michael John Hughes                             developed: one to simulate a batch 1-hexene
      Uche Chukwuemeka Benjamin Ordor                                                        hydrogenation system for fitting of the
                                             Thesis Title: Optimisation of complex
      Gopika Sidhu                                                                           unavailable reaction kinetics; one to simulate
                                             distillation column systems using rigorous
                                                                                             a      laboratory-scale      1-hexene       CD
                                                                                             hydrogenation column. In the former case,
                                                                                             Langmuir-Hinshelwood kinetics were in a
             DEGREE OF MASTER                Michael Hughes matriculated from Howick         statistically sound manner to experimental
        OF PHILOSOPHY IN TRANSPORT           High School in KwaZulu Natal in 2000. He        data, while in the latter empirical values were
                  STUDIES                    came down to UCT to complete his BSc            fitted to experimental CD hydrogenation data
                                             (Eng) in Chemical Engineering, graduating       to predict the dynamics of parameters to
      Kinini Julia Mathews                   with first class honours in 2004. His           which the model were sensitive. The model
      Keith Vernon Mitchell                  postgraduate studies began in 2005 with an      was found to be sensitive to the mass transfer
                                             MSc that was later upgraded to a PhD.           effects to and from the catalyst and also to
                                                 Michael Hughes’s PhD research focuses       the vapour phase mass transfer coefficient. It
                                             on optimising complex distillation-reactor      was furthermore shown that incorporation of
                                             configurations using rate-based non-            the fundamentally sound reaction kinetics
32                                           equilibrium distillation models. These          and a subsequent understanding of the
catalyst surface species concentrations is          there is innovative leeway. The synthesis of      In Electrical Engineering:
required to adequately simulate the                 PA/PS theories served as a base for the           Bernard Bekker
experimentally observed values. The                 development of an improved theoretical            Thesis Title: Decision aiding in off-grid
research thus not only yielded a deeper             explanation of the behavior of the agent (PPP     electrification projects: the role of
understanding of the dynamics in the system,        consortium) in its implementation of BEE in       uncertainty acknowledgement and
but also showed that rigorous kinetics can          a PPP. PPPs were observed to be properly          objectives alignment
add value to our understanding of the system        equipped to ameliorate most of the common
dynamics.                                           malpractices although they were wanting in
                                                    as far as the protection of the BEE novices       Bernard Bekker graduated with a B (Eng)
                                                    in interpretation finer legal requirements.       Electronic Engineering degree from the
Supervisor: Professor KP Möller                                                                       University of Stellenbosch in 1996. He
(Chemical Engineering)                              Supervisor: A/Professor D Root                    worked as a software systems engineer,
                                                    (Construction Economics and                       mainly in the UK, before returning to
                                                    Management)                                       Stellenbosch for his MScEng degree in
                                                                                                      electrical engineering, obtained in 2004. He
In Construction Economics
                                                                                                      is currently working for a design consultancy
and Management:
                                                    Ludwig Martin                                     in Cape Town, specialising in renewable
Nthatisi Khatleli
Thesis Title: Utilizing principal agent and         Thesis Title: Transfer mechanisms of              energy systems.
principal steward theories to assess the            knowledge and skills in co-operations                  The majority of completed South African
efficacy of public private partnerships in          between emerging and established civil            off-grid electrification projects have failed to
delivering black economic empowerment               engineering contractors                           contribute significantly to the sustainable
                                                                                                      development of the communities that they
Nthatisi Khatleli was born in Lesotho in the        Ludwig Martin obtained a postgraduate             supply. Bernard Bekker’s thesis shows that
town of Mokhotlong and attended                     degree in civil engineering from the              the root causes of these failures can often be
Mokhotlong Primary School. He did his               University of Karlsruhe Germany in 2000.          found in the pre-implementation decision
secondary schooling at Emmanuel High                He has been studying towards his PhD at           making (planning) processes, specifically in
School and finished his O-levels at Lesotho         UCT since 2006.                                   three areas namely, decision aiding
High School. He obtained his International              Ludwig Martin’s PhD thesis examines           approaches and tools are not used or do not
Baccalaureate at Machabeng International
                                                    transfer mechanism of knowledge between           support high quality decisions; uncertainties
High School after which he obtained a
                                                    emerging and established civil engineering        that can impact a project negatively are often
European Union Scholarship to Study
Quantity Surveying at the University of             contractors in South Africa. Using an             not acknowledged initially, and so cannot be
Manchester Institute of Science and                 interpretivistic approach, he firstly conducted   addressed proactively. Within electrification
Technology in 1992. He transferred to               a national survey among small civil               projects the majority of these uncertainties
University of Salford to complete his Bsc           engineering contractors, mapping their status     are impossible to represent probabilistically,
(Hons) in Quantity Surveying in 1996. In            and interactions within the wider                 and are difficult to include in traditional
2004 he joined UCT to study for an MSc in           construction sector. In a second phase of the     single-dimensional, typically cost-based,
Property Studies and graduated in 2005. He          study he then conducted nine in-depth case        decision aiding approaches and tools; and the
immediately embarked on his PhD study.              studies with emerging contractors at the          primary project objectives often do not align
     The reliance by the government on              centre thereof.        He investigated and        with sustainable development objectives, so
companies owned by the previously                   described actual knowledge transfer events        that even if all the project objectives are
advantaged to impart skills and enhance the                                                           achieved, the ‘successful’ project still does
                                                    as experienced by emerging contractors.
economic position of the previously
                                                    Eight typical transfer contents were reported     not contribute to sustainable development.
disadvantaged creates a principal agent
relationship. The manifestations of the             upon. The cross-analysis of the findings was           To address these problems two
agency tendencies have frustrated the               based on existing organizational learning         frameworks were defined: 'energisation
government and led to disillusionment by the        theories, and revealed useful insights into       objectives that result in sustainable
intended beneficiaries. The weaknesses in           contextual parameters enabling knowledge          development', and 'criteria for high quality
institutional monitoring have led to the            transfers and thus learning by emerging           decision making'.         These frameworks,
diversion of preferential set-asides through        contractors. The findings show that different     together with a 'Degree of Surprise tool' and
misrepresentation. It is in this context that the   types of knowledge are typically transferred      an 'Adequacy Confidence Index' can be
government has identified Public Private            in differing settings. While basic technical      applied to improve the success of future
Partnerships (PPPs) as an important vehicle         knowledge can for instance be transferred in      electrification projects. The frameworks and
to effect sustainable Black Economic                a context of little previous common history,      approach can be applied also to other
Empowerment (BEE).                                  knowledge of business acumen requires a           sustainable development projects.
     By founding his PhD research on
                                                    common ground in order to be transferred.
Principal Agent (PA) theory, Nthatisi
                                                    Using these findings some recommendations         Supervisor: Professor CT Gaunt
Khatleli investigated the efficacy of PPPs in
ameliorating the challenges of implementing         for future collaborations between emerging        (Electrical Engineering)
BEE. The research revealed that Principal           and established contractors aiming at
Agent theory is weak at explaining the              knowledge transfers are made.
behavioral nuances of the agent at the
operational stage, and it was therefore             Supervisor: A/Professor D Root                    Ian William Guest
augmented through theoretical synthesis with        (Construction Economics and                       Thesis Title: Digital video moving object
the diametrically opposed Principal Steward         Management)                                       segmentation using tensor voting: a non-
(PS) theory. Whilst PA theory postulates an                                                           causal, accurate approach
intrinsic opportunistic agent behavior that is
limited through strict contractual stipulations                                                       Ian Guest has a B (Eng) and M (Eng) in
and robust monitoring mechanisms, the PS                                                              Electronic Engineering from the University
theory argues that a steward who has bought
                                                                                                      of Pretoria. He has been studying at UCT, in
into the principal’s cause does not need to be
monitored and could perform as the principal                                                          the Electrical Engineering Department in the
would, and thrives in an environment where                                                            Digital Image Processing Research Group
                                                                                                      since 2003.                                        33
         Ian Guest’s PhD thesis examines the use      speed operation with the results showing             12. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES
     of tensor voting in moving object                a close correlation between the theoretical
     segmentation in video sequences, building        and experimental results. Numerous               Dean: Professor M P Ensor
     on international research in this area. He       contributions in the design and development
     formulates algorithms and methods to allow       of the various system components were
     more of the original information in the          noted and widely published in International
                                                      conferences and journals. Further, a test rig
     videos to be used in the segmentation process                                                             DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF
                                                      facility was constructed using scrap materials
     without introducing many free parameters.        with ability to test various flywheel systems,               PHILOSOPHY
         His research uses higher order tensors to    a move aimed at encouraging prototyping
     identify useful features pertinent to video      and design of these systems. This work was       In African Studies:
     moving object segmentation. By allowing          supported by South Africa National Energy        *Noëleen Frances Murray
     non-causality, he uses more information in       Research Institute (SANERI) with emphasis        Thesis Title: Architectural modernism and
     the video sequence to make segmentation n        on developing a low cost flywheel system for     apartheid modernity in South Africa:
     decisions. He uses Graphic Processing Units      use in the rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa.    A critical inquiry into the work of architect
     to aid in the enormous computation burden                                                         and urban designer Roelof Uytenbogaardt.
     inherent in using tensor voting, formulating
                                                      Supervisor: Professor P Pillay
     the algorithms to work efficiently on the        (Electrical Engineering)                         Noëleen Murray has a B (Arch) and an MA
     Graphic Processor Units. Evidence is             Co-supervisors: Dr M Azeem Khan                  from UCT. She has held positions as a
     submitted that the new algorithms and            (Electrical Engineering)                         Lecturer in the School of Architecture and
     methods succeed in segmenting moving             Dr P Barendse (Electrical Engineering)           the Centre for African Studies at UCT, and is
     objects in real-world video sequences.                                                            currently a fellow in the Centre for
                                                                                                       Humanities Research at the University of the
     Supervisor: Dr F Nicolls                                                                          Western Cape.
     (Electrical Engineering)                         In Mechanical Engineering:                            Noëleen Murray’s PhD thesis offers a
     Co-Supervisor: Professor G de Jager              Gareth Floweday                                  close reading of the life and work of South
                                                      Thesis Title: Two contrasting approaches to
     (Electrical Engineering)                                                                          African architect and urban designer Roelof
                                                      auto-ignition modelling for HCCI engines
                                                                                                       Uytenbogaardt. It is both a sympathetic and
                                                      Gareth Floweday has a BSc (Eng) and a MSc        receptive engagement with a body of work,
     *Richard Okou                                    (Eng) in Mechanical Engineering, both from       and a critical enquiry into the place and
     Thesis Title: High speed flywheel and test       UCT. He has been working at the Sasol            meaning of architecture under and after
     rig design for rural energy storage              Advanced Fuels Laboratory at UCT since           apartheid. A key conjunction for Murray is
                                                      2001 during which time he has performed          that between architectural modernism and
     Richard Okou obtained his BSc (Eng) degree       various roles ranging from laboratory            apartheid modernity, and it is this
     in Electrical Engineering from Makerere          manager, project engineer, researcher officer    conjunction that she unpacks with
     University, Uganda in 2004. During the same      and post-graduate lecturer. His PhD project
     year he enrolled for an MSc in Sustainable                                                        considerable originality and flair. Her thesis
                                                      evolved form his increasing technical            is built around three case studies of
     Energy Engineering at the Royal Institute of     involvement in Sasol’s corporate research
     Technology, Sweden from which he                                                                  Uytenbogaardt’s work: his Dutch Reformed
     graduated in 2006. Richard Okou worked for                                                        Church in the Free State town of Welkom; an
                                                          Gareth Floweday’s PhD thesis
     United Nations Volunteer program prior to                                                         urban design project for Coloured housing in
                                                      investigates two hydrocarbon fuel auto-
     joining the Department of Electrical             ignition models which were formulated for        Belhar on the Cape Flats; and the
     Engineering for a PhD degree in March            the emulation of combustion dynamics in          Werdmuller Centre in the Cape Town suburb
     2007.                                            Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition          of Claremont. These allow her to examine
         Richard Okou’s doctoral research             (HCCI) engines. The two studies, although        the entanglements that emerge between a
     investigates the development of a high speed     different in approach and scope, enabled a       conception of architecture as discipline, the
     flywheel system for rural energy storage         broad and detailed comparison of the two         social and political contexts of apartheid with
     envisaged to replace the electrochemical         auto-ignition models, thereby highlighting       it racially exclusive publics, and the agency
     batteries. These batteries especially from       their respective values and limitations. The     and creativity of Uytenbogaardt as
     lead acid are commonly used to store energy      two models were shown to each possess
     in Solar Home Systems (SHS) for rural                                                             “architect’s architect” and consummate
                                                      particular advantages in the context of HCCI     design professional. Murray’s thesis adds to
     electrification in sub-Saharan Africa;           auto-ignition modelling, which were
     however they carry inherent risks, e.g. Low                                                       a growing body of works engaged in
                                                      unmatched by previous existing models of
     efficiencies, low life cycle costs, high                                                          critically rethinking inherited conceptions of
                                                      similar classification. The models were also
     maintenance, comparatively short life and        shown to exhibit individual drawbacks which      disciplinary practice and guiding ideas, in the
     serious environmental and human toxicity.        played to each other’s strengths. Both models    context of the postcolonial university.
         In his research, Richard Okou proposed       were shown to be configurable to real world,
     and prototyped an electromechanical              full boiling range fuels and were designed       Supervisor: A/Professor N Shepherd
     flywheel energy storage device as an             to accurately emulate the dynamics of two-       (African Studies)
     alternative to a lead acid battery in order to   stage     auto-ignition     with    excellent
     increase its efficiency, life expectancy and     computational efficiency. These two              In Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies:
     elimination of adverse environmental effects.    hydrocarbon fuel auto-ignition models,           Ian William van Rooyen
     Research showed that the major hindrance to      together with the engine modelling               Thesis Title: A metaphorical
     this technology was high initial cost of the     techniques developed in this study, represent    characterization of D.J. Opperman’s
     system, high idling losses, strength of          a novel and valuable contribution to the field   Komas uit ‘n Bamboesstok in terms of
     materials used and safety during high speed      of HCCI engine combustion control and            Relevance Theory and the Contemporary
     operation. The prototype was a horizontal        effectively move this technology one             Theory of Metaphor
     oriented system, designed with novel             incremental step closer to its anticipated
     numerical approaches and constructed             commercial realisation.                          Ian van Rooyen’s pursuit of an academic
     mainly using locally available materials and                                                      career within the Faculty of Humanities
     commodity goods with emphasis on the                                                              began in 1990. He has since attained his BA,
     structural integrity and cost of the system.     Supervisor: Professor A Yates                    BA (Hons) and MA degrees from UCT. His
34       Experiments were conducted during high       (Mechanical Engineering)
Doctoral studies included a year’s research       Quantitative data are complemented by a                In both the qualitative and quantitative
visit to the University of California,            qualitative survey of patient perceptions of       data, she finds little evidence to support the
Berkeley. Whilst completing his PhD thesis        care in each model. He finds that after an         common assumption that teenagers are
he joined the academic staff of the Section       average period of 18 months, patients              disinterested in or alienated from nature. On
Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies where he       enrolled in the PPP are more likely to be          the contrary, despite the difficulty many
contributes to undergraduate teaching and         retained in care and on treatment, and have        teenagers in Cape Town face in accessing
plays a pivotal role in maintaining the link
                                                  higher rates of viral suppression than those       natural areas, most of their comments range
between the Faculties of Humanities and
Health Sciences through the provision of          in the PHC model. His analysis reveals that        from generally appreciative to deeply
service courses promoting multilingualism.        more than one-fifth of the PHC cohort is lost      responsive. In trying to account for this
                                                  to follow-up (no patient contact for >2            quality of responsiveness or reciprocity,
     Ian van Rooyen’s thesis has three distinct   months) by the end of the study period.            observed both in some of the programmes
parts. He firstly explores the treatment of       While the total and average cost per patient       offered and in some of the youths’ responses,
metaphor within the framework of Sperber          of the PPP model is higher than the PHC            the researcher turns to the work of Maurice
and Wilson’s (1986) Relevance Theory.             model, model cost-effectiveness, defined as        Merleau-Ponty. While dominant realist views
Secondly he argues that evidence provided         the cost per patient retained in care with a       treat nature as an object to be admired,
by Lakoff and Johnson (1989, 1999), the           suppressed viral load (<400 copies/µl), is         studied or exploited, Merleau-Ponty suggests
proponents of the Contemporary Theory of          lower in the PPP. The patient survey shows         an inter-subjective relationship, which he
Metaphor, suggest that the relevance-             that PPP patients feel healthier, access patient   describes as the “intertwining” of human and
theoretic treatment of metaphor is in             support services more frequently, and devote       world. Developing a sense of identity
violation of one of its fundamental claims
                                                  about half as much time to monthly drug            involves listening and responding to the “call
about cognition, namely, that human
cognition tends to be geared to the               collection visits compared to PHC patients.        of the world”, and is not simply an “internal
maximization of relevance. He thirdly             Nonetheless, the majority of patients in both      conversation” with oneself as isolated
illustrates the salience of the cognitive-        cohorts report they receive good quality care      individual. This insight has implications
linguistic view of metaphor through the           from trustworthy, knowledgable, and caring         for environmental education, youth
metaphorical characterization of DJ               staff. Although these models are positioned        development, and urban conservation in
Opperman’s (1979) volume of poetry Komas          as competing alternatives in this research,        Cape Town.
uit ‘n Bamboesstok. Opperman’s use of the         Peter Navario points out that in practice the
conceptual metaphors LIFE IS A JOURNEY,           models are complementary (and very                 Supervisor: Professor C Soudien
ILLNESS IS A JOURNEY and ILLNESS IS               possibly synergystic), and argues that in          (School of Education)
A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY is traced                  addition to delivering quality HIV care, the
throughout the volume of poetry and is            PPP is fulfilling its objective to boost HIV
shown to be a binding factor. He furthermore
                                                  treatment capacity in the region.                  Patrício Vitorino Langa
demonstrates that the recovery of
metaphorical interpretations in the                                                                  Thesis Title: Disciplines and engagement
Opperman text is optimally relevant and that      Supervisor: Professor N Nattrass                   in African universities: a study of the
a volume of poetry in itself can be a             (Economics)                                        distribution of scientific capital and
metaphor.                                                                                            academic networking in the social sciences

