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Power2Switch One Page Pitch document


									What do we do? Power2Switch is an electricity cost reduction and energy use monitoring/management portal for small
businesses. Expedia for electricity!

Industry/How does Power2switch disrupt? Electricity retail was established by deregulation in 15 US states providing an
opportunity for a price comparison service. Power2Switch brings the supplier switching service online and reduces current
processing times from weeks to minutes. The portal also automatically retrieves customer historic data, analyzes the data
using proprietary Power2Switch analytics model® and enables suppliers to price and provide savings to clients. The
customer interface enables usage monitoring and management.

Business model: $0.002/kWh commission paid by suppliers for the life of the contract, against the monthly kWh usage of
any commercial users who switches service, average of $50/customer/month for 2years. An additional revenue
possibility ($4/customer) from meter data management/billing reconciliation and usage analytics is projected.

Market Opportunity: $312MM/yr addressable market commission (55B KW/yr) in the 15 states with deregulation

Industry Validation: The Power2Switch portal is fully functional and live at The portal has
served over 200 clients, with 12 revenue generating clients providing $460/Month. Power2Switch has broker agreements
with 10 suppliers in Illinois, negotiations ongoing in New York & Maryland. Power2Switch is licensed by the Illinois
Commerce Commission. Power2Switch has been selected into the Illinois Smart Grid Cluster, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial
Center CAP (Cluster Acceleration Program) 20 companies and Clean Energy Trust Challenge Finals

Competition: Hara (funded by KPBR), SaveonEnergy, Whitefence

Differentiation: Power2Switch has Utility Electronic Data Interchange capabilities (by virtue of being licensed), which
enables direct access to customer data. Our proprietary analytics models can gain insight for peer facility assessment,
billing reconciliation and energy management.

Analog Company/Exit Opportunity: GroundedPower raised $918K in Jan 2010, acquired by Tendril (smart meter OEM) in
Oct 2010 for $7MM (reported). Acquisition by utility/supplier/smart meter company is a possible exit path for investors

Seyi Fabode: Operations and commercial analysis for Power Generation Facility and Energy brokerage Company
Phil Nevels: Business Development for recently acquired software company, consulting experience
Gary Dollinger: Over 15 years of IT development/programming experience for SMBs
Carl Hirschman: VP of Sales/Co-Founder for recently acquired software startup/XWires
Advisors: Todd Hillman (Exec Director, Midwest Independent System Operator), Jon Morris (CEO, Rise Interactive) Prof
John Birge (Advisor Electric Power Institute, Univ of Chicago Booth School of Business)

Financials: (Illinois only. Income increases dependent on number of states entered.)
                             Year 1           Year 2           Year 3              Year 4               Year 5
         Revenues         $ 579,902        $ 1,941,168     $   5,759,489      $   11,428,067      $    17,794,662
         Expenses         $ 948,306        $ 1,240,157     $   2,550,106      $    3,299,378      $     4,142,004
         Net Income       $ (370,664)      $ 453,707       $   2,084,149      $    5,281,671      $     8,872,226
         % margin                   0%             23%                36%                 46%                  50%

Funding Sought: $150,000 (Seed Round), $450,000 (Super Angel, 8 Months after Angel Round)
                                                           CONFIDENTIAL| Power2Switch LLC |

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