CSIR News 2010 No. 41 by sdsdfqw21



                                                                                                         No. 41
                                                                                               21st November 2010

                                    Just 34 more “sleeps” until Christmas Day and another year is heading fast to its
                                    conclusion. I’m sure you agree that the days, weeks, months and years pass by far
                                    too quickly for most of our liking!

                                    We move into a quieter time on the running front. As a club we have just one more
                                    official function left in the year – that being our Prize Giving, official AGM and
                                    Year-End function all rolled into one on the 7th December 2010. We hope to start
                                    the proceedings at about 18h30, immediately after the Time Trial as we always have
                                    a lot to get through and don’t want to keep you from the drinking and chatting for
too long!

Please be aware that it appears some of the committee positions will be becoming vacant for 2011, so if you would like
to offer your services to the club on a committee position or if you know of someone within the club that you would like
to nominate, please contact our Chairperson, Thabo Pooe. He shall co-ordinate the nominations for the AGM.

2011 could be a challenging year for the club for various reasons and we need a strong committee to take the club
forwards after another successful year in 2010. We have been blessed in our club to always have strong leadership on our
committee and that must continue into the future.

On a lighter note, it was wonderful to see so many of our club members at the race on Saturday from the Glenfair
Shopping Centre. It was to be expected, as a lot of us live in the area! We really do have a great bunch of happy, smiley
people in our club! Long may that continue.

See you during the week!

Yours in running,

Ken Swettenham
Tel: 082-444-3955
Fax: (012) 804-3732 [all hours]

Time Trials: Every Tuesday 17:30. The Time Trials will start after the announcements from outside the Lapa near the
Tarantaal. We have 4km, 6km and 8km routes available. Please join us for a drink in the Tarantaal afterwards!


However, that doesn’t mean to say that you must not run Time Trials! Please come along and run every
Tuesday. It’s a great way to get some club camaraderie going.

Membership: All queries regarding membership may be directed to Annette Boshoff. She can be contacted on 076 743
6994 or annetteb@realnet.co.za.
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Club Colours: Club colours are available from Run-a-way Sport (Glenfair Shopping Centre, Lynnwood). They can be
contacted on (012) 3613733 with any queries.

Website: Our club website is www.csirrunner.co.za. Chantelle Breytenbach has done a fabulous job on the website, so
please check it out. All submissions and suggestions for the website may be e-mailed to her at

May I offer my personal congratulations to Chantelle on the awesome job that she is doing. Our website is looking
the best it ever has done!

Other Interesting Websites:

Club Chairperson: Thabo Pooe. Contact him with any concerns, suggestions, complaints or compliments
regarding club affairs at mcpouw@yahoo.com or 0829017447.

3. UPCOMING                   RACES
November 2010

Sat 27 Nov 17th Tom Jenkins Run / Walk Challenge 5km / 10km / 21.1km
Race Organisers: Arcadia Running Club
Venue: Union Buildings
Entry Fee: R40 for 21km / R30 for 10km / R20 for 5km
Start Time: 06h30 for 21km & 10km / 06h40 for 5km
Cut-off Time: 3 hours
Pre-entries at: Sportsmans Warehouse / Running Inn / Run-a-Way Sport / online at www.enteronline.co.za
Floating Trophies for the largest, fastest and jolliest club busses.
Run with Balloons, Vuvuzelas, Silly Hats & Festive Appparel
Refresh your Soul at the Catholic Church of Christ the King (on route at 4.8km)

December 2010

Sat 04 Dec Muller Potgieter Memorial 15km and 5km Fun Run
Race Organisers: Voortrekker Monument Atletiek Klub
Venue: Quagga Centre, cnr Church Str and Quagga Rd, Pretoria West
Entry Fee: R40 for 15km / R20 for 5km
Entry Fee Age 60+: R20
Entry Fee Age 70+: Free
Start Time: 06h00 for 15km / 06h03 for 5km
Cut-off Time: 2hrs 30mins
Pre-entries at: Run-A-Way Sports / Running Inn / Postnet, Quagga Centre
First athlete to complete the race in a ‘Santa’ suit will receive a special prize
Club with the largest “Santa Bus” will receive a special trophy
Club with the largest “Santa Bus’ as a percentage of club membership will receive a special trophy