Supervisor: Professor HJ Snyman                   In Education:                                      Patrício Vitorino Langa was born and grew
(School of Languages and Literature)              Alice Nicola Ashwell                               up in Mozambique. He holds a BA in Social
                                                  Thesis Title: Identity and belonging: urban        Sciences, BA Honours in Sociology both
                                                  nature and adolescent development in the           from Eduardo Mondlane University
In Economics:                                     City of Cape Town                                  (Mozambique) and a MEd in Higher
Peter Scott Navario                                                                                  Education Studies from the UCT. He has
Thesis Title: Implementation of a novel           Alice Ashwell has a BSc (Hons)                     taught Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and
model to enhance routine HIV care and             (Biochemistry) and an HDE from UCT, an             Social Sciences at Eduardo Mondlane
treatment capacity in South Africa:               M (Ed) (Environmental Education) from
outcomes, costs and cost-effectiveness                                                               University.
                                                  Rhodes University, and a deep respect for              His thesis, drawing on the framework of
                                                  nature. She has worked as a biochemist, a          the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu,
Peter Navario has a BA with honours from
                                                  high school teacher and an environmental           examines disciplinary differences concerning
Lehigh University (USA) and an MPH from
Yale University (USA). He began work on           educator in Cape Town and Durban. She has          the distribution of scientific capital
his PhD in the School of Economics and the        been doing her PhD through the School of           (qualifications, publications, academic
AIDS and Society Research Unit at UCT in          Education at UCT since 2007.                       positions etc) in the social sciences in three
2008. He is now a Fellow in Global Health at          In the context of a rapidly urbanising and     African universities, Eduardo Mondlane
the Council on Foreign Relations in New           globalising world, her thesis examines how         University in Mozambique, Makerere
York.                                             teenagers from a wide range of communities         University in Uganda and the University of
    Peter Navario’s thesis reports on the         in Cape Town view their relationship with          the Western Cape in South Africa. His study
performance of a novel public-private             nature. She also investigates a range of           finds that possession of scientific capital has
partnership (PPP) between the provincial          educational and youth development                  a significant effect on the differentiation of
Department of Health, a local private sector      programmes to find out how they support            the disciplinary fields, both within and across
general practitioner (GP) network and an          processes      of     adolescent      identity     institutions, and on the levels of engagement
HIV/AIDS NGO in the North-West                    development, and how they represent nature         with academic and non-academic bodies.
Province. The model allows patients, once         and the human-nature relationship.                 The analysis shows that the level of
they have been stabilized on antiretroviral           The thesis proposes a psycho-social            engagement varies more between different
treatment, to choose to have their health         model of identity development that                 disciplines when the engagement is related
managed by a GP through the PPP or by their       emphasises its embodied and reflexive nature       to academic concerns than is the case when
local primary health care clinic (PHC). Peter     and a layered understanding of the notion of       non-academic concerns are involved.
Navario compares the performance of the           nature (informed by critical realism), which       Therefore, engagement is not a major
PPP to the (PHC) model in terms of patient        avoids extreme positivist or constructivist        discriminator amongst institutions. Scientific
outcomes, costs, and cost-effectiveness.          views.                                             capital is what lends academics and               35
     institutions prestige. The significance of this   Free State and obtained his BA at UCT in          in a multilingual community (using Southern
     is that academics from different discipline-      History, Ancient History and Afrikaans en         Chasu, Kiswahili and some English), using
     clusters might have different experiences of      Nederlands. He then completed an MA on            the insights of the African work of Carol
     engagement with different constituencies,         slave, Khoi and Dutch pidgin languages at         Myers-Scotton.
     but in the end what counts is their scientific    the early colonial Cape. This research led to          Rafiki Sebonde’s work shows that the
     capital.                                          a particular interest in the nature of Dutch      effects of language contact are more salient
                                                       colonial society at the Cape which he has         than those of internal linguistic variation.
     Supervisor: Professor J Muller                    demonstrated in a range of local and              Borrowing and code-switching correlates
     (School of Education).                            international publications, including a major     significantly with educated, younger
                                                       collection of edited transcriptions of court      speakers, associated with “middle class”
                                                       records involving slaves for the Van              activities, rather than traditional rural life.
     Melanie Bernadette Luckay                         Riebeeck Society. He is currently a lecturer      However, in closely analysing one set of
     Thesis Title: Implementation of social            in History at the University of Johannesburg.     phonetic variants - the use of [s] and [z] as
     constructivist learning environments in               This thesis examines the emergence of a       against [th] and [dh] - some traces of
     Grade 9 Natural Science in the Western            group of entrepreneurs, the alcohol pachters      ‘Labovian’ effects were found, with syllable
     Cape Province, South Africa                       (lease holders), in Dutch colonial Cape           position and within it education being salient,
                                                       Town. Study of their economic and social          and to a lesser extent the status of lexical
     Melanie Luckay matriculated from Salt             activities is used to demonstrate how             items (i.e. whether native Chasu words or
     River High School in Cape Town. She
                                                       entrepreneurial success was intertwined with      borrowings from Kiswahili).
     graduated with a BSc degree from the
     University of the Witwatersrand in 1995, a        factors such as kinship, public reputation and
      BSc (Hons) degree from UCT in 1996 and a         social capital. This research reveals the         Supervisor: Professor R Mesthrie
     Higher Diploma in Education in 1997.              importance of urban free burghers to the          (English Language and Literature)
     Between 1998 and 2004 she taught Biology,         Cape economy and challenges the prevailing
     Natural Science and Mathematics at high           view that a settler elite in the eighteenth
     school. She completed an MEd (with                century resulted solely from capital              In Music:
     distinction) in 2002.                             accumulation by arable farmers in the form        Michael Meow Yin Low
          Melanie Luckay’s thesis explores             of land and slaves.                               Thesis Title: The influence of Romanticism
     whether and, if so, how Grade 9 Natural                                                             on the evolution of the ‘transcendental’
     Science teachers in schools of different          Supervisor: Professor NA Worden                   etudes of Franz Liszt
     socio-economic contexts in the Western            (Historical Studies)
     Cape        Province     implement       social                                                     Michael Low was born in Penang, Malaysia
     constructivist learning environments in line                                                        and obtained a B (Mus) and an M (Mus)
     with current curriculum reform demands.                                                             from Surrey University (United Kingdom).
                                                       In Linguistics:                                       Michael Low’s thesis traces the influence
     Furthermore, the influence of this
                                                       Rafiki Yohana Sebonde                             of Romantic aesthetics and philosophies on
     environment on important student outcomes
                                                       Thesis Title: A sociolinguistic analysis of       the evolution of the set of studies commonly
     was explored. The research used a mixed-
     methods approach. It combined quantitative        variation in a rural African community:           known as Liszt’s ‘Transcendental’ Etudes.
     survey data obtained from 1955 Grade 9            Chasu in Same District, Tanzania                  The set, which first appeared as a juvenile
     students in 52 schools with qualitative data                                                        work in 1827, was completely reworked in
                                                       Rafiki Yohana Sebonde was born and                1839, and then somewhat simplified in the
     (i.e., classroom observations, interviews with
                                                       brought up in Same district in the                final version of 1852, entitled Études
     teachers and students) obtained from five
                                                       Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.            She    d’exécution transcendante. The fact that
     carefully selected classrooms. The survey
                                                                                                         Liszt added programmatic titles to 10 of the
     data were obtained from a questionnaire—          obtained a BA degree from the University of
                                                                                                         12 studies in the final version has led to the
     the Social Constructivist Learning                Dar-es-Salaam in Kiswahili and Geography
                                                                                                         general perception that these indicate a
     Environment Survey (SCLES)—specifically           and then went on to complete an MA in             remoulding of the intermediate version in a
     developed and validated for this study. The       Linguistics there in 2002. She has worked         more poetic form dictated by extra-musical
     study finds that successful implementation of     as a teaching assistant and part-time lecturer    Romantic influences. By carefully
     social constructivist learning environments       at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, and as a      examining the influences of Romantic
     is variable. The degree of success depends on     Swahili language instructor at the University     thought and art on Liszt’s music, and the
     socio-economic context, resource availability     of Florida, before being accepted for a PhD       number and the nature of the changes in each
     (e.g., textbooks), other school-related factors                                                     successive version, Michael Low argues that
                                                       in Linguistics at UCT under the USHEPiA
     (e.g., class size, the duration of teaching                                                         this is not the case. He demonstrates that
     periods), and factors related to the teacher.                                                       virtually all the changes one would assume
     The study also provides insight into                   Rafiki Sebonde’s PhD thesis falls into
                                                       the area of Sociolinguistics. In examining        to derive from programmatic intentions, such
     characteristics of social constructivist                                                            as the addition of new thematic material and
     learning environments that positively and         variation in a rural East African community,
                                                                                                         alterations to the musico-dramatic narrative,
     independently influence important student         and in focussing on a minority language
                                                                                                         date from the intermediate rather than the
     outcomes, namely, attitude towards science,       rather than the national language, Kiswahili      final version. The research represents a
     gender equity, and academic achievement.          this is an important work. Rafiki Sebonde’s       convincing refutation of a commonly held,
                                                       fieldwork was based in the Kilimanjaro            but erroneous, assumption.
     Supervisor: A/Professor R Laugksch                region, with a focus on rural Chasu speakers.
     (School of Education)                             The question she researched was whether the       Supervisor: A/Professor H Hofmeyr
                                                       key sociolinguistic variables of class, gender,   (School of Music)
     In Historical Studies:                            style and status had as much bearing in           In Political Studies:
     Gerald Jacobus Groenewald                         explaining variation in a remote, rural non-      Keene Boikhutso
     Thesis Title: Kinship, entrepreneurship and       Western setting as they do in studies in          Thesis Title: Ethnic identity in a
     social capital: alcohol pachters and the          western urban centres, as is well-known in        homogenous nation state
     making of a free-burgher society in Cape          Sociolinguistics from the studies of William
     Town, 1652-1795                                   Labov and others. In order to answer this         Keene Boikhutso has a BA (1986) and a
                                                       question Rafiki Sebonde also had to factor in     PGDE (1987) from the University of
36   Gerald Groenewald was brought up in the           the effects of language contact and switching     Botswana and an M (Ed) (1994) from the
University of Bristol. He is a Lecturer in the     previously provided by the state. In their         In Religious Studies:
Department of Languages and Social                 responses to inadequate health and education       Raffaella Renata Gina Delle Donne
Sciences Education at the University of            services, the communities exhibited a high         Thesis Title: Vanishing primitives,
Botswana. He has been studying at UCT, in          degree of resilience, ingenuity and                shaking shamans and trance dancers:
the Department of Political Studies and the        adaptability in the face of seemingly              neo-shamanism and the appropriation
Centre for Social Science Research, since          insuperable obstacles. Community members           of San religion
2004.                                              compensated for the failures of the state by
     Keene Boikhutso’s thesis uses survey          seeking treatment from private enterprise,         Born in Cape Town, Raffaella Delle Donne
data from Afrobarometer to test two                self-medication and greater reliance on            matriculated from Sea Point High School and
