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									            Longslade Community College                                                                              9.12.2010
        Contact: Wanlip Lane, Birstall, Leicester, LE4 4GH   website:      tele:0116 267 7107

Dear Students, Parents and Friends                                               an announcement on Radio Leicester
It hardly seems possible we are approaching the
end of term and Christmas is nearly here. I would
                                                                                 a notice on the BBC radio Leicester website
like to say a big thank you to everyone for                                       -
supporting the College, students and staff
throughout the term, particularly through the recent                          information on the college website –
winter weather.                                                      
                                                                        Please do not telephone either the college or the
Students and staff have been involved in many                           local BBC offices.
trips, visit and events this term and it has been                       Thank you for your support.
really encouraging to see so many charity fund
raising events including the Santa Fun Run, cake                        YR 11 Science examinations in January 2011.
sales and the Children in Need concert.                                 The next round of examinations for Year 11
                                                                        Science students takes place in January.
I would like to wish you all a peaceful Christmas                       Students, are you prepared for them? Have you
and a Happy New Year and look forward to                                started your revision yet? Have you bought a
working with you again in the New Year.                                 revision guide or a workbook?

Term starts on Thursday 6 January at 8.45 am.                           The dates of the examinations are:
Wednesday 5 January is a Training Day for staff.                        B2 Biology – Thursday 13th January.
                                                                        C2 Chemistry – Monday 17th January.
With very best wishes                                                   P2 Physics – Wednesday 19th January.

Liz Hall, Principal                                                     Students studying additional science this year will
                                                                        be doing one of these examinations. Triple Science
College closure due to severe weather                                   students are doing all 3 examinations.
The Local Authority has contacted all schools
and colleges regarding the possibility of severe                        What to do now:
weather during the winter months.                                          Ask your teacher to explain exactly what to
                                                                              revise for the exam.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind
                                                                           Buy a revision guide for £3.
everyone of the Snow Desk procedures.                                      Revise using the BBC Bitesize website
                                                                              (Additional Science AQA).
If the college does have to close, we will make                            Try the past papers and markschemes on
this clear to parents and students as quickly as                              the AQA website, (you will
                                                                              find what you need in the “key materials”
possible via –                                                                folder on the ‘Additional Science’ area.
                                                                           Look out for after school or lunchtime
        a text or email message using our Keep                               revision classes offered by our team of
         Kids Safe system (please ensure we have                              science teachers.
         up to date contact details – to update your                          It is amazing what difference some revision
         details please telephone the College or                              can make . . .
         email                                                                   Mr Fossard, Head of Science )
Maths Students of the Week                               Thursday 6th January     Unit 1             Room
Week ending 28th November                                2011                                        20
Year 10                                                  Thursday 20th            Unit 3             Room
Alice Potter – finding the highest score in the          January 2011                                19
pyramid competition so quickly.                          Thursday 27th            Unit 4 (re-sit)    Room
Emma Ashley - excellent work at matching                 January 2011                                19
equations and finding the wrong solution.
Phillipa Towlson - excellent work in class.              Year 13 Economics
                                                         Tuesday 11th            Unit 1 (re-sit)    Room
Year 11                                                  January 2011                               20
Adam Hopkins and Will Law – excellent work on            Tuesday 18th            Unit 2 (re-sit)    Room
quadratics and angles.                                   January 2011                               20
Daniel Chapman - excellent effort and attainment         Tuesday 25th            Unit 3 (re-sit)    Room
as usual.                                                January 2011                               20

Post 16
                                                         Year 12 & 13 Law
Ferys Warren - commitment to achieving a good
                                                         Tuesday 14th
grade.                                                   December 2010          Unit 1              Room 20
Steven Pedge – excellent effort in classwork and         Thursday 6th
homework.                                                January 2011           Unit 1              Room 22
                                                         Tuesday 11th
Congratulations!                                         January 2011           Unit 1              Room 22
Students were recently asked to design a poster to       Thursday 13th
promote Anti-bullying week at Longslade. We had          January 2011           Unit 1              Room 22
some great entries and the winners were...
                                                         Tuesday 18th
                                                         January 2011           Unit 2 (re-sit)     Room 22
Bethany Russell, Chloe Moore & Jessica Green in
KEC4CH                                                   Thursday 9th
Josh Smalley in JKA4WA                                   December 2010       Unit 3              Room 20
Kirsty Naismith, Emma Moore in CK45CH                    Thursday 16th
They were chosen because of their fantastic design       December 2010       Unit 3              Room 20
and content. Well done to them all. Their posters        Thursday 20th
will be printed and put up around the school.            January 2011        Unit 3              Room 22
Prizes and certificates to follow!                       Tuesday 25th
                                                         January 2011        Unit 3              Room 22
                                C. Kinder, Head of Art
                                                         Thursday 27th
Business Studies                                         January 2011        Unit 3              Room 22
The following revision sessions are being held by        Tuesday 1st
the Business & Law Faculty for the exams in              February 2011       Unit 3              Room 22
January 2011.                                                          Ms Riches, Head of Business Studies
Year 11 GCSE Business Studies
For Unit 1 Re-sit exam on Wednesday 12th January         ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ Club
2011.                                                    For Post16 students who need cooking skills for
Thursday 9th            Enterprise             Room      university / other students who want to learn to
December 2010                                  19        cook your favourite foods.
Thursday 16             Marketing              Room      This club will run in 6 week courses - on a Tuesday
December 2010                                  19        after school, - late buses available.
Thursday 6th            Human Resource         Room      First course 11th, 18th, 25th Jan, 1st, 8th, 15th Feb
January 2011            Management             19        Second course 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th March, 5th
Tuesday 11              Finance &              Room      April
January 2011            Technology             19        Third course 10th, 17th, 24th, May, 7th, 14th,
                                                          21st June
Year 12 & 13 Business Studies                            Come and sign up for your course - places will be
Tuesday 14th          Unit 1                Room         limited.
December 2010                               20                           The ‘Let’s get Cooking’ Co-ordinators
                                       Leading Edge Up-date for Longslade News