Sat 18 Dec Great Run 15km & 5km
Race Organisers: Global Running Club
Race Venue: Voortrekker Monument
Entry Fee: R40 for 15km / R20 for 5km
Start Time: 06h30
Cut-off Time: Not specified
Pre-entries at: www.enteronline.co.za.
More details at www.greatrun.co.za

January 2011

Sat 08 Jan Filadelfia Gardens 10km / 5km
Race Organisers: Fit 2000 Athletic Club, Pretoria
Race Venue: Hoërskool Tuine, Bornman Str, Pretoria Gardens
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Entry Fee: R35 for 10km / R20 for 5km
Start Time: 06h00 for 10km / 06h10 for 5km
Cut-off Time: 2 hours
Entries: At the start on race day and online at www.entrytime.com

Sat 22 Jan Akasia 3-in-1 42.2km / 21.1km / 10km and 5km Fun Run
Race Organisers: Akasia Athletics Club
Race Venue: Wonderpark Shopping Centre, Heinrich Ave. Karenpark
Pre-entry Fee: R65 for 42km / R45 for 21km / R30 for 10km
Race Day Entry: R70 for 42km / R50 for 21km / R35 for 10km / R20 for 5km
Entry Fee Age 60+: R40 for 42km / R30 for 21km / R20 for 10km & 5km
Entry Fee 70+: Free
Start Time: 06h00 for 42km & 21km / 06h15 for 10km / 06h30 for 5km
Time Limit: 5 hours
Pre-entries until Fri 21 Jan at: Running Inn / Run-A-Way Sports / The Sweat Shop, Southdown / Sportmans
Warehouse … Montana Crossing’
Free T-shirts to first 250 entries for 42.2km

Selected upcoming Races in other Provinces (Confirmation has been received that these races are on or off, as
the case may be!) Races marked in blue indicate that I have a flyer for them, if you would like to have a flyer,
please e-mail me!

WPA – 24th November 2010 – Niel Joubert Plaaswedloop 13km
CGA – 28th November 2010 – Tough One 32km / 5km *** Highly Recommended ***
WPA – 1st December 2010 – Metropolitan 4km / 10km
EPA – 4th December 2010 – Aspen Pharmacare PE City Marathon 10km / 42km *** Great Race ***
MPL – 4th December 2010 – Pay-per-Kay 2.5km to unlimited!
CGA – 12th December 2010 – Summer Challenge 5km / 10km
CGA – 16th December 2010 – Gauteng Striders 5km / 10km
SWD – 16th December 2010 – Candlelight Run 5km / 10km
KZN – 18th December 2010 – Summer Holiday Bergville to Winterton 23km *** Great Race ***
SWD – 27 December 2010 – Engen Nite 5km / 10km
SWD – 31st December 2010 – NSRI Stilbaai 10km
CGA – 12th January 2011 – Berg-en-Dal Night Race 5km / 15km
CGA – 26 January 2011 – Arwyp Medical Centre 5km / 15km
OFS – 5 February 2011 – Sasol Marathon 5km / 10km / 21km / 42km *** Recommended ***
KZN – 27th February 2011 – Postnet Maritzburg 21km / 42km *** Highly Recommended ***
NWN – 19th March 2011 – Om-die-Dam 10km / 21km / 50km *** Highly Recommended ***
WPA – 23rd April 2011 – Two Oceans Marathon 21km / 56km *** Highly Recommended ***
KZN – 29th May 2011 – Comrades Marathon *** Highly Recommended ***

I’ve only given full details of AGN races here. I do have information on races in other provinces. Please e-mail me
at kenjohn@iafrica.com should you require any information on races in other areas. If I don’t have it – I will do my
best to get it for you.

Overseas Races
Interested in doing a race overseas? See the list below for dates of some of the most popular overseas
marathons in 2011: -


3rd to 11th January – Disney Marathon & Half Week
20 March - Rome Marathon, Italy
10 April - Paris Marathon, France
17 April - Vienna Marathon, Austria
17 April - Virgin London Marathon, England
17 April - Madrid Marathon, Spain
18 April - Boston Marathon, USA

4. CSIR 10/21km               ROAD RACE
Please note that our race next year will be held on the 17th September 2011. Please keep this morning
free in your 2011 diaries, as we will need all the help that we can get, as usual, on race day morning!
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              CSIR results for the Spar Bela Bela (LIMA) 10km race - 2010-11-13
                                       1 club finishers
                     Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
                     33         J        Grobbelaar M             Csir 00:52:45

