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									The RSVP Newsletter                                                                                           September 2009
                                                                                                              Volume 2, Issue 1
Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Enid and North Central Oklahoma, Inc. Newsletter
   RSVP, 602 S. Van Buren, Enid, OK , t: (580) 233-5914 f: (580)233-5937

                                 W.O.W. Kites Over Enid
                                 Be A Part of History, Go Fly A Kite!
                                    On September 10th Enid, OK           following detailed sponsorship       On-Site Public Address
                                    will attempt to break the            information. Volunteers and          Recognition
                                    Guinness Book of World               kite flyers are also in need. If     Top Billing On Event Website
                                    Records for the most kites           you can pledge any of these          Gold Sponsorship $2,500
                                    flown simultaneously. The            resources, you can be a part         Name on Event Signage
                                    current record of 967 kites          of history! Proceeds from the        On-Site Public Address
                                    was set in August of 2008 in         event will go to benefit the
                                                                                                              Listing On Event Website
                                    Germany. The event is                Enid Chapter of the Habitat
                                                                                                              Silver Sponsorship $1,000
                                    called W.O.W. Kites Over             for Humanity.                        Name at Water Stations
                                    Enid! As a part of this                                                   Name on a “Kite Square”
                                    event, Enid will be                  Title Sponsorship $10,000+           Listing On Event Website
                                    highlighting the importance          Headline The Event                   Bronze Sponsorship $500
                                    of the Wind Energy industry          Name or Logo on 2500 Kites           Listing on Website
                                    to Enid and NW                       Name or Logo on Event Signage        Sponsor Student Kites
                                    Oklahoma. The event is               On-Site Public Address               Friend
                                    already receiving national                                                Volunteer, Donate, Fly a Kite
                                                                         Top Billing On Event Website
                                    and international
Participating member agencies       attention.                           Platinum Sponsorship $5,000          How can you learn more:
                                    If you, or your company, is          Featured On Every Marketing
      Bennie Mullins                interested in being                  Piece
                                    recognized as a sponsor for          Name on 2500 Kites                   Or call the RSVP office at:
    Executive Director              this event, please read the                                               580.233.5914
                                                                         Name on Event Signage

  In this issue:

  Kites Over Enid           1
                                    5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell
  5 Cell Phone Tricks       1
                                    Phone Could Do!
  Name That Town            2
                                  FIRST EMERGENCY                       phone about a foot from your         number is unique to your
                                  The Emergency                         car door and have the person         handset. Write it down and
  Annual Flu Clinic         3     Number worldwide for your             at your home press the unlock        keep it somewhere safe.
                                  Mobile is 112. If you find            button, holding it near the          If your phone gets stolen, you
  Volunteer of the Month    3     yourself out of the coverage          mobile phone on their end.           can phone your service
                                  area of your mobile network           Your car will unlock.                provider and give them this
  Enid Mobile Meals         3                                                                                code. They will then be able
                                  and there is an Emergency, dial       THIRD EMERGENCY
                                  112 and the mobile will search        Imagine your cell battery is         to block your handset so even
  Volunteer Stations        3
                                  any existing network to establish     very low. To activate, press the     if the thief changes the SIM
  Happy Birthdays           4     the emergency number for you,         keys *3370#. Your cell phone         card, your phone will be
                                  and interestingly, this number        will restart with this reserve and   totally useless!
  Bennie’s Blog             5     112 can be dialed even if the         the instrument will show a 50%       FIFTH EMERGENCY
                                                                        increase in battery.                 When you need to use the 411
                                  keypad is locked. Try it out.
  Scare on the Square        6                                          FOURTH EMERGENCY                     information option, simply
                                  SECOND EMERGENCY
                                                                        To check your Mobile phone's         dial: (800)FREE 411, or
  New Volunteers             6    If you lock your keys in the car
                                                                        serial number, key in the             (800) 373-3411 without
                                  and the spare keys are at
                                                                        following Digits on your             incurring any charge at all.
                                  home, call someone at home
                                                                        phone: *#06#. A 15-digit code        Program this into your cell
                                  on their cell phone from your
                                                                        will appear on the screen. This      phone now. This is sponsored
                                  cell phone. Hold your cell
                                                                                                             by McDonalds.
The RSVP Newsletter 2