As many of you will know Longslade is part of the Leicestershire Leading Edge partnership of schools, working with
Beauchamp Community College in Oadby and John Cleveland College in Hinckley. By working together we are able to
provide teaching and learning opportunities for students and staff at our partnership schools which we would not
necessarily be able to provide as individual schools. This term our Leading Edge Partnership has provided the following
                                                   Teacher Researchers

We have been able to welcome Kelly Everett and Aarti Kodiara as teacher researchers working on a Masters in
Education and Leadership. In partnership with colleagues from Beauchamp and John Cleveland Kelly and Aarti have
begun a Masters programme facilitated by Nottingham University. As part of this Master programme Kelly and Aarti will
be undertaking action research looking at ways to improve teaching and learning at Longslade.

                                                 Student Researchers

As an extension of this project we have set up a group Post 16 students who will be carrying out their own research
projects in specific subject areas around Longslade. To help these students get started on their research project 10 of
our Year 12 students attended a student researcher conference at Loughborough University to help them develop their
research skills.
Collaborative events are an important part of our partnership work and this term students from our colleges have been
invited to join the following workshops:

                                                German Language Day

On 23rd November we took a group of ten Year 10 language students to Beauchamp to find out more about the
importance of studying Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), and in this case, German. The event was designed to
encourage students to recognise the importance of Germany as an industrial influence within Europe and to consider
the German culture. The aim of the event was to enhance students’ appreciation of the value of studying MFL and to
encourage them to consider German as an option Post 16.

                                                   African Drumming

African music (choral and/or instrumental) features on the syllabus for GCSE Music for most exam boards, so we were
pleased to accept an invitation to an African Drumming and Performance event at John Cleveland on 24th November.
This event was attended by 8 Year 10 music GCSE students from Longslade who took part in a very lively event which
was facilitated by an excellent group of African performers bought in from London for the day. Fun was had by all.

                                                    Learning Walks

Another aspect of the Leading Edge Partnership is the concept of ‘Learning Walk’ where we aim to visit other schools
and colleges to look at innovation and good practice, with the aim of considering how we can use our findings to
improve our colleges.
This term we have recruited two students and a staff member to undertake a Learning Walk to Boston, USA in February
2011. The aim of this learning walk is to find out more about the American Charter School systems which appears to
have been a key influence in the establishment of new ‘Academy Schools’ in the UK. More news on their finding next

Margaret Dewsbury
Leading Edge Co-ordinator
                          SWIMMING POOL
                   Telephone 0116 267 3461. Website:
                           Email: swimming

      16th AND FRIDAY 17th DECEMBER 2010 please accept our apologies for any
      inconvenience caused to our users.
    Early morning swimming sessions are now being held on Mondays, Tuesdays and
      Fridays from 7am – 9am.
    Why not hold a pool party – stepping stones, music and floats available to hire.
    Swimming lessons for children (age from 4½ years) and adults are held Mondays to
      Fridays – in small groups or on a one to one basis.
    NPLQ Lifeguard course February 20th – 26th 2011 OR May 28th – 5th June 2011, contact
      Naomi at the pool for further details 0116 267 3461
    Please accept our apologies for any car parking problems caused due to the building
      work on the campus.
    The pool will close for the Christmas holidays:
      1.30 pm Weds 22nd December and reopen Tuesday January 4th at 7.00 am

                           ADULT CLASSES
Zumba – Mondays 6.45 – 7.45 contact Sarah on 07810 307113 for details
Circuits class – Wednesdays 7.45 – 8.45 pm Fees: Payable termly in advance £3.75 per
session, contact Jane Hill on 0116 267 0807 to enrol

                     CHILDRENS CLASSES
                                  Gymnastics Classes
          Wednesday and Thursday evenings – 5.30 – 6.30 pm and 6.30 – 7.30 pm,
                   Fees: payable termly in advance £3.80 per session.
                       Contact Jane Hill 0116 267 0807 to enrol.

                        Respect Academy of Performance
            A theatre school with a difference - street dance, singing and drama.
    Website: Email: Telephone
                  07974333890 or 07737722005 for further information

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