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					It doesn't matter that the Calico Critters has been around for years (it was first
released in 1984 by Epoch Lt.), it is still one of the most talked about toys and will be
one of the hottest toys in 2010. All critters need a place to call home, and this toy is
the perfect home for all the Calico Critters out there. The Calico Critters Townhouse
is the perfect way for your children (3+) to tap into all the wonders of their

The world of Calico Critters includes animals such as bunnies, cats, dogs, frogs, mice,
bears and much more! These critters can be bought as families or pairs, whichever
you are looking for. What family is complete without accessories? Your Calico Critter
family will come with a variety of objects such as clothes, food and even bottles for
the babies. The most important thing any family needs is a place to sleep at night
where they will be safe and protected.

The Calico Critters Townhouse has four rooms that give critters a place to eat, sleep
and live. If you have an expanding critter family, there is a divider that can be placed
within the house to create a fifth room. This house has everything needed for your
Calico Critters to be comfortable. The home is two stories tall and has a movable
staircase for convenience.

Your children will love playing with the Calico Critters Townhouse as it can be
opened for easy inside access. The home doesn't come with any furniture, but
furniture sets can be purchased separately and your little ones can then decorate as
they see fit. A few examples of the furniture that can be purchased includes: bedroom
sets, living room décor and kitchen furniture. Each room has a variety of
different furniture that can be purchased to ensure you find just the right décor
for your home!

The townhouse even has working lights within it for added details. However, these
lights need batteries to work. Therefore, be sure you remember to buy a package of
AA batteries as they aren't included in with the townhouse.

Your little one won't have a problem finding a place for the Calico Critters Townhouse
as it is only 12 x 12 x 12 inches. It can also be stored quickly and easily because it
folds up quite nicely. When the house is closed, an abundance of Calico Critters can
be conveniently stored inside as well. While the townhouse requires assembly, it isn't
hard and many older children can do it on their own. Even the stairs and room divider
can be moved by older children without an adult's help.

Young children will love playing with their Townhouse for years to come as it has
endless possibilities. There are always more Calico Critters looking for a nice home as
well as new home décor products that can be purchased to update the home. In
addition, grass and jungle gyms can be added to improve the town home's outside
look too. The best thing is that this toy is a classic and can be handed down from one
generation to the next and still be a beloved toy! It' a gift that keeps on giving.