                                 Oklahoma, Town by Town
                                 Name This Town:
                                   As you leave Kansas entering Oklahoma’s stretch of the Mother Road, you will pass through this
   “This small town is home to     tiny community just three miles later. Surrounded by tall prairie grasses, this town was once an
                                   important hay-shipping area at the turn of the century. Later, cattle grazing and large
   less than 1,000 souls.”         ranches became essential to the economic industry of the community.
                                   However, the real boom of the town was the zinc and lead mining industry, which
                                   began in the region as early as 1897. The town boomed during the years of 1917 and
                                   1918 and many of the town citizens received immense royalties during these times.
                                   The Dark Horse Mine, which opened in 1904, became the mainstay of the town but
                                   after World War I, the demand for zinc and lead decreased and the town’s boom
                                   days were over.
                                    Today, it is yet another fading mining town of the tri-state area. However, the town
                                   displays several nice murals on its buildings that deserve a stop for a photo
                                   opportunity. It is also home to the Spook light, a dancing ball of light seen on a bluff
                                   called Devil's Promenade. Though the “spook light” is located in this area, it can only
                                   be viewed east of the town and is often referred to as the Joplin Spooklight, or the
                                   Hornet Spook Light, both cities in Missouri.
                                   If you’re passing through on July 4th, the city holds the oldest Indian Pow-Wow in the
                                   United States at Beaver Springs State Park. For more than 130 years, the celebration
                                   has been taking place and is well worth the stop.

                                        1920's photograph shows Main Street looking north in this town. This muddy road would soon
                                                                           become Route 66

                                   First caller with the correct answer will win a prize!

                                   Previous Town: Okmulgee, OK

                                   Previous Winner: BARBARA SENG
The RSVP Newsletter 3

ENID MOBILE MEALS NEEDS YOUR HELP!                              Annual Flu Clinic                                              3

                                                                It’s that time again….. Time to   have your card available.
Mobile Meals delivers to people age 60 and                      schedule your annual flu shot.
                                                                RSVP is hosting a flu clinic to   If you are interested, please
older who are too frail or sick to prepare their
                                                                be located at the Santa Fe        call the RSVP office and let
own meals and who have no other way to get                      Depot, 202 W. Walnut, Enid,       them know that you will be
even one hot, well-balanced meal a day. The                     Ok. This clinic will be on        attending so there is an
                                                                October 14, 2009 from             accurate count of
program currently serves an average of 80                                                         individuals to expect.
                                                                9:00 am until 12:00 pm. The
people a day. The need for meals is great and                   prices are as follows:
                                                                                                  RSVP Office: 580.233.5914
continues to grow because of the exploding
                                                                Flu Shots: $25.00
growth of the elderly population here in Enid. Our
volunteers offer more than a meal -- they bring                 Flu Mist: $30.00 for ages 2-49

friendship, hope and a sense of security,                       Pneumonia: $45.00
enabling people to remain in their own homes.
                                                                They will file Medicare, just
We are hoping to expand this to more
individuals in need. However, we need volunteer
power to make this program successful! If you or                Volunteer of the Month!
someone you know is interested in delivering
                                                                So far in 2009, RSVP volunteers   winner of the nominations!
Mobile Meals 1 day a week, 1 day a month, or                                                      If you would like, you can
                                                                have worked over 105,000
just on occasion, please call the RSVP office and               hours! You truly make this        also submit a picture.
let them know you want to help! It takes less                   community a better place!!
                                                                So, we would like to highlight    Email:
than 1 hour to deliver a meal that makes the                    a new “Volunteer of the 
difference in so many lives! To learn more about                Month”. A new volunteer will
this program, please call: 580-233-5914 and ask                 be featured in every one of
                                                                our newsletters. If you know
for Harlan Strattan, Mobile Meals Coordinator.                  someone who is worthy of this
                                                                nomination, please submit
                                                                their information to the RSVP
                                                                office, email, fax, or through    Address:
                                                                our website. Next month’s         602 S. Van Buren
                                                                newsletter will feature the       Enid, Ok 73703

  If someone were to define     the best answer is RSVP is a     each of our stations             feature a new station each
  RSVP, I guess you could say   group of talented                provide. So, if you are a        newsletter. Please include
  it is an organization that    individuals who care about       volunteer coordinator, or a      available volunteer
  brings the talents of many    others. With over 120            station representative,          opportunities and anything
  seniors in the community to   different volunteer stations,    please send information to       else of interest. This will
  help solve local problems     we would all like to learn       the RSVP office, either by       allow the RSVP community
  affecting their own           more about the specific          email, fax, or through the       to stay connected.
  neighborhood. But I think     areas of emphasis that           website, and we will
The RSVP Newsletter 4