sometimes explicit, often implicit parts of the    spiritual healing. In education, teachers          studied at the UCT, where she received the
academic       common        wisdom       about    improvised learning aids to overcome               BA in 1997, BA (Hons) in 1998, and MA
Botswana’s exceptional economic and                stationery shortages. Learners compensated         (with distinction) in Religious Studies in
democratic record. First, the common               for the teachers’ absences by organizing           2003. She has served as a lecturer in UCT’s
wisdom asserts that Botswana is ethnically         themselves into study groups. Health and           Department of Religious Studies and a
homogenous. Second, it asserts that it this        education      personnel       engaged      in     researcher in the Institute for Comparative
homogeneity has promoted economic growth           moonlighting as a strategy of broadening           Religion in Southern Africa. As a freelance
and democratic stability because Botswana          their income bases. The success of                 writer, she has published San Tales from
lacks any key political cleavages which run        community initiatives to replace the public        Africa (Struik, 2007) and journalistic pieces
along ethnic lines. Using three differing          goods and services was largely dependent on        in a variety of media. Ms Delle Donne is co-
survey-based measures of ethnic identity,          access to exogenous resources.                     writer of the animated feature film,
language, tribal affiliation, and social                Some members of the community failed          Zambezia, currently in production, and
identity, it finds that Botswana is not as         to respond effectively to challenges brought       Khumba, which won the UK Council
nearly homogenous as commonly thought,             by the decline in public services and resorted     scriptwriting competition and was selected
especially in terms of tribal affiliation or       to perverse coping strategies.                     for the No Borders International Film
subjective social identity. Second, it finds                                                          Market.
that those who come from differing language        Supervisor: Emeritus Professor R Schrire                Raffaella Delle Donne’s thesis examines
groups, affiliate with different tribes, or hold   (Political Studies)                                the creative appropriations, discourses, and
differing social identities, are not                                                                  performances of contemporary Western neo-
systematically different in terms of values,                                                          shamans in relation to the San of Southern
attitudes or behaviours, when measured in          In Psychology:                                     Africa. Drawing theoretical resources from
terms of national identity, government             Michelle Linda Jackson                             the history of religions, postmodern analysis
legitimacy, interpersonal trust, or political      Thesis Title: Separation-distress as an            of space, time, and embodiment, and
participation. Thus, the real driving force        effective mechanism of obsessive-                  postcolonial studies, the thesis explores the
behind Botswana’s economic and democratic          compulsive disorder                                religious worlds of North American neo-
successes may be that its lines of identity                                                           shamans who have fashioned a new religious
cleavages have not yet been politicized,           Michelle Jackson has a BA, Honours and             orientation by identifying with indigenous
rather than its actual levels of absolute          Masters in Psychology from UCT, and is part        African religion in general and the
homogeneity.                                       of the Neuropsychology programme.                  spirituality of the San or Bushmen people in
                                                        Michelle Jackson’s thesis examines the        particular. Although this religious orientation
Supervisor: Professor R Mattes                     role of basic emotions in obsessive-               can be traced back through a long history of
(Political Studies)                                compulsive disorder (OCD) from a                   American primitivism, the emergence of
                                                   neuropsychological perspective. The aim of         Africa as a center of spirituality has been a
                                                   her research was to investigate whether            recent development. Focusing particularly on
Norbert Musekiwa                                   separation-distress is a significant constituent   the work of the American psychologist and
Thesis Title: ‘State failure’ in provision of      of OCD. Separation-distress is the basic           shaman Bradford Keeney, the thesis shows
education and health services in                   emotion generated by the brain substrate for       how new transatlantic exchanges between
Zimbabwe: adjustments, adaptations and             panic-anxiety and sadness. It was found that       America and Africa have produced a
evolving coping strategies of rural                over-activation of this neural circuit, and a      distinctive temporal geography in the
communities, 2000-2007                             corresponding tendency to experience               religious world of neo-shamanism within
                                                   separation-distress, are strongly implicated       which Africa registers as a primordial and
Norbert Musekiwa holds a BSc and an MPA            in OCD. Answering this question sheds light        powerful sacred center that is embodied in
from the University of Zimbabwe. He has            on the emotional nature of this disorder.          the San shaman. As this thesis demonstrates,
been a lecturer at the University of               It also contributes substantially towards          for a neo-shaman such as Bradford Keeney
Zimbabwe since 2002. Norbert was awarded           understanding the fundamental mechanism            the center of this new temporal geography is
the University Science, Humanities, and            of OCD. The thesis characterizes OCD on            the body—the shaking, dancing body, which
Engineering Partnerships in Africa                 causal neuropsychological principles, rather       Keeney calls the “African body electric”—
(USHEPiA) fellowship for his research.             than purely descriptive psychiatric ones. The      that produces a portable, transnational sacred
    Norbert Musekiwa’s thesis examines the         traditional conceptualization of the disorder,     space that enables an American shaman to
effects of state failure on the population, how    as being mainly driven by fear-anxiety, is         assume the identify of a Bushman shaman.
two rural communities in Zimbabwe                  challenged by the findings of this study,
between 2000 and 2007 adapted and                  which also explain for the first time the          Supervisor: Professor D Chidester
responded to the declines in health and basic      strikingly high co-morbidity of OCD and            (Religious Studies)
education services. The study established          depression.
that communities and individuals responded
to the decline of public services through          Supervisor: Professor M Solms
multiple strategies. The coping mechanisms         (Psychology)
include exit, voice, a sense of hopelessness
and apathy. Increasingly, communities
produced the goods in place of those                                                                                                                    37
     *Frank Ernest England                            *Karl Georg Jechoutek                                 Jill Olivier’s thesis deals with the
     Thesis Title: Mark as drama: a                   Thesis Title: Religious competition, Creole       discursive gap between religion and public
     prolegomenon to reading the Gospel of            identities, and economic development:             health in the context of HIV and AIDS, using
     Mark as an Aristotelian tragedy                  foundations of competitive diversity in           empirical data from work in sub-Saharan
                                                      early Victorian Cape Town                         Africa done by the African Religious Health
     Frank England was educated at Wynberg                                                              Assets Programme, the leading international,
     Boys’ High School, and obtained the BA,          Born in Austria, Karl Jechoutek received the      multi-institutional research collaborative in
     BA (Hons), and MA degrees in Religious           MBA from the Vienna School of Economics           this emerging field. Her primary focus is on
     Studies at the UCT.        Subsequently, he      and the MA and PhD in Economics from the          the difficulty scholars and practitioners have
     obtained the BA (Hons) (cum laude) and MA        University of Wisconsin. From 1973 to 1977,       of communicating across the disciplinary
     (cum laude) degrees in the Theory of             he worked with the Economist Intelligence         boundaries that shape religion or public
     Literature at the University of South Africa.    Unit in London, consulting in the fields of       health, a particularly pertinent concern in
         Frank England’s thesis employs the work      infrastructure and market development, and        Africa where health facilities run by religious
     of Michel Foucault to suggest why the            from 1977 to 2000 he was an official of the       bodies contribute anything between 20-70%
     Gospel of Mark might be envisioned as a          World Bank, responsible for energy policy         of national health services, and where major
     dramatic work, and then returns to the           and project development in Asia and Eastern       global health agencies (such as the World
     inaugural text of literary criticism, the        Europe. Karl Jechoutek is currently based in      Health Organization, UNAIDS, and the
     Poetics of Aristotle, to suggest how the         Cape Town as an independent scholar and           Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and
     Gospel of Mark might be read as an               researcher in economics and the humanities.       Malaria) have recently begun to pay
     Aristotelian tragedy.                                 Focusing on early Victorian Cape Town,       increasing attention to the re-emergence of
                                                      this thesis argues that competitive diversity     religion as an independent variable in public
     Supervisor: A/Professor CAWanamaker              in religion, culture, and business provided       health. Ideological misunderstanding,
     (Religious Studies)                              the template for a highly individualised          institutional conflict and contestation, and
                                                      development path with a short time horizon.       practical misalignment and contrary ways of
                                                      Bringing together a variety of analytical         working, hinder the cooperation and
     Nina Birgitte Petersen Hoel                      tools—human development theory, cultural          communication between religious entities
     Thesis Title: South African Muslim               value analysis, rational choice theory, urban     and public health necessary to strengthen
     women's experiences: sexuality and               development studies, and the study of             health systems that are often in crisis or
     religious discourses                             identity formation and Creolisation—the           collapsing.
                                                      thesis reviews religious and socio-economic           Jill Olivier focuses on the idea of
     Nina Hoel has a teaching degree from             discourse in Cape Town during the first half      “interdisciplinarity”, and how it might be
     Bergen University College, Norway. After         of the nineteenth century. Public discourse of    conceived in this context, a unique enterprise
     completing her degree, she studied Fine Arts     the period, examined through the debates          with widespread implications. Drawing
     at the University of Newcastle, Australia.       observable in the newly emerging                  strongly on discourse theory in cultural
     She came to South Africa in 2004, where she      independent press as a public forum,              studies, especially theories of narrativity and
     has been studying at UCT's Department of         reflected this mindset in both religious and      cultural constructionism, she maps “the
     Religious Studies, completing her MA in          economic behaviour, tempered by a                 cultural politics of religion, public health and
     2005, as well as her PhD thesis. During this     pragmatism that oscillated easily between         HIV/AIDS in Africa”, and shows that that
     time she has also worked as a researcher at      competition and short-term collusion. This        one can talk of the two fields in terms of the
     the Institute for Comparative Religion in        historical case study confirms that a city        “tribes of religion and public health”. After
     Southern Africa (ICRSA) and contributed to       which experiences both an intensive               briefly considering some strategies for
     the department through lecturing in a variety    competition between religions, and a              improving collaboration, including religious-
     of undergraduate courses.                        transformation into a Creole, hybrid society      health literacy and boundary leadership
          Nina Hoel’s PhD thesis explores the         of individuals, is unlikely to be amenable to     training, she concludes her study by
     experiences of South African Muslim              a top-down systematic planning approach to        proposing a model of ‘respectful dialectic’,
     women in relation to sexual dynamics and         development, but will thrive in informal,         where appreciation of difference (across
     marital relationships. Using qualitative in-     small-scale, innovative ways. Comparisons         disciplinary boundaries) is placed within
     depth interviews, she examines religious         with other colonial port cities of the            (fore-grounded) areas of common ground.
     discourses that influence women’s                nineteenth century, and with present-day          Her overall aim is to suggest what is most
     conceptualisations of sexuality as well as       Cape Town, bear out this conclusion.              likely to enhance communication and
     their actual marital and sexual relationships.                                                     collaboration in the community of inquiry
     She finds that women embody, reiterate,          Supervisor: Professor D Chidester                 based at the interface of religion and public
     challenge and subvert dominant religious         (Religious Studies)                               health, for the sake of the enhanced health of
     norms in a variety of ways, sometimes in                                                           the public, in Africa and more widely.
     contexts characterised by living conditions
     of poverty and violence. Her analysis            *Jill Olivier                                     Supervisor: Professor JR Cochrane
     illustrates that religious systems of meaning    Thesis Title: In search of common ground          (Religious Studies)
     are often characterized by tensions between      for interdisciplinary collaboration and
     patriarchal and egalitarian approaches.          communication: mapping the cultural
     Engaging with the emerging body of               politics of religion and HIV/AIDS in              In Sociology:
     literature known as “Islamic Feminism,”          Sub-Saharan Africa                                Olufunmilayo Ibironke Amosun
     particularly as it relates to concepts of                                                          Thesis Title: Teachers’ preparedness for
