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									 Photoshop Guide
"Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies" Review
Seller: David Peters


Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies is a set of videos, which demonstrate the many
features of Photoshop. The tutorials demonstrate Photoshop as well as
newer versions that have been integrated with Creative Suite (CS) products, from CS2
to CS4.

The video tutorials include:
- The Workspace
- Selections
- Painting and Drawing
- Resizing Images
- Image and Color Modes
- Layers
- Creating Text
- Layer Styles and Effects
- Photo Retouching
- Saving Images
- Tips and Tricks... "Removing Red Eye"
- Tips and Tricks... "Photo Merging"
- Tips and Tricks... "Lighting Effects"
- Tips and Tricks... "Photo Framing"

Additional videos for CS2 updates:
- Adobe Bridge
- Image Warp
- Layers: Refined
- Lens Correction
- Red Eye Tool
- Smart Objects
- Spot Healing
Additional videos for CS3 updates:
- Auto Align
- Auto Blend
- Black and White
- New Blend Modes
- Brightness and Contrast
- Bridge CS3
- Clone Source
- Curves
- Interface
- Photomerge
- Quick Select Tool
- Refine Edges
- Smart Filters

Additional videos for CS4 updates:
- Adjustments Panel
- Bridge 3
- Content Aware Scaling
- Dodge and Burn
- Drag and Drop in Tabs
- Extending DOF
- Masks Panel
- Panels in CS4
- Tabbed Interface
- Target Adjustment Tool
- Web and PDF

Also included are several bonuses:
     Ecover Magic (Adobe Action Scripts): Action scripts to create ecovers for
     eBooks, software boxes, CDs, DVDs, membership cards and many more. The
     scripts work with Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 or higher.

     A Guide to Digital Photography: An eBook, which covers the basics of digital

     The Handy Color Schemer: An easy-to-use software that helps users choose
     coordinating colors for websites, logos, images, and others.

     Picture Gallery Maker: A software that enables the user to create web pages with
     pictures galleries on them. It's simple to use and includes six templates, although
     users can also create their own templates.
     Bonus articles on Photoshop, design, and other related topics: A total of 86 bonus
     articles are included. The articles cover various topics of interest to designers and
     digital photographers.

     Unadvertised Bonus: As a special bonus, buyers of "Photoshop Fast Track for
     Newbies" will also get 109 additional video tutorials. These include: 27 tutorials
     with additional training in Adobe Photoshop CS; 20 tutorials on Photoshop CS2;
     37 tutorials on Photoshop Elements; 10 tutorials on maximizing your digital
     camera; and, 15 tutorials about ImageReady CS.

Product Details:

The videos are in digital format (Flash and Shockwave) and can be either viewed
online or downloaded into the customer's hard drive.


Digital video, compatible with both PC and Mac
PDF transcripts of the tutorials

Thoughts on the Product:

Video is the best way to learn how to use software, in particular, a graphic editing
software such as Photoshop. The tutorials begin with the most basic topic (e.g., "The
Workspace"), and progress to the most complicated (e.g., "Lighting Effects" for the
Fast-Track set).
Each tutorial is only a few minutes long. The presentor is clear and demonstrates each
step of the process. Learning is fast and easy when you can see the results of each step
right away!

The best way to go through the videos is to have your own copy of Photoshop open at
the same time, pause the video, do the same step yourself, and see if you achieve the
same results.

Even the most uninitiated Photoshop user should be able to follow along without
difficulty. Finally, the PDF transcripts come in handy for quick reviews of the lessons.

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