               Csir results for the Spar Bela Bela (LIMA) 21km race - 2010-11-13
                                         2 club finishers
                    Position Initials     Surname       Sex Age Club Finish Time
                    177        K        Swettenham M         47    Csir 02:43:37
                    215        R        Coetzer         F    41    Csir 02:59:40

               Csir results for the Spar Bela Bela (LIMA) 42km race - 2010-11-13
                                         1 club finishers
                     Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
                     104        E        Mogwanye M         35    Csir 04:28:43

For those of you on Facebook, there is a group called “CSIR Running Club”. I post updates of club events and
happenings on the group and encourage all members to join this group. We now have 61 members on the
group, including a number of non-CSIR running club people who are interested in what we are doing here.
(This is the highest number of members we’ve had linked to the group to date! Thank you for all who have
joined, and if you haven’t done so yet – please do so!)

This is a great way of keeping in touch and I encourage everyone to add me as a Friend and to add each
other as Friends, so we can all keep in touch. If you are not a member of Facebook, then join at
www.facebook.com. Please join the group on the link

AGN League

                                     2011 AGN LEAGUE FIXTURE

       EVENT                             DATE           LEAQUE             CHAMPIONSHIP
                                                                              RR               RW
  ACE 10/21 KM                           15-Jan          RR & RW
  BHS 10/32 KM                          12-Feb           RR & RW
  BOBBIES 3 IN 1 Wonderboom             12-Mar           RR & RW                               21 KM
  TRANSNET RAIL                         19-Mar                                  10 KM
  SOLOMON MAHLANGU 1Okm                 09-Apr           RR & RW
  WALLY HAYWARD 4 IN 1                  02-May                                  21 KM          42 KM
  JACARANDA CENTRE 10 KM                28-May           RR & RW
  ARETE ICEBREAKER 10/21km              18-Jun           RR & RW
  LAUDIUM 10/21 KM                                02-Jul             RR & RW
  CARLTON 10/21 KM                               06-Aug              RR & RW                                       10 KM
  SPIRIT OF FLIGHT 10 KM                         03-Sep              RR & RW
  TUKS ALUMNI 10/21 KM                           22-Oct              RR & RW
  AGAPÉ 3 in 1                                   05-Nov                                      42 KM **
  TOM JENKINS 10/21 KM                           26-Nov              RR & RW
  MULLER POTGIETER 15 KM                         03-Dec              RR & RW
RR = Road Running            RW = Road Walking             ** = Subject to approval

Please note that the club Gazebo with eats & drinks for free for all members will be at Running League Races

For the benefit of all those that are new to participating in league races … both running and walking … there are
some important points that you should be aware of when entering a league race.

    1. The league races only apply to Athletics Gauteng North … AGN. It does not apply to Central Gauteng
       Athletics … CGA. If you therefore fill in the ‘Prov’ section with Gauteng or GP or G or leave the ‘Prov’
       section blank you will be deleted from the league calculation unless someone from the club emails that you
       are in fact a registered AGN athlete. This rule applies to every AGN athlete and not only to some who
       happen to be members of a club with a sister club with the same club name in another province.

    2. If you don’t fill in your gender or sex you will default to “Male’

    3. If you do not fill in your age you will default to ‘Senior’

Comrades 2011

The 2011 Comrades Marathon will take place on Sunday 29 May and will be an Up Run,
starting in Durban and finishing in Pietermaritzburg. The race will commence at 05h30
from the Durban City Hall and finish at the Midlands Cricket Oval in

Comrades Entries Open!

Entries for the 2011 Comrades Marathon open on 1 September 2010 and close on 30 November 2010. There will
only be one entry window period for ALL ATHLETES to enter whether they are former Comrades runners or
Novices. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 18,000 and no extensions will be entered into. We urge all
runners and potential runners that wish to run in 2011 to take careful note of the entry process and urge you to
enter early to avoid disappointment.

Closing Date of Entries

Entries will close on the 30 November 2010 or once the 18,000 cap has being reached. IF YOU INTEND

According to the Comrades website they already have 15022 entries, so don’t delay! (As at 21st November 2010)

Qualifying Criteria for 2011

All entrants must qualify by completing an officially recognised race during the period of to 30 May 2010 to 6 May 2011. All
entrants who completed the 2010 Comrades Marathon within the 12 hour cut-off may use their finishing time for 2011 and will
be seeded according to their finishing time. If you do not supply qualifying details with your entry, you must submit these by
no later than 6 May 2011, either by email or contacting the CMA office.