     morality, ethics and agency, Nina illustrates    Jill Olivier has a BA (distinction in English),   transformative practice in multicultural
     how South African Muslim women’s                 BA(Hons)(First Class), and MPhil in               schools: an analysis of selected post
     narratives highlight the dynamic, plural and     HIV/AIDS & Society (with distinction), all        apartheid teachers’ self reports
     contested nature of religion.                    from the UCT, and has received the NRF
                                                      Prestigious & Equity Scholarship, the AW          Olufunmilayo Amosun         obtained     a
     Supervisor: Dr S Shaikh                          Mellon Scholarship, and the UCT Research          BEd(Hons) from the University of Ibadan in
38   (Religious Studies)                              Associate Award.                                  1977 and a MEd from the Ahmadu Bello
University in 1985, both in Nigeria. She          developed the analytical instrument of a         13. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES
registered for her PhD in Sociology at UCT        Primary Health Care Index (PHCI). Through
in 2002.                                          the analytical application of the PHCI, she      Dean: Professor M E Jacobs
     South Africa’s schooling system              conclusively establishes uneven alignment
developed within the historical context of        and a developing misalignment over time.
racially segregated schools, designed for the     There was the strongest evidence of a PHCA               DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF
racial subjugation of the majority of the         approach in the earlier policy documents,                    PHILOSOPHY
population. Since the advent of democracy,        progressively weaker and virtually absent in
teachers in many schools are called upon to       the final year. The concluding parts of the      In Anatomy and Cell Biology:
teach in classrooms that are characterised by     thesis grapple with the question: what           Emmanuel Mukwevho
learner diversity, and that in this respect are   explains misalignment from firmly stated         Thesis Title: Regulation of GLUT-4
significantly different from the schools in       policy intentions of a PHCA? She draws on        expression in skeletal muscle cells:
which the teachers themselves were educated       Bourdieu’s theory relating to power and          The roles of nuclear respiratory factor-1
or trained.                                       practice, arguing that change to a Primary       and calcium/calmodulin dependent
     Olufunmilayo Amosun’s PhD thesis             Health Care habitus is both contextually         protein kinase
includes reports of fifty-six teachers working    complex, and resisted by an established
in thirteen Cape Town schools selected for        Biomedical habitus.                              Emmanuel Mukwevho was born in Limpopo
their degree of racial integration. Most                                                           province in Thohoyandou, South Africa.
teachers had no relevant training for teaching    Supervisor: Dr J Grossman (Sociology)            He attended Movhe secondary school,
diverse learners in multicultural classrooms,                                                      obtained a BSc degree in Biochemistry &
and felt unprepared for this dimension of                                                          Microbiology from the University of Venda
their practice. The thesis examines their                                                          in 1999 and a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry
levels of intercultural sensitivity, competency      DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MUSIC                     from the University of Limpopo in 2000. He
for equitable classroom practice and resolve                                                       moved to UCT where he obtained an MSc
to educate for social justice.                    In Performance and Dissertation:                 degree in Molecular & Cell Biology in 2003.
     The study produced a model which is          Liesl Stoltz                                     In the last 5 years he has been stationed at the
recommended for teacher training, for             Thesis Title: A study and a catalogue of         MRC/UCT research unit of Exercise Science
practising teachers who wish to engage            French flute music written between 1945          & Sport Medicine working on his PhD
mindfully with education for transformation,      and 2008                                         degree in Anatomy and Cell biology. Mr.
and even for whole school change.                                                                  Mukwevho recently joined the academic
                                                  Liesl Stoltz studied the flute since 1989 with   staff of the University of Johannesburg
                                                  Eva Tamassy at the University of
Supervisor: A/Professor M Steyn                                                                    where he teaches Biochemistry at both
                                                  Stellenbosch, South Africa. In 1993, at the
(Sociology)                                                                                        undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
                                                  age of 16, she won a scholarship to attend an
                                                                                                        Emmanuel Mukwevho’s PhD thesis
                                                  orchestral course in then USA where she was
                                                  selected principal flute of the International    investigates the molecular mechanisms
Nadia Hartman                                     Youth Wind Orchestra and received a special      responsible for the coordinated increases in
Thesis Title: The primary health care             award for excellence in performance and          mitochondrial biogenesis and glucose
approach and restructuring of the MBChB           leadership. In 1995, after masterclasses in      disposal in skeletal muscle following
curriculum: a case study at the University        Johannesburg, Shigenori Kudo offered her a       exercise training. These adaptations confer
of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences           scholarship to study with him at the Ecole       protection against type II diabetes. Using
                                                  Normale de Musique: Alfred Cortot in Paris,      cultured myotubes, Emmanuel Mukwevho
Nadia Hartman has a BA from the University        France. She also studied with Pierre-Yves        modeled the effects of exercise in skeletal
of Stellenbosch, Honours and Masters in           Artaud at the same institution and with          muscle by activating calcium/calmodulin
Social Sciences from UCT, Sociology               Chantal Debushy (Chamber Music). She             dependent protein kinase (CaMK II) and
Department. She completed her PhD by              holds a Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste in      overexpressing a known transcription factor
thesis, part-time, whilst holding the position    flute and in chamber music (a l’unanimité).      for mitochondrial biogenesis called nuclear
of Director, Education Development Unit in        In 1999 she obtained a B (Mus)(Hons)             respiratory factor-1 (NRF-1). He showed that
the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCT.            degree (first class) from the UCT and in 2000    CaMK II activation remodels chromatin to
     In 1999 the Faculty of Health Sciences       a Performers Licentiate (with distinction)       increase the accessibility of the NRF-1
of at the UCT adopted a Faculty Strategic         from the University of South Africa. Liesl       binding domain on the mef2 gene and that
Plan committing itself to a new MB ChB            studied with Peter-Lukas Graf from 1999-         NRF-1 binds onto the mef2 gene to induce a
curriculum based on a Primary Health Care         2001 at the ‘Academia Internazionale di          transcriptional cascade involving NRF-
Approach (PHCA). She explores that                Musica Lorenzo Perosi in Biella, Italy and
                                                                                                   1 mef2 glut4. These results indicate that
underlying feature of curriculum change in        obtained the Concert Diploma with                NRF-1 plays a vital role in coordinating
                                                  Distinction in November 2001. In June 2003
the first cycle of implementation: 2002-2007.                                                      mitochondrial biogenesis and GLUT-4
                                                  she obtained the degree M.Mus with
This is situated in the context of political                                                       expression and suggest that NRF-1 might be
                                                  distinction from the UCT.
change in South Africa, changing National                                                          another suitable target for anti-diabetic
                                                      For the performance part Ms Stoltz
Health and Higher Education policies, and         played a number of recitals featuring works      drugs. The study also provides many insights
international trends in medical- and higher       by JS Bach, Tanguy, Berio, Hofmeyr,              regarding the relationship between regular
education Specific research questions deal        Schubert and Franck. For the concerto she        exercise and type II diabetes.
with the issue of alignment between the           performed Rodrigo’s Concierto Pastoral with
Faculty Strategic Plan and the new MB ChB         the CPO under the direction of Pieter Daniel.    Supervisor: A/Professor E Ojuka
curriculum, and factors which were and were       The thesis examines and analyses French          (Human Biology)
not conducive to alignment. Evidence is           flute music written after 1945. It deals with
drawn from exhaustive literature searches,        contemporary flute techniques and provides
documentary sources, wide-ranging sets of         an extensive catalogue of this music.
interviews, and direct personal involvement.
     To arrive at an informed, evidence-          Supervisor: Emeritus Professor J May
based, systematized judgement, she                (School of Music)                                                                                   39
     In Cell Biology:                                 novel research findings: Firstly, it elucidates    Jennifer Claire Hoving
     Dheshnie Keswell                                 the molecular basis by which these drugs can       Thesis Title: Investigating the role of
     Thesis Title: An assessment of molecular         disturb the insulin signalling pathway in cells    IL-4/IL-13 and their receptors in ulcerative
     and cellular mechanisms involved in              and lead to the side effects observed in           colitis
     melanocyte migration in the skin                 patients. The thesis also identifies salicylate,
                                                      found in common aspirin as a potential             Claire Hoving completed a National
     Dheshnie Keswell (nee Govender)                  treatment for these side effects. Ms Ismail’s      Diploma in Biomedical technology with cum
     matriculated from Crawford College Durban        study provides a refined basis for the design      laude at Port Elizabeth Technikon in 1998.
     in 1999. She completed her undergraduate         of future anti-HIV drugs and clues to the          After upgrading her diploma to a BSc in the
     degree in Biomedical Sciences at the             mechanisms by which the side effects of            Netherlands she completed her BSc (Hons)
     University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, following          these drugs can be minimised.                      in 2004 at UCT. In 2006, Claire Hoving
     which she joined the Department of Human                                                            completed her MSc with distinction at UCT.
     Biology at UCT to complete her BSc (Hons).       Supervisor: Professor TS Pillay                    She registered for a PhD in 2007.
     In 2006 she registered for a PhD in the same     (Chemical Pathology)                                    For her PhD Claire Hoving investigated
     department.                                                                                         the role of T helper type 2 responses in a
          Dheshnie Keswell’s PhD thesis                                                                  mouse model of ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative
     investigates the migratory properties of         In Clinical Science and Immunology:                colitis is a human inflammatory bowel
     melanocytes, the pigment producing cells of      Ivy Mokgadi Dambuza                                disease associated with chronic inflammation
     the skin, during the process of                  Thesis Title: Investigating transmembrane          of the gastrointestinal tract. Although
     repigmentation. Using both molecular             TNF and transmembrane p55TNFR                      ulcerative colitis is associated with a T helper
     analyses and fluorescent and electron            mediated signaling in host immune function         type 2 immune response, current treatment
     microscopy, she studied the chemokinetic         during Mycobacterium tuberculosis                  strategies use broad anti-inflammatory drugs
     and chemotactic properties of melanocytes        infection                                          which are aspecific for the disease. A mouse
     using in vitro and in vivo experimental                                                             model resembling ulcerative colitis is
     settings. Her work demonstrated that the         Ivy Dambuza joined the Division of                 oxazolone-induced colitis. Using this model
     melanocyte nucleus is a highly malleable         Immunology, Department of Clinical                 Claire Hoving’s work identified the role of
     structure that aids in its migration through     Laboratory Sciences at UCT after obtaining         various cells and cytokines in mediating
     intercellular spaces between neighbouring        her BSc and BSc (Hons) degrees from UCT.           disease. Her data suggests that IL-13
     keratinocytes in the skin, and that the          She has over the years participated in several     signalling via the IL-13 receptor-alpha2
     melanocyte dendrite is important for its         projects, contributing significantly to the        (previously thought to relay no signal) plays
     migration through and over various               research output of the division.                   an important role in mediating disease. Her
     substrates. The results from this study              Ivy Dambuza’s PhD thesis describes the         data also shows that IL-4 receptor-alpha
     demonstrate that melanocyte migration is an      results and conclusions of a series of             expression on B cells is crucial for driving
     active process and that targeting of             investigative studies which address the            oxazolone-induced colitis and that pathology
     mechanisms involved in active melanocyte         respective roles of the different molecular        is driven by IgE. Lastly, her data shows that
     migration may enhance the repigmentation         forms of Tumour Necrosis factor (TNF) and          IL-4 responsive CD4+ T cells are crucial in
     process.                                         p55TNF receptor, particularly the membrane         mediating oxazolone-induced colitis driven
                                                      forms of the ligand and receptor in host           by increased levels of IL-13 production.
     Supervisor: Professor SH Kidson                  immune responses against aerosol inhalation        Given the heterogeneity of ulcerative colitis
     (Human Biology)                                  Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.              and the role of various cell types in disease
     Co-supervisor: Dr LM Davids                      Her experimental approach was largely              onset, it is possible that blocking various
