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St. Mary's Child Care Center
    Enrollment Information
•   Learn about the Center
•   Learn about the programs
•   Learn about the age groups/ratios
•   Learn about the staff
•   Learn about the curriculum
•   Learn about the waitlist process
                  The Center
•   Hours are 6am-6pm, Monday
    through Friday
•   Children ages 6 weeks –
    kindergarten accepted
•   Full-time, part-time and
    rotating part-time available
    for employees of SMH and
•   Full-time available for
    employees of Dean &
    Affiliates and Community
•   Breakfast, lunch and snacks
    provided, in addition to baby
                Holiday Closings
SMCCC is closed for seven designated holidays per year:
• New Year’s Day
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day (The center is open on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, for those who
    are scheduled to work at the Hospital and Dean Clinics.)

•   Christmas Eve Day
•   Christmas Day

•   If any of these days fall on weekends, the Center will remain open
    for all other days of the year.
•   The Center does not close for inclement weather or other school
     Mission Statement
• The mission of St. Mary's Child Care
  Center is to provide children with care
  that is child-centered, family-oriented and
  community based. The teachers and
  support staff believe that a healthy
  development of positive self-esteem and a
  well developed self-concept is most
  significant in the formative years, 0-6.
       Our Philosophy
• Care for children is inclusive of
  racial, ethnic, social, economic and
  family structure diversity. Your
  child will participate in age-
  appropriate play, dance, music and
  movement, drama and creative visual
              Philosophy cont.
•   Each child at St. Mary's Child Care Center is treated as an
    individual. We have no preconceived notions of age expectations—
    when they are toilet trained, when they must learn to count, etc.
    We offer a ―no pressure‖ approach to reaching developmental
    milestones. Interests, needs, and home situations are all
    respected and acknowledged in each child’s primary care situation.

•   We see the Center as an extension of the home. Each child has a
    right to significant bonding, and they are therefore assigned a
    primary care teacher. Parents have one person to check in with,
    conference with, and depend upon. This primary teacher then is
    responsible for keeping the other program team members
    informed. The team teaching concept allows your child and your
    family to get to know all program staff and feel confident and
    secure in your child’s daily care.
The Child Care Center has a model that includes
parent/teacher conferences on a regular basis.
•Intake Conference: occurs shortly before enrollment
    •Parents learn about their child’s program, room
    specifics and daily activities.
    • The primary teacher will learn more about the new
    child and the family.
• Midyear Conferences: held every six months.
    • Update for parents on their child’s developmental
    progress, activities within the program and update the
    primary teacher on any changes with the family.
•Transition Conference: held 4 weeks prior to transition
    •Acquaints the parents with their child’s new primary
    teacher and program when they become old enough to
    move from one program to another.
         Our Curriculum
• Play-based: we believe the most important
  learning for young children occurs in their
  naturally occurring play. Each program utilizes
  weekly, bi-weekly themes that are child-centered
  and emergent. The five areas emphasized are:
  language arts, pre-math, art, large motor and

• We offer a 4-K curriculum in our Preschool
  program that prepares children for Kindergarten.
General Daily Schedule for Toddler and
6:00am                                 Center Opens

8:30am                                 Breakfast

9:00 to                                Scheduled Activities,
11:00 am                               Group Times, Free Play, Outside Play

11:30 am                               Lunch

12:00 to 3:00pm                        Nap and Quiet time

2:30pm                                 Afternoon snack, Free Play, Outside Play

6:00pm                                 Center Closes
* Infant care is individualized according to their own pattern for feeding and sleeping.
Our Age Groupings
                  Ages 6weeks - 9 months

   Preschool                                     Toddlers
 Ages 3-5 years                            Ages 9 months-3 years
            Age Ratios
•   Infants (Koalas) 3.5    :1
                        (children)   teacher

•   Younger Toddlers (Pandas) 4:1
•   Older Toddlers (Dreamers) 6:1
•   Younger Preschool (Turtles) 10:1
•   Older Preschool (Penguins) 10:1
• Our staff is comprised of
  21 teachers. Many have 4-
  year degrees in Early
  Childhood Education or
  Elementary Education.
  Some have 2-year degrees
  in Early Childhood
  Education. Our turnover
  rate is low, (2009 –5%) and our
  years of experience are
              Scheduling Options
    SMH & SMCC Employees                            Dean/Affiliates &
•   SMH & SMCC staff have the option of
    either full or part time scheduling for
    their enrolled children. Part time        •   Dean/Affiliates & Community may
    schedules can also be flexible and            only submit fulltime schedules for
    rotating.                                     their enrolled children. The
                                                  contracted days can be varied into
•   The minimum enrollment requirement            any combination of start and end
    is the equivalent of 5 whole days in          times as needed. A whole day is 9.5
    St. Mary's 2 week pay period.                 hours.
•   The contracted days can be split into
    any combination of whole days and         •   Tuition contracts are required for
    half days as needed. A whole day is           accurate billing.
    9.5 hours and a half day is any 5         •    Extended days that exceed 9.5
    consecutive hours.                            hours are also available.
•   Tuition contracts are required, for
    accurate billing, but may be changed
    as needed.
•   Extended days that exceed 9.5 hours
    are also available.
    Scheduling Options cont.
•   Full time enrollment is 10 whole days in St. Mary's 2 week pay
    period, or 8 extended days.
•   Schedules are posted in the classrooms for the upcoming two week
    scheduling period and left up for one week.
•    Parents must fill in their needed hours of childcare on the
    schedules by the deadline of 8am, St. Mary’s payday Friday*.
•   If you have a fixed schedule, having your child’s schedule
    permanently typed in is also an option.
    *When scheduling your child’s attendance it is recommended that parents look at their own work schedules
    first, then add additional time onto the beginning and ending portion of their child’s day to ensure adequate
    time to drop off and pick up.
        Payment Methods
      SMH & SMCC                   Dean/Affiliates &
• Payroll Deduction            • Check
• Check                        • All payments are due on
                                 St. Mary’s payday Friday
• All payments are due on        for the current session.
  payday Friday for the
  current session. Many        • Current Tuition rates are
  employees utilize payroll      available on the St. Mary’s
  deduction as a stress free     Intranet located in the
  method of ensuring prompt      Childcare Section.
  payment.                     • Available upon request by
   – Tuition rates are           calling the childcare
     posted on St. Mary’s        center.
     Intranet located in the
     childcare section.
              Sick Child Policy
•   A child must remain at home, or be
    sent home if: they have a significant
    or increasing fever; they have
    explosive or multiple loose stools or
    vomiting within 12 hours of
    attendance; they are unable to
    participate in a daycare day. In
    other words, your child must feel well
    enough to play, eat meals and go
•   Parents should notify the center
    when their child is sick and/or
•   A child who becomes ill while at the
    center will be isolated.
    contact person are expected to pick
    up within 1 hour of notification.
    (Emergency contact person must live within 1
    hour of center)
       Tour the Center
• Come any day
  between 8am and
  4pm and take a
  look at the Center
  in action. For a
  guided tour, please
  call ahead at 229-
  7444 OR 229-
            Waitlist Process
•   Upon completion of this enrollment information session, you will
    be asked to complete a short quiz to understand the process

•   After completing the quiz you will be able to download a waitlist
    application form

•   Please READ and fill the form out completely.

•   Return the form with a $45.00 check (non refundable application
    fee) to St. Mary’s Childcare Center (sending through
    interdepartmental mail is an option)

•   Questions about the form can be directed to Deirdre: or 229-7444

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