                                               September Birthdays
      1                    6                       11                   16                   Venita Scheller     26
      Tressie Folger       Wilbur Taylor           Betty Nichols        Laura Couchman       Shirley Pogue       Thad Slonecki
      Inez Vaughn          Ginger Damon            Jo Dobbs             17                   Kenneth Scroggins   Marilyn Humphrey
      2                    Rosailla Fuksa          Robert Greenhaw      Teddy Green          Bea Parker          Emily Wolf
      Mary Beach           Oleta Mae Roberts       Bonnie Haas          18                   Michele Loughery    Beth Blackwell
      Margy Weldon         Lynne Bussell           Tom Kirk             Colin Smith          24                  27
      Veroque Jones        7                       12                   Leroy Stauffer       Dora Jean Devore    Vernon Shockley
      3                    Velma Lindsey           Laura Beers          Daphna Shipley       Buck Horner         Betty Gregg
      Geraldine Skouby     Peggy Schaffer          Mary Wiedman         Dennis Iselin        Bill Machart        Janet Kendall
      Lois Roberts         Diane Lasky             Patrece Allen        19                   Martha Manning      Don Bleakley
      Beatrice             Connie Shaffer          13                   John Yeager          Marjorie Nivison    28
      Schovanec            8                       Carmen Cain          Dale Herde           Beverly Richter     Elmer Russell
      Jan Antilla          Reba Bonnett            Billie Lloyd         20                   Eldon Will          Eleanor Correll
      4                    Muriel Bradford         Peggy Fass           Clara Farrington     Corky McCroskey     Jack Shockley
      Herbert Nickel       Dorothy Coppock         Denise Allen         22                   Sandra Ott          Billie Little
      Doris Kent           9                       14                   Helen Tharp          Shirley Hall        Carolyn Schoeb
      Ruth Ann             Gary Whiteside          Toleda Kosted        Robert Edgar         25                  29
      Hammond              10                      Minnie Wilgus        Norma Shoop          Helen Jack          Eva Heim
      Maxine Paulsen       Frances Fauchier        Jennie Newton        David Ott            Anna Simunek        Helga Hardin
      Catherine Gifford    Arlene Kiner            15                   Twila Hoy            Lela Patterson      Bonetta Hansing
      5                    Leah Jones              Jo Niles             23                   Jim Troutman        Jerald Holt
      Sammye Cupp          Ernest Gorath           James Clark          Buck Parrack
      Gayle Tapp

                                                   October Birthdays
      1                     Starling Miller                                  Betty Henderson           Lawrence Swink
                                                     Helen Romine
      Rosa Hood             Carolyn Kurz                                     Jack White                Janeal Gracey
                                                     Kenneth Sholtess
      Glenda Anderson       Faye Ruess                                       19                        Robert Hodgden
                                                     Johnnie Bryant
      2                     7                                                Betty Dunsworth           25
      Juanita Thomas        Alan Livingston                                  Patricia Jenkins          Monta Horning
                                                     Linda Tedder
      Lois Happ             Wanda Boruff                                     20                        Toyoko Failing
      Virginia Schlemmer    Jean Kuykendall                                  Rita Kennedy              Thelma Toliver
                                                     Mattye Smith
      Mimi Collar           Ann Jean Crider                                  Genevia Kitchen           26
                                                     Dwayne Posey
      Verda Unruh           Linda Wade                                       J.C. Stephens             Lavera Hudson-
      June Butricks         8                                                21                        Pekrul
                                                     Ann Davis
      4                     Laura Ream                                       Sister Florentia Riebel   Anna Lesh
                                                     Mary Apperson
      Catherine Koonz       Julie Linville                                   Ralph Barrett             Rob Lund
                                                     Linda Franklin
      Jim Rhodd             Patty Lohmeier                                   Rosalee Roberts           Alma Jane Beavers
      Verna Lea Shroads     John Bullard                                     22                        Martha Coppock
                                                     Betty Miller
      5                     Evelyn Chestnutt                                 Robert Healey             Nicki Carlsten
      Charlene Dellinger    9                                                Loren Quick               James Patterson
                                                     Lorene Harmon
      Barbara St. Clair     Frances Truman                                   Mary Jo Lanier            29
                                                     Alberta Houston
      Mary Burdick          10                                               23                        Mary Hacker
                                                     Karen Campbell
      Mary Helen Iselin     Pauline Arnes                                    Billie Buck               Shirley Stowers
      Vivian Reed           Merceds Matthews                                 Wanda Cook                Kathleen Roberts
                                                     Lavoy Sullivan
      Marcia Teall          Raymond Wagner                                   Harriett Alvey            Kay Diel
                                                     Bee Killam
      6                     Betty Ann Smith                                  Elda Jones                30
                                                     Liz Baker
      Jean Shockley         Phyllis Puffinbarger                             24                        Frances Kehnemund
                                                     Jan Tinsley
      Kenneth Slack         11                                               Kenneth Heim              Imogene Rieman
                                                     Janice Mackie
      Deanie Gibbons        Jo Seelke                                                                  Evelyn Boucher
The RSVP Newsletter 5