     (Human Biology)                                  based on the comparison of phenotypes              signalling pathways at different stages of
                                                      obtained in challenge studies using wild type      disease could equally protect from disease
                                                      control mice and genetically modified mice         development.
     In Chemical Pathology:                           that express only the transmembrane forms
     *Wan Iryani Wan Ismail                           of either TNF or p55TNFR as well as global         Supervisor: Professor F Brombracher
     Thesis Title: Molecular basis of insulin         deficient mice in which the genes were             (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
     resistance induced by antiretroviral drugs       completely deleted. Her studies concluded
                                                      that transmembrane TNF was not required
     Wan Ismail has a BSc and MSc from the            for protective immune function against             In Human Genetics:
     University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.          Mycobacterium tuberculosis during acute            Gemma Louise Carvill
     She has been studying at UCT in the              infection but was essential to induce              Thesis Title: The role of epigenetic factors
     Division of Chemical Pathology since 2006.       protection during chronic infection. Also,         in the pathogenesis of familial X-linked
     During this time she has been involved in a      her studies clearly demonstrated that              mental retardation (XLMR)
     number of projects as part of the laboratory     p75TNFR limits Th1 mediated immune
     studies for her PhD.                             protection      against      Mycobacterium         Gemma Carvill obtained a BSc degree from
         South Africa is one of the largest           tuberculosis in the presence of sustained          the University of Pretoria and a BSc
     consumers of anti-retroviral drugs. In           p55TNFR expression.                                (Med)(Hons) degree from the UCT, Division
     common with most forms of drug therapy,                                                             of Human Genetics, in 2005. In 2006 she
     these drugs cause noteworthy side-effects in     Supervisor: A/ Professor M Jacobs                  registered for the MSc degree in the same
     patients. One of these is a disturbance in       (Division of Immunology)                           field of study, and in 2007 upgraded to the
     metabolism resulting in insulin resistance,                                                         PhD degree. During this time she contributed
     diabetes and cardiovascular disease.                                                                significantly to the research into mental
         In her studies, Wan Ismail has studied the                                                      handicap as well as other projects in the
     effects of one class of drugs, the protease                                                         laboratory. She has won several prestigious
     inhibitors on cellular metabolism. The                                                              research scholarships and travel awards. The
     studies were conducted on cells in culture                                                          latter has enabled her attendance at both
     and she has analysed the signalling cascade                                                         international conferences and research stints
40   of the insulin receptor. The thesis describes                                                       with two leading research institutions abroad.
     Gemma Carvill’s PhD thesis examines          demonstrates that NDRG-1 is over-expressed         and HSV-2 infection. We report that genetic
the effect of a mutated intellectual disability   in oesophageal cancer tissue, relative to          variability in genes involved in macrophage
(ID) gene product on the methylation profile      normal tissue. She also demonstrates a             recruitment is also associated with pre-
of the patient, as a measure of the pathogenic    critical role for the transcriptional factor,      cancerous lesions and cervical cancer.
mechanism underlying the phenotype.               EGR1 in the regulation of NDRG-1 via PKC
To this end, her study commenced with a           signaling pathways in oesophageal cancer           Supervisor: Professor A-L Williamson
search for disease-causing mutations using        cells. Alterations in the level of NDRG-1 in       (Medical Virology)
various molecular genetic techniques. These       cancer cells has no effect on the                  Co-supervisor: Dr C Dandara
techniques includes linkage analyses and          diferentiation status of oesophageal cancer        (Human Genetics)
gene screening, which ultimately led to the       cells, indicating that NDRG-1 expression
identification of an ATRX gene deletion in a      and differentiation signaling occurs through
large ID family. Furthermore, screening of        different pathways. Jacqueline Bracher also        *Yen-Ju Shen
known disease-causing genes established           characterises the expression of NDRG-1 in          Thesis Title: An investigation into the use
mutations in three additional ID families.        oesophageal cancer cells grown under non-          of lumpy skin disease virus as a vaccine
Gemma Carvill also conducted whole                adherent conditions, and observes the              vector for a potential HIV-1 vaccine
genome array analyses in the Netherlands,         localisation of NDRG-1 in the plasma
which led to the characterization of ID in        membrane compartment of cultured cells, a          Yen-Ju Shen acquired both his BSc degree in
three individuals. From these results, two        result which suggests that this protein is         Biochemistry and BSc (Med)(Hons) degree
novel diagnostic tests have been                  shuttled to different locations inside the cell.   in Infectious Disease and Immunology from
implemented and outputs will continually be       She has characterised the regulation of a          the UCT. He started his MSc in 2004 in the
used to implement new technologies in             gene which is known to play an important           newly formed Institute of Infectious Disease
South Africa. Finally, affected mutation          role in tumorigenic processes like metastasis      and Molecular Medicine and converted to
positive members’ DNA was subjected to            in oesophageal cancer, and her results make        PhD in 2007.
whole genome promoter array analyses in           an important contribution to our                       Yen-Ju Shen’s PhD thesis investigates
order to test the effect on the methylation       understanding of oesophageal cancer.               the potential use of the bovine poxvirus,
profile. This methylation study was                                                                  Lumpy Skin Disease Virus (LSDV), as a
conducted in Switzerland. Gemma Carvill           Supervisor: A/Professor D Hendricks                vector for an HIV-1 vaccine. He
shows an altered methylation profile at a         (Division of Medical Biochemistry)                 demonstrated the safety of the virus in
single gene viz ATF7IP2. This result has          Co-supervisor: Dr V Leaner                         immunodeficient mice and constructed a
revealed a new disease-mechanism                  (Division of Medical Biochemistry)                 recombinant LSDV virus containing a gene
underlying ID and can now be applied on a                                                            encoding the HIV-1 polyprotein Grttn (Gag,
wider scale to elucidate the pathogenesis of                                                         Reverse Transcriptase, Tat and Nef).
this debilitating condition. As a whole, her      In Medical Virology:                               The immunogenicity of this recombinant
findings have already impacted further            Koushik Chatterjee                                 vaccine was tested in mice, both alone and in
research efforts in ID in Cape Town, as well      Thesis Title: A study of host genetic              combination with two other vaccines
as the genetic management of affected             determinants of human papillomavirus               available within the Division of Medical
families.                                         (HPV) infection, cervical cancer and               Virology, a DNA vaccine and a recombinant
                                                  herpes simplex virus type-2 (HVS-2)                MVA vaccine, both of which express the
Supervisor: Dr RT Goliath (Clinical               infection                                          equivalent HIV-1 Grttn polyprotein. The
Laboratory Sciences)                                                                                 LSDV recombinant vaccine was found to be
                                                  Koushik Chatterjee completed his BSc with          immunogenic in prime/boost vaccination
                                                  Chemistry Honours at the University of Pune        regimens with both the DNA and MVA
In Medical Biochemistry:                          and was awarded an MSc in Biotechnology            vaccines. The recombinant LSDV prime /
Jacqueline Claire Bracher                         from Barkatullah University, both in India.        recombinant MVA boost vaccination
Thesis Title: Expression and regulation of        After working for a short period as a trainee      regimen elicited HIV-1 specific immune
N-Myc Downstream-Regulated Gene 1                 researcher at Centre for Cellular and              responses superior to those elicited by the
in squamous cell carcinoma of the                 Molecular Biology in India he joined Prof.         DNA prime/ poxvirus boost regimens. Yen-
oesophagus                                        Anna-Lise Williamson’s research group at           Ju Shen’s thesis has demonstrated that LSDV
                                                  the Institute for Infectious Disease and           could be a potential novel and safe vaccine
Jacqueline Bracher was born in Cape Town,         Molecular Medicine to do a PhD.                    vector to use in a dual or multiple
South Africa and received her BSc and BSc             Koushik Chatterjee’s thesis investigates       vaccination regimen against HIV-1.
(Med)(Hons) degrees from the UCT. She             the genetic factors that contribute to the
subsequently registered for a PhD degree at       susceptibility or protection from Human            Supervisor: Professor A-L Williamson
the UCT.                                          Papillomavirus (HPV) infection leading to          (Medical Virology Department: CLS)
    Oesophageal cancer occurs with a high         pre-cancerous lesions and eventually to            Co-supervisors: A/Professor E Shephard
frequency in southern Africa, and this disease    cervical cancer in South African women. The        (Medical Virology Department: CLS)
is associated with a high mortality rate.         thesis also examines the roles of these            Dr N Douglass
Despite the high frequency of this disease,       genetic factors in susceptibility to Herpes        (Medical Virology Department: CLS)
and the high mortality rate associated with it,   Simplex Virus type-2 infection in these
we have a poor understanding of the               populations. This is the first study of the role
molecular processes involved in the               of Fas, FasL, CASP8 and CCR2                       Florette Kathleen Treurnicht
development of oesophageal cancer. In her         polymorphisms in cervical cancer in an             Thesis Title: Adaptive changes in HIV-1
PhD thesis, Jacqueline Bracher characterises      African population. This is also the first         subtype C proteins during early infection
the expression profile and regulation of          study reporting a non-HLA host genetic link        and their effect on disease progression.
N-Myc Downstream Regulated Gene 1                 to HSV-2 infection. The results show that
(NDRG-1), a gene that displays altered            genetic polymorphisms in genes involved in         Florette Kathleen Treurnicht has a BSc
protein expression levels in oesophageal          the activation induced cell death pathway are      (Microbiology & Chemistry), BSc (Hons)
cancer tissue. Using immunohistochemical          associated with differential risk to cervical      and MSc in Medical Sciences (Medical
and molecular biology techniques, she             cancer, pre-cancerous lesions, HPV infection       Virology) from the University of                41
     Stellenbosch. She has been at UCT, in the         agents from South African natural products       In Public Health:
     Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences        and evaluates a means of gaining information     James Akazili
     (Division of Medical Virology) and the            about the drug-like properties of compounds      Thesis Title: Equity in health care financing
     Institute of Infectious Diseases and              with in vitro activity early on in the drug-     in Ghana
     Molecular Medicine, since 2003.                   development process. Lichens are used
         Florette Treurnicht’s thesis describes the    world-wide as traditional medicines and their    James Akazili holds a BA in Economics from
     characteristics of subtype C viruses from         potential as a source of novel antibiotics is    the University of Cape Coast, Ghana which
     primary HIV infection and elucidates the role     poorly studied in South Africa. During this      he obtained in 1996 and also has an MA in
     of early viral evolution and immune               project, various lichen extracts from across     Health Economics from the UCT, which was
     responses in the initial control of viraemia.     the country were shown to have good              obtained in 2000. Whilst working on his PhD
     Through the study of full-length HIV-1            antimicrobial activity in laboratory assays.     at the Health Economics Unit of the
     subtype C genomes she found that the major        Bioactive compounds isolated from one            Department of Public Health and Family
     driver following HIV transmission was             particular species originating from roof tiles   Medicine, James Akazili has contributed
     reversion of mutations. These mutations           in the Eastern Cape were furthermore shown       significantly to scientific knowledge related
     were introduced in the previous host to evade     to have no cytotoxicity and displayed            to his research. He currently works at the
     immune responses, and their reversion is          favourable pharmacokinetic parameters in         Navrongo Health Research Centre in
     presumably an attempt by the virus to repair      vivo, comparable with commercial                 northern Ghana.
     fitness. Using CD4 T cells as a prognostic        antibiotics.                                          James Akazili’s PhD study (the first of
     marker of disease progression, she found that                                                      kind in West Africa) measured the relative
     viral diversification, reversion and              Supervisor: A/Professor P Smith                  progressivity of health care financing
     APOBEC-induced mutations in early                 (Medicine)                                       mechanisms,        the     catastrophic    and
     infection were significantly associated with                                                       impoverishment effect of direct health care
     lower CD4+ T cell counts. A detailed                                                               payments, as well as evaluating the factors
     analysis of a slow and a rapid progressor         In Occupational Therapy:                         affecting enrolment in the national health
     showed viruses from the rapid progressor          Roshan Galvaan                                   insurance scheme (NHIS), which is the
     were under strong selective pressure, and had     Thesis Title: A critical ethnography of          intended means for achieving equitable
     a high degree of complex immune escape            young adolescents’ occupational choices in       health financing and universal coverage in
