; Believe in your own power
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Believe in your own power


Steps to develop your power core so you can lead your life the way you want it.

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									Believe in Your Own Power
        Nora Femenia, Ph.D

  Developing your power core, to
manage you life as you want it to be!
 1st Step: Identify where your power is
• How much do you believe that you are in
  control of the events and circumstances in
  your own life?
• A strong external SENSE of POWER means you
  believe that fate, other people, or luck control
  your life.
• A strong internal SENSE of POWER means you
  believe that your life is basically a result of
  your own doing.
2nd Step: how much are you in charge?

• If you are like most people, the you feel
  somewhere in the middle on this topic.
• Most probably you believe that you do
  have the power of choice when it comes to
  minor things (like which flavor of ice cream to
  buy), but it only goes so far and doesn’t apply
  to making drastic changes in your life.
 3rd Step: Still waiting for permission?

• What about you?
• Are you in charge?
• Do you believe you have the power to control
  the direction of your life?
• Or do you believe that success is only for the
  lucky or the “chosen ones”?
• Is there an important person in your life still
  deciding your destiny?
    4th Step: Try this simple exercise:
• 1) Write down one big goal in your life (i.e. dream
  job, house, relationship).
• 2) Do you REALLY believe that this is possible for
• 3) If yes, what’s the next step you can take to get
  you closer to your goal?
• 4) If no, do a little research and find someone who
  has overcome whatever it is you think is holding
  you back.
• 5) Also, find someone you can talk to who has
  accomplished the goal you want to accomplish.
       Asking for more support?

Ask for coaching to find out how others did it…it
  is only a phone call away!

If you would like direct support and techniques
   for believing strongly in your personal power,
   ask now for your complimentary coaching
   session at:
          Get to Know Coach Nora!

Nora Femenia is a conflict coach, the author of several books that will support you
in your search for personal growth and joyful, nurturing relationships... so you can
finally feel happy and secure. Do you want to develop self-confidence and trust in
yourself fast? CoachNora reveals the secrets of developing a secure attitude in life,
through her phone/email coaching sessions.
    Testimonial from an abused wife

•   "I wish I had know from the beginning what I know now. I feel things
    would have been so different, and I would been spared the amount of
    pain, drama and humiliation I suffered in my married life, since according
    to him: "everything was my fault”, of course.
•   I was a perfect personality type to be the victim of an aggressive
    boyfriend, as my mother and other relatives were too in my childhood.
    Ironically, this has been the cause of my painful inability to establish a
    positive self-esteem and find happiness in my life. I feel so blessed to have
    found your help.
•   Nora, you are a great coach. I now have permission to fight back! The
    awareness you have given me has changed my life. I am no longer a victim
    of other people’s aggressive behaviors, and it feels wonderful!"
•   Denise Withers, Pennsylvania
  Testimonial from a person lacking self-respect

• “I was in a miserable situation. I never understood what I did to
  deserve being yelled at by my husband and made fun of when he
  was drinking with his friends.
• I would make myself sick from crying; both my body and heart were
  tired and I was completely unhappy.
• I didn’t understand that I had an obligation to myself to stand up and
  say NO to this behavior in my husband and by any other person.
• Nora, you gave me the right to defend myself with grace. Now, he’s
  actually apologizing to me and being gentler and attentive!”—

Terry Nichols, Naples, FL

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