Club Information (For South African Athletes Only)

Athletes will not be in possession of their 2011 licenses by the time of entry; however athletes will still have to comply with
the rule that they must be licensed through an officially registered athletics club affiliated to Athletics South Africa in order to
run the 2011 Comrades Marathon. As with the new qualifying criteria, you will be able to enter for 2011 Comrades Marathon
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before having received your 2011 license. You will however have to submit your club name and license number to the CMA
before or by the 6 May 2011.

Notice: In 2011 the CMA will send all qualifying times and details to each runners club for verification purposes. This
has been necessitated due to the fact that some runners submit false information and qualifying times. Please note that
submitting false information will result in your entry being rejected.

Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 56km

Please make a note if you wish to run this fantastic event in 2011. The date for the Two Oceans Marathon in
2011 will be 23rd April 2011. A little later than usual. Gives you more time to train.

Start Time: 21km – 06:00 / 56km – 06:25
Entry Fee: 21km: Runners who own a timing chip R90 / Runners who do not own a timing chip R170
           56km: Runners who own a timing chip R165 (TBC) / Runners who do not own a timing chip R245 (TBC)

Runners who have credit cards and Internet access are encouraged to enter online from 1 November
onwards. Otherwise, you are advised to make photocopies of entry forms (available after 1 Nov), cheques,
etc as proof of entry in case of queries. We suggest you send your entry via registered or priority mail, or
deliver it in person to our offices. An incomplete entry form or insufficient funds attached to the entry form
may result in the form being posted back to you. Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon reserves the right to
accept or reject any entry. Please do NOT send more than one entry; you will not be refunded for additional

We Will Not Accept Faxed Or E-Mailed Entry Forms. Please note that Entry fees are not refundable under any

Closing Date for Entries
21km Wed 16 March 2011 or the first 11000 entries
56km Wed 16 March 2011 or the first 10000 entries

Note that entries will close for the 21km as soon as 11 000 entries have been received and for the 56km as
soon as 10000 entries have been received, even if this is before closing date. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE
ACCEPTED. Runners cannot enter for the Ultra Marathon if they have not yet qualified. Postal entries must
reach the TOM Office no later than 16 March 2011.

Trail Running

Check out www.trailseries.co.za for all Trail running news and details of upcoming Trail Races around the
country, if you are interested in doing this type of running.

Internet Articles From Colin Billau - Magnolia
Excess Weight Around Your Middle
A RW reader sent us this question: I train quite a lot and am fairly fit. One problem is that I do still have to
try lose some weight on my waist but find this difficult even with the training. What foodstuffs should I
avoid to help?
Genetics determines our fat distribution. Some people (typically women, but not all women and not excluding men)
carry their weight around their hips, thighs and buttocks. This is known as gynoid fat distribution (or as pear-
shaped). Most men (but again, not all men nor excluding women) typically carry their excess weight around their
belly: android fat distribution (apple shaped)
Carrying excess weight around the abdomen is associated with an increased risk of developing both heart disease
and type II diabetes. It is therefore essential that you not only continue exercising regular, but eat a healthy,
nutritious diet (both of these lifestyle choices decrease ones risk of developing the diseases).
Area-Specific Exercises
Unfortunately, there is no way to target a specific area for weight loss. Overall body weight-loss will result in a
decrease in fat in that area.
“Area-specific” strength exercise (like this awesome ab workout) will give a toned, sexy appearance in that area
once the weight is lost.
                                                        Page 7