     patterns compared to the slow progressor. In      a community in post-apartheid South Africa       Ghana. Using both quantitative and
     context of vaccine development, The thesis                                                         qualitative methods, the study found that
     shows that while subtype C immunogens             Roshan Galvaan holds both BSc and MSc            generally Ghana’s health care financing
     currently in vaccine trials in South Africa are   qualifications in Occupational Therapy from      system is progressive. The progressivity of
     markedly better than immunogens used in           UCT. She has been working at UCT, in the         health financing is driven largely by the
     vaccines not matched to circulating subtypes,     School of Health and Rehabilitation              overall progressivity of taxes which account
     there are improvements that could be made         Sciences, Division of Occupational Therapy       for over 50% of health care funding. The
     to improve vaccine coverage.                      since 1999. Her practice area is in              informal sector NHI contributions were
         In conclusion, early events in HIV            community development with an emphasis           found to be regressive. Out-of-pocket
     infection are shown to play a                     on matters affecting youth.                      payments, which account for 45% of
     disproportionally large role in defining the           Roshan Galvaan’s PhD thesis examines        funding, are associated with significant
     subsequent course of disease. This study          the nature of and influences on the              catastrophic and impoverishment effects for
     identifies viral evolutionary events in early     occupational choices of young adolescents        households. The results also indicate that
     infection that are associated with disease        living in a community with a low socio-          high premiums, ineffective exemptions,
     progression.      These studies make an           economic status in Cape Town. Allowing the       fragmented funding pools and perceived
     important contribution to the understanding       participants’ voices to emerge through           poor quality of care affect the expansion of
     of why certain individual’s progress              applying a critical ethnographic approach,       the NHIS. For Ghana to attain adequate
     differently compared to other individuals.        she finds that occupational choices are not      financial protection and ultimately achieve
     The work generated in this study also             simply an individual matter. Instead, young      universal coverage, it needs to extend cover
     informs future vaccine development.               adolescents’ occupational choices are            to the informal sector, possibly through
                                                       collectively shaped by historic patterns         funding their contributions entirely from tax,
     Supervisor: Professor C Williamson                within their context. Her findings offer         and address other issues affecting the
     (Medical Virology and IIDMM)                      insight into why young adolescents               expansion of the NHI. Furthermore, the
                                                       perpetuate prevailing patterns, identifying      funding pool for health care needs to grow
                                                       the influence of subcultures, low educational    and this can be achieved by improving the
     In Medicine:                                      expectations and competition for symbolic        efficiency of tax collection and increasing the
     Tracy Ann Kellermann                              capital as key factors. The thesis identifies    budgetary allocation to the health sector.
     Thesis Title: A pharmacological                   that young adolescents’ choices are not only
     investigation of South African lichens,           deliberate and spontaneous, but are driven by    Supervisor: Professor D McIntyre
     desiccation-tolerant plants and the               their practical consciousness. The influence     (Health Economic Unit, School of Public
     medicinal tree, Warburgia salutaris               of historically predicated patterns on current   Health and Family Medicine)
                                                       choices emphasises the need for intervention
     Tracy Kellermann (formerly Seaman) is             for young adolescents which directly targets
     from East London and matriculated at              the patterns associated with the legacy of       *Andrew Marc Boulle
     Hudson Park High School. She holds a BSc          apartheid.                                       Thesis Title: The effectiveness and
     degree and a BSc (Hons) degree in Medical                                                          determinants of effectiveness of
     Biochemistry from the University of               Supervisor: Professor SL Amosun                  antiretroviral therapy in the Western Cape
     Stellenbosch and an MSc degree in Medicine        (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)             Province of South Africa
     (Pharmacology) from the University of the         Co-Supervisor: A/Professor L van Niekerk
     Witwatersrand.                                    (Occupational Therapy)                           Dr Boulle has obtained a MBChB (UCT),
         In her PhD thesis, Tracy Kellermann                                                            MSc (LSHTM) and a FCPHM (SA). He is a
42   describes the search for new antimicrobial                                                         medical doctor who has post graduate
training in public health and is a member of     inadequate national leadership. To overcome       DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINE
the South African College of Public Health       these obstacles, the mere injection of even
Medicine. He has worked on service               more funding would be an insufficient            In Medicine:
responses to HIV throughout his specialist       response. Consequently, the study indicates      *Dominique Justin Pepper
training and subsequently on faculty at UCT.     which other reforms are required, including:     Thesis Title: Clinical deterioration during
Much of his work has focused on HIV cohort       further integrating antiretroviral (ART)         antituberculosis treatment in a high HIV-1
epidemiology. He is a member of a number         services within the public health structures;    prevalence setting
of related committees, and has worked            further decentralising ART towards primary
closely with Médecins Sans Frontières            heath care; task shifting; balancing the         Dominique Pepper was born in Durban in
(MSF) in South Africa since 2002, and            conditional grant and the equitable share; and   1981. He graduated from the University of
served on the board of MSF South Africa          enhancing coordination between the National      Cape Town’s MBChB program in 2004 with
from 2007-2009.                                  and Provincial Departments of Health and         first class honours and distinctions in Internal
     Andrew Boulle’s PhD thesis tracks the       with Treasury.                                   Medicine and Public Health. He joined GF
emergence of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in                                                      Jooste Hospital’s Infectious Diseases Unit in
the Western Cape Province of South Africa        Supervisor: Dr E Sinanovic                       January 2007 as a PEPFAR sponsored
since 2001, which occurred in advance of the     (Health Economics Unit, Public Health and        medical doctor (the Presidents Emergency
                                                                                                  Plan for AIDS Relief - USA). He began work
national intervention. Based predominantly       Family Medicine)
                                                                                                  on his MD in 2008.
on the Khayelitsha cohort, the thesis details    Co-supervisor: Dr F Booysen
                                                                                                       Dominique Pepper’s doctoral thesis
the effectiveness of ART in this setting, and    (Department of Economics, University of
                                                                                                  examines the phenomenon of clinical
examines antiretroviral regimen tolerability,    the Free State)
                                                                                                  deterioration       during     antituberculosis
durability, and effectiveness when co-
                                                                                                  treatment in a high HIV-1 prevalence setting.
administered with tuberculosis treatment.                                                         The recently publicised outbreak of XDR-
The thesis looks at how the effectiveness of     George Sabela Petros
                                                 Thesis Title: The role of older persons in       TB in Kwa-Zulu Natal had sensitised
ART has changed over time and with the                                                            clinicians to consider drug resistant
scaling up of treatment in Khayelitsha and in    the management of HIV and AIDS: An
                                                 assessment of their contribution and             Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a cause of
the Province as a whole. The results chapters    support needs in three South African             clinical deterioration. However, prospective
of the thesis comprise five published papers     provinces                                        studies were required to describe the
accepted or submitted during the period of                                                        spectrum of illnesses causing clinical
registration.                                    George Sabela Petros was born in Nyanga          deterioration. Dominique’s first study found
                                                 East, Cape Town. He holds a Certificate in       that      clinical     deterioration     during
Supervisors: Professor J Myers                   Adult Education from the University of Cape      antituberculosis treatment accounted for one-
(Pubic Health)                                   Town (1989), a National Diploma in Public        fifth of medical admissions to GF Jooste
Co-supervisor: Professor G Maartens              Health from the Cape Peninsula University        Hospital. New AIDS-defining illnesses and
                                                 of Technology (1993), and a, MPhil Public
(Medicine/Pharmacology)                                                                           bacterial infections accounted for most
                                                 Health from the University of the Western
                                                 Cape (1997).                                     referrals. Drug resistant Mycobacterium
                                                     George Petros’s PhD thesis investigates      tuberculosis and bacterial infections were
*María Teresa Irurzun López                      the impact of HIV and AIDS on older              important reasons for death. In the
Thesis Title: Absorptive capacity to finance     persons in urban and rural areas of three        subsequent community based study at
HIV/AIDS treatment in South Africa:              South African provinces, who had become          Khayelitsha Site B Tuberculosis clinic, 40%
Where are the bottlenecks?                       caregivers of persons living with HIV and        of patients starting antituberculosis treatment
                                                 AIDS and/or of affected grandchildren. To        experienced         clinical      deterioration.
María Irurzun López has a BSc and MA in          understand a multidimensional problem, a         Significant risk factors for clinical
                                                 mixed methods research design was                deterioration were HIV-1 infection and
Applied Economic Analysis from the
                                                 employed to gather information from              profound        immune       suppression      at
University of Alicante (Spain), and an MPhil     caregivers and from policy makers. Key
in Development Studies from the University                                                        tuberculosis diagnosis. Of concern were the
                                                 findings of the investigation were: more
of Sussex (UK).                                                                                   clinical outcomes after 24 weeks of
                                                 older women than men are primary
    In her PhD thesis, María Irurzun López       caregivers;     caregivers’ capacity       is    antituberculosis treatment: 22% of patients
investigates absorptive capacity in South        overstretched; the epidemic affects family       were lost to follow-up and 8% of patients had
Africa’s public health sector in relation to     structures and family relationships; and the     died. Lastly, Dominique reports the first case
scaling up financing for HIV/AIDS                consequences of the disease overwhelm the        series of neurologic TB-IRIS. In a hospital
treatment. At the conceptual level, the study    coping and adaptive capacity of affected         setting, 10% of patients diagnosed with TB-
                                                 households – especially relating to finances     IRIS had neurologic involvement. Outcome
defines and constructs an analytical
                                                 and food security. A policy framework was        was fair; 13% of patients with neurologic
framework of absorptive capacity and related     developed as a tool for policy makers and        TB-IRIS died and 87% required hospital
bottlenecks, identifying five major areas        other role players at the district level to      admission for a median of 12 days.
where bottlenecks may arise: financial,          identify and meet the support needs of older     Dominique Pepper’s work has important
human, infrastructural, institutional (within    carers. A case was made for much greater         implications as it shows that the greatest
the health system) and structural (outside the   incorporation of the needs of older persons
                                                                                                  burden of clinical deterioration occurs in
health system). At the empirical level, the      in health care programme planning at district
                                                 level. The thesis thus adds to our knowledge     profoundly        immune-suppressed        HIV
study assesses and compares absorptive                                                            infected patients who desperately need life-
capacity and major bottlenecks encountered       of the effects of HIV/AIDS on a neglected
                                                 population, namely older persons, provides       saving antiretroviral treatment at higher
nationally and in the Free State and Western                                                      CD4+ counts.
                                                 tools for policy development and monitoring,
Cape provinces in respect of the public sector   and more broadly contributes to the
HIV/AIDS treatment programme. The                development of African gerontology.              Supervisor: Professor Robert J. Wilkinson
findings show that South Africa’s absorptive                                                      (Institute of Infectious Diseases and
capacity was constrained by poor practices       Supervisor: Professor M Ferreira                 Molecular Medicine)
and a shortage of human resources,               (International Longevity Centre-South            Co-supervisor: Dr Graeme Meintjes
insufficient    financial    capacity     and    Africa)                                          (Institute of Infectious Diseases and
demanding requirements of conditional            Co-supervisor: Professor R Ehrlich (School       Molecular Medicine)
funding, inadequate infrastructure, and          of Public Health and Family Medicine)                                                               43

