Build A Platform Bed This Weekend With These Woodworking Bed Plans

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					For those of you who have handyman and carpentry skills wood working is a great
hobby that you can enjoy. Building a platform bed can be simple as long as you have
the right tools and are in possession of a good set of woodworking bed plans. This can
be a good alternative to purchasing one from a store and can save you hundreds of

When you build a platform bed you just need the following materials: staining cloth,
measuring tape, power screwdriver, woodworking plan of the platform bed, regular
plywood, sandpaper, sawhorses, screwdriver, a workbench; power drill, circular saw,
stain or clear wood sealer as well as screws and/or hinges.

Your first step is to determine the style of the bed. For a simple platform bed, you do
not need the footboard and headboard. However, for those who would like to upgrade
their bed design you can do so. This would simply depend on how much time you
want to put into it and the individual's level of craftsmanship.

Your next step would be to decide on the size of your platform bed. You would need
to take the mattress you are going to use for your platform bed and measure it to
ensure a perfect fit. You would then add Four inches to the length and your
measurement of the width would depend on whether the individual is using a outside
frame or not. The measurement of the outside frame should be added to the
dimensions of the mattress. By referring back to your woodworking bed plan, you
must have already decided on what your finished height of the platform bed which
also includes the mattress thickness. The measurement of the mattress should then be
subtracted from the total height. If you are going to be adding a headboard and
footboard to your platform bed, remember you should also include these dimensions
into your calculations.

You should take the following steps with the materials, it is recommended to have it
already cut unless you prefer to do it yourself. You must always refer to the
woodworking bed plans and keep in mind that your side supports measurements must
equal the measurement of the entire length of the platform bed. Once you finished
building the bed frame you can sand the wood if you want the finished look. Then you
would apply stain or use clear sealant on the wood before putting it together.

Your final step it to assemble the platform bed at the desired location and attach the
headboard and footboard if it was included in your original design. You can then
touch up any spots that are needed with your stain or sealant.

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