Aerobic fitness (like running) on it’s own doesn’t contribute massively to weight-loss. While it certainly plays a
significant role, combining it with strength training has the maximum benefits.
Overall strength training will result in an increase in lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass leads to a higher resting
metabolism, meaning that more calories are burnt between workouts. Essentially, this means that the more muscle
you have, the more energy you burn while resting.
For example: take John and Peter. They’re both 76kg and are both 1.76m tall. John, however, sits in front of his
computer all day, and spends his spare time in front of the TV: the most exercise he gets is fetching beer from the
fridge. One might say that John is “soft” around the edges. Peter, however, is lean, fit and strong. He runs 3-4
times a week, and does strength training 2-3 times a week.
If they were both to eat the same meal, the majority of the meal will end up on John’s belly. Peter, however, will
have burnt most of it off before he laces up his takkies for his next workout – and the remainder will be used for
energy during the run / strength training.
Ok… it may be a slightly exaggerated version of the actual physiology… but you get the picture, right?
So, keeping this practical example in mind, it’s important to combine different types of exercise.
As well toning and sculpting, strength-training (or cross-training) will have a positive impact on your running,
improving your strength, stamina and endurance.
The Key To Weight Loss
Finally, the key to losing weight is simple in theory – but not always easy to apply.
The amount of energy consumed (that is, the total calories eaten in a day, regardless of the food source) must be
less than the energy expended (the total amount of energy used up throughout the day, including your daily
activities plus additional exercise).
By ensuring that you eat less and exercise more, you’re sure to lose weight.
Healthy Foods
Watch out for hidden calories in drinks (cold-drinks, sports drinks, alcohol and juices), snacks (chips, nuts and
sweets) and rich sauces. Check out these simple snacks to curb those cravings.
Ensure that you eat small, regular meals. Load your meals with filling, low-cal veggies. Cut out deep-fried, oily
foods such as chips, samoosas and pastries.
Eating healthily doesn’t mean eating boring food. For every unhealthy meal, there’s always a healthier, nutritious,
diet-friendly version. It simply requires a bit of lateral thinking!
If you’re stuck… send us a mail and we’ll “nutrify” your favourite dish.

Need To Pee Mid-Run?
Do you find yourself needing to pop off into the bushes, mid-run? Here' why... and whether you should
knyp vas.
The urge to detour into the bushes can happen for a couple of reasons. As your heart pumps blood more rapidly
around your body, your kidneys may produce more urine, especially if you were well-hydrated prior to your run and
you drink during it.
You may also be dehydrated, and the concentrated urine in your bladder may give you that gotta-go feeling; or,
due to a slightly weak sphincter combined with the jostling of running, a bit of urine may leak through the bladder
and stimulate the urethra, making you wish you could cross your legs while running.
Pregnancy causes the need for more pitstops, too.
Running Cure
Take a pee break. If it happens a lot, schedule a pit stop at an urologist' office.

Post-Run Leg Shakes
Do your pins shake uncontrollably after a hard run? There are a number of reasons why... and how to
prevent it.
 if your rubbery, burned-out pins had a fuel gauge, it would be firmly on “Empty” For beginners, the needle may
arrive there as a result of sheer effort.
If your muscles aren’t familiar with a new movement, they become inefficient at contracting and can’t work in a
coordinated manner, which results in shaking. Veteran runners might experience this phenomenon
when they attempt push-ups on feeble arms.
For others, it could be that you started too quickly. When you go out too hard, the oxidative system doesn’t kick in
as smoothly as it does when you warm up and work up to a pace.
                                                          Page 8

It’s like shifting gears too quickly in a car. You deplete your energy levels prematurely. The other cause is simply
that your muscles are depleted of electrolytes and glycogen—easily accessible fuel on which they run—and the
shaking is their way of telling you to fill ’em up.
Running Cure
Warming up pre-run is key for beginners and vets. Start slow, and ease into your ultimate goal pace.
If you’re running hard for more than 45 minutes, drink 250ml of sports drink about 20 minutes before you run; the
carbs will keep your muscles humming.
Post-run, if you’re trying to shake the shakes, walk around, stretch gently, and grab quick fuel, like a sports drink.

When The Shoe Fits – By Matt Allyn
How to tell what your footwear should feel like
Finding the best-fitting shoe among the many choices at your running store isn’t always easy. We asked store
owners, who have fitted thousands of runners, how to make sure a shoe fits properly from heel to toe. Use their tips
to figure out how your next pair should feel on your feet.
1) String it out
   Your heel should fit snugly, not tightly. Laced up and tied, you should be able to slide your feet out. Minimise
   slippage by using the final eyelet.
2) The third dimension
   The shoe’s upper should feel secure around your instep. If you feel pressure under the laces, you can try a new
   lacing pattern or go up half a size.
3) Spread out a little
   You should be able to pinch a tiny bit of upper along the widest part of your foot. The shoe is too narrow if your
   little toe sits on the sockliner’s edge.
4) Step on it
   Make sure the shoe matches the natural contour of your arch by taking a quick jog on the store’s treadmill or
   down a hallway
5) Check for the bends
   Check the shoe’s flex point by holding the heel and pressing the tip into the floor. The shoe should bend and
   crease along the same line your foot flexes.
6) Wiggle room
    Feet swell and lengthen over a run, so keep a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
    Your toes should be able to wiggle freely.