                                ORDER OF PROCEEDINGS

                                                Academic Procession.
                    (The congregation is requested to stand as the procession enters the hall and
                              is invited to participate in the singing of Gaudeamus)

                               The Vice-Chancellor will constitute the congregation.

                                               The National Anthem.

                The University Statement of Dedication will be read by a representative of the SRC.

                                                   Musical Item.

                            Welcome by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor D Visser.

     The honorary graduand will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the University orator, Professor A Lewis.

                                  Address by the honorary graduate, Dr D Lewis.

                       The graduands and diplomates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor
                      by the Director of the Graduate School of Business, Professor W Baets.

                      The Vice-Chancellor will congratulate the new graduates and diplomates.

               Professor Visser will make closing announcements and invite the congregation to stand.

                                The Vice-Chancellor will dissolve the congregation.

                  The procession, including the new graduates and diplomates, will leave the hall.
                             (The congregation is requested to remain standing until
                                         the procession has left the hall).

                    HONORARY DEGREE
                      David Harris Lewis – Doctor of Economic Sciences

David Lewis has made a significant contribution to industrial policy and economic development.

He has worked as a unionist; an academic; a public servant and chair of the competitions tribunal.
In all these he has been an innovator. In all these he has taken positions that have been contested
and his ideas have not always met with universal approval. But his ideas have often prevailed and
been proven prescient.

He was General Secretary of the General Workers Union (1975 – 1985) and national organizer in
the Transport and General Workers Union, until 1990. He was at UCT (1990 – 2000) becoming
founding director of the Development Policy Research Unit, and a director of the Industrial Strategy
Project which had great influence on government policy post-1994. He served as: adviser to the
Minister of Labour from 1994 to 1996; member of National Economic Development and Labour
Council (NEDLAC); a National Research Foundation Board Member 1999 – 2002; co-chair of
the Presidential Commission of Enquiry into Labour Market Policy; and member of the Board of
Directors and Deputy Chairman, Industrial Development Corporation.

As important as his work in the union movement undoubtedly was, and as important as his
influence in industrial policy formulation has been shown to be, it is in the area of competitions law
and regulation that he has made his most important contribution. He was a member of the Task
Team formulating the new competition law (1996 -1999) and a member of the Competition Board
from 1996 - 1999. From 1999 to 2010 he was Chair of the Competitions Tribunal. In these roles
he has had a massive influence in attacking anti-competitive behaviour in the interests of all. It did
not always make him friends but there is wide acclaim for the work of the Competition Tribunal –
from the financial press, the legal fraternity, and the business community. The public too have
become conscious of its significance following broad ranging decisions of the Tribunal that have
had significant impacts in limiting market power – from bread to steel to hospitals and medicines.

