Our rainbow symbolises a
promise of unity and
diversity, to provide in all
the farmer’s requirements
in a traditional co-operation

          Aligned with the farmer
   MGK was established in 1930 and has since grown into an influential
   agricultural role-player in South Africa. MGK’s business extends to the
   Northwest, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces and also boasts
   a relatively new addition (2008) to the group in the Vaalharts irrigation area in
   the Northern Cape. MGK's main focus is irrigation farming but also offers a
   wide spectrum of agricultural services through their various operating units.

                                           Support structure of the MGK Groep

                                                             MGK Operating
                                                            Company Pty. Ltd.

Statusfin Financial                                                                                                     Temo Agri
                           Division              Division                       Division         Infogro Pty. Ltd.
Services Pty. Ltd.                                                                                                   Services Pty. Ltd.

  Financing             Silo services        Seed,fertilisers                Oat seed           Information and       Mentorship
      &                Grain marketing        Animal health               Soya bean seed           tchnology         and support to
  Insurance                Logistics              Feul                      Wheat seed              services           emerging
                      Full fat soya meal       Hardware                                                                 farmers

               Tel: 012 381 2800           E-mail:                          Website:

                        Aligned with the farmer
 Obaro’s core business is providing service and products to the agricultural
 sector. Our product range includes: irrigation, gardening, hardware, power
 tools, tractor spares and parts, animal feeds, seed, fertilisers, animal health
 products, pet food, pet accessories, gardening chemicals, agricultural
 chemicals and fuel. With this wide variety of products, Obaro’s business
 also extends to the general public. In conjunction with its complete product
 offering, Obaro keeps its competitive edge by ensuring service through
 knowledgeable sales staff, competitive pricing and excellent before and
 after sales service.

 Sales representatives
 Knowledgeable sales representatives visit farmers on a regular basis and
 assist them with advice, taking their product orders and ensuring timeous
 delivery to their farms.

 Agricultural development department
 The marketing team is backed by the knowledge and expertise of the
 Agricultural development department that gives advice about issues like
 crop management, input cost monitoring, irrigation scheduling, precision
 farming and animal health.

 Contact your Obaro branch to get the details of the sales representative in
 your area or to put you in contact with the agricultural development

Tel: 0860 2OBARO/012 381 2800   E-mail:   Website:

              Aligned with the farmer
Prodsure is a key role player in the handling, storage and marketing of
grain and oil seeds. Prodsure specialises in silo and logistic services and
offers expert advice to farmers and other role players with regard to the
marketing of crops.

Silo plants and facilities
Prodsure owns and operates five grain silos, which are located in Brits,
Northam, Rustenburg, Randfontein (Battery) and Pretoria West
respectively. Prodsure offers the following services at the silo plants:
drying, bagging, removal of harmful seeds, railway facilities, weigh bridge
and accurate grading.

Prodsure’s fleet was recently expanded to 10 trucks in order to transport
grain direclty from the farm to the silo, immediately after the crop has been

Prodsure’s marketing department offers expert advice and up to date
Safex information. A daily market report is daily distributed electronically as
well as SMS messages reporting the grain prices.

Full fat soya meal
Prodsure’s full fat soya processing plant, situated in Brits, supplies good
quality full fat soya meal. The meal is a basic source of protein, which can
be used in production of poultry feeds

 Tel: 012 252 3778   E-mail:    Website:

              Aligned with the farmer
                                                                 FSP 22414

Statusfin Insurance Brokers, a division of Statusfin Financial Services was
established in 2001. Statusfin Financial Services is a subsidiary of MGK
Operating Company Pty. Ltd. that has been in operation since 1930.

Statusfin Insurance specialises in short term insurance and crop insurance.
Statusfin acts as intermediary between their clients and the insurer.
Statusfin is a leader in risk management and risk control.

To service our unique market requires a highly skilled team. Our
professional team of advisors are all accredited under the FAIS
Legislation and have specialist knowledge in all areas of insurance.

Statusfin Insurance Brokers has advisors in the following areas: Brits,
Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Thabazimbi, Pretoria, Rustenburg, Vrede,
Morgenzon, Hartbeespoort and Krugersdorp.

Products and services

Short term insurance,
Crop insurance,
Risk management,
Intermediate service.

Statusfin Insurance Brokers specialises in products for the following
markets: agricultural sector, private sector, businesses, marine and

 Tel: 012 381 2926   E-mail:   Website:

                 In lyn met the farmer
              Aligned with die boer
                                                                  NCRCP 299

Statusfin is a registered Financial Services Provider (NCRCP 299), which
has at goal to assist their clients with finance.

Products and services

Crop Finance
The financing of crop traded on Safex and also specialised crops like
vegetables, tobacco, citrus etc. with the prerequisite that the applicant either
supplies security and or a contract with an accredited buyer.

Bridge Finance
Bridge Finance is allocated to producers of agricultural products that have
already been produced and are stored in Safex silo’s until it is sold. In most
cases the product itself will act as security on the premise that it was stored
at a Prodsure silo or Statusfin is put in possession of a Safex silo certificate.
 Hire Purchase
Hire Purchase Finance is available for the purchase of agricultural
equipment and vehicles.

General Accounts
General Accounts are available for clients to purchase ad hoc items or for
requests that are of a short-term nature.

 Tel: 012 381 2876   E-mail:   Website:

                 In lyn met the farmer
              Aligned with die boer
The core business of All-Gro Seed is the supply of wheat seed, oat seed as
well as soya bean seed. The cultivars are nationally distributed and
marketed in irrigation areas. All-Gro Seed is a member of the South African
National Seed Organisation, SANSOR and the seed complies with the
requirements of the certifying scheme.

All-gro Seed and its alliance partners annually plant a selection of each
cultivar. Plant development is evaluated considering the circumstances of
the season in the region. Trial plot results is made known to producers.

All-gro Seed cultivars:

Wheat cultivars                            Soya bean cultivars
Krokodil                                   IBIS 2000
Duzi                                       Dundee
Olifants                                   Heron
Kariega                                    Egret
Buffels (new)

Oat cultivars

     Tel: 012 252 5858   E-mail:   Website:

               In lyn met the farmer
             Aligned with die boer
                                                                   NCRCP 3735

Temo Agri Services (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of MGK Business Investments
and a division of MGK Operating Company. Temo provides a mentorship
program, designed to train and develop emerging farmers to start grain and
oilseed farming operations.

Temo has access to vast resources available in other MGK business
divisions and provides services to the emerging farmers such as: production
loans, crop insurance, production inputs, marketing and logistics,
mentorship and training.

 Tel: 012 381 2922     E-mail:   Website:

                 Mmileng le Molemrui

Infogro provides comprehensive services and support in the PC (desktop),
data networks, application development and maintenance, customer
service centre, midrange computer and server infrastructure to the MGK
Group and to the public. Infogro aim to provide quality products and
excellent service at affordable prices.

   Tel: 012 381 2923    E-mail:   Website:

                     In lyn met die boer

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