  Bennie’s Blog
  It’s becoming a reality.        to “I Want to be a            Leadership Greater Enid
  This month (August) will        Cowboy’s Sweetheart”.         when she came to the
  be my last month in my          I was trying to remember      part that requested prior
  fifties. I will turn 60 years   the original artist when      employment. At 27
  of age later this month.        Edna Mae recalled it          years of age, she has
  It never really dawned          was Patsy Montana.            not had a lot of
  on me how times are             Grace only heard the          employment
  changing ever so                name Montana and              opportunities and
  quickly. This was driven        quickly informed us that      wondered if she should
  home to me on July 3rd          Hannah Montana does           fill out everywhere she
  at my friend Cathy’s            not yodel. Time Warp.         had worked. I again, in
  house. I was chatting                                         my maternal advice,
  with a beautiful young          Yet again, our new            suggested she only list
  girl named Grace                Assistant Director,           professional employments
  Enmeier when I                  Christy, was filling out an   other than part time jobs of

  explained I could yodel         application for               her youth.                      On August 21,

  Using my past as an
                                  insisting I eat her            what I did, ate, or wore
  example, I explained I
                                  delicious mud pies! Talk       yesterday. Time Warp.
  had worked during my
                                  about an idiot, but I
  college Christmas break                                        Fall will soon be in the air
                                  didn’t die. We would
  in OKC at S&H Green                                            and we all will settle
                                  throw blackcat
  Stamps. You got it,                                            back and enjoy the
                                  firecrackers at each
  “What’s S&H Green                                              cool weather, football,
                                  other in the city limits of
  Stamps?”                                                       fundraising, school
                                  Canton. Stupid, yes. It’s
  Time Warp. Yes, I will be                                      zones, and the holidays
                                  all coming back to me,
  60 years of age. I can                                         to come. Let’s all try to
                                  no air conditioning, no
  remember starting my
                                  food pyramids. Mimmi’s
                                                                 remember how                   Bennie
  Grandfather’s pick-up                                          fortunate we are to be
                                  telephone was 2 longs
  with the floor starter, I                                      active, alert, and
                                  and 3 shorts, and Aunt
  almost had to lie down                                         constantly be giving
                                  Ole on the party line
  to reach it but I did it. I
                                  getting the latest gossip.
                                                                 back to this wonderful                  turned
  can remember milking                                           community we call
                                  The memories go on
  ole’Jersey and taking                                          home. I’m sorry but I
                                  and on, however, as I
  the milk home to
  Mimmis, who would then
                                  turn 60 I remember             forget what the name                         60!
                                  everything vividly. The        of it is.
  run it through a huge
                                  problem I have now is
  separator. I can                                                           Bennie
                                  that I can’t remember
  remember my sister Pat

The RSVP Newsletter 6


 Welcome New                        Scare on the Square
 Volunteers!              Scare on the Square is set for    Halloween Queen pageant for
                          October 30 from 5pm to 8pm        ladies over 18, costume
                          on the courthouse lawn. It's      contests for all ages, one for
 Patricia Jenkins         an old-fashioned community        best group costume, as well
 Dianna Waldie            Halloween festival. It will be    as the parade of costumes –
                          safe for the kids and fun for     that will hopefully be Grand
 Inez Vaughn
                          the whole family! There will      Marshaled by none other than
 Mona Helberg             be many exciting events           Count Gregore himself, all
 Jeanette Shepard         planned such as: Trick- or-       followed by a jack-o-lantern
 Carolyn Fluman           Treating for the kids, a          contest.
 Blondie Major
 Barbara Bailey
 Carol Lahman            Open Volunteer Opportunities……….
 Beulah Davidson
                           Our Daily Bread- Needs a         St. Mary’s Hospital- Needs       RailRoad Museum of
                           Tuesday morning cook             Saint Mobile Drivers             Oklahoma- Needs hosts-
                           Sandy Howard 242-5718            Delauna Jobes 233-6100           hostesses
                                                                                             Watermelon Campbell
                           Oklahoma Blood Institiute-       Hospice Circle of Love-          233-3051
                           Needs front desk help            Needs special events
                           Nita Mankin 233-9323             volunteers
                                                            Julie Nelson 234-2273


                                                                                                       US Postage

                                                                                                       Permit No: 73

                         Retired Senior Volunteer Program
                         602 South Van Buren
                         Enid, Ok 73703

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