           NAMES OF GRADUANDS/                   Margo Maureen van Vught                       Ansgar Flaatten
               DIPLOMATES                        Penelope Stuart van Zyl (with distinction)    Feraad Fortune
                                                 Denise Michaela Waschnig                      Tendayi Yvonne Gwata
     An asterisk * denotes that the degree or         (with distinction)                       Richard John Hardiman
     diploma will be awarded in the absence      Fatima Williams                               Stacey-Lee Harrison
     of the candidate.                           Lauren Olivia Williams                       *Faisel Hendricks
                                                                                               (With distinction) Jill Bartha Hosking
                                                                                               James Jon Hulse
                                                In Management Practice:                       *Oswald Brian Jack
           FACULTY OF COMMERCE                   Radleigh Anthony Abrahams                     Anel Jacobs
                                                 Rosemary Abrahams                             Nobathembu Monica Jilingisi
                                                 Minette Africa                                (With distinction) Wayne Nigel Jochems
     Dean: Professor D Ross                     *Philip Henry Alexander (with distinction)     Valerie Joan Jonathan
     Director of the Graduate School of          Melany Claudine Beukes                        Maghmoed Joseph
     Business: Professor W Baets                       (with distinction)                      Jennifer Christina Kenny
                                                 Nirvashnee Chetty (with distinction)          Malcolm Gerard King
                                                 Regan Davids                                  Joy Vuyo Kobokoane
            ADVANCED CERTIFICATE                 Nomfundo Gomba                                Anele Allen Kolisi
               IN LEADERSHIP                    *Julie Anne Heslop                             Refilwe Beauty Ledwaba
                                                 Michael Charles Jacobs                        Pauline Claire Leith
      Sybil Sibongile Antoni                    *Jomer Luis Tavares Januario                   Carmen Mary Lipari
     *Hendrik Bruwer                            *Eric Kalondwa                                 Mbulelo Quinton Lizwe
     *Ronel Engelbrecht (with distinction)       Mohamed Kanthe                                (With distinction) Jordan Rhys Ludlow
     *Jennifer Marcelle Steyn                    Imtiaz Khan                                   Bukiwe Charlotte Makaba
                                                 Najwa Lee                                     Thato Matsio
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         ASSOCIATE IN MANAGEMENT                *Maria Johanna Lottering                       Henri Fernand Mizero
                                                 Naslie Roseline Lottering                     Ester Letitia Moag
      Rudy Abrahams                              Nduduzo Nicholas Mabaso                       Babalwa Laurencia Mothibi
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      Mariam Adams                               Rebecca Stephen Makenge                       Loyiso Ngqwemla
      Kirby Anderson                            *Mammone Hazel Manyapye                        Arthur Dennis Nieuwoudt
      Hugh Anthony Bedeker                       Lana Elizabeth Marais                         Hendrik Petrus Oosthuizen
     *Dean Bouch                                *Floyd Samson Masemula                         (With distinction) Adrian Philander
      Giancarlo Bravetti                         Nombasa Degree Matya                          Kariema Price
      Fiona Cecelia Erispe                       Vasudevan Naidoo                              Neil Franklin Rolls
      Nongqabutho Falala                        *Tania Padley                                  Russell Phillip Samuels
     *Zintle Fundani                            *Wagner Henrique Pereira                       Robert Frederick September
      Jennifer Geduld                            Raymond William Ranta                         (With distinction) Claire Patricia Toi
      Hishaam George                             Joseph Ansong Sasu (with distinction)        *Remmert Michael Tomas
      Angelo Maurice Graham                      Makhosazana Nelisiwe Shongwe                  Tom Tshitangano
      Phumla Gwija                                    (with distinction)                       Izak Johannes Van Eeden
      Ephraim Monde Hamnca                      *Kgomotso Vincent Smous                        Ryan Peter Lee Weideman
      Petrus Harmse                             *Sharon Anne Tonkin (with distinction)         Sandra Louise Williamson
      Fazlin Harribi                             Mbabvu Trust
      Rupert Ralph Henry                        *Johannes Nicolaas Viljoen
      Tougeeda Ismail                                 (with distinction)                            POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA
      Patrick Samuel Jacobs                     *Nadine Chantal Watermeyer                             IN MANAGEMENT
      Colleen Jeftha                             Herdia Espa Wicomb
      Bonita Erica Koff                                                                       In Management Practice:
      Rushana Larney                                                                          *(With distinction) Abdul Kayum Ahmed
      Siyambonga Sam Limani                         POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                    Bashir Akwasi Ahmed
      Amandla Mali (with distinction)               BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION                   *(With distinction) Gerald Cornells
      Magdalena Lynne Marais                                                                      Ochieng Ajumbo
      Clinton Marney                             Anthea Amanda Alexander                       Emmanuel Mc Coffie Ankamah
     *Musa Stanley Mbingo                        Nadia Barsch                                 *Duran Archery
     *Daniel Tshepo Moitse                       Nicole Barthus                                (With distinction) Joseph Bernasco Baidoe
      Nokuthula Mpamba                           Jan Jakobus Adriaan Booysen                   (With distinction) Nirvan Bhudai
      Jeremy Ronald Naidoo                       Shireen Brown                                 Augustine Appiah Boachie
     *Emilia Fanyi Ngen                          (With distinction) Angela Ann Carlisle        Richard Martin Bruins
      Norman James Petersen                      Thulani J Cele                               *Andrews Buadi
      Aubrey Norman Prince                      *Krishna Chetty                                (With distinction) Alexan Tamara Carrilho
      Shihaam Prins                              Gillian Eleanore Christians                  *Bridget Chifundo Chalira
     *Neelhandren Ramsamy                        Annelise Alaxis Cohen                        *Dominic Chanda
      Mogamat Shamiel Salie                      Gareth Paul Dallas                           *Rumbidzaishe Chinyoka
      Zenobia Schwartz                           Martin Davids                                 Faizel Cook
     *Peet Stander                               Kurt Russel De Bique                          (With distinction) Jeanette Mary Dace
      Crystal Edwina Swanson                     Charl du Toit                                 (With distinction) Annemarié de Raay
46   *Olabimpe Olaide Thomas                    *Imraan Elias
 (With distinction) Letsiwe Thulisile          Richard Arnold Berg                         Rolf William Moes
      Sibongile Dlamini                        Darren Graham Berry                         Boipelo Dibolelo Mooketsi
*(With distinction) Mark Geoffrey Doyle        Hemal Jamnadas Bhana                        Sipho Mothobi
 (With distinction) Ilse du Preez              Robert Bitumba Kabiola                      David Shula Mpundu
*Aletta Johanna Duvenage                      *Siham Boda                                  Timothy Mellekindi Mruttu
 Pamela Anne Mary Eley                         Gary Michael Bode                           Vezokuhle MacDonald Msibi
 (With distinction) Albertus Erasmus           David Hans Botha                           *Joel Joseph Mugangala
*Andrew Garbers                               *Christina Brokahne                          Eino Natangwe Mvula
*Daniel Walusako Wycliffee Ghambi              Michael Anthony Brown                       Collindren Naicker
 (With distinction) Tracy Antoinette Hardy     Bayly Jill Bulkeley                         Dinesh Naidoo
*Jacques Christopher Herbst                   *Patrick Burns                               Warren Narotzky
 Johanna Maria Human                           (With distinction) Shaun Cabrita            Lucia Mpedi Ndlovu
*Darryl Josef Hurlimann                        Sindiswa Calana                            *Rodgers Ndobe
 Guy Robin Hugh Imbert                         George Jonathan Cayanis                     Lukhanyo Kenneth Ndube
 Raymond Martin Johnson                        Michael Chidede                             Mcebisi Ignatius Ngubane
 Karen Judin                                   Evan Paul Clark                            *Atul Oka
*Marius Johan Kies                            *Todd Martin Coons                           Graham Stephen Paterson
*Zintle Zoliswa Koza                           Lars Crama                                  (With distinction) Ruth-Frances Penfold
*Rogerio Machado Leal                          Gwarega Dambudzo                            Karen Deirdre Petersen
 (With distinction) Olga Madymelana            Susan Veronica Davis                        Adrian Pflugshaupt
        Maluleke                               Catherine Mary Day                          Sean Patrick Pienaar
*Justine Mc Ivor                               Erik Krige de Waal                          Craig Chichele Plowden
 Craig Lindsay Miller                          Rajeev Devalall                             Michael James Probyn
 Mapheko Anna Mothetsi                         Mukhtar Dharsey                             Malebogo Pinkie Ralefala
*Abel Mudau                                    Philipp- Alexander Dreyer                   Nessen Devaraj Ramsamy
*Cornelius Wilhelm Müller                     *Oliver Eglin                                Mohammed Iqbal Rasool
 Melanie Jacomina Nel                          (With distinction) Jacobus Boshoff          Christopher Read
 (With distinction) Graham Marc North                 Engelbrecht                          (With distinction) David Mark Rebe
*John Kowus Owusu                              Angela Fink                                 Byron Redman
 Saloshnee Pillay                              Craig Peter Friderichs                     *Stephen Charlton Reid
 Strinivasen Pillay                            Margaret Fundira                            Kirill Alexandrovich Riabtsev
 Shadreck Shamfuti Saili                       Muhammad Saaligh Gabier                     Louis Hugues Rivet
 Willem Petrus Schoombee                       Manfred Garben                              Grant Stuart Rodger
*Tamirat Shawoel                               (With distinction) Mark Gething             Arveen Rughubar
*(With distinction) Petros Shayanowako         Bradley James Gold                         *Gigliola Rosaria Russo
*Kekeletso Laetitia Tsumane                    (With distinction) Desigan Govender         Barimwotubiri Ruyobeza
 (With distinction) Izak Diederik Johannes     Craig John Gradidge                         Thabid Salie
        van der Merwe                          Tyron Norman Green                          Zanele Jenette Salman
 Johan Frederick Van Wyk                       (With distinction) Adri Grobler            *Amy Kirsten Saunderson-Meyer
 *Katie Beatrice Johanna Venter                (With distinction) Elvira Hester Grobler    Thekiso Mzwandile Selele
*Johnstone Kiragu Wachira                      Richard Shaun Haller                        Yesheen Singh
*(With distinction) Martha Onyiego             Stephanus Hancke                            Alexia Simone Slutzkin
      Wamukoya                                 Yaseen Ahmed Harneker                       Hugh Ben Sonn
*Lydia Wood                                    Gregory Barclay Henshall                    Alexandra Joan Kathleen Stocks
                                               Richard John Hime                           Jonathan Mark Stodel
                                               Hiwilepo Laban Hiwilepo                     Naushaad Suleman
       MASTER OF COMMERCE                      Pamela Shannon Hueston                      Brandon Christopher Taylor
                                               Bilal Yousuf Jhavary                        (With distinction) Andre Alvin Titus
In Management Practice:                        (With distinction) Morgan Glynn Jones       (With distinction) Roelof Gabriel Petrus
 Ian Charles Buxton                           *Rocky Makaba Kasanga                                Van Schalkwyk
 Jacquilene Harris                             Jawad Kriel                                 Jean Louis Van Wyk
 (Dissertation with distinction) Hein Maree    Sebastien Jack Pascal Lacour                Yolande Van Wyk
 Gerard John Martin                            Miriam Lefetogile                           (With distinction) Christoffel Johannes
 Kampamba Pam Mwananshiku                      Andreas Holger du Pré le Roux                       Vermeulen
 Grant Allan Watson                            Jacobus Petrus Le Roux                     *Arno Von Dem Bussche-Ippenburg
 Gloria Sibongile Zanele Xaba                  Darryn Lifson                               Andrew Warner
                                               (With distinction) Ndivhudzannyi Isaac      Ivo Andreas Weiler
                                                      Ligudu                               (With distinction) Josias Jacobus Wessels
        MASTER OF BUSINESS                     Lian Lombard                                Maria Jacoba Johanna Wessels
         ADMINISTRATION                        Liezel Lombard                              Scott John Wilson
                                              *Thomas Maketa-Lutete                        Mark Peter Wingfield Digby
 Ugestra Alwar                                 (With distinction) Linda Marcialis          Laurence Charles Woodburn
 Kerri Sue Bailey                              Khangelani Methuli Mbanjwa                  Karen Juliette Yodaiken
*Hartaj Bains                                  Margot Ann McComb                           Richard Brian Young
 Donna Rae Barnes                              (With distinction) Peter Mennell
 Jon Morley Barnes                             Derrick Richard Daniel Mills
*Christoffel Johannes Basson                   (With distinction) Nicholas James
*Manewa Juliet Batupe                               Misplon
 Robert William Beighton                      *Thebe Sefhemo Modikwa                                                                   47
      In the Executive Programme:
      Cheryl Marie Bailey Ayogu
     *Marius Botes
      (With distinction) Sonja Veronica Breet
      Shireen Chengadu
      (With distinction) Robin Trent Gascoyne
      Jacinto Ferreira dos Santos Rocha
      (With distinction) Lynette Ruth Du Toit
      (With distinction) Jill Diana Hamlyn
      (With distinction) Shafika Isaacs
      (With distinction) Joy-Marie Lawrence
      Bradford Lubbe
      Primrose Nomawethu Thomzana
      Thembinkosi Moses Madondo
      Mzimkulu Malunga
      (With distinction) Colin John Mitchell
      Khayelihle Ludgar Busa Mkhize
     *Moshe Motlohi
      Umbigay Sharlett Naidu
     *Simon Peter Oosthuizen
      (With distinction) Stéphane Daniel
      Jane Marion Hylda Rogers
      Ingo Herbert Schneider
      Peter John Stone
      Michael John Williams
      (With distinction) Nathan Ricardo

                      Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an outstanding teaching and research university, educating for life and
addressing the challenges facing our society.
 Educating for life means that our educational process must provide:
 . a foundation of skills, knowledge and versatility that will last a life-time, despite a changing
 . research-based teaching and learning;
 . critical enquiry in the form of the search for new knowledge and better understanding; and
 . an active developmental role in our cultural, economic, political, scientific and social
Addressing the challenges facing our society means that we must come to terms with our past, be
cognisant of the present, and plan for the future. In this, it is central to our mission that we:
 .  recognise our location in Africa and our historical context;
 .  claim our place in the international community of scholars;
 .  strive to transcend the legacy of apartheid in South Africa and to overcome all forms of
    gender and other oppressive discrimination;
 .  be flexible on access, active in redress, and rigorous on success;
 .  promote equal opportunity and the full development of human potential;
 .  strive for inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration and synergy; and
 .  value and promote the contribution that all our members make to realising our mission.
 To equip people with life-long skills we must and will:
 . promote the love of learning, the skill of solving problems, and the spirit of critical enquiry
   and research; and
 . take excellence as the bench-mark for all we do.
We are committed to academic freedom, critical scholarship, rational and creative thought, and
free enquiry. It is part of our mission to ensure that these ideals live; this necessarily requires a
dynamic process of finding the balance between freedom and responsibility, rights and
obligations, autonomy and accountability, transparency and efficiency, and permanence and
transience, and of doing this through consultation and debate.

     Don Derrington Simpson, BBusSc MBA
     John Ross, BA MA PhD Western Ontario PhD

     Welcome, Wamkelekile, Welkom ± today is not the end of your relationship with the university
         but the beginning of a new phase in your continuing relationship with UCT, one that
                     you share with the UCT community of over 100 000 alumni.
           Diverse as this community is, the shared experiences of a critical academic ethos
           and a spectacular campus make for a strong network that has a wide footprint,
                   not only in South Africa, but across the continent and the globe.

         We set great store by our links with our alumni, and indeed the links alumni have with
          each other. We promise that we will be in touch, and ask you in turn to let us know
              not only your current contact details but also, from time to time, something
                            of your lives and where you are in your careers.

              Updates can be done on the web ±
                ± or by writing to the Alumni Office, UCT, PB X3 Rondebosch, 7701
                             or by contacting us on (27) (21) 650 3746.

                       Your alma mater looks forward to welcoming you back,
                  whether to a public lecture, a leadership forum, your class reunion,
                                        or just an informal call!


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