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Model Name:    HD-343-SSC   Issue Date      Apr-23-2006

              External Enclosure
           HD-343-SSC (eSATA+USB)

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Model Name:           HD-343-SSC                     Issue Date      Apr-23-2006

1. Overview

HD-343-SSC is an ultra-high speed portable enclosure designed for 3.5" SATA
HDD. The model with USB 2.0 and SATA interface offers you seamless data
transfer rate up to 3Gb/sec. It is compatible with USB2.0 specification as well as
SATA 2.0/1.0 specification. HD-343-SSC works with PC or MAC featuring plug
and play, hot swappable unit. With the casing lay-out in rigid aluminum, it
provides a fully metallic shielding for sufficient EMI control. In addition to
aluminum cover, individually powered cooling fan with dissipation hole allows
perfect cooling effect. Design to meet compact spacing, HD-343-SSC stands
vertically on a stand. By DC/12V2A Power Adapter, HD-343-SSC supports the
maximum capacity SATA HDD up to date. HD-343-SSC always makes your
work more convenient and efficient. You can say that it serves as the best
companion for your desktop and laptops.

 2. Features

         3.5” SATA HDD I/II external enclosure
         Complaint with SATA 1.0 & 2.0 specification.
         eSATA and USB 2.0 interface
         Lighted Power ON/OFF switch
         Individual Power switch for internal fan
         Compliant with the USB 2.0 specifications, Mass Storage Class, and
         the USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport.
         SATA-II to USB2.0 interface
         SATA-II to eSATA interface.
         OS Supports Win2000/ME/XP , and Mac OS 9.x/10.x and above and
         Linux kernel after
         Power: 100~240 AC Adapter with 12V2A/DC output.
         Material: Rigid Aluminum Body and ABS plastic panel
         Dimension: (LxWxH) 229x124x33mm

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                                                    Rev. No.            0.A
Model Name:         HD-343-SSC                      Issue Date       Apr-23-2006

3. Package Contents
     HD-343-SSC is packed with a color coated retail box. The enclosed item
     of HD-343-SSC package lists as below:
        1. HD-343-SSC Unit
        2. Wall Mount AC-DC/12V@2A Power Adapter
        3. USB Cable
        4. eSATA-eSATA Cable
        5. eSATA bracket panel
        6. User Manual

 4. Mechanism dimension
  HD-343-SSC looks smooth and graceful, is fabricated with fully rigid
  aluminum cover with plastic panels. PCB and cooling fan are attached to the
  metal tray. The cooler design, dissipation hole is located at the back panel.
  Following is the hardware outlook. The size is 229x124x33mm

                                                                 eSATA bracket

    SATA-II connector                              eSATA + USB2.0 interface

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Model Name:          HD-343-SSC                    Issue Date      Apr-23-2006

   5. Installation Guide

STEP1 :    After HDD is installed slide in the tray from the front, and attach
            the back panel

STEP2 :    Fix screws from the back panel

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Model Name:              HD-343-SSC                    Issue Date      Apr-23-2006

6. Performance and System Support

6.1    Environment ratings:
           1.   Operation temperature:0°C ~ 70°C
           2.   Storage temperature:-20°C ~ 70°C
           3.   Operation Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH
           4.   Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH

6.2 Agency Approvals

      FCC/CE Compliant
      RoHS Compliant

6.3 OS Supports

      1.   Win2000---------------------------------- Window Native Driver
      2.   Win-ME-----------------------------------Window Native Driver
      3.   Win-XP------------------------------------Window Native Driver
      4.   MAC OS 8.6 and later ------------------Mac Native Driver support
      5.   Linux with Kernel 2.4.0 or above ---- Linux Native Driver Support

7. Packaging

      OEM packaging available upon requests.

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