1000km Challenge
The 21st Annual 1000km Challenge is now up and running, and entry forms are only a few clicks away! In order to
receive your 2010/11 entry form simply click on the link: http://www.sarunners.co.za/1000km-challenge/ and sign

Race Reports

 !"                  #           $       $                 #             $
   !                                                           "!
                                                               %!                    &                $       '
             $           (

     )       $   '           *       +   ,   $                  #            +                    +               -     $
 .       $                                        $            /,0
                                                               0 /1              $            #               +       #2
                         $       2           (

     )       $               *       +                         +   $                              $               3
                 4 5             ,                                                       #                $           $

'                $           '                                                '6
                                                                             *#                           7
                     $                   6            #        7
                                                                Page 8

        $             !
                     0!                                    $
                                                           $                                          $         (

8                              9
                              $*            $     9             $                 :        6          2
                                                                                                      #     $
                                 $                               #

                                  9           9                          +                                            5

8                                                      5                                                        !"
$                  /, ;      $          $                       +             #                   $

                                                      $           *                   -   #                +
                                   $                                                          $


#                                                 #                   +                                       $


"   #$                       $
                                                   =       5=     1      /5


I was one of those insane people who did the 42km at Bela Bela on Saturday. It was really bad,
everything... the sun, the wind, the day. It was my worst 42.2 km ever!!!!! I did it in 05.00.43.
Although I won the 2nd prize in my age, it was not a nice race for me.

Never again
Marie Venter

%      &   ) *
        '"( # '## +                    ,-                  ,.       /#        0 1 /

Please keep this date free in your diaries. It is confirmed. The venue will be in the lapa by the Volleyball courts next to
where we start the Time Trial. Proceedings should get underway around 18h30 after the Time Trial run. Catering and cost
will be advised in future newsletters.

Please give some thought on committee nominations for 2011, as there will be some positions open. These will be advised to
you in due course, but needless to say, anybody may be nominated to any committee position, even if the current incumbent
is still willing to stand. In the event of more than one person being nominated for a position, a secret ballot will be held to
determine who gets that position. All club members in good standing may nominate, be nominated and vote, including
social members.

If you were a trophy winner in 2009, please be prepared to bring your trophies back towards the end of October 2010 so that
they can be prepared for the 2010 awardees.

All queries in connection with the AGM or Prize Giving can be directed to our Chairman, Thabo Pooe or myself.

Club Achiever!!!!

May I wish, on behalf of the CSIR Running Club, a very happy 60th birthday this week to Louis Eerenstein. We
hope the newest Grandmaster in our club has a wonderful day and a great year ahead!

2011 Licences *** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***
SA Lotto is the new sponsor for the 2011 licences. The licence numbers will be available in the first week of
January 2011. I do have confirmation that 2010 numbers will be valid until 31st January 2011.
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New Year’s Day Race – 1st January 2011

Daan Du Toit, RWFL and organiser of the annual New Year’s Day race, tells of his plans for this year’s
race in the Botanical Gardens. This year the race on Jan 1 will be an 11km race with prizes for positions
1, 11 and 111, tying up with the 1/1/11 date.

No flyers available yet but I’m sure these details will be confirmed once the flyer is out.

7. FUTURE          EVENTS
Please keep the following club events in mind when sorting out your personal diaries: -

7th December 2010 – AGM, Prize-Giving and Year-end function.
17th September 2011 – Our own CSIR 10km & 21km race. Time to build on our success …..

8. JOKE        OF THE WEEK
My thanks to Eugene Lourens of NEI Athletic Club, for providing us with this week’s joke: -
The South African Department of Labour claimed a small Robertson farmer was not paying proper wages to his
help and sent an agent out to investigate him

Department of Labour Employee: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them."

                     s                   s
Farmer: "Well, there' my farm hand that' been with me for 30 years. I pay him R1400 a week plus free room and
board. Then there' the mentally challenged worker. He works about 18 hours a day, seven days a week and does
about 90% of all the work around here. He makes about R100 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy
him a bottle of brandy every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also sleeps with my wife occasionally."

Department of Labour Employee: "That' the guy I want to talk to...the mentally challenged one."

Farmer: "That would be me."

Photo of the Week

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