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Discography _pdf_ - tCff November2008


                                    AmaranthaRecordspresents work of

                                                                                        THOMAS RAJNA
                                                                                         pianistand composer

                                                               Thomas                  Rajna                                                                                               Thomas Rajna
                                  RHAPSODY                 FOR CLARINET                       AND ORCHESTRA                                                                                      IDEO   C$A

                                                                                                                                                                                          DIuN}ENTO            PICCOF
                                               GANTILENAS                    AND INTERLUDES                                                                                               MOTTIINS       FOR    SRNCS

                                                SUITE FOR V]OLIN                           AND HARP                                                                              SMN.SI    MR    W.     PEICUSION       N    FLNO

                                                               Robe.t      PickuD,      clarinet                                                                      Nrrbrrl  Symphory Orchatrr               cotrdudcd    by   Richrrd Co.k
                                         National       Syhphony         orchestra,        cond.      Richard     Cock
                                                                                                                                                                      Crpc Towtr Symphory Oftbellrr            conduclcd    by   O6ri Hrdlri
                                                                                                                                                                      Tnfivr.l  ChsmberOrcbcslrr               conduct.d    by   Richud cock
                                      Cape     Town      Symphony         orchesrra,          cond.   Oavld     Tidboald
                                                                                                                                                                      Studlo Chamber Edlemble                  corduclcd    bv   Terer€c K€rr
                                   Alexander        Trost'ansky,        violin         Anna     Verkholahtseva,            harp

                                  ,'Fi                                                                                                                              .l
                                                                                                                                                                      ,_'lLT r , F
                                  ;,;1!I ^.                                                                AROI3             DDD                                      :iirll   rr

             AR 011-2                         AR 013                                                                                           AR 014                                           AR 015
"Raj na's haunting interweave    Two brilliant young Russians                                                                      The bold and vivid Ist Piano     "More than 1000 delighted
of themes is so compelling, it   perform the Suite for Violin                                                                      Concerto is coupled with solo    children wriggled excitedly in
is a wonder to rise after less   and Harp, a work, which is                                                                        piano works as performed by      their seatswhile spotting the
than two hours and realise       gaining world-wide interest                                                                       the composer.                    music of their favourite video
one has travelled an             since its premiire at the                                                                                                          games in the new symphonic
imaginative journey of truly     Prague World Harp Congress                                                                                                         work of that name bv
epic proportions."               in 1999.                                                                                                                           Thomas Rajna'o
Mail & Guardian                                                                                                                                                     Cape Times

                                                                         Additional titles newlv reissued:

             AR 016                                                 GSET55O                                                                    AR 017                          GSE1541
                                 Together on CD for the first                                                                                                       $Catzel is in magnificent
 "Thomas Rajna's playing                                                                                                           "His music is tonal,
seemsto me quite admirable.      time: 3 of Dohnrflnyi's                                                                           melodious and                    form, creamy of voice and a
He is able to unfurl his         dazzling Delibes & Strauss                                                                        colourful. . .well-contrasted    completevocal actress...
romantic imagination,            w zltz transcriptions for                                                                         themes set out in                partnered by Thomas Rajna,
catching and recreating the      piano; international virtuoso                                                                     resourcefully handled            himself a proYen interpreter
soul and song of the various     Pauk plays Rajna's Music for                                                                      classical formal structures.'o   of Spanish piano music.
pieces,but combines his          Violin & Piano; Dohninyi's                                                                         Gramophone                      Altogether a superb disc."
obvious interpretive             masterly Violin Sonata; lst                                                                                                        Mail & Gusrdian
sympathies with an absolute      recording of Rajna's String                                                                       "Having heard Thomas
precision of performance."       Quartet.                                                                                          Rajna's scintillating Harp
Hi-Fi News                       "The Rajna String Quartet                                                                         Concerto and other samples
                                 deservedly attracted the                                                                          of his works over the years,
                                 greatestinterest ...a well-                                                                       could not prepare one for the
                                 shaped, subtly textured                                                                           majesty of his 2nd Piano
                        Cape Times                                                                    
                                 "Thomas Rajna's crisply                                                                           Johannesburg Star
                                 articulated readings of
                                 Dohninyi' s Coppelia, N aila,
                                 and Du und Du (Fledermaus)
                                 transcriptions should delight
                                 all piano fanciers."
            All inquiries: Amarantha Records, E-mail:                                                                     TeVfax 021 6713937

                       Address: 10WyndoverRd. Claremont,

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