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					Whether you are buying a car or selling one, you know how frustrating it can be. You
need to find a buyer or a car quickly, but there are so many marketing options
available. Which ones are the most effective? How can you be sure you are getting a
good deal or selling your car for what it is truly worth?

Choosing the Right Car

For those who are buying cars, the first step in finding the right car is to decide the
type of vehicle you want. You can spend hours scouring resources full of used cars for
sale, but if you do not know what you want or need, you are going to struggle to find
the right vehicle. First, make sure that you find a vehicle with enough space for your
regular passengers. This does not just mean enough seats. Many of the vehicles with
three rows of seats have very little legroom in the rear, so if you are transporting
adults on a regular basis, your passengers will not fit, even though there is a seat for

Next, consider the amount of trunk or storage space you need. Will you be using the
vehicle for vacations, or just for driving to and from work? Also, make sure you
consider the gas mileage on the vehicle. With the ever increasing cost of gas, you
need a vehicle that is as fuel efficient as possible.

Once you have an idea in mind as to the type of vehicle you want to buy, consider
visiting an automotive dealership that has used cars for sale and test driving a few.
This will give you a chance to check out the actual space inside the vehicle, get a feel
for the engine, and see how comfortable the controls feel. Narrow down your search
after visiting the dealership before you begin searching auto classifieds for a vehicle.
However, be sure that you do not buy on this first visit. Car dealers can be pushy and
make you feel like the deal they are offering is the best possible deal you will find, so
you need to be tough to avoid this pressure. You will want to take time to search on
your own for the truly best deal.

Sources for Used Cars

You can find the right car through a dealership, by shopping online, or through a
private seller. The route you take depends on your preferences and the asking price of
the vehicle. You can find cars for sale from private parties, in newspaper and
magazine classifieds or by shopping online. Most people find that the Internet allows
them to comparison shop and get a better price on the car they want to buy. Shopping
online also helps buyers see a larger selection of autos, since they are limited to the
inventory on hand when shopping at a dealership. Most dealerships also register with
online classifieds, making the Internet the most convenient place to begin when
buying a used car. There are many online automotive classifieds that are great tools to
use when shopping for a used vehicle.
Financing Your Purchase

You can finance your purchase through a lender whether you purchase from a private
party or a dealership. The best way to ensure that you get the car you really want is to
get pre-approved for financing before you begin actively shopping. This will, of
course, require that you have a car in mind so that you know the approximate amount
of money that you need. Once you have chosen a vehicle and know the price,
approach a lender and apply for a car loan. Once you are approved, you will be given
a pre-approval notice that you can show a seller if you are ready to make a purchase.
If other buyers who do not have pre-approval are interested in the vehicle, the seller
will be more likely to choose you because you have the money ready to go.

How to Determine a Car's Value

Whether you are buying or selling cars, you need a way to determine the value of the
vehicle. You can use many tools to help you set determine the value of a particular
vehicle. One way to do this is to look in automotive classifieds to see what the asking
price of similar vehicles is. Of course, you have no way of knowing based on
classifieds alone whether or not the price a particular seller is asking is too high, but
this can give you a general feel for the current market.

One tool you will want to use when determining the value of a vehicle is Kelley Blue
Book. This guide, which is available online, allows you to see the average listing or
selling price of a vehicle that is the same make, model, year, and condition as the
vehicle you are either buying or selling. Keep in mind that Kelley Blue Book is a
national guide, so the fair price in your location may be slightly lower or higher than
the Blue Book value. The bottom line about the value of a car is that it is worth what
the buyers in the market are willing to pay. If you are selling a car and have it priced
just below Blue Book value, yet no one is willing to pay that, you have the car priced
too high for your market.

How to Advertise a Used Car for Sale

Sellers have basically three options to use to advertise their cars. The first is to place a
sign in the window and drive the car around town or park it in a visible location. The
second option is to advertise in paper classifieds, such as automotive publications or
the local newspaper. This can be an effective way to sell a vehicle, but it can also be
quite pricey. The third option is the use online classifieds.

Sellers can benefit greatly from using the Internet to help them sell their cars. Just as
shopping online provides the buyer with more cars to choose from, selling online
provides a wider customer base. There are many free and low cost automotive
classifieds websites that advertise used cars for sale. This makes the marketing simple,
as the owners of the classifieds sites will promote their sites and draw in the buyers.
All the buyer has to do is set the price, submit the information, and then sit back and
wait for the vehicle to sell.

Finalizing the Sale

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, finalizing the sale of a used car is basically the
same. Once the buyer and seller have agreed to a selling price, the buyer will present
the money, usually in the form of a check, to the seller. The seller will then sign the
title over to the buyer. At this point, the vehicle is considered sold, and the buyer can
drive away in his new vehicle.

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